• May 19, 2022

Michael Vick Is Talking “Dynasty” For The Birds

I thought the Eagles had learned something from last year’s comments by backup quarterback Vince Young about the team being a “Dream Team”.  The media, opponents and fans put that label about the neck of the team and hung them with it.

Last year, Young said the Birds were a “Dream Team” in passing.  He didn’t seem to mean much by it when he said it, so I thought it was concocted that everybody made such a big deal of it.  I didn’t think Young was comparing last year’s team to the great Olympic basketball team of the early 90’s, but the phrase stuck.

This year however, I think there’s plenty of reason to take what starting quarterback Michael Vick said earlier this week, more seriously because he is the face of the organization.

He was talking to CSNPhilly when he used the word “DYNASTY”.

“When I look at our football team and what we have on paper, I think about when I was growing up and the great San Francisco 49er teams, the great Green Bay Packer teams, and the great Dallas Cowboy teams, how they just positioned themselves to compete and be one of the best teams out there,” Vick told CSNPhilly.com.

“I think we have a chance to be that.  I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.”

Why is he using that word when the Eagles haven’t won anything?  Why not win one or two Super Bowls then talk about a dynasty.  All of the teams he compared the Eagles to won at least three Super Bowls.

There’s nothing wrong with having confidence, but the Birds don’t need to draw a bullseye on their backs every year.  Imagine what an insult this is to the New York Giants, who have won two Super Bowls in the last five years.  They have the right to talk “Dynasty” the Birds have no right to talk it.

I think we’re going to hear about that statement all season long.  Hopefully it won’t come back to haunt the Birds the way Young’s “Dream Team” comment did.


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  • What else is he going to say.. “yes we have a great collection of players, we hope to be average and win some games here and there”… Every Leader of just about every contending sports team is going to say we got a chance to be a great,we want to dominate,were winning the Super Bowl,etc,etc… I do wish he would leave it at “this could be a special group/season”, but Vick’s is pumped,excited and sky high about the upcoming season, so let him remain that way and help spread that enthusiasm,confidence among the Team…

  • “A chance to develop a dynasty” key words…”a chance to” …no problem with the starting QB having some faith in his squad

  • You might not care Realtalk…..but I figure this is going to blow up, as usual. Distractions that are not needed.

    Like it or not…a quick google search revelas that in the last 12 hours, the “Mike VIck thinks Eagles can be a dynasty” headline has now appeared on:
    NBC sports
    an ESPN podcast
    the tiger report ??
    bleeding green nation


    You know this will be all over ESPN, CNNSI and the other big boys soon enough.

    Fantastic. I’d ask for the guy to use some common sense and watch what he says, but common sense does not seem to be his forte.

  • once again the eagles are putting themselves into position to win the offseason hype trophy.

  • And there it is….top story on ESPN’s NFL page.

  • Is it me or is this blog acting strange with comments ?

  • Strong words from a below average career qb that has always been a loser in the nfl. I think he is right this team can be a dynasty for sure, the only true question mark on this team is Vick. This team rides on his ability or inability to be productive, protect the rock, be clutch and stay healthy.

    Hopefully vick will pull his weight & hold up his end of the bargain here.

    The one thing that is different about Vick is this year he has a full year to prep as a starting qb since he came out of jail. Hopefully that coupled with his newfound work ethic & dedication pays offf. You can tell mike is very excited to play the game.

  • @Gotta – its not you…I was receiving antimalware warnings all last week, I think that may have something to do with it…honestly may not be safe to be using this site..

    Mhenski – Vick has a winning record in the NFL – just saying! …

    Vinnie – I dont care what internet sites Vick’s comments has appeared on…If you all want to put more of a spin on the comments than what was really meant, then so be it…But Vick saying “we have a chance to become a dynasty” is much different than saying “we will be the next dynasty”….there’s no promise in his comments, simply faith…but of course you there ready and waiting to pounce on anything that comes out of Vick’s mouth, from you I wouldn’t expect any less nor would I expect less from the media….

  • There are some sensitive dudes on this site..sheesh

    He didn’t “proclaim” this ..he was asked a question
    “Could this Eagles team become a dynasty?”
    and he answered
    “I think WE HAVE A CHANCE to be that. I think WE HAVE A CHANCE to develop a dynasty.”

  • Never was safe using this site. For years it’s been on and off shady/dangerous with viruses/malware/trojans…the whole gamut. Garry just doesn’t seem to want to take the necessary steps to pay someone to keep it straight and secure. He’s also been quite ok with shady weird low budget predatory ads. I think there’s the real culprit right there.

