• May 27, 2022

Eagles Sign Three Draft Picks: Vinny Curry, Dennis Kelly And Marvin McNutt

The Eagles signed their second round pick Mychal Kendricks yesterday and today they’ve reached agreements with the second of their two second round picks as well as two other draft picks.

Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry , who was the Eagles second-pick in the second round signed a four-year deal today.  Curry will be battling the Eagles defensive end backups, such as former first round pick Brandon Graham for playing time.

Fifth-round pick offensive tackle Dennis Kelly from Purdue signed a four-year deal as well.  Kelly will be competing with backup offensive tackle King Dunlap for a roster spot.

Plus sixth round pick, Iowa wide receiver Marvin McNutt also signed a four-year deal.  McNutt will likely be battling backup wide receiver Riley Cooper for playing time and a roster spot.




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  • Great news indeed, get these young players in and acclimated to the Eagles System as quickly as possible.. I was reading up on OT Kelley and have found that many NFL Prospect gurus think he is a perfect fit for Mudds system and could really develop into a NFL Starter Type in 2-3 Years time and could be the surprise player from the this Draft.. I also believe that WR M McNutt is a highly motivated person who is looking to come in and contribute and play right away and is a highly confident player who is in great physical shpae also.. Think of a 3 WR Set with D-Jax and MCNutt split out wide with Maclin as a Slot WR… This could be an awesome line-up which could creat mis-matches for opposing defenses.. A Safety or LB on MAclin in the slot should be easy picking’s for him.. Teams use on of their Top CB’s on Macling on the inside leaves D-Jax/McNutt 1 on 1 with possibly a lesser talented CB.. Lot’s of options with MCNutt who I see surpassing Rile Cooper and becomes the 4th WR Depth wise and eventually pushes Avant as the #3 WR by 2013..

  • P-man good stuff I agree, I would keep cooper just for his size having two guys 6’4″ can’t hurt.

  • What about Chad Hall then Pdiddy…. only kidding .. ha

  • Id much rather have someone like Plaxico who is more experienced. Not saying I don’t like Mcnutt, but this team needs to win NOW! D-jax, Maclin and Plaxico sound much more enticing to me. Mcnutt will get his chance to show what he’s got. But for now we need to win now. Period.

  • I think Plax is spent. He wasn’t healthy all of last season playing part-time. A year older and still running on the Pinkston-style legs? I’ll roll with the young guy. Trust your scouts, pick the kid in the draft and send him out to play.

  • Kelly will beat out Dunlap, who can’t move his feet very well, plus Kelly has a nasty streak that Dunlap never had.

  • Does anyone else see strong possibility of Curry nudging out T. Cole within couple years at top of depth chart on that side?

  • As I stated last night, per legit source, all will be signed within the next 7-10 days. Good move, get them in with the playbooks & workouts. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good season this year. Let’s hope.

  • So. it’s official.
    Riley Cooper is a damn bum that the organization sold to the fans as the red zone threat.

    A cheap alternative to better talent that was available through free agency.

    Riley ‘Bum Ass” Cooper

  • T Cole has about 2 more years as a full-time Starter and playing 40-50 snaps a game, his reps will start to decliine by the 2013 Season as well as C Jenkins
    Eagles have lots of Depth across the DL and I envision about 6-7 players getting 25-30 snaps a game each to keep everyone fresh and hungry

  • @iggles

    I dont know if Curry will edge out Cole, but I am excited to see Curry play in the wide 9 system. The way he comes off the ball and rushes the passer, he should benefit and have some real good production in this system.

  • I wasn’t interested in the Eagles selecting a DE in the draft but I’m glad the birds selected Vinny Curry. He looks like a carbon copy of Juqua Parker with the potential to be much much better. He appears to have the versatility to play both sides of Line( right and left ) immediately.

  • Vinny Curry is that “Dude”. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table! He reminds me of a young Hugh Douglas.

