• August 15, 2022

Reports: Andy Reid Has Been Hired By The Chiefs

ESPN is reporting that Andy Reid has reached an agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs to become their next head coach.  The Chiefs fired GM Scott Pioli at the request of Reid, so that he could bring in a GM to his liking.  No one is sure who that GM will be but their are a number of names that have surfaced.

Former Eagles and Browns GM, Tom Heckert and current Green Bay Packers GM, John Dorsey.   There are also reports that former Eagles offensive line coach and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will be joining Reid in Kansas City.

Reid will not be taking his former offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg with him to K. C.

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien is staying at State College, which is a good move.  He would damage his reputation if he left the school after a year.  Remember how he talked all those youngsters into staying there despite the sanctions.  He’s got to give them at least a couple more years.


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  • Good for Andy. Now let’s see who is traded first…I see Maclin and a 2nd rd pick to the Chiefs for Bowe. And i can’t see Andy passing on Geno Smith with the 1st pick

    • Bowe is a Free-Agent this Off-Season and cannot be Franchised again as he already was once during his Chief Career.. He most likely will walk and play for the Miami Dolphins and be their #1 WR fror Big $$ and is from Southern Florida but now may want to resign with AR in town..

      I do see a Potential Trade with the Chiefs involving WR Maclin, OT Herremans for some Draft Picks

      I believe the CHiefs trade down from that #1 SPot and grab a QB with their 2nd Round Pick (#33 Overall) where they can get a Mike Glennon,Tyler Bray, EJ Manuel, who all have some nice upside and actually have more COllege Stsarts than Geno SMith and in Glennon’s case, has playe dunder Center with a Pro-Style OFfense at NC State
      Geno Smith way too risky for the #1 Overall Pick..

      • He will move down to draft the overrated OT Joeckel…..GUARANTEED

      • Great post Paul.

  • KC Time is Yours lol

  • Best Wishes to Coach AR and to the Chiefs.
    I expect the Chiefs to be a Playoff Team by 2014, meanwhile for the Eagles, I am not so sure about the next couple of Seasons if they can even get to .500 Ball with Fantasy-GM Roseman making all the Player Personell/Drafting and overall Roster Managemnt of the Eagles Decisions.. Owner Lurie better get someone in the Front Office or a Strong-Minded HC to help Roseman or this Eagle Franchise is down the Tubes..

  • JH stated yesterday that my 1130am Post about AR signing with the Chiefs was imminent was wrong and that AR was using the Chiefs Interview as leverage with the Cardinals/Chargers, again Paulman was right, JH was wrong..

    • this news was old news on the internet by 1130 am yesterday….

    • Paul why do you even respond to that @$$miner?!? Dude is a joke!

  • Man that must have been one hellava 9 hour meeting, to explain away these last two years( Howie is an idiot). I mean 4-12 to being fired and the first coach hired btw I called that one even though I didn’t believe it myself. Someone explain to me how KC has 5 guys in the Pro Bowl and the first team that makes a trade with Big Red the GM and coach of that team should be immediately fired. Go Andy a true hustler.

    • Seems like it doesnt it? I really think he tanked the last part of this season now. The writing was on the wall so he packed it in early I guess. This year has really changed my view of Andy. When his son died he didnt miss a beat coaching. Then He is with an organization 14 years and is gone less that 48 hours before he is peddling his skills to the first team coming down the road. Its a character question for me..but hey Im not writing his checks lol.

  • we were too close to the action when it comes to reid. we saw all the warts. i believe he will get them back to the playoffs and stabilize the organization which apparently was in bad shape.
    X– if you get fired from a job are you not peddling your skills to a similar employer?

    • Im taking a few months off man…at least a few weeks. Ive been at my job a similar amount of time in regards to AR. I do get attached to people and places though so admittedly I have a slanted POV.

      • Football coaches are wired differently than the rest of us. That’s what makes them successful.mlook at how many coaches take time off to broadcast. They either never go back or are usually not successful as theyve lost their edge.

