• January 17, 2022

Gus Bradley Should Be The Eagles’ Next Head Coach

If you look at the Superbowl Championship coaches over the last 45 years, history says you better have a brilliant, innovative offensive mind. But not so fast, because that statement would be inaccurate.
Many columnists, fans, and even our beloved Eagles Front Office feel that if we don’t get an offensive coach, the Philadelphia Eagles will not succeed because there will be no one to groom our latest quarterback prodigy, Nick Foles.
Now, there is some truth to that theory; because you do need a viable quarterback option to take the lead in the huddle, and on the field.
But in order to be a Viable “Championship Team”, what you really need, is an innovator, and flat out leader on the sideline.
But does that mean that you’re not a leader if you are not an offensive mastermind? Some may respond, “Well look at the Superbowl Champion Coaches the last few years, and throughout its history!!”.
Have you really looked at it?
Because, history actually dictates the opposite. Which is why Gus Bradley, the fiery defensive coordinator, of the Seattle Seahawks should be heavily given consideration as our next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Did you know that of the 25 Superbowl Championship coaches, only nine of them have a purely offensive back ground? The other infamous 17, were groomed on the defensive side of the ball.
Hank Stram, is the only Coach to win a Superbowl without the assistance of an offensive, defensive, or Special Teams coach; he WAS the head coach, but he did have a defensive mindset. There are others similarly groomed as defensive assistants that went on to win Superbowls:
1. Bill Walsh – Well known for his offensive genius, namely the West Coast Offense. But, Walsh was groomed as an assistant during the early AFL days, on both the offensive, and defensive game plan, before he became offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.
2. Bill Parcells – His roots started on the defensive side of the ball, as linebackers coach, and defensive coordinator before he became head coach of the Giants.
3. Bill Belichek – Defensive coordinator of the Giants before he was hired as head coach at Cleveland and New England.
4. Jimmy Johnson – Defensive coordinator at Arkansas and Pittsburgh University, (1973-1978), before he got his head coaching Position at Miami University, and the Dallas Cowboys
5. Bill Cowher – Defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs before he was hired as the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The list goes on with names like: Don Shula, John Madden, George Seifert, Mike Tomlin, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, and Tony Dungy. Many of these names have won multiple Superbowls!
Do you think that Jeff Fisher would make a good Head Coach for the Eagles if he were available? He didn’t win, but, he did make it to the Superbowl, as many times as Andy Reid has in his career. So whats the point?
Gus Bradley’s defense has steamrolled some of the most brilliant offensive minds this year in New England, San Francisco, Chicago, New York Giants, Green Bay, Washington, and Atlanta is next. The man has to be innovative!!
But they’re all being considered for Head Coaching positions in the NFL. Yet, he isn’t as highly regarded as even some of them.
In order to be a successful defensive team, don’t you also have to be just as innovative as the Head Coach on the other side of the field?
So, would it be reasonable to conclude, that, that defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, would have the pedigree, the innovation, the drive, the leadership, and ability, to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Superbowl Championship?
Well, who is going to groom Foles?
If we are able to combine, and complement his style, and demeanor with similar offensive minds such as Ben McAdoo, Brad Seely, Joe Lombardi, – Who are all future head coaches in their own right-, and should be titled as Assistant Head Coaches with the Eagles THEY can groom Foles, as Bradley takes control, and revives this soft, heartless Eagles Team. Being the same leader as Parcells, Belichek, Johnson, Madden, Landry, Noll and Cowher were.
GMCliff wants everyone to get on the Gus Bus, as it heads to Philadelphia soon for his interview…and I’ll start the Chant…WE WANT GUS!!, WE WANT GUS!!, WE WANT GUS!!, WE WANT GUS!!, WE WANT GUS!!, WE WANT GUS!!

Clifford Dorsey

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  • Sounds Good,
    Unfortunately, Roseman already F’d up their initial Interview
    Bradley takes the Chargers job if he goes anywhere
    McCoy takes the Arizona Job
    Clements or Trestman take the Bears Job
    And the Eagles get whoever is left over from the Bears finalists
    Or perhaps go strictly short-Term and hire a Lovie Smith or Ken Wisenhut to
    Coach 3 Seasons and then go after these College Coaches who will be ready to move up to the NFL like Shaw, Strong, O’Brien or Kelly

    • What did he say tofuck up the interview? Did you tape it so we can all here it? Or let me guess you made that up

  • Re: the Bathroom Incident as earlier reported
    From O’Hare Latrine personnel
    This Search is funnier than Seinfeld.

  • no thanks

    • I don’t know why you even reply….you haven’t had anything to say in months thats of any value….Not hiring him would benefit the Giants wouldn’t it….

  • @gmcliff, Hey man we want gus at this point I am cool with it. But do gus want us. We shall see

    • We’ll have to wait and see Diddy brother………

  • We would have to hope he turns into one of the coaches in this article, he can also turn into a Ray Rhodes, i seen his act on the sideline, how hes all in your face with that fire n brimstone mentality, as we saw with Rhodes, that act gets old real quick. But im on board with it if they can get him, we just gotta hope he turns into the coaches in this article and not Ray Rhodes.

