• January 22, 2022

Marcus Vick Asking For His Brother Michael To Be Traded On Twitter

You would figure that Michael Vick has enough problems with the Birds having lost four straight games, but after the game he discovered there was another problem he needed to deal with that occurred off the field during the game.  It involved the Eagles quarterback’s younger brother, Marcus.

Marcus has access to a Twitter account and he decided to make comments on it during the game. Marcus was helping his brother with his comments or maybe he hasn’t been paying attention to the situation his brother is in up here in Philadelphia.

Last night the Eagles were losing their fourth game in a row and his brother has a quarterback rating near the bottom of the league.

During the game Michael’s younger brother was attacking the Birds offensive line.  He tweeted the following.

“This is not even an NFL type of O-line,” tweeted @MVFive. “[Bleeping bleepitty] line!!! I never seen [sic] a QB get pressured so fast. What happen to the hogs the Eagles had last year and year before? Call Winston Justice back and Jamaal [Jackson].

“Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please…”

 Here you’ve got Michael Vick’s brother Marcus saying his brother wants to get traded from a team that’s paying him nearly $20 million dollars a year.  As you might have expected, Michael wasn’t thrilled about hearing the news that his brother had been asking for him to traded on Twitter.

“You said he Tweeted that during the game?” Vick said, clearly unaware of the stir his brother had caused. “I’m sorry. I’m unaware of that. That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here. We’re out there fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we’ve got, and that’s certainly not the case here. I love each and every guy in that locker room. If I could make every play right, I would. I know they would do the same, so that’s certainly not the case.”


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  • I am afraid that with this immature,spoiles and believe in their own hype type of Characters on this 2012 Club, that we will hear stupid crap comign from the players and and others around them for the rest of the season
    Just another example of the Me-first and Coddling done by AR over the years where know when takes repsosibility or accountability and has to blame others
    We read about Babin calling out Fans, He read about Asmo blaming his poor play on Castillo so he does he blame it on now… Then we have Rily Cooper commit a dumb penalty when the Eagels were driving while it was still a game and gets a 15 Yard Personal Foul call and he smirks and laughs a he comes off the field.. D-Jax questioning whether Vick can run the Offense properly, T Cole still upset of where his Rankings were by the NFL Top 100 Rankings are, C Jenkins stating that everyone must man-up but then goes out and can’t make any plays.. Coach MM calling out players who aren’t man enough to play in Philly and on and on this Clown Carosel goes…
    I can’t wait to Monday December 31st when Lurie fires this whole damn Circus of a Dysfunctionalbe Organization that the Eagles have become..
    It appears that Joe Banner and COlts GM Ryan Griggs were the truly smart ones who got out before the Eagles Ship hit the Iceberg..

  • That’s something I’ll have to address….”

    As in….”STFU man. Those were private conversations. Can’t be dropping that kind of shit in public! I still need to get a new contract next year from the Raiders!”

  • anyone seen realtalk?

    • He’s licking his wounds, & swallowing his words, like the rest of the pom-pom waving, apologist, Stepfords!

      • You ever heard the saying don’t poke the bear…? DCAR, you ignorant tantrum throwing airhead…I stay in Jersey, over the last week and half I’ve been dealing with much more important issues than conversing back and forth with a bunch of negative bitches! However, I’ve been on, on and off just checking in seeing what is being said.so thanks to your comment, I’m poppin up

        I’m a pom pom waiving, apologist, because I have faith in my squad. So what does it make you? An un loyal, loud mouth, trash talking ignorant dumb ass….

        LET ME BE CLEAR! I have no wounds to lick. The life I live is more important than any game! I choose to be a fan. I don’t need to be! I choose to support the Eagles no matter what. I choose to support the team and the product that is put out on the football field each and every game and season! I might not like some players, but I’m pulling for them to make plays when they are in the game. To me being a fan is more than bad mouthing the organization I support. Being a fan, for me is fun. I like an underdog, because I can relate! I’ve watched every game and there are a lot of things causing the Eagles to lose right now and I’m more disappointed in this team than many of you negative dumb asses.. But even with the bad play that I see, I choose to have hope!

