• May 17, 2022

Is The Ben Revere Trade A Good Deal For The Phillies?

On Thursday afternoon, the Phillies filled one of the holes in their outfield by acquiring centerfielder Ben Revere from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for starting pitcher Vance Worley and Trevor May, one of the organization’s top pitching prospects.

Revere is a speedy outfielder who drawn a lot of comparisons to former Phillie Juan Pierre. The 25-year old can be expected to hit over .300 and steal more than 35 bases, but won’t bring much power to the lineup. He’s yet to hit a single home run in his major league career.

Revere’s on base percentage leaves something to be desired, it was just .333, and he drew only 29 walks in 511 at-bats last season. The good news is that the former Twin has some upside, and has the potential to develop into a better player. He’s a lefthanded hitter, and only struck out 54 times last season.

The other positive to this move is that the Phillies were able to acquire a centerfielder that is not only young and talented with room to improve, they also managed to find a capable starter that is very payroll-friendly; Revere will not even cost the Phils $1 million, leaving them plenty of financial flexibility to pursue other players on the free agent market.

The question with this trade is whether or not the Phillies gave too much to acquire him.

Parting with Trevor May isn’t much of an issue to me. Even though May was one of the team’s better prospects, keep in mind that a prospect was all he was.

May could turn out to be a decent pitcher, but he could also never be heard from again after this week. It’s very difficult for any prospect to make it all the way to the major leagues, and become successful. Even players who are considered “can’t-miss” can easily fail once they get their shot. Remember some people had reservations about trading Kyle Drabek for Roy Halladay a couple of years ago? Since the trade, Drabek struggled to stay in Toronto’s rotation, and has also battled injury problems. Domonic Brown was once considered a top-five prospect in all of baseball, and he’s been unable to lock up a starting job over the past few years with the Phillies.

Trading Vance Worley creates a hole in the Phillies rotation, but its one that can easily be filled. Worley wasn’t going to be counted on to be more than a fourth starter for this team. While he’s a better option than Kyle Kendrick or Tyler Cloyd, the Vanimal wasn’t by any means an untouchable piece.

Ruben Amaro can use some of his financial flexibility to bring in a capable starter to fill the void left by Worley and compete with Kendrick and Cloyd.

The Ben Revere trade seems like a good deal for the Phillies. They had to give up a little of their pitching depth, but they did so to address one of their top needs. They got a player that is young and affordable, and has his best years ahead of him. That’s a much better move than settling for what was on the market and overpaying for aging stars like Michael Bourn and Shane Victorino.

This is just the first shoe to drop for the Phillies, and with the winter meetings in full swing, they’ll be bigger moves made by Ruben Amaro to improve this baseball team.

Denny Basens

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  • Yes. Of course it is a great trade. We have a CF and lead off hitter thru 2018. Will hit 300 and score 100 runs. We have a Bourne that is younger and better at 500k

  • Bourne his first year with 500 AB had 111 strike out?.. Revere 54. And Bourne is gonna get 100 million. This is a STEAL

  • One thing to keep in mind Denny, this move does not save them any real $$$ sine Worley wasn’t making much Salary wise and it cost them $$$
    To go out and sign a 4th Starter to replace Workey whether it be a Kyle Loshe/Edwin Jackson Type so it’s all relative as far as the Financial piece goes
    Back to Rever who from all reports is a good young player who is Defensive Dynamo in CF which the Phil’s needed, if he can lead-off and bat close to .290-.300 and steal 40 Vases and be a real Table Setter, then J-Ro can slide to #2 in Batting order and see more Fastballs to hit which should help Rollins Bat .270-.280.. All in all a good move for their future CF
    But they still need some Power Right-Hand Bat to play LF or 3B
    And now probably another 4/5 Starting Pitcher. (Blanton signs a$12 Million Deal with the Angels today Nd Dan Haren signed a $13 Million Deal so mid rotation Pitchers will cost some $$$ and probably as much or more than a CF)

  • Does anyone else think the Phiks Starting Rotation Is Set
    Doc coming of injured assassin, the inconsistent Kendrick’s who did Pitch well the 2nd Half of the 2012,Season and an unproven 5th Starter
    Remember that the Nats/Braves Starting Rotation are very Deep
    With Younger arms…

    • Used to be able to say had a one of the Top 5 staffs. Not anymore. If they can can get Sanchez and Halladay comes back they can match up with the the Nats and Braves.

