• December 4, 2021

Football Is No Longer Fun In Philadelphia

Wow… how the mighty have fallen. I guess you can’t ever have called the Eagles mighty, not since 1960 when they won the NFL Championship beating the Green Bay Packers. Wow… the worst record in 14 years, since we called Andy Reid “Coach”. Philadelphia has been so accustomed to winning football even if we never won a Super Bowl. Wow… I really thought it would have been this year. This was supposed to be “our” year! But I’ve been cheated once again.

Wow… what else is there to say? Eagles’ football is tough to watch, tough to be associated with. It’s tough to live in a football world of total ineptitude when you’ve experienced good fortune and winning ways for so long. Philadelphia football has lost its flavor, becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. There is no awe, no fear in opposing players, no respect. The Eagles have become the worst team in football, the butt of jokes and I don’t know how it happened. Wow!

Gone are the days of Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter, Troy Vincent, Corey Simon, Tra Thomas, John Runyan and yes, Donovan McNabb. I never realized how much I miss those guys. Heck, I miss Dick Vermeil for that matter. But it seems like only yesterday. Yesterday we cheered like mad men, every day. And it was every day that we cheered. We have taken Eagles football for granted.

I think we’ve all become accustomed to seeing the Eagles come back after a losing campaign. They always bounced back after a subpar season, and there weren’t many. But now? Eagles football isn’t fun anymore. Philly has been loyal, passionate and excited about Eagles football, particularly over the last 14 seasons.

Wow… this isn’t supposed to happen. This is what happens to the Detroit’s, the Cleveland’s’ the Kansas City’s, the Jacksonville’s, the Buffalo’s … the Carolina’s – not Philadelphia! Football is no longer fun. It just isn’t. It’s a sad reality but Eagles football is no longer winning football, not now. There will be no playoffs, no Super Bowl and no Dynasty. Wow… and as long as Philadelphia has waited, there might not ever be.

Wow… 3-8 and not much left to heal the hurt of unmet expectations, to inspire a thirsty and starving Philadelphia fan base longing to be called “Champions”. There is hope though, for the future. But don’t you get tired of always talking about tomorrow? The future is supposed to be now. There’s enough here to salvage, enough talent to mold and make into a winner again if there can be found, the heart of this team that was lost, the hunger… the swag. It’s going to take someone special though to dig way down deep, deep enough to find the answer.


Mylow Young

Originally from Philadelphia Mylow now lives in Statesville, NC about 40 miles north of Charlotte. Mylow once aspired to play with the Eagles a bit after coming out of high school but was sidetrack by street activity and later drugs. He did however play Semi-Pro ball in the Tri-State Football Conference in 1978. He has have been clean and free from an addiction to crack cocaine for almost ten years now thanks to the mercy and grace of the God who loves him! Mylow is the author of two books, his first novel "Against the Gates of Hell: A Crack House Exodus" was released 9-1-11. Visit him at www.mylowyoung.com

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  • My low you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s–t.

  • The Andy Reid and Eagles ERA was over at the end of teh 2009 Season
    when they got their asses wupped by the Cowboys in the final game of the 2009 Season and ten in the Wildcard Game (which was McNabb’s Final Game)
    The Eagles Franchise, Coach AR have not been the same since, it just took many of you in the Media & Fans a couple of Years to realize this ..
    The Eagles will now have a decade of medicroity which began in 2010,2001 and has gotten worse in 2012 and will probably remain so thru the next few Seasons.. Call me a hater, but I will call them and post them as I see them.. This Team has been on a downwars spiral for a couple of years now..

  • Disagree with this article.

    Football Hasn’t been fun the past year and a half, but now has the potential to get exciting.

    This team hasn’t been good since mid-2010 and was going nowhere with the former superstar and Reid at the helm….it isn’t fun when you’re reading a book, or watching a movie and you know how it will end. Watching football seasons where you know the ending isn’t fun either.

    But now we have something different.

