• July 1, 2022

Should Rollins Be Criticized For Going On Paternity Leave?

Phillies’ shortstop Jimmy Rollins has left the team on Monday to be with his wife Johari as she gave birth to their first child. A new rule in Major League Baseball’s Collective Bargaining Agreement allows players to temporarily leave their teams for situations like this. In such circumstances, the player is given a maximum of 72 hours away from the team to be with his family.

While Rollins has every right in the world to be with his family at this time, his decision to leave the team does invite criticism. The Phillies are already struggling enough as it is without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, and now to be without another former MVP has made the challenge of gaining ground on the Washington Nationals that much more difficult.

Rollins’ absence means that Charlie Manuel has been forced to put together several more new lineups, featuring San Francisco Giant castoff Mike Fontenot playing shortstop. While Fontenot hasn’t been dreadful in place of Rollins, the potency of an already weak lineup has been diluted even further.

Could Rollins have made a difference in Monday’s 2-1 loss? Maybe, maybe not. He’s certainly a player that has the potential to deliver a big hit in any given at-bat, though his best offensive days are behind him. The fact is, without Rollins in the lineup the Phillies have had a couple of poor offensive showings in two important games against a division rival. They’ve now lost four in a row, and have fallen two games below .500 again, killing the momentum they gained during their six game winning streak last week.

The Phillies need all the offensive help they can get these days, and while I don’t believe at all that Rollins can be faulted for choosing his family over baseball, he absence comes at a most inopportune time.


Denny Basens

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  • How many times does a man/woman and fgamily have a Child, who cares about Baseball fo r72 Hours, let him enjoy,celebrate and be part of the single most important event in everyones life and that’s a birth of a child and besides, J-RO is batting about 235 so maybe a few days away from the park may do him well mentally and come back fresh and energized…
    The real Criticism I have about Rollins is why was he signed to a 3 year $34.5 Million Deal to begin with… for something he did 3-4 years ago.. I don’t fault Rollins at all for trying to make the most $$$, he can in his last contract, I crticize GM Amaro for having a very poor off-seasson and putting this old, aging, falling apart Phillie Roster together at a tune of $172 MIllion Payroll (2nd HIghest in the MLB behind the hated Yankees).. My 14-Year old Son could have put together a better Roster out there for $125 Million

  • Are Soldiers allowed to leave battle if their wife is having a child? Nope. Rollins shouldn’t be either in the middle of his worst season.

  • Birdo, what a stupid comparison..

  • Rollins will not be missed. Perhaps the time off will rejuvenate him. It is worth a shot.

  • No he shouldn’t be criticized. It’s his first child. Let him enjoy it. But taking all three days, he could have reconsidered. But that’s cool with me. Congrats, God Bless, JRoll.
    Birdo, very idiotic comparison, dude. Come on, you’re better than that. BTW, if we didn’t resign him to begin with, like Amaro shouldn’t have, this wouldn’t even be a topic.

  • Also, he’s playing like $#!t anyways. We don’t miss him. Galvis is just as good defensively & not that far behind offensively, now. That’s why he should have never been resigned. This kid was major league ready. & underrated.

  • Of course he shouldn’t be criticized. There are more important things than baseball. And I agree with Pman, Birdo that is one of the dumbest comparisons that I have ever seen. Anyone who criticizes him must not be a parent.

    Got a first hand look at Galvis at SS last night. He didn’t disappoint. SS is in good hands for the future.

  • bugs, do you think, trade block for Rollins?

  • Just like there was little interest in Rollins in Free-Agency, there is zippo interest in him now in a trade scenario with his $11 Million Price tag thru 2014…Just a horrible signing on top of poor signings and contracts for Blanton & Howard & Utley, etc,etc

  • Rollins should be doing his job as a ball player, give him some slack if he wants to be there for the delivery, ok, in this modern world where women wear shoulder pads, men get sterilized, emasculated, even some men will tell you they wanted no part of actually witnes, ansing that, but to sit around your house for three days wtf, I have lost respect for him as a ballplayer, and birdo is right, what about the military fathers, there are some imbecles on here

  • Paul, that was my weak attempt at sarcasm. LOL!

  • I support and repsect the US Military as much as everyone does, but you know the deal when your signing up for the Military. You can be called for duty/mission at a moment’s notice and yes you can get shot at and possibly get seriously injured and even killed… If you have any reservations about this, then don’t sign up for it.. This Country does not force anyone to join the Militarty.. What this has to do with about a ballplayer taking a few days off of his 6 month Season to witness the birth of his child and support his wife is beyond me… Too many in Society put these Athletes on some kind of Pedestal like they are Superman, Men in the trenches figgting for our Freedoms and their own survival… These athletes and players are not important or relevant, they are playing a damn friggin game for God’s sake and making a great living while doing creating excitiement,enjoyment and entertainment, but lets not make this Athletes, Teams as something bigger than it is..

  • Cripes Jakedog, you couldn’t be more far off. My advice to you is become a father before you make such idiotic comments. There is nothing more important than your family. Nothing. Especially not GD May baseball.

    I have lost whatever inkling of respect that I had for you. Get a clue.

    DCAR- I mentioned this before and you brought up a great point that no one would want J-roll at his price. We know what Galvis can do with his glove which I think could be as good as J-roll. We know that it won’t be too hard for him to match J-roll’s offensive numbers. Heck, I think that he could be a lot better at this point in their careers. Plus, this fixes a lineup problem that they have, because they have too many players vying for those top 2 spots. Galvis is happy batting 8th and he is producing. You won’t have any hurt feelings there. Fontenot is fine at 2B.