  • Tigers Pitcher Anibal Sanchez is out there too and would be a good Pitcher for the 4th Spot. My fear is that if Doc doesn’t bounce back, then Phil’s Rotation is simply better than average from 1 thru 5 and that won’t be good enogught to compete in the NL East let alone the rest of the NL

  • It will be much easier to replace Worley that it would be to nab a cost efficient center fielder with positive up side. Say they went out and signed Bourne at 15 mil for 5 yrs. Ben Revere is making 500k, that’s 14.5 mil this year you could spend on a 4-5 pitcher. Say you locked up Kyle Loshe for 2 yrs and 20 mil, that leaves you with 4.5 mil to secure some bench help and hopefully a strong BP arm. Now 2-20 prob dosent get a deal done for Loshe, but I’m talking about someone similar to that contract. This my friend sounds like a great deal. But if, if’s and but,s were candy and nuts, it’d be Christmas all year long.

  • This deal really gives the Phil’s some added flexibility that is desperately needed.

  • Great deal, however Pman is right about the rotation and also there is still a middle relief issue. Good move but Amaro still has moves to make.

  • Think about this. If the Phil’s get young they pay 5.5 mill, they pay revere 500k. That’s two gaping holes for 6 million. All of a sudden we have some money to spend….
    Anyone who thinks they are done is crazy!

  • Damn listening to Ruben on WIP, I think they are in on Hamilton talks. They are saying that his best offer is from Seattle for only three years. He says he can’t talk specifics… Damn

  • Report is Young would be Paid $8 Million each by the Phils & Rangers to count for his $16 Million he’s due total for 2013..
    Hamilton is another Left Handed Bat which would give the Phils too many Lefties in the Top 1/2 of their batting order (Revere,Utley,Howard).. Phils need a Right-Handed Bat who can play LF or 3B like a Lance Berkman or Ryan Ludwick.. When Checking LF and 3B Options, there are not many experienced Players with productive stats out there in Free Agency left unless Phils make a trade..

  • .300,35hr and 120 RBI whether from the left or right. I get the left thing but you could split it up almost have 2 1-4 batting orders. Or something you need to be creative revere hits left handed pitchers better than right.
    Hamilton in right ruff in left. Dom brown traded for relief help. Mayberry your 4th of.

  • Ruf is the RH power. I sill say it again. Play him or trade him.

  • Look for him to be in left.

  • Phllies all of a sudden not that old

  • Ruf has 30 Games in the MLB under his Belt, what kind of Trade Value does he have..

  • Manager Paulman’s Starting/Everyday Line-up barring Injury or Suspension Day Line-up

    1) CF Revere
    2) SS J Rollins
    3) 2B Utley
    4) 1B R Howard
    5) LF L Berkman (Mayberry comes in as Defensive replacement 8th/9th)
    6) C C Ruiz
    7) RF Dom Brown
    8) 3B K Fransden
    9) P PItcher

  • You tell me Pman, you are supposed to have all of the sources… how much does a guy who hit 38 HRs in the minors have. My point is not what is his value. My point is that everyone seems to be looking for a RH power bat when they potentially have one on their roster. So therefore, if you are going to ignore the RH power bat in your organization because you are afraid of his defense in LF, then trade him. There is no chance for him to play 1b consistently with Howard’s crazy contract, so why hold onto him if you are not going to play him.

    Does anyone think that another year in the minors or platooning this guy with a bench player is going to make him any better? He should be the starting LF from day 1.

  • So Hamilton and young are on the bench?

  • Did anyone listen to Twins broadcaster Roy Smalley on WIP yesterday. If you did you are not enthused with the trade. Worley for Revere would have been plenty but adding your #2 pitching prospect bends this trade to the Twins favor. Pure singles hitter who did not bat leadoff for the Twins, Terrible OBP, does not walk, bad arm, no power, Won’t steal because that is not the Phillies game. Smalley did say he has an infectious smile and is a good kid. He can cover ground in centerfield but so can Mayberry and he stinks too. What do you think? Fourth place behind the Mets?

  • Huh? I listened to the same interview and came out with a completely different impression. I thoug smaller was very high on him. I’m sure he was.

    • You may want to play the Podcast again.

