• January 17, 2022

Five Thoughts From Eagles-Steelers

1. Kafka Down, Foles and Edwards Up

In the coming weeks, Andy Reid will need to make a decision about who his primary backup quarterback will be.

Mike Kafka, the early favorite for the job was brutal in his first action of the preseason. The third-year quarterback completed five of nine passes for 31 yards, and made a critical mistake in the second quarter, reacting poorly to a pass rush and throwing the ball right into the gut of a Pittsburgh defensive lineman. Kafka’s completions came on short routes, and the former fourth-round pick never attempted to stretch the field. He didn’t do anything to inspire confidence on Thursday night, and probably lost some ground in the race.

Nick Foles shined in his Eagles’ debut. Foles took over in the third quarter, and helped spark his team’s rally by throwing  for 144 yards and two touchdowns. The rookie was poised and patient, and made a great read on a broken play to find Damaris Johnson for a 70-yard touchdown. He got away from pressure on the play and put the ball right on target for the rookie wideout. On the next drive Foles hit Mardy Gilyard for a 44-yard touchdown.

Trent Edwards did what you would expect from a veteran quarterback. He was steady, and ran the offense efficiently. Working with mostly third and fourth-string players, the former Buffalo Bill took the team on two scoring drives in the fourth quarter to retake the lead and set up the winning field goal.

Regarding his backup quarterbacks, Andy Reid said after the game “I keep it wide open at all positions,” head coach Andy Reid said after the game. “Whoever is playing the best is going to play.”

2. 2012 Rookie Class Shines

The new crop of rookies were one of this game’s brightest spots for the Eagles.

Second-round picks Mychal Kendricks and Vinny Curry were constantly around the football when they were on the field. Kendricks was in on several tackles, and broke up a screen play in the second quarter. Curry was dominate in the second half when he entered the game.

As mentioned previously, third-round pick Nick Foles was the star of this game.

Fourth-round pick Brandon Boykin flashed as a kick returner, showing great speed and explosiveness.

Seventh-round pick Bryce Brown was impressive with 49 total yards on five touches, showing good ability as both a runner and receiver.

Undrafted rookie Damaris Johnson was also impressive as a punt returner, and caught four passes for 85 yards and a touchdown.

It was a quiet game for top draft pick Fletcher Cox, but we can expect more from him as the season progresses. To see such a high number of rookies stepping up and making their presences felt this early is a great sign for this football team.

3. First Teams Unimpressive

The first team offenses and defenses put forth disappointing efforts in their first live game action of the year.

The defense showed some flashes at times (with a handful of strong plays from guys like Mychal Kendricks, Phillip Hunt, and Derek Landri), but Juan Castillo’s unit displayed some of the same problems that plagued them a year ago. They couldn’t get off of the field on third-downs, and there was a lot of poor tackling going on. Nnamdi Asomugha was particularly disappointing to me. The former Raider looks lost and unsure of himself out there. He blew three coverages that resulted in two Pittsburgh first downs and one touchdown. Normally it would be easy just to write such a performance off since it’s just the first preseason game, but this is the kind of effort we saw all too often from Nnamdi a year ago. It’s too early to panic about his play, but it is certainly troubling and worth keeping an eye on.

The first team offense accomplished nothing in this game. In two possessions, they managed two three-and-outs. Even though he was only on the field for six plays, Michael Vick still managed to find his way on to the injury report with a thumb contusion.

I was hoping to see signs that Vick had truly changed some aspects of his game, particularly with regarHeds to decision making and taking care of the football. Even though we saw a very limited sample of him last night, he didn’t appear to be much different from what he was last year. He was unsettled in the pocket and seemed to lock on to just one receiver without going through his reads properly. These are these are the same poor traits and habits Vick has displayed throughout his entire career.

It’s easy to write off the poor performances of the starters because its the first preseason game, but I’m still troubled by it. The Pittsburgh Steelers were in the same boat, but they’re starters still showed up and looked like a contending team should in their preseason game.

