• December 2, 2021

Joe Banner And Browns In Lead For Chip Kelly

I remember how upset former Eagles head coach Ray Rhodes was when he found out that team President Joe Banner had more power than anybody in the Eagles organization.  He couldn’t believe that Banner was trying to tell him who he should select in the upcoming draft.

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb talked about Banner’s power in the organization on Comcast Sportsnet earlier this week.  The QB revealed that Banner called most of the shots.  He had his hand in everything and Reid tolerated it and won inspite of Banner rather than because of him.

Andy Reid had his faults and still does, but it was Banner who probably cost the Eagles a couple of Super Bowl titles because he refused to supply them with some quality wide receivers during the early 2000’s when the door was open for the Birds to win the Super Bowl.  The Birds lost a couple of NFC Championship games because they didn’t have enough offensive firepower.

“It didn’t matter who the GM was at that time, because when Tom Heckert was here, it seemed like Joe made every decision,” McNabb said. “And it was so easy for him to just kind of push Heckert out, you know. Heckert was up for the Atlanta job, and he told him to go and interview for it.”

Banner finally relented on the fact that the Eagles needed some quality wide receivers, when he agreed to sign Terrell Owens.  Reid was as team player with Banner and did as much as he could without wide receivers during those early years.

ESPN is reporting that Banner and the Cleveland Browns are very close to signing Kelly to a five-year deal.  I think this would be the best thing for the Eagles.  I don’t want to see the Eagles to sign Kelly.  Let Banner and the Browns have him.

I hope the Lurie and the Eagles have baited Banner into signing Kelly.  Perhaps Lurie knew the vindictive nature of his life-long friend Banner and anticipated that Banner would take this coach-search personal and therefore try to beat the Eagles in the pursuit of a new coach.

Banner went to Arizona and was waiting to meet with Kelly on Friday after Thursday’s night Fiesta Bowl.

The Birds are scheduled to interview Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Sunday.  McCoy won’t be available for interview after this weekend.  McCoy will have to shine in the interview.

On Friday the Eagles asked for and got permission to interview offensive coordinator Bruce Arians of the Indianapolis Colts.  They also got permission to interview Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Arians showed us this year that he could lead a team to the playoffs.  He was interim head coach for the Colts while head coach Chuck Pagano battled leukemia, and they’re in the playoffs with a 11-5 record.

Bradley has got that fire in his belly.  His Seahawks defense plays with fire and passion, which the Eagles need.  I think he’s worth keeping an eye on.


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  • Come on Banner make Chip a Brown Please…I dont want Chip at all.
    My Top 5….if I had a top 20 I would Have Chip as 21.

    1 Bradley
    2 Arians
    3 Mcoy
    4 Marrone
    5 Fagio

  • The one thing that worries me about \Kelly and the “blur” offense is not the QB. I think he will modify that.play every 13 seconds.


    In colege he has what? 100 players on the sidelines? Ability to substitute liberally every series.

    I’m just not so sure how you get 5 30 yr old 350lb linemen running a play every 13 seconds all game without being able to substitute.

    Who knows…..people are afraid of change….he is an innovator….if Eagles sign him I wouldn;t be upset…..nervous…..but not upset.

    My 1st choice is still McCoy.

    Its the tempo. Look I LOVE what he’s done in college. Love the innovation. Love the

  • that got scrambled a bit….last line belongs in sentence #3

  • **More News**
    Confirmed, Jay Gruden emerges as a coaching candidate for the Eagles

    My thoughts- i reported this yesterday 🙂

    • I thought you reported that Jon would be our coach and bring in jay as his Oc that must have been another Jon hart

      • That was a DCAR exclusive

        • Oh my apologies mr hart

          • All good MH

      • HAHA they must be GCOBBs interns or something…reporting everything they read from PFT or twitter.

        • DCAR is not part of the ‘reporting’ crew usually. He seems to have a good source on this one….