    • Yes, similar in defensive, mind set, but different in their approaches. Rhodes, and Bradley two different coaches.

    • It’s a lot easier to temper down from an “In your face” stance then to transition from the soft, cuddly, “I-want-to-be-your-bestest-friend” stance of Andy Reid. It’s only human nature to respond better to authority (think cop) than someone who’s motivational tactic is to beg and plead in the name of friendship. I believe players have more respect for a coach who is critical and demands improvement in individual player performance with a little harshness where merited than with the Teddy Bear style of Reid. With that style, Reid lost the locker room faster than a speeding bullet.

  • Gus Bradley suckled at the teat of Monte Kiffin in Tampa Bay and was hired by Jim Mora Jr. to be the defensive coordinator of the Seahawks in 2009

    Kiffin told Jim Mora Jr – “listen to me. I have got a guy here in Tampa that is one of, if not, the finest football coaches I have ever worked with. He’s an A-plus. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime coach. You need to talk to him,’ “

  • Good article, but it will fall on deaf ears, the fags that run thus organization know nothing about the philosophies espoused by the real football men who have won championships, the best we cam hope for is its Bradley by default

    • I know Jake, but on this site, all we want to do is have a voice. Whether it falls on deaf ears or not, we can say we told them so.

      I think interviewing Jay Gruden, is a waste of time, he is not ready to be a head coach yet, but he still will get an interview. With these articles, We can look back, and see if we on GCobb.com know what we are talking about.

      • I agre GMCliff,
        I don’t believe Gruden is ready or worthy of an Interview
        And to be honest, I’m not sure Gus Bradley is either
        Lets see how the Seagawks Defend a Falcon Offense and QB looking to make am ends for prior season dud performances in the Playoffs
        The Redskins last week had RG111 playing on 1 leg and an average WR Corps at Best. Falcons wi show no mercy and will continue to make big plays over the top over a leg-weary Seahawk Defense
        Falcon Ryan having all day to throw. This Falcon Team is out to make a statement today and not just happy to make the Playoffs like the Redskins were last week

      • You really think you have a voice… That in and of itself is hilarious

        • You just heard it, and responded to it didn’t you?

          • Don’t waste your time, with that know-nothing, no fun, condescending troll!!!! He’s another douche-bag, like Schiller, Navy, & Lil Bron-Bron Jon Fraud!

    • I know. It’d have to be just dumb luck with these clowns.

  • That Mike Nolan from the Falcons is looking better and better and may be the perfect fit for Lurie & Roseman as far as what they are looking for.
    Smart, Well-Spoken, Well-Dreesed and is well liked and respected around the NFL
    Way back last month, I was about the only one who listed Mike Nolan as a serious Candidate and I just may be right again, much to the chagrin of the
    Philly Faithful. The big advantage I see Nolan having over Bradley would be his ability to put an experienced Coaching Staff which the “Trey Amigos” have to be concerned about with the younger, less experienced Assts thay have taljed to or about to talk to (Bradley, Jay Gruden, McCoy)
    Nolan has been a HC and actually was involved in Drafting some of the Veteran Players on the 49ers (Willis, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, McDonald, Alex Smith, etc, etc)
    He may be the Best Candidate for the short-Term (3-5 Years)
    To rebuild this Defense and Team for quicker success
    Keep an eye on him this game and coming weeks

    • Mike Nolan sucks Paul, as a Head Coach. All due respect to you, and you know I value your opinion; but on this I have to disagree, because he shouldn’t even be a candidate. He would be fired in 2 years.

      • You have to remember that Lurie/Roseman still think the Eagles are close to contending and will go with the more experienced, hungry Mike Nolan who has been licking his chops for 3 years to get another chance to be a HC
        I am not saying this is what I would do, but how Lurie/Roseman are
        Thinly about..if they were honest with themselves and fans, they would blow this Team/Roster up and start anew with a younger Coach who can grow the Roster and Franchise in his likeness, but this takes time and I don’t believe Lurie is pursuing the next HC to have 5 Year window to Win
        Hiring a newbie Coach with limited Contacts for a Staff is not what they are looking for, hiring a Bradkey or McCoy and then telling them they need to hire this Coordinator or that Coordinator to help on the other side of the Team undermines a newbie Coach from Day 1 and won’t work

      • He is not due respect. He hasn’t earned it

  • Monte Kiffin lost his mind about 7 years ago..
    What did he do in College at Tenn & USC while Coaching to his Son,
    Lane, itch top Talent, that’s right, not too much..

  • Paulman stop all the stupid babbleling you do and get it right or get a job on the John Edwards showGus Bradley is coming here These three stooges know they screw this up there wont be a rock large enough for these gaybirds to hide under

  • Gus Bradley is not ready, plain and simple
    Only 7 Seasons in the NFL total, what kind of Offensive Staff can he put together?? Also you have to remember that even as DC of the Seahawks,
    HC Pete Carrol is still the man calling many of the shots for Seattles Defense so it’s not all Bradley.. I like Vradleys upside, but unless he could get an experienced OFfensive Staff together, I question how successful he can be in his first 2-3 Seasons with the Eagles with his limited NFL Experience
    And getting off the ground slowly in Philly is not going to fly with the unrealistic expectations of Ownership, local Median and Fans about how far the Talent on this Team has fallen as well as the many Teams that have improved in the NFC

    • John Madden was a LB Coach for 2 years before he was hired as Oaklands Head Coach…….is regarded as one of the greats, and won a Superbowl.

