• May 26, 2022

Only Time Will Tell With Nick Foles

What you see is what you get with Nick Foles.  This young man is very big, bright and disciplined but he’s not the most gifted of NFL quarterbacks.  He can play the position at the NFL level and he can help you win some games, but there’s no way you can decipher right now whether he can help you win it all.

Foles needs to quicken his delivery and continue to work on his speed, strength and quickness.  He’s shown that he’s willing to put the hours, days, months and years of work to be as good as possible.  The young man is a project of sorts, who will take at least a year or two of development before he reaches his zenith.

The former Arizona quarterback has the size and smarts to be a starting NFL quarterback, but he needs to strengthen his arm, develop more quickness in his feet and undergo the experiences of figuring out coverages at the line of scrimmage then making tough throws under pressure while a tough pass rush is in his face.

The big question which must be answered concerning Foles is how long will he have to make those improvements here in Philadelphia.  The fact that he wasn’t a number one pick will probably give him less time to prove himself, but the answer to that key question about how much time he will get, will have a lot to do with who the next coach of the Eagles will be.

In addition the answer to the question about whether they’ll be able to get their hands on a better option at the quarterback position will factor into his future.

If Chip Kelly is the guy, I have no idea who he will want at the quarterback position but there’s a good chance he’ll want somebody quicker and faster than Foles.  Michael Vick might be a more attractive option for Kelly than Foles.

If the Eagles next head coach runs a standard NFL offense, Foles will probably get the chance to show what he can do.  Right now Foles must focus on what he can control, which is his play on the field.  In the near future, he had better be ready for the ups and downs of playing quarterback in the NFL.


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  • If Chip Kelly comes to the Eagles,
    They won’t win more than 4 games a Season regardless of who the QB is and would be a terrible hire.. The Eagles would become even “Smaller and Faster” than they have been under the Coach Reid
    This Franchise and Team needs a Discplinarian,who will bring basic,sound,fundamental and PHysical Football back to the Eagles.. not more gadet plays, 5 Set WR’s formations who rely of 3-4 Play Drives instead of controlling the clock and the line of scrimmage with a more balanced approach… No Chip Kelly

  • Chip Kelly WOULD NOT energize this member of the fan base!

  • On Nick Foles,
    He has potential but needs a strong Offensive Line in front of him (as most QB’s do) and a Balanced Offensive Philosophy where the Eagles need to feature the Run Game as many of us have wanted for a coupld of seasons now…. With McCoy & Brown and utlizing Play-action, where Foles is dropping back 25 Times a Game instead of 40 Times a game, I see no reason why the Eagles and FOles can’t be succesful again on the Offensive end and more consistent and stay out of negative plays and turnovers as they have been with the reckless Vick the last 2 Seasons. Play smarter,fundamental Football which may be boring for some fans instead of trying to make a big play or score on every play. But this Wins in the NFL and at least gives your Team a chance to steal a few games as the Young QB inproves and also allows much needed rest for a young Defense which most likely the Eagles will have over the next couple of Seasons

  • @paulman I have a question for you. Do you think that you and all other fans are smart and Chip Kelly is stupid? Do you think Chip Kelly doesnt know the same things we know? Do you think he doesnt know the NFL is different or just everyone else knows? Do you think he wouldnt know to adjust to the situation? Honestly isnt that a real possibility? Do you really think he is gonna have a bunch on pee wee players try to run his offense? I would think he knows this already dont you?

    • that is more than a question? LOL

  • I will on behalf of disgruntled Eagles Fans with this gimmicky, dink & dunk and small but fast players, if Chip Kelly is Hired, I will agree to meet him at the Airport and eliminate him before coming down the Stairs of the Plane.
    I am serious and willing to do time if necessary..
    I rather the Franchise move to Los Angeles than hire Chip Kelly

    • gross joke or not to say this at this time.

  • I think Chip Kelly is an excellent College COach and his style of gimmicky Offense is not a good fit for the PHiladelphia Eagles..
    It may work in warmer climate, dome team stadiums,, Perhaps Arizona in the Desert where you canwear a Defense down faster with his hectic pace of play
    I (and many Fans) want the Eagles to return to a more physical, fundamental and sound style of Football , We just had 14 Years of Coach AR & MM Schemes and Gimmicks and Gadget Football and I and many others are tired and sick of it.. It’s time to get bigger and tougher and I don’t see this philosophy in Coach Kelly’s background..
    I do think that some Coaches (AR being one of them) are the Type who believe that they always have to “outsmart” their opponenets where most of the time ist’s a matter of out-executing your opponent.. .Coach AR never understood this enough and spent way too much time and energy on being “clever and outsmarting his opponents week in and week out” instead of fundamentals and out working and out executing your opponents which is what the legitimate Super Bowl Contendors Teams and Coaching Staffs do ..
    I am afraid that Chip Kelly is in the same mold where he will be out to prove to everyone this his genius system with work in the NFL , whcih maybe it will. but try ot first in Arizona, or San Diego first …

  • Im not discounting what you say. I want a bigger and tougher team also. But Im also realistic and trying to find a silver lining in all reports. By fans keep talking about and posting about these defensive coaches by all reports it ISNT HAPPENING! We are not getting a 49ers or Seattle type of team no matter what we want. So I prepare myself now for the inevitable. So when early next year its announced that so and so is the next coach of the Eagles I dont act like I didnt know it was coming. I hope Im wrong.

  • They’ll get an offensive guy. I dont think there gonna go a college guy,unless Saban wows them and they even thought about him. Im thinking accomplished o-cord.

    Foles needs to get thicker and build his body up. Similiar to how Matt Ryan has developed. He’s already proven he tough and can take hits that Vick was dizzy’d from. So thats a plus. Build some muscle for the long season.

    With a locked and loaded offense and o-line back to health, a new coach will find the Philly gig very appealing. Maybe they do take the big tackle first round. Theres 2-3 top shelf defenders in the first half of the draft. The defense is in dire need of another playmaker.Or a playmaker…considering theres zero now.

    Odds on a pick or strip fumble before the seasons over? Better chance of a reindeer taken a handoff Sunday.

    • @erock we got a couple strip fumbles last week. No chance on the picks though lol

  • It looks like I will be busy at the Airport picking off these Gadget-Small but Fast-Pass Happy HC’s one by one, until Lurie has to Hire a Defensive Coach

    • just trash

  • gus bradley or vic fangio please

  • Chip Kelly may be pulling a Pete Carroll and skipping town before the sanctions hit:
    the NCAA is investigating Oregon for paying a Texas recruiting service which landed a player under suspicious dealings.

  • Until Nick Foles proves he can throw the ball in Cold weather successfully, Mike Vick is might still be the number one option next year

    • what are you talking about? throw in cold weather? that continues to be some of the idiocy people say on here. cold weather?