        So with that being said, I am going to make a BOLD PREDICTION….The Eagles will win the next 5 games! 8-5, see you soon bitch!

        • Hope er’thing is cool with you and yours fam…Things have been rough I know…
          I’m feeling the post you made..I applaud you for that I NEEDED IT !!
          cause I ain’t gonna lie I was lookin for the life vests and boats homie..LOL

          Oh almost forgot ” 2 TERMZ BITCHES “

        • unreal while i never agree with your supporting of vick i sincerely hope all is well. we can all agree that mother nature is an angry bitch when she wants to be.
          however it is clear that while the Vick story or personal redemption is a good one. he still lacks the character to be a leader, the locker room has collapsed with each loss and there is no way a person of high character that is the leader would let it happen. It is not entirely his fault but the fact of the matter is that a franchise qb has to make sure that hte locker room isn’t fractured. he can’t help his lack of character, he must have been raised poorly…. fortunately he’s got more character than his brother.
          as for GLI saying we will be 8-5…. it means nothing unless that turns into 10-6 and a couple of playoff wins. with the way this locker room is fragmented… will never happen.

          • I do want to add, i admire his getting his life back together and his toughness and that he stands before reporters and answers questions like a man.I have actually grown to kind of like him as a public figure.
            when i say lack of character i mean he just doesn’t have the leadership knack. and i think he lacks certain abilities to be an elite qb.

            • @Gotta – thanks for the wishes! My fam is good, a few people I know, not so much. Just been lending a helping hand when I can….I feel your pain too, I found myself taking off my Eagles jersey and throwing it across the room…but after that little vent, I found myself throwing it right back on…

              HaveNoBrain aka GetsNoAss – Attack the man personally by attacking his mother…Single mother who probably did all she could to keep him on the right track..Who the fuck are you to judge, anyone?
              First, I’m not talking about Vick…I’m talking about the Eagles football team. The Eagles team is 3-5 not just Vick! The game is bigger than one player…You have no idea if the locker room is fractured or not. The reports about Desean Jackson saying Vick isn’t comfortable running the offense was the truth…The problem is that the media only reported what they wanted the close minded individuals to believe. Fact is Desean was stating the O line and its impact, which is making Vick uncomfortable. BTW I said the Eagles will win their next 5 games…

              Also, I heard my sister, Vinnie say, that the O line was not the problem because the Eagles moved the ball. The problem with that statement, is, he isn’t taken into account how hard the players have to work with the depleted O Line. What do we have one starting offensive lineman left? Why is it that the Eagles easily have a top 3 RB, but lead the NFL in negative plays rushing? Is that Vick’s fault too? Trent Dilfer who I consider to be one of the biggest Vick haters, even states no QB can be successful behind the type of protection Vick has been receiving…I forgive you sis, I understand that you may be without your bifocals.

              The bottom line….This team is underachieving, in more aspects than one. Again I choose to continue to support this team and its players.

              • so she was a single mother yet decided to have another in marcus? that seems pretty irresponsible? point of the matter is neither he nor his brother were raised very well whether it was a nuclear family or not.
                second when you have a locker room that blames the loud fans, the media etc it is a shitty locker room– a true leader could keep it in check- i saw brian westbrook talk about how mcnabb, dawk and trotter WOULD NEVER allow it to happen. He also stated ‘who has vicks back, certainly not desean’ — another character flawed individual.
                it is not underachieving…they are achieving at about the right level– they aren’t very good!

        • RealT777, just messing with ya, & busting your beanbag. No need for name calling. Relax, all is good!

          • BTW, I’m not ignorant, nor an airhead, FYI!

  • i know reid likes to pass, but why 47 times when your O-line sux and Saints have worst D at stopping the run,…………….1st and goal, just run it in, can we get a high school coach, anyone

  • trade? alright,Marcus you and your brother find the dingbat GM who will offer the Eagles a 7th rounder for Mike Vick and it is a deal. Marcus Vick has a better chance of getting a training camp LeHigh University roster spot invite than Mike Vick next Summer.

  • And to think, reports were that the Bills offered 2 first rounders after the 2010 season….where was your tweet then Marcus???

