• July 3, 2022

Eagles Fire Tim McDermott, Brother Of Panthers Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

Today the Eagles decided to fire, Chief Marketing Officer Tim McDermott, who is the brother of Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator and former Eagles coordinator Sean McDermott.

“Tim’s departure was amicable, and the Eagles thank him for his work, value his past contributions, and wish him well in his future endeavors,” the team said in a statement on Philly.com. “The Eagles will not have any further comment on this matter.”

The first question I have is why today.  It’s strange that you would have this move made and announced on the day that his brother is in town to play the Eagles.  Very strange.

“The Eagles and I have parted on amicable terms,” McDermott said in a statement, which was released by the Eagles. “I have nothing but good things to say about the Eagles and the people I worked with, and wish the team the best as I pursue some exciting opportunities.”

Sean McDermott was fired from his position as Eagles defensive coordinator after the 2010 season after being in the position for one season.

Last week the Director of Communications Rob Zieger was fired.  I learned that it was done because he wasn’t really needed and was hired by former team president Joe Banner, to do public relations for him.  With Banner’s departure from the organization Zieger was no longer needed.  Banner is now President of the Cleveland Browns.


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Thoughts From Eagles-Panthers


  • Tom Donahoe is now taken his “Advisor Cap” off and is the acting President of Eagles. One by one, he is retooling the Administrative Depts and cleaning out Andy Reid hires. Watch closely over the next few weeks as many more will lose their jobs and watch more closely on the people they hire to replace these departed AR hires. My sense is they will be Donahoe people hired to take over various Dept Heads which tells me that Tom Donahoe will become the VP of Football Operations after the Season when Ar and crew are terminated Mon Dec 31st, 2012, but Donahoe will clean out/up the Aministration side and then concentrate on the Football Side of things once they make a formal announcement after the Season is over. Lots of moving parts happening at NovaCare and I expect Donahoe to hire his good frien Dave Wannstadt as the next HC and bring in Tom Clenents from the slackers to oversee the Offense

  • Wannstedt…UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should be hired as an NFL head coach, he’s as qualified as Joe Bugle or Norv Turner to run an NFL team.

  • that would be an incredibley non-inspiring hire for sure. with the fanbase being hungover with AR fatigue I can’t see it.

  • Look at who the new VP of OPs Tom Donahoe has worked with and feels comfortable with fellas..
    Wannstadt and him go a ways back,
    Wannstadt runs a 4-3 Defense (so you don’t have to scrap half the Defense (thought many may say, go ahead, since they stink anyways)
    Wannstadt is very close to the Eagles Best PLayer on who they will build their Offense around who is RB LeSean McCoy
    Wannstadt brings Discpline and will run the Defense and be in fact the DC
    Donahoe has also worked with Tom Clements (who is QB Coach for Packers) and will take over the Offfense and also have the Asst HC Title

    All of these guys are Western Pa, tough, hardnosed, no-nonsense type of people who like to play a Physical Brand of Football, will stress Fundamentals and Discipline and will tell it like it is, which will be very appealing for Owner Lurie to sign off on after this Andy Reid Era of the direct opposite of this..

    I believe that Donahoe would really like to bring Vic Fangio in as his first choice, but Fangio has stated that he’s very happy where he is with the 49ers but who knows… I would personally like to see Fangio, Brad Seely or even Ed Donatell (all from the 49ers) who have been around and know football and are all great Coaches/Teachers

    I see 3 Year Contracts in Place for both Wannstadft/Clements.

  • fraud you are wrong more than you are right and you crow when something kind of comes true. if you are right about this one i will be pissed. that just doesn’t seem to be the vibe i’d like. if you are right the fraudman moniker goes away.

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