      Landry, and Chuck Noll, had similar short stints in their defensive coaching experience; Granted not 2 years, but you can’t say he isn’t ready. Jay Gruden stunk it up in the playoffs, and teams are looking to consider him, and not too many are saying he’s not ready……Bradleys ready.

      • Andy Reid was a QB Coach………when did he get ready?

        • The state of the Eagles Franchise is much different in 2013 than it was in 1999. Lurie was a newbie Owner, franchise had little expectations and pressure to win right away. Reid did a nice job his first few years changing the Culture and building the Team around MCNabb who was a different type of QB than many Teams were used to seeing, a big guy, big arm who could extend plays which was not common place then in the NFL. Plus the NFC was relatively a weak Conference with more defensive oriented Teams and the NFC East was there for the taking
          As the Giants, Cowboys And Redskins were going thru rebuilds, new Coaches, etc, etc
          Fast forward to 2013 is way different
          Better Teams in NFC, wide open explosive Offenses
          And good QB play.. A fan base demanding a winner now
          Mentality.. Local Media overhyping their home town teams

          • Better teams? No one wanted to win the division numb nuts

  • Seattle is a year away..
    Mike Nolan pulling the right strings in this game so far
    Mike Nolan the next Eagles HC, book it Danno

    • NO THANKS!

  • Game is over, Falcons in a laugher 36-13 over the overmatched, physically exhausted Seahawk Team. The Russell Wilson and Gus Bradley
    Hype Train is over..

  • Falcons OC Koetter taking Seahwak DC Bradley to School
    Big time.. seahwaks do not have the legs/ energy to compete with the rested Falcons on that fast track turf in the Georgia Dome

    • So if they come back, will you feel the same way? The whole team looks lethargic if you ask me, not just the defense…

      • Eagles aren’t interested in their other Coaches GMCliff are they??
        It’s Bradley
        It’s 27-14 with 13 Minutes left, lets see how Bradley and Defense respond
        This this a must stop series for Seahawk Defense or game/season is over

        • Seattle wins….Bradley Defense allowed 7 points in the 2nd half……Dirk Koetter is OK……Bradley took him to school in the clutch.

          • Oops wrong again

  • Paulman- cant judge a guy by one game…..Bradley isn’t the one playing..
    Your comments are stupid!

    Bradley hasn’t missed tackles or blown coverages…and he is getting no help from the offense

  • Your comments on Bradley not being ready are even dumber….put your foot in your mouth as your hypocritical comments are that of a 5yr old…you have no clue what you are talking about…

  • Pat carroll blew this game

    • PETE Carroll, didn’t do much better………….

  • Paulman is full of himself is there anyway we can block his comments

  • It’s a 2-way street, when the Seahawks shut down the 1 legged QB
    RGIII, all I heard is that Bradley is a genius and the man for the job
    Now today as his Defense is giving up points and big plays to the hungry and more talented Falcons, now everyone is saying it’s not Bradley’s fault
    As I have stated for a while, I like Bradley a lot and think he will make a good NFL Coach, but is he ready in 2013, can he get a great Staff together
    Quickly with his limited NFL Experience (7 Years) , I am not so sure about unless you go thru a complete rebuild-transition period, and I don’t believe Lurie feels that is necessary at this time. He thinks this Eagles Team can contend now (which I disagree with) but hey, it’s his Team

    • Dick wad you are throne jumping off the Gus train. Read your own comments…Paul, we like you and your safe here, you can confide in us… You are autistic arent you? It’s ok man we still like you

    • Paul, my brother, Mike Nolan is the d-Coordinator for the Falcons, he basically gave the game away,but you want him to coach the Eagles. How is he any better than Bradley. He still showed something here. It doesn’t change my stance on him being our Coach.

    • Paul, you hitting the sauce today, my man?!? LMFBO!!!!

  • Thanks HAC
    I guess I just picked a bad week to give up amphetamines, coke and opiates.

  • Matty Ice making a poor decision while Seahawk Safety Earl Thomas continues to show why he is one of the Best Safeties in the NFL
    Good coverage scheme by Bradley but ball should have never been thrown

  • Game on,
    Mike Nokan’s Defense fading fast
    QB Wilson on fire and throwing darts all over the field to open Seahawk Receivers, maybe Dave Wannstadt would be a good hire after all

  • ******Breaking News*******

    Eagles interviewed Brian Billick!!
    now wouldnt it be funny if they hired him after he said that they would never find a better coach than Andy Reid. LOL

    • Fuck don’t do it

      The timing of the report is interesting, as Billick is currently announcing Sunday’s NFC Divisional round game on FOX. The Super Bowl XXXV winner has drawn just cursory interest around the league since being let go by the Ravens after the 2007 season. Although Billick’s background is on offensive side of the ball, his Baltimore defenses often carried the weight of the offense on its back. CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank is told Billick is “considered among the leading candidates” for the position.

