• July 3, 2022

Jason Avant: Eagles Players Distracted By “Amenities Of The NFL”

Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant was brutely honest and the Eagles were humiliated by the Giants 42-7 in the final game of the Andy Reid era and the 2012 season.

“I’m not a GM, so I don’t know (what will happen),” Avant said to PhiladelphiaEagles.com. “But one thing I do know is that we need guys who will buy into a system, no matter if it’s Coach (Andy) Reid’s system or anything else. I’m hoping and praying it’s Coach Reid. But if that’s not the case, we’re still going to (need to) have the players to be responsible and also accountable and not to allow the amenities of the NFL to distract them from what the game is really about, which is playing hard for the team; playing hard for the City of Philadelphia. I think that was part of the distraction.”

What do you think Avant means by the phrase “amenities of the NFL”?  He’s talking about cars, houses, women, jewelry, clothes, vacations and etc,

Do you remember during the off season when the Eagles were working out the contracts with most of their players?  Everybody was supposedly happy and therefore ready to play their best football.

I said it then and I’m saying it now, a player will plenty of money in his pocket will many times wind up being a player concentrating on everything, but what he should be focused on which is football.  They focus on the cars, houses or other items they’re able to buy.

“But you have to think about it. We had (Brian) Dawkins and (Brian) Westbrook and (Jeremiah) Trotter and different guys like that,” Avant said. “I think you had a more mature team (then), and I think that this team will be better than that, but the young players have to mature as well.”

Do you think they’re staying late to study tape late at night or are they out enjoying their money?

Some players need a foot in their butt’s as outside motivation to prepare to play their best football each week.  Andy Reid did not supply that foot this year.  He treated this team like he treated earlier more mature championship-quality teams.

“When people don’t go as hard as they ought to or they lay down or different things like that, it’s a reflection of the players and the type of individuals that you have out there,” Avant said. “I think it’s one of those things that has to be corrected for next year. I think that has to be a total buying in by the players for the coaching staff.”

Clearly the team quit yesterday in the Meadowlands.  This morning they’re hurrying into the Nova Care complex to take their last day interviews and get out of here to go and enjoy the money they’ve made.

Not all of the players are distracted, but many are, if you don’t have strong leadership amongst the players on the football team.

Some players are self-motivated but others need to be prodded into performance by risk of losing their job.  Reid eliminated the losing your starting job part of the motivation because he refused to bench many of the players who were underperforming.

Trent Cole and Jason Babin weren’t playing like a Pro Bowlers throughout the entire season.  Wouldn’t have made sense to bench them in favor of Darryl Tapp, Brandon Graham, Phillip Hunt or Vinny Curry?  Each of backups had played well in the preseason and had shown they could get to the quarterback.

Why was there never a change at the defensive tackle position even when there was no production from Cullen Jenkins?  Colt Anderson should have been given a shot much earlier in the season.  What did they have to lose?

Reid didn’t realize that he lost this team because he refused to put a foot up somebody’s butt.

Could starting Clay Harbor a game or two motivated Brent Celek to be more consistent?

Reid made a mistake, he took care of the players, but they didn’t take care of him.  Reid continued protecting his players up to the end.  He waited until the final half of the season to bench Nmandi Asomugha, who should have been benched far sooner.  I still don’t see why you bother benching him that late in the season.  If they had done it earlier it could have made the entire team start playing harder and hungrier.


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  • Avant definitely speaking about D-Jax, McCoy,Cole,Babin, Herremans, and some of the other highly paid players on the Eagles that seem more distracted about what Business/Outside Interest’s they have going on instead of Focusing on improving themselves and the Team..

  • This is old news, it was obvious to everyone Reid lost this team and the players could of cared less about giving 100%,lets talk about the draft, i think the Eagles should draft Te’o and move him to SAM. This would sure up our LB core with Kendricks at Will and Ryans in the middle. Unless they think Peters injury is too serious then draft Joeckel. Also i wouldnt be upset at trading down a few spots to get extra picks and taking CB Milliner from Bama. We all know how our CBs have played this year

  • Man u cannot include every single young guy in this conversation…Shady comes to play every game…D-Jax not so much…hes about that life… Babib is gone….man its just time for a change …that’s the bottom line

  • Andy Reid has proved he never liked player leaders. He’s too insecure to permit what he sees as competition for control of the team. He’s gotten rid of the BDawks of years past and now he’s got garbage like Nnamdi. But I can’t see him learning the lesson that teams need guys like Dawkins.

