• July 4, 2022

Andy Reid And Eagles Are Expecting Immediate Production From Fletcher Cox

Andy Reid didn’t try to cover up the fact that the Birds are expecting first round pick defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox to produce right away.  He’s going to be starting or at least playing a lot immediately and the Eagles coaching staff are expecting results.

“First-round draft picks, you expect a lot out of. We’ve had success there, Mike Patterson being one of them, Corey Simon being another”, Reid said yesterday. “We’ve had success with that position and guys getting in and playing early, so I would anticipate when he gets in there, he’ll be working with the ones and doing that.”

Like Reid and the Eagles, I’m confident that Cox will make an impact very quickly.  He’s so big and athletic that’s he’s going to be too fast for the offensive guards in the league.  When you pair up this kid’s size, power and speed, it’s going to add up to serious trouble for NFL centers and guards.

I see Cox overpowering offensive linemen at times, then at other times he’ll just be by the big guys before they can get out of their stances.  Right now he needs reps in order to figure out the right moves to use in the right situation.

Reid thinks the fact that it’s easier to sign the top draft picks nowadays will help Cox and the other draft picks.  Instead of holding out of camp, all the young guys will be getting plenty of reps, which will allow them to make their share of mistakes during practice, so they won’t start out making them in the games.

“It’s different, really, because of the rules that have been set up as far as the rookies go. I think it’s easier now to sign rookies than maybe what it’s been in the past. But that’s good. You eliminate that part of it and then you concentrate more on the football part. Hopefully, the reps that some of your rookies normally don’t get, they have an opportunity to get those reps, particularly in these first three days. It’s a great little review session for them so that when they hit it in pads with the veterans, they can play instead of doing a whole lot of thinking.”

Cox knows what it means to be the number one pick, but he’s not going to let it make him panic.

“It goes through my mind,” Cox said of the first-round-pick pressure. “But I feel like I just go out and do what’s coached. Whatever [defensive line coach Jim] Washburn tells me to do, whatever Coach Reid tells me . . . I’ll do it every day.

The young man is excited and ready to get this thing started.

“It feels like the first day of college, going back into dorms,” Cox said with a smile. “Vinny (Curry) was like, ‘Hey man, you have to bring your own fan and pillow.'”

“I’m excited to get back on the field and put pads on,” Cox said. “I haven’t put the pads on in almost seven months, so it’s going to feel different … I just have to get back used to tackling and doing what I’m doing.”

“My expectation is to go in every day and get better, listen to the coaching and take advice from the older guys and just go out and play football.”


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  • I love this FLetcher Cox’s mindset and attitude… He’s not cocky or arrogant, but neither is he in awe or intimidated by the big lights (at least he doesn’t appear to) He appears very mature, workmanlike and eager to lean from Coach Washburn and veteran Players.. Practicing around Veterans like C Jenkins, T Cole & Babin will only help this guy maintain and increase his Motor…
    I followed this Fletcher Cox a good little bit last year and even though he played of a pretty outclassed Miss State Team whose Defense was on the field most of the game, this guy stood out to me and he dominated anyone who was attempting to block him one-on-one and this going against good O/Lines from Alabama,LSU,Arkansas,Auburn and the other Tough,Physical Teams from the SEC.. This guy never gives up on a play and give him about 2 years at the NFL with Washburn’s coaching and schemes, and his production could really be off the charts..

  • Did I read correctly the eagles resigned Abrami? Did anyone else even know he was still on the team?? I guess they are loading up the DL 4 deep going into camp –

    Pman – I think you are the one that predicted PAtterson may not play again – doesn;t sound too good – how the heck do you ‘rehab’ a brain/vascular injury to prep it for being hit a bunch of times??

  • Navy – Nobody is saying he won’t play again except for Paulman. The AVM is repaired. The skull that the needed to cut through to do the surgurey needs to heal. It takes time. Not there yet. That’s all. They don’t rehab it. They let it heal. Which includes not baning it against another helmet. That’s it. They said he’ll work out on the side a camp.

  • Navy, where did you hear that they resigned Abiamiri?

  • schill – in Philly.com it reported it? Pretty surprised – camp body?

  • Navy – This site is horseshit. Your comments keep disappearing.

    But on Victor Abiamiri – all I can see is that if you click on the general link for Training Camp Guide, part of the site (which must also suck ass) has a headline DATED 2007! that says they signed Abiamiri.

    Get yourself a cup of coffee Navy.

    Also, I can’t read your post asking me about healing the skull. But dude, it just takes time. That’s all. You don’t rehab it. But you give it time. That’s ALL that’s going on with Patterson. Read the article on Philly.c o m – it’s very clear. Also igglesblitz.c o m and bleedinggreennation.c o m all the info is there

  • Schill – yeah – the comments keep dropping – I originally saw the article about him siging a 4 year deal underneath the article about the eagles sigining the two players and trading for the DT from Penn State – I thought it was odd.. then today I sa the article again and then it dropped off – I checked NFL.com and others for any transactions and none – I think they may have dropped in an old article and I just didn;t look at the date – no roster lists him either – philly.com is having gcobb.com problems

  • Pman, what kind of stats do you see the Cox having this year and 2 years down the road?

  • Garry fix your ghetto ass site!!

  • We finally get to camp time and this site is acting up and erasing posts, I pull up any article and I see “Zero COmments”.. Better get this fixed G-Man or you will lose many passionate fans who will not put up with this…

  • schill os a schill

  • Come on Cobb …This is getting ridiculous..FIX THIS MAN !!!!

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