  • Why not? The gcobb faithful think winning a SB makes a man most qualified

  • What a JO this guy paulman is. Are you ever right?

  • Most of the time Irish,
    What a great game this was
    Eagles could not compete with any of these 6 Teams that have played so far this weekend

    • Amen to that. Todd Bowles would have been lost if we were in this game. Our guy Earl Thomas, making impact……..didn’t need any training, or experience, as a Professional GM to see he was more talented than Brandon Graham, just an eye for talent.

  • @pman, your so right the eagles are far off from these teams.

  • Still like Bradley but with 30 seconds left not to much to ask defense to not give up field goal.

    • Didn’t Eagles Fire Juan Castillo for blowing late Leads versus te Steelers & Lions .. Bradley has a very bright Future, wonder what his Offensive Philosophy would be or what kind of Coaches he could put together as a Staff, I think this is what’s holding him back right now.. He just needs more time ..

  • @ Paulman tell me what the difference is? Tell me! Its not stellar defense this weekend. Its not like Shady McCoy couldnt play for any of these teams. Its not like Seattle has great WR. The difference is you have seen GREAT QB play period! That is the overwhelming difference.

    • QB and good sound Coaching…
      and Right Now, the Eagles have neither…

      • mike smith was HORRIBLE today– give me a break!

  • QB QB QB QB. Before I get bashed Im not talking bad about Foles Im just stating why these teams were so good this weekend. Because Flacco was GREAT. Ryan Was GREAT . Kapernick WAS GREAT. Hell WILSON was GREAT! Thats why them teams won.

    • bingo

      Need a superstar QB in playoffs. We haven’t had one since 2006.

  • You gotta understand something about Fraudman, he is consistently contrary to whatever the popular vote is. Everyone is talking about Gus Bradley so he purposely chooses to be the total opposite and find a way to crush the guy, even though he knows Gus is a heck of a coach and may be our next HC. He does this every single day, such a tired act…

    • I don’t see it exactly like that JH. Paul, just doesn’t always assume the popular opinion, generally because there is more than meets the eye in some cases. Which I applaud .

      • The point is he was pro Gus one minute, anti Gus the next. He claims to be a GM but changes his loyalty at the drop of a pass. Fraud

        • I like Gus Bradley, I just don’t think he’s ready and would have a difficult time getting a quality Staff together with his limited Experience..
          Who’s the OC, Who’s the DC, and running Special Teams.. This guy has only been in the NFL for 7 Years for 2 Teams, what kind of relatinships does he have that can command a quality Staff..7 Years in the NFL as a Coach is a very short time and considered still like an Apprentice when it comes to getting opportunities to become HC..
          I am not saying he’s incapabable, just don’t think he’s well rounded enough at this stage of his career..

          • C’mon man, how many coaches that become a HC have 20 years coaching experience. John Harbaugh for example had no HC experience yet landed on the Ravens as a HC when he was a STC for the Eagles.. He is a defensive coach, and now is back in the AFC Championship game for the 2nd consecutive year, not bad for a guy when hired had no HC experience.. You can’t pigeon hold a guy because he only has 7yrs experience as a D Coordinator, what kind of excuse is that? Stop trying to be contrary already..

          • Which is exactly why I’d love to see Gruden hired. He’s been there, done that. With his long experience and exposure to NFL teams and staffs , I’m sure he’s built up a vast network of coaching contacts who’d be eager to work in an environment as challenging as the NFL East and would delight in the possibility of being the first to engineer a Philly Super Bowl. But they’d have to be risk takers because Philly exposure could make them or break them career-wise. I think Gruden is the ONLY coach that could match the criteria you’ve outlined and, I’m willing to bet, over a REASONABLE (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the rehabilitation of the carnage created by Reid and Banner) period. It will take a few years of carefully crafted drafts and free-agency signings just to reach respectability. As long as progressive improvements are demonstrated, I believe Gruden could, finally, bring the Eagles back to relevancy within this division and conference.

          • based on your years of experience as a douchebag?

      • How can he even criticize a guy that coached up a defense that only allowed15pts a game? Thats a SB caliber defense,thats a real deal defense that that man coached up. So when I hear him say the things he does about Gus it makes no sense. It probably has to do with the fact that he never thought of a Gus Bradley, notice hes still clinging to his original pick Mike Nolan? Hes wrapped up in his own opinions and thoughts yet he knows hes wrong.. Unreal.. you dont think hes purposely being contrary? Beg to differ GM..

        • I hear what your saying Jon. We all get a little stubborn I guess. I was stubborn when I thought The Seahawks Defense would hold a lead for 30 seconds,……..and wouldn’t admit, they blew it. But I still want Gus. You get no argument with me Jon, but I still respect Paul’s opinion, as much as I do yours. But you do have a major point there brother; I hear you.