    • When will you guys understand that the Eagles letting Dawkins walk was a 100% Joe Banner deal.. Coach AR did not want to lose Dawkins but lost out in a power struggle to Banner only to regain that power in 2010 after Vick came in to save the Day for the Eagles making Reid looking like a genius again which is when Banner began his planning to leave the Eagles…

      • I don’t doubt that Banner’s salary spreadsheet had a lot to do with the decision to cut Dawkins loose. But at the same time, he’s done absolutely nothing to fill that gap. Ryans was the closest he’s come – and it’s way too little, way too late.

        • I agree,
          They Drafted Quentin Demps, Macho Harris, Nate Allen, Jaquan Jarrett who were all unable to remain consistent Starters in the NFL let alone
          anywhere near the player that Dawkins was

          • Ryans isnt who we thought he was. Guy is invisible at least 60% of the time

            • Played well the 1st Month of the Season and really became a non-factor as Season went on.. He’s due to make big bucks next Season too and could be a Salary Cap Casualty…
              If DT Star Lotuleleir and OT Joeckel are Both gone by #4
              Maybe the Eagles Draft LB Manti Te’o to begin new a new era for the Defense.. I would have no problem with this at all.. Look how much better the Panthers started Playing Defensively when they moved LB Kuechley to MLB to replace the often injured Jon Beason.. Defense Strength needs to start up the Middle at DT, MLB and SAfety and Eagles need updgrades at all 3 Positions

  • I think Avant was talking about guys on the defensive side of the ball, it doesn’t matter though its all a clean slate now and its perform or be gone new coaching staff new expectations and nobody is safe.

  • I too think he was going after the D. I also agree with Chuck, Shady does being it and its hard to lump him in with these other stiffs

  • You know what really steams my balls, is all of these @$$holes are coming out now, & jabber jawing. WTF, has Avant done this year? Maclin is crying for Reid. Where the f^#@ has he been for 2 years?!? Vick is talking about everyone else. Where the f^#@ has he gone since his contract signing? Coleman criticising his teammates, when he shouldn’t even be in a flag football league! JUST STFU, YOU HEARTLESS, BALL-LESS, QUITING MUTTS!!! For a team full of players who supposedly loved playing for their coach, they surely packed it in, & quit on him, like a bunch of DOGS!!!! I hope this roster is nuked, I don’t care if it takes a few years!

    • with ya. avant is always candid and tough as fuck and does his job. he is one of the only players i care about what he says

      • Then you’re not with me, because Avant has done nothing this year, & has been as invisible as the rest of the mutts. I couldn’t care less what he has to say!

        • good for you. avant isnt a true player, he is a tough 4th or 5th WR and we had a qb who couldnt throw the ball to his #1 WR, #2 WR, #1 TE, #1 RB so he really couldnt have done anything this year.

          dont act like a baby dcar and be angry about this team.

          be happy progress is starting to be made with this stale future and be optimistic and root for your squad.

          just my take happy new year

          this eagles future is brighter than it was yesterday!!!!!!!

        • Thank you DCar I didn’t think anyone had notice that

  • I kinda like Lurie’s response to the question “what went wrong”? They started adding players or coaches that they thought would put them over the top but those moves were not in keeping with the philosophy that got them to the top.

    I take that to mean that the newer acquisition were not high character individuals.

    • yep. i liked it too. i liked his interview, he said a lot and when he didnt fully answer what was asked he implied the answer this way he didnt directly throw anyone under the buss.

      liked that interview a lot

  • get ready for the decision that officially “deep 6” this fraud of an organization.

    get your brown bags now before the fiscal cliff raises the price.


    • What are you gonna say, when the Foreskins get axed by Wilson & the Hawks this weekend, “You are now rooting for the Seahawks!” Dude, we all got our wish, & the Hindenburg got fired, now you’re jumping ship, like the rat, fraud you are! You bitched more than the rest of us, about getting his useless @$$ outta here, now it’s done, & you are a Skins fan! You are a pathetic, fraudulent, front running, band-wagoner! Just a question Songs, if Cousins was their starting QB, & not RGIII, would you still be rooting for them?!? No, I believe you would be rooting for Wilson, instead! I see right through you, bruh! FRAUD, FRONT RUNNING, BAND-WAGON, RACIST! Your irrational behavior, is as bad as Vinnies, & a few of your cohorts on here! Disgraceful!

  • Songs, Did you get your Free “Flu Influenza Shot” this Year…??

  • Paul…vaccines are weapons not medicine.

    Here’s a tip for ya’.

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    you’re game?


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