• May 19, 2022

Eagles Defensive Projections: Linebackers

Throughout the Andy Reid era, the Eagles have always seemed to not place a high priority on the linebacker positions. That mindset has changed this year with the trade for former Pro-Bowl linebacker DeMeco Ryans, and the drafting of Mychal Kendricks in the second round. The emphasis on improving the unit represents a significant shift in philosophy for the Eagles.

With the addition of DeMeco Ryans the Eagles clearly have learned the value in the middle linebacker position. DeMeco could possibly be the sleeper addition to make this one of the most feared defenses in the league.Although he has struggled in a new defensive scheme a year ago, he is now more than a year removed from his Achillies injury, and should prove to be a force that will wreak havoc in the backfield, as well as provide some leadership and personality that this defense has sorely missed.

The outside linebacker positions will both be up for grabs over the summer. Rookie Mychal Kendricks figures to be the favorite to start at the SAM position. One word describes and that is Athleteic. He ran a 4.47 40-yard dash at this year’s combine, hopefully this translates into him being a ball-hawking linebacker who can play sideline to sideline. He’ll be a force against the run, and effective in blitz packages, but it remains to be seen whether the young linebacker can cover the tight end. Jamar Chaney will be the top competition for Kendricks. The Eagles wanted Chaney to play the SAM position a year ago, but the ineffectiveness of Casey Matthews forced him to move back to the MIKE after only two games.

The weakside linebacker is also an open competition. Brian Rolle and Casey Matthews are the early favorites, with former fourth round pick Keenan Clayton also in the mix. Rolle proved a year ago that he could be a serviceable NFL linebacker, and was the lone bright spot in the linebacking corp. last season. Matthews got opportunities to start at all three positions a year ago, but failed miserably at each. To his credit, he managed to work his way into an effective role within the nickel package at the end of the year. The coaching staff seems to be high on him.

Keenan Clayton, Akeem Jordan, and Mosies Fokou will battle for the final roster spots. Clayton is the only linebacker on the roster that hasn’t received an opportunity to start, he has great speed but hasn’t been able to earn the trust of the coaching staff in two seasons. Jordan and Fokou have both received multiple starting opportunities, and have been mediocre.

Malik Utendahl

I am a college student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.. follow me on twitter @The_U93

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  • I agree with you G about Matthews………IN MY OPINION A STRAIGHT BUM

  • Clayton is a wild-card in this bunch, he has a lot of talent and speed and good timing in his pass covreages and has been pretty good at Blitzing the few times he has had the opportunity, the rap on him is that he’s a little immature, doesn’t know the playbook inside out and just doesn’t give 100% every day at Practice..
    Hopefully he has matured and become a true Professional and keeping up with the playbook ,meetings and video tape viewing that they do.. This Camp he is going to have to go all out evrey day to make this team, but there are some who say he is the mosy talented athlete out of the entire LB Corps (before Kendricks now) It’s do or die for him

  • if Demeco and Kendricks can’t beat out these bums to start then they can’t play – I don’t look at Ryans as a sleeper I look at him as a Pro Bowl player and that contract he has means he should be the best LB in the division.

  • gmcliff – Malik Utendahl wrote this article not Gary Cobb

  • Thanks E0S……

    My bad, but Matthews is still a bum.

  • Eagles LB Corps for 2012 Season (barring INjuries)

    Starters – Rolle, Ryans , Kendricks
    Back-ups – Clayton, Chaney & Matthews

    *** A Jordan will stay around thru Camp to make sure that Chaney is 100% Recovered which is not a given, If Chaney can’t go, he may find himself on the PUP list with Jordan taking his spot on the 53 man Roster
    I think Fokou gets released pretty early in Camp and a battle for a spot on the Practice Qquad will be between G Lloyd Jr and M Simmons

  • Pman, I agree with you that linebacking core should be pretty good this year. @Gmcliff give that young buck a chance Gm I think he will be ok. He may be a late bloomer as far as Nfl ability goes. Not everyone hits the ground running.

  • Matthews seems undersized. I think if he put on 10-20 pounds he might have a better shot. Still would like to see us pickup a veteran WR for the red zone and possibly a safety.

