• May 19, 2022

Eagles Will Win At Least One, Maybe Two Of The Last Four

I think the Eagles might win a game or two down the stretch.  I saw something last week which resembled a football team and all the Birds need is for the secondary to show up and they really have a good shot to win one or two of the last four games.  The key to me is their ability to score.

Bryce Brown, Nick Foles and the offensive line played well enough to give them a chance to win against the Cowboys, but the pathetic play of the secondary cost them the game.  If Brown can stop fumbling, and he and Foles can keep moving the ball while the offensive line continues to play well, they’re going to score some points.

Putting points on the board will give them a good chance because one, two or three of these upcoming teams are going to take them for granted. This will allow the Eagles to screw up the high draft pick.

I also think one of the keys to the Eagles improvement offensively is the play calling.  Finally, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have accepted the fact that they don’t have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady playing the quarterback position, so they need to take some of the weight off of the quarterback by running the football.

I hope you noticed that Michael Vick wasn’t hit very hard when he sustained his concussion.  The last shots he took weren’t major hits but he had been pummeled so long that the building up of all the hits finally took him over the hill.  I think he’s been slow coming back because he sustained as many serious hits as any quarterback in the history of the game in one season.

You can definitely criticize Vick for the way he played this year, but you can’t criticize him for his toughness.  He’s definitely one of the toughest to ever play the position.  Still, you know he’s not going to be back next year.


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  • One game G. if the giants dont need it at the end of the year, maybe other than that i dont see it.the secondary is to lifeless for this team to get a big stop to ever win a game

  • Honestly at this point I kind of hope they don’t win lets get the best draft pick possible at this point. It’s tough as a fan to say that but it’s just how I feel right now.

  • The offense may be playing well enough to win a game, but as long as the defense is still good to let up more than 30 points a game, it doesn’t matter.

    Tell me how they’re going to stop Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, and Mike Williams this week? Tell me how they’re going to handle A.J. Green on Thursday? Tell me what adjustments they’ll make (because they’ve been so good at making adjustments all year), that they’ll be able to fare any better against RG III than they did a few weeks ago?

    The only shot for a win comes against the Giants in Week 17, but even if they have everything wrapped up Tom Coughlin isn’t a coach that believes in resting starters, so you may not even catch a break there…

  • I think the Eagles have a chance to win this week. Going to be hard for TB to get up for the game after 2 big losses in a row (atl and Denv). They’ve also got New Orleans next week so may be looking ahead. Martin’s production has tailed off dramatically which often happens to rooks at this time of year.

    Now while I think the Birds have a chance this week, I expect a win the following on week against Cinci. I circled that as a W before the season began. All the advantages are with the Birds, Thursday home game + Cinci looking ahead to divisional matchups vs Pitt (which will decide their playoff fate) and Balt. 1/3 empty stadium with no atmosphere. Cinci should come in here and lay an egg.

    The final 2 games, Wsh and NYG now look very difficult as they will both still be fighting for a playoff spot.

    I can see Eagles winning 1, perhaps 2 of their final 4 games……there was a little perceivable “jump” in the O last week….so that should carry to a couple wins……still should be able to get the OT from AM or LB from the Irish at the draft…..

  • Vick’s has been battered over the last 2 Seasons and like a Boxer who continually takes shots to the head, eventually, it catches up to you..
    I think he will end up working for the United Way or some Charitable Organzation or even for the NFL in some Capacity, but his Football Playing Days are done in my opinion, and that’s not just for the Eagles, but done completely. I cannot see a GM/HC who is going to take a Chance on a battered 33-34 QB with history of Concussions who plays a reckless style and has not played a Complete NFL Season since his early Seasons with the Falcons.. No way, No how and to bring in him as a Back-up makes no sense for any Team that I see out there…

  • If we lose out, we draft Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei. If we win one or two games down the stretch, look for us to draft Dee Milliner. This is not reaching but rather letting the board come to you. Either way, the Eagle will get a good
    player. Unrealistic that we (or anyone) will draft as well as we did last year. But got to fix the secondary!

  • A Sneaky suspiscion that Eagles get on a Roll and win final 4 Games to
    finish at 7-9..
    Coach AR is retained by Owner Lurie after the Turn Around
    Juan Castillo comes back as OL Coach, and Sean McDermott (who gets fired in Carolina) comes back to be the DC and everyone lives Happily Ever After
    Eagles end up with the #16 Pick and Select RB Stefan Taylor from Stanford

    • Ah, the there is no god scenario. NICE!!!

  • Eagles only chance for wins are Cincy but they are hunting a wild card spot and the Skins who are also in the hunt, they get smoked Sunday. Damn I don’t see another win this year. @VINNIE, now I am getting depressed.

    • who is going to block Geno Atkins ? and better yet who is going to cover AJ Green? we already know Trent Cole and Brandon Graham cannot contain RG3 while Kendricks and Allen are getting pancaked

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the funniest $#!T I’ve EVER read! GC, you should be a writer for SNL. They need your comic expertise! Dear God my sides hurt! 😆

  • Bengals will run over the Eagles as will TB Bucs this week and hit a few Deep plays to WR’s Jacksons & Williams over this demoralized and already Fed-Exed in the Season Eagle Secondary

  • I will be surprised if the Eagles win anymore this year. They don’t care if they win, so they won’t. Many of these players already know their situation for the future – either they have their job secured or they lost their job already. Most of them have nothing to play for.

    For Who? For What? lol

  • I Honestly see the Eagles Putting up a few 30 spots but losing 3 out of 4 with the win coming against the Redskins. I think Tampa is gonna put up some Major points with Freeman hitting his big receivers, Dallas Clark and Martin out of the backfield. Martin will have a Decent game and look for Blount to actually be relavant. Bengals will put up a decent amount of points. The Redskin game will be a shoot out and I look for a 40-33 game lol. Finally two scenarios 1 Eagles get smashed by the g-men or 2 Eagles play spoiler against their hatd rival and Foles beats Eli at his own game….My version is exciting and we get a fun 4 games to watch lol.