    So why not? If you can free up some payroll (even if you have to pay part of his salary), then I would do it. I love J-roll and what he has done here as a player and a leader, but he is not what he was. But he is getting paid as he was. I would try to move him.

  • bugsy, your words, to God’s ears.

  • NO…Even asking the question reflects on the deeply skewed priorities we have as a nation.

  • To Bugs and Dcar..
    It;s a little too late for that, Phils and GM Amaro had their chance last off-season to move him simply by not offering him a deal.. Another in a long-list of blind faith in players that were once good players but are not any longer..

  • you guys are fn clowns, first, how many children do you assume I do not have, punks, jroll is sitting his ass home while making millions, while his TEAM IS AT HOME, he could at least play, come home to be a father DURING THE MOST UNIMPORTANT TIME, his wife is probably surrounded by extended family, his Daughter will need him much later, soft, way too fn soft, bugsy I am sure you enjoyed your time in the delivery room, let’s see what type of Father you become, sorry ass clown, you too dcar, clown,

  • Wow, Jakebitch hits a new low. Enh, not that surprising I guess

  • Jake you got some serious problems.

  • Thanks schiller, I would be worried if you said anything less

  • Agree with the first assessment by paulman.. And yes the comparison to people at war is a horrid comparison. Salute to the troops!

  • I like Galvis, but people are getting a little crazy. Given the average MLB travel schedule I can see where it would make sense for him to step away. Never thought I’d see the day where people would bash him for being a family man…

  • Damn Jake, did I pee in your cornflakes, or something. Jake don’t mind me asking, but do you have any children? Because if someone told me, that I couldn’t be home, for the birth of my FIRST child, I would tell them to kiss my BIG @$$! I agree the 3 days was a little in excess, but he utilized the loophole in the CBA. I usually agree with alot of what you say, but you are wrong here. What is your problem with someone showing love for their families? First Collins & his Grand kids, now J-Roll & the birth of his FIRST child. It ain’t all that serious, bruh! You’re the one acting like a clown, come on dude, I think you’re better than that. šŸ˜€

  • @dcar, the reference to collins and his grand chidren, there is just no point to it other than grandstanding, look at me, I am a great grand father, well, whether you are or not, it is not proven by a media snippet followed by a win, as I have said before, where are the grand kids following a loss, makes you wonder, is he using them as pawns or props to promote an image, those who attempt to do the most for their children, grand children do so quietly without publication. Sometimes we fall short even with the best of intentions.

    I will not answer questions about me but I will say that for the birth of all of his children my father was not present because work prevailed, society then understood, men were men, women nurtured, took care of their husbands, children as their first priority, when it mattered in raising a family, instilling values, like work, honesty, traditional fathers were rock, the protectors, this idea that a man should be by his wife during labor and thereafter is society’s emasculation of masculinity, look around, you will see it everywhere, this is but one example

    No one needs to talk about being a Father, as your children will do that for you

    Peace dcar

  • Jake- I assumed you weren’t a father, because you put a man’s job before his family. And thinking that anyone emasculated themselves because they want to see the birth of their child is ridiculous. So you think that you are more masculine than pretty much every athlete who leaves to be with his wife when she gives birth? Well, I as well as everyone else in the world disagree with that.

    As far as protecting and instilling values, what the hell does that have to do with being with your wife when she give birth? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Not being with your wife doesn’t make you a man, it proves that your family is less important than your job. If that is the type of values that you want to instill in your family, be my guest.

    I was in the delivery room for all of my children being born including when they cut my wife open to get my son. Sorry that you will never have that experience because you are so tough, because it was amazing.

  • I agree bugsy. I was there for all 4 of mine, also. Truly can’t put into words, what a wonderful feeling that is. I’m as tough as there is, but watching something you created, come into the world, will make the most hardened person, docile. If I would have missed that for a job, I would have regretted it the rest of my life.
    jake, you’re alright with me, but this isn’t the beginning of the 20th century, it’s 2012, so the caveman days are long gone. My wife & myself are 50/50 with everything, but when it comes to the tough decisions, & reprimands, I make them. So to show love & respect to your family, doesn’t make you less masculine, that makes you a real man. I’d jump in front of a train for my wife & kids. Jobs can be replaced, being there for the birth of your first child can’t be.

  • Well said DCar.

  • hey dcar, this may be 2012 but if your wife is like most women she’s reading about being dominated by a masculine cave man type male, ala Fifty Shades of Grey

  • family first – If I were on the Philles on would kick Rollins out of the locker room and tell him to get his ass home to the family – if I was the manager I would send him home – if I were the owner I would send him home – no brainer.. a guy having a kid isn;t going to be focused anyway – sucks when it happened in the military (try reading a dude a Red Cross message congratulating him on the birth of his kid) – only thing that sucks worse is when the ship is gone for longer then 9 months and you get that same message!!! (need that surprised face thing.. BWAHHH)

  • his glove is the best, but so not a clutch hitter, I say …who friggin cares, let him be, maybe seeing the baby will make him a better hitter, cuz hes suckin anyway… what can it hurt.

  • jake, I’m 6’3″ 240. I think I can handle dominating my old lady, in the bedroom. I know how to take care of bidness. Your points are still whack, & have nothing to do with anything. šŸ˜€ Have a good holiday. I will, with my fantasizing wife, & rugrats. LOL! In all seriousness, have a good weekend.

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