• August 15, 2022

Report: Phillies May Acquire Michael Young

Early this morning, Eve Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported that the Philadelphia Phillies and Texas Rangers are in “advanced talks” about a deal that would sent veteran third baseman Michael Young to Philadelphia in exchange for a young, major-league ready reliever.Texas would also cover more than half of Young’s $16 million for the coming season.

If a trade for Young does come together as Grant described it, it’s a nice deal for the Phillies. Young is 36-years old, and on the downside of his career, but he’s better than what the team’s current options at third base (Freddy Galvis and Kevin Frandsen). In an offseason where few options are available to upgrade third base, the Phillies would pick up a serviceable veteran that helped Texas go on a couple of deep playoff runs in the last couple of years, and they would also add a righthanded bat into their batting order.

The biggest concern with Young is his age. At 36, he’s at the point in his career where his numbers aren’t likely to improve much, and his body may not be far from breaking down. The Phillies’ previous third baseman, Placido Polanco, started to breakdown at age 34 when the Phils acquired him, and he was completely cooked last season when he turned 36.

Young posted decent numbers last season, hitting .277 with eight home runs and 67 RBI’s, but those statistics were a sharp decline from his 2011 season when he enjoyed a great season hitting .338 with 11 homers and 106 RBI’s.

To acquire Young, the Phillies would need to part with Justin De Fratus, Josh Lindblom, Michael Schwimer, or Jake Diekman. The Rangers are searching for a young reliever ready to pitch in the major leagues, and these are the guys who fit that description that would be most likely to be involved in the trade.

Denny Basens

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  • I’d be OK with this move…if the Rangers are covering most of the contract, and the Phillies only need to part with one of the relievers mentioned above, then why not? He’s only under contract for this season, I think its a nice low-risk move.

    The only reliever mentioned I wouldn’t want to see them part with is De Fratus…but Lindblom, Schwimer, or Diekman? Not much of a loss there.

    Lindblom isn’t a great fit here, he’ll give up a lot of home runs in Citizens Bank Park…Schwimer we’ve seen enough of to know that he’s nothing special…Diekman has some potential, but he’s not untouchable.

  • Rangers are willing to eat 11 million, he hit .250 with RISP, 8 hrs, 67 rbi, 27 doubles, 33 walk, 312 OBP hes 36 with a bad back. The Rangers are trying to win a WS so they are moving Young.

  • I don’t like this move because of his age. It can come back to backfire on us but it can also be a prize if he plays up to 2011 standards.

  • one year stop gap- not giving up much. in 2011 he hit 338 with 106 rbi- i’ll take 3/4 of that!

  • What do the Phils have to give up to get him is the deciding factor to me..
    I am sure Rangers are looking for Bullpen and Young Arms in Return,,
    I would not give 2 or 3 Good Prospects, maybe a Stutes and a single or Double AA Arm but that’s about it..

  • a low level prospect and someone from last years bullpen.

  • A young reliever is what there looking for,not a injured reliever.

    Give them whatever they want for him. Third base needs to be addressed.

  • Trade them Linblom, who was a major disappointment I thought
    and never seemed comfortable Pitching for the Phils last Season..

  • Freddy Galvis to shortstop, move Jimmy Rollins to 3rd and go get Ryan Luwick for left field and he is the right handed bat who will hit 30 hrs for you. Im definetly not giving up a young relief pitcher in Justin De Fratus who throws 96 and stikes for a 1 year stop gap.

    • Jimmy Rollins is head and shoulders way better a defensive SS than Galvis and so much faster and can cover more ground —– Rollins is one of the games best and Galvis is not even average on defense

  • I forgot about Ludwick being out there and avaialable .. He’s would hit some bombs at CBP and plays a decent enough LF with a strong arm, though he doesn’t move all that well which you can get away with playing LF and again couple probably play a little 1B to give Howard a rest here and there
    Rollins at 3rd.. I am not sold on Galvis yet as an everyday SS,
    yes he played well at 2B filling in for Utley, then with his injury and then Susupension he now has to start over so I am not ready to annoint him an as everyday player. Chances are he will open the Season at 2B as Utley probably won’t return to May sometime would be my guess..

  • dag when they signed jimmy to 3 years i kind of assumed that would be the direction they’d take.

  • Ben Revere from the twins. a young bourne–24 years old

    • Beat me you bastid!! LOL!

  • **Jusr acquired OF Ben Revere from Minnasota. 24 years old, 290, 0 HR, 70+ Runs, 40 SB.**
    WHOOO HOOO! Start the parade floats. What happened to the power, & run production, we were supposed to get? This is telling me Booben is starting to go rebuild mode.

    • he projects out to score more runs than bourne! this is getting young guys to fit in with the geezers! this is what we want! i haven’t heard what we gave up but i predict worley.

      • Worley & May. Too much for a punching Judy hitter. WTF Amaro. Another Lefty, & ZERO power! He better be Bourn Jr.