        • Not an intern, bruh, I’m a 44 year old, self made man. LOL! LIL BRON-BRON Jon, is just play pretending, that he’s D-Gunn, with his so-called breaking news! Don’t pay him any mind, he doesn’t think anyone else has the inventions of the TV, radio, internet & newspaper.

    • Way late again JH
      Paulman reported Jay Gruden back in November as a Legitimate Candidate
      And more so that his older brother Jon Gruden will be..

      • He is one of 30 you “reported”

      • Paulman,
        You were convinced the Eagles would consider Dave Wannsted, right?
        Please respond to WALKEN.

    • I hope not because it’s a terrible choice JH……Granted his team is having a good year, but He is not ready to be HEAD COACH…..I’ve seen nothing from him that says he should be high on the Eagles list…me!!?? he wouldn’t get an interview.

      • Today’s game confirms it for me about Jay Gruden….HE’S NOT READY!!!

  • Either gruden or Bradley is good for me

  • It is apparent that the eagles are being thorough. In the end we all have our favorites given the right players they would all do their jobs and win. I was arguing with someone on here about the great belichik? Then I did some research Belichik and dingy for example are a lot better coaches when they have Brady and manning ?.. It seems to these days come down to having a pro bowl qb

  • I am pissed that bastard Banner let Kelly walk out his door…I want nothing to do wit him the fit for him in philly is just flat out bad..
    My reasons:
    1: he will get your QB killed
    2: You need a stud defense on the other side of the ball because your either getting 3 and outs or short TD drives (our defense is pathetic and cannot do this)
    3: IMO i don’t think the mix of the players here will respect him…sure they will say the same nice things about him in the media like they usually do talk talk talk…but when it comes times to play they will likley lay down (if they did for Reid after what happened to him this year, Im sure they will for a guy named Chip)

    My dream scenario would be Bruce Arians as head coach with Gus Bradley as the DCORD…(however i kno that if you want gus bradley to leave the seahawks you will need to give him a head coach title)

    So if we got either of those two guys as our head coach i would be happy

    Love Smith is interesting. The thing I love about him is how fundamentally sound his defenses are…we obviously suck when it comes to that so in that case it would be a perfect fit…However, I don’t like his demeanor on the sideline…he seems way to passive. He prolly had the same bored look on his face when they fired him. never see the emotion with this guy. You see i don’t think we have a mature group of players so they need someone who will give them a kick in the ass. We just had a players coach who was passive himself and they walked all over him and he has a better career than Lovie. so thats why I dont think the guy would work. I wonder if he would be interested in a Dcord position tho…

  • One observation. Colt McCoy has been told if Chip Kelly is next head coach he is in plans. Colt stinking McCoy. Who do you think will be told on Eagles they are in thier plans if Kelly comes here? I really hope we get defensive coach.

    • Who cares. We don’t want him but if he does the the qb is his choice, Vick at a fortune, Foles or a new guy. Draft pick, Alex smith, mat Flynn or whoever he can get. Are you actually saying that colt McCoy is attractive to any coach?

      • hell no. he stinks

    • Love your logic Daggolden!!!

      • What logic? He didn’t say anything?

  • Right my point is that everyone is making too big a deal about ‘who willtakethe coaches job without a qb” if a team Has an elite qb the coach doesn’t get fired

    • No cigar the issue is you let the coach decide. That is the issue. All those other openings doesn’t come with being told which QB to play except possibly SD and Chicago. You think Andy Reid or any coach with balls would be happy taking a job where you had no say over personnel?

      • @xevious my rants are more directed at Howie Roseman running things then anti Foles. But I don’t like Foles. LOL

      • I believe the coach will have a say in the qb.

      • Did Fisher get to decide the QB when he went to stl?
        Did the new Carolina coach get to decide?
        Did the new tenny coach get to decide?
        Will the new Chic coach decide?
        Will the new Buf coach decide?

