• August 8, 2022

Eagles Release Jason Babin

In a stunning move on Tuesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Eagles released defensive end Jason Babin.

With the season now a lost cause at 3-8, the Eagles have decided to begin shedding some of the dead wood and bad personalities on the roster and Babin, a man who just a night ago tried to promote and sell his own t-shirts before the game, is the first to go.

Babin was in the second year of a big five-year contract. He was brought in a year ago to help the defense flourish in their new Wide-Nine defensive scheme. While the defensive end put up 18 sacks a year ago, his total had dropped to just 5.5 this season.

Babin ultimately was a selfish player that was only concerned about his own statistics. It says a lot about how poor an influence he was on the locker room that the team decided to release him at this point in the year. Although he had been having a down year, he was still among the team leaders in sacks. After seeing Vinny Curry (why wasn’t he active before Week 11?) play so well, the Eagles decided to cut ties with the former Titan to help open up snaps for their second-round pick.

The move is also a strong indication that defensive line coach Jim Washburn and the Wide-Nine aren’t long for Philadelphia either.


Denny Basens

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Eagles Release Starting Defensive End Jason Babin


  • No problem with this move.

    I think we’re going to see a lot more axes falling over the next few months.

  • I’m glad to see Curry get more snaps. He was by far the most active player on the defensive line last night. Even though he (like many other Eagle defenders) overpursued on a potential sack, he the “want-to” and athletic ability to chase down Newton from behind. Every other Eagle defender should take note in the interest of keeping their jobs.

  • I thought that Graham had a pretty good motor last night. Hopefully, we will get to see a lot of these guys over the last 5 games to see just how bad it is at DE.

    Any news on Cox?

  • Where are the apologist?

    I remember Navy made a bet with me the Eagles would win more than 8 games….

    The bet was he can no longer comment on this site if he lose.

    He NAVY?

    I rescind the bet for 2 hours….give us your opinion…or were you and the schill fired last week with the marketing guy down at the novacare?

    I guess he copped out after the bye.

    • Songs, Schill, Navy & Jon Hart, the 3 Blind mice, won’t come on here anymore! Remember when guys like you, Paul, Jake, GMCliff & myself, were ripped daily, for actually having a F^#@ING clue?!? Remember when we were called non-fans, whiners, bandwagon jumpers, etc, etc. We’ve been saying for years, what $#!T our coaching staff is, what $#!T our talent evaluators are! Our drafts have been Black-holes since forever!!! This is absolutely embarrassing & disgraceful!!!!

  • Now really make a Statement and Release CB Asmo,Safety Coleman and LB Matthews and OT D Bell..
    Put Boynkin on the outside CB to replace Asmo, put Hughes as teh Slot CB and put Curtis Marsh back at Safety as I have been saying since the Summer. Asmo has been a Cancer to this Secondary the day that he arrived in my opinion..

    • Sounds good to me! What else do we have to lose?!? We already are in the septic system!

  • Paulman, how much do you think is Asmo and how much do you think is the safeties? Every time you see a really big play on the defense in the past weeks, either Coleman is completely out of position or he’s in exactly the right position to make a play and gets run over.

  • Asmo is next

  • I think it’s more Asmo and Coleman too
    SOmetimes as a CB, you are just not going to get help and have to make the play on your own..How many plays in 25 Games has Asmo really made since he’s been an Eagle.. Very few.. but Coleman is a problem too and is not a Starting Claiber Safety in the NFL..

  • We need to really go back to the days where we would not touch a player in FA over the age of 29

  • Well if it wasn’t Andy, it had to be SOMEBODY.

    Jason Babin was overrated. Vastly overrated.

    Now that the season is over and there is no chance we win the division, blow this whole damn thing up. Nnamdi should be the next one gone.

    And Foles better show me something these next couple weeks or there is no way they get rid of Vick for this CHUMP.

  • Birdo,
    Do you still think the Eagles can win the NFC East..
    Forget about the mathematics, do you think this Team is capable of Winning Games.. I don’t …

  • The problem paulman is they don’t have NFL caliber safeties period, if they did do you honestly think he’d still be playing?

  • Babin down, Asomugha, Vick, Cole, Coleman, Allen, Patterson, Matthews & the ENTIRE O-line next! DISGRACEFUL!

  • Babin and Cole are hunting buddies. Maybe they will both have enough time to hunt for another job. Two overrated guys who are both selfish players.

