• August 17, 2022

Eagles Release Starting Defensive End Jason Babin

In an amazing and surprising move the Philadelphia Eagles have released starting defensive end Jason Babin. The veteran pass rusher played in 40 plays for the Birds last night in their loss to the Carolina Panthers.

He has 5.5. sacks for the season, which is a huge dropoff from his Pro Bowl year in 2011, which saw him register 18 sacks.

Andy Reid says this was done to allow some of the younger players like Vinny Curry to get on the field.  Curry got the chance to play last night as he dressed for first time this season.  He played only 20 plays but led the Eagles defensive line with five tackles in the game.

“We appreciate everything that Jason has given this team over the last couple of years,” Reid explained. “We wish him all the best as he continues his career. By releasing him today, this gives us an opportunity to give more playing time to some of younger guys in the defensive line rotation.”




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Eagles Release Jason Babin

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  • I don’t see the surprise here. Babin is one perfect example of whats wrong with this team.

  • G:

    He’s just not been effective. Message: “The defense is the problem. The D is at full strength and there has been no dependable end-of-game plays made.” Babin just has not risen to any occasion in Philadelphia. He’s a small fish in a big pond. I don’t know how he got to where he got. Good for him making his money, but he has NOT made his money this year.
    Go hunting in Alaska and chase the bulls, Jason. Nobody will long notice your career in the NFL.

  • G:

    I think that Namdi should have been first. His hands are permanently fixed with his four fingers folded under and his index fingers extended…any where but in the mirror. Perhaps he is right that the safties aren’t doing their jobs, but I have seen him actually stop running on a play where there is a WR behind him in an effective route.

    He should be wearing a stinking dress, G.

    I’m sorry was I too nasty? I’ll apply his lipstick, and rouge. He’s a stinking WOMAN! He plays with one finger firmly fixed in his descending colon and the other thumb in his mouth. But maybe I’m being hasty….

  • Whos next this is a sign that reid is still goin to be here next year hes still maken moves like this one dont be shock to see him on the side lines next year

  • Ar is not making these moves,
    it’s comign down from the next VP of Football Operations Tom DOnahoe who will take over for AR once he gets fired.. Donahoe will Terminate the entire Coaching Staff and since they will not emplo the Wide-9 any longer,
    Jason Babin is useless in any other Scheme since he can play Rush Defense,or drop in Zone Coverages or keep his Pursuit.. He does one thinkg and that’s get to the QB which he’s not even doing that very weel this Year
    I expect OT D Bell to be released next and possibly CB Asmo thought they will probably wait until after the Season and try to Trade him with no takers and then will have to cut the chord as with Vick and Cullen Jenkins

  • Tom Donahoe is the “de-facto” VP Of Football Operations for the next 5 Weeks until AR is Officially Terminated on Monday 12/31/2012
    Donahoe is cleaning up the Management Team in the Adminstration area and firing all of Andy Reid’s Hires setting the Stage to clean that part of the Organization up and then will start making Football Personnel Moves once Andy Reid is gone.. but there will be a player or 2 Released down the Stretch that are simply dead weight and don’t figure in any future plans

  • Hilarious nsidious. Asmo doesn’t even lead when dancing with the wide receivers on running plays.

  • teams have figured out the wide nine , and as usual the eagles and reid had no counter !

  • Next up: nnamdi, both safties, trent cole( the guy has zero awareness and now hes slow)and cullen jenkins. i would restructure vick, or get anothe qb in here to manage a run heavy offense..Maybe matt flynn.foles stinks.And this isnt a vick lover or a overreacting fan, he was a turnover machine at arizona and he didnt win there either. So lets not hitch our wagon to this guy just yet.Did u guys forget kelvin kolb already???

