• August 15, 2022

Eagles Are Going To Air It Out Against Tampa Bay

I’m sure you liked the way the Eagles employed a balanced attack against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, but you’re not going to see that this week.  It’s going to be back to bombs away which we saw earlier this season with Michael Vick at the helm.

The Eagles still like to throw the football more than running it and they’ve got to throw the football after looking at the stats of the Tampa Bay defense.  They do a great job of stopping the run, but are awful against the pass.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg seemed to anxious about getting a shot at the Buccaneers mediocre defense against the pass.

He was beaming with pride earlier today when he talked about Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles.  He doesn’t see Foles as a rookie any more despite fact that he’s still in his rookie year.  The offensive coordinator is ready for the youngster to take his game to another level.

“We are no longer rookies – that’s done”, Mornhinweg. “We expect to play at a high level consistently.”

He might play better on Sunday afternoon than he did in his impressive performance against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday night.  In fact Foles could wind up being the biggest offensive positive to come out of this season along with rookie running Bryce Brown.

You know Mornhinweg doesn’t mind getting the chance to demonstrate how he can develop a young quarterback in lieu of the fact that he and his fellow assistants will probably be unemployed right after the New Year.

“He sure does some things just naturally”, Mornhinweg continued. “These are some great positives he’s got. There are some details … that we get those taken care of through hard work and preparation, that we’ll be in great shape, and he’ll be off and running.”

The Eagles are going to be throwing the football at 65 to 70% of the time this week against the Bucs.  Tampa has the number one run defense in the league and the worst pass defense. Injuries have decimated the secondary.  They defend the pass in much the same way that our secondary does.

Mornhinweg is looking forward to letting Foles throw for 400 yards if he can.  They are going to air it out with Foles throwing the football at least 40 times.  Hopefully he doesn’t start getting sacked or throwing interceptions because I don’t think the Eagles will stop throwing the football regardl.  The youngster will have a big day or a terrible day.  I don’t think there will be any in between.

I hope they don’t forget the success that Brown has had in his first two starts.  He’s gained over a 160 yards in his first two starts, but don’t be surprised if they forget him as they try to take advantage of Tampa Bay’s bad pass defense.


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  • Can’t wait… Eagles will go down in Flames as AR and MM only have 4 more games to go back to what they really love to do.. and that’s call Pass Play after Pass Play.. These guys are “Pass-aholics” and need to go to the
    Betty Ford Clininc in Arizaona after the Season and their Careers with the Eagles and De-Tox..

    • What I REALLY can’t wait for is the end of he season. The suspense to find out what Limp-Wrist Lurie will do is killing me. I have my suspicions but I’ll keep them to myself…or at least try to. I think most of us have suspicions as well. Oh heck… Can you say FOURTEEN MORE YEARS WITHOUT A LOMBARDI?

  • The Eagles do the opposite of what they should do on most occasions because Andy and Marty are so superior in their minds only. I’m tired of seeing Jackson
    and Macklin dive to the ground after a catch like little scared poodles. This team has a bunch of grown scared ass whimps, that should be wearing disguises in public instead of commercials and talk shows. What other teams talent assessors would sign or draft DB’s who can’t tackle worth a shit, strip a ball or hold onto an interception and run it back for a touchdown. You have dumb ass DRC running the ball out of the end zone to the 8 yard line
    losing twelve yards for his inept offense because of his lack of awareness(stupity)

    • @BigE i havent seen receivers this scared of contact since the greatest show on turf. only difference is they scored alot of toucdowns with their sliding and going down. i’d take 20 receivers over d-jax right now.and as far as DRC, this guy really is stupid. he just has god given talent .All he is is fast..u gotta think the game sometimes

  • You hear that Vinnie, they don’t look at him like a rookie. Interesting.