4. Reserve Defensive Lineman Show Up

Trent Cole, Jason Babin, and Mike Patterson didn’t suit up for this game. Cullen Jenkins was taken out of the lineup early with a hamstring injury. But the Eagles had a number of defensive lineman step up and make plays on Thursday.

Phillip Hunt might have been the Eagles’ best player on the field. The second-year end made a strong case to lock up his roster spot tonight with a couple of sacks and a forced fumble. Hunt has good size, and is also very quick.

Second-round pick Vinny Curry was living in the backfield, and finished the game with five tackles.

Defensive tackles Derek Landri and Cedric Thornton were both very explosive all night. Each player got regular penetration, and each of them picked up a sack.

Even Brandon Graham had some time to shine in this game, generating a sack and several quarterback hurries.

The Eagles showed tonight just how deep their defensive line is, and that no matter who is on the field, they’re going to have a good chance to get to quarterback.

5. Remaining Questions

We didn’t get a very good look at DeMeco Ryans or the safeties. I hoped that Ryans’ presence would be a little more noticeable right away, I want to see just what he brings to the table on the field.

I need to see much more from Nnamdi Asomugha. He’s supposed to be the textbook definition of a shutdown corner, and he hasn’t been anything close to that since arriving in Philadelphia. His performance in last night’s game was very discouraging, and while I’m not ready to write him off, I need to see something positive very soon.

I’d like to see the Eagles test Clay Harbor much more in the remainder of the preseason. They need to find out if they can count on him or not.

The wide receiver picture is really crowded right now. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Avant are all locks to make the team, but the remaining positions are anyone’s game. Marvin McNutt has had a good camp, but we didn’t see anything from him in the game tonight. Damaris Johnson is making a serious push to make this team, and Mardy Gilyard and Chad Hall are in the mix as well. It will be very interesting to see it all play out.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Eagles decide to keep a fullback that’s currently on this roster. I haven’t seen anything from the current candidates that make me feel like they’re worth a roster spot.


Denny Basens

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  • I really liked Foles! Rooting for Gilyard. At Cincy he single handedly won about 1/3 of their games with TD’s and excellent returns. He has a knack of coming up with the ball in clutch situations. Would be the 4th player from Cincy to make the team as a surprise.

  • Good games by Damaris Johnson & Mardy Gilyard..
    Would like to see them play against starting caliber CB’s in some pre-season action to see if they can truly get seperation against opposing teams #1 Defenses..
    All in All- I was very disappointed by the #1 Offense and DEfense as the Steelers had their way at the line of scrimmage for the 1st Quarter when it was mostly Starters vs Starters.. I think the LB’s and CB’s were way too time and reactionary instead of playing agressive… CB Asmogough is the miost overrated player on this Eagle Team and perhaps the entire NFL.. He has not played anywhere near a Pro-Bowl level the last 2 Seasons and is off to a bad start again, I think he’s afraid of contact and plays to passive which will not work playing the NFL and epsecially the big,strong,physical WR’s of Todays NFL that all the teams have (except the Eagles who have small fast guys)

  • my 5 thoughts:

    1. Vick still stinks. Not a pro bowl caliber qb, not a super bowl caliber qb, this team is not going to win a super bowl with him ever.

    2. Foles throws a nice deep ball, he didnt show me anything with quick decision making and short throws though. I will watching and hoping he can make the smart plays. Nevertheless very impressed with what I saw from him in his first action.

    3. I hope I am wrong but Ryans does not look like anything close to the man he has been hyped up to be.

    4. Everybody looked good who played D Line last night. I was very impressed with Curry, Hunt & Graham.

    5. Nhamdi blows.

    I placed a large bet on eagles under 10 wins this season last night. I HOPE I AM WRONG about my thoughts about Ryans, Vick & Nhamdi

  • I also believe that too many fans,media are thinking LB D Ryans is going to be a savior for this Eagle Defense and I just don’t see it from him. He’s lost that explosion and agressiveness he used to have 2-3 Years ago in my opinion. I think Ryans is a definite upgrade from last years MLB Play, but I don’t see him as a huge updgrade as many others think or hope that he will be… I see Kendricks taking over MLB for the 2013 Season as Ryans is a 1 Year Fix which is norm for the Eagles..

