• July 6, 2022

Reid on: Foles And Vick, Washburn, Brown and Injuries

On the day after another loss, Andy Reid surprised no one with his answer to the question about his starting quarterback going forward.

“I’m going to stick with Nick,” Reid said.

Michael Vick has been cleared to play, but Foles will be the starter the rest of the way.

“I’m going to look at how many guys I can make active and not active and see how the numbers work out there, and see how he does this week; see how he feels.”

Reid is doing what he should be doing.  Finding out how good Foles really is.  This is his way of thanking Jeffrey Lurie for not firing him immediately.  Lurie has respected him enough to let him coach through the entire season and Reid has shown enough respect for Lurie to play Foles and help them find out whether he’s the quarterback they should go forward with when the season is over.

Big Red doesn’t seem to be interested in reasoning that the defense could have played much better earlier in the season, if he had canned former defensive line coach Jim Washburn sooner.

Looking at the improvement of the defensive line over the last couple of games, then surmising that everything would have worked out with the defense if Reid had fired Washburn earlier in the season is nothing but “hindsight” according to Reid.

He was asked about the standout play at the safety position of special teams ace, Colt Anderson.

“I think you could say that. Now, listen, I haven’t sat down and talked with Todd (Bowles) about that but I would tell you that he’s played good football. Good enough to be considered at keeping him in that position.”

It hasn’t even been close.  Anderson has played the best football of any safety the Birds have on the roster.  He’s shown a willingness to come up and attack the ball carrier.  Kurt Coleman has been willing to come up as well, but he just isn’t big enough to punish people in the NFL.  Nate Allen has been a major disappointment as a run and pass defender.

Reid will not bench fumbling rookie running back Bryce Brown.  The coach says the youngster needs to play to correct the problem.

Fullback Stanley Havili strained his hamstring last night, but should be able to play in a week and a half.  Backup cornerback Brandon Hughes had a lung contusion, but should be fine going forward.

Like Nmandi Asomugha I was surprised when the Bengals threw the ball a couple of times very late in the game.  It bothered the cornerback and his teammates.

“We were really pissed off about that,” said Nnamdi Asomugha.  “To go for it on fourth down and throw the ball…We were jawing back and forth, our players with their players. We were wondering where that came from with the game being over like that.”

You know what you must do to stop teams from running up the score on you.  You have to keep the score close or beat them, which seems to be out of the question for this Eagles team.  Maybe they must start begging the opposing team to have mercy on them.


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  • Just a sorry bunch of “LOSERS” this entire Franchise has become from the
    Front Ofice, to it’s Coaching Staff to it’s Players… About the damn thing about
    this Club anymore are the Cheerleaders, and I am not even sure about half of them either… .Good Grief.. 12/31/2012 cannot come soon enough…

  • Andy is that much closer to being history, and we are that much closer to having top draft picks.

    It’s turning out to be a great season.

  • After Andy Greed is gone, crime will go down in philadelphia, politicians will tell the truth, and Overbrook High School will dominate High School Basketball once more…

    All will be right. When the Fat One’s reign is over.

  • This might be a stupid question but why is 12/31 such an important date? If Lurie was going to fire Reid, couldn’t he do it well after the season is over?

    • No because it’s a year round business. You need to get your interviews set up, complete for the best coach, let him start hiring a coaching staff, scouting etc. he will be fired either late on the 30th or noon on 31st

  • Namdi just cant help himself. Pissed that they threw the ball? F.U Namdi make a play! You are a professional. This isn’t pop Warner. Stop crying

  • Final Game of thh Season is 12/30/2012
    Monday 12/31/2012 is Monday and the Eagles Final Press-Conference of 2012 where Owner Lurie will announce the Termination of Head Coach and Vice President of Football Operations Andy Reid and his complete Staff from the Philadelphia Eagles.
    Owner Lurie will also annouce the Tom Donahoe is now the Vice-President of Football Operations of the Phialdelphia and that all Football matters,Coach’s Search and Player Personnel Decisions will run thru Tom Donahoe and GM Howie Roseman
    (It’s New Years Eve Day, people are busy,ready to go about and party for New Year’s Eve and the New Years Day Mummer’s Parade, College Bowl Games, etc,etc and have many other things in their mind to dwell about the Terminations as far as a PR Move goes..)

  • What I really want is for Maclin to be a healthy scratch next week.

    If he does, the Eagles will be feilding an entire offence of different players than those who started the season. All 11 guys.

    Honestly, I don’t know if that has ever happened before.

  • @ vinnie. i healthy scratch sounds good to me.I dont know why i hate this guy so much. Maybe because i heard how much of a steal he was when he fell to us in the draft.This guy has been fumbling , dropping passes, and giving half ass effort his entire time here.Did u see that half ass attempt to run down hall last night ?? pathetic

  • Paulman I remember your scouting report on foles, you are dead on I have always said you are an excellent football man but lousy at baseball

  • Nmandi will still be an Eagle next year
    so those that don’t like him get ready to bitch
    n moan…Lurie is not taking the cap hit for releasing

    • Upon further review the last post is overturned
      Just have to pay the dude 4 mill to beat

  • To GLI,
    It won’t be Lurie’s decision with Nnamdi or any other Player
    There will be such a purge by Tom Donahoe (the next VP of Football Ops)
    That Salary Cap hits will not be an issue for Lurie to worry about
    Who do you think has been calling the shots on who to play, who to sit out and place on convieniet IR ?? Coach Ar?? Or GM Rosenan??
    He’ll no, it’s been Donahoe running the behind the scenes with Coaching changes, pkayer’s status and playing time for the last 4-6 weeks now


    • Same average Aikman had… Here is hoping for a parallel career

  • Hey Eglesinoak….(I’m assuming that means Eaglesfan in Oakland) all is good for you because you’ll get to go watch your hero play for the Raiders next year….(well, at least for the first few games)

  • Vinnie why bother? But speaking of Oakland why in the hell is Palmer still playing and not Pryor same situation there as here. This is the reason people bring up double standards when it comes to black and white Qb’s and I’m just asking for opinions anyone can jump in on this.

    • Well those draft picks and contract are one reason and two you nor I have any idea what Pryor is like? He wasn’t really projected as an nfl qb and he may be showing that to the coaches is Oakland. As we know coaches go with the players that give them the best chances to win…Unless its a total rebuild.

      • Your right cigar, but this is year 2 they aren’t winning shouldn’t they see if he’s even worth being a project?

        • Probably I’m not FAmiliar with their situation. I’m too far away, nor do I care about them. I just think its a stretch to say its some sort of racial double standard.
          I just think that there is so much pressure on coaches to win that they will put the best players out there.

  • i believe cincy is recieving yet another 1st or 2nd pick for palmer this year . oakland can not get it right

  • I believe they get a 1st and 2nd this year not sure.

    • Man that trade is like the Hershel walker trade. Oakland got fleeced… As I’ve said drafting a qb early in the draft, if he is a bust it takes years to recover! Then you do something disparate like that trade and it throws you even further back.

  • Yes I think this trade was worst because I believe due to other trades they don’t have a first next year either, just brutal.

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