  • Mornhinweg is an idiot. His plays are stale, and predictable. The first play from scrimmage against dallas was a play action deep ball.the guy never learns.Lets air it out, expose foles for what he is. a turnover machine, maybe even get him hurt with about 43 passes.I really hate ths regime.
    He’s no longer a rookie huh? so that means pass 70 % of the time?
    The real reason they always wanna throw deep is because they dont know how to manage a entire game.14 years and u still dont get it.. goodbye Andy

  • “They do a great job of stopping the run, but are awful against the pass.” Isn’t this what was said about the Saints as well? How’d that turn out? The Eagles have a way of making EVERY team that, heretofore, had problems in one area or the other, suddenly solve those problems when they play the Eagles’ sloppy and undisciplined team.

  • @1977… you’re the master of false hyperbole. Foles a “turnover machine”? You need to lay off the Captain Morgan. Go check out the nearest NFL QB stat sheet for the league, and also for all rookies. Here’s a couple:
    1st Dallas game…. 1 int, rating 85.3 No first team reps coming in
    Wash game………. 2 int, rating 40.5 First start in NFL
    Carolina game…… 0 int, rating 89.2
    2nd Dallas game… 0 int, rating 96.6

    • actually iggles,im not a rum drinker( more of a congac guy) i was talking about his turnovers in college.. and im not a big stat guy either i just watch the games.
      Carolina dropped three legit right in their hands picks,
      dallas dropped one.
      wins are the biggest stat so i dont care about QB ratings.Romo has a good qb rating for is career is he a top qb?? not to me.
      and im not saying he cant be good but having him throw more than run is a recipe for disaster. He gets the ball out faster but its been hitting the other teams hands too often for me

    • With all the posts ive read on here i cant possibly be the master of hyperbole.. maybe second in command lol

  • and therein is the problem… Marty and Andy think they can throw it against everyone, regardless of what there run defense or pass defense numbers are… THAT’s why the QBs get killed and concussed. KEEP the offense balanced feel the game out before you start the “Air Marty/Andy” assault.” Teams know the tendecies and they will get young Foles killed on Sunday if they go in with the mindset of PASS PASS PASS Run 3/1 ratio. I’m so over these coaches… Brown minus the fumbles has been the reason for this success the last 2 games, not Foles. His runs have given Foles the opportunity for success he has had.

    • @chuckrob, their definitely going to pass heavy sunday. the bucs are 32nd against the pass and 1st against the run.. 3 picks and a fumble for foles.

      We all understand the odds say to pass alot to have success. what they dont understand is their offensive line isnt good enough fot that so they force the issue and and get the QB killed. U think kapernick would be throwing the ball 40 plus times in his first career start??

      • 49ers actually have a good Oline. Its about the QB. Kapernick would never throw 40/50 times a game because they have a coach that understands he is Kapernick and not Brady/Manning/Brees/Rogers…if Manning would have went there like the rumors suggested they would be throwing it all over the place.

        Coaches need to understand what they have at QB and not get caught up in what other teams are doing. Brady’s Oline is a POS this year but they still pass a ton cause they have the talent at the QB position. Same with the Packers. Its all about the QB

        • agree 49ers have a great OL, 3 successful first round draft picks

    • Come on man Browns Fumbles have been the reason we lost the last 2 games. What success are you talking about…Id rather him run 200 yards in 2 games than the 300 he did any day of the week if that meant he didn’t fumble.

      Im on board with you about Reid and Marty tho. They are both delusional and retarded because for the past decade they thought we had a Brady or Peyton at QB when we didn’t have anything close to it. You cant pass a million times a game when you simply don’t have the talent to do so. Cant wait to see them go

  • The morningweg comments are more proof of the bubble of insanity that this team’s coaching staff – and probably the entire organization, actually – lives in.

    Up is down, rookies are veterans, and they’re the gold standard that everyone else envies.

    Baldinger said it the other day on the air – the Eagles are the laughing stock of the NFL. And they earn that title every day.

  • I totally concur with G. And I think that they will get whipped because Foles is not ready to get into a shoot out with Freeman. I think he has a higher ceiling than Freeman. But he is not ready for that right now. And I saw the same thing when I saw the stats. Marty would be licking his chops. Bucks by ten or more. I also think the only game they have a chance to win is the Skins game IF the Skins don’t beat the Ravens this week and essentially fall out of the race. The Skins playoff chances are much slimmer than the national media would have us believe. If they lose its essentially over for them. I think you combine Reid’s last home game with ten days to prepare (a situation in which is also undefeated by the way), the Eagles will beat the Skins comfortably if their playoff hopes are slim.

