• May 17, 2022

Vick And Reid Performed With A Sense Of Urgency Against The Giants

What is more ridiculous this season, the Eagles being 3-1 or the Cardinals being 4-0? I say it’s the Eagles at 3-1. All emotions aside watching the games this year has been the normal roller coaster except at the end of the game I almost feel like the team lost regardless of the score. The Eagles under Andy Reid have historically rarely been able to blow teams out or have a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter.

I give the team all the credit in the world; they are fighting and staying strong late into the game. It was a good thing the national media broadcasted this game because it provided a check and balance system with Reid. It’s almost as if he applied all of the criticism he has faced and he won the game as a result of it. LeSean McCoy gets 20+ carries and Vick drops back and makes quick decisions. I saw Vick do something consistently last night that I haven’t seen in a long time, and that would be him assessing the defense and attempting to draw them offsides or reveal their intentions. He did both and I have to give him credit where it is due.

We also saw Vick running for his job. The football field is no different than any corporation. If your job is threatened, you will do whatever you can do to succeed. Reid strategically mixed in comments at the quarterback position last week to motivate a stagnant Mike Vick. He responded and managed the game to the best of his ability. It didn’t always look pretty but he got the job done last night. Vick was also able to silence his critics for another week squashing any movement of quarterback change.

Regardless of #24 on Sunday, the Eagles defense played tough. Hakeem Nicks was out but that New York offense still has some ability. Despite throwing two touchdowns, the Eagles minimized the damage that Eli Manning can cause; 17 points is not a bad showing against a squad that talented.

The defense put up 0 sacks but played well enough to keep the team in the game.  The player that was a killer on the other side of the ball was Blackburn. He was a menace and constantly in the backfield of the Eagles.

Regarding special teams many were worried about the kicking position after a miss against Cleveland. Alex Henery has been able to silence his critics and went 4-4 on Sunday. Could you imagine the phone call McBriar got last week from the Eagles? Hey we cut you a couple weeks back for someone who we really made a terrible assessment on would you mind coming back to work? The move paid off, anytime a punter is averaging over 40 yards per punt not many critics will pop out of the woodwork.

The Eagles are looking more and more like a team that can win each week regardless of what odds are stacked against them. Last night could have easily gone the other way if Tynes connected on his second try.

If there is one x-factor that Vegas should factor with the Eagles I think its that Andy Reid and Mike Vick are living in the present. That is a dangerous combination.

Matthew Fratantoro

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  • Paulman’s Power Rankings of the Top 10 Teams in the NFC after Week #4

    #1) Falcons (4-0) – Playing very well, QB M Ryan early MVP Candidate with lots of weapons, they have really opened up the playbook and have become a pass-first Team.. Defense is still shake and Secondary suspect
    #2) Arizona Cardinals (4-0) – That’s right, the Cardinals who have QB Kolb playing his best football of his Career and a very active,agressive Defense
    If they get issues along their OL corrected, and a running game going, this could be a very tough team to play down the stretch
    #3) Chicago Bears (3-1) – 2 Wins in a row, thumped the Cowboys on the road on MNF. If Cutler gets time to pass, this is a dangerous team with WRs Marshall,Hester and Rookie Jeffrey to go along with RB Forte & Bush. Bears Defense and Special Teams are always among the NFL’s Best as far as creating Turnovers and Big Plays..again if their OL give Cutler time to pass,they will be a Playoff Team
    #4) Minnesota Vikings (3-1) – That’s right, winner of 2 Games in a row and getting solid play from QB Ponder and surprising good starts by RB Adrian Petersen, WR Percy Harvin and TE K Rudolph.. Their DL continues to anchor their Defense but the surprise has been the play of their Young Secondary which has improved quite a bit from recent Seasons
    #5) 49ers (3-1) – Just annilihated the sinking Jets on the Road in a complete whitewash after losing the preveious week to the VIkings in a flat performance. This is 2nd year in a Row that HC Harbaugh has elected to have team practice and stay in YOungstown,Ohio instead of flying back home to San Franciso only the head back east for another road game, last year the 49ers beat the Bengals in Cincinnati on a Sunday night game, stayed in Youngstown and then came to Philly to beat up the Eagles in a great comeback win which really propelled their 2011 Season… not a bad thing to do as Coach to build comrararie, eliminate distractions and to get extra practice time with your Coaches/Players
    #6) EAGLES (3-1) – Best Start in a few years and even though the Offense and QB Vick has struggled some, they have gone up against the NFL’s Top Defenses and have come out with some gritty wins and at the end of the Year, all these Wins add up.. a big 4 game stretch coming up with Steelers,Lions,Falcons & Saints so the opportunity to put up some Points are going to be avaialable (even the Steelers Defense is not what it used to be but they do get back Safety Troy Palomula & LB Harrison which have been sorely missed by them)
    #7) GB Packers (2-2) – Another Talented team not hitting on cylandirs yet, issues along their OL, some injuries along their WR Corps and their Secondary is still giving up a lot of big pass plays and their Def Line is still lacking a Pass rush despite LB Clay Matthews fast start to the Season..
    #8) Redskins (2-2) – These are not the recent Redksins of recent years, this is an exciting Team who will get better and better as their QB RGIII continues to gain experience and has looked excellent so far this Season
    Def Secondary is a big question mark as is replacing the pass-rushing from
    OLB/DE’s Brian Orapko and Alex Carrington who are both lost for the Season. Another surprise has been RB Alford Morris who has played very well and is that type of RB that Shanahan loves, 1 cut and go downhill type of running which works well in their zone-blocking schemes they run
    #9) NY Giants (2-2) – What Team shows up, the one who were flat against NFC East Rivals against the Cowboys/Eagles or the complete team that thumped an overmatched Panthers.. Probably an up and down Team all season who continue to get injuries in the Secondary and have not shown a consistent Running Atack yet.. I expct them to use Andre Brown as the primary RB and then have Bradshaw more as the 3rd Down/Pass Receiver for they would probably be more effective as an Offense with this set-up
    #10) Seahawks (2-2) – after getting a fortunate call and win versus the Packers, they laid an egg on the road against the upstart Rams.. again, another young team who is a little immature still on how to handle success in the NFL, teams like the Panthers,Seahawks,Lions, just don’t have the type of leadership from a player stand point or coaching experience to stay level headed and even keel thoughout a long season..