  • There is no team interested in QB Mike VIck outside of 1 exception,
    the Arizona Cardinals all other teams that were in big need from last year
    filled their QB needs (Browns,Seahawks,Dolphins,Colts,Redksins) and Teams from 2 Years filled their QB Needs (Panthers,Vikings,Titans,Bengals)

  • New York Jets might give Mike Vick a backup contract to give Sanchez some real training camp competition——— Mike Vick is still a top 25 QB, the problem the Eagles are paying him like a top 10 QB

  • I think the Jets are done with going after the hype just to make noise for they have a splintered locker room as it is with Sanchez/Tebow, though their Owner is a real ass and could want more attention..
    I think Tebow ends up in Jacksonville next Season for a hopeless Franchise who is losing what little fan base they have and will most likely change their names to the Jacksonville Evangilist’s with Crosses on their Helmets and Jerseys… Good Grief..

    Why would any Team Team pay Vick a Top #10 QB pay when he’s ranke in the bottome 5 QB in the NFL.. You may as well have a young back-up with some upside that pay that kind of $$ to a has-been.. (See D McNabb, V Young as examples)

  • The best line of the day: “Mike Vick is still a top 25 QB”

    That’s freekin hilarious Eagles0. And I don’t even think its true…but even if it is, its still funny.

    How the once perceived mighty have fallen

    Cick comp%
    2101 63
    2011 60
    2012 58

    2010 21
    2011 18
    2012 pace for 20

    2010 6
    2011 14
    2012 18

    2010 8.1
    2011 7.8
    2012 6.8

    2010 100
    2011 85
    2012 78

    2010 11
    2011 10
    2020 20

    rush yrds/avg
    2010 6.8
    2011 7.8
    2012 5.8

    This has been a slow fade since 2010…and its accelerating….but if we could see it, why can’t the Eagles’ coaches??

    And com-on. There’s only one place for Vick next year. Where all washed up flashy players go to die.

    Raider nation time. Every Raider fan, deep down, knows this is going to happen. They dread it…..but understand its inevitability….then they will spend the entire offseason talking themselves into believing he might have a bit of magic left….only to be packing in the season by week 6.

    It is the way of things.

  • yeah, Vinnie your right as usual — I wish I didn’t type it
    Mike Vick is too turnover prone for the top 25

  • Disagree…. here are teams that would want Mike Vick…..


    Thats just 3.

    Listen…. im not saying Vick is the man. I never wanted him BUT… i give him credit for playing behind this Line. Have you heard him cry about it? I have not. Its a shame they didnt stick with Juan on the Oline… just think what we could have done. Big friggin line would be nice right now.

  • ” i give him credit for playing behind this Line”. That is the narrative.

    Lets review this just for a moment.

    The oline is bad. Granted. But are they as bad as they seem? I hear the narrative week after week. The announcers start into their “Mike Vick is taking a beating!” storyline at about the 7 min mark of every first quarter. And then the story begins about how terrible the oline is. And its repeated here.

    But does not a quarterback often play a role in his own demise? Especially a QB who cannot make pre-snap reads and struggles to identify where blitzers are coming from. A QB who has the slowest release time in the NFL, taking an average of 3.8 seconds per pass play this year. A QB whose frenetic twisting and turning behind the LOS often make things look worse than they appear. What role does he have to play??

    Lets assume that 1/3 of the ‘pressure’ on Vick is his own doing. Personally I think this is very low, but for the sake of arguement, I’ll go with 1/3 his fault, 2/3 oline fault.

    Where does that leave us?

    Well, currently MV has taken 27 sacks. 3rd worst in the league. But if we accept the premise that about 1/3 of those are his own doing, we drop to 19 sacks….or about middle of the pack.

    We often hear that Vick gets hit behind the LOS more than any other QB. I think the number brandied about is 38% of his dropbacks. That comes to about 115 hits (knockdowns and sacks combined). A terrible number for sure…about 14 a game. But again, what role does he play? He holds the ball longer than any other QB in the league. This plays a role. Again, lets use the 1/3 his fault rule. That would drop his “hits” by 38. Or down to under 10 a game. That would be right in line with most other QBs in the league.