  • Iggles – I had not heard that Dunlap had bad footwork/slow footwork – I thought the wrap was at his height (and he only wieghed 310 or so when drafted) that he tended to play too high with not enough strength..

    last year – during the time he played, he played well.. he is up to about 330-335 now and has filled out a bit. I do not think he is the ‘prototype’ Mudd OL, but will be interesting to see what happens with him – I think it was smart to keep him one more year..

  • Eagles sign Free agent rookie QB out of miami Jacory Harris to compete with nick foles…. 6’4 200 lbs

  • larrwd – I picked this up somewhere – but a lot of these undrafted free agent type pickups they are making – is becuase of how the CBA defines who can practice at what times – so this guy may just be signed to come to the OTA to have an extra arm – the long snapper – so they can have a guy to snap in some fo the OTAs –

    anyone who knows more about the new CBA help out with that?

  • @Navy… your spot on.

    This is actually Harris’ second mini camp (1st was with the Dolphins) so he’s likely only there to split reps with Foles because no one with more than a years worth of accrued NFL time can participate. I mean in theory he could compete because he does have a three year deal (with contingencies), but it’s more likely that he’s just there to help out.

    Just looked at the video of all the rookies getting ready for mini camp on the Eagles website and I’m amped!!!

  • it ain’t much – but after last year – anything to get it going! I think the Eagles will keep a QB on the practice squad – so maybe this kid can hang out and get some reps – I think Edwards is the odd man out right now –

  • navy , is there any compensation given to these camp bodies ?

  • I have no idea when or how these guys get paid.. remember when they overpaid Westbrook and spent a whole season trying to get it back..

  • Yeah he looks like he needs development.. we actually signed him as opposed to a” try out” so i guess hes on the team?.. for the dolphins he was a “try out “and he left them to sign with us..

  • Yo I was on philadelphiaeagle.com right and I watched the Mychal kendricks interview. The reporters asked some pretty good questions especially him playing the Sam in our defense. His response was interesting at least to me. You guys go look at and see what you think. I think he was saying I will play where they want me to play it’s all linebacking. But I am not use to playing the way they want me too now. Almost like he was saying I will do it but it would put him out of position.

  • Maybe I heard him wrong but once again Eagles great pick but don’t screw this kid up just put him at the weakside please.

  • Theyre not gonna put him on the weakside with brian rolle there… it also matters who else is on the left side cox will probably be there ,, but babin is no help grahm and hunt both play on left vinny curry pays on right… drc is no help.. becuase they all are weak run players.. it also depends what saftey is back there coleman would be better than allen .. id like to see jarrett play strong and coleman play free possibly

  • What’s the reason for us having about 3 to 5 short 5’8-5’9 receivers practicing? I mean, isn’t that a waste of space for real guys looking to make an impact here? just sayin…

  • pdiddy – yeah I just saw that kendricks interview also and I believe that though this is a 4-3 defense, they should switch it up every now and again to throw the opponents offense off while at the same time allowing guys like kendricks to run their old lb position to keep their playing style ferocious. He said that he played a 3-4 defense in college where he was closer to the line. AR better get it right this time and stop wasting defensive talent like he did with Gocong who was a DE in college until AR tried to convert him to a lb when he came here.

  • Rocko – the 3-4 defense isn’t just something you mix it up with. It requires totally different personnel. Just saying, we can’t do that.

    I saw that Kendricks interview too. The thing is, the wide 9 needs the SAM to play off the ball. We’re in it with Washburn so there really isn’t any changing that. Let’s see how Kendricks plays there next to Ryans before we say it’s the wrong position.

  • @Rocko and Schill, you know what fellas I think schill is right let’s see how he play’s through mini camp, training camp etc before we past judgement. However if they can pick a veteran that is use to playing sam and have him on standby just in case. I would not be against that at all.

  • I mean at this point I know there is nobody great out there, but just an able body that is comfortable being there. Would be great just in case Kendricks isn’t comfortable. @Larrwd, Yo no disrespect to Rolle but he is not that good that he can’t be bumped by kendricks. I mean I would give Kendricks his spot today, not that what I say means a dam thing. But let’s be real Rolle is an okay player, Kendricks has beast like talent. And I would let him play today over Rolle straight up.