  • My 2 Cents – Mhenski –

    1. don’t tell Eagles fans, that you are on Eagles fan and bet against your team.
    2. don’t be so quick to judge based on a tiny sampling when there are tons of factors to consider being the very first pre season game

    From what I saw, the ball came out too quick for Vick to go through any progressions. There was the one play where he took the sack. In which there were obvious running lanes (does that happen in reg season, not sure about that), receivers were covered. Vick almost had a freak injury while standing in the pocket (just like the concussion last season), if he is pressured and there are running lanes, he needs to take off and get down or out of bounds…

    McCoy got the ball two times, on a screen play and handoff and both were for negative yards….Was he terrible too? Maybe the offensive line had a little something to do with it..maybe the game plan for the first team offense, maybe the coach just wanted to keep it simple, Eagles do play the Steelers week 5..Celek and Maclin both out, things change….none of us were in the huddle. I’m looking at it this way, Vick showed me that he wasn’t going to force the issue with going for the long bomb, I liked seeing him throw the ball short a few times for 4-5 yards gains to DJAX and Johnson. Both were on first downs. 2nd and 5’s, not bad way to start drive… They could have done that all night!!!! Boring, but would have moved the chains.

    Kendricks, Landri and Hanson. impressed me more than any of other player on defense. Kendricks is a beast, high motor, relentless type of player…
    Gotta appreciate that hit Hanson put on Redman preventing that 1st down.
    Graham was solid also.

    Boykin, is what we need in the return game…!

  • Denny Basens, you’re dead wrong. Look, I’m going to help you, paulman and mhenski out, because obviously you guys don’t understand coverages. Jaiquawn Jarret is hot garbage. He sucks. The plays where you three knuckleheads believe Nnamdi blew was actually Jarret’s responsibility. I mean Nnamdi wasn’t great but he wasn’t bad in the game. We all should be focused about how bad our team would be if Jarret was starting because he is horrible. But for now on anything you guys say about the secondary is invalid as it was pretty obvious how bad Jarret is

  • lol @ thepage

    stop sticking up for some fraud that speaks pretty but cant play for ****

    ok nnamdis your boy…but how can you not see hes been absolute falure since coming here

  • want proof? last year your scapegoat jarrett didnt see the field all year, and your golden boy/false prohpet nnamdi was on the field the whole time, and he sucked sucked sucked suced sucked allllll FREAKING YEAR

  • paulman, your credibility is consistently below a coin flip. Everyone should trust Jaiquan Jarret in coverage far more than any thing you opine or predict.

  • Denny Basens did you delete my comment. HAHAHAHA! Wow man sorry I touched nerve. But really were you watching the same game. Jarret was horrible. I can you blame Nnamdi for Jarret’s mistakes. Watch the game bro. Jarret recognized the plays to late. It was painfully hilarious.

  • page…no one deleted your comment…this site is just incredibly screwed up, comments randomly disappear from time to time, and sometimes only the first two or three comments show up. the site is full of viruses

  • Real Talk I am a fan of the Eagles. Just because my opinion is Vick blows and because he does we can’t win 10 games does not mean I am not a fan. Just because I bet against my team I root for does not mean I am not a fan. I am a gambler I specialize in wagering for or against my teams I follow most depending on circumstance. I like to have realistic expectations of my teams and make money doing so. I hope I am wrong and my bet is a loser, but I bet with my head not my heart.

    My determination that Vick sucks is not based on last night it is based on his whole career. He basically had a half season where he played like a true super star (half season when he filled in for McNabb), other than that he has always been a average at best QB IMO.

