• June 25, 2022

Maclin And Dunlap Sit Out Of Practice

Eagles head coach Andy Reid said Jeremy Maclin had a good day yesterday in his recovery from the hip flexor he suffered on Sunday, but Maclin didn’t practice today and neither did starting left tackle King Dunlap, who sprained his hamstring in the Baltimore game.

Both Maclin and Dunlap are day to day and their status is up in the air with regards to whether they’re going to play or not on Sunday.  According to Andy Reid, Maclin has a better chance of playing than Dunlap.

Former Buffalo Bill Demetress Bell will likely start in Dunlap’s place at the left tackle position.  He was brought in here to play that position, so we’ll get the chance to see him in action.

I think offensive line coach Howard Mudd has decided to back off of Bell and allow him to play the position in whatever way he needs to in order to be successful.  During training camp, Mudd insisted that Bell play the position the way he wanted him to do by attacking the defensive ends.

I don’t think the Birds want to have Dunlap starting at that left tackle spot if they can help it.  The entire offensive line will get a serious test this week against the Cards because their strength is their defense and especially their defensive front.


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  • Another injury to the O line on Sunday would be a disaster

  • DE Calias Campbell on LT Bell and DT Darnell Docket over Center Dallas Reynolds spells big trouble for Eagles Offense and QB Vick. This may be an ugly Offensive showing if the Birds don’t start fast and get some early points to put more pressure on Cards QB Kolb. I expect a knock down slugfest and a low scoring game in the teens by both Teams. Special Teams (FG and Punting will be huge ) and probably determine the Winner. Eagles need more from their Return game and coverage teams then we have seen thus far this season to pull out a Victory on the Road

  • Poor Jeremy Maclin too who just can’t seem to stay healthy on a consistent basis. Eagles need Another or 2 to step up, maybe TE Harbor or Gilyard

  • Maclin is playing through the pain and you gotta like that. And he’s performing like the first round pick he was a few years back. Great grab from Vick on Sunday for the td. Not many q’s if any have the touch and arm strength to get that ball there.

    Reynolds held up against what i consider the best d-tackle in football. However Haloti was pretty gassed by that point.As much as i like the Cards defense I dont think they’ve seen an offense with the ability to attack from every spot. Dont give me the Pat either. There rungame is not on the level with ours.

    Revenge factor this week. Desean has a huge game.ALook for Celek to get some catchs to the tune of 75 yards. Maybe this is Mikes blow up game…no turnovers and 375 plus?

    Cards are pedestrian on offense and all of you know it.Fitz can be shutdown by a corner like Nmandi and DRC is playing Allpro ball. Impressed with Allens fudamentals at this point.Coleman is still out ofposition at times but he’ll start to pick it up.

    We have the best pass defense in football.Who’s better?

  • It already is a disaster vick was getting hit on every single play after kelce went out.. this isnt good …luckily vick can run..

  • Kelce is a very good center and I hate to see him hurt, but Reynolds may be fine. I saw Kelce “pass off” defensive linemen to Watkins several times this year. The problem was Watkins was engaged 3 yards away with another player and Kelce allowed the guy by while he blocked air. I understand that defensive fronts and blocking schemes are complicated, but the simple notion that you should hit someone and block them on every play will keep the qaurterback standing. If Reynolds keeps hitting everything that moves in front of him he may do some good.

    • come on man, kelce was a work in progress. Kelce was only here because 1 person liked him. Tired of the media getting Kelce quotes, like he’s done something in this league. a typical 5th rd pick who was an overachiever. and he couldn’t get movement in short yardage vs dt/ nt’s. renoylds has a little more girth, and I have a feeling that Reynolds will play so well that the job will be his, he’s much bigger than Kelce, and more importantly he stepped in and made the line calls right away. something that took Kelce 2 yrs to do

  • Good stuff Erock; I agree.

  • Charlton, do you even watch Eagles game or actually pay attention to any other player on the team not named Vick? Many people in the NFL world have been on the record with nothing but praise for Kelce. They all view him as the next upcoming probowl center for years to come and have compared him to Jeff Saturday. SHort yardage problems? We have actually improved much in the category over the past 2 years if you have watched Eagles football. Hmmm, isnt that about the same time that Kelce got the starting job? Not saying this dude is All pro but this loss will hurt us most definitely.

    Whenever I hear people say they don’t like Kelce it is usually because he flat out took Jamal Jacksons job? As if that was the wrong choice and didn’t benefit the overall team. Jamal Jackson has been lighting it up in the NFL ever since he left the Eagles right..

  • Kelce is a good young NFL Player, he’s not a Pro-Bowler yet at this stage of his career and may never be, but I don’t believe there will be a big drop-off with Dallas Reynolds who knows the Eagles System pretty well..
    I am more concerned about having LT D Bell pass-protecting for QB Vick..
    We will now see if Bell lives up to his billing as an athletic OT with a great work ethic.. I wans to see it on the field, use his size, get a little nasty and finish blocks.. Bell hot a $5 MIllion Signing Bonus to go along with a $4 Million Salary, so I want to see him earn it and play well for he looked completely lost all SUmmer/Preseason long ..

  • Fitzgerald will toast 24 if given the opportunity, asmo cannot play the deep route, he’s too slow, he holds, cheats on coverage, with the exception of drc, who sometimes plays spotty, the eagles have a weak secondary, the improved defense is because of the play of Ryans and Kendricks, linebackers do matter, who would have thought……

    • Ummm… No, Aso completely locked Fitzgerald down in 2010 holding him to 1catch for 15 yrds.

    • The corners can go up against any receivers in the league and if anybody gets beat by Fitz it has to be DRC, he’s not aggressive as Aso Fitz will kill him on slants, hooks or stop and go routes all day. Fitz is too smart a player he’ll use DRC’s speed against him and then run him over because DRC can’t tackle as well as nnamdi. Speed kills, I bet you Fitz will beat DRC all day

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