  • While I respect everyone’s concern about Kendricks’ height… I think you guys are dismissing just how athletic this dude is. With the exception of Vernon Davis… I don’t see many TE’s that will be lining up and running go routes where height could be a factor, but having said that even if they did Kendricks is as fast or faster and as agile or more agile than most TE’s in the league. With a 39.5 in. vertical leap and 10’6 in broad jump teams are not going to just be able to throw jump balls in the red zone at this dude and be successful (think Brent Grimes). Did you guys see him at mini camp? Look at the explosion and sharpness he has coming out of transition. I think he’ll be just fine at SAM no matter how they play him.

    BTW… I think Hanson is going to get some serious comp for slot corner. Boykins looks good.

  • @ lionsden I will explain this again. Charles Barkely vertical is 10 inches higher than Shaqs. But guess what. He cant cover Shaq hes to damn SMALL. Every damn LB in the NFL is faster than Jason Whitten. Every LB is faster than T Gonzalez but guess what they cant be covered. It doesnt matter the LBs are to damn small to cover them. I dont care how high they jump or fast they are. I am 6 foot tall and nobody 5′ 5 and 60lbs lighter can cover me. I dont care how athletic they are. lol

  • @lionsden, I think the word daggolden is trying to say is he will be engulfed by the bigger TE. Also what teams will do if they know a smaller guy is there, they will run to his side because they know the tight end is bigger, stronger and has longer arms to block Kendricks easier. Oh know I think Kendricks and Babin will be on the same side. PLEASE CORRECT IF I AM WRONG, but if thats the case that would be fucked up. He will be engulfed by the tight end.

  • @daggolden… LOL! when TE’s start posting up LB’s then I’ll concede your point but until then we’ll have to agree to disagree about Kendricks’ ability to cover TE’s in the NFL. This kid’s mean streak alone will make him top tier in this league. Kendricks straight ling speed is not why I predict he will have not problems at WILL… It’s his agility. Witten and Gonzalez don’t get catches because they are bigger it’s because they run such crisp routes for men their size. Not many LB’s in this league have Kendricks’ agility and this will make a difference. His athleticism is going to make him a game changer.

    @pdiddy… I definately don’t see him being engulfed by TE’s in this league so I can’t agree with what you’re saying. Using your analogy Elvis Dumervil shouldn’t be one of the top pass rushers in this league.

    Check this out from the team’s website under Kendricks’ Flashes:

    Kendricks didn’t waste any time trying to alleviate any concerns about his height. In Saturday morning’s practice, the first of the rookie camp, Kendricks beat out 6-5 Brett Brackett to intercept a pass from Nick Foles. Brackett ran a wheel route and Kendricks stayed with him through the flat before going stride for stride down the field.

    This kid is going to have a bright future with the Eagles.

  • I think both CB’s Boykin and Lindley will be the Slot CB’s and Hanson doesn’t even make the final Roster. Lindley is primed for his break-out season and has put on 6-8lbs and gotten stronger and is finally 100% heatlhy from that lingering knee issues that he had when he was drafted 2 years ago..
    I believe once Camp comes and go, that the CB Corp will look like this
    Asmo,DRC,Boykin,Marsh, Lindley & Surpise Player Undrafted Cliff Harris

  • When talking about most the Top TE’s Threats in the NFL these days, you have to remember this, most of the are not very good blockers, so Kendricks getting “engulfed” by the the Big TE’s in the rushing game is just not an accurate statement.. Do you guys really think that the big TE’s like Gonzales,Whitten,Graham,Finley,Gronkowski, Gresham, Pettigre, etc,etc are in there for their blocking.. They are in there for their Pass-Catching Ability and Route Running. Kendricks should be fine wherever he lines up for he’s a Football Player and a darn good promising one.. You don’t win the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year without making plays.. Look at the wide-open,strong Offenses that he played against like Stanford,Oregon & USC over the last couple of Seasons.. Line him up and let him Play…

  • What I am saying most teams have blocking tight ends and if Kendricks is playing that side with babin then they will put in their blocking tight end and run to that side it’s a scheme that will cost us.