    An example of why he sucks comes from last night – steelers D confused him on that 3rd down so he burned a timeout then immediately took a sack… the guy just isnt good, he can make highlite plays and look flashy and talk the talk, but cant drive the field with precision and beat on opponents defense never could never will.

    McCoy is a beast and one of the best rbs in the game. Kendricks did look very good out there.

  • Oh wait nevermind. My comment wasn’t deleted. Sorry Basens.
    @109876ers. Stop. Im not defending Nnamdi. He needs to produce or he needs to go. But the plays weren’t his fault. Actually watch the game. Those were zone plays and Jarret missed his zone. Its simple.

  • The page 1 Jarret doesnt make $10+million dollars. Huuuuuuuge difference

  • lol @ thepage

    take your own advice dummy and WATCH THE GAME.

    nnamdi was shaking in the first quarter cause he couldnt remember who he was supposed to cover, then he didnt jam a guy (like hes supposed to be good at)

    and then on the td, so what if jarret could have helped, your boy just freaking stood there, didnt try to cover anyone, and let him run in for a score.

    yeaaaah. stop making excuses for a guy who cant play

  • @mhenski
    So because Nnamdi makes 11 million, he now has to be 2 people at once. Great logic

  • “Nnamdi Asomugha didn’t to much to inspire confidence. He allowed a critical completion on the first drive. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to cover the receiver or the running back. The former Pro-Bowler should be much more decisive than that. The completion kept the drive alive, and set the Steelers up for their first field goal.
    Asomugha was later beat on a simple inside slant route to Antonio Brown, which produced another first down.
    Asomugha was responsible for yet another breakdown in the redzone, turning Brown loose again to set up an easy touchdown.”

  • @1098
    Stick to basketball. You don’t understand football.

  • lol @ the page

    just stop wathcing sports, cause you dont understand them.

    wheres your excuses for your boy last year huh??? why’d he suck last year and give up plays too? it wasnt jarrets fault then, and it wasnt jarrets fault yesterday.

  • Mhenski I know it is your opinion and that’s exactly what it is.. I can read too “steelers D confused him on that 3rd down so he burned a timeout then immediately took a sack” – where did you read this NFL . com..yea I read the same article, basically your thoughts were word for word…what you also fail to mention regardless, is that was a coverage sack…thought alot of the complaints on Vick was, he forced the ball which led to INT’s…should he have forced the throw? or took the sack?

  • @1098
    Making excuses? Im saying Jarret sucks. You blame Nnamdi for a blown responsibility that wasn’t his. If it was Nnamdi, Coleman, Allen, DRC, Hanson or anybody in the secondary I would call them out.

  • lmao @ the nitwit

    its ok man i get it, he’s your boy and you dont wanna rip your boy

    just do us a favor though, just shut your mouth next time. dont call out the wrong people and you wont look like a fool. that way you dont have to nothin you dont wanna say about your boy, and the people that actually saw what was going on can continue their intelligent discussions.

    notice no one else is supporting that fraud. just you big guy, just you and your boy.

  • I made a previous comment about Jaiquan Jarret not being a NFL safety in this league and got ripped about it. The NFL seems to be too fast for him.

  • ok i am convinced page 1 also has trisomy 18 & 21.

    When did I ever say
    because Nnamdi makes 11 million, he now has to be 2 people at once. Great logic ??????????? Can you read you fucking idiot????????

    When a guy makes that much money he is supposed to earn it, he is supposed to be the best at his position or at least top 5… Every time I see Nhamdi anymore I see Cruz salsa dancing on his face

  • @1098
    Man your an idiot. Garry Cobb basically said the same thing on the previous article. Plus Bleeding Green Nation, Birds 24/7 and ESPN say the same thing. What Nnamdi do? Sleep with your girlfriend, steal your lunch money, slap you in the face? Your a loser that hates others because he hates his self.

