• May 26, 2022

Early Turnovers Cause Eagles To Come Up Short, 16-14

In two of the Eagles wins this year, they were able to overcome turnovers, but today it caught up with them, just like it did in their other loss.  As expected the Pittsburgh defense was coming after Michael Vick.  They were pummeling him with hits by sending blitzers from both off the corner and up the middle.

The quarterback was able to withstand the hits and he led a fourth quarter drive which put the Birds ahead, but it’s very simple regarding Vick.  He’s got to hang onto the football.   Number seven fumbled the football four times, but was very fortunate to only turn it over twice.  He can’t keep turning the football over like this and expect to win.  It’s not going to happen.

The lefthander has to put two arms around the football and hang onto it when he gets tackled.  Put the ball away.  The fumble on the one yard line was very costly to the Birds.

Vick did a good job of throwing the football and not throwing into crowds.  He was 20-30 for 175 yards with two touchdowns for a quarterback rating of 104.2.  Vick threw a touchdown pass to LeSean McCoy who cut back on inside linebacker Larry Foote and accelerated into the end zone from 15-yards out.

In the fourth quarter, the quarterback led the Eagles on a 17-play, 79-yard touchdown drive, which culminated with a two-yard touchdown pass to tight end Brent Celek, which put the team ahead.

LeSean McCoy had a good game despite rushing for only 53 yards on 16 carries.  Number 25 was dodging tacklers as soon as he got his hands on the football.  He caught four passes for 27 yards with one touchdown catch.

The defense played a good  game for most of the contest, but couldn’t make a play on the last drive to get off the field.  I think Juan Castillo and the defense might have gotten too conventional against Ben Roethlisberger.  I would have dialed up a few blitzes to change up the look we were giving him.

The big guy knew what the defense the Eagles were going to be in during that last drive.  We should have changed things up, so that he wasn’t so sure about the defense we were playing.

Roethlisberger completed 21 of 37 passes with not touchdowns and no interceptions.  On the final drive, he completed a key 3rd down play on 3rd and 12, when he hit Antonio Brown for 20 yards.  On another 3rd down on the drive, Big Ben connected with Emmanuel Sanders for seven yards.

The defense couldn’t get off the field and the Steelers sealed the game with a field goal by Shaun Suisham.

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  • No Team wins many football games in today’s high scoring NFL scoring 16 points. It’ not going to happen with an inconsistent QB play as the Eagle have with Vick, his turnovers are killing this Teams Offebsive production and that’s all there is to it. Eagles are a 8-9 win Team with Vick at the helm and will not be a Playoff Team with playing

    • well-well If it isn’t paulman AND HIS NEGATIVITY always after an eagles loss ( he waits a day or 2 after a win ) my only concern is that AT THE END OF THE DAY, my QB walks off the field after putting his team in the lead (also see Mcnabb 2008 NFC champ gm ) once again when it counted, the defense couldn’t stop the run, & couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. AND THE D-LINE IS NOT AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED. no inside push against a poor steelers o-line, and no sacks. Juan Castillo did not blitz or mix up any coverages. especially on that last drive WHEN WE ALL KNEW THE STEELERS WERE GOING TO RUN .

  • *rolls eyes*

    I swear philly fans are a MESS.

    Here’s something for you…the fumbles didn’t matter. In the fourth the Eagles had a lead. Took 8 minutes off the clock. Defense is faces with a 3rd and 12 – and they can’t make a stop.

    2 weeks ago Eli threw 3 picks. By the fourth he had them in the lead – when it came time for the defense to make the stop – they did.

    When you have a lead in the fourth it’s your DEFENSE responsibility to hold it. Period.

    Game wasn’t great – but when he needed to deliver he did. Last year at this point the team was 1-4 – now they are 3-2 atop the division. WTF are you complaining about?

  • turnovers yes, but Mendnhall’s 5+ yds a carry didn’t help.

  • MR1CHALTON– Good stuff man! Spot on! Even about fraudman who waits a day or 2 to respond after a win but after a loss brings all this negativity and garbage and the sky is falling talk. He lives in boones north carolina and has to try and stay relevant somehow someway. Hes not a true fan of this team, he picks against them every single week. Hes a clown..