  • @lionsden, I totally disagree but we will see Elvis Dumervil is a very fast DE who uses his quicks for sacks. But your not asking this guy to drop back and cover these monsters on top of engaging them at the line. Kendricks will wear down and be exposed. I was all on board with Kendricks playing Sam until I heard his response for doing it. Right now he didn’t really sound confident about it but we will see man. Plus Dumervil is about 260-265 in weight.

  • ENGULFED DAMMIT ENGULFED THIS YOUNG LAD WILL BE. LOL Actually I hope you guys are right because we don’t have anyone else to play that spot really.

  • DE Babin,LB Kendricks and CB DRC on that left side of the Eagles Defense could be a problem from a tackling,size point of view and expect teams like the Giants,Cowboys try to expose that..
    I would look to have a DT’s Jenkins and maybe even Fletcher Cox play LDE against Running Teams on 1st Downs over BAbin to have more size and strength at the DE position.. I thjnk Kenkdricks will hold his own , but like I stated right after the Draft, he’s would be much more effective at the Will Spot in my opinion where he had more open space to roam and utilize his speed and playmaking abilitiy as opposed on the Strong/Sam Position where he will get caought in traffic more and will be blocked by bigger OL/TE which will b emore difficult to dis-engage from.. Let’s see how he looks..

  • Well guys. You are correct. If there’s a running play to the left side of our defense – we are screwed. SCREWED I tell you.

    Because if Kendrick’s gets effectively blocked by a blocking TE – you know because blocking TE’s are able to deal with his speed and quickness. Kendrick’s is incapable of keeping his body low, turning his hips, he has no arms or muscles and he certainly can’t move laterally or spin. But, let’s say that happens. We are SCREWED – because our MLB will be sitting indian style in the same spot he was standing at in the beginning of the play, picking his nose and humming nursery rhymes. Because that’s what DeMeco Ryans does. He can’t run. He can’t recognize plays. He can’t beat blocks. He DEFINITELY can’t tackle. And he can only make plays directly up the middle of the defense. Period. That’s what he does when a RB runs right. He stays put. The LAST thing he’ll do is purse the RB and make or assist with a tackle. SCREWED!

    Also, we’re screwed because we don’t have any DTs that can make plays in the backfield. Jenkins can’t. Cox? He NEVER tackled a guy in the backfield in college, so why would we assume he can in the pros? Landri? NEVER disrupts running plays in the backfield!

    Also, Babin – yeah, he sucks against the run because playing run defense is what Washburn asked him to do all the time (right?). And anyway, he doesn’t set up out wide in the wide 9 – nope. The LDE in the wide 9 attacks the inside, or stright on of the RT. So that blocking TE you speak of will have an unencumbered path to Kendricks who is playing right on the line of scrimmage in the wide 9 – (because that’s where the SAM lines up in the wide 9/Castillo defense right?).

    Yep. All of that is true. So we are SCREWED.

  • damn ! i wish i woulda never renewed my tickets for the 21st year !

  • “It was pretty easy,” he said of the interception. “That’s just doing my job. That’s not anything out of the norm for me or anything special, that’s what I’m supposed to and that’s what I’m going to do, that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

    Asked about his height (5-11) as he tries to cover bigger tight ends he said simply, “doesn’t matter.” End of quote.

    Kendricks further explained himself later on.

    “It doesn’t matter because at at the end of the day I’m going to have to go out there and do it, and if I do it I do it, if I don’t then I’ll probably get cut,” he said. “Everything’s going to handle itself, that’s why I say it doesn’t matter because I’m going to try my hardest. I’m going to do what I can do and hopefully everything will take care of itself. So I don’t really stress about it and I don’t think you guys should either.”

    ….second round pick Mychal Kendricks

    I like this guy. A football player.