  • realtalk no idea about said article on nfl.com, never read it. guy played 6 snaps kinda easy to point out what he did. nothing to say but that 3rd down and he got a boo boo on his thumb

  • @Eagles Suck, his was a second round pick. What a waste. Hated the pick when it happened and hate the pick now.

    Nnamdi sucked last year but this isn’t last year. This was the first preseason game of the year that showcased our lack of depth at the safety position. Jarret SUCKS!!!. You say Nnamdi gets paid 10 million plus and because of this any f’up in the secondary is his fault? That was how logical your comment was. So I made another illogical comment based off of yours.

  • lol @ the page

    this is how i know you didnt watch a game last night cause you let others influence your opinion instead of actually thinking for yourself, my goodness what a tool you are

    what did nnamdi do? he’s stealing money from my football team, blowing coverages and missin tackles.

    and i sir am no loser, i have a good job, i am the CHIEF super intendent of the hilton jacobs projects.

    and you’d be wise to follow my lead.

    • So you kiss ass for living. OK. Anyway I’m done commenting. But i will say this: you will learn to hate Jarret soon too

  • page you have trisomy no doubt, that explains your limited reading and comprehension skills

  • I try to keep this simple, since we are discussing a pre season opener.

    On CB Nmadi, I feel the main criticism people have regarding him is his lack of aggression & leadership in the secondary…He is supposed to be the leader, and is supposedly renowned for his jamming receivers and hard hitting: we have seen very little of this from him…He plays soft.

    D Line is deep and will be a strength…LB corp will be a work in progress.

    On offense I simply don’t have confidence in Vick…Kid from Arizona look good, is big and if he has brains and can. grasp some technical subtleties he could be the future.

    Many of the rookies and young guys impressed and coaching staff should not be shy about infusing this new blood.

    Still have major doubts about Juan Castillo.

  • I want to see Birds put a hurting on opposition on defense. but not like dumb play by DRC on Pitt QB…Eagles don’t tackle hard enough and don’t finish plays…BIG PROBLEM.

  • 7-9 juan gets fired

    paste it

  • Heres my opinion on Nnmandi.

    When he played in Oakland he was so good to the point where quarterbacks never even threw the ball in his direction. Like Gary Cobb always says this is a copy cat league. Once Eli Manning threw that Touchdown pass to Victor Cruz and embarrassed Nnmandi it opened up the door to so many more QB’s taking shots at Nnmandi and are probably thinking “man.. this guy isnt as tough as I thought after all” seems like Nnmandi got too comfortable with that situation.

    Again just a theory.

  • ok so mhenski – you haven’t answered my question…should Vick have forced the throw or taken the sack? seems like your mad he didn’t make something out of nothing…something the majority of you assclowns (sup DCAR) complain about with him…With Vick and the Eagles its a classic case of your damned if you do, damned if you dont

  • I will re-state the same thing I posted last year

    #1) CB Asmo is the most overrated player in the entire NFL and is an average CB at Best
    #2) Safety Jarrett was a terrible Draft choice in any Round and especially with a 2nd Round Pick (55th Overall Player selected) He is not an NFL Player, He’s too small and too slow and has Zero Upside

  • RealTalk777 I dont have the coaches game tape and neither do you. So to say everyone was covered would be ignorant. I would have preferred him to read the defense and make the right throw like all the other good qbs do. Someone is always open its all where you put the ball that determines if a play is successful. Unfortunately for us Vick is so deficient in the areas of reading defenses and ball placement and if a guy is “covered” Vick has no clue how to put the ball in a spot where the “covered” WR will actually be “uncovered”. IF you dont get what I am saying just let me know and I will get some youtube examples for you over the weekend.