  • This would be better:

    1) CF Revere
    2) 2B Utley (great OB%)
    3) 3B Michael Young
    4) 1b Howard
    5) C Chooch
    6) SS J-Roll
    7) LF Ruf
    8) RF Brown
    9) P

    I know that J-Roll doesn’t want to bat 5th and it somewhat wastes his speed at 6, but his .366 OBP is way better than J-Roll’s .316. I want a guy at #2 that can get on base.

  • Comparing him to Pierre who scored 100 runs a year thru his 20’s. Hit .313. Wtf is wrong with that

  • Revere has a way to go to even be considered Pierre in his best years. !00 runs a year. That is not going to happen. Revere best year he did not hit 313. Hit 292 with 70 runs. Long way from Juan Pierre. You guys are kidding yourself. RAJ is telling us he will try to keep the team competitive in 2013 and 2014 but he is looking beyond for the team to take a serious run again. His plan right now is to keep rear ends in the seats until a decision is made to get a lucrative TV contract from Comcast or get their own network.

    • He only played 120 gamesome rare played 162.

  • Can Ruf play a little 3B, He could spell Howard at 1B once a week..
    and then play LF 4-5 times a week..

  • Good article on beerleaguer.com explaining the flexibility that this move slots the phils. You should check it out if your on the fence about this move.

    I heard that interview yesterday also. I came away with it as a positive interview also.

  • Here are the stats for Revere and Pierre in their 2nd full season in the show…

    Pierre – ..287 ave, .332 OBP, 90 R, 20 2B, 31 BB, 47 SBs in 152 games
    Revere- .294 aver, .333 OBP, 70 R, 13 2B, 29 BB, 40 SBs in 124 games

    What am I missing here Phillyfan? Project Revere’s stats if he played 28 games and he would be close if not better than Pierre in every stat. So the comparison to Pierre seems pretty clear to me.

    So a couple of questions, have you ever complained that the Phils didn’t have a true lead-off hitter? Would you consider Juan Pierre to be a true lead-off hitter? because I am remember years of Marlins teams where he and Luis Castillo killed the Phils and the rest of the league. This guy could be leading off and playing CF for years to come.

    • Revere never batted lead off. That was Denard Spann who I was hoping the Phils landed. ANd really bugs do you think Charlie will not have Jimmy leading off. Charlie’s style is to stick with guys in positions they have played for years.But I will stick to my guns. Ruben is not maneuvering for a division run this year or next. He is looking at 2015. Michael Young next? Let’s see limited range at 3rd, not the offensive power bat needed. Still need power from the right side. need 8th inning guy and now a service starting pitcher. Hamels, Lee, Halladay questionable( and I love Doc) Kendrick(Pleeaase!) and who. Salisbury comments about power coming from Utley and Howard. How much longer do we have to hear that song. Howard has not been able to figure out lefties or go to left field. Does any one expect Utley to play 140 games. Their best offensive years are behind them. This team unless Ruben is going to do something outlandish is going to shed salary and prep for 2015.

  • Played 28 more games is what I meant to say.

  • *alots

  • Michael Young could soon be a Philadelphia Phillie. Reports from Jim Salisbury of Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia and 94.1 WIP Sportsradio in Philadelphia indicate that Michael Young has agreed to waive his full no trade rights and will be moved, along with what is reported to be $12 million of the $16 million owed to him in 2013 in exchange for a major league reliever.

    Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki hadn’t acknowledged that Young had waived his rights yet, adding confusion to the current status of negotiations. Deal specifics, if one is near completion, have not been disclosed yet and the trade is not final, but this could mark the end of Young’s 13-year tenure with the major league team he’s known.

    Always a fan favorite, Michael Young is coming off of his worst season since his first full year in the majors in 2002. While many defenders of Young point to his .277 average as only being barely sub-par, they fail to focus on the makeup of those hits, which are almost exclusively singles. Michael struggled with his bat speed in 2012, which led to his normal opposite-field line drive power dwindling.

    Combine very little power with his typically low walk rate, and Young had his worst on-base percentage in 10 years last season. Given his lack of range in the field, and his inability to produce at the plate in the designated hitter role led to Young being marked as the worst player and second worst player in the bigs last season according to FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference per their respective Wins Above Replacement stat, commonly referenced in MLB front offices as a fair barometer of performance.

    Angry fans of the Young move could conceivably pin their angst on manager Ron Washington, who refused to reduce Young’s plate appearances last year. Even while in the middle of his worst season in a decade, Young still had the fourth most plate appearances on the Rangers, leading to a vacuum of production from a position that is traditionally focused solely on providing offensive production.