  • Good luck and wish you well Andy. No suprise that he was able to get a job so quickly, but it was well past the time that he should have been let go as HC here in Philly.
    While I am able to recognize that Andy was responsible for a number of years of success, I believe that since 2008 he has been on a downward trend and many of his most vocal supporters were lost in his past successes. I will not be suprised to see Andy have the same type of trouble in KC that he had here the past 5 years. He will have Heckert as his “Yes-man” GM, and the usual cast of characters as assistant coaches. He will still have the same old time managment issues, pass run ratio issues and how long will it take the Chief fans to start being sick of hearing the same old “I take full responsibility” excuses instead of an actual identification of a problem?

    Like I said…wish you well Andy, but I really believe that instead of jumping right into a new job you may have been better served to have taken a year off…..a paid year at that….and get together with your greiving family and heal and then move on with another team next year after you have had a chance to reflect on where things went wrong in Philly…..instead you have rushed to take the first job you interviewed for and will just continue to do the same things you did before with similar results.
    I also remember the days when the New York media made fun of the Birds fans for wanting to get rid of Kotite….how did that work out for you Jet’s fans?? Good luck Chief fans, chances are you will need it.

    • Well said.

  • How long before the Chiefs roster with several pro bowlers is eroded down to 1990s style, small, quick guys with high motors and a great ‘football IQ’?

    I predict the following for the Chiefs:
    2013: 9-7 (last place schedule should help set up a lot of wins)
    2014: 6-10 (no more last place schedule, back to reality)
    2015: 5-11 (more of the players that Reid likes are in lineup now)

    And that should about wrap up the legacy.

    • there is no such thing as a “last place schedule” anymore. The NFL sched is basically set up for the next decade.

      Eagh year only 2 of the 16 games are based upon a team’s record. The rest have been all scheduled years in advance.

      • Well, I’ll stand by it anyway. 2 games against chumps can be enough to flip a 7-9 year to 9-7. And teams seem to do better in first year with new coach. The players pay attention and focus better.

        If the scheme and coaching personalities work, they can buy in and have improving years after the first. I don’t see how Reid can keep a team bought in. He has to run up a 13-3 record to hope to have their hearts and minds. Players aren’t fools. They know what he’s done the last couple years here.

        But we’ll see soon enough. Will be a humorous diversion from the Eagles next season regardless. Who will get the last laugh?

  • So I shouldn’t expect Jamaal Charles to post great rushing numbers next year?

    • if ur in a ppr fantasy league yes. if not no

    • Birdo — funny stuff

    • Would avoid him like the plague, in Fantasy FB, next year!

  • No Marty Mornhinweg in KC? – are we to conclude Marty would have been fired Monday December 31, 2012 by Andy if Jeffery didn’t fire Andy first — or would the Hippo have apathetically forced another year of Marty Mornhinweg down Eagle fans’ throats?

    • Good questions, all.

      Of course, it could be that Marty thinks he’s ready to break out and work his magic somewhere else. I mean, he was an amazing head coach for two years in Detroit. Surely teams will be lining up at his door! He’ll end up an OC somewhere, right? Or maybe it’s off to college football….

      Bottom line, it’s probably a good career move to not be following the Reidster around anywhere right now.

  • Sources lurking around NovaCAre Center stated that Coach MM has moved his belonging’s into AR’s Old Office and may become the HC when everyone else declines an Offer to come to PHilly..
    Owner Lurie keeping their options open in the meantime incase no one wants to come to Philly and Coach for these Clowns
    My man Dave Wannstadt even turned down an Interview so you know it’s bad out there and the Eagles just have a bad vive to everyone in League Circles..

    • will remember to call this BS when this comes out as a load of crap.

      you mean Wannstedt ? you should know how to spell “your mans” name, People wouldnt interview him to hire a pee wee football team….

      • Believe it or not, it’s Wannstadt and not Wannstedt..go figure

  • Anyone hear the interview with Jeff McLean on the afternoon show on 610? If not, he stated that there was a big fight between Andy and Marty but would not get into details..don’t know why? I’m sure we will find out soon enough. He also stated that Marty will obviously not be going to KC.

    Maybe Marty will be our new head coach?? Joke

    • Probably about the QB’s. Just we argue about it here. Wouldn’t that be some funny stuff.