    Facts are facts and vick just isnt good. I would take about 12 QBs in the league ahead of him maybe more if I was factoring in age and upside. Eagles were extremely ill advised giving this guy 100 million

  • Two things Denny Basens didn’t mention in his articles today:

    Jaiquawn Jarrett looked bad and doesn’t look like an NFL football player

    Djax caught a nice comeback pass but the rookie ref turned a 5-8 yard 1st down completion into a 2 yard pass with a bad spot setting up a 2nd and long

  • Ummm Mhenski…actually I was pretty attentive during the game and I Brian Baldinger stated no receivers were open…normally thats what happens with sacks…did you notice Vick looking down the field then pulling the ball back and taking the sack…normally that happens when players are covered down the field…Mhenski…again that is foolish…so you wanted Vick to force the throw in even if WR’s were covered? nothing to do with the WR’s getting open, its all about the throw??? Come on man, give me a break! OK got it, you dont like Vick you think he sucks…ok….unfortunately I do not agree and never will…I can also point you in the direction where Vick has put the ball where a covered WR will actually be uncovered…what is the term used…throw you WR open…but you do realize that can’t happen all the time in all situations….? maybe you dont…you are the one that brought up that one play where Vick was sacked and made it out to be, the worst thing in the world…as if no other QB in the league takes a sack….come on man, give me a break….

    Peace, til next time….

  • Eagles will never win a championship with Vick and Nnamdi Asstomouth is a fraud!

  • Interesting. Somehow I have the feeling that if the Birds actually had a top 10 QB you would have seen a few more “open” WRs the other day.

  • People really should relax about Nnamdi…the safeties have been making him look bad and he’s just not burning their ears up on the field because he’s a nice guy. If the coverage doesn’t have a safety over the top Nnamdi must protect the outside. You pricks would still blame him if chased a receiver inside and a late released TE ran up the sideline for 6. Most of you have extremely and probably very selective memory, but Jim Johnson’s zone has always issues covering shallow slant-ins and those deficiencies are how it got the “Bend but don’t Break” nick name way back when. That problem is also why the Patriots eat the Eagles D up every time they play, because that team lives off of that crap.

  • Vick showed me he is still stupid. Castillo should not be the DC. I feel for Andy.
    Don’t get too excited. It will be the same result until Lurie grows a pair of B—s
    and turns the page. Same old story.

  • Never thought I would say this but Reid ought to let Vick play his normal game at QB–Is it they way to a SB–I doubt it but trying to be a prototypical NFL QB is not going to work
    So let him be Vick and Hope for the best
    Meanwhile try and hurry Foles along

  • Vinnie are you serious…Vick had 5 drop backs…5…completed 3 out of 4 and took 1 sack…in the first preseason game…I know all of the Vick hata’s are looking for every opportunity to slam the man especially considering your perfect and everything goes right in your life..Never made a mistake in your life..
    “your shit dont stink” type of cat..yea..Now runnin round with Foles nuts in ya mouths, because he has been impressive against 3rd stringers? ha…thats wuts up!

  • RealTalk it isnt about “hatin” Vick has always sucked. Cmon look at his numbers since he has been in this league his qb rating always sucks, his completion % always sucked, his td/interception ratio always sucked, total yards always sucked, all his stats always sucked.

    you think that is just gonna all of a sudden change this year?????

    get real bro, stop drinkin the cool aid, stop blindly loving a guy that is not the answer to end our superbowl drought

    If you wanna be entertained and dont care about a super bowl cool Vick is your guy, if you wanna be the best and win it all he is not your guy.

  • Ya…5 dropbacks and he’s already hurt.

  • RealTalk777 – These Vick haters aren’t true die-hard eagles fan man. You’re suppose to support your team general no matter what. You can appreciate the talents of the backups and all but they aren’t the starter. These idiots posting on here hating on Vick are a bunch of chumps that hate the man for his character and ethnicity as far as I’m concerned. They come out of nowhere for the first time (and some out of hiding) posting on here a week or 2 ago and act like they got something to say…pssst don’t waste your time RealTalk in trying to prove anything to these idiots; they are just as you perceive them to be, a “growing minority” group of people who are upset at every achieving other group who are better at what they do then they are, you can detect that by the kind of hateful language they use. PEACE…Congrats to Gabby Douglas and Usain Bolt by the way for their gold medals!!!!!