      • guilty, I’m the idiot who initially who wrote it
        he has yet to prove he can spin it through cold weather
        Foles was awful last week and he has two cold games to prove his arm can handle December weather

  • there is “Zero” chance in the Hell that Mike Vick is an Eagle in 2013
    No Way, No How

  • There will not be enough games to judge him this year which means that it would tough to go into next season with him as the starter. That being said, i don’t like any of the QBs coming out at the pick that they probably go.

    Vick ain’t coming back. They are not going to pay him that much money.

    Kelly is pulling a Calipari.

  • Some of you are delusional, grasping at straws, Vick coming back, not a chance, give it up, some funny stuff here though, now the litmus test is cold weather, you will hear just about anything here, some good entertainment

    • my eyes saw Foles throw a few ducks last week

      • that happens and it wasn’t cold! too funny

        • 42 degrees and I saw Eskin in a fur coat behind big red

          • LMAO…Funny shyt ever right

  • Foles is an Andy Reid type quarterback but Andy Reid isnt going to be here. Positively, we will get a couch with a little more defensive toughness and a coach that will run the ball more. The whole philosophy of the team is going to change. Its important Foles looks amazing these last 2 games, if not, anything can happen..

    • Ummmm. No.

      Andy Reid:
      Draft McNabb #1 Mobile. Athletic.
      FA Garcia. Mobile. Athletic
      FA Vick: Mobile. Athletic

      Reid has always favoured the mobile Qbs over the pocket passers, and has had most of his “success” with guys who run around.

  • Everybody is counting Mike’s money..????? he’s not worth this not worth that….
    For what ..why do we/you care what he’s being paid ? If they need
    Mike to resrtucture his pay check to address other needs it’ll be done without any problems..QB’s are the most overpaid out of all 22 positions so of course his salary is high
    most of the leagues starting QB’s not on their rookie deals are being paid 10+ mill year…
    the market determines value not us, not coaches, not even players themselves…
    Remember Kolb got 10 mill guaranteed from the Eagles the turned around and got 20 mill from the Cardinals ???

  • I care about the percentage of the salary cap that he gets paid. Don’t try to make this an us vs. them conversation, because that is not what this is about. It is the fact that he is due to earn a pretty large portion of the cap, and I don’t think that he is worth that at this point in his career.

    You say that he will re-structure as if it is a done deal. I am not so sure on that one. But even if he was, he is too much of an injury risk for me going forward.

  • I disagree, He could never get the pocket passer he wanted. So he went with the best available.

  • Andy was told to draft McNabb and told to start.Vick, andy wanted Kolb, and foles, you will never get the truth, this truth from lurie or Reid, they are bull shit artists, but lurie makes decisions about who the quarterback is, if a he’s a high profile quarterback, after they were shot, and to McNabb was shot when he got here because he’s ballless, lurie let Ani promise youdy have his way with Kolb until the next quarterback lurie wanted in Philly Vick , now Vick shot and now we see foles, I promise you won’t see him for long, he’s not luries quarterback

  • I dont know, I like Foles size. He has 2 games left to show more and for us to analyze him. We still need another big receiver.

  • Jake i have no clue how you come to that conclusion that Lurie told Andy to start Vick. I think Kolbs play and Vick play let him make that decision. I have to call bs on your theory.

    So you think Foles is outta here after one year?Dunno bro.I think hes the starter in 13′ regardless of the coach. Hes gonna bust his butt to get better and come to camp next year determined to be a top shelf qb. I like the dudes game. Needs to get bigger and tighten that release. Reads defenses pretty well for a pup. Handles pressure and isnt fragileee.

  • We can speculate all we want but we won’t know who the QB will be in 13 until we find out who’s running the show. Pretty sure Vick will be a Jet. If Andy somehow is still here then Foles is the QB if he’s fired who the hell knows what’s next. Question everybody if you take the Eagles HC job do you make Foles the starter.?

  • Andy is ghost…book it…lock it up…seal it and send it to L.A.

  • Erock I agree Vick was playing out his arze at the time, but Kolb was Reid hand picked successor. Reid made the most abrupt change, going from an arrogant stance that 4 was the starter to the next day apologetically saying Vick is the starter. Laurie. He told Reid who to start lurie will not give foles any time to develop. He wants a different qb. The new coach will go with someone other than foles unless foles shows manning esque ballin the next two games

  • That was Reid deflecting the questions to me,noone knows. He flat out said Vicks play is the reason he was the starter. But its over and baby arm(always loved that nickname) is gone. Vicks on his way out(great redemption story,but thanks for zilch).

    I dunno bro. The next coach may be intrigued by Foles,may wanna work with him and improve his game. This team,with a defensive draft and improved o-line(healthy),is ready to win some games. You have an all pro back to take the pressure off the kid.

    Byrd in FA…safety from Bills. Tell Nmandi to move to other safety or hes gone. Take a pay cut or your done.

    Finley in FA?

    As much as we want a big wide-out i dont think is coming this year. New coach may do something very outlandish in the redzone…its a dynamic way of scoring…its odd….yet very simple to execute….its called…running the ball. Your running back basically uses is all world moves and powerful legs to get 2-3 yards. You can also get 4-5 if you establish it early in a season. You know…work it into the gameplan.

    Goodbye Walrus….CABS HERE!!!

  • Got to ask if anyone else find humor in the irony that Reid spent years trying to turn two “running QBs” in to a high accuracy pocket QB for his pass every down possible offense only to finally get one that has a legitimate chance to be that QB but won’t be his coach for more than part of a season?

  • I am a Foles fan and I think there’s a very good chance he could be a very good Eagles QB for many years. That been said, It’s very unlikely that Foles will have a “break-out” game before the end of the season making it easier for a decision coming next year for several very good reasons. The O line is still very limited in talent. His best WR is a #2 @ best and is one of the worst RAC receivers in the NFL. The team & Foles has had only a handful of games practicing with what the Eagles have closest to “starters” or 1s. The coaches can’t have more than 1 balanced offensive game per season which has already happened. The offense play calling is the worst in the NFL and pathetically predictable.

    How can a rookie with all that stacked up against them possibly have a game so impressive that anyone would “know” he “should be” the starter for next year by any coach named this spring?.

  • Why would Vick want to come back to a 4 win team that will be rebuilding for ghe next 3-4 years? Why would he want to play in a city thats destined to never win a Super Bowl? I hope Vick is gone and Foles will Fold next year. GO JETS

  • Vick will be on the Jets. you know a bad team that has at least WON A SUPERBOWL LOL NICK FOLES BREAK A LEG. LITERALLY.

