• August 15, 2022

Jaiquawn Jarrett Fails To Impress

Jaiquawn Jarrett had a huge opportunity. Nate Allen, the starter at strong safety for the Eagles defense was inactive. Jarrett had played a physical breed of football thus far in training camp, so Andy Reid tabbed him to be the starter instead of O.J. Atogwe. With his choice, Andy Reid put a lot of faith in Jarrett. Unfortunately, Jarrett looked like the same lost player that he was in his rookie season.

Jarrett was hesitant, and afraid to make a move many times throughout the game. His closing speed was terrible in coverage, including on the Steelers first touchdown.  He was lined up on the left side, and Emmanuel Sanders streaked across the middle, and Jarrett didn’t get there on time. He had no clue where to be on many occasions similar to this throughout the game..

His game was even weak in areas that he’s supposed to be strong. Coming out of college he was known as a big hitter, but Jarrett missed too many tackles, some that resulted in big gains by the Steelers. He just couldn’t find a middle ground. He was either hesitant, or overpursuing the entire game. On Jonathan Dwyer’s 33-yard run late in the 2nd quarter, Jarrett attempted to close in on Dwyer, but missed him terribly and collided with Vinny Curry. He honestly looked like (gulp) former Eagles LB Ernie Sims out there.

To give Jarrett a little bit of credit, SS (FS in a regular defense, but the term is reversed in Juan Castillo’s scheme. So SS=FS, FS=SS) isn’t his natural position. However, Jarrett didn’t impress one bit. I’ve never seen a natural strong safety miss so many tackles in one game. I just don’t think he’s ready or big enough for the NFL game.

It’s pretty clear to me that after tonight’s performance, Kurt Coleman’s job security is pretty strong. Coleman played much better than Jarrett last night. Thus far, throughout training camp he’s looked even more physical than last year, and has improved on his speed and coverage ability. I would be shocked if Jarrett came close to winning the battle for free safety. It would take a miracle, and I don’t think that Jarrett has the skills to pull off one.

Matt McCool

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  • Tsk tsk Matt McCool. Didn’t you hear the fools: Basens, Paulman, Mhenski and 109876ers. Its all Asmougha’s fault. He should have been able to play both his zone and Jarret’s zones since he gets paid 11 million. Obviously, you are not as smart as them because you could not recognize that.
    Ok Sarcasm Off
    Great article man. Finally some intelligence on this blog. Jarret is a huge risk as a backup. if he doesn’t produce in the next two preseason games than he should be cut and the Eagles should keep Phillip Thomas instead. What a huge bust. This will go down as the second worst pick after Jerome McDougal

  • lol @ the page

    you didn’t learn shit yesterday did you? still sticking up for your boy. did you listen to ike reese and gcobb on wip yesterday? both of them echoed the correct thoughts of the intelligent members of this community, and stated that asomugha was just as much at fault as your scapegoat IF NOT MORE

    keep talking your nonsense though toolbag. yes, jarrett sucks, but hes irrelevant. when the season starts, he wont be on the field, but your boy will be…not that you’ll learn your lesson, because you obviously ddidnt learn anything last year…but asofraud will have his hands all over a ton of big plays, just like last season. vicotr cryz can thank asomugha for his career

  • want proof of how stupid you are. i could quote your entire post of garbage, but ill just pick one of the many select passages

    “didnt you HEAR the fools yesterday”

    no one heard anything yesterday dummy. but many people READ the articles/posts of sound minds, and laughed at the idiocy generating form yours

  • @1098
    Man you’re retarted. Eagles were playing zone. Steelers’ QBs attacked the zone Jarret was suppose to play. Nnamdi had one bad play where he burnt on an inside slant. But aside from that he played ok. Every other big play made against the secondary was directly the result of Jarret’s play.

  • LMAO @ the page

    good lord, you’re hilarious.

    so jarrett is responsible for the entire secondary?

    jarrett is responsible for calling the defense. (so says the page)

    jarrett told your boy to back off and get burnt (so says the page)

    jarrett told your boy to be indecisive in coverage (so says the page)

    jarrett made the eagles draft him in the second round (so says the page)

    jarett tore jason peters’ achillies (so says the page)

    Jarett is just responsible for everything wrong with the eagles (so says the page)

    you’re obviously on this website with your own agenda, ignoring reality, and twisting words to suit your own failed silly purposes.

    honestly its pretty funny though, im not sure i should take you seriously anymore or not. because i have a lot of trouble believing someone is really that far gone

  • It amazes me that on one talks about Juan being the problem. This guy is the real problem with the defense. I love Juan but just not as a DC…..this is the real problem with the D.

  • 1 sure sign you are a retard is if you spell retard – RETART

    Page1 you got trisomy you fuckin ankle grabbing retard

  • @ozzman
    The o-line coach better make this team an elite defense this year. No more excuses. He begged Andy to be DC and he looks over his head. With the talent on this D he has to produce

  • jarrett looks awful… Sit him down. I’m worried about juan again.. Asante’s gone and yet I still see too much zone.. I also see the same run plays busting through the same holes again.. The one play was the same play Stephen Jackson busted a 50 yd td against us in the first game of last season…

    same old ish

    I dont wanna see anymore of that…

  • Is Castillo giong to make Asmo live up to his hype or try to make a slow and small and overmatched Safety from Temple who should have never been drafted become good Pro;s.. Stop blaming Castillo, it’s time for these PLayers and everyone else on defense to put up or shut-up.. What did Ryans do.. very little..

  • Doe anyone want to gess on how many bubble routes will be run on Asmo all season long.. Teams will eat Asmo up by going right at him..

