• October 7, 2022

Notes From Phillies’ 9-8 Win Over Minnesota

The Phillies snapped their three-game losing streak on Wednesday, defeating the Minnesota Twins 9-8. The Phils scored nine runs on 15 hits, but also allowed eight runs on 10 hits.

  • Suddenly, Cole Hamels looks human. In his latest start, the lefthander gave up seven runs in just six innings.
  • Hamels has now given up 19 runs in his last four starts, and his ERA has shot up from 2.17 to 3.34. The former World Series MVP hasn’t been nearly as dominant in the last month than he was to start the season.
  • The offense spotted Hamels a six-run lead after the first inning, and he couldn’t hold it. Charlie Manuel had to be disappointed by the ace’s performance, the manager wants no part of his bullpen unless he’s going to Jonathan Papelbon.
  • Speaking of Papelbon, Manuel called on his closer in eighth inning, asking the righthander to pick up a four-out save.
  • Jim Thome has been red-hot since receiving regular starts as the team’s DH. He went 2-4 with a walk, drove in four runs, and hit his second homer of the season.
  • John Mayberry provided a major spark, driving in four runs of his own. The outfielder hit just his third homerun of the year, a three-run shot in the first inning.
  • Placido Polanco made his return to the starting lineup, and went 0-5.
  • Juan Pierre, Hunter Pence, and Carlos Ruiz all had three-hit games.

Denny Basens

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June 14, 2012 9:11 am

Cole has looked awfully hittable in his last 4 starts giving up 18 runs. His ERA has gone up a whole point. Meanwhile his peer Cain who got the big contract throws a perfect game. Meanwhile Lee has given up 23 runs in his last 6. These are not the numbers that this team needs from these guys. Neither is pitching like an ace.

June 14, 2012 10:37 am

I believe Hamles knows this is his final Season in Philly and he’s appears to be a little deflated and not as focused.. I believe the Phils will Trade him and Victorino by the Deadline. The Phils can then attempt to re-sign him off-season, but unless the Phils are able or willing to trade Lee (who has a no-trade clause) I just don’t see the Phils having 3 Starters making over $20 Million and especially when your in last place team and have holes in your line-up and bullpen..
The Starters have given up a ton of Home Runs this Season which is a sign that they are getting the ball up, maybe not as focused and not hitting their spots as they would like..
Phil’s Team ERA is 4.03 (ranked 10th out os 16 Teams in the NL) and have given up 73 HR’s as a Staff so far this Season
Blanton leads the way with 13 HR’s allowed
Hamles with 11 HR’s allows
Lee with 8 HR’s allowed
Kendrick,Worley with 7 Each

To put this in perspective, last Season in 2011, the Phils gave up 120 HR’s total in 162 Games and are presently at a pace of allowing 185 HR”s for 2012 which is unacceptable with a Veteran Staff that they have, in my opinion… Is it the Pitchers, PItching Coach R Dubee, the Game plan or strategy.. My take is that it’s the Pitchers, I see a lot of no name, small power guys hitting HR’s off the Phils Pitchers which to me is a lack of Focus by the Pitchers who are not bearing down for every batter.. See lots of 2 out HR’s given up too which is a killer as far as momentum goes in a game..