        • he will– look they are going to rely on ruff for 30 hr. they have to . you yourself have said they have to get younger- they are trying to stay in the hunt while at the same time get younger. .300 hitter that can swipe 40-50, score 100 and cover cf. is 24 under team control till 2018. may had a 4.38 era last year. you know how pitchers are…man you never know!

  • Worley was traded

  • and Phillies #2 prospect Trevor May

  • Minnesota has an incredible lack of quality pitching throughout the organization and one area where the Twins have good depth is the outfield, where former first-round pick Aaron Hicks could be ready to become the starting center fielder at some point in 2013. Revere is very fast and very good defensively, but he has zero power and a fairly limited overall upside, so if the Twins feel Hicks will be ready soon anyway it makes some sense.

    Revere has tremendous range in center field that more than makes up for perhaps the worst arm in baseball and he’s capable of swiping 50 bases at a good clip, but he may never hit an over-the-fence homer and through age 24 he’s hit .278 with a .319 on-base percentage and .323 slugging percentage. For years he’s been compared to Juan Pierre, for better or worse.

  • 5’9″, left handed, no power, no arm. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Better call the EMT’s, I think Booben is having a stroke!

  • I updated my Predictions for Phils to Finish in 4th Place in the NL East

    #1) Nationals 96-66
    #2) Braves 91-71
    #3) Mets 84-78
    #4) Phillies 81-81
    #5) Marlins 59-103

    Read it and Weep as the Entire City of Philadelphia as well as it’s Sport Teams goes thru a Rebuilding Program for the remainder of the Decade..

  • DCAR- there are other ways to score runs. This team sorely needs someone that can get on base and someone who hits around .300 fits that mold. Trading Worley and May is not rebuilding. Trading Lee is rebuilding.

    Revere will bat 2nd and then take over the leadoff spot when J Rolls D runs out.

    It will be interesting to see if they are satisfied with Cloyd and Kendrick being 4/5 or if they would go after another SP like Marcum, Edwin Jacson, etc.

    • don’t waste your breath bugs. car and fraud are idiots.

      • Who are you calling an idiot, you F^#@ING know nothing @$$PUPPET? If theres other ways to score runs, who’s knocking them in? I proved your clueless @$$ wrong all last year. I told you, I forgot more about Baseball, than you even known. Are you actually excited for this move? Now if Booben actually adds a right handed OF, power bat maybe. Young don’t excite me either. Another has been.

      • Stop worshipping at Booben’s altar, & get his beanbag out of your mouth. Everything he does, is gold to you. It’s mind-boggling, nauseating.

  • Ruf and Howard are the power. Which one of the power hitters available do you want?

    Hamilton for 5-7 years and 20+ mil per year.
    Swisher for 3-5 at close to Werth money
    Upton- no chance because the Phils don’t have the pieces that Ariz wants.

    Who else is there?

  • Worley will be a 4th/5th Starter Type for the rest of his Days and was another 2011 1-Year Wonder like Stutes/Bastardo were..

    I heard the only Difference between Revere and Pierre is that Pierre’s throws take 3 bounces to reach the cutoff man while the younger Revere’s throws take 2 bounces…

  • Why not Bat Revere Lead-Off from the get go and slide J-Ro to #2 in the line-up
    J-Ro is a a Switch Hitter, and will still pop 20-22 HR’s and if Revere can get on obase often, then J-Ro has a big hole on the Right Side to hit thru …

  • Not to avert from the Michael Young debate but Ben Revere? Another left handed bat. Even if they get Young RAJ better be working on a corner right handed hitting outfielder with power. Ross?, Ludwick? If this is what they gave up for Revere, Willingham is definitely out of range. Very disappointed.

  • Where do you think he is going to get 20-22 hrs. He has never even approached those numbers. Left handed bat? Really? Please. What has the talk been since the summer ended. Right handed power!

  • For all this you should of kept Worley and May and resigned Pierre for 1 year. He was MVP IMO for Phils last year behind a PED filled chooch. Then waited until next years FA market.

    • Next years is worse dag. Booben blew his load, by F^#@ING up royally, last off-season

  • I think the Rangers will want a catching prospect also. I would hold on to DeFratus and try to steer them to any of the others, even Bastardo, he has lost something.

  • Great move by Amaro getting Revere…. May stinks and Worley is a #4 at best.

    We get a legit leadoff hitter who will hot for a high average and steal 50 bases….

    Young gives them a leader on and off the field…solid and will be an upgrade at 3B…. next move for Amaro is the bullpen….

    • Another dope. Have you even seen May pitch, or even heard of him. He was ranked our top pitching prospect, in the beginning of the year. He struggled this past season a bit, with control. He still has good stuff, with a high upside & Worley is a good, young, middle of the rotation starter. WTF are you talking about?