    As for the game, yes the defense folded when they had to stand up, it was reppin time on that last drive and they folded. Id like to see the offense score more but it has been a defensive game. Let’s not overlook the fact that the eagles have faced 5 of the best defenses in football. So your going to be in a dog fight every week and its not gonna get any easier, next we have the lions then the 5-0 falcons after the bye.. But the next game is a huge game. Gotta beat the lions before our bye then we ll be 4-2 coming out of the bye against the falcons at our home. The lions game is at home as well so hopefully we have some good home cooking in store.. Im not at all angry about this loss though.. We should of won but im not ripping my hair out over it..

  • We needed a closer and the defense did not come thru on the final drive, plain and simple

    • Thanks J Hart, this defense got no push up the middle with the DT’s there is a reason that Landri is nothing more than a journeyman, and Jenkins is a spot player/ situational pass rusher. I’ll give Thornton credit today as he drew some holding calls with his hustle. sure missed a heavyweight like Dixon today. and Im pressing to get Patterson back in action. Castillo has got to mix it up a bit as he dialed up very little blitzes today. the d -line is overated as once again , we got no sacks. AND SOMETIMES, TO CHANGE IT UP A LITTLE NOTHING WRONG WITH RUSHING 3 AND DROPPING 8 BACK IN COVERAGE. just to give big bn a different look.
      once again at the end of the day the qb left the field with the lead and also after 5 games thay are where we were hoping they would be at 3-2

      • games are still won at the line of scrimmage and the d-line will look good against weaker compitition. AGAINST THE GOOD TEAMS, COACHING STILL MATTERS. I question if the Def coaches are on the same pg. you have washburn coaching the d-line rush the passer – not playing the run (the run defense got absolutely gashed on that last drive ) the steelers run the football and thats what they did for most of the yardage & Juan on playing that soft zone on that last drive.

  • Dissapointed like everyone else and really tired of the turn overs however, the bottom line is that the offense scored enough points to win late in the 4th and it was up to the D to stop the Steelers and they didn’t. This loss is completely on Castillo and the D. Period.

  • Maybe They Can

    yea maybe they can win the game if andy uses his RB to run on the goaline instead of your Qb who cant hold onto the ball… why cant we score TD inside the 5 yardline… WE NEED CHEDDER PLAX to help out the redzone problems.. ANDY where is the shovel pass that you use to use everytime you were at the 3 back in the 5 nfc championship game seasons.. YOUR fumble prone QB is not a smart call to draw the ball to on the goal line…. FIRE ANDY AND GIVE ME CHUCKY…. I WANT SOME FIREY COACH THAT WILL STOP MY HEARTACHE

  • How is the blame for this on the defense? They hold a good team to 16 points and that is with the offense giving the Steelers good field position or leaving points on the board for the first three quarters. If the Eagles even get a field goal in the first half instead of fumbling the ball away in the end zone, a field goal doesn’t win it for the Steelers in the end and we’d all be thrilled with the defensive performance.

    • my friend, offense sells tickets DEFENSE WINS AT THE END OF THE DAY. the offense walked off the field with the lead. if kendricks make that tackle it holds the steelers to 3 . when the game is on the line ya gotta get stops. It’

  • Didnt really see the game as I was working yesterday. First of all I didn’t think the game would be that close but was surprised to see that it was within reach for the Eagles to win. Turnovers, fumbles (rolls eyes*) you just cant have those every week and expect to get far. But from what I am hearing the Offense at least put the team in a position to win it at the end and the Defense didn’t execute.

    Damn was Big Ben even touched at any point during the game? Oh well should of could of would of. I do think the Eagles will beat Detriot and will do it in a convincing way. I think we are going to see them score more than 20 points this week.

    Tjohnson5 thanks for the reminders. I very much believe in the glass half full theory. But it gets fustrating to watch this team making the same mistakes sometimes.

    G, I missed you last night on wip. I only caught the end of your show on wip last night :o(

  • This was a team loss. Vick (as always) struggled early but put it together at the end. The D line needs to get to the QB… that was a major reason for the loss. Big pen waited as our 4 DE’s ran around the back.. stepped up into the pocket and had plenty of time to make the reads. I will say this tho…. after defending Nnamdi of weeks… he did not have a great game.

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