        • Okay Bradford is good,and yes Tennessee coach did decide that’s why Hasselbeck started Cutler or Foles and Newton was in Carolina and yes the new Buffalo coach will decide who his QB will be. Seriously dude you don’t get it.

          • bradford is not good.
            hasselback only started because locker hurt
            cutler sucks and everyone except you knows it
            newton was on the “bust” bubble going into this year (and still is in my opinion – he’s a fair weather player)
            Fitz will be starter for one more year in buff

            who doesn;t get it again?

  • **Eagles News**

    -Eagles interviews today and on: Chip Kelly, Doug Marrone, Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Gus Bradley, Jay Gruden

    • Really? Haven’t heard this

  • I think the Eagles want an offensive minded coach, so I think Jay Gruden blows them away in Mondays interview.

    He is innovative and is only 45 yrs old….Arians is 60 amd MCCoy is not head coach material

  • Now they requested permission to interview Jay Gruden, it hasnt been granted just yet (most likely will)

  • Andy Dalton and Nick Foles are very similar but the Bengals have bigger receivers….i would go with Gruden to work with Foles

  • I like Jay Gruden as a serious candidate for HC
    Let him work with Foles and the Offense
    He’s done a nice job with Dalton, Receivers AJ Green and TE Gresham
    nd their Overall Offense and still runs a balanced Offensive System
    I believe if the Eagles have talked to Jon Gruden at all, that he has told them to talk to his younger brother Jay about the HC Position
    How about if Eagles hired Romeo Crennel to be the Def/Coordinator and have Jay Gruden as the HC and focus on the Offense, this would be a pretty good combo moving forward

    • no it would not

  • I would love Romeo as the DC.

    • No way! No retreads. Especially from Billicheats coaching tree, other than O’Briens 1 solid year at PSU, what has any of the others done? SQUAT!!!! Crennel, Groh, McDaniels, Mangini, Weiss, & Schwartz, all failed miserably since leaving him. Saban & Ferentz have had decent success, in college only, No thanks!

      • It is amazing how bad his coaching tree has done. He himself was average before Brady….
        I heard that the eagles SB they had an illegal sideline film that focused on Dawkins. They took it during first half and in the second half they had an automatic check to a WR screen when they knew he was blitzing… That’s what burned them. I guess that’s what they mean when they say AR was out coached!
        I hate F.ing Belichik he stole ourSB!

        • AGREED! Amazing what a HOF QB, can do for a coach!

      • I want him as a DC, not a HC.

        • Jay Gruden as HC with Romeo Crennel as DC
          I think that could be a good combo

          • After the horrible showing he had today you still fell Jay Gruden can take the Eagles to the next level Paul?…….You guys keep dreaming. Your too enamored with names…He would suck as our Head Coach.

  • Wait until Chip Kelly is told that he must sit a quality starter in Cleveland because the 4th round draft pick of 3 years earlier decided to reject Joe Banner’s below market contract offer with a deceptive large signing bonus.

  • Jay Gruden as HC and 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell as defensive coordinator

  • Shot out to Songs burfict is a hell of a player this year so far.

  • @paulman did I miss something with Jay Gruden? QB Andy Dalton is a little above average he is nice little player. Cinncys run game is ok. They have stud reciever in AJ Green. Its not like Cinncy is a prolific offense. I would bet to say not top 10. So why is Gruden my next HC? I gotta believe thier are plenty of coordinators worthy ahead of Gruden I would think.

    • Philly fans bow to his last name! I absolutely agree. Maybe it is his arena league credentials

    • Play in the AFC North Divsion and have 6 Games a Year vs the Steelers, Ravevns and even the Browns Defense. Toughest Defenses in the entire NFL play in the AFC North…

      • They werent very good vs the Eagles and the NFC east to be honest

      • LOL Ive seen plenty of teams light up the Ravens and Steelers defense this year. Hell Kurt Cousins the backup QB lit up the Browns. Im not saying Gruden would suck but I just dont see this prolific new wave OC in Gruden. His offense quite frankly looks very ordinary and honestly hes lucky AJ Green is a stud and makes plays or Cinncys offense or they would be quite pedestrian. Give me a healthy oline and there offense isnt better than the Eagles.

