• May 22, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Bengals

A Return To Form

Just a couple of days ago, we saw the Eagles play one of their strongest games of the season. Mistakes were kept to a minimum, Nick Foles took a major step forward, and the defense played with a little intensity.

On Thursday night, we hoped to see the young Eagles build off of the momentum they’d gathered from the come-from-behind victory over Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, what we saw was a return to the fundamentally flawed, mistake-prone football that we’ve had to deal with throughout the season.

When this team checks out, they turn to dust almost instantly. The Eagles actually played the Bengals pretty tough through three quarters, but completely imploded during the final stages of the game and allowed the Bengals to score 24 unanswered points.

The Eagles continued to have issues protecting the football, turning the ball over five times. Jeremy Maclin began the game by fumbling away the football on the first possession of the game, setting the Bengals up for an easy touchdown. Running back Bryce Brown continues to have issues securing the football. Brown’s fumble in the fourth quarter that was returned for a touchdown served as the knockout blow that ended any chance of the team coming back. Quarterback Nick Foles also had his share of issues protecting the football, throwing an interception and losing a fumble.

The Eagles have had all kinds of terrible special teams breakdowns throughout the season, and Thursday’s game was no exception. On fourth down of the team’s second drive, rookie receiver Marvin McNutt was driven straight back into Matt McBriar’s punt, setting up Cincinnati for a field goal.

Right before the blocked punt, the Eagles also had problems getting the right players onto the field. Somehow, tight end Clay Harbor wasn’t aware that he was needed on the field to be with the punting team. How does a breakdown like that happen? It’s an indictment of how disorganized and poorly coached the team is.

The Final Nail In Andy’s Coffin?

After the Eagles played like a respectable football team on Sunday, there was a bit of fear around the fan base that Jeffrey Lurie could be convinced into letting Reid play out the final year of his contract if the team won their final three games and Nick Foles continued to make significant strides.

If there was any legitimacy to that school of thought, it can be put to bed for good after last night’s game. The Eagles took another embarrassing loss on the national stage, with a stadium that was almost completely empty by the start of the fourth quarter.

Reid’s playcalling during the team’s two redzone possessions in the first half was terrible. No team in the league uses four receiver sets on the goalline more than the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the offensive line has been an issue throughout the season, you’ve got to at least give them an opportunity to the pound the football into the endzone from short range. Or if you really have that little confidence in their ability to run block, you’ve got to think of something a little more creative than the shovel pass that you’ve used for over a decade, and seem to rely on every week.

There’s no escape for Andy this time. Clearly the team hasn’t responded to his message throughout the season, and no amount of improvement that the team could make in the final two games will be enough to keep him from being fired.

Quick Thoughts

  • After making positive strides in his first two starts, Nick Foles had a rough outing against the Bengals. Foles completed just 18 of 34 passes for 182 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He made some nice throws, but struggled to get the ball downfield at times. There’s no reason to get down on the rookie after this performance. Consider this game as just part of his growing pains. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs against the Washington Redskins, a team that he really struggled against in his first start of the season.
  • It’s hard to imagine Clay Harbor back with this team next year. Although he’s got the physical ability, he just hasn’t been able to put it altogether after being in the league for three years. He’s a decent receiver, but a poor blocker. The fumble late in the game was inexcusable.
  • Very active game for Jamar Chaney, who finished the game with eight total tackles.
  • Colt Anderson was solid again in his second start. Anderson had five tackles, and also broke up a pass in the endzone. He doesn’t have the size to hold up through a 16-game season, but he certainly looks like a nice third or fourth safety who could capably fill-in for an injured starter for a short period of time.
  • The defensive lined proved that they don’t need the Wide Nine gimmick in order to generate sacks. The defensive line had their best week of the season, picking up six sacks on the night, and forcing two fumbles.
  • Brandon Graham had another strong game, notching 2.5 sacks and forcing a fumble that led to a turnover.
  • Fletcher Cox recorded 1.5 sacks.
  • Cullen Jenkins played his best game of the season, recording a sack and forcing a fumble.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that the good feelings from the Tampa Bay game have been erased so quickly.

Thursday’s game was a long, painful experience for Eagles fans. Actions speak louder than words, and the completely deserted stands in Lincoln Financial Field said it all about how fatigued this fanbase is of the coach, the team, and the culture surrounding them.

The Eagles don’t play again for 10 days, and right now that’s a mercy.

Denny Basens

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  • Team/Franchises need lots of changes, this is no 1 Off-Season or Draft Class Way from being a Contendors in the ever improving NFC Conference
    I expect a couple of rough Seasons ahead for this Franchise
    They first need a “Football Savy” Front Office who knows and has demonstrated a “winning philosophy”, team first, physically tough that plays an entire 60 minutes of football each week that is disciplined, focus and plays with a sense of urgency. Then have a Coaching Staff that teaches this values,schemes to its players Anne then have a Roster of Players who can execute these schemes and play for one another. It’s a tall task and won’t be accomplished overnight, but it has to start with a competent, well thought out plan from the Front Office/Pres of Football Ops and the GM or it will not happen no matter how many “Pro-Bowlers” they sign from other Teams
    It starts with the Draft and Roster Management, which to be honest has sucked the last few years under AR/Roseman/Banner and that’s the reality that this Eagle Fan sees the State of the Franchise

  • Amazing how every Eagles fumble bounces right to the other team
    You would think once in a while the ball would bounce to an eagles player

  • Things to be thankful for ….empty seats at the Lincoln financial center…empty cash receipts for eagles paraphernalia and jerseys ..empty hearts from fans ,who for the first time in deacades root for losses to mount in hopes there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel and prayers that the team doesn’t play well by showing a glimmer of hope ,thus convincing Jeffrey to blame injuries to dream team,and bring Andy back under these false pretenses.Let’s be real …we had 14 years to achieve a Super Bowl ,we’ve had one trip to the ultimate game and came up short.Teams in the NFl have had more stability than this one ,especially evident this year ,with Banner leaving,Sensing the end was near and wanting to let the focus and spotlight land directly on Andy.The holidays are here ,let’s be joyous that a new regime and philosophy will now transcend the old brand of Eagles football.Im not buying that we can make an honest assessment of Foles behind a patchwork line,no legit number one receiver ,no starting running back ,no starting tight end and a coach who constantly admittedly has to do a better job…let’s start anew ….start with the top of the organization and let’s return to the ROCKY blue collar smash mouth ,not in my house mentality that once was the trademark of our great city…to all a blesses peaceful safe holidays…

  • Disagree paulman, put back in the lineup the 4 missing o lineman, celek, draft big, fast wideout, add shady to mix with brown, and foles develops like you projected him, you have a playoff offense

    I agree that the defense has more issues, but graham now a presence, cox develops. Draft another linebacker, cut Nnamdi and drc, shore up safety and the corners through the draft, that may be a process, so I would trade djax and maclin for draft picks

    With the right coach, another good draft like last years, you can have a young playoff team next year

    • Jake , if you cut Nnamdi, and DRC, Who do you want to bring in to replace them? There are no pro bowlers, or impact CB’s in Free Agency this year. Unless you make a trade for a Darelle Revis, or a Charles Tillman. You may, MAY! have to let 1 of them go, but one of them will be here next year.