  • No good QB’s in this draft.
    Geno Smith will be a bust, I like Manti Te’o. I know LB really isnt a problem now but ive watched every Notre Dame game this year and I think more importantly a leader is missing on the defensive side. This kid along with Cox, Kendricks, and Curry you are now building your future on defense.

    Maybe you sign a guy like Phillip Rivers in 2014 if Foles does not show he can be a NFL caliber quarterback. Hell bring back Brett Farve! im sure he’s got 2 more years left in the tank

  • Washburn is a wash, its over, its all over. Babin was a team cancer, sources are saying that Wash would defend Babin over other players on the DLine and that he was less hard on Babin over the other guys. What kind of mess is this? Washburn made a huge mistake (Which andy allowed) of treating his defensive line like some renegades that dont give a crap about the rest of the defense and are only concerned with their stats (Which were non existent). Thats Andy’s fault. He brought the guy in here before even hiring a defensive coordinator. Its a mess, inexcusable and irreversible. At this point they have to just begin planning for the future as to who will they bring in to be the head coach of this team, who will be up in the front office and what other players they will release/trade or acquire thru FA and so on.. Also, I doubt Mudd will return. Vick played much better behind a normal oline set not this jump set. Yes I said Vick because as all you Foles lovers can see, hes not looking good at all, in fact he looks like Ty Detmer/ Koy Detmer/ AJ Feely/ Kevin Kolb. That’s bad. Expect Vick to be back here next year with a restructured contract. Foles is not the answer.. You guys can say what you want, he just isn’t. Vick with a healthy line, minus the jump set crap, will and has excelled. Lay off the Foles hype guys please. I know his skin color is white, is tall like Tom Brady and has hair like him, but look with an unbiased eye for once..

  • The guy who used the words “Vick” and “excelled” in the same sentence is asking others to be unbiased? Drole.

  • Brian Baldinger, Brian Westbrook and other analyst broke down game film on Nick Foles and are very discouraged. They say maybe one day he may be serviceable but he definetlydoesnt have the IT factor. They said dont expect much next week in Dallas and moving forward. On the other hand they think Bryce Brown is a stud.They said for someone that big and that fast 4.37 forty that he has a little Bo Jackson in him. Very very impressed with Brown.

  • No great loss. The guy wasn’t a team player. Should be just the beginning. The remainder of the big dollar guys should be next. Nnamdi, Cole.Jenkins is due a big payday next year. Let him go and maybe resign him under a different contract with a different scheme that might make him effective. If he doesn’t want the lesser contract he can go too. On offense shed Vick, Bell, Dunlap and Maclin. It’s time to shake it up. No Franchise QB in the draft. Please don’t give me Geno Smith, so explore free agency/trade options. Right now Foles has had 3 games(including the 1st Dallas game) and growth has been slow. Birds can windup with a top 3 pick and many options.

  • Phillyfan, one of the few positives about last nights loss was that it would better us in draft selection if we tie with the Panthers, which is very possible. They will likely have a top 5 pick (maybe 3) because its hard to see this team winning another game no matter who the starting QB is.
    Right now Im drafting Teo from ND. Every time I see him i think of Troy Palumalu, just as a linebacker. Always around the ball make plays when you need one. I know people might think Im crazy to go LB over possible OT but we will get back pieces on the O-line next year…thats not the case with the D. Our D is horrendous and Teo excels at everything we lack. You can build the D around him and Cox going forward. I just think he is a sure stud in the draft and we could look back 5 years from now and be like that was the guy that started the change of culture for this Defense.
    I would go TEo in the first…Matt Elam in the second at safety who is a real playmaker. Sign an OT in FA, there will be talent there…We will have plenty of cash to sign a solid free agent out there after we cut the rest of the overpaid trash on the team.
    After taking those 2 guys in the draft, I would sign the best OT available and Bowe. (kinda what the Bucs did last year in signing Carl Nicks and big WR VJax)…Maclin has low cap number next year. Djax contract cant be voided to after next season. Let those 2 play it out next year for whoever that other starting WR spot goes to. Thats the rebuilding plan I would start with.

    • More like Junior Seau! Teo is going to be a monster!

    • Pheags,

      I agree. Build the D first because a good defense can steal a few games. Not sure they go LB. I think D line.