    Mike Vick has been hit more, and sacked more than most other QBs in the league every single year he’s played. Behind every different combination of Oline he’s ever played. Its ridiculous to think they’ve all been bad and he’s just been the victim of everyone else’s terrible play every single year.

    But by accepting the fact that perhaps…just perhaps…. 1/3 of the hits could be avoided if he played like an average QB (and again, I think that’s really low – I think its more like 50%) his ‘hits’ and sacks would drop right into league average.

    Of course, no one wants to admit this is a possibility, because it doesn’t fit the Vick Narrative of “Its everyone else’s fault.

    BTW – he’s may not be crying about it….he gets his brother to do that for him….

  • Vinnie… save it…. the man is getting killed back there. We have NO IDEA what this team would be like… nor vick….. if they had a line at all.

    That being said… i look forward to the day (a few months from now) when we rebuild this team…. New Oline coach…. new system….. Andy himself might not be big enough to play on our new oline. If im building it, it goes like this….

    LT- Peters
    LG- Herm
    C- To be named.
    RG- FA
    RT- first round pick

    Next step is to get a true NFL FB. I think this has been a huge problem because BC has had to stay in to block.

    QB- Im not sure what we do here, If we have a high enough pick… draft one( if not, lets see what foles can do)

  • So Trent Dilfer and Steve Young state its IMPOSSIBLE to play qb with that kinda pressure and you bozos are still riding him about being a incomplete qb?

    He’s alluding the rush when his back foot hits the ground on 3,5,7 step drops.How do you judge him when this is evident when your watching the game? You just want to throw someone under the bus.

    Dunlop…bum…quality back-up in a pinch and thats being kind.
    Mathis…needs a legit guy around him(Peters) to be effective.
    Reynolds…see Dunlop.
    Kelly….6’7 guard…hes a 6th rounder.
    Bell…not fit for this system and just like Mathis needs a legit guy next to him to be effective.

    A qb get sacked 7 times shoulda been 12 if he wasnt a great athlete and he gets ripped cause his stupid lil brother tweets something? Wtf cares…he had nothgin to do with that and his reaction proved it.Guy was out in the community next day helping Sandy victims.Facing the music.This is all on the Walrus.

    His blitz pick up has improved and hes still got a cannon…if he had Peters and Kelce wed be .500 at least.Most likely 5-3.

    Pour oline is the flat out worse in the league.Stop kidding yourself.

    And it was nice to see the robot rich kid get sent home last night.lol.

  • “We have NO IDEA what this team would be like… nor vick….. if they had a line at all.”

    Well yes we do. They had a good to very good line last year.

    And over the past 8 games they rolled with their usual 17/game. They were one of the worst offenses in the redzone. Vick was comitting the same amount of turnovers (actually he had a higher int% last year!)

    I guarantee you’ll see a dramatic improvement in line play the moment the superstar is gone.

    • Sis, You’ll see the ball stop moving, thats what you’ll see! You’ll see a lot more 3 and outs! You’ll see a lot less trips to the red zone…keeping it real, thats what you’ll see!

  • Vinnie… thanks for the algebratic equation on how many hits on Vick are caused by his birth and how many are caused by his brothers mouth and how many are caused by the earth being round. I used it this morning and went back and watched the “Winston Justice game” against the Giants from a few years ago and was very surprised to learn that Justice actually had a great game!! According to my calculations (using your formula), justice was actually NFC player of the week and McNabb should have been cut at the half for not providing his own chip blocks against the pass rush. hmm… Good to know.

  • Cause they’ll all of the sudden be able to pass block and drive block cause Foles is calling plays? Vinnie you make some great points but thats ridiculous.

    Gruden knows more about football then any of us.You didnt hear him stating what i just said? Foles would get whacked!!!

    What do you think a light would turn on in there heads and they would have instant increase in type 2 quick twitch muscles cause Foles is telling them its a pass play? Come on bro?

  • “Well yes we do. They had a good to very good line last year”.

    Says who?

    We had 1 all pro, 1 journeymen, 2 rooks (1 didnt even earn his jersey for months) and a very solid Herm.

    Did i miss something? How were we in the red zone?