  • On the draft. Does everyone generally agree that the Eagles choices are crystal clear. Top pick has to be Joekel. We have absolutely no idea what to expect out of Jason Peters. That leaves you with Dunlap, Kelly or Herremans at LT if God forbid JP is just done. Minimally it is highly unlikely he is ever a PB player again much less AP. Most likely case you have Tra Thomas 2006-2008. Good but not great. And that’s only a couple years. You need to jump at the chance to get a replacement because franchise LTs are tough to come by either in the draft or FA. They usually get franchised or cost over ten million bucks if you can get them. You have to be prepared to move on from JP now or relatively soon. Second choice would be DT Lotulelei. That would give you a D line in 2014 of (left to right) Curry, Cox, Lotulelei and Graham. That’s a SB line. I would rather have Joekel but I would settle for Lotulelei.

    If we draft Geno we are absolutely screwed. He is way closer to Alex Smith than Andrew Luck. If thats our pick, you know right away the new guy has no idea what he is doing and we are doomed. Also, Chance Warmack is absurd!!!! If you are going to draft an OG TOP FIVE he better God damned well be a Steve Hutchison or an Alan Faneca, because if he is a Jermaine Mayberry you just TOTALLY blew it as an organization. WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO RISKY!! I will blow my stack if we draft Warmack. There are only two right picks in my mind if we are top five. And even if we hire the wrong coach who wants to go with a 3-4, Jarvis Jones is a terrible pick as well. He is too small and I saw nothing from him last Saturday in the biggest game of his life. You can have him.

  • Jbird disagree. I get what you are saying but the truth is we are getting pieces back on the offensive side of the ball, which is not the case with the defense. Even if JP is only 80% of what he was the year before he got hurt that is still drastically better than what we have now in Dunlap. Also, there will be some OL available in free agency and the draft s deepest probably when it comes to Dline, Oline, and safety. Thus, you could probably sign a guy and draft for depth in the mid rounds…Also, I think not having Vick as your QB helps the Oline next year regardless of whether its Foles or another pure pocket passer. (its miraculous how much better the line can look when the QB changes)

    The defense needs a culture change from top to bottom. They need an entire new attitude or we will have no chance at all next year. Im drafting Teo and not thinking twice about it. He is Palomalu but just at the linebacker position. 5 years from now he is the type of player you will say changed the culture of that defense. I still go Teo in the first and Matt Elam in the second(might have to trade back up in the 1st round to get him, maybe a trade with the PAts since Bellichick loves to stock pile on picks) but I love his play making ability too.
    Just saying LB is very weak in this draft after Teo is gone. And there will likely be no solid options I can think of in FA.

    It will all depend on who the new coach is, whether he is defensive guy or offensive guy…I hope its defense.

  • And when I say no chance next year Im referring to being at least watchable on sundays. It will take years to get us out of the misery Reid has put this team in…8 wins next year would be very encouraging.

  • Reid’s last deed in Philly will be to win a useless lame duck game preventing the Eagles from drafting the HOF perennial All Pro which goes one spot before the Howie pick that is his usual small midget like Graham, Kendricks, Rolle, Kafka, Coleman, Dion Lewis, Jaiquawn Jarrett or splinter a$$ bench warming bums like Watkins, Curry, Marsh, or Teo Nothereanymore crap

  • VJax will have a big game….Martin goes for 100…..

    Eagles 17
    Bucs 31

  • Now that coach Andy Reid has carried out the carefully planned firing of Michael Vick as Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback, attention turns to where the passer may play next season.

    After talking to three NFL sources this week, here’s a look at the likely landing spots for Vick this offseason.

    1. Buffalo Bills – Though the team publicly denied being interested in Vick in 2009, a source close to the quarterback insists the Bills were a suitor. Additionally, current Bills starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a nice player, but hardly a franchise guy. The Bills are built to win as soon as possible. Adding Vick to a team that has a solid offensive line would be an immediate boost. Also, coach Chan Gailey has experience working with mobile quarterbacks from his days in Pittsburgh with Kordell Stewart. Vick is far more talented than Stewart ever was, so Gailey could easily make this work.