  • Erock you show some much needed balance here, keep posting with your perspective , time will tell with foles, I like his presence, pocket awareness, but as a third round pick he needs to show more sooner than later, we will see, but if you are foles there is a lot of pressure, we will see what he has

  • And exactly with that big walrus, how could any coach command the respect of his huddles, looking like he does, it has been a joke for 14 years, I am the egg man, I am the egg man I am the walrus, koo, koo KA chu

  • Because Vick won’t see $20 Miilion a Season ever again which womd be reason he wants to stay, even the stupid Jets wouldn’t pay him half that amount
    Or any other Franchise, someone will grab him (Cardinals/Jets/Bills) but not with his Current Contract level)
    Eagles will Draft OT Joeckel, a DT, a Safety and CB in the early Rounds
    And become more if a Ball-Control Offense with Foles and Edwards being the Back-up and build from there with their new Coaching Staff
    It’s not Rocket Science on what needs to be done with Eagles to become competitive again

  • Personally I’d rather see Vick go someplace else and laugh at this ass of an organization like Asante did. Vick will go to a team with a committed running game and that team will be better than what Reid and Howie put together.

    paste it.

    You guys are going to get exactly what you’ve been looking for…so get your paper bags ready.

  • You’re 100%correct Songs, I agree buddy. Asante’s laughing his arse off at us now. Howie and Andy need to go.

  • Coaching changes everything!

    I am hopeful a new solid traditional football based coaching staff will turn things around. Unfortunately I see the following from the coward Lurie:

    Andy Reid moves to President.
    Marty M Promoted to HC
    If Pat shurmer is out in cleveland he is OC if not Peterson promoted.
    Bowles returns as DC a new Dline coach is hired.
    Juan is asked back as OLine coach.

    Foles must start next year. He has shown he is as good or better than the bottom third of the leagues QB’s hopefully another year and hopefully a new coaching philosophy and staff takes him to the top third and beyond.

    I believe the kid thinks a good game and that is a huge advantage moving forward.

  • The sick part is that if the above happens and we all revolt but the birds win 3 of 4 games to start the year Lurie knows we will all come back.

  • NO to running QB’s.

    Hey I got this great Idea= lets take our highest paid player and the focus of our team and intentionally have him get crushed 16+ games per year as he ages and becomes less quick, less limber, and recovery time increases as his salary increases disproportionate to the increase in missed games.

    NO Thanks Chip Kelly must stay away or he must change his style.

  • Can we please give the ball to running backs who are easier to replace than QB’s….Please…

    Can we get passes to receivers in stride..seeing some more of that for a change. We do need a big receiver. We also need a Heath Miller type TE to pair with Celek

  • So let’s get this right…….

    our talent evaluation sucked for at least on the defensive side the majority of the time Reid have been here…..he sucked with receivers when the team had the defense in place with the core group he inherited by Rhodes.

    He eventually parlayed that into backbiting the Talent Evaluators while surrounding himself by yes men.

    His sons were living wrecks and one tried to smuggle heroin into jail..the same eventually died of a drug overdose with a defibrillator found next to him at the training camp on campus….surrounded by young kids…he was loaded with syringes and steroids while working in the strength and conditioning department.

    And we’re supposed to feel sorry for Andy Reid and give him an ovation?

    We didn’t win because of Reid…We won in spite of him apparently many of those flaws are not mentioned in this post.

    Farewell…and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    fat bastard

  • Regal…stop sniffing the glue dude.

    We’ve been hoping for years..Go back to the old Bobby Hoying articles….or better yet the Kevin Kolb Era is here articles.

    Switch the name to Foles….there’s nothing to see here.

    We might as well cheer for the Redskins for years to come…This organization is sick from the head down and when the brain is sick the body fails.

    Roseman is running things now.

    Feel confident now?

    what that do for your hopes?

  • Haha songs, you are a funny man, and you will always be aces in my book for being responsible for the departureof the biggest blowhard in the history of gcobb

  • I got this from a website. Im sorry if I offend anyone and they have watched game film on Nick Foles while he was in college. These proffessionals did. If you did watch gamefilm on Foles please let us know so if you dispute any of these analyst you have merit. If you didnt look at years of game film you really cant dispute anything that is being said. Now that we’ve gotten a six-game look at Nick Foles, we have an idea of what he does well and what he needs to work on.

    But sometimes, it’s fun to look back.

    Below is a roundup of what some analysts had to say about Foles during the draft process last year.

    ESPN’s Mel Kiper:

    “Has solid mechanics and throws on the move effectively. You can’t argue with the arm strength and size. But he’s not as accurate as you’d like.”

    Kiper’s analysis seems pretty accurate, based on what we’ve seen so far. Foles’ best throws have come on the move. But he’s certainly been off-target at times and has completed just 59.4 percent of his attempts.

    ESPN’s Todd McShay:

    “I spend a lot of time looking at them under pressure. Those are the throws you have to make in the NFL. That’s what separates the good from the great, and sometimes separates whether you can be a starter or not at the next level and win consistently. I have been impressed with Nick Foles in that regard. Doesn’t move very well and while he was underwhelming at the Senior Bowl, I do think that he is a little bit better than maybe what the public opinion is now. He really handles pressure well and knows where to go with the ball.”

    For the most part, that seems fair too. Foles’ best performance so far came in the Bucs game. He was under constant pressure, but did a good jog of creating “functional space” when the pocket broke down.

    Greg Cosell of NFL Films:

    Arm speed slow at this point. Negative impact on velocity. Did not drive the ball on few intermediate throws or sideline throws. Once in a while saw an NFL throw with anticipation + some snap. Major projection based on skill set evaluation + mental acumen.

    Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have talked about some of the things Cosell mentioned. Specifically, they’ve pointed out that arm strength is not Foles’ issue. It’s more footwork and mechanics.

    Rob Rang of CBSSports.com talked to a couple people at Foles’ Pro Day:

    “He was average,” one talent evaluator said. “Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t bad and the weather didn’t help but he didn’t drive the ball like you’d expect a quarterback of his size to and he has only average accuracy once you get past 15 yards, so I can’t imagine that anyone is raising his grade based on what they saw Monday.”

    Another source wasn’t quite as careful with his wording.

    “[Foles] was terrible. He couldn’t throw a spiral. Obviously, the weather conditions played a part in that but in reality, it only accentuated that he couldn’t throw a spiral”.

    • Lacks a really strong arm. Can’t drive the ball down the field and does not throw a really tight spiral. System-type player who can get exposed if he must ad-lib and do things on his own—-scouting report of ….. TOM BRADY!

      • Lacks the big arm and cannot drive the ball downfield… Eli Manning.The Bad: Needs to improve his footwork, release and does not throw the tightest spirals. Big Ben–
        damn brady, ben and eli–i think that encompasses 7 of the last 9 SB’s- hopefully Foles loose spirals, poor arm strenth as reported on a college scouting report translate favorably!

  • Good job daggolden, from these reports we have seen a little bit of each, what bothers me is nobody wants to say anything definitive. Just a few bunch of I don’t knows not what you want to read about the QB of the future.

    • you can’t know about what a QB will look like in the future…not foles, not anyone. as i’ve proven above a young kids scouting report doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  • Pros: He has the strongest arm in NFL history, he’s got pretty good speed and he’s 6’7″ and weighs like 270 pounds. Russell also has very good accuracy completing 68 percent of his passes. He threw 30 touchdowns in the SEC which is the toughest conference in the NCAA—-jemarcus russell–
    Big, strong arm—david klingler.