    The unknown is exciting.

    I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed Brown ripping it up last night. I enjoyed watching Foles play better than last week. I enjoyed watching Hunt in the backfield on a few plays.

    There’s a bit of promise there…….and there is also the promise of wholesale coaching changes on the horizon.

    People just have to look at this from a different perspective. The enjoyment of watching winning football games left well over a year ago. Its been dead for a while, and isn’t coming back for a while….so now is the time to enjoy the little things.

    I for one and very excited to watch the upcoming matchup against Dallas, because I think it will tell us more about Foles than the first 2 games. Its against an opponent he’s seen….and who has seen him….so it will be very interesting to see how he does in that situation.

    • hasn’t been fun for you….wonder why, the change all of a sudden?

      • ….couldn’t have a thread without Realtalk sneaking that subtle racial jab in there……

        again….because I knew how the other book, the one where Reid was the author and VIck was the main character, was going to end. Badly. Every time.

        Now I have a new main character in Foles, and no idea who the author will be, so that’s interesting. Potentially exciting.

        Thay’s why you putz.

        • you are a clown…a clown in the truest form! this would not be a threat without your d sucking of Foles, who has done absolutely nothing in the regular season to warrant in praises or any confidence that he is the future that you believe he is…Again, sis, your only problem is the main character.

  • firing McDermott’s brother on game day — will Jeff fire Howie on Hanukkah’s eigth day and Andy on Christmas Eve

    • That would be priceless!

  • If you truly believed that this was going to be ‘the year’ the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, you weren’t “cheated” out of anything…. It means that you had been cheated out of your ability to objectively assess this coach, this team, and the coaches and general manager that he is in charge of.

    The passing of Jim Johnson ended the ability of the Reidles to contend in the NFL. It left Reid with total, complete control over every facet of the organization which, as anyone who’s worked for control freaks can attest, is doomed to failure. I’ve been saying this for years – control freaks need an offsetting power to keep them from destroying themselves. Johnson was that respected authority which helped keep Reid’s average to below-average offensive mind out of the defensive side.

    You weren’t cheated at all. This was inevitable. The fact that the owner never saw it coming tells me that this sort of ‘loyalty to the bitter end’ mistake is likely to happen again.

    • Well said, and true. Too much inter-organizational loyalty. Reid’s ego is such that he thinks he too, can build a “coaching tree.” An ego that leads to the appointment of a Castillo to the important position of Defensive Coordinator instead of searching outside of “The Family” for an obviously more experienced and qualified candidate. An unreal loyalty that leads to Limp

      • Well said, and true. Too much inter-organizational loyalty. Reid’s ego is such that he thinks he too, can build a “coaching tree.” An ego that leads to the appointment of a Castillo to the important position of Defensive Coordinator instead of searching outside of “The Family” for an obviously more experienced and qualified candidate. An unreal loyalty that leads to Limp-Wrist Lurie sticking with a coach who’s time has come and gone for FOURTEEN LO-O-O-O-N-G YEARS. A Head Coach who fancies himself some sort of Habitat For Humanity for has-beens like Moronweg and Mudd. Only with the departure of Reid and his proclivities for bad choices and decisions, will the Eagles ever fly again.

        • The loyalty is mainly from Lurie. The thing passing for loyalty from Reid is his borderline obsessive-compulsive drive to control everything ‘his way.’ There’s a difference.

          He wasn’t so loyal to Castillo as much as he was confident that Castillo would do what he was told by Reid and not do too much of his own thinking and leading. Who wanted this stupid wide-9, Reid or Castillo?

          It’s all about surrounding oneself with “yes men” who will reliably regurgitate the words and deeds of the guy at the helm because people like Reid don’t believe anyone is as smart as he is. ‘Yes men’ are weak in spirit and mind – they need to attach themselves to ‘strong’ people and become dependent on their leader. But the fact is that better results come from teams of smart people who argue and debate matters as equals – not from a bunch of syncophants genteelly genuflecting to and flattering their royal dictator. Competent people don’t stay around long in that environment (Harbaugh?).

