• August 14, 2022

The Bricklayers, I Mean The 76ers Lose To The Bulls

The Sixers had everything in place when they took the floor to play the Bulls last night in Chicago.  Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose was on the sidelines, so was Chicago center Joakim Noah, and for a while small forward Taj Gibson, but the Sixers were unable to take advantage of it.

They lost game five of their best seven series 77-69.  You’ve got to be able to score more than 69 games in a playoff game.

Chicago bullied the Sixers and forced them to shoot only 11-for-34 from the lane.  That’s less than 30%.  It was so bad that in the first half they were able to make only 4-for-19 from their shot in the lane.  Those short shots are considered layups.

Speaking of 4-for-19, those were numbers for Andre Iguodala from the field. He couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean.

Jrue Holiday didn’t do much better.  He was 5-for-17 as he led the team in scoring with 16 points.  The Sixers as a team were below the 30% shooting mark for the game, making only 25-for-78 from the field.

“We’re getting in there,” Iguodala said. “We’re just not finishing. I felt like we did a good job of being aggressive getting to the basket. Tonight we just didn’t get the whistles like we had been throughout the series.”

So you heard it from Iguodala, he’s blaming it on the refs.  I agree that they swallowed their whistles, but they should have known what type of game the Bulls were going to play.

“It’s a fine line,” Elton Brand refused to blame the refs after the game. “It was a pretty physical game. We can’t complain about foul calls. I’m sure we got away with a few.”

They’ve got to make a major change on Thursday.

“We know what they’re doing,” Iguodala said. “We have to do a better job of adjusting to it. We have to force the issue as far as what we want to do offensively.”


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  • Tough tough game to watch, the Sixers struggled to hit alot of shots, the refs were against us, and with all that said the game was still in reach and they could have beat these guys. The bulls are just prolonging the inevitable. The Sixers close this series out on thursday night. Enough of these shenanigans.. #ShowYaLuv

  • Some of the worst Offensive Basketball by 2 NBA Playoff Teams that I have ever seen in the life… No excuses, you have to play thru bad calls which are goign to happen against both teams throughout a game and series.. Let’s see how the 76ers handle the pressure of closing out the Series for if they fail to get it done on Thursday, they will be joining the Flyers at the Casinos in AC…

  • WHO CARES, ABOUT THESE FRAUDS!? They have ZERO chance to win a Championship & it is inevitable & only a matter of time before they’re bounced. Lose already, & get put out of your misery. They are a miserable team, full of frauds. I honestly could care less what they do. Bring on the off-season & the desperately needed implosion. It’s a sad, freaking joke, that people are actually happy & content with them beating a team missing their 2 best players, including the reigning MVP. ESPECIALLY with ZERO chance to win a freaking Championship. ZERO!!!!

  • Dcar – I hope your lunch gives you nasty GI issues. Some fans do care – I am one of them. The team is very young and for many of the players the experience they can gain in playing in the playoffs – not walking on the court and intentionally laying an egg to appease a grumpy, impatient, unselfish, crabby fan like you – that experience can be huge. Lavoy Allen, Jrue, Evan, Hawes, Lou Will, Meeks, Thad, even Dre…. that’s a fact. If they’re able to win this series and then give Boston some competition in the next round, it will be huge for these young players development. It’s possible Boston has injuries too – Rondo is banged up and they’re key players are all geezers.

    The mentality you’re endorsing is one of ignorant losers. I’m not calling you a name, I’m stating a fact. Would you teach your son to think like that? Would you want your players to think like that?

  • Omer Asik had 3 blocked shots and—- ONLY 1 FOUL ——in 27 minutes, c’mon

  • Alot of calls weren’t being made…..with that said….Evan Turner is complete trash. Why does Doug Collins keep giving this guy opportunity after opportunity?

    And why does Iguodala even attempt to shoot a jump shot? He should never even THINK about scoring with the ball unless he’s driving or two feet away from the basket.

  • So Schiller, again you display your loser mentality of just being content with just being there & winning against undermanned teams. Them being in the playoffs is MEANINGLESS! Do you understand? You are a fraud just like the team on the court. As for the experience being huge for the young players, you could be correct. But when you have a Delusional, wannabe clown like Stinkadala, throwing up 19 shots, 6 of them 3 pointers, in a game, taking away plays & shots from them, an AARP rep like Brand, who will be amnestied & Hawes/ Williams, who both WON’t be back, that’s NOT helping their experience, chemistry & growth, you clueless dope! You have no clue how to play sports, or what it takes to be a winner. You’re just happy to be a pom-pom waving step-ford. I’m not. I want a team that has a legit shot to win, not a mediocre, fraudulent team, that should have been dismantled for 2 years now, & that has ZERO shot to win anything, anytime soon. As for me teaching my son? What the f^#@ do you know about being a Father? I have 4 children, 3 boys & a daughter. My two older boys are now at Florida St, my daughter is about to graduate & go to Drexell, & my youngest son is an Honor student. All in which love me to death, vice-versa. So I think I taught them pretty damn good. I’ve instilled hard work ethic, honesty, respect for all, never to give up on anything that they want to strive to do, & to love their family, friends & most of all, themselves. So you don’t have a f^#@ing clue, to anything that you speak. As for me having a mentality of an ignorant loser, makes you the biggest idiotic, clueless, dumb, hypocrite on here.
    Definition of ig·no·rant/ˈignərənt/
    Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
    On that front you’re wrong. I’m one of the more knowledgeable, aware, & educated people on this circus of a blog site.