      • A couple guys that play hard every week will do…

        But I agree though its tough to replace both of them…DRC is the guy to keep, because at least his ability is still there, its a just a matter of the next coaching staff finding a way to keep his head in the game every week.

        Nnamdi is cooked, plain and simple.

        You don’t necessarily have to sign a Pro-Bowl caliber guy in free agency (the Eagles just tried that with Nnamdi, it didn’t exactly work out), there will be guys out there in free agency (and the draft) that can do a good job, its just a matter of whether or not the front office will have a qualified individual making the final call on what players the team brings in…

        • Good to hear from you Denny. The CB crop of this years draft is weak, most of them should play special teams for a year, or two before you would consider starting them. The only one that may have a chance is Xavier Rhodes, of Fla.State, or Jonathan Banks of Miss.St, who I watch get torched religiously by Alabama.

          Of the CB Free Agent Class, who would you bring in? There best bet to getting IMPACT, would be to trade for shut down corner. Your right we dont necessarily need a Pro Bowler, but we do need impact. The others that you refer to, as guys that play hard may be, talent wise, just as big of a liability as Nnamdi is. So who would you bring in to replace him?

          • And I agree that DRC, has to be the keeper, maybe a coach like Fangio will bring out the best in him; He has so much ability, it would be a shame to let that go.

            But just because they tried to sign an impact CB Free Agent doesn’t mean they should try to do it again if they can get the right one. Who knew Nnamdi was done? But it was the right move at the time.

            • doesn’t mean they SHOULDN’T try again, if it’s the right one.

              • Thanks gmcliff!

                Yeah, the list of free agent corners for the coming offseason is a pretty ugly one, but there’s a couple of guys that could help.

                Aquib Talib may be an absolute headcase, but there’s no doubt the guy can play….Tracy Porter is playing on a one-year deal in Denver, and he’s had a pretty decent year. He’s certainly better than what the Eagles have. One other name I like is Quentin Jammer from San Diego. He’s an older guy and would probably be a one-year stopgap, but he’s still got some quality play left in him.

  • Pman.. im not so sure. I do think it takes 2 years till we can talk about going deeo but there is talent on this team. The oline will be solid as a rock when they get back the guys and when they run and use quick passes next year. The wr core coukd use a starting big man but i think even without that they should be ok.

    On d…. we will need a solid draft and a vet here or there but i think we have some tools to work with.

  • I am not that optimistic about the clubs immediate future
    I see a mediocre WR & TE Corps whose best players best years are ow probably behind them (D-Jax/Celek) and then basically #3/#4
    Type of receivers on the squad
    At QB, Foles has shown promise but will take a year or two before really blossoming and who knows what kind of new system and schemes the next HC & OC will bring to the Team, so it’s a Start-Over and will be Foles
    3rd New Offense in 3 Years to learn and grown into which he has the smarts/ability to do so, but never the less, it will be a new system for him, the OL and if course the Receivers too

    Now Defensively, the Secondary is a mess in my opinion
    And probably will have 3 New Starters on it (Safety & CB)
    DT and LB depth and size/strength need to be addressed plus 1 more bigger DE and then we have the issue of a new system by the new DC
    And Coaching Staff to implement so bottom line,
    A new Coaching Staff with a new philosophy and schemes with provably
    10-12 Veteran players gone adds for a rebuild process which takes time
    There will probably be 15 new players on this 53 Man Roster
    Next season (approx 30% turnover rate) so a 6 Win Season is probably what the Eagles are looking at in 2013..
    Look around the NFC and see Teams like the Redskins,Bucs,Panthers,Vikings,Rams,Seahawks who are already in this process a year or two.. I see the Eagles,Cardinals as the Doormats of the NFC
    For the next couple of Seasons to be honest

    • Paul, I definitely understand your pessimism. For me it comes from the presence of Howie Roseman in the equation.

      But if they got the right Football Guy in the Front Office(Bill Polian, Charley Casserley, John Dorsey, Nick Caserio, Ron Hughes)

      Hire the right Head Coach (Vic Fangio) w/ an inivative staff. I know a lot of people want Greg Roman, but I don’t find the SF Offense that impressive. Fangio is much more creative, and would bring in an offensive Coordinator, who is just as intelligent.

      And Draft the right players we can get back into contention within the next 2 years, or less.

      I am begging them to get Lotululei, and be aggressive and get another 1st round pick Te’o, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Jones……I too believe all the Offensive Lineman we need are in the 2nd- 3rd Rounds. But they can turn this around with the right decisions….will they do that…I don’t know.

  • i dont think the eagles will be doormats if the offensive line holds up. We’ll have a decent running game so we can bring along the young qb, a better defensive concept, and at least one competent safety.The main problems of the team are turnovers(foles wont turn it over as much as vick)offensive line, and defensive scheme.
    i know nnamdi and the safties stunk all year but with a dominant pass rush it wont be as bad next season.Depending on free agents and the draft im looking at a 9-7 team at least

  • GM Rosenan is not going anywhere and Tom Donahoe is already in place as the next VP of Ops and I am not sold on him either
    He did a pretty lousy job in Buffalo, wouldn’t you say

    • Yes Brother I agree…there is still the chance Paul, that he won’t be the next VP of FOPs……Lurie would be smart to add a Polian, Casserley, Dorsey, or Caserio

  • I think Asmo returns and that DRC signs a deal and gets out of Philly
    I don’t think DRC has the mental toughness to play in Philly and see him moving onto a Team in the South like the Spanthers OT Titans to be closer to his home town in Tennessee

    • I’d rather keep the more athletic, and talented DRC

  • Asmo is not coming back…..not at $15m for 2013

    The Eagles will resign DRC and sign Brent Grimes for a combined $15m per season….