  • Its like talking to a 5 year old EROCK…. this TEAM blows… the oline… the dline…. the safeties, the coaches, YES EVEN THE QB….. and he makes it sound like we are 1 qb away from the Chip.

  • Paul made a good point a few weeks ago i believe.We shoulda brought in Plax for this offense.He makes a good point that our wides dont really go in the end zone thinking ill take the hit and just throw it in here. Maclin looks like he could do it but Walrus doesnt dial it up. THE SHOVEL PASS IS A LOCK!!! We’ll all have a heart attack the first time this team throws a fade to a receiver.

  • The qb is the ony guy on the field that relies on everyone else.He can only do so much. When they get there thumbs out of there arse he actually zings it. Proofs in the yardage.

    They gotta call that p.i.. Pathetic. Why do we suffer?

  • Stevo,
    Vikes have QB C Ponder to continue to build their Team around with and have Zero Interest in QB VIck, I tohught you lived in Minn and should already know this…
    Oakland has 33 Year Old Carson Palmer who is actually having a pretty good Season Stat’s Wise, why would the Raiders dump him for another aging QB in VIck who leads the NFL In Turnovers..
    C’mon Man, your reaching, there’s a new GM in Oakland and thing are not done like they used to be under Al Davis.. Keep up with the times and changes around the NFL

  • to all the plaxico lovers …. do you ever ask yourself why he is still unemployed???? do you think maybe that the people who make decisions for a living have decided he can’t play?????

  • To Paulman,
    I live here in MN- no they dont. He started strong and looks like crap AGAIN. They have an Oline, they have a RB, they have TE’s, they have WR’s, they have NO QB.

  • In all honesty…. im more upset about the DL then i am about the OL because… we all knew the Oline was weak BEFORE we even got rolling. But the DL…. whats the story? They are not even sniffing the QB. We have what we had last year AND they added Cox and i think he will be the real deal someday. We have NO IDEA what we have with the back 7 because it relies all on the DL.

  • Herm is done for the year. Clearly,,, Vick is to blame for that. Right vin?

  • stevo you live in MN, work there, talk to people there, listen to the radio, watch the news, read the MN paper? and you still don’t know as much as the fraud!

  • Listen. The pick 6. Out to Celek. 2 blitzers coming hard from the left.

    A competent (and taller) QB sees this pre-snap. Hand motion to Celek who then runs a slant in instead of the designed out.


    The exact same thing should have happened in the Ariz game, ‘cept the QB never once looked to his left.

    Simple question. Does QB play have a role in how often a QB gets hit? Of course it does. How much? I suggest about 30% and I think I’m low with that assement esp with Vick concerned.

    Did you watch the 3rd play of the game? Cole charging in on Brees unblocked. (that happened several times BTW – its not just the birds). No panic. No Spin. No “make a play”. Just wait and two steps to the left and trust the WR in man to man for a 41 yrd gain. Like a QB.

    If MV could actually make reads, take 3 step drops, get the ball out under 3 secs, you would see the line play improve dramatically. Not going to happen with this guy.

    You guys won’t even begin to address the qusestion. Does QB play have an effect?

    Of course it does. But it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    You know why Gruden rolled with the “its the oline” bit all Monday.

    Because theat’s the story. Its the story thats been told for over a decade now. Its easy. Its lazy. Its what tv talking heads do.

    Does the offensive line need work? Of course it does. But you could drop Vick behind the Giants line right now and I guarantee you that within 2 weeks, the”Vick is getting killed” narraative would begin anew…..

    …wait what? You don’t think the NYG oline is good? But they’ve given up only 8 sacs this year…so they must be amazing right….wait, they’re not? That’s weird…why doesn’t their QB get hit then???)

    I guarantee you those guys play for the Birds and Vick still has 27 sacks against.