          • What I am saying is that if Eagles hire Gus Bradley, who is he going to hire to the run the Offense, and yes it would be a good move for the long-term for he can shape the Eagles defense to be a very good one in 2-3,years. Is Lurie, the fans and media going to allow a young Coach to grow into the position with limited Offensive Coaching ability
            Can Lurie sell Bradley as the long term sucess while the Team wins
            5-7 Ganes a Season with an inept Offense like Seattle had the last 2 Seasons with T Jackson and others playing QB??
            Hearing what Lurie/Dosenan have stated, they want a dynamic Offebse with the skill players they have already on their Roster
            Can Bradley do this, can he hire an OC to utilize these players while he rebuilds the Defense.. It’s a lot to ask for and expect from an asst Coach with limited experience and little exposure to developing an offense.. That’s the unknown here with him
            Can they hire a Tom Ckements or a Bud Abbott to run the Offense and be Asst HC and Bradley be the HC and focus on the Defense
            As an example, which would be a great combo

            • How about Ben McAdoo, Geep Cryst, Joe Lombardi, Brad Seely, Michael Christiansen, or Clyde Christiansen, to run the offense. They should be smart enough to hire one of these up, and coming QB Coaches be their Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator. I don’t see what the problem is.

              And Bradley would bring with him his 2 Best friends, Todd Wash, and Rocky Seto,(Def.Backs/ LB Coach) to run the defense. Wash being the Defensive Coordinator…….

              Assembling a staff shouldn’t be that hard. A lot of teams that don’t have a Coach have to fill their staffs as well. I think the longer they delay, the harder it may be.

              But I don’t think thats the problem. They are too secure in having a strictly Offensive minded Coach, interviewing Brian Billick – a guy who hasn’t coached since 2007!! – because he has won a Superbowl. I’m telling you Howie is no more clever than most on this sight, because he is reaching. Gus should be the guy period.

            • That’s the chance the Eagles are taking with any coach they take. You can’t worry about that stuff, you just gotta get the best coach for the job in here and hope that he can assemble a staff that will succeed.. yes bringing in a Tom Clements is a good idea just to coach the Offense if they decide to go with Bradley..

              • But Clements isn’t going to leave Green Bay, while making a lateral move as Offensive Coordinator…You would have to hire the QB Coach Ben McAdoo, to be the Asst.Head Coach/ o-Coordinator. Which is what I have been saying, they have to hire a Geep Cryst, Joe Lombardi, a QB Coach as our O-COORDINATOR. If they did that with Andy, he would have been better at making halftime adjustments.

  • Here’s a telling point concerning Howie’s incomptenece.

    Lurie told us that Roseman was responsible for 2012 draft right?

    There’s a guy named Russell Wilson who is now in top QB status that came to visit the novacare this offseason before the draft.

    Eagles pick Nick Foles with Russell Wilson still on the board…Seahawks pick Wilson a few picks later.

    The Eagles projected Foles ahead of Wilson..

    Enough said.

    What’s more important?

    A defensive tackle? A linebacker?


    A potential franchise QB?

    Howie sucks ass

    • 31 teams passed on WIlson

      .As late as week 7 on this very season people all over the league and on tv were questioning the Seahawks annointing Wilson as their starter.

      Wilson now looks like a stud. $$. But enough with the hindsight No one knew 8 months ago.

      BTW….are you online buying your Kaepernick jersey right now? Turncoat.

    • Wilson was chosen before Foles Songs; He had already been drafted. But I agree, with your point about Howie. We have literally, bypassed All- Pros, and impact players, ironically that have been suggested by members of the GCobb.com Family….one, for example, is our favorite of last year Vontaze Burfict.

      • What a tool! LOL! Doesn’t get! See’s nothing but color! Blinds reality!

  • Hell with Gus Bradley…he’s a cheap option who will not challenge Rosebud’s incompetence.

    Gruden should be the guy…..He knows how to win big.

    • How are the Redskins doing BTW? You have the RGIII posters up in your bedroom yet?

      Or did you take those down for Wilson?

      Or are you right now taking those down for Kaepernick?

      You change teams/players faster than Kim Kardashian changes bfs.

      Off you go to cheer for SF.

      • BINGO, post of the day!

    • Check his record man

  • Honestly it doesnt matter who your coach is if you dont have franchise QB.

  • RG3 is out ’cause they had him playing when they shouldn’t.

    You were talking ’bout how bad that Kap experiment was.

    Russel only went so low ’cause he’s short. Three inches taller and he’s a top 5 pick.

    Flacco is NOT a franchise QB – he did play one hell of a game though.

    This isn’t ’bout having a superstar QB – it is about playing good as a team. The QBs came up big, but so did defenses. And have you seen San Fran’s oline? Kap ain’t Kap without that line. Good team ball. That’s what matters.

    • do you realize flacco threw a strike for a TD that would have sent them to the SB last year but the reciever dropped it? then he drove them down for a tying FG and the kicker missed it. Then saturday he was an absolute stud that outplayed manning. and you think he isn’t a franchise QB…. right. he is 7-4 in the playoffs my man!