  • GCobb you might wind up on Espn’s C’mon Man segment after reading ” I think the Eagles might win a game or two down the stretch”

  • until I see Foles succeed throwing the ball in the cold, I’m not a believer

  • Until I see Foles you know actually win a game then I’m good. This comment is for everyone who thinks the QB is responsible for everything. Defense sucks Qb will make it better. Special teams suck, Qb will make it better. Rb keeps fumbling Qb will make it better.

  • Rivisionist historian.

    The team has/had multiple problems.

    QB was most important and needed to be dealt with 1st. Hopefully it has been.

    Oline problems have also improved lately, but this was also predicted due to removal of terrible quarterback.

    Now on to fixing other problems which will take several years. Oh, and QB will also take season and a half to fix, so good thing it got started now.

  • Stop making excuses, how many starts did Luck have at the pro level? As you pointed out that number of times a good QB makes everything better.

    • it does.

      Indy was bottom of the league at just about everything last year. O, D…everything. Now they’re rolling because team has hope and confidence….well that and the colplete creampuff sched they had weeks 7 to 10.

      If Luck had come here, I would argue the results would have been similar.

      Foles is not Luck. But he is better than Vick.

      • Mostly with Coaching and A mindset Vinnie
        The COlts were never the same (Even Peyton) once HC Jim Caldwell Sat his Starters in a late Season game ruining their Chance for a Perfect Season when the were 13-0 or 14-0 a few Years back.. Players want to compete and win and HC Caldwell took a chance for making History from that 53 Man Roster Squad and lost all respect and authority even they they still had Peyton Manning and that Indy COlts Team was never the same

  • QB was not the biggest problem on this team, but whatever makes people feel good. Physical toughness, play calling, attitude are the things this team needs the most… that’s a knock at coaching and drafting/recruiting of new players. Time for a change… If the Eagles called the offensive game plan the way they have the last 2 weeks, no way this team is 3-9. You help a QB by running the ball, football 101… Vick is a punch drunk QB, the hits he took that knocked him out this time were not very big hits, I truly believe (like you G), that it has been an accumulation of hits over the last 2 years. It wouldn’t even surprise me if he’s been playing thru a concussion… Anyway I won’t belabor that issue since Vick and And y will be gone and it’s time to move on. I’m just not one that will blame Vick for this mess of a football team.

  • I agree toughness and attitude are important…especially attitude….and the Birds had a terrible attitude…I think this was due to me-first players on team…and we know who they are. ….bad attitude also comes from seeing the same thing over and over. Nothing kills the attitude of Oline than watching the QB improvise 25% of the time and then take hits and get hurt and then all blame put onto oline. Those guys were dragged through the mud every single week on TV.

    Do you think they felt all the troubles were on them?

    I guarantee that that group is not upset at all about the change behind centre.

    There was a noticable jump in the play last week. Linemen and WRs yrds downfiel to block….good pockets for the QB. Criper execution. No wasted timeouts……seemed to me the team had snapped out of their doldrums a bit (on offence anyway)….that’s not all due to the fact that they ran the ball a bit more in the first half.

  • Yep its all the Qb, so by that rationale the o-line hated blocking for Shady because they never knew where he was running? Okayyyy.

  • Plus a lot of new OL were not invited to VIck’s Wedding, so they wanted paybak and let him get beat-up.. All of a sudden a few more Cordon-Blue Plates and an Open Bar in June doesn’t look that expensive to Vick.. A Tactical Mistake that he has paid dearly for, don’t you think..

  • No dimwit….they weren’t getting dragged through the mud whenever Shady was hit at the LOS….but every single game, from the mid-first quarter, the common narrative from every single colourman was…”what a horrible line…they’re getting Vick killed…they’re terrible” Over and over and over.

    Now suddenly they have a QB who is being sackes at half the rate, and “miraculously” gets off 90+% of his throws instead of 75%.

    Plus he says things like:
    “Yeah, that’s the way I’ve always played. You just have to have that vision downfield. Those guys are blocking their butts off up front, the backs are helping and you have the receivers running their butts off downfield, so it’s your job as the quarterback to sit in there and make the throw no matter what. You play this game long enough, you figure out how to do it. You’ve just got to keep your vision downfield and you can’t feel the rush.”

    and then goes out and actually gets that throw off 9 out of every 10 times.

    I guarantee you that will change a teams attitude pretty quickly.

  • Vick,D-Jax,T Cole, Asmo are all Cancer’s on this Roster and need to be
    eliminated in the Final Analysis

  • Okay genius if you say so, you can come up with any and every reason but you still make no sense. The majority of the most big hits he took were in the pocket trying to make a play down field.

  • usually when an RB or TE was sitting 5 yrds away for an easy 7 yrd completion.

  • But he waited and waited (remember 2nd worst in the league taking sacks over 3 seconds) looking for that ESPN highlight throw. Got killed.

    Oline or coaches blamed.

    The story of Vick in 3 sentences.

  • I know one thing – a great QB can make a lot of other problems disappear.

    Using the Colts as an example, notice that they went from 10-6 with Manning to 2-14 with Painter, and now back to 8-4 with Luck. I would say their success is very much linked to their QB.

    And if you don’t think Vick’s 9 INT’s and 10 Fumbles (in 9 games) had a lot to do with the outcome of the first 9 games this season you are nuts.

    IMO – Andy Reid’s biggest mistake as the Eagles coach was bringing Vick to Philadelphia and making him the starting QB. He deserves to be fired for that.

