• July 6, 2022

Here’s How I See The 53-Man Roster Right Now

There are still quite a few position battles going on for the Eagles, but here’s how I see the 53-man roster.  It’s sure to change because GM Howie Roseman is big on grabbing talent from the waiver wire.

Quarterbacks (3) – Michael Vick, Mike Kafka, Nick Foles

Michael Vick will benefit when the Eagles start game planning for their opponents.  I hope you’ve noticed over the years that Eagles quarterbacks play their best football here for Andy Reid and his staff.  Reid does a great job of putting his offensive players, especially his quarterbacks in position to succeed.

Mike Kafka is limited in this offense not because he doesn’t know it, but because of inability to throw the deep ball and zip it outside.  The third-year quarterback does know it like the back of his hand and he has the ability to get the ball out of his hands very quickly.  For that reason, he will keep his job although he’s done a great deal this training camp to keep it.

Nick Foles has been a pleasant surprise and is well ahead of where everybody thought he would be.

Running Backs (4) – LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Bryce Brown, Stanley Havili

LeSean McCoy will have less carriers and catch more passes this season.   Dion Lewis had an excellent training camp. Bryce Brown will get the job because he’s got a bigger upside than Chris Polk, who will play somewhere else in the NFL.  Fullback Stanley Havili is able to block, run and catches passes out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers (6) – DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Damaris Johnson, Marvin McNutt

This is all self-explanatory, but rookie Marvin McNutt could be here or he could get cut. Mardy Gilyard has a chance to catch McNutt if he outperforms him in the remaining preseason games.  Special teams play may put Gilyard over the top.

Tight Ends (2) – Brent Celek, Clay Harbor

Celek is going to be the key to this offense because he could develop into Vick’s safety valve.  Harbor had a good training camp and he needs to continue his improvement in the blocking area.  He will plenty of chances to catch the football in increased two-tight end sets.  Brett Brackett needs to improve his blocking.

Offensive Line (9)- Demetress Bell, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins, Todd Herremans, King Dunlap, Julian Vandervelde, Dennis Kelly, Unnamed athletic offensive tackle cut currently trying out for another team

Demetress Bell needs to step up his play in the remaining preseason games, but he’ll get his starting job back before the season begins.  Howard Mudd likes to get his guys attention.  Dennis Kelly has been playing guard for the Birds and Mudd likes him there.   For that reason the Eagles will pick up another athletic offensive tackle, after he gets cut from another NFL team.

Defensive Line (10) – Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Phillip Hunt, Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Cullen Jenkins, Mike Pattterson, Derek Landri, Fletcher Cox,  Cedric Thornton,

Graham and Hunt have outplayed Darryl Tapp during this training camp and preseason, but Tapp is good enough to get something for him in a trade.

Antonio Dixon is a very good tackle but he doesn’t fit in this scheme where defensive line coach Jim Washburn wants quickness and athleticism oversize and power.  That’s the reason Cedric Thornton gets the nod over Dixon, who is good enough to get something for him in a trade.

Linebackers (6) – DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, Brian Rolle, Casey Matthews, Jamar Chaney, Akeem Jordan

Ryans is slated to be a three-down linebacker, but there’s no guarantee that he will continue to be a nickel linebacker.  Chaney still has a chance to get some playing time in regular and nickel situations.

Cornerbacks (6) – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Nnamdi Asomugha, Curtis Marsh, Brandon Boykin, Joselio Hanson, Brandon Hughes

Marsh hasn’t been impressive, so I could see Brandon Hughes being kept around in case.  They don’t have much depth at the cornerback position.  Hanson can’t play outside and Boykin is a rookie.

Safeties (4) – Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, O.J. Atogwe,  Colt Anderson

Atogwe is starting to show improvement and getting more comfortable in the coverages.  Jaiquawn Jarrett just isn’t getting the job done and he’s showing no signs of improvement.  This could change based on who gets released around the league.

Special Teams (3) Alex Henery, Matt McBriar, Jon Dorebos

McBriar has a much better track record than Chas Henry.