    Just two days ago, Washington still refused to acknowledge the problem, excusing Young’s performance as “you take his standard of what he put together last year and put (it) on a player where the expectations aren’t so high, it’s not a bad year.”

    GM Jon Daniels has been public about wanting to get younger. But Washington’s stance when asked last year if he would create more playing time for top prospects Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt at Young’s expense: “If by chance the Michael Young ship is going down, then Ron Washington is going down with it.” With the Rangers not wanting to create a situation where management has to force its manager not to run a player out to the plate almost every day when better bench options exist, Texas has been forced to take one of Washington’s toys away, at an expensive cost to the team.

    Young could have had value on the Rangers in 2013 as a bench bat and utility infielder, but not in the role Washington would have obviously continued to use him. Now, the Rangers are potentially trading away Young for a few Philadelphia assets and about $4M in contract savings simply so they can avoid another year of way-too-many plate appearances for the aging veteran.

  • just wait…Phillies are going to sign Hamilton….

    the Revere move was the beginning, now Young, who is friends with Hamilton will join once he waives his no-trade clause… then Hamilton will arrive 4yrs $95 million.

  • Phillies will then deal Dominic Brown for a reliever…

    SS Rollins
    2B Young
    2B Utley
    1B Howard
    CF Hamilton
    LF Ruff
    CF Revere

  • I am 100% on board with this

  • I just think that Hamilton will get more than 4 years somewhere.

  • I don’t believe Hamilton will get a long-term deal from anyone
    He’s a good player but has some risk involved
    A big-market City with more distractions and access probably is not in his best interests.. I could see him landing in Milwaukee with the Brewers

  • With the Phillies going low (price) with the free agents, but moving more towards having more offensive players that consistently get on base they need to make a run at Zack Greinke. Having Grienke will get them a solid 4 pitcher rotation and also allow them ink Cloyd into the fifth spot while anchoring Relief with Kyle Kendrick…Best of all worlds especially since Grienke is not going to command Lee/Hamels/Halladay money.

    • He just turned down a 161$ million contract my man he ain’t worth that and the Phil’s cant match that

  • Done deal with Michael Young.

  • Im with you guys on the Hamilton thing…. it just makes perfect sense…. This is the problem with “going all in” as the phillies have….. once you do it.. you have to keep going. No way they pay the stars we have the crazy money knowing they arent going to win anything. AND….. no way they sell, sell, sell.. when they know they are 1 or 2 pieces away.

  • A team full of All-Stars dont always win if that was the case the Yankees would win every year. Teams like SF and ST Louis have a couple of studs, good pitching and productive role players.

    • That’s what the phils are trying to do bit adding an extra stud won’t hurt

  • Just look at the EGles the last couple of Seasons
    All-Pros C Jenkins, Asmo, DRC, D Ryan’s, Cole & Babin starting on Defense
    And looks what happened

    • The key difference is the eagles had no home grown core leadership. Thee Phil’s do
      . You are correct bringing together high price talent from all around the league doesn’t work. But the two hired fun pitchers are established leaders. Jimmy, chase, chooch etc. are home grown. Hamilton wwould work.

  • More key differences….

    The phills havent hired the waterboy to be the hitting coach.
    The phills havent tried to have Pitchers hit homeruns at every bat.

  • The Phil’s Home grown Core have all gotten to comfortable in my opinion outside of Chooch and Hamels who were very motivated last Season since their contracts/Options were up
    J-Ro, Chase and Howard have been on cruise control for a couple of Seasons now and need to perform and need to perform/ produce close to career averages or the Phil’s have no chance to contend

  • Twins SIgn RHP Starter Kevin Corriea (Pirates) on a 2 Year- $10 Million Deal
    I thought Corriea could be a good for for the #4 Spot in the Starting Rotation
    for the Phils to replace Worley


    Rangers OF Josh Hamilton signs a 5 Year Deal with the Anahiem Angels
    RHP Starter Ryan Dempster signs with Red Sox
    3B Youkliss signs 1 Year Del with Yankees
    RHP Starter Kevin COrreia signs 2 Year $10 Million Deal with Twins..(Phils should have gone after this Starter)

  • Josh Hamilton to the Angels. Not really surprised he didn’t come to Philly.

    Phils should see if Mark Trumbo is available. Angels may look to deal him or Burjous. Course the Phils don’t have much to offer in a trade.

