• January 25, 2022

Eagles Defensive Challenge Will Be Getting Off The Field Versus Brady

Tonight’s game will be a challenge for the Eagles defense to see if they can get off the field on third down.  The performance against Pittsburgh was terrible with all of the missed tackles and assignments. The Eagles first team defense was one for six on third downs.  That’s not winning football.

Getting off the field on third down will be especially difficult versus Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and the rest of the talented New England offense.   First of all they do a great job reading what coverage you’re in then they make the proper adjustment at breakneck speed.

At times I feel that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo forgets that his main job is that of a strategist.  During a game, coaching players technique are for the position coaches.  The former offensive line coach is supposed to focused on playing the chess game with the opposing defensive coordinator.

Castillo knows he’s not going to fool Brady, so they’ve got to do a much better job of being sound in their assignments and tackling, no more blown coverages. The defensive line will likely put some pressure on Brady, but he makes his reads so quickly and gets rid of the football at such speed, that it’s unlikely the pass rush will be able to throw him off his game, unless it’s in his face.

The key will pressure up the middle from the tackles.  Brady likes to execute his quick drop, set his feet, then get rid of the ball.  he doesn’t like to move off his spot once he sets his feet.  I would try to play a man defense with press technique by the corners to make him hold the ball and try to get some pressure in his face.  Jim Washburn stresses getting penetration, so we’ll see if defensive tackles can make Brady move off his spot tonight.

You can blitz him, but you don’t want to come with all out blitzes because he can beat you for the big play.  I would use a zone blitz or two to sneak a hit on him and give up a pass to the flat in order to get some pressure on him, if necessary.

We will get a chance to see how far along Castillo and his defense are in regards to being ready for the regular season.  I want to see the safeties, Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman disguise the coverages and move around back there just before the snap.

The nickel corners, Joselio Hanson and Brandon Boykin, will be challenged with trying to cover Welker.  I’ll be interested in seeing if Boykin can make a move on Hanson by making a few plays tonight.

I’m interested in seeing how the linebackers play, starting with DeMeco Ryans.  He’s going to find himself running with the tight ends and having to make some open field tackles.  We will get a look at Ryans speed versus the Patriots tight ends.  We’ll see if  he really belongs in there on third down.

Rookie Mychal Kendricks should be up to the task with his speed, but he needs to cut down on mistakes.  We’re sure to see Brady go play action pass and look to one of the tight ends, who are likely to be in Kendricks’ coverage.

I don’t see how they could ask 5’9″ linebacker Brian Rolle to cover the 6’7″ Gronkowski, but it may happen. Rolle needs to make some plays to show he belongs out there.  The undersized backer must use his speed to get off blocks and not get swallowed up by the offensive linemen.

All the linebackers, Ryans, Kendricks and Rolle need to play better than they did against the Steelers.  The pressure will be on them as they deal with the Patriots outstanding tight ends, Gronkowski and Hernandez.


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  • I’ll be looking at the first team competition especially…..and i don’t want to hear excuses about vanilla packages, not showing your hand in preseason garbage.

    Every team is using soft packages while protecting their playbook for the season but man on man shows what team is better, period.

    Juan Castillo Defense up against the great mind of belicheck…that’s what I’m keeping my focus on here.

    I already know this Eagles team can bet doormats, but to be the best you must beat the best.

    This game will let us know if Juan Castillo learned anything from the last time we played them in the regular season (We got our asses handed to us)

    Will Brady methodically go up and down the field like last year’s pounding against our “Golden Standard”?

    Another person to kkeep your eyes on fellas….NATE ALLEN

    Brady looked that bum at of position regularly.

    Will Nate Allen bite the fakes and look offs?

    If so, cut his ass..We should have signed “Yeremiah”…Can Boykin play Safety?

    3rd Demeco Ryan

    It doesn’t take a season to learn to play MLB in a new system.

    “Especially for a veteran”

    I told you guys when he was signed walking the novacare that there was a clear limp in his step.

    If this guy can’t tackle or recover after being out of position on a play, we need to get him the hell outta here and move Chaney to the middle, put Kendricks at WILL (The position he’ll excel in after Juan help lose winnable games in the first quarter of the season by playing him out of position)

    We need a SAM linebacker to solidify this linebacking corp

  • Good article – I’m excited to watch tonight’s game and will be looking forward to seeing how the Birds perform and will take notice of GCobb’s pinpoints in this article while watching

  • Tonight’s First Half of Football will be the most intense and important 30 minutes of Football they will play until the 1st game of the Regular Season..
    The Final 2 Pre-Season games will be dress-rehearsal, back-ups and the bottom of the Roster players to get an opportunity to get some positive fils of themselves.. I think we will know a whole lot more about this Eagle Football Teams and what they have to work on as a Team to be a legitimate Playoff Contendor.. I’ve watched quite a bot of Preseason Games and was not impressed with the Eagles Starters last week, it’s time to put up and move the ball as an Offense and start making some plays down the field..Defensively, they have to cover and tackle 100% better if they are are going to slow down some of these high-powered Offenses in the NFC come this Season.. I look at the Giants,Packers,Bears,Falcons,Saints,Panthers,Lions moving the ball at will versus what the Eagles showed last week.. yes Sacks are nice, but 3 & Outs are better, getting off the field on 3rd Down is better, sure open field tackling is better, protecting the middle of the field is better and these are all areas the Eagles Defense must improve if they want to be a Playoff Team..

