• May 19, 2022

Tom Gamble Or Marc Ross Should Be Considered For Eagles GM Position

Did anybody see the San Francisco 49ers beat up the New Orleans Saints yesterday?  They play defense the way it was supposed to be played.  Or did you see the New York Giants taking it to the Green Bay Packers?

Do you see how big, powerful and physical the Niners are on both sides of the football?

Compare their athletes to the players drafted by the Eagles.   It’s like comparing night and day.  San Francisco has specimen at each position.  They’re very physical on both sides of the football and they pass rush got after Drew Brees.  Their secondary punished the New Orleans receivers.

I don’t see one Eagles defender amongst their front seven who could start for the Niners.

How could anybody not be interested in getting their Director of Player Personnel Tom Gamble in here immediately so that he could make sure we get those types of players in the next draft?

The same is true of the New York Giants Director of College Scouting, Marc Ross.  He has been able to keep the Giants stocked with talent, year after year.  It would make sense to bring one of them here to Philadelphia.

Right now everybody wants to point the finger at Andy Reid and his coaching, but poor drafting is the main reason they are in this predicament.  Reid has had a major hand in it, but so has current GM Howie Roseman.


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  • Considering that the 49ers defensive scheme is very different from ours, i’m not quite sure that it is fair to say that not one defensive player on our team could start on theirs. Also, I think Babin could play a Aldon Smith type of roll as a situational pass rusher on that team and grab 14+ sacks like Smith did last year. Cole I think would do well on that team not sure as a 5-technique considering his size, but as a stand up rusher again like Aldon Smith.

  • G… yes yes yes. I agree 100%

    Jeff L showed his love for the 49ers back when he bought the team. I am reallly hoping that his love for them continues. The 49ers are a solid solid tough team. Gamble is my top choice.

  • Would agree with G on his candidates to replace Roseman, who never was a football guy. Let Roseman go back to work the cap and contracts, and keep him out of the draft war room!

  • “G” you’re right on.

    If Roseman is put in charge of hiring our next coach and stay in position over talent, we can expect this team to continue it’s downward spiral to the very bottom of the NFL.

    Let’s stop the bleeding Now!!!!!!!!!!

    We must surgically remove any area of talent evaluators who had a hand in our drafts.

    No more excuses!

    Now, the media is looking to tie all responsibility around Reid’s neck which gives Roseman a pass.

    I know Roseman have promised some media guys instant, exclusive access if they smoothed the transition for him.

    We want no part of it!!!!!

    Get his ass outta here….It’s foolish to keep a guy because we don’t know how much input he had in failure.

    Spare the Eagles fans….Bring in Marc Ross to run the talent evaluation.

    That’s knocking out 2 problems with one stone…..

    Ross have the inside track on the Giants future drafts and networks, so not only will we have a top young talent evaluator, we’ll also send a blow to the top team in our division by adding Ross.

    The Giant’s hired him and there’s no coincidence the Giants leap frogged us after the hire.

  • Either of those guys would be okay with me.

    I just hope he knows what we need in the draft next year. Do we need an offensive tackle in the first round, or a safety? Do we need a QB? I know one thing for sure – this is the first time in many years that nobody’s job is safe. Maybe McCoy, but that’s about it…

  • Like these 2 Choices and also would not be opposed to bringing in a
    BIll Polian for 3 Year Deal to be President of Football Operations

    One thing I have not heard or read about is the Eagles Front Office is the fella they hired from Last Off-Season Tom Donahoe. Does he figure in the the new Front Office Alignment/Hierarchy with a more Prominent Role..
    Don’t be Surprised if he becomes the next VP of Football Ops..

  • Didn’t Roseman get an extension?
    No one has been fired, but yet I see comments/articles talking about who the Eagles should replace and with who…How about waiting til the dust settles the smoke clears, and actually see who is still standing before, talking this nonsense….

    Oh yea, I thought the Eagles had such a nice draft last season? Many of you didn’t have too many complaints..nor did you have many complaints about free agent signings…Roseman hasn’t been the GM for 10 plus seasons, hell hasn’t even been GM for 3 years.

  • @realtalk, I have been saying over and over why get rid of Reid if Roseman is staying? His fingerprints are all over this thing as well.

  • Roseman is signd on for another 4 years so he is not going anywhere..
    If we have learned anything about Owner Jeff Lurie is that he Honor’s his Contracts with his Personnel and will not “Buy-Out” or “Pay a Person” who is not going to work for him for it goes against his grain as a Businessman. Now he will Fire AR who technically has 1 year left but 14 Years as a Head Coach is another story and all the signals are pointing that the Team is getting worse the longer that AR is around and the pressue to too great for Lurie not to fire Andy Reid, but Roseman is another Story all together difeerent in Lurie’s eye’s..
    I beleive Luri is discussing with Tom Donahoe who they hired as an “Advisor to Senior Management”, meaning Lurie and Donahoe will be named VP of Football Operations and assist Romsaeman on Football Duties
    My guess is that DOnahoe will discuss the HC postion with both Bill Cowher and more likely Dave Wannstadt .. I would not be surprised to see Dave Wannstadt named as the next HC of the Eagles come New Years Eve Day (12/31/12) when they Announce that Andy Reid is no longer employed by the Philadelphia Eagles in any capacity as HC or VP or Operations and that his entire Staff will not be retained

