• May 19, 2022

Michael Vick Fails Another Baseline Test

Michael Vick failed another baseline test yesterday, so there’s no way he will see any action on Sunday night in the Dallas game.  The veteran signal caller has been sidelined due to a concussion and still has yet to  pass all the tests necessary to get back on the field.

Andy Reid has said rookie Nick Foles will be the starter on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.  He’ll need to find open receivers despite the fact that starting wide receiver DeSean Jackson is sidelined for the season with broken ribs.  Jeremy Maclin will start along with Riley Cooper.

Veteran Jason Avant will return to action after being sidelined with a hamstring injury.  Rookie wide receiver Demaris Johnson will see plenty of action.

Running back LeSean McCoy will miss another game due to his concussion.

The Eagles have had to make some changes on their offensive line because an ankle injury to center Dallas Reynolds.  Left guard Evan Mathis is now playing center and former first round pick Danny Watkins is taking his place at left guard.

The offensive line did a good job against the Carolina Panthers in the run game.  They opened the holes for rookie running back, Bryce Brown, who ran for 178 yards.  They’ll need to run the ball well and often this week against the Cowboys to have any chance of winning.



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  • Does it really matter? He ain’t coming back. He’s an afterthought. Who cares?

  • Not that it matters at this point and time,
    Wonder if Coach AR has had any Baseline Test’s Done.. It surely couldn’t hurt

  • @DCar – those fans that care about the health of the players, care…some of us know that there are way more important things than football…an update on this years starting QB health is something that any appreciative fan should care about.

    • That’s why I don’t care, because I am a fan, of the EAGLES, NOT VICK. He’s an afterthought, I will not be back. So his baseline test, is a moot point! At this point, I would rather see all of the youth on this team, so we can see what we have for next year & beyond. Real I love your passion, but you seem to care more about Vick, than you do about OUR team.

      • *he will*

      • @DCAR – I dont give a f what you think. you can think that I have a tit in the middle of my forehead, I dont give a damn! bottom line is, the man has a head injury, and out of respect for the dues he has paid to this team, he deserves some respect! And genius right now, as “we stand here today” he is still on this team! and right now, as we stand here today, if you asked the head coach, he is still the starting QB… you sound like the true dumb ass that you are! you transparent backward talking temper tantrum throwing stereotypical Eagles fan!

  • with that OL I wouldnt start Foles..

    • troy aikmen got killed his first two years. was like 1-15 or something and was a walking concussion. so let him play.
      as i’ve stated many times its way too early to say he is good or bad- let him play get his ass kicked and go from there.

  • Who else is going to play Eagles QB, let Foles play and learn the NFL Game
    The OL Play has been better with RG Jake Scott in there and Dennis Kelly is back at his natural RT spot and plays more comfortable there..
    LT is a mess, but you keep Havilli or Celek in to block and help him is about the best the Eagles can offer since D Bell will not see the field again, unless Dunlap is injured..

  • I said 2 weeks ago that Vick would remain stuck at “level 4” or whatever untill its too late in the season for it to matter. Reid is very good at protecting his players from the media.

    As for the “with that OLine business” Foles – that’s ridiculous. Foles is getting off 90% of his passes, and hasn’t been hit that badly the past 2 games……he’ll be fine.

  • Yeah great Vinnie so he sucks and it’s not the lines fault. Makes me feel better.

  • which remaining offensive starter gets knocked out this week for the year, there are only 3 left — -Mathis, Celek, or Maclin?

  • Maclin is next so everyone can bitch about our too small frail receivers.

    • Maclin is a soft puss! He gets hurt every time someone breaths on him & gets alligator arms every game! What are you watching?

      • Really DCar spoken by someone who has no clue about the courage to takes to do what Maclin does.

