• August 19, 2022

Eagles Offensive Line Struggles And Michael Vick Gets Pummelled

Last week the Eagles utilized a balanced offensive attack against a tough Baltimore Ravens defense.  They made it a point to run the football whether they were gaining yardage or not because they knew their offensive line would be unable to protect quarterback Michael Vick, if the Ravens defensive front was able to pin their ears back and rush the passer.

The Birds kept the Ravens defensive front guessing and the limited the hits on Vick.  Unfortunately, somewhere in between here and Arizona, Reid and his coaching staff forgot that reasoning.

The Eagles offensive line struggled on Sunday and Vick paid the price for it.  It wasn’t a shock that the offensive line had a tough time blocking the Cardinals who had pressured Tom Brady the weak before.  Anyone who has seen the Cards play this year knows the Arizona defense is the strength of their football team, yet the Birds went into the game with another pass-happy game plan.

In the first half of the contest, Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg called 25 pass plays and only five running plays.

Vick, who could be faulted for hanging onto the football too long, was hammered time and time again all game long by the aggressive Cardinals defense.  You didn’t hear a lot of people talking about Arizona’s defense before the season, but they’re talking about them now because it’s obvious that they’re one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Eagles center Dallas Reynolds struggled because the Cardinals attacked the A gaps of the Birds offensive line all day long with their defensive tackles and linebackers.  They sent blitzing linebackers into the A gaps, which are the gaps to each side of the center.  Vick is one tough son of a gun because he was able to take all of the hits but they definitely took their toll on him.

“He got hit too much”, Reid said.  I don’t see how Vick is going to be able to take all of these hits and stay healthy.

We all knew the Eagles were headed in the wrong direction when they started out the game with Vick throwing the ball on each of the three first offensive plays.  The play calling stayed that way all the way through the first half.

“Obviously we thought we could throw the ball and do a better job in that area, but we didn’t,” Reid said. “Hindsight, maybe we could have run the ball a little bit more.”

I don’t know how Reid and Mornhinweg could have looked at tape of the Cardinals and not come to the realization that they were going to have to keep the Arizona defense honest by running the football.


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  • When will you guys get it…This mess is not going to change until Jeffrey Lurie decides he has had enough of Andy Reid and this ridiculous play calling, poor game management and now bringing in overated free agents i.e # 24. He has been a total bust. We have #25 who is a top back in this league and you dont give him at least 25 carries and help take some of the pressure off of #7. AR did the same mess with # 5 and didnt win a SB and now the same crap with #7. Enough of this garbage. Fire Andy Reid.

  • No surprise at all here, Cardinals Defe as was strong the last hf of last Season too with most of there players all back in 2012 the Cards are 10-2 in their last 12 games. They are also tough to run against and you have to pass on early downs and the. Use some screens draws bubble routes to keep them off balanced. Poor game plan poor execution and poor game by Vick as far as ball security goes. Anyone see Pats light up the Ravens D last evening
    The weakness of this 2012 Team is prett obvious Its at QB

    • Can’t agree regarding Vick being the weakness of this team. I’m no Vick detractor or supporter, I take it as I see it and yes, I too get very aggravated and dissapointed at his play however, IMO its clear the weakness is STILL the coach and the offensive game plans & game-day coaching. I believe this team has more than enough talent if the players are in fact, put in to a position to succeed which is a term that AR only knows how to parrot, not implement.

    • Paulman, I’M COMING RIGHT AT YA, We all know that your anti vick BIG TIME. and you give a weak ass pass to Andy, marty & coaching staff, while taking a shot at vick when it’s available. Football is a team game ( see peyton mannings performance yesterday ). If you got a weak as o-line, you put you team in a position to try to be successful ( 1st half: 25passes / 5 runs ??? )
      the coaching staff burns a timeout to start the 2nd qtr. ( 1 less time out at the goal line ) which means. running isn’t an option. the play selection was awful down at the goal line as Andy didn’t put Vick in shotgun. WITH THAT POOR ASS GAMEPLAN NO QB WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL YESTERDAY. I’ve read your rantings for quite a while and you seem to give andy a free pass.

  • Can’t blame Vick

    If they actually played a balanced offensive attack and set the running game Vick would thrive with play action and roll out passes

    Reid needs to go

    • Vick owns a good bit of this loss too. The turnovers are unacceptable and he still hasn’t learned to get rid of the ball. If its not there, it’s not. Stop trying to be superman risking your body and a turnover. Its the coaches resposibility to have a good enough plan, or in-game adjustments (you can’t see me laughing out loud as I write that statement) so he shouldn’t need to be superman. With the talent they have on offense, which many coaches in the NFL would love to have, a good game plan should score TDs.

    • jott, although I agree about the $#!TTY play-calling & lack of a running game, holding onto the ball too long, fumbling, throwing int’s, & idiotic decision making, has nothing to do with a balanced attack. He is as much of a problem, as the rest.