  • @irish Eagle – of course turnovers has something to do with the outcome of the games…

    But honestly, Vick had the majority of his turnovers in the 1st 3 games (6 INT’s in the 1st 2 games)….in which the Eagles won, by the way…so the outcome was positive and he led the team to game winning drives) Over the next 6 games Vick had 8 TDs and 3 INT’s….
    As for the fumbles he had 2 loss fumbles against AZ, he has a total of 4 loss fumbles on the season) Which breaks down to 1 loss fumble over the last 6 games he played…

    So the last 6 games Vick played he had 8 TD’s 3INT’s and 1fumble…

    So for your point, when Vick turned the ball over at a high rate, the Eagles won those games….Once the QB settled down the defense couldn’t hold anyone and the O Line continued to fall apart…

    Try watching the games…

  • And those 2 fumbles directly resulted in the loss at Ariz……listen….

    10 fumbles is 10 fumbles still bouncing around on the ground. Still a negative play even if Eagles’ recover.

    And there’s a psychological effect. Vick has led QBs in fumbles every year of his career. Its a problem he’s never fixed (nor attempted to??)

    Look at how everyone is harping on Brown – he “MUST” fix the problem…..yet what do teammates see? There’s Vick with the ball on the turf 11x in 2005, 9x in 2006, 11x in 2010, 11x in 2011, 10x and counting in 2010…..

    So what do teammates see? There’s no accountability for that guy.

    And on the field….shoulders slump…not again….not again….

    Look…go ahead and defend Vick all you want on the toughness, etc…I’ll give you that….but cut out trying to defend him on the turnovers. The guy was the absolute king of keeping the other team in the game. Had been his entire career.

    He’s not going to skate on that.

    • OK and take not that Foles has fumbled in every single game he’s played in regular season. 6 total fumbles in 4 games..maybe not for a loss of possession, but as you say still negative plays.

  • 3 Biggest plays that affected Vick’s Stay with the Eagles

    2010 – Throwing an INT versus the Bears in the End-Zone
    2010 – Taking a Sack from Blitzin CB, never reacted, fumbled and gave up a 60 yard TD return which blew a #2 Seed for the Eagles in their best Chance
    2011 – Trowing another Int in the End-Zone versus Buffalo as the EAgles were ready to take command

    I don’t hate Vick the man, I actuually admire his redemption story which I have stated numerous time but I do hate Vick as the QB… Enough and good riddance

  • I was at the Buffalo game and there was a worse play Paulman. Last play of the first half.

    Was right in front of me as we were 20 yrd line lower deck.

    In FG range with 9 secs left. Tried for TD. Bills rushed 3. No pressure at all.

    Clocked ticked….and ticked,,,,and he stood there. Doing nothing. Standing…6….5….4…..3…Guys in front of me were – “throw the ball” …I think I got off a “what the fuck are you doing?” standing…and then when the clock got to 1 he threw it threw the endzone but time expired.

    That was the absolute last straw for me. He had no awareness of time, place, situation. abd there was no pressure at all…just stood there.

    • hmmm and we seem to have had a QB who on a regular basis screwed up at the end of halves, I think he led us to 4 NFC Championship games, what’s your point?

  • @ paulman who are we talking about Phillip Rivers, Carson Palmer or Matt Cassell or perhaps Tony Romo, I got a Seattle memory of him. That stiff in NY is a joke how the hell does he continue to start? I can name specific plays with about 15 QBs in the NFL that havent won shit. I uess poor MV is the only QB accountable. Kordell Stewart may have a point about how certain QBs are held at different standards.

  • I forgot to add that stiff Ryan Fitzpatrick. Amazing how he has a job. How many playoff games has he won? How many pro bowls has he gone to? How many losing seasons does that guy get. lol

  • Thank you daggolden, we can pick and chose any number of plays from any QB win or lose, oh wait I remember Payton throwing an interception in the Super Bowl that was returned for a td or Brett Farve killing endless seasons for Green Bay with stupid interceptions see we can go on and on with this nonsense

  • Vinnie, I hope for your sake Foles can play because I want to see you spin your way out when he turns out to be a stiff. Wait I can’t wish that I’m an Eagles fan.

  • I got no problem moving on from Vick. But when you get fans like vinnie who constantly bash Vick and there are all these STIFFS playing QB who havent done half the shit Vick has ever done its comical.

    • ummmm….because I want there to be stiffs on other teams. If sanhez was the QB of the eagles I’d be releasing venom.

  • I agree daggolden the Vick train has left the station barring something crazy, but these dudes take the ridiculous to another level. You have RGIII playing the exact style Vick played coming into the league and it’s like a revelation or something.

    • RGIII “exact same style” as Vick. In your pre-pubescent Vick fantasies perhaps.

    • Except RGIII is actually a QB with athleticism, that has a brain, not an Athlete playing QB, with no brain. RGIII can actually read a DF, the blitz, & had 70% comp, in college & about 67% in his short pro career.

  • Yes but RGIII can actually read Defenses and gets rid of the ball to open recievers in stride when he wants/needs to..
    Vick could never read Defenses and strictly had to rely on his athleticism to mmake plays.. RGIII is light years ahead of where VIck was when he came out of College.. It’s not even close..

  • Vinnie was vilified, scorned, called names, racist, you name it for boldly predicting that Vick was a mirage of a good nfl quarterback, this goes back at least two years, when most of us got caught up in that six game stretch…..

    Well guess what, vinnie turned out to be right, you can make every excuse, point the finger elsewhere on Vick, but vinnie is right, always has been, and he will bevrightbon foles

    • Whatever Jake, all he has done is shown everyone his hatred for Vick and the ridiculous lengths he’ll go to try and justify it.

      • Big, maybe, but that doesn’t make him wrong!

  • Vinnie replaces paulman and songs as the sage on gcobb

  • Anyone care to explain how Alex Smith can go from 1st round bust
    to 19 and 5 over the last 2 years

    • Careful Vinnie will fill up the page with stats explaining how it happened.