  • No shit paulman, I didn’t even see your post when I posted that. I will cry if it happens!

    • I didn’t mean “no shit” as a smartass.

      • You should have meant no shit because he is fucking with you… He makes shit up

  • I did.. I said it as a joke. I know he was joking, as was I. Just “no shit” that it was said 2x

    • No problem Frank..

  • Your Right HAC,
    The way this Front Office is aimlessly handling this Coaching Search thus far and just how they they have conducted business over the last few years,
    I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens moving forward…
    It’s a good time to be a bullshiter at time like these… It;s hard to keep a semi-serious perspective on things with this Franchise when you really think about it …

    • Aimlessly? Huh methodical I would say. Couldn’t interview Kelly. Meeting Arians, McCoy this weekend

  • Watch Maclin have a breakout year and leave as a free agent and sign back home in KC. Somehow someway the Eagles are going to get screwed out of something just wait and watch. Nate Allen will get cut and go out there and become a pro bowler something crazy.

    • How can he have a breakout year?

      I thought you said we don’t have a QB.

      • Maybe the new coach can find one.

    • Agreed.

    • Maclin is a punk @$$, heartless, mutt! He’s 4th on my nuke list, behind Vick, ASSomugha, & Cole! He’s a bigger pu$$y than DJax. Turtle, made of tissue paper, in spikes! He should wear heels, he’s such a fem!!!!

  • wow john hart and paulman are slipping with their “breaking news” stories

    The Eagles have received permission to interview Seahawks DC Gus Bradley and Colts OC Bruce Arians for their head-coaching vacancy.
    Philly’s head-coaching search has moved surprisingly slowly in the early going. They have interest in Oregon’s Chip Kelly and will interview Broncos OC Mike McCoy on Sunday, but otherwise they’ve been among the least aggressive coach-needy teams. Arians and Bradley will be available for interviews next week.

    • Well Lurie did state it was going to be a methodical search. They wanna get it right.

      • Fraud is just pissed his boy Donahue hasn’t been taking those private jet rides all around the country with Lurie. Hell San Diego has no interviews set up. Eagles are a top destination contrary to what some bloggers say

        • Oh yeah I remember Donahoe insider stuff the past 2 months. How could I forget?

  • Andy will draft Smith because he is smarter than everyone and can make him a great QB even though almost everyone agrees that he is average and more Alex Smith then Andrew Luck.

  • It figures the Eagles have a top five pick in the worst draft in ten years. No stud corners. No stud WRs. No stud safeties. One good LT that has some question marks. No great pass rushers. They might as well draft Lotulelei if the Raiders don’t grab him first or trade down for more picks next year. Teo is an absolute waste of a number four pick. I don’t even know if he is a PB player in the NFL. Let’s see what he does Monday. Jarvis Jones sucked ass in the biggest game of his life against Alabama so he left a poor impression on me. Players who don’t bring it when it matters most don’t interest me.

    • Too bad Eagles didn’t trade Vick for 2 first back in 2010 (allegedly offered from Buffalo). And as I was continually suggesting. We’d have Luck or RGIII on our roster right now.

    • jb, I take it you don’t watch much college FB?!? Te’o is a beast. He can be our starting SAM, from day 1, & can move over to MIKE, when Ryans leaves in a year. The safeties are deeper than last year, with Elam, Vaccarro, Jefferson, Reid, McDonald. The corners are very good with Millner, Banks, Rhodes, Amerson, Poyer, Ryan, & Trufant. The WR’s have no Moss’s, or Megatron’s coming out, but is deep with big, fast, talented WR’s, with tons of upside. Agreed, the QB’s & DE’s aren’t dep, but the DT’s/ NT’s are good with, Lotuleilei, Hankins, Richardson, Jenkins, Short, & Williams.

  • KC will make the playoffs next season. Reid is smart enough to assemble a coaching staff that will work perfectly with the Chiefs personnel. They’ve got some talent! When Vick arrives via release, draft QB Geno Smith, and fortify their offense line play, KC looks pretty good! I’m no longer an EAGLE FAN! Good luck trying to find a coach for those dead beats. Go Chiefs! With Reid’s arrival, WR Bowe go nowhere!