  • confident, simplistic…

  • Heard Juan Castillo was cussing out Cox on his first day ….Fire Juan already!!!!

    We will never win with this idiot as defensive coordinator.

  • Square peg, round hole andy is at it again.

    “Let’s put the short linebackers on tall tight ends”

    “That’ll work”

  • I wish we had the Giants coaching staff.

  • @schill let me ask you this how come cole was still pretty good against the run but babin wasn’t. Don’t washburn tell them both the same thing? Or does he only tell babin not to worry about the run?

  • Back to kendricks, it was a great pick I wish him well if he does well great that only helps the Eagles. And I honestly hope that everybody who thinks he will be great at Sam is right. I don’t want him to fail just to prove a point, I actually hope I am wrong on this one.(Won’t be the first time) LOL

  • pdidds – Good question. I can’t say I KNOW the answer to that question, but I do have a (what I consider to be strong) guess. Babin was a journeyman so-so at best player for many years. Then he came to Philly (first time – no washburn) and was a situational pass rusher. Then he went to Tennessee under Washburn and was told to only focus on rushing upfield toward the passers as quick as possible. He was a big time success all of the sudden with a boatload of sacks – so that reinforced that what he was doing was right.

    Cole on the other hand – I don’t need to tell you this but – awesome top notch all around DE for his whole NFL career – and trained under the opposite of Washburn – no wide 9, DE rushes the QB, plays contain on the edge, is supposed to be an all around run defender, and even drops back in coverage. Cole excelled at that and it became part of him as a player – second nature.

    Fast forward to last year, Washburn comes to Philly and brings Babin. Tells Babin to keep up the good work. Tells Cole to focus on getting up the field as quickly as possible and rush the passer.

    But what happens then when a running play happens and Cole is within (his freakish) range to make a play. Well hell, the man is well conditioned to make a play and he does so.

    That’s my theory right there. I think with improved LBs – which is an assumption I’ll admit, and another year of Washburn’s system here in Philly, Babin’s run defense won’t be such an issue. And that’s just my guess.

  • @schill I hate to admit but that was actually pretty dam good response on your part kudos to you. Wow you guys are getting good on here diddy got step up his game a little. But this the offseason so I am in offseason mode right now. But good shit Schill.

  • Let me say this about the Eagles and you guys obviously feel free to comment(like I need to tell you guys that right). When I talk about kendricks that’s just nit picking. I honestly think he will be ok, our linebackers are much improved. I personally think that this has been the best offseason since 2004, our superbowl year. I personally believe this may be the most complete team we have had in forever. I actually believe this team could be better than that 2004 team if everybody plays to their potential. Our draft was very good on paper, and we have pro bowl players up and down the roster. We have a great chance to do really big things this year.

  • I think we can all agree on this , the Eagles LB Corp is much improved and athletic with the additions of D Ryans and M Kendricks… I say let the best 3 LB’s play, regardless of what positions we call it, Strong, Sam, Weak,Will, Mike or MLB, get the 3 Best LB’s on the field and let them do their thing…
    I think a Starting LB Corp in the Eagles base package of Rolle,Ryans and Kendricks or even Kendricks, Ryans and Chaney is much improved and much more athletic from where the Defense was last season which had Chaney,Matthews & Fokou as the Starters… The LB Battles will be some of the best come camp time, lots of yound players looking to not only make a Roster Spot, but a Starters spot as well.. SHould be fun and exciting to watch

  • Also I don’t believe Maclin will be back after this year. I think that if Mcnutt show them anything this year he will be the #2 on this team. I truly believe the Eagles gave Maclin the shot to be the man last year and didn’t like what they saw. I think they felt Desean did things at a faster pace that’s why he got the contract. I think in 2013 the Eagles receivers will be Jackson, Mcnutt and Avant. They will not pay Maclin top receiver type money.

  • Thanks. Ditty.