    And yes, the comment section has been all kinds of weird lately.

    As for the above and the Vick quote. Paulman, stupid response as usual. Vick could’ve said – I think this team can be very successful and we have just as good a shot to win the SB this year as anyone. He went WAY beyond that. If the eagles with this years SB and next years SB – they would STILL NOT BE A DYNASTY. So Paul, there’s a WORLD of difference between what Vick actually said and what you posted as an alternative. Got brains?

    classic Vick. I think he’s made strides, and I think he can improve. And I don’t think that anyone has a legit argument to say that he can’t win a superbowl. BUT I do think that he started from such a weak deficit of emotional maturity. He’s getting up there in years, but the fact remains that he has been TREMENDOUSLY coddled in terms of his ego and his perceived supernatural greatness for the VAST MAJORITY of his life. He is hardwired to just not understand humility and to have a low capacity for a sense of perspective and a general ‘head on his shoulders’.

    I’m still pulling for him (obviously) and not writing him off. But its times like these where he makes you shake your head. period.

  • I never get any of the newer comments when I click on here anymore either.

  • Vick will get hurt by week 4 and the dream will die with him….

  • That’s because this site is now deleting comments. I had an entire argument with havenoclue, deleted. On top of that, I also received malware warnings for 2 weeks, & having the site being slow & freezing. Get on the ball GCobb, or you are going to start losing your faithful. We don’t need our computers ruined by malware, viruses & trojans. I have firewalls, anti-viruses & back-ups, but alot of people don’t.

  • realtalk a lot of qbs in this league have winning records, doesnt mean they are a winner… romo, schaub, ryan, & rivers come to mind…

    hell i think mark sanchez also has a winning record…

  • It does not matter if you say “We are going to be a dynasty” or “we could be a dynasty” to the media and the non Eagle fans the only thing that computes in their head is DYNASTY and after being in the league this long you would think Vick would know when to keep his mouth shut. Andy Reid had to call Vick and tell him to stfu.

  • Ok since you like deleting comments mr cobb the more you delete them the more ill repost them. Wanna block me? ill just create another name over and over again as much as it takes. If you dont like the truth why dont you confront me on the comment section if you dont like what I am saying?

  • its official, we eagles fans are cursed with the dumbest quarterback to have ever played the game , what a damn idiot, and for once i agree with that schiller

  • This site is full of attack viruses and G Cobb should address this problem. My
    web browser for a time prohibited me from accessing this site. Get your act together G. Your advertisers leave something to be desired. I think you have to win two Super Bowls before you even talk dynasty Mr. Vick. You haven’t even started training camp. Having thoughts or dreams about winning the Super Bowl doesn’t count. If you haven’t figured it out by now you might never figure it out.

  • I completely agree Mike Vick! Lets run this ish!

  • Does he know that the team has not won a playoff game since he has been here? Last playoff win 2008 season for eagles. Seems a little premature to be talking about a dynasty.

  • OK Mhenski…so I guess that means that only a SB winning QB is a winner in your opinion? so any of the guys you named will be a winner once they win the SB, right? How do you feel about Dan Marino? Jim Kelly? Moon? are they winners? how about enlightening me to what a winner is to you….to avoid further confusion

  • Real…l you can add the Eagles all time winning qb to that list also… he didnt get over the hump, but he had one hell of a winning percentage.

    I also think the media loves to put Vick in these situations. What he was asked was probably phrased in a way, that he only had one response.

  • Real you miss my point… Vick has awful playoff numbers and playoff record. Point is big words from a guy that has never lived up to his talent, hype and his own words.

  • Don’t believe the hype! Some questions are formulated to provoke certain responses. Polls show a lot of people think Vick is a jerk and will never forgive him for the crime he committed. This is simply red meat being thrown to the wolves (again). Last I checked Vick was a multi-talented Quarterback, but no matter how many “Talks, seminars, or workshops” he give, he is a less then adequate orator. He should do what he does best and leave the talking to his public relations people.

  • Don’t believe the hype! Some questions are formulated to provoke certain responses. Polls show a lot of people think Vick is a jerk and will never forgive him for the crime he committed. This is simply red meat being thrown to the wolves (again). Last I checked Vick was a multi-talented Quarterback, and a less then adequate orator. He should do what he does best and leave the talking to his public relations people.

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