• August 17, 2022

Sixers Stun Boston To Even Series

On Friday night, the Philadelphia 76ers evened their series with the Boston Celtics thanks to a 92-83 victory. The Sixers began the game in a 14-0 hole, and scored just 31 points in the first half, trailing the Celtics by 15. In the second half, the team played as though their season was on the line, and outscored the Celtics 61-37 in the final two quarters.

The first half of this game was filled with some of worst basketball the Sixers have played all year. They were sloppy, clumsy, and couldn’t seem to get anything right on either end of the court. The team went scoreless in their first six possessions, while Boston scored on six of their first seven.

Give Doug Collins and his team a lot of credit. After getting blown away in Game 3, it would have been easy for the Sixers to give in to Boston, and allow them to coast to an easy victory. However, the Sixers were never willing to accept a blowout like they did in the previous game. They continued to play hard on the defensive end, and finished the game with 17 forced turnovers, which played a significant role in their comeback.

Elton Brand only played about 15 minutes, but he still played an important role in sparking the Sixer comeback. The power forward picked up a technical foul early in the third period that seemed to light a fire under his teammates. After the foul, Philadelphia went on a 10-0 run to cut the lead to five, capped by a jump shot from the free throw line by Brand, who then exited the game for the remainder of the night.

After the 10-0 run, it was time for Lou Williams to shine. The Sixth Man of the Year candidate had been inconsistent, and hurt the team by taking a number of ill-advised shots in the series, but tonight Lou was at his best, delivering 15 points off of the bench. There were several times in the third quarter where the Celtics attempted to regain control of the game, but each time Williams was there to answer with some big shots, and a couple of three-point plays.

Another player that played an important role tonight was reserve shooting guard Jodie Meeks. Meeks made the most of his minutes tonight, scoring nine points off of the bench (including a three in the fourth quarter to give the team their first lead of the game), but he also played a key role on the defensive end. Meeks had some very active hands on defense, and several times broke up passes that led to turnovers, and also came up with a big steal that led to a layup for himself late in the game.

But perhaps most impressive of all was none other than Andre Iguodala. The veteran has received much well-deserved criticism over the years, but he’s been clutch and fantastic in these playoffs. He scored 16 points tonight, hit all three of his three-point attempts, including a dagger at the end of the game to point the Sixers up five with less than a minute to go. As a caller to Sports Radio 94 WIP said this week, the world is upside down right now; the Phillies are in the last place, the Flyers are out of the playoffs, the Eagles are drafting well, and Andre Iguodala is coming up big in clutch moments.

Now for the reality check. As exciting and thrilling as this victory was, the Sixers must realize how fortunate they were that Boston took their foot off of the gas once the second quarter buzzer sounded. The Celtics have shown that when they decide to flip the switch, they’re too much for the Sixers to handle. It’s still going to be very difficult for the Sixers to win this series, but they’ve got a lot of fight left in them, and they’ll give the Celtics all they can handle in the final games of the series.

Denny Basens

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  • 61-37 wow I didn’t realize the sixers 2nd half play was thst dominating

  • If you had any doubt who our closer was, its Andre Iguodala. Its been a long time coming but he has become our closer. He hit more big shot after big shot late. Noone can refute it. Hes doing it in this series and in the last one. Credit to Doug Collins for great coaching and hanging in there with his guys especially with Evan Turner. Lou impresses tonight and im proud of him bc hes been struggling lately, and without Thad and Lou we wouldnt have a chance. Great wrinkle by Doug C by putting Lavoy Allen on KG over EB who has been struggling and is looking older than KG, Ray Allen and PP combined, sheesh. He did hit 1 big jumper from the FT line so i ll give him that. But this was a win. I dont care how ugly it looked or how pretty it wasnt, a win is a win is a win. The difference with this game from game 3 is that the Sixers decided they wanted to play lock down defense in the 2nd half. Yeah the Celts looked tired, old, beat up, annoyed, but the defense that the Sixers applied was the type that made them 20-9 early in the reg season. If they can (and i know they can) play this kind of defense consistenly, there is no doubt in my mind that they can pass the Celts and end up in the Eastern Conference Finals. But im going to enjoy this comeback gut check win, and encourage the millions and millions of Sixers fans to ShowYaLuv!!!

  • Once again I will say that I am extremely proud of these guys… I love their heart and tenacity.. They dont give up…

    I am also giving big ups to Iggy… The guy is stepping up..

    I love the fight in Evan Turner.. He fights & fights & fights some more…

    They need to seriously hone their offense, but I love the foundation is there.. They are hungry and they will fight you for it..

    Playing way over their heads and coming up big..