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  • Some Good Picks G-Man
    Here are Paulmans 53 Man Roster as of today

    Special Teams (3 Players) Henerey, McBriar, & Donebros

    Offense – (24 Players)
    QB (3) – Vick, Edwards & Foles
    RB (3) – McCoy,Lewis, Bryce BRown
    FB (1) – Emil Igwenagu
    WR (6) – D-Jax,Maclin,Avant,Cooper,D Johnson,McNutt
    TE (2) – Celek,Harbor
    OL (9) – Bell,Mathis,Kelce,Watkins,Herremans as Starters, Dunlap,Gibson,Vandervelde,Kelly

    Defense (26 Players)
    DE (5) – Cole,Babin,Graham,Hunt & Curry (Tapp Traded as I have stated all Summer long)
    DT (5) – Jenkins,Cox,DIxon,Thornton & Landri (Patterson remain PUP List)
    LB (6) – Ryans,Kendricks,Rolle,Cheney,Matthews & A Jordan (though I would not be surprsied to see a LB picked up from Waivers)
    CB (6) – Asmo, DRC, Hanson,Boykin,Marsh & Lindley
    Safety (4) – Allen,Coleman,Atogwe & Tom Nelson (Colt Anderson on PUP list and Jarrett released)

    Practice Squad

    RB Polk, FB Havilli, OL Dallas Reynolds, TE Brackett , WR J Hamler,
    LB R Rau , DE Monte Taylor, CB Cliff HArris & DB Wade Bonner

    • Edwards over Kafka? Igwenagu over Havali? McNutt, Lindsey, Nelson? Really? Bet you will crow if you get one of these right.

    • Nice List Paul. We have to find a better backup to Ryans than Casey Matthews, have you heard any chance of Beason being cut?

    • Trevard Lindley will not make this team Period. Both, Cliff Harris, and Wade Bonner, are much more talented than he is.

      But overall, I do like the roster Paul!!

      I absolutely feel thatwe have to find a better back up to Ryans than Casy Matthews, C’mon are you kidding me, he sucks he can’t play that position in the NFL.

      Have you heard anything about the chances of Beason being cut by the Panthers?

  • Players that will make the 53 man roster and play significant minutes and shouldn’t because they are below average : Rolle, Allen, Jarrett, Graham, Patterson, Hanson, Avant, Watkins, Dunlap, Harbour, & Kafka. These players are worth a loss a piece and will prevent the Eagles from making the playoffs. The longer they are on the field; the more potential for disastrous plays. I haven’t seen Bell or Ryans play more than a quarter this preseason but there is reason for concern after that quarter. I see no improvement over last season — Juan Castillo’s continued employment is the reason Andy Reid should be fired by week 9.

  • Matthews is a liability at linebacker,

  • This site sucks big time and has been screwed up for a long time. Posts are not showing up. Whoever designed and maintains this site is a light weight.

  • @BigE — Casey Matthews rightfully was removed from the field last year but Jarred Page & Moise Fokou were just as bad and it took 7 games for Juan to pull the plug on them 2 also
    @Big E – try a different browser and/or update your java

  • LOL…How many games have we played so far ? No how many snaps have the starters played ?
    “Juan Castillo’s continued employment is the reason Andy Reid should be fired by week 9.” ( would if we are 7-2 / 8-1 / 9-0 )?

    I mean if we look shitty after some extended play then we can have a discussion but right now I don’t think is smart to make such bold statements

  • @GottaLuv It–I understand my pessimism is bringing a black cloud, sorry
    2009 Donovan McNabb fall guy
    2010 Sean McDermott fall guy
    2011 Joe Banner fall guy
    2012 ???????? I know it won’t be Jeff Lurie
    The only thing that saves Andy Reid’s job & keeps this status quo regime is a home playoff win

  • Vick has the most years of experience on the Eagles roster, 11.
    He lacks natural quarterback skills. He has a gun for an arm and is quick, but he telegraphs his throws, is way too anxious in the pocket, seems to not read defenses well. For 11 years of experience he has grown very little as a QB.

  • Just a matter of time now, the eagles will finally realize the mistake of signing Vick, if it ever was their decision, then a new, unprecedented era of quarterback for the eagles in the modern era, a big, strong, tough, no excuse making, down the field throwing, leader, a real quarterback nick foles, finally, thank you

  • Saw 2 very good back-up LB’s playing for the Panthers last evening who may not make their 53 MAn Rosters … MLB John PHillips and OLB Mike Williams,
    keep an eyye on these players come Release Time…
    I can see a trade with teh Eagles & Panthers with DE Darryl Tapp or DT Antonio Dixon to the PAnthers for on of these LB’s and a late Round Draft Pick
    Panthers have LB’s Beason,Anderson,Kuechly, Thomas Davis, Jordan Senn are locks to make their Roster and the Eagles still need at least 1 more LB to add to their’s in opinion..

  • I don’t see how Havili makes the team unless he blocks a lot better than I’ve seen. If they need a fullback that bad they can probably find one on the street.

  • Haven’t been on this site for a while due to all the screwed up stuff that was going on with it…
    Paulman, what is your honest opinion on Greg Olsen this year for fantasy? I haven’t been able to catch them play much or read what the local sports media is saying about him and NEwton…I like him as a solid player instead of spending big on RG and JG (auction draft). Is like 70 catches 7-800 yards 10 Tds too much to ask for?