    • Klinger was never considered a QB Prospect with a Big NFL arm.
      He was a Run and Shoot QB, who sprayed the ball out to 4-5 Receivers on 10-20 yard slants, hook & go’s , etc.etc..
      Russell didn’t have the Heart or Work Ethic to become a NFL QB..
      Got his big signing Bonus and became fat,lethargic and lost focus as many immature Young men do when they signed their Rookie Deals adn expecially when the Bonus/Guaranteed $$ was crazt under the previous CBA

      • this is what the scouting report i found said… the bengals believed it enough to draft him #6!
        I’m just pointing to the anti-foles chatter that he doesn’t have a huge arm– which isn’t really true– its a footwork issue, similiar to what Eli had
        — these college draft things nit pick and have to say something about a weakeness…real or perceived

        • Anyone who watched Klinger down at University of Houston, knew he did not have a Big NFL Arm.. Kolb played in the same system and put up strong Stat’s too playing in that run & shoot system and actually was very similar to Klinger in arm strength which again, I would think most observors would deem their Arm Strength as “Average at Best” but defintiely not “Strong” .. Maybe you need better Sources/Reports
          to read.

          Anyone whostated that COlt McCoy, Jimmy Claussen,Brady Quinn’s as having NFL Arms was wrong too and you don’t need to watch muc tape on any of these guys to make that determination..
          I believe that Matt Barkley falls into this same category and would stay away from him with an early Round Pick to the Teams that are looking looking for a “Franchise QB” like the Cardinals,Chiefs,Jets,BIlls or Raiders

          • dick head i’m pointing out that scouting reports mean nothing. of course klingler sucked. i’m not arguing for klinger, manning, russell or anyone– i’m saying to disregard the scouting reports on foles. let him play this year and next and make a judgement.

  • Chip Kelly is going to be the next coach here. Book it! Not saying I’m in agreement, but I can see the future, and the future tells me so (like paulman).

    You guys do realize that the Seahawks run a run based, spread offense! Seems to be working pretty well in Sea right now. If you guys think he’s coming to the nfl to run the same offense at Oregon you’re idiots. If you and I can see it, don’t you think this guy can. Chip Kelly is going to love the personnel here in Philly. He will be the birds next coach.

  • i’m warming more to him coming here and you are correct he will adapt his offense. there is no way he’d run the exact same thing– NFL is a copy cat league and the spread or versions of it are popping up all over the place- even brady’s hurry up has some components of it.

  • Debate is good its what seperates us individually. Theres some of us who like to project. Nick Foles, Arizona
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 243.

    40 Time: 5.14.
    Arm: 33. Hand: 10 5/8.
    Projected Round (2012): 3-5.

    4/24/12: Foles has the physical tools but didn’t cause any fervor
    at the Senior Bowl or Combine. He is firmly behind Luck, RGIII, Tannehill; Weeden, Cousins and Osweiler. In other words we got the 7th rated QB in 2012 draft.

    Foles was a warrior in 2011 as he had to carry his team to keep them
    competitive in games. Arizona’s defense was terrible, and he had the pressure of
    having to get into shootouts on a weekly basis. Foles completed 69 percent of
    his passes for 4,334 yards with 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He is a
    big-armed pocket passer.

    Early in the season, Foles was doing a good job
    of avoiding turnovers, but late in the year, he threw a bunch of interceptions.
    One of the reasons for the interceptions is Foles’ inclination to lock on to one
    receiver and not make progressions through his different reads. Foles’ field
    vision will need work and that is the big detriment to his game.

    Foles’ completion
    percentage is inflated by the number of short-swing passes he threw. In order to
    improve as a prospect, Foles needs to become more accurate in the intermediate
    and deep part of the field. There were times where he was bailed out on throws
    by wide receiver Juron Criner.

    Foles has the arm and pocket presence to
    become a starting quarterback in the NFL. He’ll need more developmental practice
    time compared to the top-six signal callers in the draft. Foles needs to work
    on going through his progressions and finding an open receiver. He has the
    tendency to only look at one side of the field. Foles needs to increase his
    touchdowns and decrease his interceptions to improve his status. There is not 1 team in the NFL that would trade for Foles and hes the starting QB for my Philadelphia Eagles.

    • If we got the 7th ranked QB by those rankings then it kinda kills your argument since a lower ranked Russell Wilson is playing up there with the top ranked guys. It is all projection and to be quite honest those college analysts are full of shit. We really have to wait close to 2 years to see how this plays out.

  • Cigar you listed all the cons for Eli, Ben and Brady but what were their good points? Daggolden listed Foles entire scouting report. I get your point but remember Brady was a once in a lifetime find as a 6th rounder. Eli and Ben were first rounders even with the negatives you listed.

    • of course i was just pointing out that a college combine scouting report is going to point that stuff out and its not the end of the world– which people (pro-vick) are trying to nit pick foles weaknesses–
      the intangibles tend to be what makes or breaks a qb at this level. it seems as tho foles has some good intangibles– but time will tell on them.

  • That’s a pretty good scouting report, this quarterback is worth developing

  • Many of the same Scouts also reported that QB Cam Newton and RGIII
    would stuggle reading the complicated NFL DEfenses after coming from the
    OPtion-read Spread Systems of their COllege Days..
    It appears that they were wrong on both these QB’s who had been playing very well at the NFL.. It’s about the make-up,maturity and the “drive” that any young Player has coming into the NFL, these Athletes are the best of the best to get Drafted and with a focused,competitive drive along with good Coaching and of course, good Talent around them, the sky’s the limit for any of these Players to do well and have succesful Careers..
    I believe that Foles,Dalton,Rusell WIlson even Tannehill have these intangibles that other QB’s who are maybe more talented athletically simply do not (Vick,Sanchez,Kolb & Cutler and others as examples) and that’s what we as Fans have to hope for moving Forward.. Vick even admitted that his first few Seasons, he did not work on his craft,fundamentals and understanding of the Pro Game and simply relied on his Atleticism to make plays which he did quite oftend,but fast-forward 10 years in the NFL, those early 2-3 Seasons where he should have been honing his Pro Game cost him a Career opportunity to be a Great QB and this my friends is the Mike Vick Legacy.. So much Talent, the Arm, the Speed, the Athleiticism, but he never put the mental part of the game together until too late in his Career and now that he’s taking a pounding and his body is breaking down on him it is what it is … The “Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda’s” are over for Vick, plain and simple..

    • Cam Newton’s play book has been reduced to kindergarten level since the beginning of the year and Cam is back winning games now
      RG3 is running a very simplistic offense —-
      Keep it simple stupid and get your talent making plays

  • Bottom line at this time(not projecting) Nick Foles is more like John Skelton than Ben Rothlisberger. Bottom line at this time Nick Foles is one of the worst 5 QBs starting in the NFL at this time. The only thing we can go on right now is what we see. Theres not 1 team in the NFL that would trade for Nick Foles today. Thats the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    • Incorrect on just about every statement.

