• August 14, 2022

Balanced Scoring, Strong Defense Help Sixers Force Game 7

Philadelphia’s basketball season isn’t done yet. After suffering a blowout in Game 5, the Sixers put on a strong defensive effort at home in Game 6 to earn an 82-75 victory to force a decisive Game 7.

The recipe for victory for the Sixers in this series consists of two components: great defense, and balanced scoring. Both of those elements have been present in each of their victories in the series, and it was present on Wednesday night.

It all starts on the defensive end for the Sixers, and they did a great job frustrating the Boston offense. For the first time in this series, Doug Collins’ group found a way to shutdown Rajon Rondo. The Celtic point guard shot just 4-14 from the floor, and took just one trip to the free throw line. It was easily his worst game of the series, and with their floor general ineffective, Boston players not named Garnett or Pierce couldn’t make an impact.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce recorded double-doubles, scoring 20 and 24 points respectively, but they were the only Celtics to score in double figures. Boston’s bench contributed only five points for the entire game, all coming from Mickael Peitrus. Brandon Bass, the hero from Game 5, scored just eight points and shot a miserable 2-12 from the floor.

On the offensive end of the court, the Sixers hit the Celtics with a balanced attack with six players scoring 10 or more points. Point guard Jrue Holiday led the charge with 20 points, shooting 7-15, hit all six of his free throws, and dished out six assists. It was his best performance of the playoffs.

Elton Brand also played a significant role, posting a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds, four coming off of the offensive glass. The power forward has played a larger role in the last two games, he’s hustling for rebounds and hitting his jump shots. The former Clipper may be playing his last games as a Sixer, and he’s doing his best to make them memorable.

The Sixers continue to take the city of Philadelphia on an unexpected ride deep into the NBA playoffs. They’ve surpassed all expectations, and now have pushed the former NBA Champion Boston Celtics to a Game 7. Neither team has managed to win consecutive games in this series yet, which is a credit to the adjustments that both coaching staffs have made throughout the series. Who will have the last laugh? Will the experienced Celtics summon one last moment of greatness from their aging stars? Or will the scrappy, surprising Sixers defy the odds one more time?

Denny Basens

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  • Love these dudes…. keep fighting 76ers. Im already proud of them…. but one more win would be icing on the cake. These guys have really stepped up their defense this postseason. much love..



  • Where are you paul, dcar, birdo, jakedog and all the other haters? How many times will this team prove you wrong!!!??? Taking Dcar’s word that he uses everyday because he has a very limited vocabulary, “you imbeciles”!!! haha..Just like i wrote a day ago about you fair weather fans, but your worst than fair weather fans because at least they actually root for there team to succeed. You guys root for them to lose. For them to be beat so you can clown them. Get with it guys, your way off about this team. Just admit that you really never had a pulse of this team and that you rushed to judgement way too fast? Because a Game 7 of the Semi-Eastern Conference Finals later you look like some fools.. haha #ShowYaLuv!!

  • It isn’t over yet Jon, but if I’m wrong, I’ll be man enough, to come on here, I’ll eat crow, & say you were right. But make no mistake, I’m not hoping for them to lose, I just believe they are a fraudulent team. I could be wrong, but I’m far from alone.

  • Congratulations to the Sixers for fighting hard and protecting their home court and giving the fans something to celebrate about…
    A few things I noticed …

    #1) Elton Brand has played very well the last 2 games and seem to have a little hop in his step and needs to get the ball a little more..
    #2) Jru Holliday had a monster game and was the Game MVP without a doubt and can take it to the hole versus any Boston defender
    #3) The Sixers player better when Thadd Young is not on the Floor.. They move better, have better spacing and Thad Young is so poor offensivlely and very poor with the ball that I rather see more combos of Allen/Hawes/Brand out there instead of Young who cannot shoot straight..