  • Altra Casey Matthews is up from 231 to 250 lbs, hes ripped now. He worked out with his brother this off season. I still see him adding another 10-12 pounds of muscle as he keeps going. He has the quickness to succeed, many were worried about his size and strength. Now that hes added all this bulk, i see him breaking out and pushing to start this year and I think he will.

  • Reports are that both Casey Matthews and Philip Hunt are the two that look totally different appearance wise. Both have bulked up significantly and are confident and ready to compete.

  • Maybe Kenricks at Will (where he belongs) Ryans in the Middle and Matthews or Chaney (If Healthy) at SAM positions may be the Starting Line-up come September..

  • casey matthews is a bum

  • Casey Matthews is on the rise. He is being “schooled” by his brother.

  • Casey MAtthews starting SAM Spot and Draft Pick Kendricks to play WILL and Brian Rolle moved to Strong Safety… You heard it here first..

  • I agree about Casey Starting, paul it feels like we’ve had this discission before haha, your tune has changed exponentially lol. Now you see Casey Matthews as the starter, finally coming to your senses. I agree with Kendricks on the other side. And obviously DR in the middle. Brian Rolle will put up a fight but Andy and Juan along with the eagle organization are really high on Casey Matthews. We’ve been on the same page because I’ve been a fan of his since his Oregon days. He was much smaller then. Now at 250Lbs, he has the bulk to get off blocks and impose his will on opposing blockers.. I see him definitely starting either weak side or strong side. Im confident about that.

  • I actually forgot about Keenan Clayton, but he was great against the pass late in the season. Akeem Jordan was great against the run, but really didn’t show up too much the pass though. Fokou, as I’d been say for the last few years is aggressive but ineffective and undisciplined in his approach. He not only played his way out of the starting line-up, but out of even the the LB rotation all together, so Unless he’s a completely different player he’s gone with the first or second round of cuts. The Eagles should try to get a legitimate sized SAM, they might be able to trade one or two of their five or six WILL LBs they have to get one.

  • I doubt Matthews will start, but they insert him on running downs. I would love to write an article on how useful it would be for the Eagles to encourage Brian Rolle to lose 10-15 lbs. to play safety.

  • Chaney will be #2 at the MIKE, Kendricks should be the WILL with Matthews, Clayton and Akeem Jordan rotating at the SAM unless the Eagles are able to snag a true SAM.

  • I have stated sinec last year that the Eagles should move K Clayton to Safety.. He was an All-State Texas Safety out of high-school and moved to LB once he got to Oklahoma . His natural weight is about 218-222lbs and could be a very effective Safety in my opinion…

  • I think both Patterson and Chaney go on the PUP list and will not be ready for the start of the 2012 Season, I see Patterson retiring with the encouragment of Coach AR and front office who do not want to take a chance of a severe injury to his head/brain considering he had Brain Surgery in January.. Eagles offer him a nice medical settlement and he’s made pretty good $$$ during his career so he should be set financialy for his lifetime.. Chaney had neck surgery and won’t be cleared for workouts until late July.. I see the Eagles being cautious with him and maybe start him out on the PUP list to start the Season and maybe activate him come October for the 2nd half of the Season.. This would allow the Eagles to probvably keep A Jordan who is a jack of all trades and can be the 6th LB in the rotation and a player who Coach AR loves..

  • This rampant speculation is foolishness at it’s finest. “Where Kendricks SHOULD play” – stated at a time when his total NFL snaps = 0. And for the starting spots – which will be determined during OTAs, training camp and the preseason – like every other roster spot in the NFL on every team. But you guys are deciding now.


    We will see what happens in due time. Now, it’s just silly guessing.

    So far, since adding the weight, Mathews has done 0 things on a football field. So we have 0 data, but you’re making a conclusion. DUMB All the 2nd year guys will have their first offseason and opportunity to really improve in the NFL, so far we have 0 data on that. And you’re making conclusions.