  • I say Baby Thor Matthews in on a goal line stand. As usual he was blocked by a tight end or receiver all the way into the endzone without much of a fight. What a soft,talentless aquisition

  • @1977…
    Get your facts straight about Foles at Arizona. First, he had just under 1 interception/game average, and had more than double the TD’s than INT’s. Every year both his pass completion % increased and for years there it was at average of 67%. Additionally, his QB rating increased significantly every year finishing with 146 in sr year. He had no fumbles that I could find.
    Consider also that AZ had a TERRIBLE team with a poor O Line, yet he still produced personally even though he had 2 coaches in 3 years at AZ.
    In high school he attended same as Drew Brees and broke all of Brees’ records there.
    Not saying he’s going to be top 3 in NFL, but he’s got a lot of natural abilities and is a learner. Give him a break… he had no first reps until couple weeks ago and he’s working under two terrible game planners: Reid and MM who are about to get the boot… and behind another terrible O line again.

    • so you like him because of his highschool accomplishments? What does he do well is the question i want you to answer. in three straight weeks he’s still doing the same things. throwing late, throwing accross his body, his chances of becoming an elite qb is slim to none

  • @ Iggles? Stop with the excuses. So what your saying is give Foles a dominate oline a great game planner, great recievers a great rb and he will be fine? lmao. Damn doesnt every QB want that. Nick Foles is no better than any QB coming out. They are all about the same. Foles is on the same level as Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson, AJ McCarron. Your not gonna win a superbowl with these types of QBs. None are franchise QBs. So I wouldnt draft any oth these QBs because none are better than Foles. Foles is Jimmy Clausen, Brady Quinn.

    • @Dag…hahaha…great opening line! loved it! ” So what your saying is give Foles a dominate oline a great game planner, great recievers a great rb and he will be fine?”

      Some folks just think football is that simple…very comical.

  • Eagle fans just dont get it. I understand Eagle fans think they invented football but there is no mention of what is going on. We are very fortunate to have Jeff Lurie. Teams go 3-13, 4-12, 2-14 every year. Some teams are perrineal losers. I cant recall any of them bad teams cutting players during the year, I cant recall any teams firing office perssonell during the season. i dont see Oakland or KC doing this. Kudos to Lurie in attempting to fix the problem. He may not have won us the big game yet but we could do alot worse in ownership.

    • agreed. Lurie gets beat for being cheap…. thats crap.. Where? where do they get this? We pay our coaches.. we pay our players… we have a great stadium and we usually win more than we lose. I dont get it.

  • @daggolden im not a big foles fan but damn i hope hes better than clausen and quinn…i think he can be a average game manger type. those guys are horrible lol

  • As mush as I hate how Nnamdi is playing, I think the onus is more on those horrible safties, who bite on everything. I heard B-Dawk talking about how he, Vincent, and Bobby Taylor used to be so in sync and it was a tremendous help. Well if Nnamdi is unsure of what the safety is going or supposed to do, then it makes him uncomfortable as well. too much zone… but what are the other options back there… which goes back to player personnel man Roseman or whoever is pulling the strings, they are a terrible talent evaluator…

  • doesnt make sense….unless you can write off some of the 20M still owed him this because we are under the cap…..he might of had some trade value next year

  • babin is only a $400k hit i believe for next year. his contract was front loaded.

  • this move alone tells me that andy will be back why does he care if the young guys play or mot if he isnt gonna be here makes no sence to me and if people are gonna say its the front office then it still doesnt cause andy has final say on anything that goes down for all that the front office couldve told andy bench him this has andy finger prints ALL over it and to me its 50/50 if he is gonna.Plus andys agent didnt just come out of nowhere with what he said last summer that jeff said andys coach for life they must of been talkn or something you dont come out of nowhere with that.

  • no way. Andy is gone. he is being professional and saying this is the best thing for the organization. he is the consumate professional and doing the right thing by the organization. no doubt about it he is gone.

  • Remember this Gloomy,
    Coach AR is under Contract for 2013 so when he gets Terminated (12/31/2012) He will still recieving his Year Salary (Approx $7 Million) while being unemployed, and for this, he will be Professional and do what Owner Jeff Lurie and the next VP Of Football Operations (Tom Donahoe) ask him to do, so you will see a lot of young players play over these next 5 Weeks..
    Andy Reid no longer has the Final Say, It’s Tom Donahoe running the show behind the Scenes..