  • yea Vinnie, hitting your hand on the offensive linemen is totally Vick’s fault..how about having the O line pushing forward instead of being pushed backwards…Vick has a job to do, so does the O LINE!

    MHenski….when making your evaluation on Vick, do you include his rushing or that doesn’t matter? I’m just going to compare one QB and that is the reigning SB champion…or does Eli suck too?
    Including rushing TD’s…Its only fair, since Vick is the dynamic player he is because of the ability he has with his legs…And in all honestly, his years in ATL, their team was a running team…30 plus carries a game going the RB, and 10 or so going to Vick…So you understand, Vick is not the traditional QB, just in case you haven’t realized that yet…so anyway…
    Most INT’s Vick has thrown in a single season is 14…when did he do that, this past season…he is not a high INT guy never has been, so don’t twist shit up!

    Lets compare – passing first, then total…
    Eli TD’s – 185 TDs 129 INT’s for a TD 4.7% for a INT 3.3%
    Vick TD’s – 111 – 72INTS for a TD 4.4% for a INT 2.8%
    not much of a difference in my opinion

    Total TDs
    Eli – 189 TD’s – 129 INT’s or 142 To’s (total)
    Vick – 144 TD’s – 72 INT’s 102 To’s (total)

  • @Rocko – you are 100% correct…the previous post will be my last to these Vick haters…
    I’m amped and ready for the season, brotha, and still expect good things from our squad!

  • Rocko you are a fucking idiot and a racist

  • @Real Talk

    Some people you would be better off ignoring fam.

    I see Vick looking unsettled in the pocket… He doesnt look comfortable..

    Anybody saying Vick cant play the position is just dumb… He wasnt number 1 pick for nothing. He needs the coach to try and put him in a position to play to his strengths… Not the “square peg, round hole” routine that Andy can sometimes fall into..

    They already have some very nice plays that complement Vick in this offense.. They need to create a few more. They need to incorporate the rollout a little more for Vick… I like the screen pass on 1st down the other night. It looked like 2nd down was the problem.

    Its the same story on defense. Juan needs to find a way to help the backend of the defense work. The front end is doing its job and getting after the Qb. The Lbs and the Dbs need to stop the run and defend the pass… They have plenty of talent to get this done. Let Nnamdi and Cromartie do what they do best… Dont confuse these guys with a bunch of nonsense and trickery.. let these guys play to their strengths..

  • Agreed Rasheed, they are not playing to vick’ s strengths, he looks uncomfortable in the pocket, but that’s square peg in a round hole Andy Reid

  • “yea Vinnie, hitting your hand on the offensive linemen is totally Vick’s fault..how about having the O line pushing forward instead of being pushed backwards…Vick has a job to do, so does the O LINE! ”

    Well, it is his fault because he’s 5′ 10″ tall.
    BTW – Every single oline in the league moves backwards during pass plays. Often happens when a large object moving forward collides with another object trying to hold their position. (but I understand, physics is hard)

    Those are interesting numbers when you look at Eli and VIck. Eli stunk early in his career, but he’s improved every year…can the same be said of Vick?

    Why don;t you compare the two to themselves…from their 2nd seasons (when they both became full time) to their latest seasons…..and just for you …..I’ll include stupid rushing yrds and td totals

    Eli season 2 to season 8
    Comp % 52.8 to 61….up 8.2%
    passing TDs 24 to 29….up 5
    td% 4.3 to 4.9…up .6%
    rushing tds 1 to 1
    total tds 25 to 30…..up
    passing yrds 3762 to 4933…up over 1000yrds
    rysh yards 80 to 15….down 65 yards (a good thing!!!)
    total pass and rush yrds…..still up over 1000 yrds
    ints 17 to 16
    int % 3.1% to 2.7% down .4%
    yrds/att 6.2 to 8.1….up almost 2 yards
    rating 75.9 to 92.97 points….up 17 points

    suffice it to say he’s improved in every area (from a guy we all laughed at his first few years)