    The Celts missed a ton of open shots last evening and for some reason,
    the 76ers still can’t cover Garnett who was getting wde open looks and was the only Celtic that was hitting shots.. The key to the game is Celtic Guard Rajan Rondo who had a bad game last evening.. Id the 76ers can contain,frustrate and make him work on the Defensive Side of the floor, they have a great chance, I jsut don’t see the Celts playing as poorly as a group at home like they did last evening.. Celts 93 – 76ers 87

  • Also, play Hawes more, their offense plays better and he rebounds better
    Sit Thadd Young and Evan Turner more and play Hollday,Meeks,WIlliams more at Guard and HAwes,Allen.Brand onj the Frontline.. How about Vucievic getting a few minutes here and there…

  • I ll be waiting DCar come Saturday after the game. Theyve already proven the majority wrong, but like sheed said the rest is icing

  • Paul did you ever think that thats the game plan to let garnett shoot? They were doubling Pierce all game long and were clogging the middle, rondo was exhausted from getting screened all game long and having to chase Jrue on defense. Ray allen is a shell of himself, hes literally on his last leg so not much game planning needed for him anymore all hes gonna do is shoot the ball. So a very smart defensive strategy that was implemented. And i see alot of the same happening come Saturday. Thad is way to up and down. But alot of it is because boston is making adjustments to stop him.

  • Just like tonights Pacer/Heat Game #6, The Pacers will win forcing a Game #7. The NBA wants and needs these Series to go 7 Games to build up the hype,advertisment $$$, buzz around the nations,since the 2012 Playoffs have been a dud so far.. As far as the NBA League Office & Marketing Advertisers are concerned, both Series in the East go to 7 Games to keep the interest level up

  • Bass who was lights outin Game 5 couldn’t make a bucket and probably missed 10 shots from within close, I would not expect that to occur again..
    Leaving Garnett wide open is a stupid plan if that was the 76ers Strategy since Garnett has probably been their Best Shooter all Playoffs long with Pierce & Allen both struggling with their outside shots..

  • Dcar – rememberr the Parcells quote “You are what your record says you are”? That comes to mind when I hear you call the Sixers a fraudulent team. You can point to the fact that they don’t have a superstar and problably won’t win a championship this year. You can point to Boston’s age, Rose and Noah’s injuries… etc… all you want. But “fradulent’ is a strong a poor word for this situation. If the Sixers aren’t as good as their record/playoff performance suggests, then you’re just not getting it.

    What do you mean by ‘fraudulent’? They’re a young team that’s performing well. Isn’t sports about performance? You seem to be the only one out there who views it as – they have rings or they are pieces of utter crap. WAY too close minded/black white simplistic thinking.

  • I’m a man of my word, & as much as it will pain me, if the 76er’s & the Heat win, I will nominate you Hartrodamus. Your prize will be Pauls magic, answering,
    8-Ball. It pains me to root for them, while disliking Stinkadala. But what am I supposed to do? LOL!

  • Schill, maybe I let my dislike for the Stinkadala & Brand situations, cloud my judgement, for the positives & having more enjoyment. But IMHO, they still ain’t winning. Instead of calling them frauds, I should have said they are doing it with smoke & mirrors.

  • Dcar – if it pains you to root for the sixers, that’s grounds to question your fanhood. I rarely believe in questioning a man’s fanhood – but that’s a good reason to if I ever saw one.

  • Read it slowly Schill, I was being sarcastic. Thus, the LOL! at the end. You question peoples fanhood, all of the time. Don’t act innocent & lie. You are a goofball. LOL!

  • collins finally got the memo, no grandkids at press confrence following win, good omen for game 7

  • Thats sad Jake. Your still harping on him bringing his grandkids to the press conferences? C’mon man, enough already. That’s beyond nit picking. Forget that they won a very tough game against a veteran mentally tough celtics team, him bringing his grandkids is an issue to you.. Unbelievable..

  • schill….The Sixers got off to a great start and then had lots of road games and injuries. I agree with you that they are not frauds. But I disagree that you are what your regular season record says you are. The Sixers are better as a team then NY, Atl and Orl. I don’t care about what those teams’ rosters look like on paper. As a TEAM, the Sixers are better. They are obviously right there with Boston as well. And I think that they will finally surpass Boston next year and feel no threat from the fraudulent and annoyingly way over-hyped NY Knicks. They match up well with both Ind and Chi. I cannot really say that the Pacers are better than us. Chicago is but Boozer and Deng do not get it done in the playoffs. That was going six games regardless of Rose’s health. We have played them tight for two years and we are no easy task for that team. Only Miami is head and shoulders above these Sixers. The fraud was their seventh seed which was unfortunate. The Sixers are right about where they should be. The third best team in the Eastern Conference that is closer to the number two Bulls than most analysts would admit.

  • For one Jon Hart, watch your mouth when you talk to me. I love the SIXERS and I HOPE they bring home an NBA Championship — that doesn’t stop me from speaking the truth and the truth is that Evan Turner is absolute trash. He is the only problem I have with the Sixers and not once have I ever said that they CAN’T win.