  • Agreed Cigar. Reid is doing what is right for the organization. He knows he is gone. I am also sure that he has been in constant discussions with Lurie, Roseman, Donahue about that….and about the direction of the team moving forward without him.

    You are going to see a major purge over the next few months. Players and coaches.

    Reid knows this and is moving things in that direction now. Its a professional move.

    You will get another measure of the man as to how this is done with players he is loyal too also. Vick will remain at “level 4” or whatever for another week or 2 untill the “there’s no point” squad really kicks in and Vick can fade quietly instead of “he was benched for Foles”. Desean on IR for a 2/3 week injury, Watkins “injury”…”he’s still got that high ankle sprain….”

    Say what you want about Reids ridiculous game day foibles. Guy is a wall that takes a lot of heat off his players.

  • To Dag,
    KC CHiefs Cut/Released overpaid CB Stanly Routt about a month ago
    Radiers Cut/Released LB Aaron Curry recently

    So releasing Starters by Bad Treams is not uncommon, it’s just that the Eagles have not been this bad for a while to have to start cutting dead wood during the Season like some of these perennial bad teams..

  • Problem with that Vinnie is with Coach AR’s long history of “Coddling & Protecting” his Players for so often and for so long, ends up creating an atmosphere of a Team who lack Discipline and lack a sense of Accountability & Urgency and Excuse Makers which is in full display now with this 2012 Club and has steadily gotten worse and worse since about 2010 in my opinion..

  • Watkins Issues are more than his Ankle from what I’ve heard from sources..
    It’s more emotional & dependancy issues that he has and won’t see the field for the remainder of this Season..

  • please cite your sources! especially when you make a claim like that.

  • I cannot cite my Sources HAC, It goes against everything I was taught and learned.. I stand by my above statement concerning Watkins is all I can tell you
    and probably we will hear the truth concerning him once the Season is over, or maybe never.. but he has issues to straighten out is all I can say..

    • unless your source works directly for the birds than there is no issue citing it.
      i understand he has issues but to talk of drug dependancy without real evidence is fraudulant…. but then again thats your name!

  • I cannot cite my Sources HAC, It goes against everything I was taught and learned.. I stand by my above statement concerning Watkins is all I can tell you
    and probably we will hear the truth concerning him once the Season is over, or maybe never.. but he has issues to straighten out is all I can say..

  • Tom Donahoe? That would be an excellent hire, but this is the only place I have read such a thing. Have the aliens secretly landed at Fort Meade as well? Please let me know, as I have some things I could trade with them. Namely, YOU, Paulman.

    Paulman for the Aliens: Klogrochuk, Cherkramanik and TEE Scrotum.

  • Paulman:

    Sorry, you are expendable.

  • Tom Donahoe was hired last Spring by the Eagles as an “Advisor to Senior Managment” which is Owner Jeff Lurie and President Don Solenski
    He has in fact, been running the show behind the scenes and will become the
    VP of Football Ops once AR is terminated on 12/31/2012
    I can’t help if the other news/sport blogs are slow to report news, but Donahoe has been working very actively behind the scenes for over a month now..

  • GMCliff screamed all summer that we should trade Jason Babn, mainly because I knew his 18 sack season was an aberration of his true abilities. He had two lucky seasons under Washburns wide 9, but teams adjust to schemes every year. Many said I was crazy for suggesting that; It was the perfect time to find a sucker to take him off our hands. Bet the team could have cashed in on another draft pick riding the mirage of an impact player. One more time PAY ATTENTION!!. BABIN IS A FRAUD!!!

    Now my next suggestion: Trade: A number 1 pick in the 2014 draft, Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, and Jeremy Maclin for draft picks, preferably 1st, and 2nd round picks. Trade Evan Mathis for pick; another overvalued player.