  • @schill Don’t insult me it’s diddy bitch. It’s on now punk

  • I still think the Safety and FB positions are up for grabs,,
    I see Stan Havilli and Undrafted Rookie Emil Igwenagu battling it out but neither player is proven at FB
    At Safety I think Allen is a lock at FS but the Stong Safety spot is up for grabs between Jarrett & Coleman and still not sure if either are legitimate NFL Starter Caliber Players but hopefully they are and prove me wrong and improve and make some plays for it appears the Eagles are not going to bring in a Veteran and least not until Summer CAmp unless an injury occurs.

  • dPiddy – Ha. But I doubt it about Maclin. He’s a very different player than Desean so I don’t see how you can say they’d choose one or the other. But that’s just me.

  • To all the fellas on here have a good night bro’s diddy signing off. And to schill have a great day and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU. Enjoy your day

  • I disagree about Maclin, I think both he and McCoy get extensions before the Season starts and I think McNutt replaces Avant by 2013 as the #3 WR and the Slot WR and Red-Zone Target.. I think McNutt has a very bright future , he’s 6-2 but a solid 215-220 lbs and has a thick torso and legs to be able to break tackles and still has more quickness than Avant to run away from defenders in coverages..

  • Paul – I like your LB post above. Agree all around there.

    But guys, still about the linebackers – remember this. 1. Increased experience has proven to lead to improved performance in the NFL. 2. Players tend to improve the most between their rookie and 2nd year. 3. Better players around you can make you look/play better. SO – for Cheney, Rolle, Mathews, even Clayton, Fokou…etc… – those guys – at least 1 or 2 of them is likely to play significantly better this year than they did last year. SO, if Ryans is healthy, and Kendricks pans out, then we could potentially have 3 – count em – 3! better LBs than last year. That could be huge.

  • -you to pdiddy – and paul we are agreeing – is this some sort of computer glitch or blue moon thing? Were the Mayans right?

  • If McNutt works out well, that doesn’t not mean someone gets knocked of the roster. Best case scenario at WR is that McNutt works out well, and either Cooper makes a big leap or one of the undrafted guys works out and we have 4 or 5 deep quality WRs. The best case scenario is 10, 18, 81, McNutt, Cooper/UFA deep. I’d rather keep Avant’s assets (minus last year’s fumbles) and add more size/skill too. You get 5 or 6 slots at the position, no need to subtract when you add at this point.

  • it is kinda of strange Schiller, with us agreeing.. when you think about the LB’s on the Eagles Roster, only Fokou and Jordan and now Ryans have 3-4 + Years Expereince… Chaney & Clayton are going into their 3rd Seasons and really their 1st Off-Season as a Pro since they was lock-out last season and Matthews and Rolle having their 2nd Season.. .So there will be some great battles.. We saw Rolle play well and Clayton and Matthews came on late in the Season when the had more of a defined role to play as rotational players… I really think that we will see about 5 LB’s getting lots of playing time based on opponments, match-ups, the flow of a game, the score and of course injury… and don’t forget there is that player M Simmons and G Lloyds JR so there will be players who will have to step up and shine almost every day in camp to b enoticed and to move up the depth chart which created great competition and hopefully better quality depth along teh entire LB Corps… Same with the DL withe players like Graham,Tapp, Hunt, & Curry all fighting for snaps and attention at DE… ..

  • I agree with your last 4 posts Paulman; good stuff man.

  • pdiddy gave his opinion on maclin, with which I agree, and schill that bitch has to make some bitch like comment, schill if you ever tried that kind of crap where i hang you woyld be schill no more, and paulman and schiller seeking harmony, priceless

  • jakedog – so where you hang, if someone says “I think this” and someone else responds “Hmmm, I disagree, and here’s why (insert reasoning)”…. the second person would either be forced to change their name or get killed?

    Man, you hang in ONE FUCKED UP PLACE.

    Do you hang overseas? Because if you kill someone for voicing a disagreement in America, shit, you’re wanted for murder.

    Jake, here’s hoping you wise up and stop being so damn edgy and stupid starting tomorrow.

  • I think mcnutt can replace cooper right away. and damaris johnson will replace chad hall.. jackson maclin avant mcnutt cooper johnson..