  • Harrisons not playing and Troy is doubtful. They’re practicing for the injury report and wont be a factor in the game.

  • Anybody notice that there is a lot LESS chatter on the boards after Eagle Wins ?

  • Coach Mike Tomlin thinks both James Harrison (knee) and Troy Polamalu (calf) will play in Sunday’s game against the Eagles.
    The bye week did wonders for the Steelers. Their 21st-ranked defense will get a big boost with the return of their two veteran leaders. Reserve outside linebackers Chris Carter and Jason Worilds will go back to bench roles after combining for just one sack and one pressure in three games.

  • Eagles Defense now has 7 Sacks in 4 Games which is in the bottom half of the NFL and not good enough and needs to improve as the season goes longer..
    Cole and Babin have been relatively quiet thus far in 2012
    I see more penetrations and energy to be honest from Phillip Hunt and Brandon Graham for the limited snaps they are getting.. I think both Hunt/Graham and Tapp should see more snaps and rotate them in a little more often

    • It’s not about sack totals. It’s about forcing the opposing offense to not succeed. That’s happened. I have no beef with the DL at all this year so far. It’s about winning games. We’ve lost 1 so far and it was NOT due to the DL. Period.

    • We tons of Sacks last year… and…..

    • Paul, we may not be getting sacks, but I believe we are leading the league in hurries. Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t that rush the QB’s decision making, into making mistakes. Might not be a sack for a loss, but a positive play, nonetheless! We are doing better against the run this year also. The sacks will start coming. I’m more worried about the offensive consistency, than the DF, as long as Asomugha gets his @$$ in gear.

  • I agree with you there Paulman. Especially in regards to Graham. Graham has been getting pressure on the QB consistently considering the amount of snaps he’s gotten. He’s been on a mission since the start of training camp.

  • – teams have been keeping in extra blockers and chipping both Babin and Cole – .. key stat is oppossing QBs have the lowest completion percentage in the league verse the Eagles – while they may not have sacks – how many times did Eli have to just throw the ball away under pressure… this is what the wide 9 was designed to do – pressure the QB, jam the WRs, and have LBs that cover the RBs and TEs (how many catches did GiantsTEs and RBs have this WE?? Hoe is Kendricks not at the top of everyones defensive rookie of the year list?

  • Wrong again Erock, both Steeler Players are expected to play this week

  • Let’s do an over under with “4” at the balance

    I say Andy will abandon the run game and go back to his losing pass to run ratio under 4 games.

    Who want to take the over?

    We can do a bet.

  • songs – you are a fucking idiot – why, after all the times you were ‘almost right’ do you till kepp posting? Is there any fact you have gotten right?? EVen your biggest claim to fame – Kolb – is proving you to be a stupid fuck…

    we already have abet asshole – and the over under is 9.5 I have over – you have under – and the loser goes away – so I don’t give a flying rats ass if Andy or MArty pass 10000 times or three times – I care about the number under the Wins column and right now it says 3…

    now lets hope the imprtant stat – turnovers – remains at ZERO… enjoy asshole – you have about two more months..

    • Guaranteed, he will hedge his bet, or change his screen name. He ain’t going to stick to it. He can’t help himself. I’ll bet one of my properties on it. *SARCASM* LMFBO!!

  • ‘losing’ passing ways??????????? he wins an awful lot of games… those wins come in spite of him, right? he has NOTHING to do with the wins? he is still terrible when they win? i don’t think i understand?
    i’m a fan obviously but did not like some of his decisions but i don’t pretend to be in his shoes or know the entire ins/outs of the decision making process. but because my wife is from baltimore I watch the ravens about as much as the eagles and thet complaints we make about AR are similar to the ones I would make against Harbaugh or Billick before him.
    point is…watch any team as closely or passionately as you watch the birds and you would have the same complaints.

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