• January 21, 2022

Nick Foles And Trent Edwards Putting Pressure On Kafka

Things got a lot more interesting at the quarterback position last night after the Birds came back to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers behind the quality play of third-string rookie quarterback Nick Foles and fourth-string veteran quarterback Trent Edwards.

“I keep it wide open at all positions,” head coach Andy Reid said after the game. “Whoever is playing the best is going to play.”

Eagles backup quarterback Mike Kafka was awful in his performance last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He dropped back into the pocket, looked to his right, and felt pass rush pressure. Then he blindly threw the ball back to his left on a screen.  This was the way you expect a rookie to play.

Kafka is supposed to be a good decision-maker, but in this case he made a terrible mistake which was picked off by Steelers defensive lineman Al Woods.

Foles on the other hand did a nice job of keeping his head up and looking down field on a scramble, when he found wide receiver Damaris Johnson wide open downfield for a 70-yard touchdown pass.  This is something you look for in an NFL quarterback.  Does he abandon his focus downfield when he moves in the pocket or does he keep his focus downfield?  Foles moved up in the pocket and slid d head down

Johnson, who started the game in place of an injured Jeremy Maclin, ran a corner-post route which turned around one of the Steelers cornerbacks and left him wide open.  This is a favorite route of DeSean Jackson, and the rookie runs the route nearly as well as Jackson.

“It felt surreal” to score,” said Johnson. “It felt great, but it felt unbelievable to score a touchdown in an NFL game.”

After that touchdown throw, Foles wasn’t done because he put a ball up deep to free agent wide receiver Mardy Gilyard and that wide out did a nice job of adjusting to the throw.  Gilyard not only caught the throw to his back shoulder, he took it into endzone after hauling it in. It was both an outstanding throw and an amazing catch.

“We liked the matchup he had,” Foles said. “I’ve thrown it to him deep in camp and he has the speed. So I wanted to throw it up there and let him adjust and make a play on it.”

Gilyard who has good size and big-time speed moved himself up in the wide receiver battle with that catch.  It’s going to mean more reps for him in practice, which is going to allow him to gain attention from the Eagles staff and other staffs throughout the league.

“I knew I was in. Right off the bat I knew I was in,” Gilyard said. “That’s why I got up pointing. I said, ‘Coach, we in.’ He looked at me. When coach asks you a question, you better be sure.”

Veteran quarterback Trent Edwards engineered a touchdown drive and a winning field goal drive in the fourth quarter to give the Birds the victory with time running out.  He rarely gets the chance to get quality reps at practice but he looked much sharper than Michael Vick or Kafka.

Edwards worked the sidelines with the clock running down and showed his ability to put short and intermediate throws on the target with the pressure on.  The performance will open doors for Edwards here with the Eagles or with other teams around the league.


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  • Look forward to Foles and Gilyard playing earlier next game. Great start for both.

  • What impressed me the most about Foles is how comfortable he looked in the pocket. I mean he looked like he did this before. And what a nice arm this guy has! that first touchdown pass he threw was right on the money.

    All in all the Eagles defense was impressive in their first game of the year. Kendricks was all over the field. Rookie of the year? maybe too early to tell but I liked what I saw out of him.

  • kafka is worse than Kolb which is horrible..Cut that bum now.

  • Yeah Songs I agree. Last year when he played it was hard to watch too. Looks like nothing has changed this year. I was wrong about Trent Edwards. He should make this team but I dont think he will.

  • CB Asmo is worse than Dmitri Patterson, The Bum-Asmo needs to go and will cost the Eagles a Playoff Spot in 2012..

  • hahaha….come on Paul, thats way too harsh. I dont know what the play call was but it did appear that Jarrett was supposed to step up on that TD pass…But why Nnamdi would be so far off at the goal line really made no sense to me…Either Nnamdi, Jarrett, or even Castillo could be to blame…I dont care who is to blame right now, it is preseason…..Simply put, fix it!

  • I’m going to say this right now…..Nick Foles is the real deal and should be ready to step in if vick goes down. He have a calm confidence and the arm that could mean good things for the future..get Kafka the hell outta here.

    Vick, Foles, Trent edwards number 3…..If Vick don’t step up the first few games then give Foles a shot..He is going to be real good if given the opportunity.

    By the way……Nate Allen is ass.

  • Kafka (like Kolb) really makes me question the Eagles offensive coaching staff. Both of these guys were around for years, and neither looks like they can play even a lick in the NFL. Marty Morningbreath raves about Kafka every chance he gets. These guys must be better in practice because they just seem to be awful when it comes game time.

  • Foles is an intriguing prospect, played in a big conference with a bad team, but has tools, poise, as the rev. Songs pointed out, maybe just a matter of time now

  • Agreed on Foles. I just think a big qb that can buy time in the pocket shake off defenders and can deliver a throw is the way to go. I’m a huge AR supporter but he really lost me by going with vick… I just don’t think that is a winning formula. I saw a bit of big Ben in Foles..

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