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Like The Upcoming Season, The OTA’s Are About Michael Vick

You can hear the oohs and aahs at the Eagles workouts, when quarterback Michael Vick drops into the pocket, sets his feet then lets go of one of pretty 60 to 65 yard passes to DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin, that never seems to come down.

This is the part of the game that comes natural to Vick, but it’s not the most important part of his work this off season. He’s tired of hearing the same questions which come from the media after the workouts about cutting down on the number of turnovers he had a year ago, but make no mistake he knows what he needs to work on this off season.

“My ultimate goal each and every year is to improve my accuracy and just creating a general understanding of the offense in and out and know where all my guys are going to be”, Vick said after today’s workout. I try to figure out the best way to make the game as easy as possible, even though sometimes that’s not possible. I’m trying to just come in and get better with the blitz and blitz schemes so I can get my guys in the right spots at the right times.”

Vick has been on the money thus far this week with his throws.  He’s doing a more consistent job of setting his feet then throwing the ball. The most difficult part of his accuracy concerns resetting his feet after deciding to maybe take off on a scramble then reconsidering.

This is a common problem with most athletic quarterbacks, who have the temptation of taking off on scrambles.  Setting your feet to run is much different than setting your feet to throw.

A few of his throws were sailing high during the start of the OTA’s because of his feet, but he’s resetting his feet and throwing strikes since then.  The Eagles quarterback is also getting better each day with his blitz recognition and adjustments.  His accuracy, the recognition and the adjustments all go together.  He needs to be flawless in all these areas to avoid mistakes and turnovers.

Vick identified the area of his game which he needs to work on the most.

“Definitely my accuracy”, Vick said. “Obviously you want to have poise during tough situations and during the blitz and still be able to maintain accuracy and the integrity of the pocket. I’ve been just trying to do that and I’ve been working hard on it. I think that anything you work hard and set your mind up to do, you can do it.”

You can bet that head coach Andy Reid, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback coach Doug Pederson know precisely what Vick needs to focus on during these weeks of practices.  They observe his every move during each play, then go into their Nova Care offices and spend the rest of the day breaking down each decision he makes during his progressions on each play.

It’s kind of like training an airplane pilot.  Vick has to make ten or more decisions in 10-15 seconds.

I’ve noticed that they’re working different blitz looks into each offensive period.  They show certain looks to Vick on first and ten with a safety or linebacker coming off the corner.  On second and long or short, they may have a safety and linebacker coming at Vick with one of the defensive lineman standing up, then dropping into pass coverage.

On third downs with the nickel or dime personnel on the field, the blitzes go to another level with the nickel and dime defensive backs blitzing from the slot and defensive ends sometimes standing up.   There are times that they show him defensive looks where all 11 defensive personnel are standing up.  Four, five or six of them will come on the pass rush and the others will drop into pass coverage.  It’s a difficult look to read.

During these instances, Vick has to recognize the blitz and either change the formation, change the direction which the offensive line is sliding to, or abandon the play altogether.  This has to done within seconds.  He must make the decision, then get the information to the other ten guys on the offense, get the ball snapped, then figure out which receiver to go to with the football.

Yes, he’s got to get the football out of his hand much quicker than he did a year ago.

I was talking to a veteran NFL player who is a tremendous student of the game and he was talking about having a conversation with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers quarterback is able to execute this part of the game like it’s elementary.  Rodgers changes plays at the line and could run the entire offense at the line of scrimmage without huddles if it was needed.

Vick is making tremendous progress at the workouts and the Eagles coaches must continue to push him.

They know where their destination is.  The talented quarterback has to get to the point where he can read these blitz looks in his sleep.   In fact, number seven and the Eagles offense has to advance to the point where they look forward to defenses blitzing them.  They want to develop to a status where the other team is afraid to blitz them.


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June 6, 2012 6:05 pm

Good stuff G-Man
This is also a very improtatnt OTa for 2nd/3rd Players who haven’t had a full years off-season as a Professional Football Player and in the Eagles Nest..
Players like Mike Kafka, Riley Cooper, Clayton Harbor, Jamar Chaney, Keenan Clayton,Brandon Graham,NAte Allen,Kurt Coleman,Trevard Lindley are all going into their 3rd NFL Seasons but this is their 1st year with a full off-season due to last years lock-out and off course they were all rookies in 2010 trying to learn and feel their way…
Now you look at 2nd Year Players like Dion Lewis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins,J Vandervelde, Casey Matthews, Jaquin Jarrett, Curtis Marsh, Cedrick Thornton , Stan Havilli. and then you add all the Draf Picks and inviited players to camp who have been with the Eagles less than 1 Season and now you have 1/2 the Eagles 53 Man Roster going thru some very improtatnt times together with the Coaches, with eacher and learning what it means to be a Pro and waht it takes to be an Eagles… If the Eagles big name players can stay healthy and play like they are capable of, there is a lot of younf talent in the pipeline to keep this team very good for the foreseeable fututre… Vick just needs to play smart and be safe with the ball and avoid needless hits and this team will contend..

June 6, 2012 6:30 pm

Heres my prediction. Eagles will not win a single game this year if Michael Vick is not starting (injury). Please find this man some back up. Kafka is not NFL material. You guys (Paulman, Schiller, Navy etc) Know better than I do. Who is out there they can grab if Vick does go down?

Also is it possible the Eagles pursue Drew Brees if he does not sign a contract in 2013?

June 6, 2012 7:00 pm

ES – I do not agree with your theory and hypothesis the eagles will not win a game if Vick is not sarting – they did last year with vince young… against the SB champs!