      • Retarded retort fraud. Absolutely retarded

      • ravens d was Swiss cheese this year.

    • Exactly Daggolden!!!! He is not ready to be anybody’s Head Coach!!! Stop saying his name; HE IS NOT HIS BROTHER JON!!!! Not even close!!! I DO NOT WANT HIM…HE STINKS!!!

  • Fraud Pittsburgh is 1, however we’re 8-8.Ravens 17 and browns 23? Yet the cinch offense is 22? Gruden has not distinguished himself. Another myth you’ve fabricated

    • Thank you HAC!!!

  • QB Dalton play and indecisiveness is blowing this game for Bengal’s and not Jay Gruden’s Play Calling in my opinion

  • Watching Cinncy and Houston, Dalton and Shaub. Then I look at Brady and Manning. lol. Cinncy and Houston isnt winng no superbowl with eithier of them game managers. As good as the Texans defense is they are not beating Brady or Manning with Shaub or Dalton. Give me a franchise QB.

  • There goes Song’s guy Burfict making a dumb play giving up 15 More Yards and basically sealing the game for the Texans

    • I was just about say the same.

      What a guy is is what a guy is. I don’t think they were going to win…but that stupid penalty ust sealed it.

      Nice effort.

  • Well the AFC championship game is set. The Texans won’t get past the Pats next week and it won’t matter who plays the Broncos. Patriots-Broncos, Manning versus Brady again.

  • Burfict is not the reason the bengals lost the game, the bengals quarterback did not make big plays when he had to, to compare this guy to foles, not even close, when I see some of these white stiffs play quarterback and suck, I can understand the viewpoint of my brothers like songs

    • Where did I sayvBurfict cost the Bengals the game Jake
      He merely sealed the win for the Texans. I stated that Dalton’s poor play and bad reads and overall indecisiveness cost the Bengals the game, not their Defense nor Jay Gruden’s play-calling…Dalton played poorly

  • Burfict was undrafted, where was this stiff daulton drafted, keep it real vinnie and Paul

  • It’s that simple, does the quarterback make big plays when it’s money time, daulton, a decisive no, foles, yes

    • Jake you ignorant bastard? White stiffs?

      • ^^^Who’s the ignorant one?^^^

  • I can’t understand any viewpoint of any one on this sight who describes a Qb as a “white stiff” or a “black stiff”. Why can’t a QB just be a stiff or mediocre or great with the color adjective. Man, I just don’t get it.

  • All the talk about Banner being at fault just isn’t worth much at this point.

    It’s more than a little disappointing to me that the Eagles haven’t interviewed Jon Gruden already for the job. Gruden, not being in the league, can interview with anyone. The reality is that as long as he gets good personnel he’s more than proven he knows what to do with it. The Eagles are starting out with better than average personnel and as long as Rick Mueller is running the scouting department there’s at least a 50/50 chance Roseman won’t screw that up over the short term.

    I don’t know if the Eagles requested an interview and they were denied, but I doubt it. Gruden initially said he was ready to take interviews for head coaching jobs and then pulled back when the requests started coming in. It makes me think there was a specific team he was wanting to coach and when they didn’t request an interview he decided to pull back. Based on his last set of comments from the second Eagles game he was on the broadcast for he seemed almost overjoyed at the possibility of being thought of as a better option that Andy Reid. “…you think you can do better than Andy Reid GO FOR IT!” (huge smile on his face) Given the bit of light brinkmanship between the two in Green Bay bettering Reid’s record is probably a challenge Gruden would derive a great deal of gratification from. I’d be more than happy to let him have at that.

    Before emphasizing Gruden’s last years on the bereft of talent Bucs team after winning a Superbowl (if you didn’t know the team is still “Rebuilding” two coaches later by the way) and consider that Gruden took the Raiders job when every professional in the prognostication business said the team couldn’t be successful and he turned it into a Superbowl team in a fairly short period of time.