  • geez – drama queens out if full freakin force today – between Songs and GCObb they step on each others pee-pees so often its like they almost enjoy it – first the gibbersih about Castillo and strategizing and matching up ahgainst great minds – then the one liner – get pressure up the middle and make him move once he sets his feet – so which is it strategize against a team that makes changes on the fly or disrupt brady with pressure up the middle???? hmm….

    this is why I am completely convinced Songs is really Gcobb writing nonsensical gibberish that would make a political ‘pundit’ blush its so baseless –

    it is still – no matter how you write it, cut it, slice it or dice it, a meaningless pre-season game

    Songs if all your bullshit about beat the best were true – guess you are thrilled we beat Pittsburg last week – me – I still think it was a meaningless pre-season game – just glad few injuries – but I digress – this game will show nothing – zero zilch nada – and only an idiot thsat knows nothing about football would read more into it then that –

    pre-season is all about deciding positions.. nothing more, nothing less – no matter how hard you wish it, want it or hope it will be – it is still menaingless – used to be 6 of them – then to 4 – many folks want it down to 2 –

  • I don’t know G,
    I know its just preseason and all but even so I am a little nervous. I didn’t like what I saw last week from the starters on either side of the ball. Like you, I am hoping to see some sort of consistency tonite especially with some of the things you mentioned such as: completing third downs, moving the ball down the field and less mistakes on the Defensive side of the ball with missed tackles and assignments.

  • Paulman I absolutely agree.

  • All I know is i the Eagles #1 Starters on Offense struggle again tonight, then I will have some concernes about them as a Unit moving forward regardless of all the “talent & speed” that they possess…WHo makes the tough catches in traffic, or the big block on short-yardage situations.. Remember the Patriots Offense and QB Tom Brady looked very lackluster in their 1st Pre-season game also with 3-4 new WR’s and 2-3 RB’s so their Starters will play a half also which should make for a interested 1st Half of Football ..

  • Navy?

    Pittsburgh’s first team kicked our asses up and down the field and the game would have probably be a shutout if it was regular season.

    I’m not looking at the preseason win or lose column so you can chuck it.

    We all knew looking at preseason games that Kolb was a scared bum!

    What is he?

    A damn scared bum!

    We knew our safeties and linebackers with Matthews were bums by looking at the preseason.

    That didn’t change when the season began….Remember?

    So, we’re not looking at the win column, but what our first team players do against theirs, and I’m sure the coaches on the Eagles are looking that too.

    If not, why have preseason games?

    Back to my original premise.

    If Juan Castillo looks lost and our defense gets it’s ass handed to them we need to fire him before another wasted season.

    “PASTE IT”

  • No Brady gronk Lloyd Hernandez or welker tonight. Some challenge.

  • This is pathetic..Belicheck have so little respect for our team that he’s playing his scrubs to evaluate his back ups.

    well, the Eagles will do wonderfully against scrubs and this game is meaningless if we’re looking to chart our progress against a team that kicked our asses up and down the field last season.

  • Gonna be ugly in Philly if we lose to backups. I got by bets on eagles -3 1st half and -3 for the game.

  • Another thing…I believe if the Eagles had Keenan Clayton lose about 10 pounds to take the SS spot he would be worse than the wasted 2nd round pick Jarrett.

    That’s another monumental waste of talent we can be using to help a weak group of safeties.

    And why does Matthews still have a roster spot a linebacker again?

  • Why are we throwing on 3rd and 2. The defensive can’t get off the field as Mallet burns them. Why is castillo our D-coord again? CRAAAAAP!!!!!

  • Boy, Belicheck is the truth…. Those Coaches directly from the Parcells tree destroy the Eagles every time.

    They rested there starters and still are punishing the hell outta our squad…preseason huh?

  • Isn’t it time to say the Vick experiment was a failure? Injury prone, not smart! enough is enough… I’m a big AR fan but what a terrible decision to go with number 7

  • Another thing….Danny Watkins is garbage!

    Another wasted 1st rounder.

