• August 15, 2022

There Have Been Plenty Of Opportunities For Eagles Leadership To Stand Up

Good football leadership is direct and honest even when it has to be a bit cruel.  You don’t have enough time in a NFL season to be nice to players and coaches, and ignore their short comings.  If there’s a problem, it must be quickly identified then dealt with or it can ruin a season or a career.

I’m starting to think that maybe Andy Reid’s son dying at the beginning of the season may have hindered him in getting in the face of under-performing players and demanding that they improve their games.

They haven’t had any players who have taken the horse by the reins and demanded that the concentration and focus on everybody doing their jobs improve.

Reid and the Eagles leadership has been too nice.  They don’t have a guy on the team like Jeremiah Trotter or Hugh Douglas who would threaten to do bodily harm to a teammate.  They don’t have a player on the team like Brian Dawkins who would get up in the front of the team and express the mentality that everybody should have.

I just left middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans locker after hearing him say he did not think it was necessary to have somebody get in the face of the team’s defensive players and let them know that they’re playing like garbage and must play better.  I know the air is already out of the balloon, but somebody still needs to let these guys know how bad they’re playing.

Ryans talked about how he’s examining his own game and I will give him credit for that, he’s been their most consistent defensive player, but I can’t give him a thumbs up for his leadership.  He should have gone off on his teammates earlier in the season.

How many times are we going to see safety Nate Allen bite off run fakes in the backfield?  I don’t even play for the team, but I’ve felt like grabbing him and chewing him out.

I saw Eagles cornerback Nmandi Asomugha turn a wide receiver loose to Allen in the Washington game, but see that Allen had bitten on the run fake.  Instead of trying to run the receiver down, which would have made it look like Asomugha was the one getting beaten, the veteran cornerback started jogging and motioning Allen to pick up the receiver.

Asomugha could see that Allen had bitten on the run fake.  He could have tried to run as hard as possible to knock the ball down, but instead he jogged and motioned so everybody would know it wasn’t his fault.

When you have veteran players taking this approach, you don’t have good leadership on the football team.

Eagles backup defensive end Phillip Hunt was unblockable during the preseason, so I don’t understand why he wasn’t given more of a shot to play with both starting defensive ends struggling this season.   Thirteen plays is the most he’s played in a single game this season.

Rookie second-round pick, defensive end Vinny Curry will get the chance to suit up for the first time this season.


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  • Coach Reid did dismiss Jarrett, Rolle, and Castillo, but no one on offense except Mardy Gilyard twice

  • which remaining offensive starter gets a season ending injury this week: Celek, Mathis, DJax or Maclin?

  • Trent Cole received an unneccessay raise this off- season
    that is the man who should be handling this leadership role GCobb is speaking of in the locker room

  • Leadership left this team a few years back. One via free agency and the other because the Good Lord called him home.(JJ). Andy is so much like his counterpart across the street. Too much blind loyalty. I am so tired of hearing about “losing that player” if he is called on the carpet or benched. If he is not doing the job sit him. The object is to “win the game” and if that means putting the players on the field who give the best chance to do so then you do it.If the current group of Birds had one tenth the passion that the fans do they wouldn’t be 3-7. Hey guys, if you don’t want to play in front of the most intense, passionate caring fans in this league then get the hell out of town. This is our team and you are disgracing the uniform.

  • LOL, hey eagle0 I would say Maclin would be the one to go down this week with that injury. This is so sad we know their moves before they make them.

  • Geno Smith is a combination of Luck and Brady.. After him there is noone ..

    • What kind of crack, are you smoking?!? Go back in your hole! You are a nitwit!!!!

      • No he is not Llarrwd…..He’s more like Byron Leftwich with speed….He is not close to either one of them.

        Do you want to take a fly on him in this years draft like you did Russell Wilson? He may have some minimal success, but they’re not elite by any means.

  • I’m pushing again the notion that jim Johnson beyond everyone else needs tobe sanctified on the Eagles wall of fame.What isn’t being discussed is RESPECT …no coach has earned it ,since the. Passing of jim.There is a culture of mediocrity and it begins with ownership.8 and 8 gets you a vote. Of confidence ,missing assignments ,tackles and heart gets you paid and never ever are you publically undressed.I understand Andy is. Taking bullets for his guys with the(I’ve gotta do a better job) mantra ,week after week ,when does doing a bad job ,except in Eagle land get you a pass.We need a coach who isn’t a lame duck ,who cuts guys asses,and we had that coach at one time ,guys pushed blocking sleds until sundown,now all they get is a pass.The pilot light is out in Andy ,let the flickering flame be extinguished ,so we may begin anew.And to the players who wear the green ,sell all out or get the f out.

  • has anybody just thought that hell maybe this system doesnt fit the players we hav i know nate allen in his rookie year looked good playing under sean mcdermott now he looks like trash in the wide nine cole didnt need the wide nine to be good in fact i think its hurt him just saying and also maybe danny watkins is good who knows how he would look under somebody not named howard mudd just saying this team isnt far off they just need coaches that fit there players. i know nobody wants to hear his name but brad childress would be great here he loves to run the ball and we hav to good backs to do it with offseason moves to make us great if maclin doesnt step up these next 6games trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rd pick and sign dawayne bowe to play next to jackson, now you hav jackson,bowe,cooper,johnson as ur top 4wrs also sign josh cribbs to be your kr next sign jarious byrd from the bills ,next get a 350lb dt to play next to cox trade babin, jenkins,avant i dont care what you get for them sign manny lawson from cinn hes 6-5 he should be your samm lb and let kendricks play weak side reup drc but not for to much cut nnamdi’s pay if he wants to stay i still say they are using him wrong.in draft all ur picks if foles stinks the rest of the year this goes out the window only draft ol,dl,safety. And i wish for the last six games we could see what this kid david sims could do he cant be no worse than kurt coleman who should be a back up he didnt look to bad when he played just sayn and this is how u fix our birds not hard at all

  • desert, it’s tough to sell these young guys to listen to a coach when his own don’t listen

    How can you cut or penalize a player with drug issues when both your sons are addicts.