    Look at how badly Ray Rhodes fortunes went after the departure of Gruden right here in Philly. There are some people that want to be dismissive of Jon Gruden, but it’s not for no good reason his name keeps coming up in Philly.

    • Jon Gruden… Check his record and draft picks as head of Tampa… I believe we just got rid of 14 years of Gruden. He is terrible

    • Butch, Jon Gruden hasn’t got an interview yet because he has been on record saying that he isn’t interested in coaching next year.

      Talk about the Eagles interest is false.

      • And he blows!use the Internet boys. He is what we just fired

  • I agree Dag, you need a Top 6 QB to have a legitimate chance for the Super Bow in today’s QB Driven NFL. (Brady, Manning, Rogers, Brees)
    Game Nanagers can get you into the Playoffs, but not very far
    Look at the Ravens, good Defense, RB & WR’s but gave Flacco who is a good QB, but not an elite one
    Right now the Eagles don’t have Elite QB on their Roster and there does not appear to be one in this Draft bases on their College Perfomances
    So what the Eagles must do first is build a solid Physical Team while they hope Foles develops into a solid game manager and at least give the Team a building block until they get obtain or develop an Elite QB which don’t grown on trees. Last year Draft produced 2-3 very promising QB’s in
    RGIii, Luck, Wilson and even Tannehill player better than expectations
    It takes time and that’s really all the Eagles have now, so they better utilize it wisely and improve this Roster since they are nowhere close to having an elite QB anytime soon
    I would purge every player on the Roster over 30 Years Old and start rebuilding from the inside out since older Vets are just taking snaps from the younger players, trade T Cole, C Jenkins, T Herremans, D Tapp while they still have Value and release Vick, Asmo and move forward and Target 2015
    As the Year to really compete again for a Deep Playoff Run
    Eagles could conceivably win in the weak NFC East before then but are still nowhere close to the Packers,49ers, Falcons, Seahawks, Saints. Giants as far as Talent from top to bottom and have actually fallen behind the
    Redskins, Cowboys,Bears, Vikings, Panthers, TB Bucs and even the Rans for future potential.. Eagles & Cardinals are the worst Teams in the NFC
    And probably will be for 2013 again..

  • Jon Gruden will not be a HC next Year for anyone
    He will target 2014 with the Cowboys or no NFL job at all
    He would not follow his close friend of 20 years Andy Reid
    For Philly anyways regardless if they approached him which I highly doubt occurred even if DCar says per BB that it’s his if it wants it..

    • Go to the boys please! You have a terrible draft record. You are overrated and you’ve spent 6 years in the booth losing your edge!

  • Its amazing a NFL team(Vikings) have a backup who cant throw a pass. Thats just simply amazing to me that they felt so little of the backup QB position to not have a viable option at backup QB. I dont care what he did vs the Eagles 2 years ago he cant throw a forward pass.

  • Foles is that type of quarterback, dalton sucks, there are plenty of white stiffs playing quarterback in the nfl, I can understand the anger of the blacks about the quarterback position, but with foles, it’s like reverse of the same, this guy can flat out play , but you hear bullshit reason why he can’t, even though he’s the best prospect in a long time,that’s why I call out these pricks, they will never embrace old whitey in Philly, just like years ago the whites could never embrace Jackie Robinson

  • Dalton is a white stiff

    • Jake you need to go back to your shack in Arkansas. You are a stupid SOB. Race is not a factor and your redneck ass wants it to be fuck you

      • joe Webb rules

        kill whitey.

        haaa what a fuckin loser you are. total trash

  • havecigar….If Gruden is horrible then what was Andy Reid? Guess who beat Andy Reid at the vet to get to the Superbowl and win?

    You got it. Jon Gruden.

    And don’t give me that Tony Dungy’s ten garbage…we crushed the same team when Dungy coached them…they couldn’t beat the Eagles under Dungy …remember?