        • So he’s a coward?!? Thank you for making my point. As for me not having a clue about courage. How’s about been in the Military, & the Police department? So, I really don’t think getting hit on the field, playing football scares me. He’s wears punk panties! He’s soft, gets hurt everytime someone touches him, & he countless times, has alligator bodied balls, & dived to the ground, turtling up to avoid contact! WTF, is it with you with excuses. Open your F^#@ING eyes, & get a clue at WTF your are watching, before futility attempting to try & correct me!

          • Isacc Bruce and Torry Holt will make the hall of fame playing exactly the way you described. So turn in your badge and report to the Linc and let a safety blast you while trying to catch a football. Comparing being in the military and being a cop to a football player really. Who does that!!! Before you correct me I appreciate that you served in the military and being a Cop because I couldn’t do it!!!!

  • Players who end up injured and out for the rest of the Season

    I agree abou Maclin on Offense,
    Defensively I see C Jenkins and Asmo not making it until for the remainder of the Season..

  • please dont resign maclin. there has to be a bigger tougher upgrade out there. this guy talks trash after every first down. he never out muscles anybody for a big catch and he never breaks tackles. he’s a 2 or 3 on a team that already has a star WR. And we dont have one so bye bye

  • Vick is failing on purpose.. Who would want to come back on this team and get obliterated every play and get no respect, like the eagle whoas are his fault. He was the only payer out there giving it his all.

  • I bet the Baselines have Determined that Vick has “No Brains” at all, left…
    Let him leave with his faculties intact on 12/31/2012 when the Eagles cut the Chord with AR and his complete Staff, D Bell, J Avant,C Jenkins, N Asmogoah, Darryl Tapp and Kurt Coleman, Casey Matthews
    It will be a New Years Eve to Remember if this would occur..Start the 2013 Year off Clean and gut out the Cancer
    Then demand that Trent Cole,Todd Herremans & Evan Mathis to take Pay Cuts, if they don’t agree, then cut them too

  • IVE BEEN SAYING THE LAST 2 WEEKS THAT JUST LIKE JUAN WAS A SCAPE GOAT AND THE DEFENSE IS WORSE,VICK IS A SCAPEGOAT. I dont believe for one second a concussion will leave a qb out 3 weeks. This is another case of the Eagles organization trying to play the fans like we’re stupid just come out and say you benched the guy because you thought Foles was the answer,but he is clearly worse. This organization hates admitting mistakes.

  • Word from sources still lurking arounf the NovaCare Center is that the Doctor running the Concussion Tests is from Canada named Dr Vinnie

    • 🙂

  • Vick is not a ScapeGoat Ryder
    He is just not a winning QB.. he’s 10-16 in his last 26 NFL Starts with the Eagles.. There is no reason to sugar-coat anything, he’s a loser..Plain and Simple and just like the HC has become a Loser and needs to go, so does Mike Vick

  • Vick’s career record is…56-43-1…that is a winning record…Not out of this world, but still a winning record….Then you dont even take into accont how were those teams he played with? ATL had very young receivers, who just weren’t ready…Best receiver was his TE Crumpler…the defenses weren’t top 10…Vick came to ATL in rebuild mode, and made that team relevant again…How about these Eagles teams he’s been on? you’ve witnesses first hand, so you’re telling me that his 10-16 record ove the last 26 games hes started has nothing to do with the O Line, the coaching? yes Vick must take acountability for a loss…But you are putting too much emphasis on the last 26 games…This Eagles team, just not has been that good, period!

    • vick to the HOF! its all everyone elses fault! a good QB leads! you sound like an aau coach– BLAME EVERY ONE ELSE! and coddle your ‘stars’- what a f.ing joke!

  • @paulman, I know your joking but some of the things you post are brainless so I guess you would know.

