• July 4, 2022

Ryan Howard Must Realize What He’s Getting Into

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. announced last night that Phillies All-Star first baseman Ryan Howard will activated on Friday, which is only nine months from his Achilles injury in the National League playoffs.

I think Howard is trying to rush back to save the Phillies season and taking a major risk in the process with his health and his reputation.  There’s no question that somebody has been in his ear trying to get him back as soon as possible.

Howard has used the 85% figure to describe his health.  I hope he realizes that people are going to judge him like he’s 100% as soon as he steps in between the lines.   They’re not going to cut him some slack and take into account that he’s rushing back for the sake of the team in an effort to save the season.

From what I have heard from other professional athletes who have suffered Achilles tendon tears, they said it took them a full 12 months before they felt ready to return to action. They said that sometimes you try to move but are stuck in place.

According to others who have suffered the same injury, Howard is going to have major problems fielding his position, running the bases and at times taking a swing at the ball.  I saw him trying to run to first during his minor league action and you can see he’s headed for trouble.  Anybody who can lay a bunt down is going to be a nightmare for him.  There’s no way he’ll be able to make all the plays a first base because he can’t move.

His Achilles tendon is going to be get tight in between at bats.  It’s going to get tight standing out there at first base.  There will be times when he tries to move to field his position at first base and he won’t be able to do so.  There will be times when he tries to run out of the batter’s box and finds himself nearly running in place.

Fans, analysts and critics aren’t going to care that he’s not 100% or any where near it.  Their rule is, “if you can’t do the job then you shouldn’t get out there on the field”.  It’s as simple as that.  Nobody is going to care that his Achilles will affect his hitting, his fielding and of course his running.

Notice all the time Chase Utley took while taking batting practice and fielding ground balls before he went south to get in some minor league work.


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  • I’m not a baseball expert at all and I’m no doctor either but honestly why even let Howard play this year? The Phillies are having a nightmare season, plain and simple, it happens in sports. Fact of the matter is one of the essential keys to coming back next year will be the play of Howard, Roy, and even Utley…If I’m running this team I’m sitting all of them till next year. Howard would be well rested and fully healed by then…Roy’s arm will get the much needed rest it needs from all the pitching he has done in his career…and same goes for even Utley. Just saying, what the point of bring Howard back at this time…
    As Phillies fans I’m sure we could take a really bad season esp from this team that brought us a damn ring. You cant expect them to win the World Series every year….

  • I watched his movements and they look stiff,,unnatural wheras utley, what the hell, does he look like there was anything wrong, for someone whose knees are so shot you have to take a full season off (half of two years now) you would think you would see some indication of knee problems in his play, but h moves like ther’s no problem

  • @ pheags I see where you are coming from but this guy is a professional athlete. He wants to be out there and who knows, maybe now that he and Chase are back they could provide a spark. I dont know if I necessarily believe that myself, but who knows? There are 2 wild card spots this year. Doc coming off the DL after the break, it could be done!

  • Trying to bring Howard back early definitely seems have a whole lot more risk than reward attached to it considering how the team is playing and where the record is, but I have to wonder at 85% whether there might be something that might allow Howard to actually hit better. I remember the year McNabb played on a broken foot in the play-offs and his completion percentage actually went up. Since Howard stays planted through his whole swing anyway there could be some extra focus on the swing because of the injury.

  • Agree with G and posts above. This season IMHO is a lost cause; let Howard fully recover. If this team as it was before Howard couldn’t make the wildcard, it’s highly doubtful that with him, he gets the team in. It already appeared that Amaro was prepared to be a seller soon. It’s time to let a couple of these guys go and do everything financially to take care of Hamels and the pitching. Ryan Howard can no way save this season by risking his health, and possibly another season or career. At the least, he eventually becomes trade bait to DH teams when healthy.

  • first off…ryan howard’s achilles isn’t 85% healthy…if that was the case he would not be coming back. the doctor’s have told howard that his tendon is, in fact, completely healed and coming back isn’t a huge risk to reinjure it. He said he was 85% in terms of the strength of the muscles in his lower legs. and no one has been in his ear to come back sooner than later. if you listen to any interview, it’s been obvious for the last week or so that howard has been telling the team he wanted to come back now…and as far as the commenters suggesting we should just sit him until next season, i wouldn’t be against that if we were completely out of the playoff race…it would make perfect sense if that was the case. however, the team is 8.5 games back of the second wild card spot with half a season left…that’s a similar deficit to one this team overcame a few years ago with 17 games left, not 78-79. with untley and howard back, and halladay coming back after the all-star break, there is absolutely no reason this team can’t get in the playoffs especially if cliff lee pitches the way we all know he can, and cole keeps up his performance…remember the nationals are a young team and have no one whose ever battled for the playoffs down the stretch..they’re liable to implode come august-september…and the fact that they seem detemined to shut down strasburg at 160 innings and zimmerman not much later, the door will be open in the east….i’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, but this team has what it takes to make a late push for the playoffs…don’t count them out yet fellas…it’s gonna be an exciting summer

  • It aint over til its over.

    I swear, sometimes its so easy to see which ones of us are TRULY philadelphia sports fans and which ones aren’t.

  • @Butch — when did McNabb break his foot in the playoffs?

  • I believe the ankle was2002 . I say let Howard play for awhile and see what happens. He can’t help the pitching but I say we give it a month and try to get on a roll

  • I agree with Pheags, To have R Howard go out and play at 85% and potentially risk futher damage to his Achilles makes no sense to me.. The Phils are what 12/13 games and out wha’ts worse is that they would hve to leap frog at least 3 other Teams in their own division (Marlins/Mes/Braves) just to be playoff relevant and their NL East Divisional Record is so poor, that the chances of that happening are minuscule.. Figure out what your doing with Hamels, trade Victorino and look around the league where playoff teams have injuries and all of a sudden have some needs to fill to help increase the value of Trading Victorino,Blanton,Polanco..
    By the way, whats the ils overall record since Utley returned.. This team is just not good this year and their Pitching has really fallen off the map..

