• January 22, 2022

Get Ready Eagles, The Giants Are Coming With The Blitz

I think I can guarantee that the Giants are going to give the Eagles a heavy dose of blitzes on Sunday, so Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg, Michael Vick and his teammates had better be ready for it.  You would think the Giants with their outstanding pass rushing defensive line of Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck would rely on their pass rush to get to Vick, but I’m confident that they’re going to be sending the kitchen sink after the Eagles quarterback on Sunday.

Check out the comments made by Giants linebacker/defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka to the New York Post.

“It used to be try and contain him, don’t pressure him because he’ll get by, but now it’s more like, just go after him.  We’ve had that philosophy here for a while. We don’t change that. We do that no matter whom we’re playing. I think you’re seeing other teams adopt that same game plan. I think it has just become a point of emphasis for everybody.”

Remember a couple of years ago, when Vick was on the most amazing run of his career.  He had stunned the nation with his return to primetime and the game of his life against Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins.  Vick gained the attention of nearly all NFL fans by throwing eighty-yard touchdown strikes to DeSean Jackson, and making amazing twenty-yard dashes for touchdowns against the Skins as the Birds blew Washington out of their own building.

A short time after that game the Eagles went to Metlife Stadium and the New York defense employed an out blitz strategy against Vick and the Birds.  For nearly three quarters, Reid and Mornhinweg had no strategy to counteract what the Giants were doing.

You know the rest of the story.   Vick had no choice but to start running with the football.  So he used his speed and ability to make people miss to get the offense going.  It wasn’t the Eagles scheme that put together the start of that great comeback.  It was the legs and athleticism of Vick.

The Giants helped things by making fundamental mistakes of losing contain and trying to kill Vick rather than just getting him on the ground.  The Eagles signal caller led an amazing comeback, but the Giants had let the league see Vick’s vulnerability to the blitz.

The reason I told you that story was to let you see why the Giants strategy will be to blitz again against Vick and the Birds.  They’re going to come after them with the blitz and their front four.  Vick and company had better be ready to make adjustments against the blitz because that’s what they’re going to see.


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  • While the 1st and 2nd team Eagle DEs are preparing to install the game plan against Eli Manning — the practice squad and 3rd team DEs Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry have been on the scout team helping Marty & Andy’s Eagles OL with Blitz pickup —– Originally Brandon Graham was pretending to be Jason Pierre-Paul but he just wasn’t realistic enough, being too short and unable to get to the QB but Vinny Curry stepped over and gave the Eagle OL a much better look

  • Well, the Giants gave the blueprint against us and it all went down hill from there.

    Remember the Vikings playing without a stadium and ripped our offense apart employing the same defense?

    Guess what?

    The Browns did the same thing…so did the Ravens and Cardinals.

    So, our high powered offense that was supposed to carry the team until Juan learned to be a defensive Coordinator is the weakness of the team.

    Our high powered offense averaging less than 20 points a game.

    Wake up guys….this team is not a playoff team because it built all wrong.

    This team is built for arena football not the NFL…there’s not one possession receiver that can break tackles outside the tight end and the running game is a second thought with this pathetic head coach.

    It will not change!!!!!

    Have you ever seen a team burn a time out on the first play after having a whole halftime to prepare for the 2nd half?.

    We have!!

    Time management & play calling are imperative musts for a head coach and when the games are top coaches excel in those particular areas.

    Did you see Andy go to the run game when the team was really out of it in the 4th quarter?

    Did that remind you of the time consuming drive in the Superbowl when Belichick let Andy run out the clock for him?

    I’m so glad Lurie called Andy’s last quarter of last season “FOOL’S GOLD”, because that was a message to the fan base that he see what we see and will not buy into the “we’ll do better next season” pathetic quotes going forward.

    We’re tired of this head coach going against the grain and not commiting to the run game long term…We’re tired of him hiring his buddies to man positions that put the team back years…by the way..How did you guys like Arizona’s defensive coordinator last week?

    He could have been here!!!!!

    Andy chose Juan!


  • Its on NFL Network right now NFC Playbook….the blueprint to disrupting the eagles offense is A Gap pressure. Arizona attacked us with it, Cleveland did it and the only reason we beat Baltimore is because we had a balanced attack and we were not predictable. I hope Jeffrey Lurie fires Andy Reid after this season and get a HC who understands how teams are attacking us and make in game adjustments. We also need a legitimate DC who also understands how to take away what teams like to do against the Eagles. The Blueprint for the Eagles finally winning a SB is to fire AR and his entire staff.

  • You guys no I am no hater, but if Reid refuses to use all his talent to the max, and avoid the insane pass act then he should GO! There I said it LOL. Let Vick move more, run our RB’s, go deep, go short, power run, speed run, power pass, we have the personnel to do it all, but we only do speed pass and thats all. Get on it Reid or get gone.

    Confuse the defenses why don’t you!!!

  • Being at the AZ game in person I was stunned that with 40%of our offensive line decimated ,Andy and Marty chose to allow in a closed in environment to disdain the chance to take the crowd out of the game by allowing for use of his best weapon McCoy .As an ex offensive lineman Andy should understand the mindset is to push forwrad rather then backwards as an offensive lineman.Vick needs create lanes to see the field and seemingly looks skittish .The formula for frustration is to keep trying to force a failed philosophy on the fan base and the owner who has to wonder what the gold standard is?He has accommodated Andy by jettisoning his pal Banner,allowed Andy free reign,and now must watch as turnovers become the operative word ,sometimes it’s also the philosophical choice the owner must embrace.Its time Jeffrey ,save your rhetorical state of the eagles address ,and let the fan base know you too have had enough.

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