  • I don’t think Vick wants to play with this o line and no receivers, I give him credit for his effort, I don’t blame him for looking out for his health, and although foles will fare no better with cast around him, at least he Will not get killed since he can read a blitz

    • what a asanine comment…Vick is in the top 10 of NFL QB’s for against the blitz…Why because you heard Gruden say Foles audibled to a run play, he can read the blitz? Again, the starting QB, used to always audible to run play, that’s how McCoy ended up getting touched that many of us complained he wasn’t….Jakemut, you know nothing about football…

  • Stat girls make me laugh. Can spin stats to say anything.

    Our Kicker who is playing very well hasnt won a game in months…. he’s a “loser” and should be cut?

    How about Ryans? Since he’s been here we’ve won like 3 games….. what a “loser”… cut him. Take Kendricks with him?

    The good news is that our backup QB is throwing INt’s and almost Int’s before he can be hit. Did you know he does that 90% of the time?

    Oh stat girls…. what would we do without you?

    What i hope for this week against Dallas….

    1) Keep that run game going- lets see if brown can do his thing 2 weeks in a row.

    2) Curry, Cox, Cole, Cullen…… can the 4 C’s bring the noise?

    3) Foles- can he stop staring down the WR’s? Last week the cb’s were playing off and it worked often. He progressed on this late in the game but i’d like to see this from go.

    I will root against the eagles for the rest of the year but I cant this week. I know its a long shot with the way this o,d, st looks right now but….. i want to beat dallas.

  • No surprise. Vick was hit more times in the pocket than any QB in the history of the game. Too many times I,ve witnessed defensive players running fire drills in the Eagle,s back field. It was just a matter of time before he was seriously injured. Best that he not be on the field on Sunday. He’s the only shot the team has at a win, but with McCoy & Jackson out, and the Oline in shambles a win might be more than even “Superman” could pull off. Besides judging by the some of the Philly news media and posts in this site, the “fans” would rather see Nick Foles play and lose the game, than Mick Vick play and win the game. This is a sorry state of affairs. I can understand why most of the “real fans” have lost enthusiasm for a Cowboy – Eagles matchup that normally would be a highlight of the season.

  • To RT77
    What does Vick’s Falcon Stats mean in 2012 from 6-7-8 Years ago…
    Vick is 10-16 in his last 26 Games as the Eagles Starter since 2011..
    Is this clear enough for you..He’s a loser and no longer has the explosion
    to get out of harms way like he used to it’s called being 33 Years old and like McNabb, once these running/athletic QB’s lose their Legs, they are toast since neith of them were very good pocket passers, or could read defenses well though McNabb was better than Vick in reading Defenses and much better in protecting the ball..

  • I researched Vick’s record. This is what I found. Vick’s win & loss record overall is 38 wins 28 loses with 1 tie. With the Eagles he’s around 25 & 18. Does anyone have other information ?

    • he is 18-15 with the birds and 56-43 overall.

  • Fro what i can see this paulman kid is your typical racist idiotic eagles fans. Vick is in no way shape or form the problem with this team. Its clearly the coaching. NO QB would be successful behing this line, yup even if that means your pre season Hero Nick Foles. DID ANYBODY WATCH AARON RODGERS LAST SUNDAY AGAINST THE SHE-MEN? The Giants destroyed him. He has a bad Oline but he actually has his starters. Vick had no starters and still put us in a position to win his last 4/5 games. The defense sucks,gets no turnovers,cant stop the run, cant tackle,leave recievers wide open,and cant get pressure on the qb. Vick isnt the problem and when he leaves i will no longer be a fan of this team,the fans are so damn stupid its not even funny anymore. Andy is the real problem.

    • GOOD! You ain’t a fan anyways, if you root for a player over the team! Don’t let the door hit you in your F^#@ING @$$!!!! BTW, quit calling people racist, because they don’t agree with your idol worshiping, because you look like the racist for bring it up!!

      • DCar this is the most real post I have seen on here in a while. This isnt about race its about the Eagles. Like Ive said before I don’t care if the QB is a Klingon as long as we can get to the bowl. Some people have take the critiques personally. If realistically Vick could take us to the bowl I dont think any real Eagle fans would complain.