    Michael Vick hasn’t played since leaving the Eagles’ Week 10 contest against Dallas with a concussion. (REUTER …2. Cleveland Browns – The key to this possible match is that former Eagles president Joe Banner is now running the show for the Browns. Banner is a Vick fan. Moreover, Banner is, at best, lukewarm on the prospects of 29-year-old rookie starter Brandon Weeden developing into a star quarterback. In the bigger picture, the Browns have a great offensive line, a budding star running back in Trent Richardson and a pair of interesting young wide receivers (Josh Gordon and Greg Little). That’s a strong nucleus in which to bring Vick, although it’s also a layup drill for sarcastic media members who will point out that Vick will have joined the Dawg Pound.

    3. New York Jets – The Jets are nothing if not daring and desperate, particularly after watching Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow spend the season flopping around like fish on the deck of a boat. Vick would serve a couple of purposes. First, he would be a serious upgrade in terms of talent. Second, and perhaps more importantly, he would boost ticket sales which have been stagnant for the past two years and are likely to decline after this season’s fiasco.

    4. Arizona Cardinals – They are always looking for a veteran fix at quarterback (see Kurt Warner and Kevin Kolb) and could acquire their second former Philadelphia passer in the span of three seasons. Moreover, that move might appease wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who is growing increasingly impatient with the direction the Cardinals are going.

    5. Philadelphia – The final school of thought is that Vick ultimately won’t go anywhere. More likely, it will be Reid who gets let go first and then the decision on Vick will be left to Reid’s successor. If the successor is Oregon coach Chip Kelly or former Tampa Bay and Oakland coach Jon Gruden, Vick’s chances of staying increase exponentially. Vick would fit Kelly’s high-tempo offense (assuming Kelly wants to run that attack in the NFL). As for Gruden, the last thing he has ever done as a coach is develop a young quarterback. Vick, who is 32, fits into Gruden’s model of an older guy who knows the playbook already.

  • John Gruden is not coming to philly…..he would clash with ..however, Jay Gruden would be a fit

  • I agree Jott and have stated so many times
    Jon Gruden will not follow his close friend Andy Reid as HC of
    The Eagles.
    I do believe that Jay Gruden will interview and have a good chance of becoming the next HC and with Jon’s support and lobbying for him
    Jon is not going to want to follow after AR and take over a team whose former coach is a close personal friend for almost 20 years, he wont do it…
    o it.. I think Jon Gruden has a better chance to become the Cowbys HC than the Eagles


    • Again you are back with your weekly uninformed rant. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT VICK WILL REPLACE ROMO? I asked you last week if you knew that defenses play an integral role in winning football games. Apparently your answer is no you don’t. You get on here week after week with your stupid shotgun inane nonsense about Foles and Vick. Please stop coming on here with your uninformed blabber. If you do not want to engage in intelligent discussion like so many of the people on here than please just curl up in your hovel and leave the discussions to people who really have something to contribute.


  • @daggolden wherever Vick goes his team will have a better records than the Philly Browns lol

  • Nck Foles is a limp armed pussy

  • No market for Vick out there this Off-Season
    one more Concussion away from Career being over.. Vick hasn’t even played a full season in almost 7-8 Years.. He’s way too risky and poor ball security and going on 33 Years old for any Team to count on his as a Stater or their Franchise QB.. Maybe he gets invited as a Back-up but very unlikely. He’s beein in Eagles System for 4 Years and still struggles with his reads/decision making in a very QB Freindly System..
    A Team like the Bills/Cardinals may take a shot, but any team that is rebuilding with new Coaches and a young Roster are not goign to be interested in Vick at all just like there was little interest in VY, McNabb at the end of their Careers

    • So wrong. I could care less but you are very wrong.

  • Well,

    One more game gets crossed off the schedule for this disaster of the season.


  • what was that about those who said the eagles will continue to run the ball today?