    Asmo is gone

    • We don’t want Brent Grimes

      • If you want to sign him I’d rather keep Nnamdi

  • A big thing to remember also about all this Talent that I keep hearing about on this Roster
    Last year (2011) the Eagkes were the heathiest team in the NFL with the only season ending injury being DT Anthony Dixon from last years squad and they still only managed a 8-8 Record being relatively full strength all Season long
    Yes some of it’s Coaching and Scheme, but I still believe that far to many tend to over-value the Talent of this Eagles Rosters
    All teams have Talent but to compare the skill positions and overall depth to the top half of the other NFL Teans is just not realistic to me and now this Season, when they did incur some major injuries, the Wheels fell of
    And even then, this Eagles Defense pretty much was the same squad
    And has been relative healthy most of the Season and is still floundering

  • Eagles re-sign DRC (and give him the big bonus a starting CB gets) and I guearantee I’ll be reading “he’s a bum” comments littering these pages.

    DRC is a talented, but lazy and inconsistent player.

    It wouldn’t bother me at all if the Eagles let him go.

  • Guaranteed to be gone- Vick, Lewis, Watkins, Bell, Duncrap, Jenkins, Patterson, Landri, Tapp, ASSomugha (paying $4M, is better than $15M), Allen, Coleman (ST’s only), Jordan, Chaney.

    Should be gone- Maclin, Avant, Harbor, Cole.

    Won’t be back due to health- Peters (not happening).

    Keepers for the rebuild- Foles, Shady, Brown, Polk, Havili, DJax (as a #2 down the field weapon), Johnson, Cooper, Celek, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans (RG), Kelly (BU), Hunt, Curry, Graham, Cox, Thornton, Kendricks (finally at WILL. Only saying since drafted), Ryans, DRC (can’t replace 2 starters & compete), Boykin, Marsh (BU, ST’s), Anderson (BU, ST’s), Hennerey.

    FA targets , in order of need- QB (Flacco), OT’s (Long, Clady, Albert, Vollmer, Smith, Loadholt, Bushrod) Safeties (Byrd, Goldson, Moore), DE/DT (Knighton, Melton, Johnson) WR/ TE (Bowe, Jennings, Davis, Miller).

    Draft targets- Teo, Lotuleilei, Joeckel, Hankins.

    My plan as Asst GM/ Head of scouting- under Paulman & GM Cliff- Hire Vic Fangio. Change to 3-4 base DF. Sign DT Knighton, DE Spencer, S Byrd, 2 OT’s. Draft DT/ NT Lotuleilei/ Hankins. Rest of draft all OL, Secondary, big WR. Play Cox, Curry, Thornton, as 3-4 DE’s, Knighton, & Lotuleilei/ Hankins as NT, OLB’s Spencer & Graham, MLB’s Ryans & Kendricks. DRC & Byrd are good starting points, for the rebuild. Rest of the team???

    • DCar you forgot that God awful Casey Matthews………

  • Eough with “I’m elite” Flacco.


    • STFU, I’m bored & trying to think about the future. At least I ain’t saying I like Vick. ROFLMFBO!!!!

  • On OF- Foles, Shady, Havilli, Long/ other FA, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, Smith/ other FA/ Kelly, DJax, Maclin (if still here), Cooper, Davis, Celek.

  • Why STFU? I just keep reading the name Flacco on here as….I don;t get it.


    Though it is good you’re not brining up any ludacris “Vick is coming back” scenarios

    • LOL! Just messing with you Vin! The reason Flacco keeps coming up, is he’s the ONLY other option, other than Foles. There are NO other FA’s, the draft is devoid of a Franchise QB, or anyone better than the kid. I ain’t a huge Flacco fan either, but if the new HC ain’t comfortable with Foles, he’s the only, quote on quote, franchise type QB, out there, unless you want Flynn, Smith, or someone else’s garbage! Me, I’d stick with the kid for a year, & see what we got. It’s going to be an organizational enema anyways, & we ain’t winning a SB anytime soon, so what do we have to lose?!?

  • Good stuff DCar
    I disagree with OL assesment
    Peters will be back along with Watkins
    Gone are Bell,Dunlap and Herremans (unless he takes pay-cut)
    They will Draft an OT in the first 2 Rounds

    WR- I think Maclin is the odd man out and traded to the Rams
    For one of multiple Draft picks they have (probably a 3rd Rounder)

    TE – Harbor’s Rookie Deal is up I Believe and will be a goner

    On Defense
    I see Patterson, Landri as goners
    LB- Jordan & Matthews and possibly Chaney
    CB – Asmo (unless he takes major pay-cut )
    I think DRC wants out of Philly and will walk and will take a free-agent Deal for the Titans/Panthers and move back South
    Safety – Colenan and Sims goners

    Adding a WR, a TE threat, a DT, a LB, a Strong Safety Nd
    A CB

  • Eagls QB’s will be Foles/Edwards and they will bring another you g QB
    For summer camp reps but remember that whoever the new HC
    And Oc along with the QB Coach will want to get Foles as many reps possible next Spring/Sumner to learn their “system”

    Vick is a goner just like he is right now, physically cleared to play but Organization has seen enough of him and believe me, this is not from Coach AR, this is from tge Top (Donahoe, Roseman & Lurie)
    They are done with Vick plain & simple

  • I have a question how did Tampa Bays secondary look again today?

  • I noticed the same guys who want Vick gone also wanted Mcnabb gone…They also were on Kolb’s balls…So, you know I can’t wait til Foles is the starter on the bext 3-13 team, so I can watch these same losers blame everything on the players around Foles while giving him a pass because he lacks experience.

    Well, the Mcnabb you haters hated on became a franchise QB almost immediately when he was given the starting job in he 2nd season.

    With Rosie, I mean Roseman at the helm and Nick Foles as the QB get comfortable living in the basement of the NFL….Laurie better sell before the stock takes a dive.

  • These people are delusional the good quarterbacks come in and play well immediately..

    • “….the good quarterbacks come in and play well immediately”

      Stupidist thing I’ve ever read larrwd. And that’s saying a lot coming from you.

  • The Tampa secondary looked the same vs Brees as they did vs Foles, so what does that say? RG3 didn’t throw for any TD vs the Bucs, does that mean Foles is better than RG3?

  • Delusional is people thinking McNabb would have actually won us something at that time in his career when we traded him. Seriously, his short career after he left here was embarrassing. He was done. He couldn’t pay a GM right now for a nfl starting job.
    ANd the eagles will never win a Super Bowl or anything close to it with Vick. End of story get over it people…And I won’t even get into his current average at best football skills…He can’t stay healthy…Too fragile and injury prone the facts are there for everyone to see.you don’t win SBs with guys like that.

