• August 16, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 107-100 Loss To Dallas

The Philadelphia 76ers lost their fourth straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Dallas Mavericks 107-100. The Sixers record is now below .500 at 12-13.

  • You have to give Evan Turner a lot of credit right now. The Sixers are asking him to put the team on his shoulders with Jrue Holiday out, and I think he’s responded to the challenge extremely well. Turner is running the offense, hitting big shots, shooting the three well, and working hard on the defensive end. The third-year player is playing with a great deal of confidence right now, and he’s the glue that’s keeping this battered team together.
  • Turner’s supporting cast was an issue once again.  Too many important figures just didn’t do enough tonight, and it helped cost the Sixers the game.
  • Spencer Hawes played well,  scoring 16 points and pulling down seven rebounds. He gave one of his better defensive efforts, and didn’t allow the Mavericks to have their way in the paint. Hawes is a very up-and-down player, and right now his arrow is currently pointing up.
  • After dropping 30 points against the Lakers, Nick Young came back down to Earth tonight. Young scored just eight points, and was barely on the court during the second half.
  • Jason Richardson knocked down just one three in this game, but played one of his better games in the last few weeks. J-Rich scored just eight points, but was active in other areas, collecting six rebounds, four assists, and two steals. That being said, a shooter as skilled as Richardson should not be going 1-7 from beyond in a situation where his team desperately needs his offense.
  • Doug Collins tried both Royal Ivey and Malik Wayns in hopes of giving Turner a rest, but neither was able to provide a spark. Ivey played just over three minutes, and Wayns was only able to connect on one field goal in a 16 minute run.
  • Dorell Wright scored 25 off of the bench tonight. He hit a pair of threes late in the game that helped bring the team to within six points of Dallas.
  • Interesting that Lavoy Allen got just over five minutes of run tonight. Chris Kaman and Shawn Marion were pushing around Kwame Brown with ease, I’m surprised Doug Collins didn’t try to change things up and give Allen a little more of an opportunity.

Bottom Line

Another difficult loss for the Sixers. They fought hard through three quarters, but just couldn’t run with the Mavericks for a full 48 minutes.

The Dallas Mavericks aren’t a pushover by any means, but they’re missing their star in Dirk Nowitzki, and also were without Elton Brand and Derek Fisher in this game, yet they’re a team that knows how to overcome their injuries. The difference between the two teams is depth.

Without Nowitzki, Brand, and Fisher, the Mavericks had guys Chris Kaman, Shawn Marion, O.J. Mayo, and Brandan Wright step up to help them pull out a win tonight. The Sixers just don’t have the same luxury in terms of depth that a team like Dallas has. Until Jrue Holiday is able to return, this team will continue to struggle to find ways to win games.

Denny Basens

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  • hey denny, spencer hawes sucks!!! He was terrible on every pick and roll down the stretch of that game. mayo blowing right by him..And what does the great coach doug do ?? take turner out for defensive purposes and then damien wilkins gets blown by just as bad..
    Players that should never get time on this team :
    Damien Wilkins
    Royal (with cheese) ivey
    Spencer(mr softee) hawes
    This infatuation with dough and” his guys” has got to stop.If they dont produce wins whats the sense in having them in there?

    • Hawes is a frustrating player, and there’s so question he plays soft most nights, but last night I thought he was better than his usual effort. Was he perfect? No. But the effort was there last night.

      • He blows Denny! Cut it out!

    • Hawes had a great game last night — he was 5-7 FG and 8-8 on the free throw line for 18 points and 7 rebounds in 27 minutes ( the rest of the team attempted 7 FT total )
      The Sixers team is just slow and has no explosion.
      Hawes’ perimeter shooting opens the lane up but the Sixers are too slow and have no hop to take advantage of his perimeter skills. The Sixers built this team with slow 3 point shooters(who can’t rebound also) and without Bynum they are getting run out of the gym.

      • how did u like his defense against kaman, and mayo on those pick and rolls. He cant move his feet and he cant jump. How can anyone who watched last nights game say hawes played great??? vucevic is a better player right now. I would have sent the magic harkless and hawes and kept vuc.. But d.c gives up on young guys so…

  • The 76ers have 1 Legitimate NBA Starter on their Roster and that’s Guard
    Jrue Holiday.. (and possibly Evan Turner).. The remaining 10-11 Players on this Roster are 12-18 Minute a Games Players coming off the Bench for most NBA Teams at best..
    Thadd,Hawes,Allen,Kwame,Young,Richardson,Wright,Mailk,etc,etc are nothing be role/bench players who would be the 8th-12th Players on other Teams Rosters where the 76ers need them to be 3rd thru 8th Type of Players which they simply are not.. Team will struggle to Win 40 Games and mostl likely miss the Playoffs….Where’s Show Your Love JH ??.. It’s funny how he disappears when the 76ers lose… I belive Collins is losing his voice with this Team..

    • It’s funny how Lil Bron Bron shows up after ET has a good game, then doesn’t show his face, when ET disappears for his monthly 3-4 game Houdini act!

  • Evan just ran out of gas in the 4th – trying to defend Collison and Beaubois and play the point on O. He air balled a couple 4th quarter shots and I don’t think he scored in the 4th. He was having a really good game until the 4th.

  • turner and holiday are the only two pieces i would definitely keep going forward . Trade whoever u can to get a big in here that can jump
    lavoy, hawes, kwame?? these are the players i have to watch every night..

    oh i forgot about moultrie who gets zero time.Good job D.C

    • Turner needs to go too!

  • Evan only played 20 minutes in Houston and took only 7 shots — he may have an injury ( we’ll see friday)

  • either Jason Richardson or Evan Turner has to go to the bench for Dorell Wright, his ball handling and ability to initiate fast break points, ability to penetrate and draw fouls is too valuable to waste on the bench
    Thad Young starts every game missing his first 5 lay ups. He cannot score over starting PF especially early in the game

  • Jrue returns tonight for the Atlanta gme but Evan might be down— will Sweet Lou go off tonight?

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