    In regard to the Birds, I would actually like to see Gilyard make the team over Cooper. Cooper has shown me nothing over the years and keeping him just for the sake of being our own draft pick is stupid to me. Dude had his chance to show up and he didn’t…I would like to see as much new blood on this team as possible from last year debacle. I still don’t know why we don sign Plax either. Not a big Avant guy, never was, always thought he was overrated when people say he has the best hands blah blah blah. The passing game struggled in the redzone so why not get a guy who plays his best there..Give Vick that tall ass receiver he needs down there. I mean we have plenty of money and he wouldn’t cost much at all. I know the guy has bad ankles but again he wouldn’t have to play much, only 10-15 snaps a game.

  • Watched some very good back-up LB’s last evening from the Arizona Cardinals who probably won’t make their 53 Man Roster since they have some real quality depth at the position.. Players like Sturdivent,Schofield,Walker & Groves were all over the field with their 2nd/3rd Units.. Cardinals did lose LT Levi Brown for the Season and are in dire need of a LT.. Maybe a Dunlap, DJ Jones or Tom Welch from the Eagles in a Trade for their of LB’s

  • The NY Giants looked very good ast night with their Starters just manhandling the JEt’s Starters.. They hav a better Defense with the return of some injured players from last years.. Their LB corp is much improved and they has be Best Safety Tandem in the NFC East bar none… Eagles Offense will struggle to match up with their Front & and allow Vick to have enough time to work on their CB’s.. The Giants are the Team to best in the NFC EAST in my opinion.. The Cowboys and Skins are not very good Teams at this point.. Cowboys OL is terrible

  • Eagles0superbowls, short of a 5-11 season, there is NO WAY Lurie fires Andy! Would you fire a man who has made you millions of dollars, is viewed as a hall of fame coach by his peers, and is a personal friend? You need to see the situation as it is and not as to the philly press and some of the more naive fans would like to happen.

  • I wish the Eagles would have hired Coughlin as Head Coach…we would have had a SB by now and Juan Castillo definately would not be our D coordinator.

    I didn’t see any carry over from the last 4 games last preseason since they like to talk about the last 4 games……The 1st team on both sides of the ball looked like the same team that started out 1-4…..Juan Castillo is a damn Bum and Reid will never beat the top Coaches in the league like Coughlin.

  • DixieFan –Jeff Lurie just publically denied Coach Reid a contract extension and rebuffed his agent’s claim that Andy Reid will decide when his time with the Eagles will end. The magnified glass is on Coach Reid. They replaced the starting QB, Defensive Coordinator, General Manager, & Team President in the last 3 years. There are no more chairs on the deck to shuffle.

  • I have stated all off season that Trevard Lindley, and is a flat out bum, and will NOT make this team. Both Cliff Harris, and Wade Bonner have way more talent.

  • overall, I do like the roster Paul!!

    I absolutely feel tha twe have to find a better back up to Ryans than Casy Matthews, C’mon are you kidding me, he sucks he can’t play that position in the NFL.

    Have you heard anything about the chances of Beason being cut by the Panthers?

  • No on Beason, he’s not going anywhere
    Their Starting LB Corp is James Anderson, Jon Beason and Luke Kuechly who has been a stud in Camp and in both Pre-Season Games.. This guy is a flat out player and will probably replace Beason come next Season as MIddle, Right now they have Kuechly on the outside. Their Top Back-ups are Thomas Davis, Jordan Senn,Mike Willams and John Phillips
    The Panthers Need some Help at DT and CB on Defense but their Offense is realyl dyanmic and will be more consistent than the Eagles.. I think the Panthers beat the Eagles 6 out 10 times due to a deep RB Corps,Better TE’s and Better LB’s. Panther WR Steve Smith is still the toughest player (pound for pound) in the NFL and would run roughshod over the timid Asmo and DRC..

  • James Anderson is a DE, and plays like Trent Cole on the right side? Luke Kuchley plays right behind him in their base offense.

  • Eagles0Superbowls,
    Your thinking of DE Charles Johnson of the Panthers, James Anderson is an OLB for the Panthers and a very good one who has played at Pro- Bowl Leve the last 2 Seasons and if he played on a better team would hear a lot more about him.. He’s an excelled tackler and cover guy and get’s off blocks quickly which has been the Eagles LB Corps biggest problem collectively for the last few seasons..

  • Opps, Paulman I stand corrected —# 95 is Charles Johnson —

  • Buffalo BIlls released LB Shawn Merriman today.. I don’t think he has must left in the tank.. If he;s Healthy and is used strictly as a Pass-Rushing Blitzer in Nickle Packages, he could probably still make plays for someone..

  • No Brady gronk Lloyd Hernandez or welker tonight.

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