          This is why control freaks like Reid always ultimately fail when they gain complete autonomy (like Reid did when Johnson passed away). And it’s why yes men like Castillo, even when they’re publicly thrown under the bus for not very sensible reasons, say things like, “I’d still run through a wall for Andy Reid.”

          Alright, I’m getting off the soap box….

  • This team is far more interesting watching Foles, Brown, Curry and the young guys. It’s all about seeing if Foles is the qb of the future and I enjoy watching it. The speed of the game looks like too much for him, but I’ll watch. There is no great QB in the draft so I’ll live with Foles next year. I hope he works or totally fails to give a top pick the following year. This is a long term rebuilding project, so everybody should have realistic expectations. Purge veterans and take the best available player in the next few drafts. I can live with Shady and Brown running the majority while doing lots of play action plays next year.

    • Agree.

    • Hey, we’ve already waited (wasted) FOURTEEN YEARS. What’s a few more as long as it’s with a new, young, energetic, innovative Head Coach and staff and NOT Reid and his Korp of Keystone Kops.

  • I seriously question owners lining up at Reid’s door with job offers. How does he try to explain that his blue print for success are small fast guys on offense and defense. This only works against avereage to poor teams, not in the playoffs. The core of the Super Bowl team had many defensive studs that were from the previous coaching staff. Jimmy Johnson has proven to be the best coach we have seen since Vermeil. I can’t believe I say this, but thank God for TO getting us to the Super Bowl. Football is dominated by big fast men, not small fast men. I think most owners see AR in a different light now and may not be willing to gamble millions on his way of thinking.

    • ” Football is dominated by big fast men, not small fast men.” i agree 100%. I posted similar thoughts in another forum almost to the word. I fail to understand how anyone can automatically assume owners are lining up to sign Reid. That’s a ridiculous premise after his vivid demonstration of incompetence ranging from his selection of players (all-smurf team) and assistant coaches (5-27 Moronweg) to his selection of plays (long hand-off four inches from the goal line). NO WAY.

      • Winning creates revenue
        Owners like revenue
        Andy Reid has won some games

        • There are owners who won’t realize that the real backbone of 11 solid years of football in Philadelphia was Jim Johnson. Without Johnson’s presence, this team has been a non-stop, slow-motion, downward swirl in a toilet bowl.

          If any owner offers Reid a ‘full control’ deal, it won’t be long before they realize their mistake. Two seasons of failure should be all it’ll take to effectively relegate Reid to ignomy – unless, of course, Reid TOTALLY changes everything about how he runs a team, learns a few things about time management, and – oh, who the hell am I kidding…. he’ll be a train wreck, period.

  • I believe Coach Andy Ried will take the Year Off to recharge his batteries, go thru the self-analysis of what went wrong, spend some time with his Family
    and just regroup. I always thought that he would make a great College Coach instead and could really see him pursue a job with BYU is one were to come open and he loves his Alma Mater and Old Coach LaVell Edwards and would probably be very suscceful at the Collegiate level..
    You also have to remember that he will collect somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-$7Million from Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie so there is no financial need for him to get a Job in 2013 and in fact, he would probably not make 1/2 this amount with any new Team..
    Lots of moving parts at the NovaCare Center as usual…

  • Where did the Andy Reid fan club go?

  • Mylow,
    You should take this maudlin c – – p you write and use it as a resume’ for a scriptwriter position on “Days of Our Lives.” Emotional regurgitation!!! There is more joy in life to overwhelmingly compensate for the great “cheating” you get from the Eagles. Mama must have had an endless supply of crying towels for you as a kid.

  • Jason Babin has been released! Good riddance!!!

  • Andy would probably be great at BYU.
    He can try to win on his terms with misdirection and multiple formations.
    Mayby pick up an additional wife or 2 while he out in Utah(I crossed the line).
    Juan Castillo comes out smelling like a rose this year. He has done nothing but speak highly of the guy that fired him. I could live with him as the Oline coach again.

