• August 14, 2022

Report: Sixers To Sign Nick Young, Use Amnesty Clause On Elton Brand

The 76ers are set to add a new player to their mix, and say goodbye to another.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Sixers have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with free agent guard Nick Young, and are prepared to use their amnesty clause on Elton Brand.

Young  figures to be the replacement for Lou Williams as one of the primary scorers off of the bench. The former Wizard is similar to Williams in the sense that he can catch lightning in a bottle at any given moment, but also takes too many ill-advised shots that can do more harm than good. On a one-year deal he’s a short-term, low-risk move. Perhaps a change of scenery with a stable environment and a quality coach in Doug Collins will do him some good. There’s no question that he’s got talent, and playing primarily on a bunch of bad Washington Wizards teams isn’t the best way to bring it out.

I don’t like the idea of the Sixers using the amnesty clause on Elton Brand. With just one year left on his deal, why use the clause now? They would be better served to let him play out the final year of his contract, and save the amnesty clause for someone else. There isn’t a player available in free agency that the team could bring in this season that can take them to a championship level. The only way this move makes sense is if they’re able to complete a massive trade to bring in a superior talent, but I don’t see any legitimate trade scenarios of that caliber unfolding.

Brand will go down as one of the most underwhelming free agent signings in franchise history. When the team signed him to a five-year deal before the 2008 season, they thought the former Clipper could be the guy who took them to the next level and give them 20 points and 10 rebounds a game.

Unfortunately, Brand’s previous injuries had taken a toll on his physical skills, and his was never the strong presence the team had in mind when they signed him. He was solid when healthy, but was never dominating. At times, he struggled to fit in with the fast-paced style of play of his teammates.

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  • Who would they be able to use the Amnesty Clause on other than Brand??? Putting the amnesty on him was perfect.

  • I wonder too?? If Brand is off the roster then you can add more playing time for younger Lavoy Allen, Moultrie and Vucevic, Harkless… all guys who need experience quickly. They wouldn’t use it on Iggy because that’s the guy you would deal in a trade. And they just resigned Hawes so why would you use amnesty next year on him?… that would show the utter stupidity of FO in having a clear plan going forward for the organization.

  • use amnesty on iggy next year, combined with brand coming off of books would leave a world of money for the sixers to get whoever they want…like it says in the article, what good is that extra money gonna do them now?

  • who do you want them to sign? dwill is gone. howard wont sign an extension here. theres no one else worth it

  • plus, if the idiots screw up and give out another bad deal to someone else, the amnesty could have been saved to escape from that

  • Iggys throne — the amnesty clause can only be used on players that were signed prior to 2011 I believe. It can’t be used on any new/upcoming contracts.

    Also, I BELIEVE that this is the last year to use the amnesty clause under the current labor agreement. If you don’t use it this year, it’s gone forever (I think)

  • we’ll see then i guess. i just dont see how this makes them better this year

  • I like the signing of Shooting Guard Nick Young who is a tough match-up for most defenders due to his size (6-7 and his ability to elevate quickly) he is probaby the best pure shooter that the 76ers have had on teir Roster in a good few years.. He’s not much of a defender,rebounder and passer of the ball and needs to improve in these areas if he ever wants to become a “Starter” in the NBA so you have to be careful who he is out there with,but should supply some Offense & Energy and can run the floor well
    And Good Luck to ELton Brand who was a class act and played as hard as his aching knees would allow him to play.. The 76ers fast pace and up-tempo style that they would like to play more just does not fit with Brand’s half-court type of game… Brand can still be an effective Role Player for a good team looking for leadership and professionalism.. teams like the Mavs are reportedly interested… Best wishes to EB and his Future..

  • I didn’t like the 1 Year Deal only for Young though.. Is he or the Team really committed to each other, He puts up a strong 2012-2013 Season and he will bolt after next season putting the 76ers right back into the market for a Shooting Guard since they have no one on their Current Roster to fill that role… Hollday is a Point Guard and a facilitaror which Evan Turner is trying to be, but is someowhere caught into the middle, ET likes to handle the ball a lot, but is not a great facilitator/passer and makes too moany turnovers and ET is not a pure Shooter either so he not a PG or a SG…

  • Paul Nick young has started in the league before while in washington. The teams just stunk.