  • Everybody passed on Wilson except Larrwd he was on here everyday screaming about Wilson.

  • No doubt that a top end QB is needed,
    We were told or hoping that Mile Vick was that guy, well we all found out the hard way that Vick was not that guy, now Eagles must move on with Foles until they obtain another QB and since there is no clear Franchise QB
    In this upcoming Draft, the Eagkes must ride out Foles for 2013 and see what happens, one thing we all know for sure is that Vick is not that QB either with his 10-16 Overall Record since late 2010 so he’s had his chance
    And in 2011, the a offense was relatively injury free and could only muster an 8-8 Record before the wheels came off in 2012 for the entire Team

  • Thank You pdiddy

  • ***Partly-Breaking News***
    It was reported on a local Cleveland,Ohio Rock Station that Joe Banner stated ” Howie Roseman was thinking about a Call In-Text-Vote for the Fans in Philadelphia to Decide on who the next Head Coach is”.. Apparently Roseman is talking to the Eagles Legal Team to see if this is a good idea or not ??? More Details from JH at 11pm… Wow…

  • All I want to know is which of you GM a.holes had Kaepernick going in the top 5? He is the best of the rooks. I’ve never seen a runner especially a qb who ran so much without getting touched. Unbelievable.

    • I had him in the 2nd round. Did want the Eagles to aquire more draft picks to draft him. He really shined at the combine, and Senior Bowl……..Cigar, we can converse without all the name calling brother.

      I would like to know who your choice is as coach? who are your target players in the draft to improve the team?

      • Sorry, he is obviously a first round talent admit it… You missed!
        I liked McCoy 3 weeks ago, I was first n his bandwagon…. But I don’t think now he is the guy. I like lovie Bradley and billick

        • we all know he was drafted 2 yrs ago right?

          • in the 2nd round 2 years ago.

          • Right… They had himas thebest talent EVER… Criticized Reid and Roseman because they have an eye for talent

            • Nobody said that Cigar when he was drafted. He needed some time, with Professional seasoning, and he got it……Whats your point? We wanted him!!….Howie, and Andy drafted Mike Kafka…….You cannot discredit us on talent evaluation; we were right.

              • BTW Mike Mayock was criticizing Kapernick, and calling for Kafka too…..Guess what?……. HE WAS WRONG……..

        • Coming out of Nevada, he was a gunslinger but, was a little out of control in reference to his accuracy. He needed some professional discipline, before he would be deemed a potential starter, or a 1st round pick. He improved with that coaching from Geep Cryst the QB Coach of the 49ers. But he shouldn’t have been chosen before the 2nd Round, where he was chosen..

          The prospects with serious talent, but could use some seasoning before they reach their potential are in the 2nd Round. Nobody doubted his talent.

  • I had QB Kapernick as a late 1st/Early 2nd Round Selection also CLiff & HAC after checking out my Pre-2011 Draft Notes from 2 Years ago..

    I had QB’s Rated like this ( I did not particularly think this was a strong Class at all to be honest)

    I had Cam Newton as most of us, as the only Franchise QB and heads above the rest of the 2011 QB Class

    In the 2nd Tier (late 1st to early theu the 2nd Round)
    Blaine Gabbert,Andrew Dalton,Colin Kapernick, Ryan Mallet
    (Gabbert I liked for he was accurate, decent size and can move around a bit,
    Dalton I liked for he was a natural Leader, very competitive with a decent but not great arm, Kapernick for the big arm and athleticism, he was awesome at Nevada who plays in the Big West Conferserence,but questioned his understanding and learning a Pro System was an unknown and Mallett who probably has the best pure QB Arm of this Draft Class but had some baggage, maturity issues, but I believe will eventually make a very good NFL QB learning behing Brady up in New England)

    3rd Tier (3rd Round thru the 5th Round)
    Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Rick Stanzi, Tyrod Taylor, Greg McElroy

    I had very little on Ponder and did not think much of him while he was a Florida State, was hurt a lot, does not possess a big arm, not very athletic.. I was Suprised as many were when the Vikings selected him and the Titans selected Locker all int the 1st Round that Draft for they really didn;t grade out that well per most Scouts/Draft Geeks. I thought Tyrod Taylor had a chance to be a back-up for someone for his athelticism, leadership abilitiy I am not sure if he ever made an NFL Roster.. Had a decent Career at Vrigina Tech

    These were some of my thoughts of that QB Class from 2011
    TO be Honest, this 2013 Class kind of reminds me a little of this 2011 Class,
    some big name guys that were Nationally heralded (Barkely,Landry Jones) but I question their Toughness and Leadership Abilitiy.. Geno SMith is athletic off the charts, can he play under Center and Read Defenses well enough.. I am not sure.. But QB;s like Tyler Bray, Mike Glennon and EJ Manuel and Ryan NAssib may all fly under the Radar and end up being the best of this 2013 QB Class when you look at the intangibales, like leadership,coachability, toughness, size.. etc.etc..