    Now, the real question is, how are you going to cheer for the Sixers next series with Lebron’s nuts implanted so deep in your throat?

  • dcar – You put LOL at the end so I guess that means you didn’t mean what you posted? But if you actually think I question people’s ‘fanhoods’ all the time, please give me an example. I call people ‘haters ‘negadelphs’ ‘id people’ and some other things frequently, but I always consider those terms to be under the umbrella of fanhood. I always consider the Philly fans who openly, frequently, and harsly criticise coaches, players, and staff as fans, just a certain kind of fan.’

  • jbird – I guess I just have an issue with the use of the term ‘fraudulent’. Yeah, the Knicks get a lot of media hype and are really a weak team. But I don’t see how that makes them ‘fraudulent’. Whatever…


  • agree 100% pdiddy, with this series Turner has shown he is worthy of the 2nd overall pick, he can be a marquee player in this league, just let him develop

  • Paul wrong again, again and again. Bron Bron, DWade crushed your hopes and dreams for your favorite team in the league the Pacers, to play in the eastern conference finals.. haha.. Sixers vs Heat in the EFinals like I said weeks ago..

  • Ha yeah Paul great job getting another one incorrect.

  • I agree pdiddy but you cant leave out Jrue Holiday who is playing like a AllStar in this series. I really admire his game, he can take it to another level if he remains aggressive and takes the ball to the hoop. I like the direction of this team. Arrows are pointing upward ^ ^

  • Congrats to the Heat, the better Team won the Series fair and square and the Pacers missed agreat opportunity to take advantage of having the Heat on the Ropes going up 2-1 but could not put them away and made the mistake of waking up a sleeping dog for the final couple of games became the LeBron & D/Wade show.. The Pacers are a young team like the 76ers and will be better off for theie experience and are building a promising club to be playoff competitve for the next few seasons.. I am not crushed JH for I get disappointed for about 1 day and it’s over for me.. I lived out in Indianapolise from 1987 to 1994 and enjoyed my time out and lmade some good friends and like to see their Teams do well .
    I have to admit, at least both of these teams can shoot the Basketball and score points..
    I think the Heat and Celts go to the Eastern Finals with the Heat winning in 6 games .. I hope its the 76ers, but I don’t expect them to win in Boston for Game 7 ..

  • Well Jon, half of your prognostication, came true. Now if the 76ers win, I’ll be on here like I said, to praise you & eat a crow sandwich.

  • The Spurs will beat the Heat in 6 Games. Lefail will wait another year.


  • A great opportunity slipped out of our hands tonight for a chance to advance to the EFinals to play Miami. All in all iam proud of my team the 76ers for the mental toughness, and fearless style of play they have had this entire season including the playoffs. Credit to DougC and the rest of the coaching staff, as well as the players who have showed maturity this year and will only improve as the go forward and put in work this offseason. We obviously will have a very busy offseason adding pieces to this team, many trade possibilites, and signings. Im looking forward to all of the possibilities and changes that will take place with this team. Its sad that it had to end like this but they didnt go down without a fight and im proud of them, win or lose. Great year Sixers, looking forward to a promising future.. ShowYaLuv

  • Great effort by the 76ers in a hostile environment and I applaud the efforts the Team for playing to the end.. They had no answer for Rondo in the 4th Quarter and for Garnett from the outside all Series long, thought they would try Thadd on hime who at least has quicklness of foot and long arms.. Brand played well the final 3 games of the Series and was a a Warrior but was on fumes by the 4th Quarter.. A bright future ahead for the Team and Franchise but boy, they left a lot of points on the Free-Throw line all Series long and you cannot shot 60% from the Free-throw line and beat any team in the NBA over a Series.. (Iggy and Thadd really need to work on this)
    But now that the Team is moving in the right direct, players should want to come to PHilly to play with other good young players and a good Coach in front of passionate fans.. should be an interesting off-season with the Draft only a month away..