  • I am familiar with Nick Young’s game back when he was at USC and played with OJ MAyo and taj Gibson (coached by Tim Floyd) back when USC had a coupld of decent seasons.. I just don’t like the 1 Deal where there is no committment from either side as far as a long-term piece of the puzzle and more of a rent-a-player for them …

  • I envision Young as more of 3r Guard coming in off the bench off the bench and contributing 8-12 pts a gameand playing about 20-24 minutes a gamesimilar to what Lou Williams did.. If young can committ to playing Defense, he could have a nice upside for he has quick feet,long arms and can really leap.. He just hasn’t shown in during his NBA career with Washington up to this point,,

  • Hes 27 years old, has 2years on Lou who is 25 and like 5 or 6 inches taller than him. I like Nick Young way more than Lou. Lou didnt play defense either and we still won games, not only that, after we trade Dre this team will play more of a zone based defense no longer man2man let Dre take care of the best player on an island, its going to take alot of trust and teamwork with how they will decide to play there defense this year and moving forward. I like all the size we have, if you havent noticed weve gotten alot bigger at the wings and PF positions like Doug wanted, (Still not done yet).. But if we dont acquire a SG thru a trade I think Nick Young has a good chance of starting at SG and Evan at SF with Harkless coming of the bench (Though I believe and heard from a few coaches that Harkless is not a project player at all, just needs to improve his jumper and that he is a really good talent with alot of upside), wouldnt be surprised to see Harkless starting over Evan sooner rather than later, (Evan may get traded too) So there are some question marks but Iam still very pleased with the direction of the team, we just need a to get backup PG and a Center

  • Center will have Hawes,& Vucevic and remember that Lavoy can play the 5 Spot too as well as PF.. I don’t see the Team carrying 4 Centers ???
    PF will be Lavoy Allen, Moultrie and needs another Defender/Rebounder
    SF will be Iggy,Thadd Young,Harkless and ET & Nick Young on occasion depending who they are playing
    SG will be ET,Nick Young and Iggy on occasion
    PG will be Jrue Holiday, ET and they need another true ball handler..

    I don’t see the 76ers trading Iggy at this point so they need another Guard and a PF and their Roster is set to Win about 40-45 Games next Season and battle the Toronto Raptors,Milwaukee Bucks,AtlantaHhawks, for a 6th/7th/8th Spot in the Eastern Confernce Standings behind the Top 5% of the Conference with Teams like the Heat,Bulls,Pacers,Knicks,Nets who will battle it out at the top of the Confernece,

  • Hawes as the starting center? Its possible but I dont see it being this way long term. I honestly wouldnt be surprsed if he would later be the backup to someone they will bring in either this year or next year. Question paul, why is it that every offseason you say about every philly team “I dont see them signing anyone” or “I see the team remaining the same no changes” I mean cmon man, do you propose these trade scenarios just for fun? Very strange.. But this sixers organization knows they have to get better and i like the direction of the team. They will trade Dre but if they dont this team will still be in good shape going into next season..

  • Couple of things JH
    #1) Hawes signed a 2-Year Deal, so yes, he’s their Center along with last
    years #1 pick Vucevic who they will play a lot next Season to see if he has game..
    #2) Iggy’s Trade Market has disappeared, and there is little to no Market for him now since the Top Teams have all made most of their moves.. Iggy is going nowhere for next Season
    #) The Reason I say that Philly Teams are amatuers when it comes to Off-Season Rebuldin/Upgrading of Rosters is that all 4 GM’s of the 4 Major Sports in Philly are weak and not very good at analyzing Talent or upgrading obvious Teams Needs in my opinion, that’s why..

  • Paul theyd trade Hawes, Vuc and Dre in a heartbeat for a Low post presence. None of them are in stone. Hawes would make a good backup but he should not be your starting Center, thats why the blazers were considering him as a nice backup for Hibbert..Dre is a goner Paul, all my sources are saying hes all but gone. Id be shocked to see him back but hey it can happen. He has plenty of suitors its just not the right deals for the sixers. There not gonna pull the trigger just to get him out of the city.. They really want expiring contracts. Stay competitive, yet free up cap space. Smart move.. Though I do like this kid most likely coming out of college after his first year name Nerlens Noel, best in the nation hes Kentucky bound. Remember that name, he will most likely be the first pick in next yrs draft..

  • What is the direction of this team? nick Young is the big move? Is the direction to be 2-3 years away every year? The lineup isn’t any better than last year. They are more athletic but will that translate? I think Paul may be right that there may be no takers for Iggy.