  • I wish they would release CB Asmogoah, OT D Bell and Safety Kurt Coleman
    as well

  • “It’s going to take someone special though to dig way down deep, deep enough to find the answer.”

  • Jon Gruden has no interest in returning to the sidelines and not take over the mess that the Eagles are in ..

    • Wrong!! Jon Gruden has stated, emphatically, in the past that he would return to coaching if the RIGHT opportunity presents itself and that’s a paraphrase. In addition, there have been reports notably WalterFootball.com’s Charlie Campbell, that Gruden has been looking into assistants around the NFL to see about their potential availability after the season. The report suggests Gruden is only looking for a “perfect opportunity” for a large-market team or he’d be happy to stay at ESPN. What could be more large market than Philadelphia? Gruden has been EXTRA careful NOT to be critical of Reid in his commentaries.
      Even though Gruden recently signed a contract extension with ESPN, beginning in September 2012, which will lengthen his tenure with the broadcasting company for another five years. There have been conflicting reports about Gruden’s ability to leave his contract at ESPN, but the network never has said definitively that he can’t get out of his deal.
      You can bet your bottom dollar there is a clause in there somewhere letting him out of it.


  • All you Vick haters better hope Gruden doesn’t come here because if he does he’s bringing back Vick with him, not for that salary but Gruden wants no parts of Foles.

  • after listening last night , Gruden to the panthers ! more pieces there . lurie shou;lda never bought into FOOLS GOLD and gotten into the Jeff FIsher sweepstakes , the rams at least are pointing up , i see years of down here !

  • Hasn’t been fun, in 3-4 years.

  • I am looking forward to the future. There will be some bumps in the road. If Lurie does the right things like having a football guy from a winning organization run the show the fans will understand some growing pains. We understand and accept a team that works hard and comes up short while developing. Let’s just keep moving forward. Develop a strong defense first because a defense can steal some games even if the offense struggles. Ravens won a SB with a guy named Dilfer. Giants “D” won a SB Against the Pats. Build a defense and the fans will be excited again.

    • I’m just hoping Limp-Wrist Lurie doesn’t do something stupid like allowing Reid to hand pick his own successor. Since Reid also sports the dual title of Head Coach Executive VP/Football Operations, it’s not unrealistic to think he could influence that decision because he wouldn’t be stepping down any further than the front office. And Lurie being the uber-loyalist he is (or just plain intimidated by Big Red) could, conceivably, let him have his way. He has so far. And, it’s not inconceivable that successor could be….wait for it….wait for it….MORONWEG.
      This could create the formation of a lynch mob formed on the order of a Jihad that would do the Islamist proud.

  • It is kind of funny how the last time the Eagles were relevant was when McNabb was the starting QB, but very few people will actually admit it. I’m excited to see more Vinny Curry and excited to see Vick back in this week.

    • you need a QB to win in this league! he was a good QB so…..uh yeah

    • Agreed with 1st part of statement, but the only way you can get excited about seeing Vick is if you buy a Raiders Jersey.

  • Good article… It certainly is not fun. I live in the DC area, so I get it from Giants, Redskins and Cowboys fans. We are totally at the bottom right now, and cannot go any lower. I don’t see the “IT” factor in Nick Foles, and without a QB in this league you go no where. Nick is staring down receivers and his mobility does not seem to be very good. I don’t feel like debating the QB position today, so I will leave it at that. Good riddance Babin, and take Washburn with you and that stupid Wide 9.

  • @ChuckRob please take the wide 9 and Washburn and put them out to pasture. Foles is a game manager nothing more nothing less, and this franchise needs more then a game manager unless Shady and Brown run the single wing. I just hope the next head coach is a good talent evaluator.

  • Lurie has to put us on HBO’s Hard knocks now !!!
    WooHoo Can’t wait

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