    I know I”ll get the “but predicting is fun, that’s why we are on this site”. Well I say that’s hogwash. Let’s just wait and see what happens. There will be rotations and most likely, they’ll try different things throughout the season. But training camp will be televised and reported on. No need to pretend we know now.

  • Jon Hart – Just because Casey Matthews got fat and added weight doesn’t mean he’s ripped. Before I even read your comment, I am sitting here watching Chris Mcpherson interview matthews and I’m sitting here saying to myself “the guy needs to get in the gym and lift like a gladiator” because he looks like a regular joe linebacker. When you look at guys like ray lewis, j harrison and patrick willis, those guys are what you call “ripped”. Matthews looks like he’s outta shape with no serious definition. We’re the only team who selected this guy when all the other teams saw the writing on the wall. Again Reid thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and didn’t select a first round talented Lb when given a chance and now we have a wasted pick on a nobody in football. I seriously doubt he will start the 2012 season with guys like todd bowles around who can see defensive talent and will let Lb coach know whos the better player.. Another AR wasted pick imo who’ll get traded by next year or so. If I’m wrong – oh well; but right now this was a garbage pick who got selected because of his name.

  • Rocko – do you have a problem inputing facts into your brain? It is being widely reported that Mathews did NOT get fat, but in fact that he added significant muscle. When people say “red” to you, do you hear “blue”? The Eagles are the basketball team in Philadelphia Tennessee right? Andy Reid is the mayor of Philadelphia, he’s a skinny black woman and Jeffery Lurie is the former Phillies Basketball player who’s coaching the South Jersey Phillies against the Boston Celtics in the ABA Supercup right now right?


  • Why bother posting about anything then Schiller, we may as well wait to Opening Day if it was up to you… Some of us like predicting and calling for stuff to happen, based on some knowledge, passion,past experience or pure wishful thinking.. but it’s what makes fans and posts on this site interesting even when they don’t pan out… It’s like your local Financial Investment Manager.. Does he or she know anymore about the future of pricing in the Stock Market than I know about the Eagles… Or your Doctor you see who gives yo a check up for a cirus and a vaccine shot…. Or your lawyer who gives you advice on how a jury or judge will think about your case… No One knows shit, we get that, but it’s a Eagles Web-site and we are going to specualte for that’s what fans do.. If you don’t like it, then stay off until the Season starts… C’Mon Professor Schill….

  • Paul, we all know that for you individually, predicting (guessing, estimating, throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks, running your fingers/mouth) is the fun of this site/talking sports. And clearly others enjoy that (although to a lesser extent). BUT – if you actually were to objectively do an analysis of this website and all that is posted on it, there is A LOT more than just predictions posted here.

    Paul – ” It’s like your local Financial Investment Manager.. Does he or she know anymore about the future of pricing in the Stock Market than I know about the Eagles” – YES, he or she DOES know more. Because they have professional actuaries, statistical analysis, and their income depends on their performance. You – not the case.

    In fact Paul, ALL of those analogies sucked. Those are professions and they do WAY more than just guess and speculate. You’re silly Paul.

  • Having seen the Eagles draft, acquire and/or retain 6-7 WILL LBs/SSs to play all positions in the LB core and watching that strategy blow-up in the organization’s face over a couple of years puts anyone and everyone in a pretty strong position to credibly speculate about LB personnel in the Eagle’s nest.

  • Butch – so you’re telling me that you could have accurately predicted what they did with the LBs last year? They changed shit around every 1/10 of a snap of a football! Same goes for safeties. Now you can agree or disagree with what they did or didn’t do all day long, but to tell me you can predict it? that’s BS

  • The Professor is on a roll today .. C’mon Schiller, Schools almost out…
    Starting now and forever, per the Professor, No one has any right to think about future events, don’t plan for anything, just let shit happen and then decide if it was a good deal or a bad deal…

  • Paul, you can’t state things according to me. And I said nothing of planning. You nor nobody on this site has the authority to plan for the Eagles. You really that messed up in the head? Planning and guessing are very different. I also never ever said anything about peoples rignts. You’re one twisted individual paul

  • Schiller – You don’t know anything about working out or what working out really looks like. I ain’t talkin about curling a few times and benching less than 225-265lbs 30-60 reps every time you hit the bench. You have no true idea about “hitting the iron” and getting swole and what it really looks like. If the best you can come up with is what was “widely reported” that Matthews did, and you can’t look at Matthews neck or body figure and see that this guy just has excess adipose tissue and no real lean muscle, then best of luck to how far your thinking has got you in life.