      • You know more than me? Hmmm played and coached all my life, played football at div IAA until I was concussed, although they called it bell rung, then walked on in baseball and played two years in college… A good one! Then coached hs baseball for 32 years, football for 31 and hoops for 16. You are just angry you like to come on here and talk about your nuts in a dudes mouth, homosexual issues I’m sure! If you ever really were in a locker room you were they guy looking at the other players cocks apparently

        • Yeah right! You know nothing moron! You didn’t coach $#!T! If you did you would know WTF you were talking about. You are a F^#@ING hypocrite! You come on here all of the time with the name calling, calling people frauds, idiots, etc, etc, & now you insinuate someone is a homo, for calling you out, for being Boobens but muncher, & ball slurper! Please, you F^#@ing liar, you coached nothing. Maybe that concussion you sustained, gave you irreversible brain damage, because you don’t know WTF you are talking about & do quite a bit of talking out of your @$$. Along with Paul & a few others, proved your pom-pom waving @$$ wrong all last season, all the while, you still worshiped at Boobens altar. BTW, I played Baseball from when I was 6 until I was 30. I played College BB for Temple, was looked at by few teams, but had to quit college because life throws you a curve ball here & there, & had family responsibilities to take care of. I worked for the Phillies & at Vet stadium, from 1988-2002, put myself through school. Also I’m happily married for 22 years to a beautiful Woman, with 4 kids & 2 Grandchildren. You don’t know me, & I can care less about your fictional accomplishments either, because I don’t care, & that’s nobodies business, as is my life’s accomplishments. People that actually accomplish things, don’t brag, & have some humbleness & humility. 2 qualities, you clearly don’t have! I live a great life, have zero regrets, & get a kick out of morons like you, trying to pump up your own life, with putting down, others. I come on here to talk sports, vent my frustrations with the other REAL fans, that actually have a clue. You see roses & rainbows. We see the truth & reality. You don’t know Baseball, you don’t know business, 7 with your ongoing comments about this team, you know nothing. Maybe you ought to take the same stance on the Phillies that you do on the Birds. So before you come on here spewing your lies, & know nothing BS, go back in the basement where you belong, because you are a clueless, classless, @$$clown. You come on here & act like you know more than everyone, with your condescending attitude, & if someone with a clue, that can actually see reality, & facts, disagrees with you, you call them frauds, idiots, etc, etc! Go get an MRI on your brain, because apparently, the onset of dementia is setting in. OH & GFY!

  • High average? Where do you see that. Steal 50 bases. Charlie doesn’t steal! Arm is average according to what I have read. Still disappointed. Not convinced.

    • agree — Charlie is a long ball coach not a hit and run coach

  • To Phillyfan, I meant that Phils should Slide J-Ro to #2 in the Battin Order who will can hit you 20-22 HR’s.. Not Revere, Let Paul Revere bat lead-off to set the table.. J-Ro is not a good Lead-Off Hitter and with the SPeedy Paul Revere at 1B and the threat to Steal and the 1B holding him at the bag will give a bigger hole for J-Ro to hit thru and also most Fastballs to see when batting which is a big benefit to him as a Hitter

    • Paulman, Revere’s OBP is not great. Charlie’s game is not stealing. Charlie is so stagnant in his approach to the game. He is like his players not changing their approach to the plate. It is one way all the time. Very disappointed. No one is convincing me this was good a good deal.

  • Please Young as a leader? He is not going to be a leader on this team. If Rollins,Howard and Utley are not the leaders then Young certainly is not the answer in the leadership category. We also talked about getting younger. Young is 36 and not a strong defensive player for 3rd base.

  • Charlie Manuel won’t See June 25th in a Phillie Uniform anyways,
    maybe Sandberg likes this kid and will play more small ball,stealing bases,hit and run,etc,etc…

    • paulman,

      I know you are trying to convince me but by June 25th with this lineup the Phillies will be so far out of the race it won’t matter if Sandberg takes over. The Nats will bury this club not just hitting wise but pitching. Worley for whatever any thinks about him he was a good 4 Starter. Halladay we do not know what is going to happen there. Kendrick I am not sold on.. So after Lee and Hamels there is question marks. And now he gives up the #2 pitching prospect in the organization along with his 4th starter for a guy with no power, terrible OBP (319) and an average arm. You are talking about Charlie being gone, RAJ will need to follow if this is the best he is going to do. Revere, Young and now he will need to get himself a serviceable starter because Cloyd or Pettibone is not the answer. 8th inning set up man? I can hardly wait to see what gem he pulls out of his hat. I gotta go to work. I know I will have a better day than Ruben had. Geez.

  • Very unimpressed, & disappointed thus far, but not surprised! Golden boy is still at the helm!

  • Revere doesnt walk.lol His on base percentage is terrible. He isnt setting the table for anyone. He walked 29 times. 29 times all year. Is that even possible? With a OBP of .333. For as fast as he is he had 13 doubles last year? wow.