  • I believe Marty M and Todd Bowels are still under Contract also
    And if they aren’t offered any jobs by other Teams, does Lurie decide to keep them for we all know that Lurie does not like to pay Salaries for employees who are not working for him (buyouts)
    Could a combo of Marty remaining as OC to work with Fokes and run the Offense and Bowkes still being the DC with Bradley as the HC work
    (Even if it were for a year for Bradley to get situated out of the gate as HC..

    • It was mentioned by someone, I don’t recall who, at or around the time of Lurie’s press conference announcing the firing of Reid that Mornhinweg’s contract was due to expire at the end of February 2013. I don’t know about Bowles’ contract. I can’t remember who mentioned it. It could have been either Spadaro, Chris McPherson , Tommy Lawlor, Bo Wuff, or I may have read a Sheil Kapadia column. But, I can’t wait until February gets here or else, Lurie may start to get some funny ideas. What surprises, and disappoints, me is Reid has apparently decided to jettison his Siamese twin and go with Doug Pederson.

  • I think we definitely need to draft another qb high as insurance

    • I agree. And, depending on who is FINALLY named HC, the Eagles may do just that. And I still think, unless they just want to expose Foles, that Edwards would be a better QB proposition.

    • You don’t just draft a QB high, when there is none worthy of such a pick. All of them are career backups, or future practice squad roster material at best. That is the case this year.

      But you think you have the answer HUH?, lets hear who it is this year Llawrd.
      Matt Barkley? Geno Smith? Who?…..there will be no Russell Wilson season for anybody coming out this year. The Eagles QB should be Foles, and you sign a veteran QB, or trade for a potential starter.

  • Everyone keeps bringing up this “insurance” business.

    Yet no one ever names who? Nor explains how they would be an upgrade over Foles (or…if a backup edwards for that matter)

    There are no solutions – there are only tradeoffs. If you draft a QB high (and by that I’m assuming 1st or 2nd round – you, by definition, neglect another position.

    If you draft a qb with the first pick its for him to become the starter. What QB would you pick at #4??

    If you don’t take a QB with the #4, then you must in round 2….otherwise…what is the point? Would another 3rd round pick be signicifantly better than Foles? Or do you just want 2 3rd round QBs….for….what was it again…..insurance.

    • Vinnie, there is not a QB worthy of a second round pick, that is more valuable than a OL, DE, S, or CB that would be available, and the Eagles would need with that pick in the 2nd Round. The draft isn’t going to fix it this year. They would have to trade for another young, potential starter, hope one gets released, [ like a Joe Webb, Ryan Mallett or Alex Smith] or keep Vick; Which I know nobody wants to hear……….

      • I agree. There is no point at all picking a QB (unless you LOVE one at #4 – and I hope they don’t). This is a team that needs major help on the Oline and rebuilding a D. (again, I’m not at all going to be suprised if CB is the first pick).

        I’m also not sure about the trading for a guy.

        Lets look at Malett. There are a couple issues here.

        1 – Brady is 49. So why would the Pats trade away Mallett? They need to keep him. Only way they trade him is if they think he’s expendable. Why would they think that unless he stinks? In his 2 year NFL career he’s 1 for 4 for 17 yrds with an int.

        Again, if he’s good the Pats need to keep hiim as insurance for an aging Brady,…so we’re not going to get him. (Btw – do you realize that, aside from his one year knee injury, Brady has never missed a start due to injury in his career? He’s due!!) and if the Pats think he stinks and are willing to trade him…then I don’t want. Catch-22 I guess.

        As for Alex Smith….he’s the only guy I would consider….but I wouldn’t get excited about it. And as I’ve mentioned several times on here….I think he’s just a QB controversy waiting to happen.

        Joe Webb????

        • I hear what your saying about Mallett; Paulman said the same thing last summer when I wanted to trade for him. Your right. My point was, thats the type of player you would want to back up Foles.

          Smith is a veteran now, and would be a viable option only because there is no one better available.

          Joe Webb, yes, he has an arm, is mobile, and again he would be better fit than a Mark Sanchez, Kyle Orton, or Jason Campbell.

  • For me…. this year is about getting tougher. Sure… we have a chance to go deep just like the other teams but that’s not the focus this year. This year its about building as a team. Teach the basics and sit guys that fumble, drop a lot and miss tackles. Give Foles a shot at camp to be the starter if he earns it. Plain and simple. Draft BIG players and grab a FA that plays with the kind of fire you want. My coaches would would be….1. Bradley (not even hearing Vic’s name… and thats sad). 2. John Gruden. 3. Lovie

    • Stevo, they need more draft picks. They need to seriously consider trading Trent Cole, Evan Mathis, Brandon Graham, Jeremy Maclin, Daryll Tapp, and perhaps even, 2-3 future #1 picks, along with the idea of trading down once they’ve acquired some of those picks, and continue trading down into as deep as the 5th round.

  • I would gut this Team of everyone that is past 29 Years of Age (outside of Jason Peters) and rebuild thru the Draft
    Trade Herremans,Mathis,T Cole,D Tapp,C Jenkins, J Maclin to get some Value in return Drafat Pick WIse.. Flat out Cut/Release VIck,Asmo,Bell and do not Re-Sign/Offer any Deal to DRC or Landri,

    Now the Team could be stocked with 10-11 Picks and $$$ Millions under the Cap to go out and get a Veteran Safety (Jarius Dyrd, Edwared Moore)
    and a Veteran CB Marcus Trufant (from Seahawks who obviously would know Bradley System) CB Antiq Talib who stock is now going thru the roof..

