• August 14, 2022

Overwhelming Turnout For Garrett Reid’s Funeral

The funeral was supposed to start at 10 am, but it had to be delayed because of the overwhelming number of people who showed up to support Andy Reid and his family during their time of need. No matter if one has opted for affordable funeral packages or lavish ones, the comfort of having loved ones beside during such times is all one need.

All in all, more than 900 people packed into the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Broomall, Pennsylvania this morning.   They were there to support Reid, his wife Tammy and their four remaining children, as they laid to rest, Garrett, who had been in an eight-year battle with drug addiction.

It was a who’s who of NFL people represented.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in attendance.  New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was there.  The Cleveland Browns were represented by team President Mike Holmgren and head coach Pat Shurmur.  Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was there.  The Eagles current players were there as well as numerous who had previously played for Andy.

“His spirit for life, the joy he lived with for every single day,” Harbaugh said about Garrett following the service. “The one thing I took, more than anything, was that Garrett was a friend of everybody. Kids in school that were kind of struggling a little bit, he’s their friend. The guys that were picked last for the basketball team, he’s their friend. He would take everybody under his wing. He had great compassion for people. And that’s a trait I think he gets from Andy.”

“It was a combination of tremendous grief and tremendous love, and of course, they go hand in hand,” Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie said following the service. “A lot of tears, and a lot of joy, in terms of remembering Garrett …”

“Andy prides himself on being a rock”, Holmgren said. “All of us in this business have to be like that a little bit. But when it comes to something as personal as this, his humanness and who he is comes out, and that’s OK,” Holmgren said. “He reacted like every other father would react.”


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  • So sad man. But I’m proud of our boys being their for their coach. It shows how much he means to them. Very touching.

  • God comfort the Reid family

  • Is there anyone in the world you’d rather see hoist the Lombardi trophy than Andy reid?

  • May God comfort the Reid family during these difficult times.

  • Andy said (roughly) that friends and faith get you through these sorts of times. I hope both of them are strong for him and his family.

  • You guys already said everything I wanted to say R. I. P. Garrett Reid

  • r.i.p.
    I’ve been looking for news everywhere…was this a crack overdose or heroin?

    I’m really trying to investigate what happened here.

    • Why would you say the things you say ?Ill take a gues you still live with mommy and daddy and are obviously a jerk.Take a moment and step back and become a compassionate human being for once ,give it a try.A jerk who hides behind your anonymous name shows what a coward ass you really are.

  • Songs I would love to fill your mouth with gasoline then flick a match in it.

  • Actually you are typing this so I would also like to drop an I beam on each of your wrists. Fucking scumbag.

  • The Andy Reid I know is a warm compassionate man ,who I’ve met many times at the eagles youth partnership breakfast.His whole gruff persona is just a media ploy to deflect and protect his guys.Hes always been big in stature and in heart.There are no words to express the grief and sorrow of losing a child,as Andy knows full well,there are priorities n life,family and his,football family.We as Eagle fandom can become his strength and soul as we all pray this season is dedicated to Jerome ,Reggie and of course Andys son Garrett.Those that leave too soon ,are burning comets who light the sky and give us all time to reflect to love and respect one another ..Andy may some sense of peace be afforded to Tammy yourself and the family.

  • Sometimes life becomes about more than football, more than a job… more than recreation, more than what we like and don’t like and more than how we feel. .. our family and the people we love… first and foremost. “THAT” is life. Much love and sympathy to the Reid family and I pray for their comfort and strength in this tragic time.

  • R.I.P. to Garrett Reid, god bless the Reid family.

  • regardless of your views on the coach Reid, there is no doubt he is a compassionate, caring man, he now joins the ranks of the most saddened, I feel for him, his family…

    no fame , fortune, prestige softens this blow,take care Andy Reid

  • Wow songs did you really just say that? You need to grow up my man. That shit isn’t funny what so ever. Have some fucking respect you dick. R.I.P Garrett, your in gods hands now. God bless the Reid family!

  • I have been one of the biggest Reid critics, the last 3-4 years, & still don’t think we can win with him as our coach, but as an Eagles fan, & someone who lost a Father to a Heroine overdose, I am routing even harder now, for him to win the SB! I feel very bad & saddened for the Family, for what their Son have put them through.

  • There’s really not much left to say that hasn’t been said already. Andy is a hell of man and has far and away earned the respect we all give him. My best wishes to him and his family and let his son now rest in peace. God bless.

  • Songs.

    You lack any class. Obviously from Reids statement drugs were the result.

    I can’t imagine outliving my children. First and foremost he needs to be with family and spend more time as a father. Too much time is lost with our jobs.

  • May Garrett finally Rest in Peace…My thoughts and prayers go out to Coach AR, his wife Tammy and their entire family as with the Eagles Family as well..
    Coach Andy is a good man and it is nice to see the the support and love by the community at large,the football profession which will help him and his family get through this tragic event as well as his Faith…

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