  • Now that the inevitable has happened, we can now focus on how to make this team, a legit contender again. As much as they overachieved, & how much Collins squeezed out of them, you can’t win with DF only, with ZERO SHOOTERS & GO TO GUYS. Plain & simple. To start with, amnesty Brand & trade Stinkadala. How’s about, Stinkadala+ for Josh Smith, to start. Replace Lou Will, with Jason Terry. Get a pure shooting guard. Find good big man in the middle, who can bang. Hibbert is a FA, but Indiana would be stupid to let him go. IDK, but Thorn & his cronies better not sit on their hands again, or it will be the same result. Now Jon, you can STFU, with your imbecilic pom-pom waving. Now you can show what a real fraud you are, by rooting for your girlfriend, Bron- Bron.

  • Boston are a shell of themselves, they were ripe for the picking and we didn’t get it done. Boston will be swept by Miami, they are to old to keep up with the Miami team. Then Miami will be swept by San Antonio, NO RING FOR BABY BRON BRON THIS YEAL LOL.


  • Too soon dcar too soon. There are actual fans on this site that root for there team the sixers unlike yourself who was rushing for this team to lose while in the playoffs? Who thinks that way? Thats backwards mentality if you ask me and most other fans, its a young team that now has 2nd round playoff experience. Thats great for the morale and growth of this team…As for the Heat, yes they will obviously beat the celts and will have a tough finals against either the spurs or thunder.. Bron Bron will play his heart out and so will Wade and the rest of those guys and i expect a Heat sweep, boston is too old and can barely move anymore..this series wont even be close.

  • Pdiddy, i know your a Bron Bron hater and all, but for you to say the heat will be swept by anyone is beyond disrespectful. Noone will sweep the heat. Get outta here.. C’mon man. Dont let the hate blind you, this is a potent team with or without bosh.

  • Gotta like the Heat over the Celts in 6 GAmes..
    D-Wade will tear up the Celtic Back-court, who can guard him on their Team (Rondo/Allen) and with Bradley out for the Celts, they are in Trouble.. I think the Star of this Series will be Guard’s Mario Chalmers/MIke MIller for the Heat who will be left alone a lot and if either one oor both get hot from 3Pt Line, It’s all over for the Celts..
    For th Celts, I see Haslem on Garneet, so Brandon Bass should continue to get open shots/easy looks and as we saw versus the 76ers, Capable of having some big games Scoring…. Bass has to have a couple of big games and Ray Allen needs a big Series for Celts to have a chance..

  • Celtics are furious over Sixers inability to put them out of thier misery. Pierce, Allen and Garnett had to cancel thier vacation reservations to play a meaningless and uninspired next round. The Celtics did everything they could do to give the Sixers last nights game and series. The Celtics were horrible throughout this whole series and still managed to beat the Sixers. Just 1 scorer thats all it took to beat this old, tired and uninspired Celtics team. Holliday, Turner(better learn how to friggin shoot), Allen(nice little game) are the only ones I would really think twice about moving. Iggy played pretty well for his standards and would have to get back something better to move him. . But everyone else can go to try to improve this team.

  • Fantasy world with playoff experience talk.lol Its all a lie. The Atlantas of the world have been getting playoff experience for the last 10 years in means shit. Having Kobe, Duncan, Labron, Wade, Westbrook, Durant, Rose etc. Thats ALL THAT MATTERS. The Sixers could get 5 more years of playoff “Experience”, they still wont compete with the superstar laden teams. Pssst heres a little tidbit on playoff experience. Guess what all them other teams are getting the same”playoff” experience or does it only work for the Sixers? lol

  • So what Superstars are out there for the 76ers to obtain Dag…
    76ers need a pure Power Forward who can score in the post/lane areas and rebound and need a legitimate 3-Point Shooter who can come in and hit some 3-Pt’s to spread the floor

  • Rumor on the street is 76ers sending Guard J Holliday,Forward T Young,
    and Center Steven Hawes and 1st Round Draft picks in 2012 & 2013 to Orlando Magic for Center D Howard and PG J Nelson…
    Do you make this move

  • Paulman their are none. Thats the problem. Barkley had stated this awhile ago that the Sixers are in no-mans land. Not bad enough to get a high lottery pick and not good enought to ever even be close to winning anything. This was a once in a decade scenario for them. How many times do you think a 1 seed will lose 40% of thier starters? I mean hoinestly not even getting 1 superstar is enough.lol Just look at the Knicks. Anyone who says they wouldnt trade the Knicks lineup for the Sixers is a liar. Our only hope is luck Paulman. You fall into a Wade in the draft. Your #2 pick in the draft is Durant and not a Turner. The NBA sucks if your team doesnt have 1 of the few superstars. You have no hope.