    Wannstadt will likely take over the Defense and be the de-facto Def/Coordinator as well the Head Coach and look to hire Tom Clements from frth Packers as the OC and Asst HC or possibly Jay Gruden from the Bengals as the OC/Asst HC to run the Eagles Offense while Wannstadt focuses on Defense..
    Remember, you heard it hear,first from the Paulman…

    (Wannstafdt is very close to RB LeSean McCoy (almost like a Father figure to him and Wannstadt will look to build the Team and Offense around him like he did while at Pitt)

  • Wannstadt is terrible. That would suck.

  • I would not do this myself Bugs
    But all signs point to this.. too many connections with Tom Donahoe and Wannstadt.. Needing a Defensive Coach who is Disciplines.. Eagles Best Player LeSean McCoy, who the Team will be built around moving forward is very close to Wannstadt.. It’s already in motion my friends..

  • Couple of other potential Positives

    Wannstadt is able to get Bills Safety Jarius Byrd to come to the Eagles as a Free-Agent and brings the Following Defensive Coaches along with him
    LB Coach – Bob Sanders
    Secondary Coach – George Catavolos
    DL Coach – WIlliam Inge

  • John Dorsey Please

  • Just because Roseman has 4 more years on his contract does not mean he will be the guy selecting talent. Lurie can move him to some other VP position. Put him in charge of laundry, jock straps who cares. If Lurie wants to be remembered here forever let it be for the owner who finally brought a championship title to Philadelphia. That means getting someone in here to run the football side of things. I would be happy with either Gamble or Ross. Both of these guys have some Philadelphia ties, do you think there is a realistic chance. What is there contract situations like? Does anyone know?

  • Eagles need to get Marc Ross so we can go into the draft with a board outside of the guys our scouts be putting together.

    Don’t trust there’s anyone currently apart of the eagles that can get the best out of this upcoming draft.

  • and Washburn!!!!

    Bend over so I can kick your ass outta here with these wide “9 1/2” Stacy Adams.

  • Word down at NovaCare is the Tom Donahoe is the “Acting” VP Of Football Ops for the reamainder of AR Tenure which will last to Monday 12/31/2012 but he is indeed presently carrying out the Administrative Duties of “VP of Football Operations: and will be replacing every Andy Reid Hire throughout the various Depts over the next Month or so and is actually calling the shots.. We will not hear anything Officail Of course until AR is officially Terminated but this from a close Source of the Paulman.. Tom Donahoe will be the “Football Mind” for Owner Lurie and hire the next HC and oversee the Drafting/Scouting Depts/Player Personnel to Assist and Mentor Howie Roseman.. It’s already in motion fella’s..

  • G:

    I would like Mike Singletary as our head coach. He’s made mistakes in his first stop (SF), but he establishes discipline and hard work. He brought the best out of the team – with the exception of Alex Smith. And now the 49’ers are looking like they will discard him.

    Hall of Fame Player does not necessarily equal a bad coach. He’ll kick this team in the ass and get them going. He’ll be large and in charge. He’s my pick.

  • G:
    Look at the way the 49’ers play. Oh yeah, that’s John Harbaugh…..

  • think lottery, that is the only positve thing going for the eagles. what a joke. don’t think andy is going to last until tuesday lunchtime.this team is lifeless. make dawkins the coach he would get some heart out of these gutless fucks

  • Well Donahue was the Steelers GM for 8 years so I can’t say I would be unhappy with that provided he has TOTAL control of the football operation. Change out the scouting department and NO Howie.

  • Fraudman is a thief. I mentioned Bill Polian months ago on here and the same fraud tried to shoot it down. I take a few weeks off this site and the fraud tries to pull off the robbery. Get your own thoughts and stop trying to rob others and act as if you came up with it. Clown..

    I also mentioned for the Birds to look into hiring Vic Vangio the 49ERS defensive coordinator as their next head coach as well. That same fraud said noway. Lets see if he mentions Vic next..

  • Move Howie Roseman back to the “bean counter” roll where he belongs and bring in a real GM

  • Bill Polian doesn’t have a very good record of stocking a defense, particularly with defensive backs, but Tom Gamble or Marc Ross sound like severe knock out blows to the NFC East in favor of the Eagles if they would just go that way (fingers crossed.)

    My concern with Vangio is that everywhere that he’s been successful he’s inherited a lot of good players that had already been coached well. The Eagles still need someone similar to where Andy Reid was when he started here…somebody that started with a bad team that became good too exceptional and has a “Builder’s Mentality.”

    Of course given all of the injuries…for Jeff Lurie to require a SuperBowl caliber team would be unreasonable, so don’t be too shocked if Reid gets a one or even two year extension. Also, don’t be too surprised if Tom Modrak shows up again. It’s no mistake that the Buffalo Bills went from the bottom to the top while he was there.

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