      Foles is just like Skelton was as a rookie in 2010….except for the minor details like…

      10% higher comp %
      700 more yrds passing in one more game
      1.5 yrds/att higher than Skelton
      Double the TD%

      Other than that they’re exactly the same.

      Youknow what annoys you the most? Its that Foles is much more tradable at this point than your now 3rd string hero.

  • No COmparison on Skelton and FOles (besides their Physical Attributes)
    Skelton played at Fordham with inferior Talent,Speed and Sophistication of a Pro Style Games versus Pro-Style Athletes at the COllege Level
    Foles played in the PAc-10 which is know for it’s Passing Offense and very good athletic Defenses and Secondaries.. Not an Apple to Apple Comparison
    I agree that FOles after 4-5 Starts is not going to be on anyone’s Radar as far as tradeability , bur neither is the $20 Million QB Vick, Mark Sanchez,Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Claussen,Colt McCoy,BLaine Gabbert,Chuck Daniels,Matt Lineart,Byron Leftwhich,Tim Tebow, and a host of other QB’s who have been around and played in the NFL a lot more than 5 Games…

  • Big Ben played in the MAC Conference for Miami of Ohio University and was very raw and not mechanically sound when he came out of COllege and also played with Athletes not as talented as you see in the “power Conferences’
    but What Big Ben did have was a mature Team with a simple,fundamental Offense that used the Running game and Physical Football to set up the Pass..Remember in his first Season when he wonm the SUper Bowl, the Steelers asked very little of him (throwing the ball 18-24 Times a Game) but when he had his moments to shine, he took advantage of them with his big,strong body and his desire to play well.. But he had many,many shaky performances his first 2 Seasons or so but was bailed out many times by playing on a Great Team with great Defenses and SPecialt Teams that really did not ask much form him as the Qb but to manage the game which he did well and then would always have those couple of big plays where he extending playes because of his size & strenhth and courage to keep things going..

  • Agreed paulman. If we build a team with a great oline, a great defense and a great special teams and a great coaching staff he coudl succeed. Hell doesnt every QB wish they had that? Also that list “QB Vick, Mark Sanchez,Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Claussen,Colt McCoy,BLaine Gabbert,Chuck Daniels,Matt Lineart,Byron Leftwhich,Tim Tebow”, thats the list we compare Foles to. good grief.

  • The fact is that considering the weak draft at qb, the other trash qbs out there, see paulman list, the eagles are lucky to have nick foles, even the worst critics state he’s a big bodied, nfl starting quarterback, if he continues to get better then we are set at qb for at least ten years

  • I disagree Dag,
    How can we compare Foles in 5 Weeks of Play realtisitcally to the QB’s I listed that have played at least 2 Seasons if not longer in th NFL..

  • Hey dag, instead of drudgining up any negative scouting report on foles, although most reports are positive, why don’t you let the man play for a season then you won’t have to predict, you can then either gloat or jump off the ben Franklin, chill out just messin with you

  • 10% higher completion % is not a minor detail…58%-68%…48%-58%…700 yards….1200-1900…2100-2800.Other then that its exactly the same?

    Give the kid a full camp with the skill guys. New olineman. Peters?

    Jake,i agree we’re lucky to have a guy who has some potential to be “the guy”. Good point.

  • Yes we are lucky to have the 7th rated QB in the 2012 NFL draft starting for the Philadelphia Eagles. What was I thinking? Dont get mad at me I dont make this shit up. Its facts. He played 5 games and was great in one and ok in another and terrible in 3 others. How that equates to QB of future is beyond me. One more thing. If I have to hear this oline and no weapons bullshit one more post. Is this the same oline that set franchsie records for Bryce Brown. Skilled position missing. You mean the one trick pony you call DJax? Or Celek who cant catch a cold? Hes missing them? ahhh when its convienient.

  • The only reason people like foles is because hes new.. Vick made a ton of plays better than Foles ever could, he did so even this year .. Its just teh novelty factor with a new tall quarterback

  • Using the term ‘novelty’ in describing Foles while you defend an all time novelty in Vick. Hilarious

  • It is what it is ..

  • Never laugh things off. A liar always laughs..

  • We could still be stuck with the 25th QB in QBR Rating which measues a QB’s Performance, Productivity and Decision-Making in crucial times of the Game like 3rd Downs, Red-Zone plays, in the 4th Quarter, 2 minutes to half, etc,etc
    and 10 Year Veteran (4th with the Eagles with a FUll Off-Season knowing he was the Starter) has a terrible Rating on 47.5 out of 100..
    I have no idea what Foles will end up doing, but I do know what Vick brings to th etable and that reckless ball, stupid reads, turnovers and lots of negative plays for the occastional fantastic play.. Vick’s toast..

  • I just don’t see an established Head Coach accepting Nick Foles as the 2013 day one starter, maybe a cheap newcomer first time head coach like a Pat Shurmur .

  • I dont understand the big thing about the spread offense. Its doing well this year, but defenses will catch up next year. Just like the wildcat. If the eagles hire Chip Kelly they will be at the end of the trend and a day too late. Just like when Reid tried the wildcat. Fads come defenses adjust.

    • I agree.. But good coaches stay ahead of the curve

  • In-line drive blocking is easy. Get off there jock about one game. And 7th rated qb? By whom?

    I didnt make the comment about skill position missing. My point was if he has a entire off-season and camp to WORK with the skil guys. If your gonna respond to a comment. At least understand it correctly.

    The oline is garbage dude. No? How not? Dunlap..garbage….Mathis…average without Peters…Reynolds…garbage..Watkins…ditto…Right tackle…garbage…backups…garbage.

  • OL needs to be addressed, no Free Agent is going to want to come to Philly with Nick Foles, a declining record, and new head coach
    so the Birds have to draft a new OL early and often this draft

  • Exactly Erock, the fact that foles is in one piece shows how well he can maneuver , shift and still keep his eyes down field , I think he will be real good with the starting o line, real good

  • I think hes got some potential. He needs to bulk up and shorten some of his throws. Peters,Mathis,Kelce,FA or Todd if they go tackle in draft,Herremans or tackle.I like the backs of course. I need more from this wide out crew.

    What about dumping Maclin and goin after Greg Jennings or Dwayne Bowe?

    Tight end in the draft?

  • I love you Lawwrd. Really do.

    So, I went and enroled you and daggolden into the Mike Vick Fan Club. It was only $9.99 each and I was happy to fut the bill.

    Your password is “I still wear the PJs” and Daggolden’s is “I haven’t taken the poster down yet!”.

    The two of you can go to the discussion forums there and rattle on about how Foles, nor any other future QB will never ever live up to the great amazing legacy MV7 left with the Eagles.

    How it was such a mistake moving on. How if only if only if only….

    Mike Vick is the 3rd string QB. Behind Trent Edwards. (no seriously….behind TRENT EDWARDS)
    Mike Vick will be gone next year.
    Mike Vick will play perhaps 6 games for another NFL team next year.
    Nick Foles is putting up better #s this year than Vick did.

