• December 2, 2022

Tweets By Eagles Players Concerning the Death of Garrett Reid

It was obviously a shock to current Eagles players to find out that Andy Reid’s son, Garrett, who was staying in the same dorms where the entire team was staying for training camp, was found dead.   Many of those current Eagles players couldn’t help but let their feelings be known publicly, so went to Twitter.

In addition a number of former Eagles players also ventured to Twitter to let everyone know how they felt the passing of Reid’s eldest son.

Brian Rolle:

Heart is extremely heavy right now for the Reid family.

Curtis Marsh:

My thoughts and prayers go out to Coach Reid and his family… We love you Coach and are here for you

Casey Matthews:

Sad day 4 the Eagle Nation. Lost a family member today. Prayers go out 2 the Reid family & every1 touched by this tragedy. RIP Garrett Reid

Todd Herremans:

Terrible news today.. Please pray for the Reid family in this tough time.. Garret was a good friend and will truly be missed!

Brandon Boykin:

R.I.P. Garrett, May your soul rest in heaven. Blessed to have known u for the time I did. Prayers up for Coach Reid & family.

Jamar Chaney:

Sad day for #EagleNation.Thoughts & prayers go out to Coach Andy,his wife Tammy & the entire Reid family.4ever n my prayers.RIP Garrett Reid

Michael Vick:

My condolences go out to Coach Reid and his family. Stay strong and we LOVE you coach.

Clay Harbor:

Prayers up for the entire Reid family Garrett was a good friend and will stay in our thoughts.

Colt Anderson:

“G” will truly be missed by all. Please pray for the Reid family.

Riley Cooper:

This is a sad day R.I.P Garrett Reid. You will be missed

DeSean Jackson

My blessings go out to the Reid Family .. We lost a close 1 this morning ..

Jeremy Maclin

Prayers go out to coach Reid and his family….RIP Garrett…much love!

Chad Hall:

Please pray for Coach Reid and his family!

Garrett was always smiling and laughing no matter what. He was very caring and selfless. An overall great person. You will NOT be forgotten!

Dion Lewis:

Everyone please say a prayer for coach Reid and his family

Ike Reese:

Andy and Tammy Reid, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this horrible time. #RIP/GarrettReid

Brian Dawkins:

My prayers 4 strength & Healing Father, 4 Coach Reid , Tammy and Family. RIP Garret!!!!

Larry Fitzgerald:

Love coach Reid my heart breaks for him and his family. Please keep them in prayer.

Jeremiah Trotter

@Eagles Prayers go out to Andy Reid and family so sad to hear his son passing, praying for you and the fam

Brian Westbrook

So very sad to hear the news about Garrett Reid!! Bless the Reid family and friends!! So sorry for your loss!

David Akers:

My deepest prayers and thoughts go out to the whole Reid family. Have no words just the deepest sympathy.

Mark McMillan:

My prayers go out to coach Andy Reid for the loss of his son Garrett as well as the #Eagles organization may you Rip Garrett.

Eric LeGrand:

Prayers going out to the Reid family, they have been with me since day one and are really great people

Tra Thomas:

Prayers for Andy Reid and his family during this most difficult time. No words can ease the pain.

Philadelphia Phillies:

The Phillies family extends our condolences to Andy Reid, his family and the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization.

New York Giants:

We were saddened to learn of passing of Garrett Reid this morning. Andy Reid and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jamaal Jackson:

Prayers goes out to Andy, Tammy the entire Reid family also the Eagles organization. Forever in my prayers.


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August 6, 2012 9:51 am

i know how Andy must be feeling i lost my oldest son (21) no words can make him feel better only time family and their love for each other will help, time softens the wound but it never goes away God watch over the Reid family !

August 7, 2012 7:43 am
Reply to  Bigsam

the coach may have suspected something weeks beforehand, his wife & kids are on the west coast, Andy was going to training camp ( HE WASN’T LEAVING GARRETT ALONE IN THE HOUSE ) I have a feeling the cops already knew the deal before Howie Roseman’s press conference & the autopsy ( needle marks ?? the contents of Garretts car ?? or overnite video surveilence of the univ & parking lot ??

August 6, 2012 5:47 pm

It strikes me as unusual that players have explicitly stated “we love you” to Andy and his family. There have been others than those listed here, according to what I have read at some other sites. Despite what many in the city of Philadelphia think of him, Reid is very respected throughout the NFL, and especially by those players who have been Eagles. I thought this moring that I really just didn’t want to hear about this. Not in a callous or disinterested way, but rather in that football is a diversion. It is a bit harder when real life intrudes on our passtimes, the places we turn to get away from the pressures of life. I am looking forward to being at the stadium on Thursday evening to have the chance to applaud for him, cheer a little bit and hope that it gives him some sense of support. Maybe it will help him find at least a moment of peace.

August 6, 2012 9:25 pm

Breaking news, Garrett died of Drug use

August 6, 2012 11:30 pm

Andy may have known something weeks beforehand, His wife was on the west coast with the kids, Andy was going to training camp, in other words ( he wasn’t leaving Garrett alone in the house.) only he knows. I understand some of people’s feelings. We have a society where in Philly people die daily from drug abuse.
and while the rest of the folks in the area wag their fingers, when a prominent Coaches kid passes away, it’s all of a sudden a tragedy, Garrett had opportunities many others don’t get. His brother is an employee of Temple university ( WITH A FELONY GUN CHARGE ) again , many of us don’t get these opportunities, as Im watching the news tonite, the press is being very compassionate to the Reid family, because the cause of death ( DRUGS ) is not the headline. and it could have been. THE MEDIA HAD NO PROBLEM HIGHLIGHTING WHITNEY HOUSTON’S CAUSE OF DEATH. interesting society that we live in

crazy johnny
crazy johnny
August 7, 2012 4:25 am
Reply to  mr1charlton

No problem highlighting her cause of death after waiting for toxicology reports……..jackass!

August 7, 2012 9:04 am

I’m pretty sure the Reid’s live in Cali in the offseason u may be grasping at straws a little.