  • Sources Report the NY YAnkee’s offer 3B Kevin Youkliss $12 Million for a 1 YEar Deal (remember Ar-d out to July and maybe longer)

    I keep readding Daggolden state the Phils are now like the YAnkees and Red Sox and don’t Rebuild anymore, that they reload…
    So far this Off-Season , Phils have Re-signed 3b Fransden,
    Acquired a RHP for the Bullpen and CG Paul Revere from the Twins…

    Dag do you now understand the Difference of Philosophy’s of the Front Offices and Ownership between the Tanks/Red-Sox and the Phillies..
    Yankees probably don’t really want to spend $12 Million for Youkliss, but knowing that A-Rod is out for 6 months, they do what they have to do to portect their Leadership in the AL East..
    I do not see the Phils Organization with this same mind-set and am not sure how you continually say the Phils are with the Big Boys like the Yankees and Red-Sox, because they are not..
    Red-Sox blew up their Team last Season and traded some big contracts and dead $$$ and poor Attitudes and are now reloading..

  • It’s pretty bad when Pierre & Damon have better arms than you. Way to go Booben! 5’9″, another left handed bat, ZERO power, & a singles hitter. What a circus our teams have become. Thank God hockey is starting Xmas. Maybe the Flyers can give us something to smile about? It’s only been 37 years!

  • A Source from Minnesota (yes that’s right, it’s Stevo) just Tweeted
    that Ben Revere is going to legally change his name to “Ben Vereen II” and will wear “BVII” on the back of his Jersey… Where’s Amaro finding these guys..

    • LOOOOOL!!!!!

  • Booben is going to do nothing but add stop gaps & complimentary players again, & hinge his hopes on Howard & Utleys, phantom, non-existing, finding of the time machine, fountain of youth, & Lourdes healing spring! F^#@ you Booben!!!!!!

  • that’s pretty good paulman, but seriously, this BVII hasn’t hit a single home run in his major league career, the twins have a better cf prospect in Aaron Hicks, who can run,and pop in his bat, phillie gave up alot to get a young version of Juan Pierre

  • I have never seen Revere play —
    he doesn’t have a good arm? How bad is it? Dykstra bad?

    • Johnny Damon bad!

  • The British are coming! The British are coming! GTFOH!!!!

  • Ruf is too slow to cover much ground and is a 1st baseman not an OF
    Brown is too clumsy to catch anything
    and Revere needs a cutoff man to get the ball to the infield

  • Jake, if this guy turns out to be a young Juan Pierre, then the Phils got a steal. Look at “young” Juan Pierre’s stats.

  • You will like him. I dont go to many twins games but i get to a few. This is good for BOTH teams. How often do we say that? I like this trade for 2 reasons and i dont like this trade for 2 reasons… let me explain.

    1. Young, positive, future leader, bright, talent. He will give you his all and seems to be very coachable. He is coming from a bad bad twins team and will add some fire.

    2. This young guy will give pitchers fits on the corners. They will HAVE to watch him…. hopefully leading to mistakes.

    not crazy about….

    1. Giving up worley when perhaps both the guys we traded could have been used for something bigger,

    2. This cant be it right? He will not be the missing piece to the WS puzzle and IF they were to stop here that would be the expectation. We still need a bat and some relief pitching. Sounds like the YOUNG trade will happen any sec tho.

  • hers what we are getting….

    Great CF for our D… wont give up much. BUT.. has a weak arm. No HR’s to speak of but has serious speed on the bases. He will turn many singles into doubles and be a great addition in the locker room.

  • Stevol, I have never seen Revere play — MLBdotcom lists him as a RF — you are projecting him as the Phils 2013 Center Fielder?

  • on the way back from the winter meetings would someone check (Amaro) on Ryan Howard’s weight and Body Fat
    for 25 million they might want to make sure he shows up to camp in respectable condition not 350 lbs and puss spewing from his ankle like last year

  • To the reports of him having a terrible arm: I read on MLBtraderumors that he led the twins with 8 outfield assists from CF. Not a astronomical amount, yet sufficient enough.

  • Top 10 fastest guys in the league.Wont make mistakes in center. .294 hitter with good hitting coach could hit .300-.315? No?Frank22 spoke to his arm and that does sound sufficient.

    Based on this move the Phills have no shot now? There not done.

    Some of you guys come across like such no it all bozo’s.Paulman chief suspect. Picked Braves 5 straight years or Nats or whatever and when hes finally right we gotta hear,as ive stated,i predicted and every other self promoting comment.

    Where else we gonna get center fielder help? Bourne?Stop…he’s old and would be overpaid.Give this kid a chance.He doesnt walk much and that is fixable with his age.

    Young doesnt care where in the lineup he bats ,just wants to play.And i trust him at third over Galvis(whos a drug test fail waiting to happen).