  • A QB in this Draft who should still be on the Board by Mid-2nd ROund is EJ Manuel of Florida State, a big, raq kind of a QB with strong arm and is very athletice and can move around.. The only way I would consider using a 2nd Rounder for him is if I had multiple Draft picks in the Top ROunds..
    Eagles have 4 Picks out of the Top 100, with some possible Trades, maybe they can get 6 Picks in the TOp 100, then you can use one of these for EJ Manuell
    Anyone know QB C Boyd status from Clemson ?? Is he staying in School or entering the Draft ??.. This QB Boyd is going to be a good one if he gets on the right team with good Coaching..

  • There is no sense wasting a pick on any of these QBs. There are also no veterans that will be all that great. I know it is too early to judge Foles. But come on. The kid is big, extremely high football IQ and seems to have the right emotional make up. I know people think he will be a very average player. But I just have the feeling this kid is going to be better than many think. I mean Chad Pennington had a decent career. Elvis Grbac. The list goes on. This kid has too many tools to suck. Plus I think he has desire and work ethic from what I have seen so far. I bet if he stays healthy and gets coaching, he will have career numbers similar to McNabb (who is considered to be the best Eagle QB ever). That would be good enough to win and maybe even win a championship. McNabb could have won one if they were more aggressive in FA earlier in his career and had a more balanced approach on offense. They just didn’t have enough pass rushers on defense to beat an elite QB. And they didn’t have the WRs to beat an elite defense. They were sooo close. But they made big moves like ND Kalu and Shawn Barber. Let’s face it they did nothing in FA between Runyan and Kearse. ’01, ’02, ’03 they went cheap because they were convinced their system was so good it wasn’t about the players.

  • Paul….if Star and Joekel are off the board, I trade down from four as long as we stay high enough to get Milliner. I am thinking 12-15 range. But I need their first and second next year. And their second this year.

  • Paul…If they have to totally rebuild the secondary, who would you keep besides Boykin? I would keep Coleman and Anderson. I would cut Allen unless he is really good in preseason. If he looks the same, I cut him after the Jets game. I am not giving DRC $8 million to play when he feels like it. And I just do not think Asmo can play anymore. He lacks the physical ability and desire. Even bringing him back at $4 million a year, I don’t see him giving you much. He will just be stealing what he can for another year since that is about his current market value in FA. He is not going to ball out for another big contract at 32. No one is giving him big money ever again and he doesn’t LOVE football so what is his incentive?
    I would leave Boykin in the slot, go after Jarius Byrd, have Coleman and Anderson battle it out with a mid-round draft pick for SS, have a B list FA on one corner and a 2nd round pick or trade down for Milliner at the other. Everyone else can go.

  • I prefer not to go after any FA corners or spend first round picks on them until we build our infastructure. I am following the Belichick/Coughlin approach and just taking guys in the third and fourth round with a roll of the dice.

  • GMC…I addressed Paul but your input is highly valued as well if you have something for me. Or anyone else who has a response.

  • Good stuff JBird
    As far as both Star & Joeckel still being on the Board at #4
    I would grab DT Star. If both are gone and wanted to Trade Don to get CB Milliner, Eagles could only Drop a few Spots for Milliner will probably go
    # 5 to the Lions or maybe as far down to #10 for he will be the 1st CB Selected
    And many Teams will want a big, strong Physical Cover CB to help defend today’s WR’s Zobe won’t last long
    I like CB Xavier Rhides from Fla State at 6-2 217lbs & Jonathon Banks from Miss at 6-1 200lbs who will probably go mid to late 1st Round ..

  • As far as Eagles Secondary
    I would release Asmo, and let DRC Walk so I would sign a Veteran CB
    (Trufant, Talib, Griffin, Porter or a Jenkins) and break the bank
    And gave Boynkin, Marsh and add a Draft Pick
    At Safety, I would sing a Free-Agent (Byrd, Moore, Gholston, Delmas)
    And also Draft one and gave Allen, Coleman, Anderson compete
    As the Back-up or the other Starters spot

  • Paul….I like your plan. But I gave a lot of thought ot the value (or lack thereof) on Nate Allen. If he can’t strap on a set of balls and stop playing like he’s afraid of getting another booboo on his knee then he really holds no value as a back up. You want back up guys that may lack some ability but really want to be on the field. This way they bust their ass when they are in either to sub or play STs. Allen will not be useful as a bench player. Either he shows more heart and plays to his ability and starts or he gets cut in my book.

  • I agree about Allen and Marsh, both are still under Contract, but there is no doubt that they have to earn a Roster Spot which would could say the same thing about LB’s Chaney,Jordan,Matthews and many other players..
    There will be lots of Players fighting/playing not only for Starters Time but even for a Roster Spot which is a good thing in my opinion…

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