    • You my friend are an idiot. You are a seasonal fan.

      • That being said, KC can keep Bowe. Want no part of that butterfingers.

    • Goodbye, non-entity, we don’t want you anyways! Be happy rooting for the Hindenburg!

    • Dude your just as bad as songs…When a player or coach leaves your damn team and goes to another one they are the enemy. Until retirement they are the frigging enemy. I dont give a rats ass about him now that he’s a chief..hope he goes 0-16…I like the man but he’s the enemy. You as a disloyal bum deserve an 0-16 Chief season…Just like Songs Redskins deserve to lose 42-10 this weekend.

      • X, right on!

  • Geno Smith is going 1st overall. Seems like Andy wants to go back to the days that made him successful with the Juan Castilo rumors and what better why to mimic the old days by bringing that Mcnabb-like player in Geno Smith. I can see the headlines now about how Andy made Mcnabb and how he will make Smith into a star.

  • Geno Smith = Akili Smith for those who remember him
    Chiefs will trade that #1 Pick and gain 2-3 High Draft Choices and grab one with a lmayer pick if they were smart
    I see them trading for Seahawk Back-Up QB Matt Flynn who since he was with Packers will know Andy Reid’s similar system and terminology pretty quickly
    If Chiefs stay #1, then probably OT Joeckel with pick to protect his new QB Flynn and then seeing them trying to sign WR Jennings from Packers to Give Flynn a familiar target on the outside at WR since Bowe will likely sign a free-agent Deal with Dollhins to play closer to home

    • Its the OT that the Chiefs will pick up in free agency…ten the QB #1.

      • Chiefs have a pretty good one in Trev Albert who is a Free Agent
        They can place Franchise Tag and still Draft Joeckel and be pretty good at the OT spot as Reid’s Offenses require
        Grab a Taylor Bray or Mike Glennon or even an EJ Manuel with a that 33rd Pick and the Chiefs are on their way,
        I still think they go after QB Matt Flynn and not Alex Smith or Vick and develop on the QB ‘s I mentioned for future grooming meaning that Geno Smith will drop to #4 to the Eagles if their new Coach/Front Office want to go that route

        • Paulman who the heck are you talking about, Trev Albert played LB for Nebraska 15 years ago?

          • Okay paulman Brandon Albert, had me confused for a minute.

          • My bad on Trev Albert, they have a good OT whose last name is Albert thiugh who is in his contract year

            • No paulman my bad I should have known that he’s a good one.

  • I’ve been rooting for the Eagles for 20+ years! This new direction is good, however Roseman is still there! His talent assessment is skewed. The comments made by Assante Samuel were correct! This team is in serious rebuild mode, if they miss on their new coach. O’Brien would have been nice, however New England coach didn’t give Roseman any kind words. Maybe that’s why he stayed put! If Chip Kelly is offered the job, he wants nothing to do with Foles. Some Eagle faithfuls want no more Vick, even though the Eagles O-Line was horrible. What’s left? Oh I’m sorry, there’s the spin the organization will put on how the coach they hired was “their man” the entire time.

    • Lol every organization says that. So your gonna throw away 20+ years for Andy? So you can just say screw all those Eagles memories Im a chief loser now…Weak and pathetic. 0-16 buddy

    • Now that you made up that crock of BS in your head you should go root for another team.

    • Bye, bye! I rip our teams unmercifully, with the best of them, but I would NEVER, I repeat “NEVER!” root for another team, no matter how bad it gets!!! You are a fake fan, with no character, or loyalty! Go to KC, & take Songs the King troll with you!!!!

  • How many good coaches will want to come to the Eagles and work with of for
    Howie Pansy Roseman who knows nothing about assessing talent except facts and figures.

    • Careful there BigE, people might attack for saying that.

      • No that is different than the anti-Foles hate lol.