    • -Don’t worry about that, Howard Eskin on Fox 29 news has the Phils interested in the Scott Hairston — a 32 year old right hand hitter leftfielder LOL

      • Yikes. Meanwhile, the Angels roll out: Trout, Pujols, Hamilton, Trumbo (32 HRs), and Kendry Morales. Not too mention, Aybar and Kendrick.

        • a brand new LA Angels vs LA Dodgers fight for city dominance going on with these payrolls — ouch

  • Edwin Jackson is still out there. I wouldnt mind signing him as our 4th or 5th starter.

    • does he work for the mini because Amaro is cutting payroll — I thought they try for the pennant one last time with Charlie but they have moved on and the money won’t be spent until Sandberg in named Head Coach next off season

  • Anibal Sanchez from the Detroit Tigers and former Phillie Killer with the Marlins and could eventually become a #3 Starter by 2014 replacing Doc’s as Doc winds down his Career..
    How about Brett Meyers who is still young (31 Years old) and could add felexibility with his Relief experience also if a young Arm would develop or an injury to Paplelbon..
    Kyle Loshe would probably cost too much, and Carl Pavano/Randy Wolf striclty a 1 year-short term fix

  • Gas Prices remain below $3.25 Per Gallon for Regular Octane in NC

    • we all know you purchase Premium Gasoline for those expensive import sedans you drive from the winnings from your many successful “Prognostication Las Vegas Weekend Extravaganzas “

  • Long-Term Bond Prices remain flat. Cost Of Borrowing remains low for about 3-4 Months so anyone who is sitting on the fence about a Home Purchase, Remodeling, or Car Purchase better get moving.. The Economy is Growing and Demand for many thinkgs will increase in 2ns/3rd Quarter putting upward Pressure on Money Supply which will result in INflation and Higher Borrowing Rates… These next 3-4 Months may be the best time to Buy and get the biggest bang for your buck if your in position to….

  • 2 great signings today by the Phillies
    RHP Reliever Mike Adams who pit he’d with the Texas Rangers
    for the last 1 1/2 Seasons and is a natural 8th Inning Set-Up Man
    Not an overpowering arm, but crazy movement and a nasty slider and very tough on Right-Hand Batters and when he is on, keeps the ball low and rarely gives up HOmeruns since he’s basically a down, low ball breaking/slider type of Pitcher. Has a sneaky fastball which is effective when he gas good control of his slider/breaking balls but his out Pitch is the slider. also has some Closer experience with the Padres in 2008 & 2009 before Heath Bell came on the scene

    They also signed who I think could be a real sleeper 4th Starter in John Lannan from the Washington Nationals who was their ace for a few seasons when they had a bad ball club and was sent down to their Minor League Team last year which surprised many in Baseball after the Natiobs acquired Gio Gonzales, Edwin Jackson and had Rookie Pitcher Detweiler beat him out along with Strasburg but make no bones aboit it, Lannan is a Solid Professional Pitcher
    Who as a 4th Starter in the Phil’s Rotation behind Hamels,Doc,Lee will give the Phil’s a favorable natch-up versus most other Teams #4 Starter
    Another thing that I like us that he will gave a chip on his shoulder about last Season being demoted to the Minors and will be highly motivated to show that he’s a good solid Pitcher, and especially when facing his former Team the Bationals who the Phiks will be chasing in 2013
    He’s big, strong with a bulldog mentality and I believe will fit in greatly with the Phil’s Staff
    I am not sure of the $$$ spent on both of these Players
    But these are quality Pitchers and true Professionals along with M Young
    And the young Revere as well as the Reliever they obtained from Houston Astros that they should have their 7th & 8th Innings addressed before getting to Papelbon
    One last piece is to get a cagy, situational LHP Reliever to come in a get that big left-Gander out in Kate game situations
    I see Pitchers like Mike Gonzales, George Sherrill still out there
    Who could be like Scott Eyre used to be, come and get that Left-Handed Batter out and that could mentor Bastardo to give 2 Leftues along with the
    3-4 Right Handers they will have in Bullpen
    Excellent Job so far by Amaro in my opinion to add 5 Quality Players while only losing Worley, Linblom and a couple of Prospects
    I believe these moves the Phil’s ahead of the Braves and just behind the
    Nationals so the race for 2013 is on and I now like the Phil’s chances a 100% Better than I did 2 weeks ago


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