    I hit the gym 5 days a week and do a total workout every time. I don’t do one body part one day and another the next, that doesn’t work for me. I stay for 2 hours and workout everything. I’m 6’0 200lbs and most people think I’m 230lbs because of my lean cuts, but I’m around 195-200 because of my catabolic fluctuations in weight which I burn like hell naturally. I don’t work out to look like the guys in the magazine, for women to look at me or to be an internet showoff on gcobb, I do it for my own satisfaction because working out is one of my best hobbies which I started at the end of middle school in 90. I’m not a pretentious person in the least and rarely share my personal business on blogs such as this, but I had to bring this up as an avid person who enjoys lifting like a warrior most of the time when I hit the gym and to let you know that because of your post saying Matthews is getting big because you say reports say that Matthews is bigger because he’s lifting weights – I can look at Matthews as he’s being interviewed and see that the guy needs to really bulk up and lift and stop talking about what he’s been doing. You are wrong man in you assessment of Matthews. This guy has added adipose tissue (if that) from eating to much and no muscle because he looks exactly the same to me when he came here plus a little excess fat, no muscle. You need to know what you’re talking about schiller before you start trying to cut people down with your stupidity.

    Also, I said “imo” in my opinion douchebag. My opinion from my observation and experience; get a life man.

  • Ha. ok there Rocko. I guess you’re the freaking expert on everything because you work out. Alright tough guy. Enjoy your expertise and whatever all that working out does for your ego. But fact of the matter is that Mathews has been working out with his brother and lifting. Maybe not to your liking. But whatever man. Suit yourself.

  • that guy is garbage PDiddy…..period. Thank you Rocko, and Songs for your evaluation of Casey Matthews. Somebody who also recognizes this guy can’t play. Lets just watch how good he is this off season, and if he can stick with the team,….how long before he is a mainstay on the bench, before he is cut. I hope nobody gets hurt, and they make him a starter because he has some knowledge of the system. When turns out to be the bum he is, after a full offseason of workouts; and nothing changes. I want to hear all the excuses, because it doesn’t take a genius to see drafting him was a mistake. There were better prospects on the board at LB(Justin Houston), when they drafted Jaquwain Jarrett, who should have been drafted later anyway.

  • @rock, you work all the major muscle groups every day? Do you incorporate any aerobic and/or interval aerobic?

  • Rock – So Mathews worked out with Clay Mathews in the same program that bulked him up. So the track record is there for building muscle in terms of the workout and diet plan so it can’t be an issue with that… OH YEAH, how a workout causes results can vary for people with different genes and such. OH WAIT, they’re brothers.

    Rock you’re just trying to be a tough guy, assert your ego, and a hater at the same time – busting on a guy who had a bad rookie season.

    Grow up. The kid added muscle. Maybe he didn’t become Hulk Hogan but he added muscle.

  • Jakedog – I do buddy; before and during workouts between sets when I take short 5 min water breaks. I also jog 1/2 to 1 mile after I workout so as to release the lactic acid build up in my system from a strenuous workout.

  • Sit back, relax and see what the kid has this year. It is easy to call him a bust after last year, but cmon on, its a little premature to say it’s in stone. That was pretty tough circumstances he was faced with last year. He is probably not going to be Pat Willis or his brother, but I am not willing to say the kid cant play.

  • Amen Frank – good to see SOMEONE is reasonable around these parts.

  • Frank…is there any player fans said were busts ever pan out? If so name one.

    Frank that’s the point.

    We have eyes and know when a player is ass.

    Matthews and garbage ass Riley have shown absolutely nothing in which fans can be optimistic. If they are special team players at best…ship them the hell outta here and give us the players the Eagles thought these losers were. No consolations.