    I don’t know what the hell Foles is. MAybe he ends up blowing and is injury prone too. Who knows only time will tell…however, real time as in more than a couple of games

  • Songs the Eagles are a 5-6 win Team in 2013
    They need a lot more than a QB
    What difference does it make or business sense of keeping Vick at $20
    Million next Season when you can address 2-3 Positions with kind of $$$
    With Vick maybe they win 7-8 Games,
    A new Coaching Staff comes and sets their own tone and philosophy and has no ties omr committed to the Players that are presently on this Roster who are 6 games below .500 in their last 30 Games (12-18 Record)
    This is the time for a complete rebuild, it’s not a tweak here or there
    This is a total rebuild job that will take 2-3 Years minimum so what’s the point of keeping a Vick, Herremans,Jenkins, Asmo and other highly paid, under-performing players that they haven’t even won a Playoff game to begin with
    Fans need to wake-up, this isn’t Baseball or Basjetball where you can add
    2 Stud Players and be right in the thick of it…
    The Poor Drafts of 2008/2009 & 2010 are why the Eagles are where
    Especially in the early Rounds (the first 3 Rounds) where when you have picks in the Top 100 Players) and the Eagles take players like Trevor Laws, Victor Abriami, Kevin Kolb, Bryn Smith,Joaquin Jarrett,Nate Allen, Teo Neisham,
    Tony Hunt, Danny Watkins.. Are any of these players close to Pro-Bowl Status or even legitimate Starters and a couple even out of Football all together
    Poor Drafts mean you have to continually add Free-Agents to upgrade the Roster which means you usually overpay for a player that another Team has given up on, or gas attitude issues or injury issues and then when that doesn’t work you gave to bring guys off the street to play that wouldn’t nakme many other Rosters..

  • McNabb became the starter in game nine of his first season, and he lost 4 of his first 6 starts, had a completion percentage of 49%, had 8 TDs 7 Ints.

    Foles looks better as a rookie than McNabb did in his rookie year.

  • That’s right songs, the same people who saw mcnabb was a choke artist, heartless pr man are the same who see vik as a fundamentally flawed qb, and has nothing to do with the passive innuendo yo are suggesting, kolb is a better quarterback than Vick, mcnabb was a gutless choke artist clown, air gitaring it up then got the beat down by the cow girls, with all your knowledge on life, why don’t you wake up, foles is the best prospect we have seen in a long time

  • Mcnabb never had weapons the one year they had TO they went to the superbowl. Im not syaing mcnabb was great but he was a very good quarterback capable of winning.. The bottom line Andy reid doesnt build teams right.. Mcnabb was a guy that stayed in the pocket and didnt make mistakes you get a guy like that as many weapons as possible..not todd pinkston james thrash and chad lewis.. Vick is a guy who beats the blitz with his legs.. Its more efficient than throwing for a shorter fast quarterback.. But reid wants to make it hard . Reid has deficiencies, he finally got weapons for mcnabb and traded him and then tried to turn vick into mcnabb.. Its just stupid

  • Exactly what are the excuses going to be when Vick gets benched/hurt week 5 next year for either the Raiders…or Jacksonville…or Winnipeg……or whatever other wasteland he ends up playing for?

  • Mcnabb was a very good quarterback, but gutless choke artist clown, almost the polar opposite of Michel Vick

  • And if your don’t believe this guys white ass assessment of mcnabb, talk to the ultimate Philly warrior, Bernard Hopkins, see what his assessment of mcnabb is, just stifle it songs, foles has already showed more heart than that fraud mcnabb ever did, get over this friggin race thing, it doesn’t matter, that’s the last time I am preaching to you on this subject

  • As for McNabb…I knew he was fading (fast) from 2008 on…this was encapsulated in the probowl. Yes the probowl. With no passrush, in a glorified flag football game…with the best wrs in the nfl, McNabb went 3 of 10 with a pick. He had another horrible pass right into a defender’s arms. And then he had a pick 6 called back on a defensive hold (called I believe to save embarasment)

    Right then…..obvious, overtly public recognition that McNabb was finished. SOmething I had felt for over a season, but at this point it was so obvious. He couldn;t throw the ball any more.

    He then bounced trough 2 completely unsuccessful stints with 2 other teams.was sort of the ultimate ….it was so painfully obvious he was finished. It was depressing, because I was watching the end of a very productive era for the Eagles.

    SO enough with all the “you guys calling for McNabb to be goone…”garbage. We just saw he was finished. So, btw, does the entire NFL at this point…give it a break…

    As for his replacement….unfortunately, the Eagles went with Vick…and the last 3 years have been a giant pile of waste. I guarantee we would have been much better off never having signed that clown…..if Kolb didn;t work out, we would have been able to move forward a season or two ago (perhaps with Luck or RGIII).

    So now we move forward with Foles through next season…..hopefully he’ll keep improving – though there have been very encouraging signs,…..

  • You know the Eagles are a bad Team when Posters have to bring up the coulda, shoulda, woulda of McNabb or even Vick for that matter
    Bottom line, they didn’t get it done as neither did Coach AR which is why
    AR and Vick are goners after the 2012 Season

  • @Paulman Can you look up Philip Rivers record his last 25 games? Or Could you please pull up Matthew Staffords record his last 25 games? i know what it is I just want to hear it from you.

  • And the fact that Rivers sucks means what exactly…..

  • If I was a SD chargers fan I would have been demanding for that guy to be tradedé released too (along with Turner).

    Stafford….maybe not so much…he is only 24 and still young…just came off a pretty amazing year last year….but as long as I keep seeing pics of him partying on spring break and standing on the sideline with a backwards hat..I doubt heès going to be all that successful.

  • Daggolden point fellas is when bashing Vick his win loss record is constantly being thrown into the conversation so he’s wondering what other so called superior QB’S records are.

  • While your at it please post Carson Palmers and Ryan Futzpatricks record.

    • Why do you keep asking us to compare Vick to other QBs who suck?

      Though I suppose those are his peers……

  • Are you the same guys who said Dawk was finished before he went to 2 pro bowls with the Broncos?


    Was it you who said Nate Allen was the answer after Dawk?

    Was it you who said Burfict wouldn’t be in the league?

    You Eagles apologists reflects the losing organization.

    If this organization would have listened to knowledgeable fans and pundits like Domowitch….hell even G Cobb….years ago this team would not have hit bottom.

    another subject…

    Reid believed the NFC East would stay doormats forever from the time he inherited his core from Ray Rhodes….He was so full of himself he traded out of the 1st round with Dallas…our number 1 rival in the year we drafted bum ass Kolb.

    What team trades their 1st round pick to a division rival?

    Reid did so many things ass backwards while apologists lapped up.

  • @Vinnie you know why he’s asking those questions and yes they are his peers, at this point it really doesn’t make a difference but it is interesting that none of these QB’s that are being mentioned have been benched or pulled or blamed for the entire downfall of the teams they play for. The Carson Palmer fiasco or trade will go down as the worst trade in NFL history and he doesn’t get half the nonsense that Vick does.