    Its frikkin’ over.

    But I will grant you thins…you are partilly right on people liking Foles because he’s knew. And do you know why? Because we were driving a beat up old Piece of shit, and anything is better at this point.

    Now run off to your fan club.

  • Same question I asked earlier if anybody on this site was hired as head coach of the Eagles would you hand over the reins to Nick Foles? I know I wouldn’t not bashing the kid but know way in hell would I trust my job to this kid.

  • You have to.

    What are the options otherwise?

    Here they are:
    Trent Edwards
    Mark Sanchez
    Alex Smith (the only mildly intruiging option)
    Matt Cassel

    Do any of those appeal to anyone here??

    So draft then?
    Geno Smith? (He’ll be gone and everyone says he’ll stink)
    Matt Barklay? USC QBs stink

    So there you go. Foles it is for next year. By mid season we’ll know whether to continue moving forward with him or not.

    • Well Vinnie what I would do is try to get Mallet from NE or Cousins from the Skins if not then get Hasselbeck as a vet and i would draft one of the following 3 to groom Tyler Bray, Tyler Wilson or EJ Manuel.

  • I think Alex Smith could come in here and push Foles. Heck ,he might even keep him on the bench. Dude would be pretty driven. Only problem is i dont like his deep ball arm.

    Otherwise…Vinnies right..lotta bums out there.

  • Defenses have gotten better taking the Deep plays away
    Eagles need stronger type of Receivers for the all important “yac” which the Eagles WR Corps lacks big time with 3 of the 5 Wide-outs acre aid of contact
    (D-Jax, Maclin & Danarius Johnson) and the other 2 Wideouts
    Who can’t rub away from LB’s in Avant and Cooper
    I’ve been yelling for bigger, stronger Receivers for 3 years for the Eagles which is a major contributor why their Red-Zone Offense Sucks every Season

  • Foles is not putting up better number than vick .. Are you stupid?
    and its “foot the bill” fut isnt even a word.. youre just like andy reid out thinking yourself

  • @vinnie once again you have to be corrected. Nobody WANTS VICK. He has run his course in this town. So stop with the Vick Lovers shit. The issue has always been with being fair . Thats the issue. The issue is with the dopes on hear telling me what a QB who was the 7th rated QB in the 2012 draft does so well. Are you kidding me? At this point, today, right now. He SUCKS. He is one of the worst QBs in the NFL today. Maybe next year he gets better but TODAY he SUCKS. I just read Paulman talk about bigger recievers thats why the redzone has been terrible? Really, really? Well no shit wouldnt that have been nice for the last few years. Then I read about the oline? really really now we need a oline.lmao. Well no shit wouldnt that have been nice. Then I read about a new coach? really really, wouldnt that have been nice. Give me a f&*king break.

  • @Vinnie and dont think for one minute I havent noticed the change in the tone of your type. 3 weeks ago you were riding Foles like he was the next coming of Tom Brady. Now I see you saying, “well what other options do we have”, “by mid season we will know whether to continue with him or not”? Oh hell no.This is the QB for the next 10 years. he studies right off the plane. He is big, he is smart, he has the IT factor. No need to look for another QB. Dont change your shit now. Game on Sunday, no excuses.

  • 1 – Larrwd does indeed want Vick (and while I may think he’s Noone, I will accept the premise that he is actually a person)
    2 – you find me the post where I said Foles was Tom Brady and I’ll leave here (I did say his #s were comparable to Bradys’s rookie year – and they are)
    3 – I’ve said consistenly every week that it will take 12 games (min) to evaluate a QB – but that this is still a better option than the former supersar.
    4 – He is big, smart, confident, knows the playbook, and seems to have command at the LOS. And from every preport, does study all the time – unlike the former starter who had to be corraled into the film room. As for the “it” business, you may recall a battle I had with someone on here about how BS that was….was it Biglion? saying Foles didn;t have “IT” without ever defining what “IT” is.
    5 – We cannot look for another QB now for it will take till mid next season to see if Foles is good. Besides, the other options are all crap this year.

    6 – and Larrwd. I know this hurts your feelings, but Foles does have better #s than Vick in many categories (including comp%, Int%, sack%, pts/game and QBR)….so if he “sucks right now” as you guys claim…what does that say about the former superstar?

  • Hey lard ass wake up, foles is right now legit, his performance against the bucs best ever by eagles qb of the modern era, so where do you derive your info that he sucks, your thought process sucks because you cannot clearly see what’s before you, what is it about foles you don’t like, maybe because he looks like shaggy, he’s big, he is a pocket passer with a big arm, he’s smart, he can call the play at the Los, he has pocket presence, he studies, he has the respect of the real football players, he’s the best the eagles have, the best chance in a year or two at least, if the next black quarterback displays all these traits we will be the first to say he is our quarterback, but your vision is very cloudy my friend , very cloudy

  • Same to you dag, get a clue

  • jakedog are you serious? This has to be Nick Foles mom. Jakedog says “performance against the bucs best ever by eagles qb of the modern era”. wow. So let me get this straight Nick Foles 300 yard 2 td game is the best QB play by a QB in the last 40 years by a Eagles QB? Jakedog you got a blow-up doll of Foles in your bed dont you.lmao

  • only quarterback Ive seen that throws similar to brady out of the young guns is kapernik Foles throw like flacco …

    • Kapernik is the worst possible comparison oossible

  • Name a better performance, two touchdown performance with about eleven to play , last drive with no timeouts, the future is here, he is nick shaggy foles, long play nick shaggy foles

  • I’ll support the Redskins going forward…I said years back that if Snyder catapults his sorry ass team above our team that will be the day I’m finished with the Eagles.

    Reid won early because of the guaranteed 6 wins against a horrible NFC east…..the stars were aligned perfectly for his pathetic ass.

    He thought it would stay that way forever to the point of trading away 1st round draft positions within the division….

    Now look.

    Giants took our D line coach and talent evaluator and won 2 Superbowls….The Dallas Cowboys are better than us and the Redskins are now on the rise.

    I’m done with this clown ass Eagles organization.

    I hate the rival team’s fans but now I must admit that they were right.

    Eagles will never win a Superbowl because they’re satisfied with getting close.

    They’ll do stupid things like have a top QB receiver tandem and not pay the receiver after a warrior’s outing on a repaired ankle on the biggest stage.

    Tell the truth guys,……

    You think Dallas, New York or Washington would have haggled there?

    That’s the difference brothers.

    You think they would have let Reggie walk?

    You think they would have let Dawk walk?

    Can you imagine the cowboys trading Romo to the Eagles after some down years?

    I’m telling you guys that we’ve been duped by the PR machine here in Philly.

    It wouldn’t surprise any of us if the Redskins and Cowboys get another before we can even think about winning it all….and before you doubt this statement.

    Remember how the Giants came from nothing with a timid Sheli and won 2 while our organization sold us “the golden standard” brand.