    Eagles0sb’s …you know nothing abot Revere…sounds like your throwing sh!t at a wall and seeing if it sticks.8 assists isnt top shelf..but its not garbage.

  • @eagles- He played CF most of the time here in MN. He made his amazing catches as a CF. He will be our CFer. The phills for sure could add more to the outfield but i would say that we have our CF.

    About his arm…. i dont really watch that much twins baseball but my buddies say his arm is getting stronger but its not as strong as you would want from your CF.

  • Stevo — since you’re out there, you saying you like the kid? Good pickup?

    I like it because he’s young and has plenty of room to grow. If we sign Hamilton for one of the corners, this will be a great move instead of just a good one.

  • Daggolden — if you’re looking at stats, at least remember that Revere was not an everyday player.

  • I believe he had 130 at bats, so walking in 20 percent of your at bats is pretty good.

    • He had 511 AB in 2012! So that IS NOT pretty good. Where the F^#@ are you getting your information! He BB 29 times last year, & hit 22 2B in 2 years & 11 3B in 2 years, no HR’s, no arm, & is a singles hitter, with an OBP of .319. Those stats are garbage! Hopefully he can get better, but if we are going into the season with an OF of Ruf, Revere, Brown/ Mayberry, & Young at 3B, count on a playoff-less season, once again. I actually would rather have KBerry in CF, & he BLOWS, but at least he has pop! This dude scares NO ONE! Yes, I want to get younger, but better! This trade does not do the latter!

      • DCar,

        I ranted the same things when this trade happened. I have given up trying to spread the news about this guy. Good luck but I think you are banging your head against the wall but I am on your side with this one.

  • He had 553 at bats last year and 490 the year before. He is a human highlight reel in center. He is your everyday cf for the next eight to ten. Will score 100 . Only homosexual morons would not like this trade

    • Meet me somewhere, & I’ll show you who the homo-moron is! Keep talking scumbag!

      • are you asking for a date? I do not date men, I would be afraid you would try to stick your pee pee places they don’t belong as you’ve stated many times on this site. I believe there are more appropriate web sites for you to fulfill your fantasy. There is noing wrong with being gay… It’s just that gcobb isn’t really the appropriate place

        • Agree to meet coward! I’ll stick my fist through your jaw! Keep talking, hiding behind a keyboard, piece of crap. You’re a big shot talking smack, & calling other posters names. You’re pathetic! Keep up your delusions, & lies about yourself & your fictional life accomplishments, because that’s the only thing that makes you feel like a man, Nancy boy! Karma is a bitch my brother! Keep talking smack, about people you don’t know $#!T about, & it’s going to catch up with you. You’re a nobody, & I’m glad you can make yourself feel better, by coming on here & put others down, & make pretend your a real man. Like I said, you are a know nothing, nobody, with no class, balls, humility, or respect for others. So whatever floats your boat, keyboard gangster. So open invitation tough guy, anywhere, anyplace. I’ll even give you the first punch. I’m being a tough guy, I’m just going to shut your mouth, & teach you to respect others!

          • Your the mean talker mwanting to put your privates in disgusting places.myou are the profanity laced poster with anger and homosexual tendancies

  • This guy will cover a ton of ground in CF. So much that I am not worried about Ruf in LF. You have to get that guy and his power in the lineup every day. Howard is not going anywhere, so that is the only spot. If you aren’t going to play him then trade him.

    Too slow to play LF? Effin Pat Burrell played LF for years and that dude was slower than Chooch. They even had 80 year old Ibanez out there. He was a good OF in his prime, but not in his last couple of years here. Too much potential upside in that he is the RH power bat that we are all looking for to keep in the minors, on the bench or platooning with some journeyman lefty.

    Now get Young in here and you have a decent lineup for next year. Questions marks? Sure, but improved from last season.

  • Reports are that young is in charge … He has the 10 and 5 rule. Means the trade is consummated between clubs….

  • Young will Decline,

    Anyone can Play LF and especially at CBP Park..LF is the one OF spot that you can get by with a less athletic player since their throws are shorter and the runners are in front of you and less likely to run
    Think of some the LF.. Greg Luzinski, Dave Kingman, Raf Soriano,Raul Ibanenz,Pat Burrell, Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee,..
    You need te Speed out in Center and you need the big arm out in RF

  • Of course he is in decline, you don’t get a player of this caliber at the top of his game. 140 games, .290, 8 hr, 70 RBI … Take it and run!

  • @ birdo he had 500 at bats last year. After further research and listening to Twins writers, play by play guys etc. Philly fans are warming up to Revere. Heres the real scouting report.They are saying Revere has great hand eye coordination. He will be a .300 hitter. He is unbelievably fast and a great base stealer he ony got caught because he overslid bag and got picked off once. He is fearless in the outfield will go after all balls, dive, run into walls.. Great deal for both teams He is much further along than Bounre was at this age.