  • Kendricks is starting on the weak side today. Chaney at SAM.

  • What are we at? 6 throws 2 rushes? It is what it is.

  • So sad…. i was hoping they would continue to help out the rook. No such luck… could be a long game.

    Vinnie… i know u long to be right about something for once so…. ill give it to you. I thought they would try and run a little. I was wrong. U were right.

  • why every run outsid?. Hit it up.

  • The nature of people is the nature of people. We’ve seen Reid “discover” the run for 1 or 2 games every season…in the end, they return.

    Reid sees the matchup and so wants to run.

    That being said, they seem to be rushing this drive…but always outside….Brown is a 6′ 225+ back….hit it up between the tackles.

    Too bad Foles had to throw early there…guy wide open…….

  • I mean wants to pass….

  • TAmpa’s Strength Defensively is their DT’s and MLB

  • That’s look familiar…sack #3

  • The oline looks in mid season form today….so much for not taking hits.

  • LOL…I was about to say Eagles were not doing that bad a job in a field position battle type game….then they give p big punt return….good to see those first 2 eagles right side by side going afer the returner…should never happen…

    Anyway…Foles is getting hit, but other than that one bodyslam…they haven;t been big hits….besides TB was offsides on one of those sacks….

    Kind Dunlap is still king dunlap…

    I think the O will get it going soon enough…..if there’s one thing you see here that you didn;t see in the first 1/2 of the season is patience……

  • Tampa has the younges Roster in the NFL and will continue to get better and better, they need a CB, LB and TE on Offense and they are set for then next 6 years to compete with Falcons & Saints in the NFC South which is better Division now top to bottom than the NFC East

  • As is the NFC North and even the West Divisions
    Eagkes have become not only bottom feeders of the NFC East but the entire NFC Conference and will take 2-3 Seasons to become a legitimate threat in the NFC again which players like Vick, D-Hax, Asmo, Cole,Jenkins,Ryan’s
    Celek, Herremans, Peters, Avant will all be long gone by then

  • I think Eagles are going to win this game.

  • NNamdi just had wind knocked out…landed on shoulders with weight of legs up pressing into abdomen…he’ll be back

  • Com’on maclin

  • I amgetting very tired of Brown tryng to “bounce it outide” every play….right out o fg range….nice effort

    OMG avant?? $$$

  • pressure is huge…but those 2 throw-aways to save the FG were $$$$$$$$…

  • 3rd and long and they play action….i remember when those were vicks fault for not changing the play. Foles hit again.

    What i like… they keep trying to run. This will help later.

  • Why run outside tho. Stupid.

  • 3rd and long is going to be a throw for every team in the league…..

    what you saw from Foles that you didn’t fom Vic is inteligence….those 2 throw-aways….no negative yardage….. to save the FG….smart….

    This is the ‘hardest’ we’ve seen the birds play in a while….

    BTW….despite all he pressure, Foles is hitting 70%….and that includes 3 throw-aways ……how can that be?????

    I think Birds win here.

  • Nick foles “vicking it up” Are you sold yet? I’m not quite sold….but I’m negotiating.

  • into fg range frim the 20 with 28 secondsand no TOs used? $$

    Nein false start…..

  • Looks promising. It really does. I’m not ready to declare sure thing but there are some real promising signs. A little something to look forward to.

  • Unfortunate tha umles like part of the team….snowball ownhill in effect

    Tht being said, I am happy.

    QB who is intellignt.
    Throws ball away when in troubs…smart.
    Rush not rattling te kid.
    Nice 30sec drive.

    Birds looked like they were going to win…not who knows…but doesn’t matter….there is hope for the future…..

  • I love the sliding pocket,stepping up and keeping eyes down the field. Run to move the sticks.
    Damn Henry! Oh well go ahead and lose I guess… More and more I’m thinking we MAY have a qb

  • its unfortunate if this game fades away under false starts and punt return fumbles…..

    But that is the 2012 Eagles…….still…..very promising QB play

  • DRC wanted no parts of hitting Jackson on the 5… He whiffed on purpose

  • unfortunate the eagles have foibled themselves into this position

  • drc must go

  • And Asmo too. Another horrendous game for him.