  • This coach and QB have to go. I know its just 2 preseason games but this Patriot defense sucks you have 2 WR that run a 4.4 and you cant get them the ball. QB is made of glass. Rookie mistakes by COX bad play calling by Andy Reid.

  • Vick sucks cock, kills dogs and loses football games

  • New England Starters are in street clothes guys!

    But don’t worry..like Navy said.

    It’s only preseason and Vick’s Ribs are not really hurting right now.

    Juan Castillo’s defense still looks like he’s learning on the job..

    But don’t worry…..We can win a SB this year with him calling the defense.

  • Juan Castillo with bad play calling. I think the Eagles will finish last in the division this year.

  • This team will go nowhere until we get a competent defensive coordinator and replacements at both safety positions.

  • By the way..that was Kendricks burned on the 1st TD.

    He is not a SAM linebacker…he will be a good MLB or WILL….But Castillo first day put him at SAM….the one position you can not put a short LB against big TE’s in the red zone…But Juan is reinventing the position.

  • GOnna need a qb too songs. Eagles under 10 wins Ez money. Wow Cullen and Reid going at it. Reid is a goner TNT the end of this year.

  • This team will go no where unless Foles is the starter.

  • Sorry boys, no surprises yet. SOSDD

  • A embarrassing game for Andy, Juan, Vick, Desean and the list goes on. Id rather watch the Colts this year.

  • Why is Shady still in the game? I have complete confidence that he could sit on a couch for the next couple weeks and still rush for 100 plus come sunday against cleveland.

    This is tough to watch though, even its preseason. some of these Pats players wont even be in the nfl come week 1.

    And Vick is the most fragile player I have ever seen play in my life. Seriously it is nauseating to watch him get taken to the locker room on a regular basis, can’t even make it through the 1st quarters in preseason games.How in the hell is he going to make it through a 16 game regular season?

    Maybe one of the dumbest too. What is the point of running around like that to just get blasted in the preseason…as soon as he saw Love bust through just throw the ball away or go down yourself and live for the next play. why is it so difficult for him to grasp that..

  • Don’t know if this is good or bad but starters will prob play game 3 or the preseason.

  • the special teams look good…….but the offense have not shown they can drive the length of the field against scrubs and the defense is not ready to go against high powered offenses in the league.

  • Is it just me or does Foles seem to have much more poise and pocket presence than Vick? Vick could learn something from the rookie since he is the one making the rookie mistakes still at this point in his career..

  • By the way..Hunt is better than the wasted 1st rounder we traded up to get last year.

  • Foles is good though…Cut Kafka and get Mcnabb in.

  • Nice tackle by DeSean…

  • probably should cut vick

  • mhenski..I kinda agree at this point. Foles have a great upside and Vick is showing a consistent play of getting injured.

    Since we’re not going to do anything with Juan as the D Coordinator anyway, I would use this season to give Foles a chance to show his worth to solidify this offense for the foreseeable future.

  • You IDIOTS never cease to amaze me. Just shutup. You know nothing about football.

  • Gotta say, given his time in the NFL, Foles is doing a very nice job. So far, he looks promising.

  • I wouldn’t start Foles. I’d cut Vick, save face and act like u care about winning and sign mcnabb and once mcnabb blows up then Foles. It has 0% of happening because that would mean people would have to admit Vick sucks admit mcnabb is stIll better then Vick and would cost Reid his job.

    I dont see anyway reid is here next year unless they go away from Vick early Eagles season is a success if they win 8 games in my opinion.

    Nhandi fail
    Wide nine major fail
    Vick major fail
    Castillo seriously ? That was by far the worst move I ever saw no exaggeration at all.
    This team really is a joke.
    Got everything but a good qb, good defense and good coaching staff

  • The results say reid was only succesful when Jim Johnson was coaching.

  • Birdo if you think Vick is a starting caliber qb and if you want him as your qb you have not only no clue about football you have no clue about anything at all because you have trisomy.

  • songs – you are such a whiney fuck stick – even when the eagles win, you take the first 15 minutes of a game and act like a three year old that can’t have ice cream – its pre-season asshole – you can;t have it both ways,you can;t bitch moan gripe and complain when things are not going well and then when things go well scream ‘it doesn;t matter’ – oh I forgot – your the idiot that ‘doesn’t count’ games you don;t think should count – hey did you read about the Director Scott that realized he was agoner and just saved everyone the trouble and jumped off the bridge – do us all a favor asshat –

    ‘punishing’ more like 16 penalties – but hey – your a fuckin moron

  • wow – songs brought all his sister’s to the pissing party tonight – we did win right? sorry – you read this blog you would swear we got blown out..

    the second preseason game – go back and read the posts –

    hey songs – why don;t you get ‘real’ why is it the O moves with Foles as QB but not Vick?????? Notice how Foles had the ability to throw the ball away? Underthrew Maclin right before half – but maybe the issue is Vick??