  • Phils wasted a strong Pitching performance by Kendrick who can’t much better than he did tonigt.. Again, it comes down tot he 7th thru 9th Innings and the Phils are one of the worst teams in NL for losing games from the 7th Inning on which is indictative of their poor Bullpen which is a disaster right now even with an Utley or Howard in the line-up.. Phils are what 1-7 since Utley’s return and now 0-1 with Howard.. They don’t fix this Bullpen, It won’t matter whose in the line-up or even the Starters are for the Phils and yes, I did state this back in Febuary/March that the Bullpen was a very weak link to this 2012 Phils team and it’s borne out to be true unfortunately..

  • Cut bastardo now, what a joke, get somebody who can throw strikes, gm amaro is on the block, poor decidions

  • Bastardo and Stutes were 1-Hit Wonders who flew under the Radar last year and who were eventually overworked and overused by Manager Manuel and now this year, we are seeing the results of tired,worn out and in Stute’s case, an injured arm.. It’s what can happen when you are not careful and especially with young Pitchers.. I called it back in Febuarythat to count on both Bastardo/Stutes to duplicate 2011 Performance was wishful thinking due to this very reason and the fact that other teams had books on them know and that they were no longer going to be under the radar.. No real srprise here since Manuel is terrible at managing a Bullpen..

  • Does anyone really think this 2012 Team still has a chance .. They are now 14 Games back and have 11 Teams in the NL with better records than the Phils..

  • NO SHOT!!!!

  • It’s Official, Cole Hames has the Teams blessing to trade him and he states that he will still give the Phils an ear come Free-Agnecy Period after the Season is over.. Cole has evey intention to finish out the Season first and then worry about a long-term deal.. He also Stated that th ePhils are a great organization but that he believe he must pursue the opportunity that Free-Agent Presents which doesn’t happen to every player. He also stated that he would love to Pitch for the Dodgers.. My sources have the Phils looking to package both Hamels and Victorino to an AL Team in the PLayoff Race that needs Starting Pitching and CF… Detroit Tigers, Cleveland IndiansToronto Blue Jays come to mind.. The return value may not be as great as many fans would think since whatever Teams trades for Hamels probably is getting him for the Playoff chase and most likely would not re-sign with that Team.. How many Prospects do you give up to net a Starter with WS MVP to his credit for a 3 Month Run… The Tigers would be one of these Teams that will go all in and roll the dice for their Owner is very passionate and agressive.. a Younger Tema like the Indians or Orioles, I am not so sure.. hell, maybe even the Mets,Pirates or Arizona will make a pitch for him since bothTeams are playing well and are in decent position with another Top Starter to make the playoffs.
    I think there is no doubt that CF Victorino has possibly played his final game as a Philly especially went what down this afternoon in the Clubhouse..
    Lots of moving parts as usual, but this time GM Amaro has to be smarter as a seller this Trade Deadline.. there are probably only 8 Teams truly out of the Playoff Picture (Cubs,Astros,Phils,Rockies, Padres,,Seattle,Twins,Royals) and he needs to be patient and land the best deal for trading away WS & Playoff MVP and expereienced players like Hames and Victorino..maybe it would be better to move them seperately to get more prospects collectively

  • Should have stated, Hamels has given the Phils his blessing to go ahead and trade him and get some prospects inreturn and will still give the Phils and opportunity to discuss a long-term Deal once Free-Agency starts after the Season is over.. Hamels understands the Phils need prospects and will not take go ahead and move the, Hamels did state emphatcially that he loves the Phils but feels he must take advantage of his “Free-Agency Status” after this Season and will not discuss any deals with anyone until after the Season…
    How quickly things can change… GM Amaro hs his work cut out for him as it appears players are bailing out on Manger Manual who may get fired during the All-Star brea.. players have tuned him out and Charlie was never that good at managaing a Bullpen,Bench or a team with younger players..

  • Paul, how does it feel, to be vindicated again, along with me, about being correct, again!? We called this debacle, for 2 years now, & got ripped by the stepfords! It’s a shame. It’s an end of an era. BTW, they are 1-11, since the savior returned, & have averaged a run less per game. Rollins & Victorino are 1 & 2 in MLB, with pop outs. What a joke. 2 cancers to the lineup! Can’t wait for them to unload some of the dead meat, off of the team. They are nauseating, embarrassing, & absolutely un-watchable! I can’t even watch a full game anymore! I already broke 4 remotes!

  • Hey DCar and welcome back and hope you had a great Vacation with the family down at LBI.. I think it’s pretty evident that you can go from very good to very bad in a short period of time and especially when there is a lack of leadership and some players hiding behind their past achievements…
    I would much rather be wrong and have the Phils in the Playoff chase, but as it is, I will continue to call them as a I see them and I have not felt that good about this team’s prospects all off-season and even back to last year..

  • Let’s start talking about some prospects. How about 3B Nick Castellanos from Detroit? He has no where to play with MCab and Prince blocking his path. Doesn’t have a ton of power (7 HRs), but hitting .371 on the farm this year.

    I know it is a long shot, but why not aim high?

  • The Rangers seem to have a lot of interest in Hamels. They probably won’t give up SS Profar, but maybe a package around 3B Mike Olt who is hitting .294 with 22 bombs in the minors this year.

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