  • I mean that Michael will Decline the Trade to Philly
    He will want to go to an American League Team and stay in the SOuthwest or West Coasts

    • Fraudman you are wrong more than you are right… This HAS to be one of those times!

    • wrong

  • It took 5 Years at the MLB until he could learn to Hit the Curveball..
    This kid sounds promising .. I hope he doesn;t get addidcted to Pizza/Chees Steaks and Soft Pretzels as some of his close friends fear… There will go his Speed and he’ll end up like Pando Sandoval of the SF Giants and Andy Reid of the Eagles…

  • should have been it took Michael Bourne 5 Years to learn how to hit..

  • I have been on a roll Cigar and haven’t been wrong about anything since who would win the 1st Presidential Debate back in October.. I am due to even out and start missing on a lot of things soon.. but I think Michael Young Declines the Deal

    • Since you typically make 3-5 conflicting prediction on each issue you are never wrong. I believe you have made 6-7 predictions on the next wag
      E coach, the next first round pick etc.

  • I am rethinking this trade and the more I think the more I like it, having a younger but more stout Juan Pierre is a good thing, especially in this line up,

    Paulman, you are an excellent football man but terrible at baseball and other sports, you have never been to cbp so you don’t know how it plays, stay within your gig, football.

  • I have been to games at CBP
    I come home every Summer and usually catch 1 Home every late June..
    I was the only one who called the Natonals, in the whole damn country, to Win the NL East last Season, the only one.. So how can I be bad at Baseball… Last Season I called the Reds to bounce back too when everyone was picking the Brewers.. but to each his own..
    ENjoy, Agree, Disagree or Not, that’s what this Web-Site is about
    Now I have to admit, I do not enjoy or follow the NBA very closely anymore, so my analysis is probably way off for the NBA, but I do enjoy and follow College Basketball all Season long

  • Okay paulman, you are an excellent football man, but wrong about the phillies, time will tell you this, I agree that many here have an inflated opinion about philadelphia sports, but the phillies are different, I live here, I feel the energy, the passion, the ownership does too, they will be competitive into the future , the ownership , locals feels the fan base, unlike the eagles, it’s just different, you cannot understand unless you live here

  • My sister works for the PHils Ann 3 other Siblings who have Season Tickets, I grew up in the 70’s and remember the lows then late 70’s/early 80 Teams
    And all the years since. I follow them and catch as many games on TV as I can
    Fast forward to recent seasons and its great the City has embraced the Franchise (especially women), all I am saying is there more Teams that are better and have improved in the NL the last few Seasons while the Phil’s have slipped and missed a great opportunity to really have a dominant run where they coulda,shoulda won more Championships over this time period
    I do hold Manager Nanuel responsible and mostly the core of Veteran players they became too comfortable and lost that Passion that Phightin Phil’s were named for. Hopefully this Season they can put 1 more run together but I believe the window has closed on this bunch

  • Reports are that Michael Young is Vetoing the a trade to Phil’s and that he would rather go out West and play

  • Good its obvious Young doesnt want to come here.so why do I what a unhappy ball player here. pull the deal off the table.

    • Fraud please cite your source for these “reports”. I’d like to read them myself.

  • To Cigar
    With the little credibility I have left, I cannot report who my sources are..
    For all the BS and Fun I have on here, I do have integrity and follow the code of conduct when it comes to my Sources..

  • Fraud I have seen you write on this site ‘there is a rumor floating in my head’… That is not a rumor it is a thought in your head. All I’ve read is that he is considering his professional life vs his home life. He does have his family settled in texas and I’m sure it’s a tough call but at 36 the chance to play everyday could lead to one more 2 year contract

  • I don’t believe Michael Young is an everyday Player in the NL..
    Probably 4-5 Games a Week.. 3 Games at 3B, maybe a start at 1B to Spell Howard, but some guys at his stage of his life with growing kids may not want to relocate up to the Northeast for a short-term gig when he has other options..
    I think he is looking to stay Texas (Astros move to AL, Diamondbacks, or Padres..)

  • Agreed but he needs to get one mor contract. Play for the Phil’s, play well and sign a two year deal with the astros

  • Michael Young is this years version of Ty Wigginton, Geoff Jenkins, Wes Helms, Matt Stairs, Lanyce Nix, Ross Gload, Ben Francisco
    or in other words pure crap

  • Young is a six time all star, GG winner, 200 hits a year 6 times. You are WAAAAAY off base with that and show how little you know. Ross glad? Seriously? I guess since you have always been stupid you probably don’t even know any better! Ben Francisco? We are hoping that’s a joke because anyone that stupid should not be left unsupervised

  • Young deal is final….will be introduced on Monday.

    Paulman- you are an idiot.