    • but it is interesting that none of these QB’s that are being mentioned have been benched or pulled or blamed for the entire downfall of the teams they play for.

      (palmer) doesn’t get half the nonsense that Vick does.

      That is such complete utter garbage.

      I mean seriously….the Raiders were switching Palmer with Pryor today. The fanbases for those teams are SCREAMING for their QBs to be replaced.

      If you believe anyone who wears the powder blues things Rivers is the answer at QB you’ve got a screw loose.

  • @Biglion These fans here must think were stupid. Im watching RG3, Luck and Russell W who have only played a couple more games than Foles who are rolling. But I gotta listen to our fans say, “well as long as we see some improvement from him”, lol f&$k that. He better be rolling againt the Giants and Redskins. He better not be 1-6 No excuses. I dont want to hear about no oline, defense, nothing. He studies more film than any QB in NFL history Im told. He reads defenses better than any QB in NFL history Im told. He keeps his eyes down field better than any othe QB in NFL history Im told.

  • Those other qbs have a starting offense with weapons, when in the history of this franchise has a quarterback played, been judged with 10 of 11 starters missing, you give this kid foles with a starting offense next year and watch out, I have watched a lot of qbs play and this guy has it

  • RG3, Luck and R Wilson are winning games and leading thier teams to the playoffs. They are rookies just like Foles. No excuses, hes expected to win these next 2 games just like the other rookie QBs. You want to play the Franchise game with the big boys then he better lead this team like they are doing. Watching Kurt Cousins (another rookie), who never started a game lead the Redskins to a victory his first start and hes a backup. Foles is going up against 2 rookie QBs next week just like himself. Hes expected to win just like those rookies are. No excuses.

  • @jakedog psssst your argument would be valid if 2 of them weeks Bryce Brown wouldnt of set franchise records for rushing. So your no weapons and oline theory doesnt work. Bryce Brown rushing for over 300 yards means your oline is just fine and you had a stud running the ball. Sorry try again with the no weapons and oline bullshit.

    • I don’t think Foles is the answer daggolden but my goodness I hope I’m wrong because looking at how bad the NFC East is it is unacceptable to give him the starting job next year just because he might have potential, and we fall further behind when in actuality we are a few moves from being right back in this thing next year.

  • @Vinnie it’s about time with Palmer and if you ask half the people posting on this site if they would take Rivers I guarantee they would even though I agree with you he sucks, @daggolden I like Cousins more then I like Foles but again let’s give Nick a chance the biggest mistake the Eagles can make in my opinion is hand him the starting job next year without any competition. He will not win either of these last two games so he will indeed have a 1-6 record but in his defense this offense is depleted and that is an understatement.

  • How many yards did brown rush against the bucs when foles delivered, when he ran for big yards, how many fumbles did he have, just say, it man up and really speak your mind, we would all respect you more than just hiding behind cowardly, bullshit criticism of a white quarterback, you guys are pathetic little weasels, you cannot objectively analyze the quarterback’ s play, because he’s not in your likeness, he’s not black, and you want black, it’s not all of you mother fuckers by the way , I listen to the radio, I hear plenty of blacks objectively analyze the quarterbacks play, I hear plenty of rational thoughts, but gcobb is the wasteland for excuse making, racists blacks, although in the minority of eagles fans , the are heard here, and they all sound like Whiney little bitches, this is the united states of america, if you can’t make it here and you are a minority you are a real fucking loser

  • one question…..who looks better so far? Foles or Kaepernick?

    • I want Vinnie to answer this one because he thinks Kaepernick is going to be the downfall of the Niners. Ha Ha

  • Stop Jake with the racist black stuff man, do you realize black Eagles fans will be 100% behind Foles if he turns out to be good not great just good and they could care less what color he is, the reason most people were defending Vick was because of the things that were being said about Vick nothing else.

  • The decision to put Kapernik in mid-season is going to come back to haunt them this year.

    As for your question…..for the situations they’re in….

    Foles. He’s doing more with less. He is playing better than the Qb he rpeplaced…and doing it with less weapons.

    Kapernik is not playing as well (at best equal to) as his predecessor.

  • vinnie…..lay off the crack dude.

    it’s clear you’re visually flawed.

    Did you say Mcnabb was better than Brady and Peyton Manning when he was throwing to Pinkston and Thrash?

    Didn’t he do more with less compared to them at that time?

    Was Mcnabb better than those 2 based off of your current assessment of Foles anf Kaepernick?

  • It doesn’t matter too much if some of you guys want to get on your knees for Michael Vick. There’s no head coach that would keep Vick as the starter next year.

    • Nobody ever said they want Vick did they? You never heard a Vick supporter say that Vick played well. Most of us said we need to move on. Now what we did say was be fair.There are other QBs who suck. We did say AR didnt put Vick or McNabb in the best position to win. When we start questioning QBs work ethic and if they study, if they are smart enough thats when you get defenders. Because thats not fair. Maybe he just wasnt good enough. Then we have a opionion about Foles. Some fans say he is the next Brady and some fans say he sucks. Everyone has a opinion. The great thing about it is we get to see who is right in the next 2 weeks. No excuses.

      • They never get the part where we say his time is done here. It’s almost scary how upset some people get when you point out certain things. You get the name calling and cursing its sad.

  • Songs I never Stated that Allen was in anywhere close to Dawkins
    Allen as I Stated inPre-Draft run is a centerfielder Free Safety best suited in a cover 2 Scheme and is not physical enough to be an Strong Safety
    And play down in the Box as Dawkins did (2 dilfferent positions my man)
    I stated then as I do know that Allen is strictly a deep Free Safety who can make plays on the ball but that he would need to be paired with a real Strong Safety to be effective and there is no doubt he’s disappointed me and all fans with his play this far as has this entire Team, it’s entire Defense
    And especially this soft Secondary led by your savior Nnmadi Asomgoah who you stated would take this Defense over the stop and be a legitimate shut-down CB when I stated that he lack the deep speed and pgulysical play to man up and take on the best WR’s in the NFC and I was right all along about him
    I shouted I wanted Carlis Rogers snd you all laughed that he was a posset from some bad Redskins Team and I stated that he would be a great fit for his physical tough play and his knowledge of NFC East and Conference WR and QB’s

  • irish it doesn’t matter….we’ll just lose with Foles..who is now padding a losing record.
    Maybe we can lose out and get Geno Smith.

  • Tell you what Vinnie, Alex Smith’s name better never come up when the inevitable search for the next Qb of the Eagles starts. You know SF will be releasing him right about the same time Vick gets released here.