  • Philadelphia Eagles OTA: May 22-24, May 30-June 1, June 4-7 Minicamp: May 12-14 (rookies), June 12-14

    I cannaot wait until tomorrow hits and OTAs start. Just a step closer to training camp. Vick, McCoy, Maclin, DJax, TCole, Babin, Jenkins, VCurry, Cox, Kendricks, Matthews, BGraham among many others im looking forward to getting some early looks at thim and OTAs is what was missing a yr ago as well as rookie camp bc of the obvious lockout. Iam looking forward to see Casey Matthews and Brandon Graham the most and outside of MV7 i think these 2 are the ones that have the most to prove.. Alot of exciting battles to look forward to, and alot to get pumped up about for this 2012 Eagles team..

  • Songs – Babin. Didn’t shine until later in his career. Westbrook – was told he was too small to be good in the NFL. Same for Desean. Same for McCoy – some fans were complaining Moreno wasn’t the guy the Eagles drafted. Fan boo’d the McNabb draft pick. Fans said that the Eagles were INSANE for drafting Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown when we had Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent.

    There’s more. Fans said Watkins was a bust, then he played well. Same for Kelce. Same for Mathis. Mike Vick’s return to football was a bust during his first season back.

    I can go on forever.

    WARNING: Songs is allergic to facts and evidence. He would have gotten past this problem as a young child but he vehemently refused vaccines.

  • I can tell you 99 % of Eagles fans had no idea of who Center Jason Kelce was..
    Just like who Fletcher Cox or Mychal Kendrics were, if you talked to anyone before late January…
    It’s funny Songs calling players Busts but yet, he defies logic and common football sense as he stands by his homey booy Los Angeles, in LB Vontaeze Burfict.. enough said already..

  • Schill…we didn’t draft Babin and fans here never said he was a bust while the organization believed he would pan out. Are you retarded or something?

    You know what I’m asking.

    No one of the Eagles fans ever said Westbrook was a bum and he showed his value immediately.

    I’m talking about bum ass players like the McDougal’s, Matt McCoy’s, Sean Considines, Nate Allen’s, Riley Cooper’s, Clay Matthew’s, etc…whom the fans knew were ass but the Eagles constantly said give them time.

    A player is a Player..and there have not been one player whom the Eagles said give em time that worked out…..not one.

  • Songs, we didn’t draft him – true. But compare the first half of his career to the past few years statistics – and it proves that judging a player early in his career as a bust can be FOOLISH. In fact, that example right there proves that declaring a guy a bust before his second season is absolutely bullshit and cannot ever hold validity.

    Songs – McNabb. That’s one. I already gave it too you.

  • Songs the fact that you include Nate Allen and Casey (although you typed his brother’s name) Mathews on that list PROVES THAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THINGS.


    You sir have a brain defect.

  • From here on out I propose that Songs shall be referred to as “The Scarecrow”.

    If he asks you to explain it to him, don’t bother because he doesn’t possess the necessary organs to retain new information let alone comprehend things.

  • You see that – you see that ever so smooth – GCOBB – I just stuck my thmb is my ass and foot in my mouth and now I need to change the question shuffle –

    Songs asks – is there any player fans said were busts ever pan out? If so name one. – Babin – fans in Houston thought he was a bust and wouldn’t pan out… now pro bowler – Songs adi name one – one was named –

    now – having been shown he is an ass that constantly tries to overstate things – he changes the topic to – someone we drafted… see – get an answer you don;t like – change the question –

    so Songs – Berrick Burgess – he missed 2 of his first 3 season with injuries and only started 12 games in his final year in Philly – with 2.5 sacks – and left in FA –

    he was signed in Oakland to be a back up and by mid year started and was making pro bowls….

    Broderick Bunkley had a pretty bad first season in Philly – and last year pro football focus named hi the best DT in the NFL against the run…

    but see –

    we run into that problem of you will just change the question – you won;t ever answer a question – you will just change it –

    soon it will be – name the player drafted by the eagles between the 2nd and 4rth round, born west of the mississipi that attended a division II school and majored in basketweaving, minored in french lit that weighs between 230-232 pounds, that plays the cello – that the eagles drafted that the fans hated – see I told ya so…

  • How about Wr’s Danny Amendola, B Gibson or LB Joe Mays, Safety Q Demps or DB M Ware, TE S Spaech, have all playe well for other teams that many fans thought were busts..

