• July 5, 2022

Andy Reid: Starters Not Playing On Thursday

Earlier today Eagles head coach Andy Reid gave the run down on who would play and who wouldn’t play.  He started out by telling us that the starters wouldn’t play in the game on Thursday night.

Injuries will sideline Nate Allen, Jason Babin, Riley Cooper, and Casey Matthews,

Quarterback Nick Foles will start the game at quarterback and play the first quarter.  Veteran quarterback Trent Edwards will take over in the second quarter and play the rest of the game.

Demetress Bell will start at left tackle and continue his goal of reclaiming his starting position.

Fullback Stanley Havili won’t play on Thursday.  Reid repeated what he has said previously during the camp, Havili is the team’s starting fullback.

Eagles defensive end Darryl Tapp won’t play on Thursday.  You could take that as a vote of confidence in Tapp.

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and Derek Landri won’t play.  Landri has been starting all preseason at the defensive tackle spot with Cullen Jenkins.  It wasn’t any surprise that these two defensive tackles

Antonio Dixon and Cedric Thornton will play on Thursday night.  They’ll be rotating in and out of the lineup.  They’re still competing to make this football team.

Akeem Jordan who just was promoted to the starting Will linebacker position will play a few series which is understandable.  Jordan needs some reps with the season right around the corner.

Starting nickel back Joselio Hanson won’t play on Thursday.  Hanson will be the starting nickel back in the first game of the season against the Browns.  Brandon Boykin will back him up and should Hanson struggle, the rookie will likely get the chance to step in there.

Veteran safety Oshiomogho Atogwe will play against the Jets.  He needs to play well if he wants to make the football team.  Atogwe has missed quite a bit of practice time and he’s also played very little in the preseason.


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  • Darrly Tapp won’t play for his trade will be announced on Friday and no sense in him getting injured..

  • I will give all birds fans the best reason for Foles to start….

    Matt Barkley

    Yep we find out this year if we need a franchise qb or not.. Also the future of andy reid. If he can not make a deep playoff run with the Foles who cares because (and I hope I eat these words) Vick will never win a superbowl for the Eagles.

  • I want to start this by saying I am not a vick fan, not because of the dog stuff, but because I was never a fan before he was an eagle. He is growing on me a bit, but this is an unbiased statement.

    Vick has not even started 25 games yet as an eagle, granted that is mostly due to him getting injured, but he is a different player now than he was 3 years ago. To sit there and say that the eagles have a better chance to win a superbowl with matt barkley goes down as one of the dumbest things I have ever read… no offense.

    You think that somehow they can get high enough to draft him, and that this team will stay in tact the way it is long enough for him to get up the speed and play? or do you think that year 1 he will win a superbowl ? either one of those assumptions is insanity.

    If vick can play 13-14 games this year, and foles can hold the wagon steady the games that vick will miss, there is no reason this team… or next years version can win a superbowl. Now everyone will say “they are starting akeem jordan, the left tackle, safety, nmandi, blah blah blah”… truth is there is no perfect team in the NFL, not 1, not the pats, packers, niners, anyone… the eagles have just as many flaws as other teams…

    yet everyone wants everyone to go and get rid of coaches and players, for less qualified coaches and players… let the damn season start before you throw people off the team

  • How is he different from 3 years ago? From 5?

    Here’s an interesting look

    w l comp att % yrds td int fumbles yrds/att yrds/comp
    8 6 231 421 54.9 2936 16 8 9 7 12.7
    7 6 253 423 59% 3300 18 14 10 7.8 13.1

    Yup…sure is a “different player” than he was…..though this isn’t from 3 years ago…its from 9 years ago…thats 2002 vs 2011…..and what do we see….minor improvements in % (though leage avg in this area increased by just as much if not more), minor improvements in yrds, and worse in turnovers.

    Now that’s the kind of improvement yoyu’re looking for over a decade!

  • Lets say Vick plays 13 games…and matches his starting record over the past 2 years.625)

    That gets us to 8 and 5. What do you expect our rook to do over the other 3? 1-2 seems reasonable for a rookie.

    9-7 and spinning wheels….and that’s pretty much best case scenario….

    Now….what if we look at Vicks record over the past full “season”. His last 16 games as a starter (that takes out his silly little aborration of a run when the league miscalculated his speed)

    Over the last 16 he’s 9-7 as a starter, or (.560). Continue that trend (I think very feasable) and we’re 7-6 in his 13 starts. 1-2 under the rook and we finish up 8-8

    And the wheels keep spinning.

    We’re going nowhere with Vick at the helm

  • Tapp to Colts bringing back Winston Justice, Paulman?

  • Tapp is not a good fit for the COlts who are now running a 3-4 Defense and have 3 Good DE’s (Freeny,Mathis and a young players whose name escapes me right now)
    Tapp would best fit a 4-3 Scheme.. I see the Panthers,Vikings and even the Patriots as a potenial landing spots for him.. both the Panthers and PAtriots have good LB depth, maybe the Eagles could get a decent LB or Safety in return

  • Good stuff PMan…
    A decent safety is something I would def agree with…I doubt that we could get a LB of better caliber than the one’s we have right now, starters or backups…But if we can, that would be a good look.
    I read an article where Tapp for Justice was mentioned. I am a little concerned about the LT position. But I have’t heard Dunlap’s name much, as an O Linemen that is normally a good thing.

  • Besides, WJ is the Starting RT for the Colts who don’t have a lot of Depth on their OL and they are counting and need him since the 2nd Year player from VIllanova they Drafted last yaer is out ofr the Season (Iljanna I believe)

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