  • If our new coach turns out to be lunatic and makes some of the guys on here wishes come true by bringing back Vick as the starter you realize Foles will be the starter again at some point next season anyways right…BEcause Vick will just get injured again like he does every year. Sad truth is just that he is a fragile QB..most injury prone QB in the league. Forget any stat or skill you want to compare him to…he cant play a whole season end of story. Thats why I don’t want him as my QB next year.

  • Gholdson on the niners would look pretty good in an Eagles jersey. I know he is up there in age (29 i think) but you give me him and Matt Elam from Florida and I think you have a much better safety combo going into next year and years after

    • Raise your standards Pheags….There are much better,and more talented Safeties in the draft than Matt Elam……Kenny Vacarro, TJ McDonald, Tony Jefferson,…..and others…Elam is slightly to no better than Nate Allen.

      And Gholdson just signed a new deal with the 49er’s last year, he’s not going anywhere…..

  • He won’t be back Pheags but actually Big Ben is more injury prone. Let’s just move on Foles, Flynn or whomever this season can’t end fast enough.

  • SMH at the garbage lies people will say on here. How is he more injury prone, because you say so? the facts clearly show Ben plays on average more games a year than Vick when they are starters going into the season. end of story, stop with the lies its truly pathetic.

    Im with you on wanting this season to end. It will take years to dig ourselves out of the mess Reid has put this team in. But at least with his firing, there will be some excitement going forward (would be nice if he took Howie with him tho). I’ll be more pumped up for this draft then I ever been in the past knowing there will be new direction and voice make the calls

  • Nnamdi will probably be here while DRC will be gone. If the Eagles were going to re-sign him (DRC) or if they decide to re-sign him it will happen before the season is over. People keep assuming Reid is done and that that’s a forgone conclusion…you’ll be all the more aggravated if it doesn’t happen.

    The team doesn’t look like it needs to be overhauled (unless you’re just fundamentally opposed to the personnel regardless of wins-losses anyway)
    Getting the O-Line starters back next year plus decent drafting will put the Eagles back in the playoff hunt next season. Blowing up the coaching staff and starting over may very well do more harm than good. Having said that Jon Gruden got Tampa Bay a Superbowl trophy the year after the Bucs ditched Tony Dungy. Coach Spagnuolo doesn’t sound bad. I really could go either way, but I do think Nick Foles is the QB that could steer the ship right to the Lombardi trophy IF the running game becomes a core part of the Eagles offensive strategy regardless of the coach.

  • This site has the biggest collection, of the stupidest dunces, that I’ve ever seen in my life. Most of you don’t have a f^#@ing clue, of what you’re talking about. I’m no Rivers fan, & he has played badly this year, but up until last year, he was arguably a top 5-7 NFL QB. Even with a bad year, & a mediocre one, he still has a career of 63% Comp & 94.2 QB rating. You dopes do realize, that he has ZERO offensive weapons & possibly the worst o-line in the NFL, right up there with Chicago, NO, & us. Also he has lost Tomlinson, Sproles, Vincent Jackson, over the last 3 years, & Gates can’t play anymore. He has the cheapest owner, & an incompetent GM, who replaced nobody. Stop with the f^#@ing comparisons to Vick, & bowing at his altar already! It failed! He stinks & is owed way too much $$$! Get over it! IT’S OVER! GET IT! IT’S OVER!!!! Foles might not be the answer, but we have no other choice, right now! STFU!!!!!

    • Not to mention, that SD has the West Coast version of the Hindenburg, coaching them!

  • DCar you just got upset about people who defend Vick, and in then next paragraph gave a million excuses why Rivers isn’t winning in SD. Guess that only works one way.

    • Big, 1st, I don’t give a rats @$$ about Vick. I refuse to talk about him again. He’s a non-factor for us anymore. 2nd, I don’t make excuses for anyone. I deal in facts & reality. Go look at his career #’s & compare them, to when his players started leaving. Also SD has notoriously bad ownership, FO & staff. Go read their websites, you’ll see. Trust me, I make excuses for no one & I don’t bow at anyones altar, to cloud my judgement, unlike some of the racist, know-nothing, imbeciles, on here.

      • DCar you babblin ramblin temper tantrum throwin selectively ignorant air head .. Bad front office/staff? don’t you say the same about the Eagles organization as well? Do you read what you write? You’re ignorance shine through that you lack the ability to be unbiased. If someone don’t agree with you, they know nothing or they are racist…get real.
        You mtf’s got your wish, so why is 7 still the topic of discussion on these boards?
        Not enough to talk about, in regards to 9? or how pathetic this team still is?
        you blow a gasket anytime anyone says anything in support of 7…But you, can be as negative as you want, right?

        • Because he always comes up, & the support for an insignificant QB, who’s run is over. BTW, I’m far from ignorant, my man. That’s your job! Do you read my entire comments? I rip the racism on here, on all sides, so don’t accuse me of being ignorant. I blow a gasket because of the repeated stupidity, & shrunken, clueless, brains on here. “DCar you babblin ramblin temper tantrum throwin selectively ignorant air head” Look in the mirror bruh, you do the same thing, if not worse. Other than the tantrums, I’m none of what you accuse me of being. If you don’t agree, I don’t know what to tell you. Keep defending your idol, he’ll be with another team for you to root for, next year.

  • DCar I agree he shouldn’t be in any of the posts and honestly I don’t give a damn about Rivers either.

    • Me either.

  • Would anyone rather have QB Sancchez, Locker or Foles
    What a horrible game last evening
    1 big run by RB Johnson and that was it
    I think Rex Ryan is a goner

    • That was one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever seen.

      Did’t everyone just “know” something pathetic was going to happen to the Jets when they go tthe ball back at thge 25?

      Rex Ryan is toast.

      Defensive co-ordinator??

    • Foles. He will be fine. Philly will just have o be patient. His arm is fine. We should think more about who will be his back up next year.

      I’ll say it again. His maturation process will be just like that of Tom Brady’s. I said he reminds me of Brady, mainly because of his stature, and his mechanics. Although they still need work, I really like the potential.

      People wouldn’t be so down on hi if he won the games he’s started. But, Lets not lose sight of the fact, that they have been in a position to win with him, more so than Vick, and I’m not a Vick Hater, I’m a realist. He IS our QB for the future, whether you agree, or disagree.

  • Safety Matt Elam from FLorida is listed at 5’10” 205 lbs and is more like
    5’9″ and not very fast and is definitely a hitter but questionable in Pass-Coverage and probably not much of a upgrade over Kurt COleman
    Eagles need a 6-1 215lbs Thumper at Strong Safety who can also run and be effective in Pass-Coverages..

    • Like Kenny Vacarro of Texas…do you agree Paul…6-2 215 4.4 speed…

      • gm, do you think he will last til our 2nd pick?!? He’d be a perfect fit, starter day one, & a major upgrade, over the septic swimmers we have out there now.