    Go RG3


  • Dallas let Emmit walk
    Dallas let Owens walk
    Dallas let Jimmy Johnson walk
    Dallas let Deion walk

    do you want to keep playing this game?

  • NYG let Jumbo Elliott walk
    NYG let Pepper Johnson walk
    NYG let Carl Banks walk
    NYG let Fran Tarkenton walk
    NYG let Mark Bavaro walk
    NYG let Jesse Armstead walk
    NYG traded away Sam Huff!!

    This is fun….but are you getting the point yet? All teams “let” players leave….they might not want them to leave (Regie) …or they may feel they are on the downside of their careers (Dawkins) but they make decisions and move on…….

  • I am not pissed the Eagles let Dawkins or TO walk
    I get more pissed that all these Seasons later, they have been unable to Draft, Develop or Coach up Prospects to play at least close to the level
    Of a legitimate Starter in the NFL
    How many Safeties have been Drafted by the Eagkes in the Top
    4 Rounds (Demps,JR Reid, Macho Harris, Allen and Jarrett)
    And none of these Player could even hold a candle to
    Undrafted Q Mickell.. This is poor evaluating, poor scheming and poor Coaching in my opinion. On a side note, I always thought they gave up to soon on Demps and should have kept Mickell around to help mentor an Allen & Coleman as they clearly were not ready for the bright lights yet
    And probably will never be..

  • At WR they replaced TO with soft, small Receivers like
    Reggie Brown, Freddie Mitchell, K Curtis, and now D-Hax and Maclin

  • I have noticed a angrier paulman . hmmmm

  • Looks like, not throwing interceptions and throwing gopher balls is better than we thought.

    The last couple of years, writers and Andy Reid worshipers kept telling us Andy Reid haters, to be careful what we wish for…

    Looks like it the warning should have been for McNabb haters.

    He knew the whole offense and could read defenses. And rarely turned the ball over.

    Who knew that could win you a lot of games in the NFL.

    I never understood why andy saw how effective McNabb was with TO and decided to trade him, after stockpiling the team with weapons.

    Acctually I do understand. Andy’s a loser. Always has been. Loser in term of not capable of winning a championship. Andy’s Fat insecure Ego had to prove he could win with any QB like Joe Gibbs did.

    Well Fat Boy, looks like your last playoff victory went out the door with McNabb.

    QB intelligence and heart. While McNabb played with a broken leg and ribs. The roster without him had to Print Heart on T-shirts because they did not have any.

    This group of Eagles should play their final home game in all silver uniforms.

    Because they have about as much heart and the Tin Man. Just like their, rattled under pressure, can’t manage the time outs or red flag, sweating like a pig in a Bar B Que shop of a coach.

  • I will eagerly download and view Jeffrey Losers phoney speech, when he fires Andy Reid.

    Every time life gets tough, I will view that video and realize dreams really do come true.

    Ah yes, he will praise Andy for being such a professional. And will repeat the loser’s chant “5 trips to the NFC championship game”. Only Eagle fans use that as a bar for success. While the Steeler, 49er, Cowboy, Giant and Patriot fan count SUPERBOWL wins. Not appearances…

    Yes he will complement him as he kicks his FAT REAR out the door. I love the back handed fake compliment. He was so great but I have to fire him…

    I hope Andy’s agent books him a job on “Dancing with the not really stars anymore”. “Dancing with the, I’m trying to revive my career people.” Not stars.

    Andy Reid should be awarded the lifetime achievement award at this years Oscars. For 14 years he has pretended to be an NFL head coach with remarkable realism. The headset. He resturant menu and appeared to be a play calling chart. (why would you need a chart when you call the same plays every game?).

    Yes I know Daniel Day Lewis and Jack Nicholson appear to have more talent.But pretending to be a successful head coach for 14 years…

    I think Andy should get the Gold statue. It clearly was an amazing performance. Only give away was he was more worried about protecting his players(fellow actors) more than he was concerned about the fan.

    And the true thespian, loves his fans. And realizes he is nothing without them.

  • Dear Andy Reid,

    From time to time, I have stooped so low as to make fun of your weight.

    I apologize. And I have come up with a solution to help you live a happier healthy life.

    I just saw a photo of “honey boo boo’s” mother.

    I suggest you divorce you wife and marry this woman immeadiately.

    It will put you “in a better position to win…” the weight loss battle.

    If looking at that face does not make you throw up every single meal you eat nothing will.

    And your both about the same size.

    Yes Andy, that would make me feel a lot better about you wasting 14 years of the most passionate football fans on the planet’s life.

    The rest of your life with Honey boo boo’s mother.

    Yes, I would like that “time” to be “yours”.

  • It will no doubt be and end of an era and one which younger fans will experience for the first time with hopefully a new vision and philosophy at NovaCare. The next Hire for HC will determine the fate of many Fans for the next 5-7 Years and needs to be a homerun or us Fans will have to waddle thru mediocrity or worse for the next few Seasons as most of the NFC Conference have all improved as Teams besides the Eagles,Lions and Cardinals who are all going in the wrong direction in my opinion and need new Coaches and leadership if they are to contend anytime soon

  • I have listened to alot of 94.1/97.5 fm radio today and alot of Eagles beat writers, Sal Palentonio, Ray Didinger, Adam Kaplan, Tim McManus and Reuben Frank. Some of the highlights its a concensus that AR is the best coach in franchise history up until 08 its not even close. McNabb was his best decision followed closely by J. Johnson then Westbrook and Runyon. . Mcnabb is his best player and was arguably the 3rd best QB behind Brady&Manning for a 5 year span. He hit a home run. His biggest mistake was voted on as TO fiasco. The concensus is that its going to be very interesting with Nick Foles moving forward. What if the next coach doesnt want Foles? Are you gonna base your coach on Foles? That would be foolish. They said Spags was all set to come here and he was told Washburn is your dline coach, he said noway. We got Castille. So for fans and management to predetermine who the next coaches QB is gonna be isnt gonna work for some coaches. Interesting how that will work. Tomorrows game for Foles is huge.They did say this about Lurie his 2 coaching choices have been very very good in Ray Rhodes and Andy Reid.

  • VINNIE? are you comparing Bavarro and some of the guys you mentioned to Reggie White, Mcnabb & Dawk?

    Emmitt was given an opportunity to retire with honor before deciding to go to Arizona…give me a break dude.