  • Tiny colt Anderson has more hard hits today than Coleman and Allen combined for the year

  • too bad no timeouts…I’m really rooting here

  • Hmmm! Ok the kid mite just have it!

  • 2 great end of half drives!

  • Wow. What a comeback. Great game.

  • FOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game for the rook. This was about heart. He ran around as needed… kept eyes down field. The oline didnt play well…surprise surprise… the special teamsplayed bad as always and the rook carried them. Good job nick.

  • eaglesinoak.


  • The rookie over came mistakes(fumbled punt, bad penalties) bad O line play, no running game to get his first win. Good job!

  • All Foles today…what a game by a fucking 3rd round rookie.

  • pheags

    Sounds like your upset?

  • This kid is impressive I gotta take my hat off to the rook great game.

  • It was great to see a game with no batted balls at the line. To watch him step up in the pocket and still keep his eyes down field great quarterback play today. Also great game by colt anderson, he played safety very well today. Way better than coleman has played all year kudos to him.

  • And he did it with absolutely no running game (foles might have been our leading rusher)
    -horrible special teams that gave the Bucs points and cost us points
    -he passed for almost 400 throwing to guys like Marvin McNutt and Cooper
    -No Oline whatsoever today

    give the young guy credit…thats why you play your young guys instead of overrated overpriced vets that will not be here next year when your season is lost

  • Great win, foles shows a lot of composure, he’s progressed each game, the future is bright

  • Andy Reid is going to try to stay now.. Hes gonna say you cant change the system that hes already learned.

  • Vincent Jackson is a beast. He would have looked good in green.

  • Phillyfan, No not at all. I’ve been all for playing the rookies and young players since about week 7…Foles put up a Luck/RG3 type of game and he was a 3rd round rookie not overall picks..Hopefully he can build of this performance and give us some hope going forward

  • You know what is also great is to know that dam at least we have a quarterback as a starting point. We don’t have to hit rock bottom and start from scratch. At least we have him as a starting point, now lets get him so pro bowl athletes around him dam good win.

  • pdiddy, if Foles put up half those yards I would have still been happy. I really think this kid has the mental part of the game down. His physical tools will only get better with more time in the NFL.

  • Pheags,

    All right then.It was a good performance by the kid. Hopefully the start of something good.Good pocket awareness, keeping his eyes down field. Every week he seems to step up with various parts of the game.

  • Agreed pheags agreed.

  • 13 play drive to win the game with no time
    outs, when was the last time we saw that, just impressive for any quarterback, especially a rookie

  • I hope the Vick supporters finally saw what the Vick detractors have been saying. A big qb that is ‘pocket mobile’ is more efficient than a short scrambler. Eyes downfield, shifting and sliding the pocket, not braking it.
    That is not to say that Foles is the second coming of Brady.

  • Giddy.

    2 fantastic drives wit no time. 1st at end of half into fg range,,2nd to end game. Both $$

    Foles overcomes early oline foibles to be $$.

    61 passes. 13 runs.


    Book is unwritten. But conclusion may be very exciting. I am a fan

  • 61 passes. 13 runs.

    Vinny why don’t they call QB friendly game plans like that when Vick was the starter! They make the run a focal point now that Vick is not starting. This has to be racist.

    Marcus Vick wants an explanation.

    • Marcus your request for a trade has been accepted! The Toronto Argonauts have just offered us a case of moose steaks and a quarter keg of Molson! And we got the better of the deal

      • Argos nthen going to trade his rights to the Ottawa ________________ for a large order of poutine and a couple of mocasins.

  • As ray diddy just pointed out, on that fourth down play to avant, foles stated at his press conference that he looked the safety away, this quarterback had one hell of a game, he put the team on his back the last two drives , damn impressive

    • $$$$

  • These stooges, wait until game 13 to start playing hard! Just in time to sabotage their draft position again! Only the Birds! What a disgrace! Anyone else notice Kendricks playing at the WILL? Only been saying that, since he was drafted! F^#@ you Reid!!!!!!!! BTW, Foles looked for real today! 😆

    • AR addressed that in press conference. Said there was too much to learn for him to learn will and nickel and it was the plan to move him. Anyway that’s what he said

      • RIIIIIIIGHT Andy, we believe you ;] NOT!!!!!!!