  • Paul – They were bust. They may have had their moment ina game but they were bust; are you kidding referencing Quintin Demps? That must be why so many like Matthews. I see a guy that can’t play, plain, and simple; some see him through rose colored glasses, and see something thats not there.

    Why do we have to wait to see what is inevitable? But I will play along , just so I can reference a reason why I told you so. All of you who can’t see Matthews is a bum,……I can’t wait to tell you I told you so.

  • gm cliff – you put it well “plain, and simple” – GUESS WHAT – THE NFL, AND LIFE, ARE NOT I REPEAT NOT PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    But some folks like you and Songs try to view things and PLAIN AND SIMPLE. But in the real world, simplicity aint the norm. Newflash

  • Actaully – GM C – Q Demps had himself a VERY nice season for Houston…

    from the houston website:

    One of the bright spots for the Houston Texans despite not being a starter, and it is guys like Quintin Demps that made the Texans a playoff team.

    His play was so good it even got an apology from Head Coach Gary Kubiak for cutting him before the season.

    What Demps brings to the table, is not only a defensive player, but an adequate return man. Demps can help in so many different parts of the Texans team that his value is high to make the 53 man roster and it makes the roster deeper with talent

    now admittedly this is the Houston Texans website – but here is a player eagles fans are calling a bust – and Houston – playoff team – one of the best Ds in the NFL last year – and they signed him to a multi year contract…

    one mans trash is another mans treasure –

  • Schiller if you are going to correct songs, I know a dolt who makes just as many mistakes inches away.

  • I would say Q Demps is more talented and productive then 4 of the 5 Eagles Safeties currently on their Roster.. I would take Demps over Coleman,Jarrett,C Anderson and T Nelson as a partner with Nate Allen.any day of the week..
    The Eagles gave up on him too soon in my opinion…

  • Back to the Eagle Rumor Mill…
    Eagles trade DE D Tapp and CB J Hanson to the Cowboys for CB Michael Jenkins who is holding out and grumbling about his Contract Status..
    Details at 11pm..

  • Paul you are ass crazy. Jenkins sucks – always did. And he’s unhealthy. The Eagles wouldn’t do that in a million years. We have 0 need for corner. So you trade away two assets for an injured, crappy when healthy player at a position where we couldn’t play him? Boykin, Hughes and Marsh are ahead of him. Get a clue you crazy old man.

  • **Eagle News Today**

    Philadelphia Eagles released QB Jacoby Harris and work out LB Adrian Moten

    The wrap on Adrian Moten…

    Maryland Pro day: Linebacker Adrian Moten (6-1 3/4, 234) gave a complete workout. He posted 40 times of 4.60 and 4.55, a 32 1/2-inch vertical, 10-8 broad jump, 4.51 short shuttle, and 7.32 cone. – Gil Brandt, NFL.com

    Positives: Two-year starter at OLB is an athletic and versatile prospect who makes plays all over the field. Fast, has fluid hips, can turn and run with TEs and other receivers and has good ball skills. Quick first step, can run around blocks. Good form tackler, shoulder to chest, wraps. Lined up often against the slot receiver and had a lot of corner/nickel assignments as a SAM during the past two seasons. Played some WILL earlier in college career.

    Negatives: Lacks elite top end straight-line speed. Too often allows separation in coverage and is unable to close. Gets destroyed when colliding with OLs, and likely will have trouble handling the blocks of NFL TEs. Doesn’t have a lot of sand in the pants and has real trouble beating blocks, and hence tries to dance around blocks. Small, narrow frame for NFL LB. Wrist injury in 2008.