  • OH YEAH, I told you so

  • I bow down to the GMCliff who was dead on about Babin…
    An interesting Release today by the Oakland Raiders who are letting Starting MLB Rolando McClain who was their Top Draft Pick (8th Overall) in the 2010 Draft and came out of Alabama..He’s still only 23 Years old and at 6-4 259lbs could be a perfect SAM LB in the Eagles Scheme next to Ryans/Kendricks..
    Not sure if he’s had some off the field issues or not, but the Eagels would be foolish to check very close into obtaining him for with their poor record,
    they would have a pretty good shot at getting him..

    • other peoples trash is your treasure?

  • I would take a look at Rolando McClain who has played for 3 DC’s in his first 3 Years for the Raiders and could use a new change of Scenery..
    I am not sure if anyone has thought about this.. Next Season in 2013, the Eagles will be going on their 5th DC since 2008 (JJ, McDermott,Castillo,Bowles)
    It’s hard to be a consistent Defense with a revolving Door at the Coordinator Position.. Eagles Front Office (Donahoe,Roseman) and whoever the next HC is better nail this Position or we will see the same issues of players out of position, poor techniques and tackling and not covering for weach other that we have seen over the last 5 Seasons…

  • He maybe going to Jail Paul, for some off the field issues stemming from last summer when he had either been stopped with firearms on him or he shot somebody; I’m not sure, but he could be in some trouble this off-season.

    But if it blows over, he isn’t that fast, he’s bad in coverage, but he is a athletic specimen for his size, andhe has his moments of wow…….he could be an option to back up DeMeco Ryans, but my choice would be Dane Fletcher MLB Free Agent( New England), to back up and eventually start if Ryans doesn’t pan out or gets hurt. AND I want both Star Lotululei, and Manti Te’o on this team next year. Both fill major holes Star could be our Jerome Brown. Te’o could play the strongside, and move Kendricks where he belongs on the weakside. The defense with just those 2 looks better already. Then we could address the O-Line in the 2nd, and 3rd Rounds.

    Hows that sound Fellas?

  • SAM LB’s are best utilized on Running Downs,Red-Zone and Short-Yardage situations. Most SAM’s come off the Field in Passing Downs unless they are blitzing the QB..

    Getting DT Star Loululeile would be awesom and reminds me and most Scouts of anothet Hgnata from the Ravens..
    Both Star and Teo will be gone in the first 5 Picks so getting both of them is very unlikely unless the Eagles Trade Vick,Avant and Asmo to the KC Chiefs for their #1st Rounder, 3rd Rounder and a 2nd ROunder in 2014..

    • They have to go strong this year Paul in the draft; We need some talent, and potential Pro Bowlers. I would trade Our #1 next Year, and 2015, Trent Cole, Asomugha, Herramans, Mathis, and Jeremy Maclin for extra 1st, 2nd,and 3rd Round Picks, and or possible trade options. We need more dominant pieces.

      The combination of these players, and picks could land us another higher pick, and we could get Lotululei, and Te’o.

      The other players could land us some extra 2nd’s, and 3rd’s that we could trade down for even more picks; We need draft picks, GMCliff, and Vic Fangio.

  • Why would the KC CHiefs wnat PHilly’s garbage, their Coaching Staff and GM are probably going to get fired too so they will be in a complete Rebuilding mose as the Eagles should.. There is no quick reload here with the Eagles..
    I figure about 30 players off the Roster needs updgraded and replaced and that’s going to take 3 Draft Classes and some Free-Agency moves to make happen

    I still remember people calling me out when I wanted CB Carlos Rogers or even Richard Marshall in 2010 over the overyhyped Asmo and that i also wnated Strong Safety Dwan Landry too.. Instead the Eagles blew their wad on and went all-in on Asmogoah and it’s blown up in their faces …
    and I told it then that this was a mistake and 2 years later the proof is in the pudding while Rogers and Landry make All-Pro’s , and Asmo makes commercials…. Go figure

    • Props Paul….That is the truth….some people should listen

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