  • I don’t give a crap about his motives he iis correct, although I do not believe he has any motive other than seeing the best quarterback under center, how many of you Vick defenders, apologists can say the same?

    • Your wrong Jake this dude was hoping the team tanked, he is no real Eagle fan. Meanwhile I could care less who the QB is as long as the team wins. I don’t like Foles but I hope he’s the answer.

    • ty Jakedog.

  • How does Eli Manning have 213 total turnovers
    140 Int’s 73 fumbles
    Mike Vick have 167
    81 Int’s 86 fumbles

    But Eli have 2 rings
    Can someone explain that to me ?

  • Vinnie the most reverend, sorry songs, you are now just the reverend songs, followed by paulman and mr. Bsm videos, all experts on football, long live the most reverend vinnie

    • Ego swelling…..

  • Why question my motives and not his ?

  • Kordell Stewart couldn’t have been talking about Vick when he said some QB are held to a different standard. Because Vick’s career QB stats suck compared to most starting NFL QB’s. A career completion percentage under 60% – only cracked the 20 TD/season mark 2 times in 10 years – never threw for 3500 yards in any season.

    • If you don’t think the standards are different you haven’t really been paying attention. We are not going to start that argument please.

  • We question your motives because Vick is not that good yet you promote him over others, vinnie puts out the facts,, yet you argue the facts, always an excuse for the facts, winners never have excuses, long live the most reverend vinnie

  • our biggest problem before Vick was Andy Reid.

    I know some of you guys who just want to see a white quarterback won’t admit this, but it’s true.

    Did Vick, trade up to draft Graham with Earl Thomas sitting right there?

    Dd McNabb trade out of the first round to pick up garbage ass Kolb who is no longer on the team?

    Who made the offensive line coach the defensive coordinator and hired an defensive line coach before hiring putting a competent Defensive Head in place?

    Who for years told this knowledgeable fan base that Championship teams don’t need number 1 receivers, and that Linebackers are not important?

    I’m insinuating these points because you apologists on here would like to point to McNabb & Vick to why we’ve failed under Reid, yet Brees, Brady, Rothlesberger, or any of the Mannings would not have succeeded under these same conditions our QB’s were forced to play under.

    Look at Foles..

    He is padding a losing record yet people see promise…. but if Vick would have did the same exact things as Foles in the last few games, you would have been blasting him today.

    So, what you guys are saying is give Foles a chance and if he fail, we’ll live with losing until we get the right white QB, ….well we’ve had those before Cunningham and won nothing.

    I think the biggest fault in having Black QB’s is that the blame can be easily placed on them instead of addressing the real issues, and frauds like Reid can survive off of their athletic abilities when the play-calling breaks down, but blame them when things go south.

    I hate to bring this up but it’s true. The same guys who are pumping up Foles claimed Kolb with the quick release and heady game would be an improvement over McNabb. He have been proven to be a damn bum, yet the same guys will not admit their assessments were false.

    Now, we’re supposed to believe Foles is the answer?

    The truth is that guys like Brady, Brees, Mannings, Rothlesbergers are the minority, in spite of race.

    The truth is the majority of the league have white QB’s yet the majority of them turn out to be journeymen at best nowhere near the names aforementioned, and that Black QB’s are easily scapegoated when things go wrong.

    Here’s a perfect example.

    Who would you rather have?

    Carson Palmer or Michael Vick?

    Now, the same guys who think Foles is the answer will say Palmer, even though he have not accomplished 1/100th of what Vick have accomplished in the same league…..and Vick was in jail for 2 years.

    The reality is that it takes more than a QB to win it all and with color aside, if Coughlin would have been coaching the same teams in Reid’s earlier years with Mcnabb at the helm …we would have been probably sitting on 2 to 3 Superbowls right now.

    Be careful what you ask for.

    • Preach songs, preach!

  • The fact that he hoped the team tanked is of no moment, the enlightened fan realizes that in order to move forward sometimes you need to step backwards. Peace to all, merry Christmas

  • I tell you what I do know. I have never heard any of those garbage white QBs be told they cant read a defense. But when it comes to the black QBs thats the first thing out of fans mouths. He cant read a defense. comical. Whens the last time Ryan Fitzpatrick was told he cant read a defense? How about Matt Cassell can he read a f^&king defense? He sucks. Im watching Carson Palmer right now and laughing my ass off. He just threw a int in end zone. Dont look like he can read a defense eithier.

    • Those that you mention just HAVE NO TALENT! They suck. Their deficiency is that they blow! Vick has more talent and balls than any of them! He just doesn’t see the game very well. It’s simple
      And anyone on here that says 5 couldn’t read a defense is a blatant racist! I agree with that. Take each qb at his merit 5 was great, smart and a winner

  • Ah songs, the reverend songs, I always read your posts because you always have something interesting, unusual to say, and you are an intelligent man, I understand the point you are attempting to make, but it’s just not accurate my friend, walk in the shoes of the fans you criticize , do you think for a moment that the fans you criticize would be unhappy if Vick or mcnabb lived up to the hype, Philly fans are color blind you and others make it about color, the real philly fan does not, and I have heard from many of blacks who do not like Vick as a quarterback, nor did they like mcnabb, peace brother and merry Christmas to you and your family

    I was born in northbphi

    • Jake I really hate to call people out of there names but you are a complete and total stooge. Especially if you think all Philly fans are colorblind.

      • Biglion i really hate to call you names but you have some really horrible interpretation skills. Jake obviously was not talking about ALL Philly fans…he even said the real philly fans could care less…basically they just want to win..and if you dont think thats a fact you probably don’t even live here.
        And wake the fuck up, every team in every city has some racist violent you name it fans in the bunch. Its called Sports.