    Definition of los·er/ˈlo͞ozər/
    A person or thing that loses or has lost something, esp. a game or contest.
    A person who accepts defeat with good or bad grace, as specified: “they should concede that and be good losers”.
    On that front wrong again, big surprise. I NEVER EXCEPT LOSING. You are a stupid, delusional, idiot. I am also admirably successful in my personal life. You are the only uneducated, know-nothing, condescending, ignorant, LOSER on here. So before getting your panties in a bunch, or having your thong wedged in your corn-hole, go educate yourself, say a prayer & find a clue to what you are talking about, you f^#@ing piece of elephant turd. BTW, don’t ever mention my family again! This is a blog site, where we all talk about, opine & vent on our sports teams. You just come on here to get your jollies off of, critiquing & putting down everybody else’s post, & trying to delude yourself into thinking that you actually know WTF you are talking about. You DON’T know sports, life, nor anybody’s personal lives on here, so just STFU, you weasel.

  • Dcar – Thrilled that you’re kids are doing great and that you’re a good Dad. Never questioned any of that. But you said you tell your kids to never give up on anything. But you want your sports teams to. That’s hypocrisy in it’s finest form.

    While you’re looking up definitions, please do yourself a favor and search for “assuming” and “arrogance”.

  • hall of fame rant there by one of the finest, dcar

  • Schiller, where did I say, anywhere that I want my sports teams give? Again you conveniently add $#!T that I didn’t say, to try to support your idiocy, & lack of reading comprehension. I originally stated the truth about the team, & stated that I couldn’t care less what these stinking frauds do & that I couldn’t believe some people are happy & content with them beating a team without their 2 best players. You are a moronic stooge. In reference to me being arrogant & assuming. WRONG & WRONG again. I have never, nor ever will be a person who is conceited, or thinks he’s better than anyone. If my knowledge, brutal honesty, & fact finding, makes you feel inferior & insecure, then you’re a bigger, sissy, @$$#OLE than you act like. So go look up definition of an @$$#OLE. That’s something that spews out $#!T. That’s you. Again you are a know-nothing, clueless, joke of a man.

  • jake, I don’t want to come on here & have to argue, or justify myself to anyone, let alone to a illiterate turd like Schill, but all he does is come on here to get his rocks off, by critiqing me, twisting what I say, claiming $#!t I never said, & trys to tell me I’m wrong & what to say. I can’t take his know-nothing, clueless @$$ anymore. Now he’s accusing me of being arrogant, & better than everyone, because I hurt his feelings, because I’m educated, speak the truth, speak my mind, know what I’m talking about & don’t wave pom-poms like his stepford @$$! CREEPY WEASEL!

  • As I’ve stated numerous times, if you can’t tell the difference between delusion & reality, you need to become a Tibetan Monk & stay away from society. They wouldn’t want you either, because you’d probably critique them too.

  • Jake and all – very enlightening – you clearly find ‘ranting’ – which given the context I equate to ‘hating’ ‘being a douche for the fun of it’ AS A SPORT IN ITSELF. You’re certainly not alone in that, it’s kind of a Philly/negadelphia thing. But seriously, the fact that what thrills you is about hating and ranting, as opposed to the content – sports, the teams, the players, the games, etc… THAT is revealing about you.

    While some of us on here are huge Shady, Vick, Halliday, Chooch, Briere, etc etc etc fans, Jake is a fan of Songs, Dcar, Butch, Drummer – who ever – the guys who champion douchebaggery and hate… like I said – it tells us a lot about him

  • Dcar –

    “Schiller, where did I say, anywhere that I want my sports teams give” – I’m guessing that you meant to type “give up”


    “Lose already, & get put out of your misery.”


    “In reference to me being arrogant & assuming. WRONG & WRONG again.”

    “an AARP rep like Brand, who will be amnestied & Hawes/ Williams, who both WON’t be back,” – those sir – are assumptions.

    Your words D. Your words.

  • Dcar – “& that I couldn’t believe some people are happy & content with them beating a team without their 2 best players.” – Jhart is the only person on earth I’ve seen that fits that description.

    But me? I’m NOT happy OR content with the Sixers. BUT that doesn’t mean that I will spew nothing but vicious hate at the players, unilaterally dismiss any hope for them to improve or play well, and generally act like a fan of the opposing teams.

    FACT – Philly fan negativity effects many if not all of the major players and their mentality. Donovan, Iggy, Bryz… to name a few.