  • Yes Paulman I make that move you know why. Because just getting Howard here gives you HOPE! That means another superstar will definetly come here to play with Howard. Now you have 2. Now were talking.

  • I hear you Dag which is why I don’t like the NBA and prefer the College Game where Teamwork and Good Coaching are rewarded and emphasized more .. NBA has been on the decline for a while now in my opininon where you have the same 4-5 Teams contend every Season..

  • 76ers screwed up big time in last years Draft by passing on PF Kenneth Faried from Moorehead State who led the Nation in Rebounding his Junior & Senior Seasons and went to the Denver Nuggests at Pick # 22 . Faried led all Rookies in Rebounding and veraged a Double-Double over the course of the Season (10pts and 10.5 Rebounds per Game) .. He is a defensive force and great on the glass and is very active and one of the best OFfensive Rebounders in the game already.. Ther 76ers selected Vucevic at #16 and who knows how he will turn out

    This Draft the 76ers should have around that 16-18th Selection again
    This is my Top 3 Selections for the 76ers to Targewho should still be on the Board around the time the 7e6rs Select
    #1) PF Arnett Moultrie from Miss State (6-11 225lbs)
    #2) PF John Henson from UNC (6-10 220lbs) and shot-blocking machine
    who also has a good 12-15 ft mid-range jumper
    #3) SF Terrance Jones from Kentucky (6-8 244lbs) who can shoot from the outside and also bang down low in the paint for rebounds..

    There will also be some promising PG’s out there like Austin Rivers (Duke) , Kendall Marshall (UNC) that have upside potential if the 76ers were to trade a Holliday or Turner which I don’t think they should and belive the 76ers are pretty well set at PG… They need a True PF and 3 Point Sharp-Shooter

  • Paulboy, who is steven hawes?

  • Steven, Spencer whatever… the big white guy for the Sixers.. .I am stil lnot sure why he didn’t get more minutes in the final few games versus the Celts.. He defended Garnett as well as anyone else did …

  • Eagles need to dump Thadd Young who is the 3rd Highest paid player on the Team over Brand and IGGy… TY is making close to $7.5 Million and the guy can’t shoot straight… He comes in with energy, can rebound, defense ok, run the floor but he is brutal with th eball in his hands outside of a lay-up,put-back or dunk.. get his arse out on the first train from 30th Street Station…

  • Paul, quit it. Thad Young is on the Eagles?

  • Paul they just gave Thad a new deal, c’mon man keep up. Theyre not gonna dump thad. He makes up part of one of the highest scoring benches in the league, you dont trade him. Collins gave thad a list of things to work on this offseason 1. Add 10 more pounds, hes now 215 go up to 225 and 2. Work at getting a medium range shot so he can have something else to go to when they take his post game away. An additional area he could improve at is his dribbling, he needs to work at being able to take people off the dribble. That would take his game to another level.

  • Thadd Young is a 4year Veteran.. His jump shot is worse than mine, (which is not good) plus he fumbles the ball almost ever time it’s in his hands.. He’s a great Athlete,but nothing more than a 8-12 minute a night ballplayer who are a dime a dozen in the NBA and he’s getting $7.5 million… His fundamentals are very poor abnd besides his leaping ability and long arms to alter shots and rebound, I just see what he brings to the table at his Salary level..

  • Paul for goodness sakes hes 23 years old, he has more growing to do. Hes not a finished product, And no there are not alot of guys coming off the bench that produce like Thad because guys like him are already starting in the league. He has ability off the charts, he just has to improve his game all around and at 23 years old he has time to do so. Give it a rest paul

  • Jon, I agree. Thadd ain’t going anywhere. His, along with ET’s growth & chemistry was stunted by the presence of Stinky & Meeks minutes. That’s been my beef ALL YEAR! Stinkadala needs to go ASAP. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $250. Stinkadala for Josh Smith.
    DO IT NOW! ** In my Arnold Schwartzenegger voice. **

  • Dcar, you really want a Josh smith? I used to like his game but hes no different than he was 3-4 years ago except that hes older now. When i see him i dont see a winner. I think we could get more for a player like Dre. Id prefer a center in all honesty. It wont be Dwight because he would only come here if he was playing along with dre. So a Bynum or Gasol are the two possibilities. Josh smith could be one too

  • I do like Josh smith’s shot blocking ability, and his defensive prowess. His offense is whats the problem and we need scorers.