  • Paulman is Excellenct at football but no wisdom at all on baseball

  • Phillies always on top, eagles bring out the worst of Philly, you never hear. Racist thought with the Phillies, the players earn their position regardless of color , but eagles always make it about color, and their damn fans too

  • Heard its a done deal with Young for relief Pitcher Linblom who never looked comfortable with the Phil’s and a minor
    On paper it’s a good move for the Phil’s but I am always Leary about Players who change Leauges late in their Careers, Different Pitchers , Different Umpires and Strike zone and playing in Different Parks
    Young can play 3B and spell Howard at 1B here and there and is good locker room teammate. Hopefully he gets off to a good Start for the local media and fans are quite different in Philly than they are down in Texas
    But he’s a Pro and should help this Team and adds some flexibility for Manger Manuel. I would imagine Young would Bat
    2nd or 3rd versus Lefties and maybe 5th versus Right Handers

  • I believe Young can Bat about .275 once he gets adjusted and still
    Pop 15-18 HR’s with about 65-70 RBI’s
    How much of his $16 Million Contract he had w/Rangers are the Phil’s paying

    • Between 10 and 11 million. Crunch the numbers and they still have some money to spend roughly 30 million I believe. Number 4 starter, reliever, and Hamilton!

  • Now Phil’s need a 4th Starter (Lohse,Edwin Jackson, Anabel Sanchez, Carl Pavano) are out there and won’t come cheap but with aging Doc, inconsisten Kendrick’s and who knows at #5, they need another proven Starter who can give them Quality Starts and give them a good 6 Innings or more at that 4th Spot

  • Stop gap move, with another has been, but he’s a better option, than Frandsen & Galvis at 3B. Nothing exciting thus far. Still too many holes, too many ??? Still 3rd in the division, on the outside looking in. If Booben truly wants to make one last legit run this year, he has to go all in by getting Hamilton & a vet BP piece, if not you gotta rebuild! Putting together a team again, full of band-aids, hopes, & ???, accomplishes NOTHING!!!

    • Just wastes another year, in giving us false hope.

    • DCAR…I know you hate him but he does make bold moves and is always all in. So if he gets Hamilton we can’t bitch in his 4 th year that he signed too long of a contract. I don’t know if we will get him but he will make play

      • I don’t hate anyone HAC! He’s an inept GM, that was given the keys to the Ferrari, & has managed to crash it up. It just nauseates me, that delusional, pom-pom wavers like you, can’t stop bowing at his alter, & act like he does no wrong. What bold moves has he made? He has been given an open checkbook, that any GM could have did what he has done. Whether you can get your head out of your @$$, or not, & realise that he has done nothing but make an already veteran team older, more overpaid by adding albatross contracts, & was ill-prepared & ill-advised, into injecting good youth, & proper balance to our team. The fact is, he took over a stacked WS Champ, & has regressed it, EVERY year since! Now he can’t properly rebuild the team, because he NO good position prospects, because our farm system blows, because Booben & this organization has flawed scouting & ZERO scouting in foreign areas & countries, & would rather waste $$$ to overpay hasbeens & band-aids. Who was the last, good, significant, home-grown player, in this lineup? Hamels? Face reality & the facts, stop bowing at his alter, be a man stop being an @$$ & treating fellow posters like we don’t know WTF we are talking about. What exactly has he done so far, to get you excited? Trade a good young starter & a solid pitching prospect for a slap hitting, bubble gum armed, 8 hole hitter. Who is he going to supplant in the top of the lineup? Cholly ain’t moving Rollins out of lead-off. Young, the band-aid, will be 2, & Utley ain’t getting moved from 3. If Booben doesn’t add a significant young power hitting OF, via trade, if they don’t sign Hamilton, we suck again, & ain’t making the playoffs!

  • EVERYONE check out the “FIRE ANDY HIT RAP SONG” on youtube..

    Theyve been playing it on the radio 97.5 fanatic lol..

    This fire andy theme has become and enigma lmao

  • LF/1B Ryan Ludwick signs 2 Year $15 Million Deal to return the Cincinnati Reds.. I rather have seen the Phils go after him than the 36-37 Year M YOung who will take 1/2 a Season to adjust to the NL Game, Pitchers,Umpires,Ball Parks and has less Power than Ludwick..
    Anyone’s thoughts on missing Ludwick…
    Lance Berkaman would have also been a better choice than Young in my opinion also and probably would have cost about the same amount of $$ but has more Pop and knows the NL Well also over Young ..

    • Ludwig and Denard Spann were the two guys I wanted RAJ to go after. Add Mike Adams as the 8th inning guy and I would have been a reasonably happy fan. I think they would still finish as a wild card team but at least the Phils would have been in the dance.

  • I like ludwick however when I checks he has hit well below 250 in 4 of the last 5 years. Conversely young led the league in hits just one season ago. I think the Phil’s need high average guys revere 294 and young career 300 hitter. Hamilton career 300!