  • Re Jarrett. big difference playing the MAC COnference anda facing Toledo, Miami of Ohio, Eastern/Western Michigan, Bowling Green, Buffalo every Season and playing inthe NFL.. Every Draft Guru that I know and repsect had Jarrettt as a 5th Round Prospest at best and probably a Special Teamer and a back-p player in the NFL at the most.. Eagles took a flyer for they were desperate to fill a need and it was a wasted pick.. (think Teo Nesiham, Bryan Smith,Tony Hunt,Matt McCoy as recent examples of poor selections on players who were a reach and chosen for need rather than drafting based on the strength of the Draft Board)

  • Could Juan be the weak link?

  • What’sJuan ot to do with it.. Howany open miss tackles did the Eagles miss in the 1st half with their #1’s in there.. A dozen is probably too easy on them.. Is juan going to mkae NLF Pro Players better tacklers .. The Players need to step it up or replace them..

  • On the Steelers first TD.
    “I was supposed to be in the window of the slant,” Jarrett said. “That was all me. I was supposed to be the window in the slant.

    “No confusion. I should have been right there. I didn’t execute what I was supposed to execute.”
    – Jaiquawn Jarret
    Even Jarret knows who is at fault.

  • Paulman I thought I heard Juan stress the basics and last season had the team working on them, one of which is tackling. If a defensive coordinator can’t get his players to tackle then how effective is he. Ultimately if the players don’t execute you have to look further up the ladder.

  • Jarrett nerds to syart using his head and instincts.

    Any athlete or musician worth his salt will tell ypu that it os essential to adjust and improvise when things break down.

  • This site has serious problems. You post and see it appear in the posts and when you return it is gone. G this is very disturbing and has been going on for at least two weeks. The people or persons you have maintaining and working on the site have failed you. This post will likely be lost.

  • Guys it’s the 1st pre season game. Let’s pass judgement when the 2nd or 3rd game has been played. You barney’s need to start sounding more positive. Shit

  • Ok I’m going to make it simple

    Jarrett was a 5th round talent who the Eagles took in round 2

    He is NOT NFL starting material – maybe special teams but that’s the ceiling…

    What more do you expect?

  • Again the eagles will suffer against the run up the middle and the deep pass up the middle…..Ryan’s is a shellof his former self, the Texans knew he was not the same after his knee injury and the safeties are average……

  • Nhamdi excuses r gone going forward?

    Jaiquawn Jarrett – DB – Eagles
    Eagles 2011 second-round pick Jaiquawn Jarrett was demoted to the third-team defense as the team resumed training camp practice on Sunday.
    Jarrett missed tackles and took bad angles in the Eagles’ preseason opener, and this is likely the way the coaching staff is punishing him. The 54th overall pick in last year’s draft, Jarrett appears to be out of the hunt to start.
    Source: Jimmy Kempski on Twitter Aug 12 – 3:57 PM

  • I think Tom Nelson has been outplaying Jarrett all camp and will be the 4th Starter.. It comes down to Jarrett and Atogwe on who the 4th Safety will be.. I would not be surprised to Jarrett come up with some type of leg injury late in Pre-season where they IR him for the Seaons and too see if he can be ready to compete by 2013.. I just don’t see where Jarrett has the size,speed and now the “smarts” to play in the NFL.. He’s a pure bust in my opinion and time to cut the chord like it was with Teo Neisham in his 2nd Year.. No improvement, still can’t pick-up the playbook, cut the chord and move on..

  • Meant to say 4th Safety unless Atogwe is a complete bust in camp..

  • Eagles RCB Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field Monday following a thundering collision with S Nate Allen.
    Asomugha remained down for nearly five minutes before finally rising to his feet. He reportedly didn’t move his legs for “quite a while.” The Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News’ Les Bowen believes Asomugha likely suffered a concussion. We’ll know more soon.

  • Sorry to hear about and hope he is ok
    I am looking forward to see what young CB’s step up and take advantage of more reps with the #1 Defense. I have been impressed by Marsh and Lindley y so far this Camp from what I’ve seen and think they may surprise some by their physicality and agressiveness..

  • Good update hnsk..just heard on the radio it seems to be mild…saw some good things frm 24 at camp when I visited….and he did stick his nose in a run nicely against steelers .if its not youf fault s td hits in front of ya whatelse you want ghr guy to say?hope all the nagging injuries are good by week 2.

    I’m not reading to much into agent for Reid coming in…anyone else think his agents gotta be a lil smarter then that though?look for Reid to make a statement soon and how do we know the agent isnt just wanting to visit a guy who’s still grieving.

    Go green

  • Paul …btw marsh is a nice physical corner…saw him picking up some nice tacking angles as well up at Leigh.

  • WTF?!?!? Is this city jinxed, with all of these f^#@ing injures, to the Birds, Phils & Flyers? Just when we think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, something else happens. I’m sick of this $#!T!!!!

  • Anyone up for a chuckle?…..I give you Matt Miller lead draft writer and a microcosm of bleacher report staff journalistic credibility.


  • Car dont freak

    Looks like a false alarm car

    Eagles RCB Nnamdi Asomugha has no concussion symptoms, and is day-to-day.
    Asomugha escaped his scary collision with S Nate Allen with “just” a sore neck and lacerated lip. He may not play against the Patriots next Monday, but should be fine for Philadelphia’s third preseason game on August 24.
    Source: Reuben Frank on Twitter Aug 13 – 7:06 PM

  • mh, Thanks. Glad he is going to be okay.

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