    Rob Rang

    2010: Moten, a two-year starter at linebacker, started all 13 games in 2010 and finished 4th on the team with 77 total tackles (31 solo), 6 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks. He also had 4 interceptions and 10 passes defended in coverage…2009: Started all 12 games at Sam linebacker … ranked second on the team in tackles (68) … ranked 27th in the ACC in tackles per game (5.7) … led the team in sacks (6.0) and tackles for loss (9.0)

    NFL Draft Scout

    My Thoughts: Another LB? I guess for special team purposes or to see what he has. The more quality LBs the better. Im happy the eagles have made an asserted effort to address the LB position. There will be some serious competition starting tomorrow at OTA’s all the way into training camp

  • Jon Hart – you know they need to sign the kid for him to be in camp right? Hasn’t happened yet… we’ll see.

  • Schiller, i didnt report that they signed him, i said worked him out. Relax bro, rough day?

  • Just another sign the Jamar Chaney’s future health is questionable at

  • Paulman, that’s odd, the only basis for that comment was the fecal matter that resides in your mouth….

  • Schill must have eaten his Mother’s Spinach tonight, all of sudden, he thinks he’s macho man and ready to take on everyone of this site… I think you need to relax, have a tall glass of Ice Tea and go lay down before before you hurt yourself… …

  • I agree big Navy, Demps was trash for us, I wouldn’t call him a treasure though.

    Plain, and simple, is bottom line Shiller for those who know better. What’s going to be your defense when your boy is trucked by a RB, or OG? Then gets burned in coverage? He didn’t have a chance to have a good off season? He wasn’t given a chance to grow? Plain and simple, sometimes it comes down to …If you have it or not………The guy doesn’t have it. Plain, and simple

  • Wait, gm, who’s my boy. I didn’t say anyone will be a great player. But dismissing a player after his rookie season is a known bullshit mistake. It’s common sense that you clearly lack.

  • Paul, I like Moten, I wanted them to draft him when he came out. I’mnot sure about Mike Jenkins , unless he is healthy. I like the healthy Mike Jenkins, he would help with our depth, and would make Hanson expendable.

    Paul, just ignore Shiller, I like him, but he does tend to reflect negativity from time to time. Sometimes you have to let people be who they are brother.

  • Guys, but seriously, regarding Jenkins. He’s disgruntled because he isn’t starting. And you want to bring him here to not start? Where is the sense in that?

  • Shill, it not unusual to cut a player the year he is drafted. The Eagles did that one year when they cut several of their draft picks in favor of undrafted free agents. Who cares that he was a rookie. He showed NOTHING in terms of talent. I see no reason to think highly of him, as a player.

    If Paul is right, and Adrian Moten was worked out, that may not necessarily for insurance for Chaney, It could be for bums like Matthews.

  • gmcliff – or it could be for a ‘look-see’/camp body. When you’re in the process of creating a 90 man roster for training camp, you don’t think about ‘who he could push or replace’ – you just amass players you want to give a shot. You think GMs would disagree with that statement? Come on now. THINK

    And “it(‘s) not unusual to cut a player the year he is drafted.”

    Alright – give me an example of 3 4th round picks that are cut the year they’re drafted. Don’t just state shit if you can’t back it up. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened – but it IS unusual.

  • To GmCLiff,
    Actually it wa JH who mentioned the Eagles working out Mouten and I do recall you talking about him in the Draft as a potential late ROund sleection..
    He’s 6-1 235lbs and has a lean frame who could easily put 10-15 lbs on in 2 years time once in a NFL Conditioning Program.. He has speed, but I am not so sure about his strenth and his abililty to shed bloack at the point of attack.. A criticism for him while at Maryland is that he had issues disengaging from Blockers but that he was good in pass coverage, has lots of raw athletic talent.. When I read his College Profile, he actually reminded me a lot of
    LB Moises Fokou’s Scouting Report when he alose came out of Maryland..
    Athletic upside but not a lot of natural football smarts and for a LB, you have to have those natuaral intincts to make plays at the NFL ..
    I’ve mentioned a few times and will stand by it again, I believe the Eagles are moving away and forward from both DT Mike Patterson and LB J Cheney and whether they use injuries as the reason, I can’t really say.. but it is fine with me for I have never thought as either player as a legitimate NFL Starting Calibe type of Players to begin with and would not be missed at all with this new and improved Front 7..