        • Pheags, please interpret what I wrote I didn’t say all Philly fans and I grew up a minority playing sports in Frankford and heard some of the most vile things that could be yelled at kids so please if you never had to deal with it. Stop talking.

          • Actually, you clearly did. “Especially if you think all Philly fans are colorblind”…You literally wrote the word “all” in your statement…and again he wasn’t referring to all Philly fans above like you interpreted he was. Sorry man have to call out stupidity when I see it.

            • Sorry but you can play word games all you want, facts are not all Eagle fans are colorblind that better and again if you don’t know don’t talk about it. Until you have had to deal with it.

              • Lion not sure where you are going… Support for or against a player based on color is ignorant. Yes there are racist fans AGAINST him. There are racist excuse makers FOR him. Judge him for what he is/was a spectacular qb who never really got it done. He is in pretty good company

  • You guys see everything as black vs white – that’s BS. I would take RG-III over any QB in the league right now. I think most people in this town would. People don’t like Vick because the Eagles are 18-15 with him as the starter. I would want him gone if he was a lily white Irish catholic. Maybe Vinny is a dog lover…

  • Jake, look up the word “conjecture” which embodies your last comment.

    Read my comment again.

    Foles, have thrown the ball right to defenders in the clutch time of the last few games consecutively…..could have easily thrown 3-4 pick 6’s, yet no one here is saying he can’t read defense.

    The running game is the reason we’ve been in games with him….the same running game we’ve been begging Andy to employ for years, yet their willing to call runs now to protect Foles.

    If the Coaches called the same ratio they’ve called when Vick was in the game, how do you think things would end for Foles?

    Answer the question..then come to the realization that because Foles can not beat anyone with his legs, Reid and Marty must call an honest game, when they should be calling the same game regardless of who’s behind center.

    • Songs your prior post was the best I have ever read on G Cobb, sadly people in denial will either ignore it or act like your crazy. Bravo for telling it like it truly is.

  • The truth of the matter is that people on here blindly support or disparage Vick based on his color. That’s stupid and equally as wrong either way but it stirs up really ugly emotions on both sides of the argument.

  • Cigar, address Songs post was he wrong what’s your opinion?

  • he has some points but Vicks bad play and turnovers put them behind and put them in passing situations. He also had pics dropped, part of game. He had the best back in the game… Could he have checked to run more… I don’t know the answer, I don’t know their audible system.
    I don’t think Vick is a great cerebral qb. I think that’s obvious.
    I’m not in the vinnie camp. I’m not vehemently against him, I have my issues with his play and sometimes the way he carries himself. But I can say this at any other position than qb he would be my top pick.

    • Great points Cigar, after all these years nobody built an offense around his skills, the biggest mistake everybody has made was trying to fit him into conventional offensive systems.

  • Thru UD football I know rich Gannon fairly well. When he was a senior there were a lot of teams interested in his athleticism but they wanted him to play WR or safety. He refused those teams and said I want to play qb. Got drafted in I believe 7th round… Later went to SB and MVP. Point is the qb position isn’t always textbook but rich had something Vick doesn’t… The ability to manage a game

  • He struggles to consistently make the correct play falling back on his athletic ability too often. But what’s crazy is he does win football games.

  • Watching manning fall down instead of scramble and get killed… Live to play another down. It is not in Vicks genes. It is the difference in their makeup. Some of it on Vicks part is to be admired. Tough sob but…

  • Bottom line, when was the last Season the QB Vick played a full season (16 games)… It’s been a while, you can’t Win, make Plags and lead your Team in the Playoffs When your Starter misses 3-4 games every Season. Vick is done (in Philly anyways)

    • Thank you Paulman…Thats my biggest reason why I want no part of Vick anymore as a starter. Maybe the most injury prone QB in the league right now…and thats just the truth…Quoting Dilfer the best ability is availability. end of story cant win a SB with a guy that gets injured pretty much every year. You just cant and its stupid to invest another season into it.

      People act as if Foles begged Reid to play him. We simply saw Foles play as early as he did because our starter is injury prone. The season is lost now which is why you continue to play Foles and the rest of the young players.
      Now maybe Foles will be injury prone and end up sucking too but who knows right now. We know what Vick is and all the facts show he is too fragile for an NFL season. Extremely tough dude, but fragile. He is Bob Sanders at the QB position except Sanders was better at his position the few times he could actually stay healthy.

  • ok..let’s put color to the side for one moment.

    Someone here please explain why the running game is the focal point of the offense now that Foles is quarterback.

    Can someone answer this question?

    We’ve been screaming for Andy to run the ball since Duce left.

  • Because AR & MM misjudge Vick’s ability as an NFl Pocket QB
    They know Foles or even Kolb wasn’t ready for their heavy Pass-Happy game plans, but they erred thinking that Vick could handle what McNabb could do..

  • Which was throw 65% of the time, make some big plays, by using their athleticism to extend plays that Foles,Kolb, Aj Feely, Kafka were my able to do
    The big difference here is that McNabb knew how to protect the Ball and himself for the most part where Vick has not been able to protect the ball or himself and that in. Nutshell is where the Eagles Offense has been and is today with Foles at command

    • Ill do one even better… mcnabb was slamed for not taking chances enough… not trusting his wr’s… not running when he could have. Vick gets ammed for running too much… taking bad risks. Funny right?

      Songs is dead on…. foles…. who im rooting for… has not been asked to do what these guys were asked to do.

      • and why would he? He’s played 4 games.

        • each passing day you flip and make my points for me.

          this is what i’ve been trying to tell you- you want to compare the 2 when they are not asked to do the same things at all.