        • That’s right. I don’t care if our QB is the Red Hulk! If he’s a good QB, who gives a F^#@K! Vick has had 10 years to prove it. He sucks, with, or without an O-line! Excuses, excuses! Delusions, delusions! I can’t wait for this nightmare era to end, so we can wash off the stench, of this coaching staff, & half of these bums, when they’re gone!

  • This really isn’t about Vick and if these so called fans could take the blinders off they would see that. As a fan of the Eagles I hope Foles gets it done, but he doesn’t pass the eye test I don’t care who or what your agenda is and I know it’s only 2 games just watch him he doesn’t have it. Vinnie throw your stats out the window and watch the games. Hell everybody talks about win loss records like it’s all on the QB’s.

  • lesThe only thing I agree with your Vick apologists is that with these crap receivers, djax the worst, and o line terrible, no quarterback cash get it done, so you can’t get a good read on foles until next year although he certainly has tools

    • Stop with the apoligists nonsense Jake, they just see things differently then you. Hell he’s living fine he don’t need any of us apologizing for him anyway.

  • Must be a difficult life when everyone who disagrees with you is an idiotic racist eh Vickryder. That’s gotta be a lott of people.

    BTW – don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • And what exactly is this magical “eye test” of yours Biglion?

    Most NFL execs take at least a full season of games before making a decision on a QB.

    But you just “know” after less than 3 games.

    Could you send me the lottery numbers too Kreskin.

  • Vinnie if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’ll never get it. Stats don’t tell the complete story of everything. And by the way how many NFL execs with all that film watching still draft busts year in year out whats your point again stat man. That’s why the combine is a joke dudes don’t play with shorts and no equipment

  • I’ll say this again watch the games your eyes won’t lie to you. Stats will though.

    • I agree you should watch with your eyes Biglion but you can see guys make progress and snap they get it. People have brought up Troy Aikmen and his 1-15 season…He looked worse than any QB I can remember. Even JJ had Steve Walsh play a few games because he wasnt getting it. Im not saying Foles is Aikman but He can develop…Eli looked horrid his first season also. 2 games don’t look good but giving up on a guy after two games is reactionary and very shortsighted.

      • Bad example Xevious, he looked horrible because his team was horrible amazing how much better he became when the talent around him got better

        • And the talent on this team is much better? 3 Starters are left from this shambles of an offense. He has Celek and Maclin…and we both know maclin isnt going accross the middle lol. But as the season goes on we should see some growth as he gets used to what he has. If we dont see growth thats a huge issue.

  • Here is the truth:

    Vick last 2.5 games (vs Atl, NO, Dall)

    49 of 85 (57.6%) 533 yards, 3 tds, 1 int, 10 sacks, 13 scrambles, 37points

    Foles last 2.5 games (vs Dall, Wsh, Car)

    55 of 99 (59.6%), 542 yrds, 1td, 3int, 7 sacks, 2 scrambles, 44 points

    So…if like Ryder, and daggolden and lawwwwrd say that Foles, after his very first games, does not pass the eye test….where does that leave the former superstar?

    Foles has higher %, higher yrds, less sacks, less scrambles, and led offense to more points. He also had 2 more picks? But he’s a raw rook….wtf do you expect??????

  • Nice stats Vinnie get Eli’s stats from his three prior games before they rolled the Packers and compare them to Foles. I guess Eli sucks too right? Stats lie my friend.

  • So my eye test says Eli is an NFL QB but Foles isn’t, care to differ?

    • Your not making sense…you have to compare the first 2.5 games of Eli and Foles….A comparison between Fole and Eli as a 2 time SB champ is ridiculous….If you want to compare Vick and Eli thats a legit comparison since careers are similar in length if you take Vicks prison stint into consideration. Eli lacks focus for lengths of the season. But he’s money in the end of the season and games.

      • So its okay for Vinnie to compare Vicks stats but not Eli’s?