Kafka looked decent last year against the Falcons.. that game ended when Maclin flate out dropped one on 4rth down.. BEfore we berate, bemona, bewotch and cast off a player – let him have a training camp.. let the guy get a chance to play in the pre-season games… if one of these bad ass vets is aorund – he still will be in August.. Edwards, if you look at his career – had a decent year in Buffalo a while back (why bitch at him being out of football for a year and nobody wanting him but then say lets get McNabb or Garcia) and for christ sake – let the rookie throw a couple.. he has some interesting skill sets that fit well in this offense.. tall, mobile in the pocket – strong arm – very willing to check down with high completion percentage..

June 6, 2012 7:29 pm

you guys get upset with me because deep in your being know there’s merit to my comments..you same guys here was blasting me when I was saying Kolb will never be anything and Andy put this team back years drafting him. I was so called bitching back then..remember?

Smoke was blew in y’all asses.

“Quick release” “hit receiver in stride” “the offensive line play will be better not having to hold their blocks long” “That number 4 reminds me of another gunslinger with that number”, Andy states with a twinkle in his eye.

I still go to youtube sometimes just to see his bum ass holding the ball, bootlegging with Matthews blasting his corny ass.

That keeps things in perspective.

I’m not buying the propaganda this time of year no more.

Right now DRC is a guy QB’s target and complete 68% of their passes against.

our Safeties are what they are..ASS…with a capital “SS”.

our linebackers will be average at best and an injury away from the worst unit in all football (including college).

If the Eagles the safeties and get a defensive coordinator, and get a real back up QB…I’m in.

Edwards and Kafka are bums

June 6, 2012 8:07 pm

So great – Songs is out – see ya later – wait – wasn;t it you that went to the redskins last year or the year before when MCNabb went there?

Anyway – I agree with you – you should stay away from anything eagles (including this site – Cobb is secretly giving a portion to Jeff Lurie) until after those things happen –

We will miss you (like a freakin hemmoriod!)

June 6, 2012 8:44 pm

LOL songs you are a funny guy.. Or girl.. I dont know what your gender is.Hearing you and Navy go back and fourth are my laughs for the day.

June 6, 2012 8:53 pm

songs is an independent, creative thinker, I first clashed with him about Kolb, I won’t say he nailed that one, but he was pretty darn close, pretty much correct about alot if not most things he posts, others here are just retained attorneys on behalf of the eagles front office, I hear more creativity sitting in a church pew listening to some damn preacher without a clue, but never from the reverend songs, always intersting and enlightening

June 6, 2012 9:02 pm

“My, my, my, I, I’m, I, my, my, you(I), I’ve, I’ve, I, you(I), your(my), you(I)

15 in 7 sentences. Now up to over 2 references per sentences. Improving every week!

June 6, 2012 9:20 pm

ES – always glad to entertain – then his little toadie Jakey poo will show up with gay ass (no offense to the gays, they wouldn;t be half as gay acting as Jakey) ‘retain lawyers for the front office’ comments..

Jake – every team, all 32, will go into the season with on or two areas ‘they could be better’ hell – New Englands defense SUCKED last year, the Giants barely made the playoffs and lost to the skins twice – and those were your SB contenders… independent – creative – yeah, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Ho chi mihn – they were all creative and independent thinkers as well…..

anyway ES – I also enjoy songs posts – kind of like watching a good political debate when a guy who skyrocketed the national debt, had unemployment climb while promising us if we passed his ‘stimulus’ bill it would keep it down, refuses to even mention his biggest piece of legislation (obamacare), spent the first two years owning the house and veto proof senate but claims others ‘blocked’ him, voted aginst raising the debt limit and against supreme court justices as a senator and then three years later went on to explain the reasons he voted against them are not valid now, stated he would shut down GITMO, would not allow military tribunals and then declares everyone who points that out is racist…. oh – and it was ALL Bush’s fault!

but ask songs this – what are the odds the eagles will win the SB right now as stands… then ask him if we get a new back up QB how much he thinks those odds will rise? it will be like a record skips as his little brain tries to figure out how to answer a questions without changing his original statement…

Jake – what say you – what are the chances the eagles win the SB – and what do they change to if the eagles sign a new back up QB (you pick – McNabb or Garcia!)

June 6, 2012 9:21 pm

Christ Vincent – you are getting both boring and redundant..

hey you live near Quebec – looks like I will be visiting there around 8 August.. gonna ride a ship out of the great lakes through the St Law seaway and all the locks getting off in Quebec

June 6, 2012 10:56 pm

I know. But I still find it funny.

Quebec city is about 4.5 hrs east of me. I live in Ottawa. About an hour north of Cornwall (which is on the St. Laurence), and which you’ll be passing by (don’t bother stopping!).

You’ll enjoy Quebec City. Its one of my favourite towns. Closest thing to a European city in North America. Nice restaurants. Should be artists and music everywhere. Spend most of your time in the old city (inside the walls of the fort) though you should make sure to make it down the stairs to Rue Petit Champlain…(oldest street in NA so they say).there are some other spots outside the walls (down towards the vieux port).I’m sure your wife will like the shopping…….

June 7, 2012 12:09 am

I think I am the only one that gets that all the babbling about the Wide 9, the draft, back up QB, the safeties, the ass TEs, the coaches, the DC and all mean jack shit – this team rises and falls with Mr Vick… so if you are going to hyperventilate – that should be where you start…

wife not gonna be with me – work related. I will probably get one night and a day… thanks for the tips