    Now Vick season 2 to season 8
    comp % 54.9 to 59.8….up 4.9% (still under 60 – not as much improvement as Eli)
    pass tds 16 to 18….up 2 (18….what a f-ing joke in today’s NFL)
    rush tds 8 to 1….down 7
    total tds 24 to 19….down 5
    td % 3.8% to 4.3%…up .5% (an improvement here)
    passing yrds 2936 to 3303….up about 370 yrds
    rushing yrds 777 to 589….down about 280 yrds
    total yrds…….up about 90 yrds (wow – what an improvement!)
    ints 8 to 14….up 6
    int % 1.9 to 3.3….up 1.4%…isn;t this fun to read!!!! BTW – Vick’s career avg is only 2.8 because of the 2 outlying seasong….3.3 is his avg)
    yrds/att 6.9 to 7.2….up another whopping .3%
    rating 81.6 to 84.9….whoopee!!

    You’d think that going from a “rushing team” in ATL (your words), to a passing team like the Eagles, you’d see a bit more of an improvement in the passing #s wouldn’t you? But aside from a little improvement in % and td%

    Same as he ever was. Shit.

  • Rasheed you said:

    “Anybody saying Vick cant play the position is just dumb… He wasnt number 1 pick for nothing. ”

    David Carr?
    Tim Couch?
    Alex Smith?
    Jamarcus Russell?
    Terry Baker?

    Could you imagine if we opened this up to Qb’s drafted in the top 5??

    Just because you were drafted #1 does not mean a damn thing.

    Not playing to Vicks strengths???? I guess no coach could ever do that because he has never put up great QB numbers

    Good post Vinnie and interesting numbers. Those stats show me Vick is what he always has been. Can’t turn a elephant into an antelope. But I hope I am wrong and the elephant turns into an antelope this year.

  • Mhenski – belt up you ol gasbag…eh your carpet munching is runnin a lil dry there you old poof. i see you like being vinnie’s ol jacob juice huh you yokel wanker. both you bum chums ought to be fed to da pigs eh.

  • Rocko learn how to spell and write sentences you moron. Uneducated racist sounds like a great description of you.

  • Ahh…good old name calling. The last refuge of the ignorant. Whenever faced with the prospect someone pointing out that Vick has been (below) mediocre his whole carrerr, out comes the cacaphony of “Racisthaterdouchebagvickhatin’ballsuckingbigot!!!” Its tired.

    As for the “he wasn’t a first round pick for nothing….” sillyness. The only reason he Vick isn’t starting for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this weekend is precisely because he was a first round pick.

    How long do you think he’s have lasted in the NFL with his numbers if he had been a 3rd rounder? I doubt he would have ever made it beyond backup (except maybe as some form of early “wildcat” QB) if he hadn;t gone number one.

  • Eagles RCB Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field Monday following a thundering collision with S Nate Allen.
    Asomugha remained down for nearly five minutes before finally rising to his feet. He reportedly didn’t move his legs for “quite a while.” The Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News’ Les Bowen believes Asomugha likely suffered a concussion. We’ll know more soon.

  • @Mhenski

    Vick isnt any of those guys you mentioned, so that’s a lame argument. Try again pal..

  • good grief I havent been on here for awhile so I have forgotten how stupid some of the guys like Vinnie can be with some of the arguments.. *smh*

    I still wonder why Vinnie even comes to this site (or gets up every morning..lol).. I guess he is praying for the day Vick dies or whatever.. pathetic honestly..

    But any rational observer can see that Vick has plenty of ability to get the job done…

    the talk about how he is soo terrible is just BS..

  • I wouldn’t say he is soo terrible I just don’t think he is good enough to lead a team to a super bowl. He isn’t a game manager, he can’t manufacture long grinding drives and he isn’t a top qb like a Brees/Brady/Rodgers…

    And regarding the number one picks that was your argument clown I was just showing you how stupid that argument was.

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