        • Last I looked Eli wasn’t on the Eagles. I compared Foles last 2.5 to Vicks last 2.5 because they’re on the same team, with the same players, and the same coaches.

          I’m sorry that it angers you so much that in all but 1 category, Foles is doing better than Vick did. Foles tightens up the Ints (should happen over time) and he’ll be ahead of the former superstar across the board.

          Again, sorry this bothers you…..but if you keep screaming that Foles sucks and doesn’t have “it” then I have to ask why you look so lovingly at a guy who isn’t performing as well.

          You, and Lawwrd, and Daggolden love Vick and want him to start. You think Foles sucks. You can “just tell”

          Which of course is complete bullshit.

          In 2.5 games Foles already looks like he understands the playbook better than Vick.
          He looks comfortable in the pocket.
          He gets rid of the ball quicker.
          He has taken less sacks and scrambles a lot less.
          His completion % is higher
          The offense scored 7 more points over his 2.5 games.
          If Reid had called a QB sneak like he should have on 4th and a pubic Hair, they might have one the last game.

          Does he make mistakes….of course he does! He hasn’t played 3 games yet.

          Does he stare down WRs….yup. So does every young QB. Andrew Luck has had 2 3 interception games this year, and he’s supposed to be the best QB prospect in a decade.

          Has he missed some WRs. Yup. Still has a higher % than your hero.

          Again, I have no idea whether Foles will be good or not, but he is showing some very encouraging signs.

          And I agree with Xevious…why would I ever compare the #s of a rook in his first 2 starts over a 2 time SB champ (who BTW, many had given up on after 4 years)

          • So in the same post you said Eli doesn’t play for us you bring up Andrew Luck. When did we get him?

          • But Biglion….if you really want to Compare Foles to Eli, then fine….

            Eli’s first 3 games:

            26 of 67 (39%) for 376 yrds (125/game) 1 td and 4 ints….

            did he get better….nope….actually got worse over the next 2 games!

            After 5 games he was 42 of 110 (38%) for 516 yards (103/game) 1 td and 6 ints.

            Would you be shocked if I told you all 5 were losses?

            So I gess if Foles “sucks” and “doesn’t have it” posting numbers that are markedly better than Eli’s were his first 4 days.

            Good tihing you weren’t the NYG GM a few years back. Would have traded ELi for Vick and I doubt that would have worked out as well.

            • Now that all the comparisons are over, Bottom line for me is Foles needs the rest of the season. Vick isnt the guy so we move on…If Foles isnt the guy which I think we will find out the next five weeks then we move on…F*&^ Eli he’s a scumbag Giant lol. For the life of me though we cant be reactionary with a Rookie. Some guys look great then burn out fast. Bobby Hoying please…anyone that has played the game knows how much faster it gets at each level. 14 days the kid has been taking reps with the 1st..semi first team. Calm football decisions need to be made, not emotional reactionary ones.

              • Xevious again we won’t be able to tell anything if he fails because isn’t playing with a full complement of players. If he is successful playing with these guys we may have something, but we cannot keep throwing him out there just because.

  • I guarantee you your “eye test” said Eli wasn’t going to be an NFL QB after his first 2 games…..or even his first 2 years….

  • Ah Vinnie having played the game above the high school level yes I could tell he would be an effective QB in the NFL, and by the way I think Foles can play in the NFL but nothing more then a back up, again I hope for all of our sakes I’m wrong and he turns out to be Brady 2.0.

    • Bullshit.

      I supposeit was his 6 of 21 for 148 and 2 ints performance agains Philly in his first year that convinced you?

      Or perhaps his 4 of 18 for 37 yrd 2 int disaster against Baltimore.

      Come here to shovel shit all you want. Proclaim yourself the all-knowing rookie quarterback guru….no one is buying.