  • Put Teo’ in the Middle
    Slide Ryan’s to SAM Spot and Kendricjs over to WILL Spot and the Eagles would have an very good, active LB Corps and I agree that Teo’ is another
    Junior Seau but bigger physically
    Back to Washburn, I stated a few dozen times that Coach AR biggest mistake 2 years ago was hiring him before hiring a DC which put Castillo behind the 8-Ball in my opinion. Washburn Coaches 1 way which is his to have DL get to the Quarterback at all expense and dis-regards lane discipline, outside containment which puts a ton of pressure on the LB and Safeties which is why most NFL Teams don’t run it as a Base Defense (watch the Lions who have a great DL but are poor versus the Run and leave the Middle if the Field open to get exposed like the Eagles do..
    Once Washburn was named as DL Coach. Then AR found it very difficult to hire an experienced DC since most believe in a more balanced approach with their Front 7 Alignments and Schemes which I pointed out many times and why a CIA h like Spags had little interest in returning to Philly
    Washburn is headstrong and it’s his way for his front 4 or the Highway
    And I bet he is fuming about the release of one of his protege’s in

    • Paul, more like slide Te’o to SAM. Te’o is a perfect SAM, 6’2″ 255 lbs. Great in coverage (7 int), quick, & can get to the QB. Slide Kendricks to the WILL, where he should be anyways, to properly use his skills.

  • Look at the standings and what left of the NFL schedule…The following teams have 3 wins like the Eagles or less.

    Cleveland: 3-8 (Oak, KC, Wash, Den, Pitt)…My Prediction: 5-11
    Oak:3-8 (Cle, Den, KC, Car, SD)…4-12 (maybe 5-11 since McFadden is coming back)
    Carolina: 3-8 (KC, ATL, SD, Oak, NO) 5-11
    PHL: 3-8 (Dal, TB, CIN, Wash, NYG)….hardest schedule left, all those teams have playoff potential, we have a soft team full of quitters…3-13
    Jax: 2-9 (Buf, NYJ, Mia, NE, Tenn)…3-13
    KC:1-10 (Car, Cle, Oak, IND, Den)…2-13

    So now I’m thinking we have pick 2 or 3 in the draft….I think KC takes a QB just because they have seriously nothing at the position. SO Eagles will have their choice of many…cant see them trading out of the spot either since this team need playmakers now..cant just wait until next year and delay the rebuilding process even longer than it already has been…Rebuilding needs to start now

  • Pheags I almost agree but they are not going to purposely lose games even though it sure looks like it now. Why would we trust them to pick the right guy especially if Howie Roseman has anything to do with the draft?

  • Who said anything about them purposely losing the rest of their games? They will lose the games because they simply are not good enough to win them even if they tried. This team will be lucky to win one more game regardless of who the starting QB is or if Shady comes back or if they try to make another statement by cutting another overpriced player…this team is so bad and its only going to get worst. Its reality.
    And honestly don’t be surprised if they purposely don’t try much in the next 5 games. Since when does this team play with any type of character as a whole.

  • Has Navyeaglefan been around? I remember him coming at SONGZ all the time when the Eagles got off to 3-1 but haven’t really seen him since. Come on bro, come eat your crow. Be a man.

    • BoB, he lost the bet, he won’t come back.

  • Babin and his douchebag arm tattoos went to the Jags. Have fun playing over there. He fits right in tho since those lousy fans could care less if you are actually playing with any kind of heart. Take Washburn with you

  • Babin was somewhat productive if he could of just kept his mouth shut and played. Its just a self destructing team.

  • Oakland Raiders purging their Roster and have released 2 LB’s who were 1st Round Draft PIcks OLB Aaron Curry (4tyh Overall Pick by Seattle in 2009) and today are releasing Starting MLB Rolando McClain (8th Overall Pick in 2010) who is only 23 Years old and at 6-4 259lbs could be a perfect SAM spot LB in the Eagles Scheme…

  • I would take a look at both of those players. Both looked good coming out of college.

  • Want NO parts of McClain. He’s a bust & has has trouble with the law. Fire arms charges, I believe. Don’t give a $#!T how big he is!

  • you know you are bad when you are looking at oakland scraps! people in the league are not stupid… look where babin went to a worse team (if its possible) than the eagles. good teams don’t want discarded trash.
    one thing you can pretty much agree to is that guys getting cut this time of year are seen as me first locker room killers.

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