    You can call them weak. You can say that they have to be stronger and not let things effect them pychologically. BUT NEWSFLASH – they are HUMAN BEINGS. Fan negativity HURTS THE TEAMS. HURTS THE CHANCES OF CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    THAT is my agenda. And you sir ooze negativity out of your pores.

  • Schill, you are the only douchebag on here. Keep up with your deflecting of the truth off of yourself as usual. By me saying lose already & get put out of their misery, is me saying AHH get it over with already. If your reading comprehension can’t grasp that, it’s understandable. What does them being in a couple more meaningless games, actually going to accomplish, when they WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP (FACT, NOT ASSUMPTION)? Isn’t that our rooting interest? They are still playing like fraudulent, bums, against an under-manned team, even in the wins. Again for you to blame fans booing, for them losing is ridiculous. BOO HOO! Give me a F^#@ING break with the lame, moronic excuses. That would make them weak minded, thin skinned, pu$$!es (FACT, NOT ASSUMPTION). Maybe that’s how you are, but that’s a slap in the face to them. Good players, talent & good competent FO’s win Championships, not F^#@ING foolish, mindless, cheers from stepford cheerleaders, like you. That’s arrogance. You can dress up a pig, but it’s still a pig. In other words if you suck, all of the cheers in the world can’t help. Again, for the last time, you are a incorrect, clueless, know-nothing, delusional, @$$clown. Plain & Simple, & there is nothing that you can spew, deflect, or spin, to change that. Have a nice day, I have better things to do.


    That sentence is 100% factually, indisputably incorrect. Now, for a second here lets pretend that you qualified that with the words “this season” or “this year” – still incorrect. You think they won’t, and I sure as hell agree with you. But that doesn’t change the fact that it IS AN ASSUMPTION. Do you entirely fail to understand the word “assumption”?

    Dcar – I too have written off this season for championships for the Sixers. DUH. WE ALL HAVE – that’s EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. But guess what genius, the freaking Myans were full of shit. There are going to be MANY MANY MANY years to come. And it is wrong to assume that 0 of the current Sixers will definitely never win a championship as a Sixer.

    Them still putting an effort into this year, and some reasonable fans like myself still watching (albeit not intently till the 4th quarter) this season, can definitely have a positive effect on their future. But you’re so pigheaded and shortsighted that all you care about is this year’s championship. LOOK BEYOND THAT. Everyone else has already but you’re still stuck on it. Don’t be so simple minded.

  • BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, QUEFF, QUEFF, QUEFF! That’s all I read from you. How am I shortsighted & simple minded, when all I’ve been doing for 2 years, is say how they can get better & come up with better alternatives to what they have. Just like when you argued with me, when I ripped their @$$E$ for not getting Nick Young, Monte Ellis, & Javalle McGee & the Sam Young trade, & called it a meaningless trade, him being a non-factor & no one even knows who he is. Even Shaq & Barkley said it. You then went on a clueless tirade ripping me, on how much he brings to the backcourt, his skills, how much better he will make us, how you went to the same school as him, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! How did that argument go? You being wrong as usual. When are you going to get it through your caper brain, that I’ve forgot more about sports, than you’ll ever know. You can call it arrogance, I call it FACT. If I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong & I’ll apologise if I rip someone unjustly. You ain’t man enough to do that. I was correct about the Birds, I was correct about the Flyers, I am correct about the FRAUD Sixers, I am correct about the Phillies assessment, & you been nothing but the definition of delusionally incorrect. You can call me negative, you can call me whatever you want, but that doesn’t stop me from going to 5-10 games to each team, every year, rooting my heart out, with my family & friends. Just because I’m smart & aware enough, to see through smoke-screens, illusions & delusions, doesn’t make me any of a better or worse fan, than anybody else on here. I have to go repair & flip a house now. Have a splendid day.

  • schiller, where you at the phils game telling the fans to hush when they booed Pence for that boot in right field, have you ever booed or got cranked up for anything other than howie Roseman’s pecker, this is sports, I don’t fawn over any player, they are paid millions to win, entertain, give it their best, when they don’t, they will here it from the true philly sports fans, not the jock sniffing pom pom waivers like you

  • Jake, wasn’t at that game. And I wouldn’t have done that if I was. There’s a huge difference between booing, AT A GAME, for one play, and declaring the season over less than 1/5 through the season. And if I booed that play, or for whoever did, that’s booing 1 play. NOT booing a person – or calling them a bum. There’s difference between these things.

    Yes I’ve boo’d plays and players on other teams – plenty of that. But to ‘hate’ for the sport of ‘hating’ is an entirely different thing.

  • Dcar – good luck with the house.

    “When are you going to get it through your caper brain, that I’ve forgot more about sports, than you’ll ever know. You can call it arrogance, I call it FACT.” – well there you go buddy, there’s your arrogance.

    Sam Young – dude didn’t get minutes. I never said he’d be great on the court while sitting on the bench. I still stand by my comments about him, he just didn’t get playing time.

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