        • What do you think of Baccari Rambo? I love the name! LMFBO!!!!

          • He will be drafted in the 3rd- 4th Round –

            He has OK speed, not great, he is a hard hitter, however, not a sure tackler, which will be seen on tape, as he has been burned a few times. But he is an upgrade from Kurt Coleman. NFL Starter in 3 years barring injury. That being said not as dynamic, as Vacarro, and Jefferson

        • DCar, he will because there isn’t a safety worthy of a first round pick. If there is it’s him, but most teams (rarely) choose safeties in the 1st round; It’s been done, as early as last year, but most of the time you can get safeties in the 2nd Round.

          The Eagles have the 3rd pick in the 2nd round; They have a shot at getting him, and Tony Jefferson of Oklahoma (plays a little like Dawk) if they are aggressive enough, possibly even in the 3rd round. Jefferson, had an arrest a year ago, which may bring his draft stock down.

          They would be our starting SS(Vacarro), and FS(Jefferson)

  • I like Vaccaro he is a beast but paulman your not doing Elam justice he has more football talent then Coleman could ever dream of.

    • Be careful Biggie, A lot of guys came on here last summer claiming that:

      Kendall Wright was better than DeSean
      Michael Floyd was better than DeSean
      Devon Still was better than Fletcher Cox, and Cullen Jenkins
      Stephen Gilmore was better than DRC, and Nnamdi
      Stephen Hill was the next Jerry Rice, Randy Moss
      Jerel Worthy was going to be a star….HAHAHA!!!! Yeah Right!!!

      I don’t see that with Elam…I think Colt Anderson IS BETTER THAT HE IS, so I don’t need to draft Elam. Don’t get caught up in the latest, and greatest, being better, new, and improved. It doesn’t always turn out that way. Until Elam plays some NFL Games….Coleman is better, and I don’t like Coleman for anything except Special Teams.

  • I like Kenny Vacarro from Texas a lot and have stated so for a while now.. A 2nd Round Projected Selection. He is a list of Safeties I like that will be 2nd-3rd-4th Round Selections

    #1) Ken Vacarro – Texas 6-1 218 lbs (early to mid 2nd Rounder)
    #2) Phillip Thomas – Fresno State 6-1 215lbs (mid to late 2nd Rounder)
    #3) Tony Jefferson – Oklahome 5-11 212lbs (late 2nd Rounder)
    #4) Shawn Williams – Georgia 6-1 218lbs (early 3rd Rounder)
    #5) TJ McDonald – USC 6-2 205lbs (mid 3rd Rounder)
    #6) Duke Williams – Nevada 6-1 200lbs (4th Rounder)

    The Key is the Eagles to get some additional 2nd/3rd Round Picks in thise 2013 Draft..

    • I’ll take Vacarro, and Tony Jefferson, who may drop to the 3rd round because of an arrest a year ago.

      Paul check out Larry Warford OG of Kentucky, could step in for Mathis, who could be used for trade bait, and Jonathan Brown LB of Illinois, who we can use for depth.

    • Add Ray Ray Armstrong as a sleeper as well

  • I still see an OT in the 2nd Round since there is drop off after that ..
    The Safety Positon is pretty deep, and I don’t see as much of a difference between the 3rd Rated Safety to the 10th Rated Safety
    I think there are some good quality Safety Prospects can be selected up to the 4th Round, where at the OT Position, after the Top 6-7 OTs are gone off the table, then there is a big drop off and the Eagles need to grab one within the 1st 2 Rounds to secure a legitimate OT in my opinion

    • DJ Fluker Alabama 6-5 336 OT/OG in the 2nd Round,
      Oday Abushay? Virginia 6-6 318 OT in the 3rd Round

      Anyone drafted in the 4th -7th rounds should be for Special Teams, and Depth

      • The Eagles need to make some trades, and get more draft picks to get what they need out of this draft.

        Howie should already know who he should use for trade bait by now, and should be willing to even give up future #1’s to get what we need in this draft. We, also may need to think about trading down after we get some extra picks

        An extra #1, 3 extra #2’s, 2 extra #3’s, and 2 extra #4’s

  • If Eagles go OT with their first Round,
    then I see them going DT with their 2nd Round Selection (again a deep group)
    and then focusing on the Secondary in the 3rd/4th Rounds

    • I really think Star Lotululei should be our first pick. Play him next to Fletcher Cox, and we solidify the middle of our O-Line for the next 7 years

      Trade Michael Vick, Daryll Tapp, Jeremy Maclin, Todd Herramans, and 3 future #1’s, and 3 future #3’s to Kansas City – Trade down for more picks in the 2nd, and 3rd rounds. Eventually draft – Kenny Vacarro

      Trade Trent Cole, Nnamdi Asomugha, Evan Mathis, and 2 future #1 to Oakland, or Jacksonville for their #1 this year to draft – Manti Te’o

      We give up our 1st round picks for 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022
      and also our 3rd round picks for 2014, 2016, 2018

      • D-line

  • What the Eagles need to do is to get an additional 2nd Round Pick and
    an additional 3rd Round PIck by trading/packaging players like
    Vick,Asmo,Tapp,Herremans which I don’t think anyone wants at their stages and current Contract Salary Level’s…

    2 players who would probably return the best Value in a Trade are
    WR Maclin (because of a very Favorable 1 year left on his Contract) and DE Trent Cole (locked up thru 2016 and Pats/Bellicheck has always wanted Cole) but I doublt the Eagles move either one of these players..

  • GmCliff
    The way Football with no gaurenteed Contracts
    Trading overpaid Players who are underperforming
    All those Players you mentioned above that should be moved I agree
    With, but the reality is no other Team is going to pick-up the Contracts
    Of Vick ,Asmo, Cole,Herremans, Jenkins, it just doesn’t happen like this the NFL
    The only 2 Players I See that are actually traceable are
    WR Maclin. (The Rams would love him) and Darryl Tapp since both are in final years or relative low salaries but I don’t believe Msclin returns a
    Higher that a 3rd Rounder and Tapp higher than a 6th Rounder so unless they package them together or with a Pick, I see it very difficult
    For the Eagles to obtain any additional High Round Picks

    • Thats my point Paul…..At this point they don’t have any choice but to be aggressive in the draft. No matter who they decide to trade, they would have to package them with future #1’s to get extra picks. – Which they need in each of the first four rounds this year -………

      Nnamdi has already gone on record that he will restructure his deal to stay with the team, and although you think that they will let DRC walk……I have to respectfully disagree – between he, and Nnamdi, he is the better talent – Nnamdi just looks old at his point ………….