  • Nnamdi is a pathetic gumby looking piece of garbage

  • When (not if) Vick goes down, we will see a more efficient offense. Foles is bigger and gets the ball out much quicker. What was it in PS, 54 snaps before he was sacked? Vick is a tough sob, but he has trouble seeing his WRS and holds the ball more than the 3 seconds his online can give him.

  • All I want to know is who thinks it’s a good idea, with a patchwork O-Line and your main WR out with injury, to come out and pass – pass – pass?

    Did they NOT watch the NE game last week? DO they not understand who their quarterback is? Did they FORGET they have a star RB waiting to be unleashed?


    • Nobody but AR & MM but we’ve been here with this team countless numbers of time before for what, 8 years now? SOSDD

  • Nnamdi is not pathetic. They had him playing in zone which requires the safeties to do their jobs and they were blowing coverages all game. Kurt Coleman already came out and said the 37 yard TD by Fitz was on him. And you can tell by the way Namndi was playing – moving Fitz to the inside – expecting to get help over the top – that that was what the problem was.

    The shame was that they didn’t use him in the way that he works best – in press coverage. But hey they did the same thing last year and got the same result.

  • I needed to see more from Nnamdi, and I got nothing. This guy is waaayyyy overatred. Over paid. Over hyped. I am really tired of hearing the same song from Andy Reid. “Ya we could have run the ball more” OMG, OMG!!!!!!! Time to go. Use the run to establish your passing game and protect your QB behind a soft O line. Damn. Same song Andy. What is wrong with you!!!!!! Run The Friggin Ball!!!!!!!

  • Vick sucks
    Reid sucks
    Current O Line sucks
    Nhamdi sucks

    pretty much in that order

  • WTF…,the Eagles lose 1 game and the world is ending, the season is over, this guy sucks, that guys sucks, they all suck yada yada yada…

    What you dumb asses don’t realize is that the Eagles guaranteed 1 thing yesterday, and that is they won’t be undefeated!
    Yesterday was a poorly played and coached game no doubt. Certain things could have gone differently had this or that happened…unfortunately none of that happened and the Eagles got they ass whooped! accept it and stop lashing out like little toddlers who lost their favorite toy.

  • Of course MHeShe, will show up talking her/his nonsense after a loss…Where were you last week?

  • I could be mistaken but I believe that offensive game plan is called the chuck and duck

  • @RealTalk777
    Don’t worry about that, Coach Reid says “He’s got to do a better job of getting his players in a better position to make plays”
    Do you think Coach Reid will have Brandon Graham pretend to be Pierre-Paul for the scout team as Marty prepares his offense to be in position to make plays. Or is Brandon Graham too slow and too short to emulate Pierre Paul on the scout team?

  • Eagles are not Physical enough Offensively to compete against the 49ers,Packers,Cardinals,Bears,Seahawks,Giants,Falcons in the NFC
    Their Splash and Dash Offense just doesn’t work against Physical Defenses any longer.. Besides the Patriots, look around the NFL and most of teh good Teams have bigger,more physical Receiver Targets running down the field where the Eagles have a bunch of small,short-arm players who dive to the ground to avoid contact and just cant make plays after the Catch.. Occasionally you will see deep passes where D-Jax/Maclin get behind a defender but that may happen once in a whiles, but these Eagles WR’s Corp is just not built to play against todays bigger CB’s and more physical Safeties.. Maclin with his Hip will be on and off all Season long, Teams will Double D-Jax and take him out of the game and then who else hurts you from this Eagles WR Corp.. A slow Avant, an inconsistent Cooper, Young and unproven D Johnson & M Gilyard..

  • @RT777… agreed. The overreaction to our 1st loss was to be expected, you know our fanbase. The team has a number of areas to improve before we face the Giants. Let’s hope they do, otherwise we may have another difficult season to watch.

  • @Pman….are you saying that the Ravens are not considered a “Physical Defense” as you describe? I didn’t like what I saw yesterday either….and have a real issue with the way that Vick seems to have no “clock in his head” or sense of impending pressure to get the ball out in a timely fashion. I think this leads to alot of the hits he is taking and causes our offense to resemble more of a “jail-break” or “school-yard” scheme.

  • Vick sucked week 1 & 2
    Reid sucked week 1 & 2
    Current O Line was solid week 1 & 2
    Nhamdi sucked last season and this season

  • RT777 I know you like to call men a she mostly because your a faggot and men are your women…

  • haha MHeShe…since you are here that must mean your had a successful sex change…

  • i dont know what that means but i know you love dick, and especially love when your balls are in mens faces as you have stated over and over again. fuckin ankle grabber

  • Are you sure its about the WRs Paulman? A quick look at the top 12 WRs this season and we see

    S Smith 5’9″, Amendola 5′ 11″, Wayne 6′, Cruz 6′, Harvin 5′ 11″, Welker 5′ 9″ White 6’….

    Sure there are the “jew” giants like CJ, AJ and JJ…but they are exceptions, not the rule.

    The Eagles’ WRs are big anough. The QB throwning them the ball isn’t.