    • HAC,

      Ludwig was going to be the Phillies power guy behind Howard(who I think you agree needs some support) so he hopefully can get back to some reasonable power numbers with some RH power behind him. He could easily gotten 30-35 HRs hitting in CBP.

      • Sure, easily since he has only been over 30 HRs in a season once in his career. Career .263 hitter. No thanks. Give Ruf a full season and he will get to those numbers.

      • He just signed with reds

  • Paul I believe umpires now work both leagues

  • Reports are that Rangers paid half of Young’s Salary, so the Phils will be paying $8 Million for Young for 2013 Season

    • Nope they are paying between 10 and 11 million.phils paying between 6 and 7. We have money to spend

    • Paul, we only have to pay $6M, but we included a NTC. He has to OK any deadline move.

  • I never heard of this HAC,
    Both Leagues have their own set of Umps as far as I know.. (But maybe I am wrong about this)
    Learning New Strike Zones, the lower strikes, the different Pitchers and Ball Parks takes a little bit, I am sure Young being the Pro that he is, will adjust, but look at many players who change leagues late in their careers that have onlly played for 1 League before, they tend to Struggle at first..

    • Sorry, you are wrong that’s how it was in our youth with crews that only worked one league, remember American league umps wore those big padded chest protectors? When inner league became into existence they joined the umps

  • I can’t see Hamilton coming to Philly, too much $$, too much Risk, another Left-handed Bat in the middle of the line-up.. He wants a 5-6 Year Deal and the Phils and most other Teams probably wan to limit their Risk and offer 3 Years at maximum..but he is a hell of a player when his head is on straight, no doubt about it..

    • So now that you know there is no differences in umps the adjustment won’t be a big deal! Come on man let me crow! I agree on your list of pitchers. And word is hamiltons value is dropping each day

  • A few smaller name PItchers who could fit that 4th SPot in the Rotation

    Kevin Correia (RHP Age 32 – Pirates)
    Francisco Liraiano (LHP Age 29 – Chicago White Sox)
    Shawn Marcum (RHP Age 30 – Brewers)
    Anibal Sanchez (RHP Age 28 – TIgers)
    Edwin Jackson (RHP Age 29 – Nationals)
    Kyle Loshe (RHP Age 34 – Reds)
    Randy Wolf (LHP Age 36 – Orioles)
    Carlos Zambrano (RHP Age 31 – Marlins)
    Aaron COok (RHP Age 33 – Red Sox)

    Risk going with a Wolf/Zambrano/Liriano & Cook who all had injuries last year and were not very good, but Liraiano is only 29 and a Lefty and could be worth a look.. Corriea,Sanchez,Jackson,Lohse will all command bigger dollars that the Phils will be willing to Spend for a 4th SP.. but I think with Doc’s questionable future, a good 4 Pitcher that maybe you ove rpay for may indeed become a #3 SP if Doc were to falter or have having arm issues again

  • The young move was very good. The phils want him the hold down third base until cody ash is ready to go in their minors. They are vey high on him and look to him as the future at third. Good move ruben

  • My bad his last name is spelled Asche, but anyway they are really high on him. And project him to be the 2014 starter at third base.

  • I see a lot of the you guys on here wants hamilton which I can understand why he is a beast of a player. And a proven commodity but fellas I am telling you this kid ruf is the real deal. His home run power is sick and he will show his worth this year. If we don’t get hamilton, don’t get to upset give this kid a chance.

  • Oh I agree he is part of the plan even with hamilton

  • thanx HAC, I didn’t know Umpires Rotated between both Leagues

  • The phillies have immensely improved their lineup with the addition of young, revere and ruf, young is a tireless worker, clubhouse leader, the offense will be much improved, more small ball yet still big bop in Howard after a year post surgery, it will be a tight three team race, looking forward to some good, solid baseball, especially after the eagles debacle

    • Absolutely

  • Now get another Arm for the Rotataion as I listed above
    and a quality Set-up man from the Following

    Michael Adams (RHP – 34 Years of Age – Texas)
    Matt Capps (RHP – 29 Years of Age – Twins)
    JP Howell (LHP – 29 Years of Age – TB Rays)
    Mike Gonzales (LHP – 34 Years of Age – Natiionalls)
    George Sherrill (Situational LHP – 36 Years Old- Mariners)

    and Yes – Brett Meyers who is still only 32 Years old and has Closing Experience as well as Spot Starter.. May not be a bad pick-up …

  • I wonder if they go for a quality 4 now knowing that Doc will probably be done after next season. I like Jackson then. With Marcum and Liriano after that. Too bad they couldn’t get in on James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson, but the cupboards are pretty bare.

    I like Myers for the right price. And Capps as he was a closer before.

  • Agree with Jake here that the lineup should be much better than last year and for not much money at all.

  • Unfortunately since the rangers lost out on GRENKE thay are going to throw thebank at Hamilton. Damn

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