  • Cooper is mildly under-rated, but not as a wr. If I am not mistaken, he is one of the Birds core Special Teams guys, which probably helps him keep a roster spot this year even if McNutt ends up as the 4th receiver. Somebody has to run down under punts and kicks, and that aspect of the game can’t be overlooked.

  • joe F – exactly – great point – couple folks call every thrid and 4rth stinger ass becuase they are on the team in support and special team roles and actually do a very good job – 53 players – can;t all be pro bowlers.. I like the fact their is competition.. see cooper did not have a big year until his senior year – so he is USED to playing special teams – the dudes that were super stars in college – did not play special teams..

  • Right now, I feel it really doesn’t matter.

    When you get down to it ….How many guys here think Juan Castillo will outthink the intelligent offensive coordinators in this league?

    I still think our red zone defense will continue to be suspect at best with Nate Allen at Safety.

    We will lose as long as these glaring issues continue on defense.

  • Songs – have you entirely discounted the fact that we will now have 2 or, 3, as opposed to 1 at most, CBs playing press coverage in the redzone? That’s a huge difference (unless you’re a hater like you who ignores positive things). And you ignored the fact that our LBs and DL look to be improved. So why are you pinpointing Allen?

  • schill – you missed the big point – when the F+++ does the Free Saftey become involved in RZ defense???? it is your outside CBs taking away the WRs – your LBs taking away the backs and TEs and your DL getting penetration and disrupting the plays –

    imagine this – I know its hard to believe – but yet once again – songs tries to make a point trying to act like he has a freakin clue – his quote – our red zone defense will continue to be suspect at best with Nate Allen at Safety.
    – and what he really just demonstrated to anyone with the slighest clue – is that he is a complete MORON.. Actually makes me laugh –

    will JUan Castillo out think intelligent offensive coordinators – no clue – will Cole, Babin, JEnkins and Patterson blow up the OL of that really smart offensive coordinator and make that offensive coordinators QBs life miserable – sure as hell hope so! Will Ryans read the really smart offensive coordinators QB and make plays – sure as hell hope so – Will DRC and Asmo jam the really smart coordinators WRs and take them out of the play..

    oh – that’s right – its a TEAM game.. and maybe Washburn and Bowles will add a little intel and savy…

    Songs – do you walk around with a t-shirt that has a kick me sign on it? Do all your friends have an “i’m with stupid?’ every time you post..

  • schill, I’m pinpointing Nate Allen because he’s the constant weak link. Even id the linebackers and corners do their jobs…there’s a good chance he’ll still get turned around in coverage and ran over if he’s in position to make a tackle.

  • So, why did we draft Riley Cooper again?

    He’s ass also

  • songs – you pinpoint Nate allen becuase you are a bitch and a constsant negative whiner – if the free safety is getting run over in the red zone – again – you got bigger problems then the free safety – but you are too stupid or ignorant to realize that –

    you also lie – you plain, flat out lie and make shit up – Nate Allen did not and does not get turned around in coverage to the point he is or was a covergae liability – that is flat out not true and you can not find one legitimate source to support your lie

    as for Cooper – as Joe Friday correclty pointed out – he is one of the highest rated special teams players we have (similar to Sean Morey a few years back) he is the #4 WR – I would bet that those are some reasons they drafted him – to be the #4 WR and play special teams?

    It like the basics allude you – the simplest most basic facts seem to mystify you – you have absolutley no clue and yet you keep posting… I actually look forward to the next stupid whiney bitchey ignorant comment you post.. our FS is going to get run over in red zone defense… you do realize red zone is inside the 20 … I mean with you – even the most basic items of football can not be assumed –

    you have any more lies you want to put forth?

  • Navy – yeah, I took that for a given. We should all start from the basline thinking point of Songs not understanding football.

  • Navy..negative…Riley Cooper was drafted to be the big body red zone threat opposed to getting other options that were available at the time..Remember?

    If the Eagles thought he was going to be a 4th reciever and a special teams player at best..you think they woulld have drafted him that high?