  • Trade Iggy and Thadd Young to Lakers for Center Gasol and SF Devin Banks (6-9 215lbs) who has much more upside that Thadd will ever have since he’s a natural shooter, great in the post and can actually shot from 3 point Line.. Devin Banks played at West Virginia, so he’s tough, can rebound and play defense and would be a nice fit and would become a fan favorite ..

  • just like in the NFL JJ,
    I give players until their their 3rd Year Season to either make it or not, Thadd Young in not a bona-fide NBA player.. Yes he put up decent stats on some crappy 76er teams, what happens when he plays against decent players and teams.. He disappears.. He not worth $7.5 Million a Season to keep if he’s shooting 40% from the fielk and hit about 50% from the Foul-line, He can’t pass, can’t create.. Outside of Rebounds, what does he give yo uexcept a liability..

  • The nfl and nba are two different sports if you havent noticed, players in the nba last longer and have more room and time to grow and mature as a player. At 23 years of age Thad has that time, you sound like a nut.You brought the nfl up, so at the age of 23 does Lesean McCoy have room to grow and get better as a player? Of course he does. His blocking, his stregth, power, speed, among other.. Because youve played for 3 years doesnt make you a finished product. 3 years ago Thad was 20, 3 years later hes 23, still a baby in nba years, cut the crap paul, you sound idiotic. Thad has more than enough time to incorporate things to his game, a shot, better dribbling. Thats really it he has everything else. Stop acting like the guy has no game at all and is just another “guy”

  • By the 3rd Year, the players showes you pretty much what he has .. at the NFL,NBA, NHL or MLB.. Coaches, DIfference Systems may have an impact, but chances are, if you have not improved you ball handling, your shooting and foul shooting by your 3rd Season in the NBA, they you don’t have it and right now Thadd Young does no have what it takes to remain in the NBA.. The Stars last a long time, the role players can last a long time but Thadd is neither of them. he’s overpaid for what little he brings to the court and it’s time to put up to ship out.. He’s a bust plain and simple.

  • Thadd Young 2012 Regualr Season Stats
    63 Games Played
    28 Minutes per Game, 12.8 Pts per game 5.5 Rebounds per Game
    50 % Shooting from the Field, 77% Foul Shooter, 1.3 Assist per Turnover (which is not good)

    13 Playoff Games Played in 2012
    21 Minutes played per Game, 7.7 Pts per Game, 5.2 Rebounds per game
    43% Shooting from the Floor, 71 % from Foul Line 1.2 Assist per Turnover (not good at all)

    This is what he is, and you tell me he’s worth $7.5 Millin per Season..
    He just completed his 4th Season as a NBA Player…

  • Hes also coming off the bunch. Hes not a starter so we appreciate whatever punch he can give us. For what he does, its not always pretty bc he does the dirty work.Thads stats arent something that needs to be overly examined and overly critical of. Hes 23 and obviously has room for growth. It looks as if he ll be back with the Sixers so i hope he will improve his game.

  • He’s under COntract so unless the 76ers Trad ehim, ghe’s coming back for I don’t believe to many teams wnat to pay $7.5 Million per Season for 10 pts & 5 Rebounds per Game and have so many deficiencies on the offensive end.. Come in, bring some Energy and Rebounds, block a couple of shots maybe get a couple of put backs or a fast break situation, sure, but not at $7.5 Million.. You have $2-$3 Million Salaried players wwho can do the same thing all around the NBA.. He was signed for too much and now the 76ers are stuck with him..

  • I think your the only one that feels this way about Thad, the fans dont feel this way nor do the front office and coaches, they love him. And what do you care how much money he gets paid? Sheesh, the new front office gave him that contract and i think it is perfect for thad who is totally committed to improving his game and loves the city of Philadelphia and this team. Name some players that have his ability and that are humble enough to come off the bench? Not many at all. Name players that even have the same ability as Thad? Who do you want here over Thad?

  • I would rather have from the SF around the NBA
    Gerald Wallace, Trisitan Thompson, Quentin Richardson, Michael Peitrus,
    Correy Maggette, Ricard Jefferson,Josh Howard,DAnny Grangers, Taj Gibson,
    Rudy GAy, Danillo Gallinari,Kenneth Faried, Devin Eubanks,Jared Dudley,
    Earl Clark, Chase Budinger, Corey Brewer, Shane Battier, Matt Barnes,
    Al farouq-Amini off the top of my head…,

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