• July 1, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 95-85 Loss To Indiana

The Philadelphia 76ers lost their second straight game on Friday night, falling 95-85 to the Indiana Pacers. The Sixers have now lost five of their last seven games, and their record is now 12-11.

  • The Sixers played hard tonight, but just couldn’t overcome the loss of Jrue Holiday. The shorthanded Sixers faced an uphill battle without their star point guard and fought a tough battle against the Pacers, but they just didn’t have enough in the tank to get it done.
  • Evan Turner got the start as the team’s point guard tonight, and was asked to do some heavy lifting, logging over 41 minutes of action. The Sixers were also without Royal Ivey, leaving rookie Malik Wayns as the only other healthy point guard. Turner led the team with 22 points and also collected 10 rebounds and handed out five assists.
  • Turner did his best, but just didn’t receive a lot of help from some of his teammates. Jason Richardson gave the Sixers nothing tonight. The veteran sharpshooter has looked tired, and has been running on fumes the last couple of weeks. Richardson hit just one of his six field goals, and played just over 20 minutes. Nick Young started the game well, hitting three of his first four shots, but finished just 4-13 for the night.
  • One guy who did step tonight was Spencer Hawes, who played a good offensive game off of the bench. Hawes scored 18, connecting on eight of his 15 attempts.
  • Thaddeus Young had a decent game, scoring 12 points and pulling down seven rebounds. Young was part of a strong defensive effort before the half. Young scored to make to a two-point game, then stole the inbounds pass and quickly fed Evan Turner for an easy layup to tie the game. This was a tough game for an undersized forward like Young, who spent most of the night battling with the big bodies of David West and Roy Hibbert.
  • The Sixers had no answer for Indiana’s Paul George, who scored 28 points and hit five three-pointers.
  • This team is in trouble right now. With Jrue Holiday out, little depth on the bench, no sign of Andrew Bynum, veterans like J-Rich wearing down, few things are going right for the Sixers right now. A difficult challenge awaits this team on Sunday when Kobe Bryant and the Lakers come to Philadelphia.

Denny Basens

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  • We really needed Jrue lastnight. Evan had a good individual stat line but Jrue has the ability of getting everyone involved leading team in assists almost 9 per game, locking down the opposing PG and leading the team in scoring 18 plus a game. We needed him against this athletic, lengthy, tall, skilled team in the pacers. They shoot lights out and can be a very physical team. They have great balance too. But the one holding it all together is the big guy in the middle, Roy Hibbert. 7’2 280 is their defensive anchor and can score down low and has a decent jumper. Shows how much we could use Bynum and his presence on both ends of the floor. I believe Bynum will return sometime in Febuary, around allstar break. But we ll know alot more after his next knee evaluation that will take place this month…

  • Hawes 3 rebs. Nick Vucevic 18 rebs last night. collins cant coach young talent.Lost patience with vuc too fast. cant win with a coach like that.

  • 1977- Let’s not go there. I feel we definitely can win with Doug and have been einning with Doug cmon man. He can’t make Hawes a tough guy when he just isnt. Hes more of a finesse player not a banger. We knew Vuc had talent, he was a rookie last yr remember? And they traded Vuc for Bynum. Who wouldn’t make that trade? (Hopefully it pays off). But if Doug can coach Evan Turner than he can coach anyone bc Turner is a hot head/head case. Don’t get me wrong I love the relentless fight that he has in him but he can be a head case. Doug is great with guys that have personalities. Doug can play mind games with the best of them. Hes certainly not the issue. Rookie big men just rarely contribute in there first season. Hawes needs to add some muscle and have more of an aggressive nature to his game. Look to rebound and defend the basket over taking jump shots all game long..

    • turner was the same player last year but got his minutes taken by jodie meeks and lou williams( two guys he’s better than)i dont think d. c is a bad coach. but his mind games and lack of patience tend to ruin players.J rich, dorell wright, swagy p. all shooting some of the lowest percentages of their careers.. is that a coincidence? or is it coaching? over coaching, micro managing. Its who the guy is..He needs established stars to succeed

  • JH, it’s a little late for Hawes who is what in his 3rd-4th Season now
    He is what he is, a big guy who is a perimeter player and is not an low-post type of player who is going to play with his back to the basket and establish a low post game. The 76ers are a jump shooting game and a .500 Team
    And a 7th/8th Seed in the Eastern Conference and a good 2 pieces away from legitimately contending for Top 4 Status in the Easyern Conference
    They are what I said they are 2 months ago which is and up and down team
    With no post offense, poor rebounding team, and rely on hot jump shooting to have a chance to win games which will occur in about 40-50% of their games
    They are 1/4 into their Season and I see very little changing about their prospects of being a .500 Team

    • Fraud u just made my point. Maybe u should direct this to 1977 not me genius..

  • We have absolutely nothing at 5 & 4. Bynum is a mutt, & IMHO, does not want to play here, or he’d be making every effort to coming back. His injury is BS! He’s been bowling, at Dave & Busters on several occasions, seen shooting at the hoops! He’s a mutt & I wouldn’t give him a dime after this season. The only good thing at getting him, is Stinkadala is GONE!!!!

  • From JH “Doug can play mind games with the best of them”
    And how does this Win you Games in the NBA???
    What are you now, Dr Phil.. LMBO…
    Your a clown who needs to take your “rose-colored glasses” off
    About this 76er Team.. Good Grief Said Charlie Brown.

  • And your a fraud fan who live in Boones NC nowhere near Philly, stay there and keep following the Panthers and Bobcats dope. You didn’t even watch the game lastnight so cut the crap. You wait for them to lose then come on here to make a point. Doubt you knew Jrue didnt play either. Fraudman Fraudfan stay in the Boones

  • Who cares where I live JH.. I still know a quality,good Baseketball Team when I see them and the 76ers ain’t it plain in simple.. 2nd Tier Teams like the Pacers,Golden State,Milwaukee,Nuggets,Hawks. T-Wolves, Salt Lake City are more Talented than these 2012 76ers Quad.. Which is ok and exactly how most fans see them as and are and nowhere near the Top Dogs of the NBA, not even close Pal.. They have 1 Quality Starter in Jrue and about 3-4 Back-up Players that would not Start for any of the Top 12-15 Teams in the NBA.. Players like Turner, Thadd, Hawes & J Richardson would all be 12-18 Minute a game players coming off the Bench for any of the good teams…
    Where in Live in Boone,NC, Salt Lake City, I will always call them as a I see them and the only Fraud around here is you if you think this 76er Team is ready for prime time.. Keep dreaming JH ..

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