  • Coach Ar & MM gave the keys to Eagles Offense to Vick back in 2010 and Vick has a losing Record in his last 25 Starts (10-15)
    Vick is among the Leauge Turnovers since 2011, so when do you say enough is enough with him at the Wheel
    Vick has no excuses, he simply did not get the Job anywhere near
    Accomplished in my book. 2 missed Playoffs Seasobs in a row

    • If i remember right… the greenbay playoff game…the pack running it down our throat… we couldnt stop them…. also…. last play was a deep pass to cooper… he never made the play. People said.. “hes a rook.. what do u expect?”.

      • and the fact that Desean, Maclin and Mccoy were wide open on the right side of the field, but Vick was locked in before he even began walkin up under centre.

      • And the ball was severely under thrown!

  • Explain Eli and why he wins, he leads the world in turnovers the last 4 years but has won 2 super bowls explanation please?

    • Because in those 2 years he dropped his INT % about 2 % and he was in the 2% range both those years…..

  • So it doesn’t have anything to do with the overall team, just Eli playing better? Because according to stats something your familiar with Eli is a turnover machine.

  • Last 4 games 155 called passes 90 called runs…. 64% pass 37% run

    First 8 games 386 called passes 180 called runs….68%pass 32%run

  • People that attack vick dont football. Theyre pretenders.. Take away the first game and vick has 9 touchdowns and 5 picks. If the eagles were going to properly build a team around Vick they should have gotten him big recievers like Brees has: 6’7 6’4 6’2. steve young: 6’2 6’2 6’3 6’4 You cant have short receivers and a short quarterback.
    Conversely, tall quarterbacks do better with shorter receivers. Its a team that Andy Reid can not build properly. Thats why I would like for foles to succeed because of his height and our small receivers.

    • Take away the first game and what was his record?

  • This is what we know right now……

    Foles have not won an NFL game since replacing Vick.

  • “I also think one of the keys to the Eagles improvement offensively is the play calling. Finally, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have accepted the fact that they don’t have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady playing the quarterback position, so they need to take some of the weight off of the quarterback by running the football.”…..Gcobb

    It should not have mattered who we had at QB. Andy should have been running the football as just good play calling. We are now seeing what many fans and Ron Jaws has been saying for years…You have to have balance.

    One Dimentional does not win championships. I knew Andy was never going to win with the BYU offense. The Don Coreyell, Marv Levy play calling will only get you so far. In the end you have to be able to protect a lead and wear a team down. You can’t do that with his sissy offense and undersized defense.

    I disliked Andy Reid because he wasted our time and made us the laughing stock of the NFL. The Juan move, was the apex of stupidity.

    Andy is no longer calling the shots. Jeffery Loser is the one cleaning house.
    He is preparing this team for the new coach. For the next era. In the end. Andy will help us win a Superbowl. Jeffery Loser will have plenty of experience of what not to allow, with the next coach. When you are at the bottom the only place to go is up.

    No more trading out of the first round. And those sissy receivers. It’s sickening to watch Maclin looking for a place to fall on every catch. Forget yac Yards after catch with that guy. Maybe Celek can give that guy some lessons on lifting weights and growing a pair. And those corners.

    Roseman you picked Coleman from the big ten. Go to the SEC and get a CB who will hit somebody. Notre Dame and Alabama will showcase some football players, not dancers with helmets on.

    Andy let McNabb and Vick take a beating. They never stood a chance, because the defense knew in advance what the play was going to be. They pinned their ears back and went after the QB. He adjusted the play calling for Garcia as well as Foles. Baby arm was so scared after taking over, Andy did’nt give a crap what play was called. He wanted him out of town. I think the arm strength of Vick and McNabb had something to do with the play calling. Both throw a nice deep ball. McNabb played on a broken leg. He and Vick are tough.

    I really miss Navy and Schiller. Are they still alive? Are they O.K? Have the philadelphia police checked the Schkyll river for bodies? Or is Schiller really Pat? You know. The Eagle fan committed to the mental hospital in “silver lining Playbook?”

    What a merry Christmas. Andy Reid leaving. For good. And even a rumor of him going to the Cowboys. I hate the cowboys now. With Andy Reid, as head coach of the Cowboys that game would surpass all events in life. The joy of watch him run that organization into the ground would be to good to be true. To have his predictable play calling on the other sideline.

    I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it. I can’t wait for the press conference of Jeffery Loser saying how much the Eagles appreciate the service of Andy Reid….blah blah blah. YOUR FIRED!!!!!

    And in the words of Cee Lo Green…#$% you. Get out.

    • Last 4 games 155 called passes 90 called runs…. 64% pass 37% run

      First 8 games 386 called passes 180 called runs….68%pass 32%run

    • R.I.P. Navy — song’s superior football knowledge silenced Navy’s keyboard forever

    • Cee Lo Green! PRICELESS!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!

  • Navy is doing well fyi, his daughter won a California State Championship
    Out in California in Volleyball and he’s been busy Reffing HS Football Playoff games. I chat with him from time to time.
    Schiller, I have no idea with him, last he said he was very busy with his job
    It would be nice to hear some of thoughts on what’s happened the last 6-8 weeks as we are all disappointed with this Eagles Franchise
    Now the debate is how do the Eagles rebuild this Team moving forward
    For they need many pieces I believe to get back into Contention with the upper echelon teams, this will be no 1 year quick fix with this club I’m afraid

    • Schiller is swabbing Joe Banner’s knob in Cleveland
      while posting ridiculous positive dribble about the all the Cleveland Browns obvious weaknesses

      • Post of the month!!!! LOOOOOL!

    • Who cares?!?

  • The sad part about this is the fans seen the floor falling out from under us years ago and nothing happened. Now, I’ll make another future prediction.

    Roseman will pick up where Andy left off and we’ll become the old Bucs and Bengals…..in a few years you’ll be able to get Seats on the field for 20 bucks and the new PR guy will put green dressed manechin’s in the seats to mask the empty seats…..Lurie have a nervous breakdown and sell the team.