  • Bugs there trying to free up cap space to guys and thats plural bc I believe they are preparing to acquire two max contracts, maybe 1 this year and 1 next but i think 2 next year. This year is all about freeing up space for next offseason when FA will have some great players in it. But there gonna be competitive this season, will make the playoffs, showcasing the young talent they have but next year will really be our yr.

  • They just freed up $18 Million with Amnesty on Brand freeing up Space.. Whose left in Free-Agency or that they can trade for that they need big $$$ for..
    Let’s face it, Top tier Players don’t want to play in Philly.. no Teams want Iggy at his current deal… It is what it is..maybe another solid Playoff Run for next year..
    JH- Sources state that Portland offered Hawes a deal in the event that Hibbert takes Max Dealand resigns with Indiana especially since they have no Center,

  • Phoenix Suns withdraw offer sheet tot PG Aaron Brooks after signing Guards Eric Gorden andGoran Dragic.. Sources state that the76ers are interested in the 4 Year veteran from Oregon who in his 4 Seasons has Averaged 12.5 Pts and almost 4 Assist’s per Game in 25 Minutes of play.. He is also a 85% Free-Throw Shooter and not a bad back-up true point guard
    Another under the radar type of player that the 76ers are pursuing this off-season that fits the Doug Collins mold,,

  • I like Brooks, but do they need a PG?

  • Gordon is not a sun the suns did not sign him. He is a hornet and will be a hornet at least until he gets hurt again.

  • who is the back up PG to Holiday… ET is a #2 Guard and Igggy can slide to a #2 Guard as can Nick Young if theygo with a big line-up.. Who run’s the Offense when Holiday is resting gets in foul trouble orif he gets injured… He’s the one irreplaceable player on the 76er’s Roster..

  • I hear what you are saying Pman, but how much is Brooks gonna cost them? Well I guess it doesn’t matter since they have a bunch of money and nothing to spend it on.

  • Brooks should be to much, they’re some other alernatives for a back-up PG,
    Leandro Barbosa, Rudy Fernandez,Randy Foye, AJ Price, Delonte West could all be back-up PG’s and supply some leadership and a steady hand in running the Offense with the 2nd Team and none of these players should cost too much wither..

  • To mhenski,
    It’s been widely repoted that Guard Eric Gordon received a Max-Deal Offer from Phoenix Suns and thatthe Hornets are going in another direction and that he will be accepting it and moving on to Phoenix

  • Paul I dunno where you heard that but that is not what has been widely reported.

    Most recent scoop on him:

    Coach Monty Williams expressed disappointment with Eric Gordon’s recent public comments which disparaged the Hornets, but also urged patience and forgiveness.
    “What Eric said is not who he is,” said Monty. “It’s unfortunate because people at home are pretty upset about it. What I would say is ‘Let’s understand how we were when we were 23.’ Give the kid some mercy. We still love him. We’re not upset with him. We understand the process. It’s unfortunate that it happened this way, but that’s just a part of it.” These quotes lend even more support to the idea that the Hornets will match the Suns’ max offer, regardless of Gordon’s ill-conceived attempts to pressure his way out of town. Jul 8 – 6:19 PM

    More :
    David Aldridge is reporting that the Hornets will indeed match the Suns max offer to free agent shooting guard Eric Gordon.
    Gordon said recently that his “heart is in Phoenix,” but the Hornets are not prepared to let him get away. It remains to be seen if Gordon will ever be able to stay healthy for an entire season, as his games played number has declined each year, sinking to just nine of them last year due to knee and back injuries. In any case, there’s a great chance Gordon will play for the Hornets again next season.

    And there is a lot more than this out there! It has been widely reported that the hornets will match the offer Paul.

  • I am not so sure, they drafted Guard Rivers for their future and still have Starating Guard Jarrett Jack and Gervise Vasquez as a baack-up..
    The Hornets have acquired PF Ryan Anderson to go along with #1 pick in Anthony Davis and SF Aminu to build a solid core..
    If you check out free-Agent tracker in ESPN, it state that Guard Eric Gordon received a Mx Deal from Phoenix and is very likely to move on to them as Hornets have other needs to address and he wasn’t their guy anyways..

  • Ok Paul. Dude will be a hornet I assure you…

  • NBA News
    Indiana Pacers to match max-offer to Center Roy Hibbert keeping him a Pacer, as Paulman stated, would happen.. Sorry JH, you were wrong again stating that Hibbert was a goner to the Portland Trailblazers.

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