• December 2, 2021

Andy Reid Letter To A Special Eagles Fan

You may be one of the Eagles fans who have had enough of Andy Reid, but regardless you’ve got to admit that he did something very nice when he wrote a letter to Mike Thomas, a life-long Eagles fans and Army Sargeant, who was nearly killed in Iraq in April of 2010.

Check out this article written by Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com tell me whether you have a better image of Reid.  It’s quite a story.

Thomas visited practice yesterday and as you could imagine he had the time of his life getting up close on his favorite team.

“This means everything to me,” Thomas said. “At first, it seemed like I was dreaming. Then I guess I kind of woke up and realized it was real.”



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  • Can he ply Stong Safety… on a serious note, a great thing to read about.. best Wishes to him and his family

  • who care about these pathetic fluff pieces anyway?…The brother should not have been sent there in the first place.

    There were no weapons of mass destruction and over 1,000,000 Iraqis died.

    Hey Andy!

    How about a letter to those families in Iraq that died so that fat cats like the Bush’s could get paid?

    This guy here got his head half way blew off to fight in an illegal war and his family will never see his pension.

    This was not for freedom or democracy…and how many more of our young men will die or lose limbs in these illegal wars?

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