  • Major problem looming. Was watching DNL and McNabb was on talking about next coach. He said what if next coach comes in and doesnt like half the players Howie picked? What if he doesnt like Foles and likes Vick? What if certain players dont fit his system. So does Howie hire a coach that fits Howies players or does he hire a high powered coach that lets Howie know what will be done? McNabb said he expects a young 37-44 year old assistant thats on board with Howie. One thing is for sure all the fans are saying who will be here next year and who wont McNabb said how can Lurie and Howie possibly know that when the coach hasnt even been picked and he is gonna pick his “own groceries”.. How the hell can Howie and Jeff pick who stays and goes without coaches input?

    • That will (should anyway) get washed out in the interview process. If, for example, Howie loves Foles (just an example), then one of his questions is going to be something like, “Tell me about Foles strangths and weaknesses? What will you do to ensure Foles continued success as the starter of the Eagles?” Or something like that.

      If the potential coach doesn’t like Foles, he’ll say it. “My idea is the Eagles need to use the third pick to select _______________ and groom him. My system calls for……”

      So I don’t think its that big an issue……Of course Howie (if he actually gets the decision – perhaps its Donahue) is going to hire a guy who fits his philosophy…..its what every GM does.

  • If David Shaw is not the next head coach, we’re going to have problems. This guy won with Andrew Luck, won with a redshirt freshman this year and in this day and age still plays smash mouth football. We don’t need some retread or unknown puppet to continue with the destruction that Howie and Andy has started the last two years.

    • Since you have mentioned him I hav been reading up… I think I’m on board with this

  • David shaw will be on lurie’s list but it will be tough to pry him from his alma mater, way better choice for this city than chip Kelly

  • I don’t know, how Chip Kelly’s offense will look in the NFL. I think they need to stay away from him. and your right Jake I think Shaw will be tough to get but he’s coached in Philly before so you at least have to feel him out.

  • Per my Stanford Sources (Condi Rice ) there is no way Shaw is leaving Stanford
    He has a True Freshman (Kevin Hogan) who has started their last 5 Games as a Freshman and who will be great kid to build around and lead this Program to a NCAA Championship over the next 2 Seasons. (Hogan is 6-4 224lbs and if he stays Healthty will be a Top #5 Pick come the 2015 Draft (which the Eagles may have a good shot for him)
    I do think he will make an excellent HC in the NFL, but he is staying with the
    Stanford Cardinal ffoe the next couple of Season as he has a Team just about full of his own recruits now and wants to see this thru..
    My Guess is that Shaw will move across the Bay and take over the Raiders in

    Eagles will go an NFL Coordinator Route for then next HC, not the College Ranks, though Pat Fitzgerald and Al Golden could be outside possibilities.

  • If things continue like this I believe thier definetly no need to draft an olineman in the 1st 4 rounds unless a highly rated player drops. After watching this oline the last few weeks and with Peters, Kelce and Herrimans coming back I am feeling more and more comfortable with what we have. Peters(reportedly is doing very good), Herrimans, Kelce, Scott, Mathis, Kelly, Reynolds and Dunlap(who has done a nice job), with maybe new coaching for Watkins It will be intersting to watch oline the last 4 games. There isnt a high draft pick on our oline right now and they are blowing holes open for Brown. I definetly am taking a impact player on defense in 1st round.

    • OK then. So the “worst oline in football” is ok now? Well, that’s all good.

  • @vinnie removing Danny Watkins and Demitrius Bell has done wonders. Reynolds and Kelly who is actually better than Herrimans at OT IMO. Dont believe me would love to hear Shadys take on it.

  • There will be interviews and the guy that impresses Lurie the most will get the job. Howie won’t be anything more than a guy that tries to sign the players that the coach wants. Don’t be surprised to see Jay Gruden or Mike Zimmer coaching the Eagles.

  • Vinnie if it was the QBs who control the oline and the running game then GB and Aaron Roger and NO and Drew Brees would have perrenial 2000 yard rushers. So I highly doubt Nick Foles controls the Eagles. lol

  • I like both Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer as potential Candidates for a HC spot
    ZImmer has had many interviews over the last couple of Seasons
    and I am surprised that he has not been hired yet.. He age may now start to become a factor..
    I also like 2 from the Packers Organization
    Asst HC WInston Moss and QB Coach Tom Clements
    3 from the 49ers Staff
    DC Vic Fangio, ST/Asst HC Brad Seely and Secondary Coach Ed Donatell

    2 from the Falcons Staff
    DC Mike Nolan would be an excellent choice as well, everywhere he’s gone, he builds solid Defenses (for the 49ers, Dolphins adn now Falcons)
    OC Dirk Koetter is a rising name and a very innovative Offensive Coach who has help make the Falcons a Run-first to a Pass-first based on their weapons that they have (R White, J Jones, Gonzo)

    But do remember who is advising Owner Jeff Lurie.. It’s Tom Donahoe who most likely will become the VP of Football Ops once AR is officially Terminated and Donahoe has been around a while and has that tough Western Pa mentalitiy of building and playing that physical style of football that he learned his craft while working for the Steelers
    Don’t be surprised to hear a couple of familiar Coaches names who have a strong relationship with Donahoe.. (Dick Lebeau, Dave Wannstadt) but you can’t count out Bill Cowher who DOnahoe lost a power struggle with while at Pitsburgh and Cowher was the reason he left the Steelers so there is no love lost between the both of them..
    Should be interesting to watch it unfold

  • Fraud you mentioned 12 names above so I predict you may be right. So of one of the 12 is named you can’t crow that Fraudman predicted it.
    Oh and you’ve probably mentioned more names in other posts. Take a stand man… Make one prediction and stick to it

  • Here’s my Call in Order HAC

    #1) Vic Fangio
    #2) Jay Gruden
    #3) Mike Nolan
    #4) Tom Clements
    #5) Juan Castillo

    • You only get to brag if it’s Fangio

      • ive been calling for Vic too and i dont want to brag… just want my guy.

