• May 26, 2022

Andy’s Message About Avoiding Turnovers Isn’t Getting Through

How many lessons do the Philadelphia Eagles players need to hear, see and experience about how bad turnovers are?  Last night, they saw turnovers help the Cincinnati Bengals put 24 points on the board in a little over three minutes without generating much offense.

The Eagles lead the league in turnovers with 34 and saw turnovers help them get blown out of another game.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock talked about the Bengals expressing an interest in taking advantage of the Birds who were careless about how they handled the football.  They felt they could force turnovers.

If one of the Eagles players was handling the football in a sloppy fashion that would be one thing, but that’s not the case.  It’s a team-wide situation which makes it a coaching matter.  The message of Andy Reid and his colleagues isn’t getting through.  The Eagles don’t seem to understand how important it is to stay away from turnovers.

It’s a very clear reason why Reid needs to be shown the door.

This isn’t the first time, Jeremy Maclin has laid the football on the ground.  Remember a year ago, when a San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman stripped him of the football as the Birds were on the march to a victory.

The blocked punt isn’t considered a turnover, but it is.  The block put the Bengals in the red zone and ready to score.

Nick Foles says the ball slipped out of hands on the deep pass which was intercepted, but irrespective of what happened on that play, he needs to work on his deep ball.  The Eagles sidelined deep threat DeSean Jackson has to be sitting somewhere saying, “Oh No, Oh No”, when thinking about Foles as the Eagles starting quarterback.

Bryce Brown almost fumbled a number of times in the game.  His fumble wasn’t one of his worse because a Bengals defensive linemen put a helmet in his chest a split-second after he tried to get the handoff.  The two rookies Brown and Foles share responsibility for that fumble with the Eagles offensive line.

Backup tight end Clay Harbor joined the party by putting the football on the ground after being stripped.


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  • Yes, it is about coaching… the emphasis on security is not getting through since it’s epidemic. Personally believe Reid has lost heart because he KNOWS he won’t be back. He’s going through motions for sake of young guys but players also know he’s a lame duck so emphasis on ball security isn’t “getting home.” Just hope Lurie gets a football GM/personnel guy and creative top coaching staff in here for next year. Instead of fans griping about players, they need to be on Lurie to get more talented, proven people in Eagles organization with a skillful plan to build from ground up. This 14yr experiment with Reid was a mess, meanwhile a number of good players passed through with no chance for SB win. Lurie has eyes; he knows the players who can’t produce. Next FO/coaches need to be hired ASAP after season to start evaluation process from film study, and release the ones who consistently err and whose skill levels are inadequate.

  • maclin is a underachieving first round pick.He’s never made a big catch in his career yet hes always talking trash after catches.Last year he single handedly lost 2 eagles games(falcons, 49ers) get rid of him
    clay harbor is a special teams/3rd tight end.. no way he should be a number 2
    And Bo JACKSON, i mean bryce brown is a 8 to 10 carry a game back.
    keep him but use him sparingly, he’ s no starter.

  • Where is Vinnie I need some stats to see where Maclin stacks up against other number 2 receivers in the league. And for all the Bowe love he drops a bunch of passes be careful what you wish for. Nnamdi anyone?

    • u may be right but im willing to give it a go. T.O. dropped a lot of passes…. still better than any WR we’ve had in 20 years.

  • True true

  • Maclin…I dunno. After his 1st year here I thought he was going to develop. Turn into a nice 75-80 atch guy.

    Now – I don;t know. I’m kind of hoping hes just caught up in this total team collapse thing, but the signs aren;t encouraging for him right now.

    That being said, I do not think Dwayne Bowe is the answer. He has a rep of being lazy. Drops balls. Is that really who we need to bring in here for next year??

  • Bowe had one good season in 2010, and I am quite sure that was his contract year.

    He goes 5 7 4 tds…the 15 in contract yr…then back to 5 and 3….

    I know his QBs have sucked. but I really tend to shy away from guys who spike like that, get the payday, and return to the norm….

  • Taking care of the football is just plain out fundamentals. These are professionals making millions of dollars, I guess it’s Andy’s fault his players are out there causing them fumbles.. That fat pig

  • The thing about Maclin is for a speed guy he never has separation he is always closely covered.