        • Think he was bowing to the fan pressure from gcobb do ya?

  • They are clowns and not fans, they root for a players not for the best players for the team, screw them

    • jake, where are, the Vick slurpers? No excuses this week.

  • And the eagles team played very hard, did anyone notice howard mudd attempt to pick up Andy after the game, I was worried I was gonna see two coronarys

    • LMFBO!!! Or pop another hip! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

    • $$$

  • FYI, RGIII, torn ACL! That blows ! Kid was playing great! Not Birds, but news

    • we said this was goig to happen 3 weeks ago if tey kept playing they pop-gun college ofense

  • I could be wrong but when a cancer hits a team it is very stressful. Washburn and babin were cancers. It was addition by subtraction

  • Foles 4th quarter should get as much attention as lucks did last week. For a rookie to play like that, remember it was the second road game in a row, lots of turmoil etc. can anyone say POISE!

  • True to form Bryce Brown terrible against #1 run defense in NFL 12 carries for 6 yards. Nick Foles with great game 32-51 for 381 yards vs worst pass defense in NFL. Andy Reid got it right. Pass vs this team.

  • I stated last Pre-Draft run up that Foles had the best intangibles and pocket presence of the 2nd Tier QB’s in last years Draft and that Foles reminded me of a young Big-Ben and is actually more advanced mechanically then Big-Ben was out of College and that Foles faced better competition
    I stand by my comments and analysis of him and he has a bright future
    With proper Coaching and game plans

  • That’s the best you.can say dag, when was the last time you saw an eagle quarterback lead the team on two game winning drives, the last one with no time outs, I challenge someone to tell me when it happened before, that was a great performance for any eagle

  • I say hire an o coordinator from ravens or steelers. Flacco and ben most closely resemble our guy. Funny lynch said that AR said bucs are great in red zone cuz they have a big qb and big receivers. And we went in with smurfs everywhere

  • I don’t every want to read the word “Flaco” again

  • Huh? Pretty successful… All he does is win. And of course….. He’s a hen

  • @ jakedog did i say something that wasnt correct? I give Foles all the credit in the world. He played well. Paulman is right he is the best of the 2nd tier QBs. I kinda like him even better than R Wilson. All i stated was AR had a game plan you cant run against the best rushing defense in the NFL. You have to pass against the worst pass defense in the NFL.Yes Tampas pass defense is worst than the Eagles ranked 32nd. Im just stating facts sorry. Good game plan.

  • So was Chad Hall.. Ha ha
    Always good to get A Win
    The Panthers & Browns also Won today so the Eagles really didn’t hurt their Draft Status much as the Cheifs,Jags lost keeping their 1-2 Spots secure

    • What about chad hall?
      Also I think quality wins with your young players is more important than a position or two in the draft

  • Good game plan? Wake up, he threw more percentile wise than any eagle quarterback, he’s A rookie to boot, most impressive quarterback play ever by an eagle quarterback I can ever remember, tell me about another one dag

  • 2nd tier in your closed way of thinking

  • But dag, I give you.credit for guts, you showed up tonight

  • My bad, not Chad Hall, who the QB in a couple of camps for the Eagles from the. U of Delaware whose last name was Hall ..
    (this was in Reference that Flacco was a “Hen”..
    Not that any of this matters..

    • Andy Hall was the QB from Delaware.

    • That is like saying Montana was from ND and so is Brady Quinn!

  • Who was better, Andy Hall or the Adam DiMichelle kid from Temple
    Good Grief.

  • We threw the ball against the 30th worst pass defenses in the league too when Vick was playing QB and he had a 51% completion percentage and 1 TD and 1 INT and a fumble. We lost, by the way.

    The kid played great – he managed the game and was ice at the end.

    Michael Vick has played like superman some days and like Rex Groosman on other days, I hope Foles can be more consistent.

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