    • My older sister said “If MV could actually make reads, take 3 step drops, get the ball out under 3 secs, you would see the line play improve dramatically. Not going to happen with this guy”

      Sis, Did you know the Eagles are in the top 10 against the blitz? Real talk, do some research….When the plays are designed for this, he does get the ball out…of course that requires defensive linemen not coming untouched. It also requires blocks holding up, also requires WR’s getting separation. It also requires the play calling to be quicker developing. As in the pick 6 you reference….the pass was thrown away from the defenders, had Celek not touched it, its an incomplete pass. You suggest he have Celek run a slant? Thats all fine and dandy if he has some protection and other routes aren’t going to get in the way…he had DJAX coming back across the middle and Maclin on the edge, you sound like a smart girl, but you don’t consider all factors….you mention NYG, how great would it be for a receiver to make a great catch like the QB of NYG gets from his players every now and then….yesterday’s play when it happened I thought it should of been holding..but you know what, Celek has had some important drops these last few weeks…but somehow, he’s off the hook….hmmmm, pertaining to you and you only….I wonder why???

  • Ok vinnie…. we get it… Team and coach are great…. Vick sucks….. can you go back to your seat now so Mom and Dad can talk?

  • about Oak…. you may be right Pman… hard to remember sometimes that Oak is not Oak anymore.

  • Andrew luck lost his entire starting right side in the Mia game…against a team with an above average pass rush.

    Asked to throw 49x. Sacked once with his backups in front of him. Backups who couldn’t beat out their starting tackle….the incomperable Winston Justice.

    Sacked once…behind backups….that’s weird. Must be those backups are amazing eh?

    The QB plays a greater role in Oline play than any of you understand.

  • No. Team not great. Not even good.

    Coach is done. Time to move on.

    Many players selfish me-first guys. Should be purged.

    Oline bad.

    QB worse.

    Vince Lombardi could be coaching this team, with the Redskins Hogs as a line and Jerry Rice at WR and this team goes nowhere with MV& at the helm.

  • vinnie I have to be honest, i too don’t like vick as a qb but it is UNFAIR to compare him to LUCK– Luck is developing into a real star…. vick was only a pretend star 7 years ago!

    • true

  • So whats your point?

    a) This crappy team that has a crappy coach has a crappy oline and a crappy qb?

    b) This crappy team has a Great coach, a crappy Oline and a crappy QB.

    c) Mike Vick is the Devil

    d) This team has a crappy coach, great oline, double crappy qb.

  • crappy crappy devil I think

  • Heres my point vinnie…….

    This coach is friggin stupid. Why…..

    Because he brought in a QB who’s strenghts are…. making something out of nothing by running. Throwing the ball deep. BOTH THINGS TAKE TIME.

    So how does Reid use those strengths? …… give the guy an Oline that takes away all that time.

    I HATE this style of O. ive said this over and over again. BUT…… more than that….. i hate that this coach thinks hes smarter than all of that.

  • So….. you can stand there and blame Vick for swag… for being selfish….. bla bla bla…….

    Im blaming the coach on this.

    I honestly believe that if the Oline was better… we would have a chance to compete.

    I honestly believe that if our weapons are fast enough to get open… WITH TIME.

    I honestly believe that our RB can make things happen…. WITH TIME.

    With NO time at all… Vick is playing to his weaknesses.

    I will say this….. he’s taken a hit and he keeps rolling.

    I dont like him…. dont think he is a role model… BUT…..

    I dont blame him for the mess we are in.

  • Our oline stinks….it effects the qb play and rb’s game. Dont hear much chatter about Mccoy not doing more with that line. Reality is if they were better…our record would be. If your convinced if the oline was better we’d still be 3-5,with a all pro LT and a solid center,you probably thought Romney had a shot.Come on man!

    Relying on 5th 6th rounders to block for a qb and all pro back. Come on man.

    Oline getting beat on every play…Vick should read the d faster.Come on man.

    Whos sister said if he could read d’s faster and hit a 3 step drop?Tell her to pay attention to the beating he gets play after play after play.Come on WOOOMAN!!!

  • i know, right erock!! If only we had SB winning qb’s to say what we just said…. oh wait… we do.

    We get it… you hate vick because hes….. vick. Fine. But at least be real about it.

  • @Vinnie there’s a thin line between love and hate. Your obsession with Vick is just plain creepy. Have you ever heard that song Stan by Eminem? It seems like you get a “sexual eruption” Everytime he’s sacked or turns the ball over. Just admit that you are a woman scorned and get it over with.

    • LMFBO!!!!!

  • man that was a great post marley. You win the post of the week.

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