  • Terrell Owens would be the best WR on our team by far… RIGHT NOW.

  • “If one of the Eagles players was handling the football in a sloppy fashion that would be one thing, but that’s not the case. It’s a team-wide situation which makes it a coaching matter. ”

    I’ve been posting these same observations for several years now. Reid and his staff are incompetent. Coaching is synonymous with TEACHING. In that regard, they are supposed to TEACH/coach. Not only through lectures but through DEMONSTRATION and PRACTICAL APPLICATION on the practice field. A favorite saying of one of my teachers when I attended school was, “Repetition is the MOTHER of learning”. This coaching staff are not effective as TEACHERS/coaches which demonstrates to me, total incompetency. Reid, based on bad choices alone, should be fired immediately at season’s end.

  • If McNabb was not such a pud the eagles would have won the super bowl and maybe another, T.O was the best eagle wideout since Pete retzlaf, only paulman will remember that name

  • Well I think Harold Carmichael was a wee bit better then Pete Retzlaff.

  • vinnie….our receivers drop balls and duck for cover so how bad would Bowe be?

    Every time people mention people mention players that are actually better than ours some poster comes along with why it’s a bad idea…If it’s better than what we have it’s not a bad idea.

    • Songs I don’t know how much of an upgrade Bowe would be

  • Finally everyone is coming around to what I’ve been saying for 2 Years now which is that the Eagles WR Corps from #1 thru #4 is in the bottom half of the NFL as far as Productions, TD’s Receptions,Toughness and disapear colelctively as a WR Corp once inside the Red-Zone..
    Look at the Eagles Red-Zone Stats since the D-JAx Era.. They are horrible and part of it is play calling and the lack of will to ruin it in and another big part is that this Eagles WR corp cannot get open once in the Red-Zone for they are not tough,savvy enough and puss out and stop running routes, drop the ball, hit the ground, trip over their feet, etc,etc ..when they see contact coming and sometimes sense and overeact to it when it’s not even there ..
    Just like Kevin Kolb has happy feet in the Pocket, D-Jax/MAcling have wobbly legs when it comes to the tough catches that need to be made in the middle of the field and once inside the red-zone..

  • Good spelling correction big lion you can make the case for Carmichael, a great reciever, I just went old school with pete

  • I hear you Jake not too many remember back that far.

  • I would be all for Bowe. That would be nice 3WR set for a young Qb next year like Foles to work with.

    Remember, Maclin’s cap number is really low next year. like 2 million..and there is no way him and his agent will have any type of argument for a new deal in the offseason based on his numbers/injuries…Djax has an out in his deal after next season as well…So you sign Bowe and let Djax/MAclin play it out for whoever stays…

    Bowe has had probably the worst QB play you could find in the NFL. Just look at whats going on with FItz this year and he is obviously better. ONly when you are the true elite, Calvin Johnson, does it not matter who is throwing. Bowe isn’t Elite but he def is a a number 1 in the league. I would be more hesitant in signing Greg jennings, who on the other hand could just be a product of Rodgers greatness and the system they have there. Rodgers can make anyone look great

  • Interesting news out of KC, Dwayne Bowe placed on season ending IR with multiple broken ribs, I wonder if anyone will question his toughness or if he quit on his team?

  • Was just going to mention this Biglion
    Apparently he has fallen out of favor with the OC there in KC
    And since he is a goner anyways, they are parking him for the season
    As you now see Teans looking at younger players who they can try to build around
    Saints placed 2 Ayers from their underachieving OL alson on season ending IR
    (Jerome Bushrod another player whose name escapes me)
    Be careful out there in Free-Agency for we have seen this before all to recently

    Word is that Bowe will most likely take a deal with the Mismi Folphins where he would Clearly be a number #1 WR for them, play with a young QB and pass-Friendly system of HC Philbin and OC Sherman in his hometown of Miami
    Coming to Philly is very unlikely for Bowe

  • WR Greg Jennings will be highly sought as will have lots of Options even though he has had kind of a lost season with the Packers and could be interested in coming to Philly, depending on the $$$
    Jets are hot for him as well as the Panthers per sources
    (Which is me)

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