    You can get a 4th reciever that play special teams as a restricted free agent.

  • Another thiing Navy..I was speaking of Allen’s garbage coverage skills in the red zone…He get ran over no matter what part of the field….is that clear enough for you?

  • LOL…After years of reading G.Cobb.com..I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer be reading thru all comments just to get the flow of convo
    I will be placing the comments you guys post into 2 distinct separate categories…
    1. not this dumb shyt again / not worth reading / no substance
    2. interesting knowledgeable , knows a lil something / worth reading / has substance

    carry on gentlemen

  • Yet again songs – you can no thelp yourself – you are just a complete and total moron – where to start – you had two dumb ass posts….

    first off – did Cooper’s body shrink? So he is still a big bodied rcvr correct… did at any time the eagles say they were going to cut Maclin, Jackson or Avant… so going into it – it was expected he would be the #4 rcvr – and it was expected he would plkay special teams… as most back ups in the NFL play special teams…. you did know that – again – I realize just basics..

    so your issue has nothing to do with the fact he is in fact one of the top special teams players – and nothing to do with the fact he is the #4 rcvr – your issue is that you wanted him to be used in the Red Zone more….

    see the differecne between guys that know and understand football (guys like ME) and idiots that know nothing but blather on (you) is that taking a rookie 4rth rd wide rcvr on a team that already had Jackson, Maclin and Avant (considered by some to be one of the best slot rcvrs inthe game) is that saying a guy has high motor, doesn;t quit is a big bodied recvr, is that those of us that knwo football, immedialtey understood Cooper was going to be the #4 rcvr and a special team player – it is an idiot like you who thinks that becuase he hasn’t become a ESPN talking head red zone threat – that he somehow is a failure… is it his fault, Vcks fault MM for not calling fades?

    As for Allen’s garbage coverage skills –

    again – YOU LIE – allen – as with every other free safety, has good games and bad – He had a bad game against New England last year – but the folks over at pro football focus ranked him in the top half of all free safeties and would have ranked him higher – but acknowldged his knee injury set him back – and that he got better throuhgout the year.. again – you know nothing – you can not find any other source to support your assertion he has poor coverage skills – see – you MAKE SHIT UP

    a couple tidbits from pro football focus –

    Allen had a fantastic start to his NFL career, picking off a pass in three of his first four games. We even went so far as to put him top in our Race for Rookie of the Year through four weeks

    Allen saw his rookie year cut short due to a nasty knee injury, an issue that would linger into his second season.

    Allen started the 2011 season off as you’d expect for a man who was still suffering the effects of a torn patellar tendon in his knee–inconsistently.

    Allen’s performances late in the season can give Eagles fans hope going into 2012. Following that New England debacle, he graded positively in each of the last five games, amassing a grade of +7.2 in that span.

    He looks ready to break out if he can remain fully healthy in 2012.

    so we can have the opinion of a source that objectively looks at every player – or the opinion of a whiney douchebag that constantly proves he doesn;t know jack shit – paste that!

    times your?

  • Songs, restricted free agents rarely change teams, because the team signing an RFA has to give up draft picks equal to the level at which the RFA was tendered by the original team. Nobody is going to extend an offer sheet to a guy who will cost them a surrendered pick and a contract to be a 4th receiver and special teams guy. That is why there are 4th+ round draft picks, to fill out the bottom half of the roster. That is what Cooper was, and is, kinda like Eldra Buckely, or to go back a few years, Ike Reese.

  • JoeFriday – I think you are confusing “RFA” – Restricted Free Agent v. Rookie Free Agent. As dumb as Songs is, I think he was (correctly) refering to rookie free agents….



    Songs is the one who used it wrong. OF COURSE!

    Songs, you should have said “rookie free agent”.

    And you would still have a weak point if you used the right word. You don’t only draft for #1s and 2s, and then the rest are not drafted free agents. You ABSOLUTELY use mid and late rounds on players who you want to add competition and depth to your team. You clueless clueless fool.

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