      • I live in SEC country Vinnie I saw enough of Eli to know he could play, again my opinions are mine. I wonder how all the so called experts could be so wrong about Cam. Remember they were falling all over themselves trying to label him a bust. Your right nobody gets them all right.

  • You guys must be so annoyed that a 1st year QB in his first 2 games is putting up equivalent (or better) numbers than your hero the former superstar.

    And so you ramble on about “eye tests” and “just know” and all kinds of non-empiricle clap-trap because deep down it really bothers you that some big goofy looking kid is putting up the same kind of numbers as the guy you hitched your wagons too, albeit with a lot less hits, sacks, and scrambles.

    Too bad eh?

    I have no idea if Foles will be an NFL caliber starting QB or not. Despite all your bluster, you don;t have any idea either.

    But what we both know, is that Vick is finished.

    • Vinnie on the attack again. Lol. Never was a hero of mine. Never liked the man. Still thonk he is the best qb on our team …right now.

      Lool at your stats again. 3 int’s. Dont fotgetbthat one.

      • Stevo, Vinnie is upset because his stats don’t add up.

  • Vinnie you know enough about football to know who can play and who can’t you don’t need stats for that. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Interesting comment. Very 1950s of you.

  • Sorry you don’t approve keep compiling your stats I will trust what I see

  • Ill give Foles a few more chances but from what ive seen he’s not very good at all. Im starting to see why he couldnt beat out the Redskins back-up Qb in college and had to transfer despite his 6’6 frame. The more I watch the more I think the whoas of the eagles are less Vicks fualt and more everybody elses.

  • What exactly has Vick won in his 10 Years as a Pro and as the 1st Overall Draft pick of the Falcons back in 2000.. Yeah that’s right, Zippo, nada, nothing
    What’s more to see Vick that we already don’t know about??
    He’s lost 2/3rds of his Starts with the Eagles since the Start
    Of 2011. What’s left to see from him…

    • Not about vick. Its about the stupid things u say.

  • 4picks for breeze…. what a loser. Where are the stat girls?

  • Paulman…. this has nothing to do with what a person HAS done. I never said he was a winner. Never. Not once. But u say stupid things. By your logic marino is a loser… right?

  • 5 picks.

  • My point is simple…. careful what u wish for. Qb’s dont grow on trees. Glad to see vinnie has put down kolbs joc just in time to pick up the rooks.

  • If foles dosent show signs of improvement i wouldnt just ride with the guy and cut vick. that could set us back years.Lets be rational here, do u think alex smith is better than vick? i dont. i think if he was harbaughs qb he would flourish..i think he can be a stop gap game manager until we find out what to do with foles.All those redzone turnovers would be touchdowns if we had blocking tight ends and an efficient running game.This coach is the reason we dont win.Big back 3 tightend sets on short yardage downs and a shutdown defense. Thats how u win when u dont have a top 5 qb

  • hasn’t been hit that badly…LOL Vinnie I wish you could stand back there and get smashed few times and then try to say that again with a straight face. Foles has been getting smashed regularly and when isn’t getting smashed he’s throwing errant passes anticipating getting smashed. It’s a good thing AR and company wised up and started running the ball since the O-Line can’t pass block their way out of a brown paper bag.

  • Foles ain’t the answer either!