  • Shiller it isn’t unusual for a draft pick to be cut. I think what your trying to say is that it IS UNUSUAL for a 1-4th round pick to be cut the year he is drafted.
    There have been many cut in NFL History even 1st round picks between 1996-2010 that have been cut : Here a few, you GM WANT TO BE:

    1. Demetrius Underwood DL (1st) Minnesota – 1999
    2. Maurice Clarett RB (2nd) Denver – 2005
    3. Andre T Johnson OT (1st) Washington – 1996
    4. Marcus Nash WR (1st) Denver – 1998
    5. Buster Davis LB (3rd) Arizona – 2007
    6. Cody Brown LB(1st) Arizona – 2010 – ( and there are more; google worst picks in NFLHistory)

    Here are some of the Eagles cuts of 2nd year, and rookies drafted in the Andy Reid Era:

    2010 – Trevard Lindley (4th) cut the next year
    2009 – Macho Harris (5th) cut the next year
    2008 – Bryan Smith (3rd) cut the next year
    2007 – C.J Gaddis (5th)- Same year he was drafted
    2003 – Jamal Green (4th) – Same year he was drafted
    2002 – Freddie Milons (5th)- cut the next year
    2001 – Quentin Caver (2nd)- cut the next year

    I’ve told you before kiss my ass Shiller, now I want chap stick first.

  • and these don’t include all the 3rd, and 4th round picks cut the same year in NFL History.

  • Don’t forget DE Teo Neisham was a 3rd Pick in 2010, Released in 2011 Summer Camp, brought back onto Practice Squad and then picked-up by another team
    How about RB Tony Hunt, He was a 3rd Round PIck and then released his 2nd Summer Camp after a year on Practice squad

  • Saw this site NFL Spin Zone – that looked at sucess rates for 3rd and 4rth round picks: from them –

    To me, a 3rd or 4th round pick is successful if the player lasted at least four seasons in the NFL, and started at least one or significantly contributed as a backup. I believe that this is a good definition for a “successful” career simply because this is usually the term of their first contract, and if a player can fully play out a contract, then he is in some ways moderately successful.

    agree – or disagree – wanted to get the numbers:

    there were 165 3rd round picks between 2002 and 2006. Out of those picks, 76 were deemed to be successful based on the formula above (4 seasons in the NFL, 1 starting or significant contributions). That means that about 46% of the 3rd round picks in that five year period were considered to be successful.

    Looking at the 4th round, there were 176 total draft choices in the five year span we’re talking about. Out of those 176, 77 were thought to be successful, which gives us a rate of about 44% of 4th rounders being successful. So, when a team trades away a 3rd round pick for an aging player, there is basically a 50/50 chance that the player they will be drafting will be an NFL starter or a significant contributor.

    so basically if you are drafted in the 3rd or 4rth rounds the NFL average is about 45% that you will last 4 years in the NFL…

  • I have no arguement with that Big Navy. Love your post; whether I agree or disagree, they are ALWAYS reasonable. In this case I have to agree brother.

    Paul, like I said I didn’t point out all of them, I just wanted to make a point to him, not only with 4th, and 5th round picks but even 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounders being cut the same year can happen. Sometimes you have face reality. It is amazing what you see when you open your eyes. The coaches of these players had to bite the bullet, and the Eagles have done the same; it wouldn’t shock me if they kept, or cut Casey Matthews. I don’t think much of him as a productive prospect, but I respect they fact thet you , Navy and others do. Shiller is on his period today. Like it or not I have a level of talent evaluation. I graduated from the University of Common Sense. If it quacks like a duck…….it’s a duck; If he can’t tackle,……can’t cover…….he not worth putting on the field. Plain, and Simple.

  • @ Paulman – TeoNeishiem, and Tony Hunt, I didn’t name because they were not cut or released the same year they were drafted, or the year after. They lasted for at least two years before the Eagles gave up on them. But you do see my point brother about draft picks reality is we live in a what have you done for me lately world…….Ask the Eagles what has Matthews done for them lately.

    I rest my case.

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