      Trent Cole should be coming off the bench, but still has value and is tradeable ……..Maclin at his age, is better than any WR that’s going to be drafted in the 2nd Round over the next 5 years; add a 1st round pick with him and the return should be better than you think………

      Herramans could be added as well. If a team wanted to trade for him, they could. Jacksonville just benched two O-Line players over the last 6 weeks, who just couldn’t cut it. There is nothing stopping a team from cutting ties with that player to make room for a salary like Herramans, Cole, or Mathis, who I would trade in a heartbeat.

      Again Paul, the point is they need extra high draft picks; and they can get them if they really want to through trades, and being smart playing the draft board, and trading down to get more pick as well.

      I would make my trades to get my extra #1’s, and 2’s, and start trading down after my first pick in the second round, for more picks in the 3rd, and 4th……..totally doable……

  • I also don’t think they will trade Jenkins……….Vick will be asked to restructure his deal or be released, so he won’t be traded….Tapp would just be a throw in, and finally Casey Matthews is cut for a real football player.

  • With the lack of real big-play Prooe G’s in this Draft and especially at QB
    DE, CB & WR I don’t see many Teams looking to move up so the leverage of Teams early in this Draft is just not there and I really do ‘t see a new
    HC want to mortgage his Fututre on trading away NFL Players for
    A bunch of Prospects, I just don’t see it GMCliff
    I can see a Maclin to the Rams for a 3rd Rounder
    A Darrly Tapp or a Herranans and the Eagles 6th Rounder for a 5th
    Rounder and that’s about it
    Big Salaried Players like Vick/Asmo/Cole
    Just are not going to draw interest from Teams due to their Age and Salaries

    • If you remember, Jimmy Johnson did it, and won several Super Bowls.

      Paul there are potential Pro Bowl Potential G’s althrough this draft possibly up to the 5th Round.

      I agree with the other positions.

      The new coach could utilize free agency the years that he doesn’t have a 1st Rounder…….But he should concentrate on drafting impact players. Drafting the right players is the key; Then you don’t have to dip into free agency, and you can develop your well drafted players.

  • The eagles should upgrade the oline with a free agent and draft Terrence williiams.

  • GMCliff
    I am of very wary of Safety Ray Ray Armstrong who appears to be another
    Talkr Mays type of Play. Big, strong and good straight line speed
    But very I disciplines, poor lateral movement and a lot if character issues
    If he kept his head together, he was provably a top # 3 Safety
    But now after transferring from Miami to a divsion 2 Scool in Alabana where word was that he did not gave a very good seaso , the red flags are out there and he’s probably a 5th Rd pick now, but he does have tons of Physical ability and see him ending up with the Vengals (like Burfict) or the Ravens who gave to start think about who replaces Ed Reed soon and probably with good veteran support and coaching Ray Ray would be a great 5th/6th Round pick-up

    • I wouldn’t draft him before the 5th round either Paul……His season was bad at the division II school because he wasn’t allowed to play because of the timing of his transfer; he was ineligible to play, so he lost his senior year.

      He is my target to improve the special teams, be brought along slowly like and possible with no pressure could grow to be a productive pro.

  • As dad as Nnamdi goes, the Eagles will attempt to sign DRC but
    Will be light on the $$$ to do so and will bolt for a team down Soluth
    (Titans/Panthers) to be closer to home (Tennessee) so the Eagles will most likely
    Re-structure Nnamdi’s Deal and add a couple of more years to the deal
    (Which he will never see) and give him about $6-$7 Million range
    Per year to save face for him and the Club for getting him to begin with

  • And of Course Asmo is going to say the right things for if he were released
    He would be fortunate to earn $3-4 per year and have to rebuild his reputation ams a Top CB which at his age and stage of career is very unlikely to occur
    After 2 poor seasons in Philly though he has played better the last 2 weeks
    Than he has all Season..

    • Either way I still say DRC will be here. If Nnamdi takes a pay cut great! He’s still serviceable, just not as a starter; He could be used for depth. It allows room for a younger FA,CB with Potential like a Tracy Porter, and or trade for a Charles Tillman, or Darelle Revis, who would like out of NY.

  • Porter is old a d injury prone and Revis coming torn ACL
    I think DRC want out of Philly and is to laid back and mentally weak
    To be the main guy in Philly. He will bolt down South which suits him better and be close to home (which is Tenn)
    There are lots of decent CB Free-Agents this year
    Mike Jenkins, Aqib Talib, Antoine Cason,
    Cedric Griffin,Marcus Trufant, Grimes who are all younger and hungry to step up for the bright lights
    No way Bears let Tillman get away

  • I wouldn’t sign any of those guys…DRC flat out has more talent than all of them.

    Mike Jenkins is as injury prone as Tracy Porter; are you kidding me Paul
    Aquib Talib I would think about, but a serious potential headache off the field.
    Antoine Cason — No Thank You….I’d rather have DRC
    Griffin, Trufant- Bums
    Grimes – nothing special. I make the trade for Revis. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

    Charles Tillman, He is a free agent the following year, and they have a choice to either sign him, because they would be way over the cap or release Peppers….I pick up whoever they they don’t want. Tillman, may hold out this summer.

  • Tracy Porter is 27 years old Paul

    • Correct he is 26

  • Porter has made 1 big play in his Career, albeit on the years biggest game on Int TD return in Super Bowl vs Manning, has never played more than 10 games a season in his Career
    I don’t like DRC attitude and he does have the mental toughness to play in Philly if he’s the #1 CB, he just doesn’t have it..
    Jenkins on Cosboys did have som injuries and held out getting into Zherry Jones doghouse and then they went out and signed Carr & Drafted Claiborne keeping him off the field, not much wear and tear on him and he knows the NFC East Steams and WR’s well and would be a good and probably cheap, low risk pick-up in my opinion

    • Not accurate Paul, Tracy Porter was almost shutdown at New Orleans since his rookie year until he got hurt his last year with them. And was named the starter at Denver until he got sick. Good Ballplayer.

  • Oh, don’t get me wrong I understand why you feel like that against DRC. That’s why I want them to hire a Vic Fangio, as head coach. He’s a more discipline demanding coach, and hopefully would have a positive affect on the entire defense, including DRC.

    For those who are concerned about the effect on Foles, I would seriously hope that Fangio would hire a Joe Lombardi, the QB Coach from New Orleans, as our New Offensive Coordinator, to continue Foles maturation process.

    I’m not one who’s worried about Foles. I DO think he is the future of the Eagles. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!….Good call on him Paul. I hope he is still your guy. Again, I will say, I see Brady Type Potential.

  • Im all in on that plan gmcliff.

    • Thumbs up Stevo….because it would put us back in contention within 2 years.

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