  • I don’t know why the Foles apologists are so upset. They got their wish. Vick got hurt and their man is starting. Maybe they’re upset because Foles hasn’t looked very good, and people are making non-comlimentary comments. The stats that were posted are very misleading. The only thing they prove is that there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. Stats can be spun to prove anyone point of view if you don’t show the whole picture. For example the Falcons game was mentioned. In that game the Falcons scoredon their first 5 or 6 possessionsl. The defense gave the game away before it even started. Vick couldn’t generate stats because the Eagles didn’t have the ball long enough to get back in the game let alone generate offensive stats. In the Saints game one key interception in the endzone turned a 7 point lead into a 14 point swing (7 for them none for us) – after the Eagles had driven the length of the field only to have a TD pass tip off of Celeck’s hand directley to the Saints defensive back (Robinson, who was totally out of the play). Celeck appeared to be held on the play but there was no flag. These are just a few situations that don’t appear in selected statistics. Did statistics record the four probable interceptions Foles threw that the Panthers literally dropped on the ground? But the apologists say “oh that’s okay he’s just a rookie.” Meanwhile the Eagles have lost three very crucial winnable games that could have kept them in the playoffs. My point is a back-up QB should be able to step in, take over, and win the game when the starter goes down. Nick Foles was not ready to do that. He should not have been the back-up QB. When Vick went down in the Dallas game his passer rating was 125. Foles came in and finished the game at somewhere around 40. How’s that for stats.

  • Eagles Season was over with after that Monday Night Loss to the Saints a month ago.. They dropped to 3-6 with 4 NFC COnference Losses to Cardinals,Falcons,Lions and Saints meaning their Wildcard Shot was out the Window.. 2 Years in a Row the Eagles have legitimately been out of the chase since the 1st Weekend of November… Sad Statement for the “Gold Standard”
    The Eagles have become the Buffalo Bills of the NFC.. Talent, but questionalble Coaching, players with little heart & passion and a frustrated Fan base and playing an Offensive Scheme which doesn’t fit their Cities Persona and Geography.. Why have Teams play in Philly/Buffalo that pass the ball 65-70% of the time playing in the cold,windy conditions for the last 6 weeks of every Season and Playoff Time if they were to make it in..

  • fraud check out andy reids record the last six weeks of the season and the playoffs its pretty good. his system must do ok in the cold and wind.

  • Big lion, why don’t you educate us on your “it”, how you can tell after two games foles does not have “it”, does Vick have “it”, please explain, and did billy Kilmer, roman Gabriel, have “it”

  • flacco has IT

    • I like Flacco cigar I agree.

  • Dude its my opinion and if you know enough and watch enough football I shouldn’t have to explain anything. I will give you an example of me being wrong. David Carr had it coming out of college but how would we know he would get sacked over 100 times as a rookie and lose the ability to stand in the pocket to make a play.

  • if somehow GOD WILLING Foles can be as good as flacco i’ll take my chances- build a good D- looks like we have two good backs, drop back 25 times go 17-25 for 250 and 2 tds and go home with the W

  • Cigar if he’s comparable to Flacco we have hit the jackpot.

  • Im just curious, What do people on here think about Johnny football!!

    • I like him Xevious, we need to see him in a conventional offense though.

  • Personally, I don’t care if the QB has this mystical it that only certain people can identify. He also needs to fit into the system that is in place and not be hung out to dry like Vick and Foles have been this year with an injured O-line and ridiculously awful not to mention predictable play calling. At this point, they need a coach before you can start talking about QB.

    And I don’t see any way that they bring Vick back at about 18 mil per season. I don’t want to see them draft a QB this year with a top pick if that dude is just going to get killed behind a suspect offensive line. Take the best player where they have a need (which is almost everywhere). Safety or O-line are the first thing that come to mine or a monster DT to put next to Cox, but if Teo is on the board, I think you have to take him.

  • Bugsy, no way he’s back at that number and honestly if you can’t fix the talent around the QB it doesn’t matter who is taking the snaps.

  • This is my point, why do we keep arguing about Vick and Foles when neither one will probably be the starting QB next year. It has been stated before by others, but I will say it again that when a new coach comes in he is going to want his own guy at the helm of the offense. That won’t be Vick at that price and it won’t be a 2nd year player who was getting chased around all season.

    Get a coach, fix the O-line, sign/draft a big WR (Bowe) and potentially a TE who can catch and not get hurt on every catch, and then we can talk about a QB.

    We can talk about the defense later.