  • I’m throwing the towel in already this year fellas. I’ve wasted year after year half doing my school assignments (still making good grades though) while hoping for a lombardi. Vick is as fragile as “glass joe”, Andys playcalling is still predictable and I’m tired of this west coast offense; and Juan Castillo is atrocious as a defensive coordinator. My MedSurg clinicals start wednesday and it’s time to let this false hope of us winning anything go. I’ve wasted countless hours hoping we’ll win so,ething and it’s time to concentrate on my work at hand and just check up on the score on Sunday’s. To all my true eagle fans I became friends with while blogging here on GCobb, keep ya head up and Fly Eagles Fly! To all the “fake bandwagon hop-on” fake eagles fan who really hate our playmakers because of who they are as people, screw you phonies and I hope you stay pissed suckas!!!!!!!

    If we make the playoffs I might check back in, then again I might not, I got a lot of serious Med work to do and I ain’t about to blow this opportunity wasting countless hours on this team for the same ol’ same ol’. Until then…Peace, and “FLY EAGLES FLY”!!!!!!!!!!

  • I cant say the issue is vick.. but he keeps getting hurt wtf…hes gotta get rid of the ball sooner when vicks in the game they always call super deep pass plays thats part of the reason vick gets killed..

  • Where is Juan? Coach Reid in a big screaming match – Where was Juan? Coach Reid upset about foolish penalties. Decided to yell at the Defensive Line, where was Juan? How come Juan not upset about penalties? Coach Reid nose to nose with Cullen Jenkins, where was Juan? Jim Washburn has to separate Reid and Jenkins, where was Juan? Coach then yells at Jim Washburn, where was Juan? Why didn’t Andy Reid go to yell at Juan? How come Juan didn’t feel the need to yell at DL, Cullen Jenkins, or Jim Washburn? Where is Juan?

  • its amazing what a qb that can see over his oline can do in the red zone. hmmm.

    if andy wants to be here next year foles needs to start because then expectations can be real. people hype 7 way too much! 6’6″ 240 with a big arm has so much potential for the next decade if he can prove to be the guy. would rather know before a new coach comes in and wants “his guy”

  • What did we learn tonight?

    1 – Vick stinks. I don;t know how else you can coat this. He was 1 for 3. H looked like a complete buffoon on the play he got hurt. Regardless of the fact that he took too long, he needs to be lambasted for the ridiculous off the back foot heave to no-one just before he got hit, SO bad. So first year amateur. He’s terrible.

    2 – Foles looks very promising.18 of 28. That’s a solid 64%. 2 passes were terrible drops and 2 were intentionally thrown OB. So those are nice numbers. 2 mistakes. The bad throw to end the half, and a late out that was almost picked. But on the positive side….how nice was it to see him throw ahead of guys who only had a half step on their defenders, but the ball was put in front of the receiver and was caught. These are throws McNabb or Vick never made/make as they seem to have to wait till a guy is 3 yrds open before they throw the ball. Foles already seems to understand the “throw your WRs open” concept already. $$$

    3 – Andy Reid still doesn;t understand timeouts. End of game. Eagles up 7. Ball on the 4. Time running down and with one second left Reid takes a timeout. Why?????????????????????? This makes absolutely no snese. Take the delay of game penalty and its a 26 yrd fg instead of the 21 yrd fg. Statistically irrelevant. Both are easy kicks, and yet you’re left with 3 timeouts instead of the 2 the Bords. I know most peeps might be “you’re clutching at straws” because the game was over, but this move really pissed me off. There was no need for that TO and I think stupid decisions like that come back to haunt Andy in the playoffs.

    4 – The D is still inconsistent. Somethimes they look great. Love the effort in the run game. Frustrated by early burns with screen passes. This has been happening since ’73 it seems. Pass rush looks devastation. WIthout referee assistance, the Birds might have pitched a shut out into the 2nd or later….though against NE scrubs.

    Overall……excited. Foles looking $$ eclipes all other concerns.

  • LMAO… Man I ain’t got the strength
    But I will say this ….
    Once the train leaves the station… I’m not letting a lot of you back on

  • …and the QB controversy has officially begun.

    Foles is good, but Foles is not ready to start. If he does start he could very well be in Trent Edward’s shoes a few short years from now. To compare Foles (with 2 partial pre-season games under his belt) to Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick wreaks of…bias and desperation.

    I just checked in because I think the Eagles need to bring in Shawne Merriman. Irrespective of the fact that he’s been developed as a 3-4 outside pass rushing LB he’s still a LB that’s had to play in coverage and covered TEs effectively as I recall when he had to. Getting Mychal Kendricks into that WILL spot and sizing up the LB corps.should be priority #1.

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