    I could list 10 QBs, that if they had the Eagles’ WR corps, would be lighting the league on fire.

  • yikes! That’s “Few”

  • haha you’re a clown…

    one thing that I don’t understand about yesterday’s game is why pass, pass, pass, when the def is dropping 6 plus into coverage. All the talk all week was about the front four of AZ, getting pressure on the QB.

    does anyone think that DJAX would have had a touchdown if he played through that contact on the deep pass and not complained to the refs? DJAX is one of my favorite players on the squad, but I don’t want to see that type of shit no more.

  • Eagles Offensive rankings

    Offensive plays called: 2nd
    Yards: 5th
    Yrds/play: 14th
    Points scored: 30th
    Team Turnovers lost: 1st

    Attempts: 4th
    Yards: 8th
    Net yrds/attempt: 17th
    TDs: 26th
    Ints: 1st (good times)

    Atts: 8th
    Yrds: 7th
    Net yrds/att: 10th
    TDs: 15th

  • @Vinnie what does that mean? whats the stat of our TE compared to others? he catches the ball in the middle of the field often…so there goes your “height” excuse.

    Also what is DJAX stats compared to those WR’s you mention? better or worst? lets take a look
    DJAX to Wes Welker – pretty much even
    DJAX to Harvin – Harvin has twice as much receptions but around the same amount of yards
    DJAX to Cruz – Cruz has around 10 receptions more around the same amount of yards
    DJAX to Wayne – same example as above
    DJAX to Smith – same amount of catches – Smith has more yards…

    I’m trying to understand what your point is…considering the above as well as the TE production, what is your point?

  • Don’t know if he could have gotten to that ball Real…but I think if he would have ran thru that completion at the end of the first half he could of had a TD

  • Eagles’ Defensive stats:
    Remember they’re probably ranked higher in all these categories, because GB and Sea are higher than them, but haven’t played game 3 and they’ll drop)

    Yrds given up: 5th
    Yrds/play given up: 3rd
    1st downs surrendered: 1st
    total turnovers: 6th

    Passes completed against: 2nd
    Passing yrds against: 2nd
    Passing tds given up: Tied for 2nd
    Ints: 5th

    Net yrds/pass against: 5th
    Rush yrds against: 19th
    Yrds/rush att: 15th
    Fumbles recovered: 22th (but fumble recoveries are just luck)

    So what do we see….a D that’s top 10 in almost every category, and an O that’s….well….not so much….

  • “so there goes your “height” excuse.”

    Garbage Realtalk.

    Go look at the final 3 plays of the 1st half again. Esp the fatal blitz. Look into the endzone. What do you see? More precisely, what do you not see?

    You don’t see any Ariz defenders in the endzone between the hashes. They leave it wide open, and send everyone right up the middle.

    Conversly (and this is a mistake by the Eagleas’ coaches, and Vick who still can’t make adjustments at the line), no Eagles’ WEs or TEs enter that area…they all go wide.


    Because when we get down inside the RZ, Vick can’t see the middle of the field. This is exascerbated the closer he gets…..Ariz knows this and were not scared at all of him throwing to the middle.

    Makes their job easy only having to cover 2/3 of the endzone.

    When Vick was at line (if he had actually looked left, which he didn’t) he may have been able to identify the blitzer (who was basically in a sprinter stance, ready to come charging….lol who am I kidding, Vick recognize that – gotta give my head a shake) a quick tap of his hip, or some other hand signal could have sent his slot wr on a slant and a quick, easy, td as there was noone there to cover.


    1: Vick can’t read that at the LOS – never has been able to

    2 – He’s too short to make that throw anyway.

    Good times all around.

  • BTW – my point was to dismiss what Paulman was saying about our WRs being too small. They’re not.

  • Phillies and Doc Hallady Suck too…

    MVP for Phillies over the 2nd Half of the Season is, believe it or not…
    Pitchers Kyle Kendrick and LF John Mayberry Jr and maybe you can throw in SS Jimmy Rollins

    Lot of areas to address this Off-Season… There are 4-5 Quality Teams all younger,more talented and better managed in the NL than the Phils and that’s the reality of this Phils Team..

  • Hey realtalk777 what else do you expect us Eagles fans to say? Were pissed off. I’m sure most of us feel like were being cheated. I was at that pathetic game yesterday. The Eagles came out with zero energy and didn’t look like they wanted to play. The Cards players were jacked up before the game and came ready to play. That’s poor coaching my friend. Luckily were at 2 – 1 with plenty of football left. Let’s hope this was just a small bump in the road

  • @DMAN – I totally understand…and you drove 6 hours? I would be pissed too, watching my team getting their ass whooped after the effort you put to getting there…but just as you said, a lot of football is left. As an Eagles fan, I have faith things will get better. I never expected a perfect season, and it just seems like so many on here did. Its 1 loss..too many on here seem like poor sports, lose a game throw a tantrum…this guy sucks, that guys sucks yada yada yada…

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