  • Bugsy yep we’ll need a couple of months to talk about the defense, but your right this all depends on who the coach and his style. Imagine they hire Chip Kelly then I can say right now that Nick Foles won’t even be on the roster next year, so I guess we have to just wait.

  • Paulman’s 2013 Eagles Mock Draft (1st Copy)

    1st Rd (#4th Overall) – OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 330lbs- Starting RT from Day 1 and eventually replaces LT Peters in a couple years)

    2nd Rd (#36th Overall) – DT Sharrif Floyd (Fla State- 6-3 305lbs – Becomes the Starting DT alongside Fletcher Cox, to give the Eagles a nice DT Tandem for years to come)

    3rd Rd (#68th Overall) – Safety Kenny Vacarro (Texas 6-1 218lbs – A Ballhawk and a hitter with solid covereage skills and great leadership ability who becomes a Starter from Day 1)

    4th Round (#100th Overall) – Guard Gabe Jackson (Miss State 6-4 320 lbs)
    A road grader in the rushing game which the Eagles Offense will convert to.. WIll compete with Herremans/Watkins for Starters time at RG and eventually will be Starter at Guard by 2014

    5th Round (#132nd Overall) – CB Terry Hawthorne – (Illinois 6-0 190lbs)
    a Solid Pick here with some real upside as a good cover CB and plays physical and would play Special Teams and compete as a 3rd CB by 2014

    6th Round (#164th Overall) – TE Ryan Otten – (San Jose State 6-5 245lbs) another solid pick and a player who will compete for back-up to Celek who has great hands, good route runner and has decent speed for a TE but will need to bulk up a bit.. See him as a potential #2 TE and a solid Special Teams player

    7th Round (#196th Overall) – WR Marcus Davis (Virginia Tech 6-4 230lbs) Great Size, Super Athletic and great Speed for a big Guy, runs a 4.47, but is raw and needs to improve his hands and route running ability, but with Good Coaching could be a steal in the 7th Round..

  • GM Paulman does the Follow after the Season is over

    Release Vick, D Bell, J Avant, D Lewis, C Jenkins, D Tapp, C Matthews, J Chaney, N Asmogoah, Kurt Coleman, D SIms..

    Free-Agent Signings
    WR Dwayne Bowe (6-2 221lbs)
    Safety Jarius D Byrd (5-11 205lbs)
    LB Larry Grant from the 49ers or J Senn from the Panthers for Depth
    OT Phil Loadholt (Vikings) or Jeremy Youngblood (TB Bucs) for
    TE Delanie Walker (49ers) or John Phillips (Cowboys), Eugene Dixon (RAvens) or Dan Pitta (Ravens)
    CB Antoine Cason or Quentin Jammer from the Chargers

  • Paulman as GM would also get rid of these puss “Curvy Numerals” on the Eagles Jersey’s and go back to Block Numerals.. I hate these Current Uniforms

  • and they all want to be here because?

  • Why else do FAs want to go somewhere…? Money, of course.

  • point is if the money here is the same as elsewhere why would you come here during a rebuild.

  • That depends a lot in how they do it. What will the front office look like and the head coach.

  • Both WR Bowe/Safety Byrd would come to Philly for a chance to win after being on losing Teams their entire Careers
    LB Grant would come to Philly for a chance to be a Starter and LB Senn for more playing time
    OL Loadholt or Youngblood would be strictly for more $$$$
    CB Cason or Jammer would leave beautiful San Diego for Philthydelphia for the Cheese Steaks and for $$$ since Sand Diego is very cheap with Players Salaries..

  • Why is everyone still asking about the Front Office ??

    It’s Tom Donahoe as the next VP Of Football Operations (has been for the last month behind the Scenes)
    GM Howie Roseman– No Change ..

  • Yup Pman,… and you are making all my points for me. When we HAVE to throw this much (not that we wouldnt anyway) it puts all the pressure on the QB.. whomever it is. Add to this the Oline and poof….. no balance and lots of picks for both QB’s.

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