  • Jbird- there are some really good safeties in this draft…6-7 will be picked in the first two rounds…might not be worth the 4th pick, but some mid-1st round talents….Eric Reid is a Mark Barron clone

    • Eric Reid would be the best safety on this roster, they need to somehow get one of these 3. Kenny Vacarro, Matt Elam or Reid. Would prefer Vacarro but they would have to jump back into the 1st round to get him.

  • If the eagles move to a 3-4 defense, Demontre Moore or Jarvis Jones would be studs for the eagles at #4

  • Just because there arent any elite qbs in this draft doesnt mean its weak.

    Its ine of the best drafts in 10 years in the defensive side and OL

    There are so many good defensive players….you can get a very good CB or LB in round 3 that would be an early 2 in other drafts

    Its a good draft to add defensive talent

  • Jott….Jones was invisible in the biggest game of his life. That speaks volumes. Reminiscent of McNabb. I don’t need anymore guys who don’t sweat blood to make plays when it matters most. Was Alabama’s O line too big for him?? Aw! That sucks for him. Then the guys in the NFL will be way too much for him. Don’t want Jones at ALL.

  • Sucks to be them! Can’t wait for the inevitable Hindenburg, crash & burn!

  • Sources close to RosemAn is that Howie is looking forward to the “Ladies Footvall Camp” coming up and thinks he can find some prospects and a Coach/Coordinator within the group this year
    Roseman stated “This is a strong group this year, they love to play the game”

  • Try to create all the diversions you want by making jokes Fraudman, you we’re wrong again..
    Eagles don’t want Chip Kelly, but they’re flying out to Arizona to interview him today even though Browns apparently have edge.. funny stuff. You guys need to wake up. Just because you don’t want Chip doesn’t mean the Eagles don’t. And if im the Eagles, why not do you due diligence and check it out to see if this guy is a fit? You have nothing to lose here. Now when it comes to picking the right coach that’s the challenge, they can’t miss on the guy or they will set this franchise even further back.

    • they are doing due diligence but they don’t want him– they obviously have to speak to him. fraud said yesterday that they are fumbling the coachs search– he makes stuff up as you know. they are leaving no stone unturned.

  • If they weren’t interested in him JH,
    They wouldn’t bother to interview him…

  • Your the Clown who has stated for a week now that Kelly was #1
    On their list.. Your a Joke

  • Per Most Draft Geeks like myself, this 2013 is very deep at Talented in the 5 Following Positions
    OT, DT. LB, Safety & TE (all areas of need for the Eagles)

    It’s considered Average at DE, CB, WR & RB
    And probably below Average at QB starting out

    Eagles will not find their Franchise QB for their simply aren’t any this Year
    So they should concentrate their first Few Selections from the Strength
    Of this Draft and take OT, DT, Safety early on

    • I have to agree with you totally Paul. All these people starting to call for Geno Smith are out of their damn minds. Maybe if he fell to round 3 or 4 but at #4 of the 1st round No FN way. That being said I sat and watched Johnny Football last night…Ive never seen anything like it.

  • I never said i wanted Chip Kelly here im merely doing my reporting. And doing a dang good job i might add 🙂

    • Reporting?!? REPEATING, you meant, RIGHT?!? STFU @$$puppet!! You just make yourself feel important, by repeating things, that everyone has already heard, seen, or read already! Get lost Lil Bron- Bron! Go back to polishing Lebrons knob!

  • Jh, if you were so good at reporting you would be making money doing it, do yo think paulman really gives a damn about you or any one else here, he’s here like me for entertainment, he makes shit up, says a few serious things, says a few stupid things, but goes on with his life, this is all nonsense in the grand scheme of things, why don’t you go out, find a broad, go to work, and stop worrying about paulman, tell paulman to smell your balls and be done with him, man up

    • Jake, he has to leave his parents basement first, to find a broad! But his idea of a woman & fun entertainment, is jerken his gerken, to anime porn, & play pretending, that he’s D-Gunn!!!! What an @$$mining fool!!!!

  • Cleveland passed on Kelly, the Eagles will take him, naturally.

  • Andy will not hire the new GM, owner Hunt will.

    The New GM will not report to Andy, he will report to Hunt.

    Andy watched all 16 Chief games before his interview said owner Hunt.

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