  • On another note. I just watched this Boxing on NBC two guys I dont even know Cunningham vs Adamnik and watched this Cunninham beat this guy the whole fight and the announcers even had it one sided for Cunningham and he lost.lol Boxing is the most unfair, corrupt sport I have ever seen.unbelievable

  • I am pretty sure the next HC they hire will be on the same page with Donahoe/ Roseman about Foles getting every opportunity to be the #1 QB or they wouldn’t have instructed Reid to do so in the first place and play him for the remainder of the Season so the next Coach will very likely be in Foles corner or they wouldn’t hire the guy to begin with
    The next HC is not going to be a big name or a retread with an ego
    It will be an under the radar fella with a 3-5 Plan that woos Lurie and has demonstrated a record of success with teaching and coaching
    Probably a Jay Gruden, Tom Clements, Russ Grimm. Beuce Aruans type and not a Xowher, Jon Gruden or ego type that’s been there and done that
    This doesn’t fit Lurie’s Profile of who he hires

  • Another name out there is Scott Lineham who Coached the Rans for a breif time and failed miserably with a bad club, ownership in disarray
    And had the cards stacked against him, but he’s highly thought of and has been the Lions OC the last 2 years with good results with Stafford and Co..

  • Paulman, we don’t give damn what Lurie profile is of a head coach…his profile equates to “0” Superbowls.

    We need a coach who know what the hell he’s doing, not a guy no one heard of because Lurie want to show everyone he knows diamonds in the rough. I believe that philosophy trickled down to Reid.

    We need a guy who knows how to take a team over the top and will demand respect, not a yeas man for this losing front office. Hire the Ryan guy in Dallas.

    Promote the QB coach from New England to offensive Coordinator and let’s Smack somebody in the damn mouth.

    But we all know things will go further South..Hell Howie is heading up things now.

  • Rumor has is Chip Kelley is the guy Lurie wants.. Im not sure thats a good idea because. Foles isnt a spread quarterback.. and everybody wants vick gone….

  • Sources tell me that Donahoe and current Falcon DC Mike Nolan go back a ways and Nolan is chomping at the bit to become a HC after a rough ride with tge 49ers a few years back but gas rebounded his stature nicely with good jobs at Miami and Atlanta as far as getting their Defenses improved
    My $$$ is on Mike Nollan as next HC of the Eagles

  • Another name I heard is Atlanta Falcons OC Dirk Koetter who recruited Nick Foles at Arizona State.

  • How many playoff wins does Matt Ryan have in his 5 year career?

  • Paulman, you first said the next coach is not going to be a retread and that it will be an up and coming guy like Scott Linehan; now you’re saying Mike Noland? Pretty sure he would be a retread.

  • Dirk Koetter ei definitely get interviews
    As far as Mike Lian or Scott Lineham being Re-treads, I have to disagree
    Both only Were HC 2-3 Years on some pretty bad Teams though Nolan helped draft some of the 49 Ed players that are there now
    Both Teams had changes in Iwnership and GM during their time so they were caught in a transitional time with their first jobs
    And what I like about both these potential candidates is that they did fail when they were younger as not as experiences which will help them be even more motivated and have a better grasp if given another opportunity
    Same with Josh McDanield when he gets another chance all 3 of these guys are still young enough and have the energy level to succeed
    I would Coaches like Gruden, Norv Turner, Herm Edwards,bill Parcells, Dungy,Gibbs,Cowher, Jim Johnson, Mike Holmgrem, Dennis Green as Re-treads for their length of time Coaching and the fact they have Coached at a couple of places and a longer time period

  • There has never been a super bowl winning coach that changed teams or coached a different team, and won another super bowl. Never.

  • Agreed that Lurie will not hire big name, ego coach, he’s a business man first, that’s the only reason he stuck it out with Reid for so long, he wouldn’t sacrifice his control over the franchise even for multiple super bowls, the bottom line is dollars,

    So look for the type paulman listed as the next coach of your Philadelphia eagles, and don’t be surprised if the next quarterback is geno smith or as a compromise business move he will hire a tough black coach to go with foles

    Lurie is aware of the sentiment here, he will satisfy his customers

  • I guess Mike Shanahan is too old and doesn’t have that fire and motivation to compete and win either huh? Hes too old right? Just quit while ur ahead ur all over the place and are trying to cover all the bases and cant even cover one. Anyone could name a new assistant coach everyday that may take over as our HC. Knock it off.. And Shanahan is a winning retread and is old as dirt and is still winning, so that kills ur entire argument.

  • What has shanahan won, he was 3 -6 this year before this last 5 game winning streak, what was he last year, redskins will not make the playoffs again this year if shaggy foles has something to say about it, pick a better example, but it doesn’t matter, Lurie will hire a coach he can dominate like he did with his stooge Reid

  • Jakedog that post was directed for the fraudman. But Shanahan has a good team there who rally around there QB. You gotta remember what the QB situation was in Washington the past few years. Its been a mess. Now Shanahan as one who can run the offense the way he wants it run. The sky is the limit for this team esp with the mind of Mike Shanahan and the arm and mind of RG3.

  • As Andy Reid’s final home game dawns this day I want to reflect on his time here.He did not win us a Superbowl. And that is what he will always be remembered for. For all the talk of winning championships that this organization has talked about they failed. What did Andy Reid accomplish? He resurrected this franchise from the Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes debacles. He made the Eagles a name franchise. He always gave credit to this fan base whether we were at home or on the road. I believe he was an important piece of expanding EagleNation. Thanks Andy. You didn’t lead us to the Promised Land but I will wish you luck in your future. When you return here after retirement I am sure EagleNation will welcome you warmly.

  • Shannagan is only winning for 2 Reasons
    1) RGIII
    2) Tge weakness of the NFC East this Year

    What’s Shannagans Record with the Redskins during his Tenure
    Yeah that’s right, he’s below .500 but now he has a good QB avd a weak Division to play in and a last-place Schedule that they gave this season
    But make no mistake, the Tedskins are a good Team with a bright future ahead
    With good young Takent (RGIIi, Morris, Gankerson, Davis, Orapko, Kerrigan, Trent Wiiliams) to go along with true Veteran Leaders like Moss and Fletcher
    The difference is that the Redskins have hit of their Top picks the last 3 Drafts while the Eagles have failed miserbly

  • Next year will be a key year for the Redskins. There defense is not championship caliber yet but they are a rising team. I can stomach them winning a division title before the Giants or Cowboys.

    P.S. Go Raiders! A win today moves the Birds to #3.

  • A under the radar Coach could be Dick LeBeau of the Steelers (long-time DC)
    He and Donahoe go back a long ways and LeBeau has always wanted another shot at being a HC again after a unsuccessful stint with the Bebgals years ago
    Le Beau would be A 3 Year plan with a successor in the wings
    Maybe a combo of LeBeau as HC and oversee, rebuild the Defense and then
    Hire a Jay Gruden or Cam Cameron as OC/Asst HC
    Could be a nice Short-Term and Long Term plan to establish a sound philosophy which would be seen less after LeBeaus finally retires
    Plus word in Pittsburgh is that LeBeau and Tomlin are not very close and have a cool relationship

  • Shanahan like most other coaches, will go as his QB goes. He never won anything without Elway. Maybe he found a new QB to win with now. Reid would still be winning if mcnabb didn’t get old. QBs win, coaches run practices.

    • agreed

  • They will not hire a DC to be the head coach…end of story

  • Not to mention LeBeau is old. I think he is easily late 60’s.

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