      • I’ll brag about something else then HAC…
        Gas Prices remain below $3.50 a Gallon or that
        Peace in the MIddle East finally Arrives, or there will be Snow On Christmas

      • No haveacigar, the fraud got Vic Fangio from me months ago when I posted it on here and now hes owning it like he thought of it like he does with everything.

        • JH, you did call that one, but don’t you guys get Paul’s sarcasm, digs & ballbreaking by now?!? 90% of the time, he does, what he does, to get a rise out of you marks. I’ve been reading/ posting on this site from it’s inception, & he’s actually one of the most knowledgeable & classy cats on here, but you guys keep up with the childish, classless, name calling. He never calls you names back, or retaliate, does he? So who’s the real man, & not a fraud on here?

  • Don’t leave out Mike McCoy, the Denver OC. Took two totally different schemes into the playoffs 2 years in a row, Tebow style and Manning style.

  • The AFC West has been the Weakest Division in Football over the last 2 Years also…Just sayin… But McCoy has done an excellent job and will have many interested Teams wanting to talk to him… McCoy did Coach at Carolina Panthers and reportedly Owner Jerry Richardson is very high on him and will probably bring him on board to work with young QB Cam Newton

  • Another thing…… The Oldest 1st round draft pick in draft history…the 27 year old Fireman who loved fighting fires and picked up football late in college?

    Well he have been replaced by a guy off the street.

    a player no team seemed interested in adding to their roster is better than the fireman.

    All Andy Reid being smarter than everyone else.

    Watkins would not have went in the 1st round if the Eagles didn’t pick him….Why didn’t they address the pathetic safety position or linebacker position instead of this stiff?

    Lurie need to fire his ass now!

  • Watkins would have went in the 1st Round–
    He was projected as one of the Top 2-3 OL..
    I always thought he should have started out at RT since he played RT & LT at Baylor for 3 Seasons and who passed 40-50 times a game and would have been used to the Pace of teh Eagles Offense..Playing Inside at RG did not benefit him and them with the unorthodox Coaching/ and Blocking Techniques sent him over a the Mudd Falls…

  • Paulman, If Songs car was on fire I bet he would rather watch it burn down in flames than call Danny Watkins to put it out for him…

    Thats been his enemy since day 1 of that draft, but give him credit on this one, he has been right about him so far..

    He does suck esp for a 1st round pick and I think its mainly because he doesn’t seem to have passion for the game to get better

    • You mean he’s not scared or a wuss, just lacks passion. Okay

      • But our wide receivers are punks and look for a place to lay down.

        • Dude what in the world are you talking about? I never even brought up Djax/Maclin. However, Are you really going to compare a 6-foot 3 lineman who weighs over 300 pounds to Djax…Im pretty sure our Wrs are more terrified for their well being on the field than Watkins is just on pure physics and the position they play…And I wouldn’t necessarily call Watkins scared… You can call him a lot but i doubt he is a scared wuss…I mean the dude was a firefighter. Do you think Djax or Maclin would ever run into a strangers house if it was on fire?

          And again if you didn’t suck so much at interpreting sentences you would see that I think Watkins sucks. He doesn’t have any passion to me. Horrible 1st round pick…you cant draft a guy that high who seems to not give a damn about football. I’ll call him a punk because I think guys like Runyan would play with whatever he is dealing with in his ankle.

          • Sorry Pheags that wasn’t directed at you, that is some samples of posts that I have read, I totally understand what your saying about Watkins but other folks throw nonsense out there like that. Has nothing to do with interpreting anything but I know you read the same nonsense I do.

            • The only guy I have called out for playing scared is Nate Allen and even then I hesitate doing that because it takes to get out there and play this game.

  • Maybe Songs should take Danny Boy to his Doctor’s for some Immunization Shots..
    I have sensed that Watkins has almost a “too nice of a fella” attitude and doesn’t have that kick-ass, take no prisoners,play with hair on fire type of mindset that NFL Players need to have and especially along that Line-of scrimmage..

  • And your drug claim has gone away. Fraud

    • More like a “Prescription Issue” from what I’ve have heard HAC
      And that Mr Watkins is in a very “fraigile” state of mind right now and will not be activated nor play the remainder of the Season as I stated about 2-3 weeks ago.. Eagles will follow all NFL and Federal HIPPA rules governing disclosure

      • FAVRE had those issues… If it clears up will he end up being a player?

  • Songs has been right just like vinnie, songs zapped navy from gcobb cyberspace, long live the reverend songs, all hale the reverend songs.

    Now songs is not the angry man navy was, and songs believes in redemption, so if navy requests that the reverend allow him back and further shows that he is a changed navy, songs would grant him a second chance, so …

    Have some guts navy, ask for forgiveness, show you have changed, songs may allow you back, start now, repeat three times “All Hale The Reeverend Songs”‘ see where that gets you

  • @cigar that was just a conversation with Pheags nothing more I know plenty of black folks that don’t like Vick and plenty of white folks that like him. It’s a damn shame when you question someone’s dislike for another.

    • Dude I had a kid play for me hoops and football great kid and once during a hoops game there was water on the floor we were at a rich kid school and the kid got down on the floor with a towell to wipe up the water and the ‘Cameron crazies’ rich white boys started chanting ‘janitor’ and shit like that. I’m not perfect but get pissed at that shit. I aw sembarrassed and apologized to my kid… He laughed and said ‘ f them coach’ scored 22 had 14 boards and was 6for 6 from the line down the stretch. Race in sports is a sensitive issue.

      • Yes it is and that’s why I get upset at some of the things I read on here. Leave your biases at the door, sadly some people can’t.

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