    His personal life definately impacted his authority.

    His son even OD’ed during training camp, on campus.

    While I sympathize the loss of his son, Lurie and Banner should have removed Andy after his sons were arrested years ago instead of giving him a new contract.

    Personal business was being whispered through the locker room…I mean can you imagine the coach trying to tell Asante Samuel what he should do when your boys are addicted to crack?

    Lurie wife seen it…Banner seen it.

    There’s more to this story than most could imagine.

    You can’t lead a locker room filled with young men, if your house isn’t in order.

    the Eagles organization should have severed ties long telling Andy to take some time off to get his family together and work as a liaison to the team until further notice.

    No one can tell me the problems at home did not affect his on the job responsibilities.

    His deficiencies and tendencies became more apparent, now look.

    • Really songs,

      Do you think you should be removed from your job if your kids had addiction problems?

      ANdy needs to be removed for performance reasons. Just like any one who has a job. ANdy’s problems are time mismanagement, inability to draft talent consistently, Undsciplined team committing penalties, not being able to adapt to the changes in the game, refusing to recognize that all pieces of a team are important (WR,LB,PR,KR)

  • On a positive note, today is the 100th annual Grey Cup from Toronto. Stampeeders at Argonauts.

    • our own #7 will be MVP of the grey cup next year!

      • I still think he gets one year as a backup in the NFL, then signes with the new Ottawa (as yet unnamed) CFL franchise (my hometown), and I’ll have to go to the stadium to watch him every weekend.

        Would be the ultimate in karma.

        • That would be PRICELESS!!! Then you would still bitch about him. LMFBO!!!!!

  • first of all what does his boys have to do with him doing his job they are grown ass men that shouldnt be living at home with daddy now if they were in there early teens then yeah i would say he cant keep his house in order but there not they ARE GROWN ASS MEN THEY CAN MAKE THERE OWN CHOICES IN LIFE.they dont need andy to hold there hand and walk them accross the street this is crazy now losing his son he will never say it but it hurt his coaching this year.

  • Keep talking the truth songs, you will get blasted, but keep talking the truth , if you find Buddha in the road kill him

  • Songs. I am in full agreement with you …loyalty on this team ,be it Andy’s ,or Luries is misplaced .Its a tragedy on many fronts with the loss of a son and the loss of a legacy,he will be the winningest coach in the annals of the eagles ,but his recent losses ,both professionally and personal have tarnished his accomplishments.Hes a sympathetic figure ,he’s become a target of our scorn ,in what was supposedly a season dedicated to his sons passing has now made Andy the scapegoat and figure of scorn.He in many ways ,personally with his family and his team has had the answers all along…he has to,do a better job.

    • Really,

      So your boss calls you in his office one day and says he is terminating your employment because your grown sons are addicted to drugs. You think that is fair? Stick to the point of why Reid should be fired> JOB PERFORMANCE!
      Out side personal issues should not be included into the why. I am advocating for Reid to be let go but you guys who include his children and their difficulties into this are way off base.

  • Philly…very few of us have the types of jobs that make us the face of a franchise.YES it matters when you are in the public eye and scrutinized,I’m not disputing your point he stunk up the place ,and he knows it as we all do.there is still compassion for him as a man and a father.

    • He took a leave of absence which most companies would have done. Reid came back after what he thought was sufficient time. If Lurie thought it was not a reasonable amount of time he should have been the one to make a decision. Like any CEO he gauged what his employee told him just like you or I would have done. His personal life had nothing to do with his non performance on the field. His issues of not adapting to game flow, time mis management and everything else we have complained about existed long before anything came out about his personal issues

      • What happened to the leave of absence, after his son died?!? The fat waste of space, went back to work, the next day, for a PRE-SEASON practice! PRE-SEASON! He didn’t even take time off, to help console his Wife, & other children. As a loving Father, I think he is a selfish, piece of DOG DUNG!!!! That’s why his kids wound up turning out the way they did. He cared more about his job, than his F^#@ING family! PERIOD, END OF STORY! I feel ZERO pity for him. The faster Hindenburg gets out of here, the faster our organizational fatigue, will subside!

  • The Andy Reid Era was over in my book after those 2 back to back
    Ass-whupping losses to the Cowboys to end 2009
    He lost the locker room then and the Franchise began it’s losing Cture Nd locker room issues (whispers a out MCNabb, the lack of replacement for Dawkins, poor LB play, OL Depth was never re-built and the same old predictable games plans and schemes were rolled out week after week
    Vick brought some energy and hope for about a 6-7 week period in the middle of the 2010 Season until teams Sefebses caught back up to him after his return to the field, but this Franchise has had no real leaders between the white lines since those days.. It’s over for Coach AR and should also be for a good 15 players on this Roster

    • Paul, we said it back then, that he should have went when McChoke did, so they could properly rebuild. But all we got was negative feedback, from the apologists on here. Where are all of the Reid slurpers now? Soon we won’t have to hear from the Vick slurpers either. The stench & trash truck juice, that is this team, will hopefully be cleaned out by the Hazmat team, at years end! Good riddance!!!!

  • D Car.. Paulman..phillyfan..Its impossible to disagree with any of the on field issues and why they festered as long as they did ,whats interesting and provocative is the fact that the two men at the wheel of this franchise ,both had family issues crumbling..divorce ,infidelity ,drug abuse,eating disorders,lies and deceit.Perhaps we didn’t need a judge in the bowels of the stadium,instead a confessional?

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