    Keep it up Sixers

  • Congrats to the 76ers, their Coaches & Fans,.An unbelievable comeback after a 1st Quarter f play that looked like they were getting ready for Summer
    Now it’s all even at 2-2 with 3 games remaining making Game #5 the biggest game of their Season. The pressure is on the Celts who will be at home so the 76ers need to come up running and gunning to keep the pressure on the Celts..
    And obvious difference with Lavoy Allen in the game and Thad Young probably had his best all-around game of the Playoffs where he was decisive and strong with his moves to the basket and did a great job on the boards…
    I would like to see Hawes and Allen out there together to see how the present match-up problems with Celts.. Hawes out on the wing and allen battling with Garnett could be a nice match up advantage for the 76ers on the Offensive end

  • Hawes and Allen would not work. Thad and Allen do work and thats something im happy Doug C has experimented with. Thad is a mismatch problem for the celts because they put him at PF and he gets by everyone, they hsve noone that can check him at the PF position and they put Allen at Center and thats what ive wanted them to do. Hawes is flat footed and cant stay in front of anybody. Hes a liability on defense. This series is far from over..

  • ther’s collins with his grandkids after a win, why don’t they show up after a loss, better teach them the losing side of things or better yet leave them out of the postgame until you win a championship, sickening

  • I think it could work JH in spots.. It would be like having Hawes and Brand out there together but Allen is quicker ans playing with more confidence than Brand wouldn’t you say..

  • jakedog – he’s the coach and he can do whatever the fuck he wants. You really find that sickening? That says that you have a problem. There’s a ton of really sickening shit out there in this world, but THAT you find sickening?

  • wrong again schiller, he can’t do whatever he wants, he’s not the man, now get back to work in your cubicle, oh it’s Saturday, hopefully the man gives weekends off to relax with your friends

  • Jake, you’re talking crazy. Go see a doctor, or did songs tell you not to?

  • Paul both brand and hawes are liabilities on defense. Brand is on his last leg and hawes has difficulty staying in front of anyone, and is so soft sheesh. Give me Lavoy and Thad for this round. Look at the job Allen is doing on KG.

  • Then why has Brand and Hawes been on the Starting unit all Season
    What I am saying is to have Lavoy Allen replace Brand as the Starter and play with Hawes to Start out and see what happens, Thad is much better off the bench / Right now Brand offers little to no offense, can’t rebounb and play much Defense or get up and down the floor with the rest of his teammates.. Replace Brand’s 25-30 minutes with Lavoy.. ..

  • We agree on the LA for Brand front, and i kinda like the idea of Hawes minutes being reduced so Thad can get more time in there. The playoffs are totally different than the reg season, you cant compare the two. In the playoffs your playing in a series of back to back games against the same team, where the opposing team can see your weak and strong areas. Hawes more so than brand is our weak link on defense, and the celtics know that, thats why they love when Hawes is in the game because they go right at him each time. Doug C made the change because he had to. Hes only keeping Brand in the starting lineup out of respect for him and he said that himself. Hawes is in the starting line up because hes the only true 7 footer on the team and we need his length. I would like for them to give Tony Battie some burn, he provides the right kind of vet leadership and toughness the team needs during the playoffs. He just doesnt give a crap and he will get into KG and Brandon Bass shirts. The one thing i feel Doug isnt doing to the best of his ability is utilizing his bench more. Especially with his over use of EB and Hawes, get Vuc and Tony Battie in there, other than Thad and LA.. I guess hes going with what works but id like him to switch it up some more. But Doug is an extreme worrier, high strung and high anxiety so i doubt he will. It could drive players crazy but they seemed to have gotten use to it and are rolling with it.

  • I agree with you about sitting Brand more an getting Vuc,Battie in there for a few minutes here and there to bang, rebound and give Allen/Thad a breather..
    I think Allen/Hawes can combine to equalize Garnett’s production and then need the Backcourt of ET,LW & JH to outplay Rondo/Allen and then have Iggy stay somewhat even with Pierce.. The Wildcard for the Sixers is Thadd Young, whatever points and productions he can get is a big advantage since the Celts really get no production from their #4 Spot…
    It’s imperative the 76ers get off to a good start and keep the good vibes from last games 2nd half..

  • Thadd is not a PF, & he CAN’T guard them. He’s a natural SF. That’s why every time Collins went to his stupid small lineup, with Brand at center & Thadd at PF, they got abused, all year. BTW, since when has Allen became the next great NBA bigman. He is an OK player. If you knew anything about him, you would know, that the knock on him is, he’ll have a good game, then break your heart for 3-4 games. He’s soft, inconsistent & plays with fear most of the time. I’m a TU Alum, & try not to miss many games, so I know of what I speak. Go school yourselves, before falsely anointing, your next big hero. He wasn’t a 2nd rounder, because it was a deep draft. I’m surprised he didn’t go undrafted.

  • Offensively, Thadd has the size of a SF, but since he can’t shoot more than 8 feet away from the basket, he plays down low more like a PF event though he is not a true PF.. Just like Centers Allen and HAwes who rreally don’ t post up and play like rue centers.. ..
    Lavo yis playing well and the 76ers best option with HAwes, id those 2 can combin to score 25 pts and 12-15 Rebounds between them, then they can at least neutralize what Celt’s Garnett brings to the table..

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