    Who built those teams when Raiders were respectable before Gruden went to Tampa Bay?

    That same Raiders team was cheated with the tuck rule in the AFC championship game before getting to the Super Bowl.


    So, don’t give me that garbage claiming Gruden is no good because he team regressed with players aging.

    He won a Superbowl.

    Eagles fans act as if they know what a winning coach look like….or maybe you’re just used to losing coaches.

    • Gruden has a 54% winning percentage as a HC Reid has a 58% winning percentage as a head coach. Would you like to rephrase your question? Because otherwise you are an idiot

  • what is the percentage our coaches have for winning Superbowls?

    Do you want a coach with a high percentage during regular season or one who can win in the big games when it matters?

    You don’t have to answer…..That’s what Philly Fans are use to.

    As long as it’s good on paper, Superbowls not a priority.

    • Well you obviously never played or coached… Sometimestheballbounces funny,,, if you don’t believe that please YouTube David tyree

    • Every game in nfl is a big game dickhead

  • Gruden is5-4 in playoffs Reid is10-9 talk to e about big games

  • haveacigar..what Reid record in the Superbowl?

    What is Gruden’s?

    • Belichek is only 3-2 in the big one

  • As of 9:40PM ET Saturday night, Oregon coach Chip Kelly was still meeting with Eagles brass regarding Philly’s head-coaching vacancy.
    It is perhaps — and we stress perhaps — worth noting that one WIP Philadelphia report stated Friday evening that Kelly and the Eagles are “close” to a five-year agreement. “If I’m right I’m golden,” WIP’s Brian Startare tweeted. “If wrong my source is fired.” So that’s not exactly trustworthy. The fact that the Eagles are still talking to Kelly would seem to indicate strong mutual interest, however. Kelly previously was scheduled to meet with Browns brass for dinner on Saturday night. Obviously, that’s not happening.

  • 0-1 and 1-0. There are all kinds of big games, every game in nfl is big. Ifyouthink1 game makes a difference then you are just stupid

  • Two of the worst play off games i’ve watched in a while all these teams suck with the exception of the Packers and the common denominator is bad QB’s. ARod is the only good QB who played today.

    • What a waste of a Saturday for this bullshit

  • I hope it’s not Chip Kelly, but Roseman has been e s’mores with the fella for 2 months now.. But if it is, I will support him and see what he brings to the table like the rest of us, i don’t know much of anything but this, this years Draft and off-Season Roster upgrades are critical to the Eagkes future sucess whomever the Coach will be..

    • good thing with chip is he will have a nice handle on this years draft class and probably for the next few years too

      some good articles out there on chip – google chip Kelly beautiful mind.

  • How the hell did Vick get outplayed by this bum Joe Webb AT HOME in a huge playoff implication game? Seriously, how the fuck did that happen because Joe Webb is trash and cant play QB for shit. Cant throw for shit…The busted coverage play where the WR was wide open was even under thrown and off time…pathetic

  • But hey Joe Webb is fast! Apparently that is good enough for some people when it comes to their QB preferences lol

  • Great Idea…lets sign Joe Webb as the backup QB for the Eagles next season..He could back up future HOFer Denis Dixon…They deserve a shot to start haha

    • haaaa

  • Please don’t mention the name Jon Gruden again I would rather have Reid back.

  • What’s the deal with all this breaking news and my sources crap? I have one my sources say some GCobb posters are really good with going on the internet and finding the same stories we can find. I do enjoy paulmans stuff dude has like 50 different scenarios about who the coach is going to be and I’m still waiting for Donohue to pick our new coach? LOL

    • Or one of his 30 candidate to coach .. His #1 pick wanndstadt or nolan

      • LOL hey one of his 30 will be the right one, but I am entertained by him.

  • Bears interviewing Marc Trestman of the Montreal Alouettes….laugh all you want, but this would be a good hire.

  • Isn’t Trestman Jewish??

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