• August 15, 2022

In Gus We Trust

Eagles fans across the country got great news when the Eagles account confirmed Monday night that they would be interviewing Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley for a second time today. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was the first to report the news.

The time of the interview isn’t known, but the interview will take place in Philadelphia. John Clark of NBC10 reported that Jeffrey Lurie even flew a plane out to Seattle for Bradley. Such a bold move may suggest that Bradley is Lurie’s guy.  Time will tell, but I personally would be ecstatic and excited by the move.

At the start of this coaching search, it was widely assumed that the Eagles would lean toward an offensive minded coach. This is a huge mistake. Call me old school, but after the pass-happy 14 years of Andy Reid, I would prefer a coach who likes to pound the rock and play tough, physical defense. Bradley is that guy.

An offense crafted around the lateral quickness of LeSean McCoy and the downhill running style of Bryce Brown would be perfect. Both complement each other’s styles perfectly, and would allow the Eagles to physically drain teams by the 4th Quarter, just like Bradley’s Seahawks have done in 2012.

The Seahawks are a team that the Eagles should look to mold their roster into. Led by a tough defense, physical run game, and rookie QB, the Seahawks won six straight games before losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the Divisional round on Sunday. Bradley would bring a physical style of play to Philadelphia that hasn’t been seen since the Buddy Ryan days. He has molded the Seahawks defense into arguably the NFL’s best. The Seahawks were 4th in the NFL in yards allowed per game (306.2) in 2012, but were first in the NFL in scoring defense (15.3).

Bradley has taken players like Alan Branch and Chris Clemons, who have struggled in previous NFL stops, and turned them into productive players. He’s turned Clemons into a player who could only manage at most four sacks a year with the Eagles, into a starter who has amassed at least 11 sacks per year in his three years as a Seahawk. It’s a necessity for a coach to get the most out of his talent. Bradley has done that and more in developing young players and turning them into contributing starters. Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, and (gulp) Earl Thomas are examples of this.

Not to mention that Bradley is a passionate, emotional guy that has no problem getting into players faces and challenging them. A different tune that we are used to after 14 years of Andy Reid.  That being said, Bradley’s players love him, and would do anything for him. He is the perfect mix of a coach.

Gus Bradley is exactly what this team needs, a defensive-minded coach that can completely overhaul an Eagles defense that needs a philosophical change. The Eagles offense has potential and talent coming back, and with the right approach could score a lot of points. The Eagles defense has talent, but no will whatsoever. Gus Bradley will return that will, and return a brand of smash mouth football that this city craves.

(All Stats from NFL.com)

Matt McCool

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  • Reports are that Joe Banner has hired some Black Hawk Helicopters to
    fly over the Philly Int’t Airport to intercept Bradley’s flight and to prevent this meeting from taking place.. This is not a done deal yet… (Banner is a very spiteful man)

  • If hired this will be the best news for eagles fans in a long, long time, a football team with a big, dominating defense, watch the atmosphere change over night at the Linc, let’s get it done

  • I would be happy with this move. Maybe he can turn this defence into what we expect….

  • “I gotta do a better job”


    “do your job”

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Im still not sold on gus bradley. His defense was good but still ranked 23rd against the run. The falcons exposed that. Turner and company hadnt done much all season and they ran the ball on them. Personally i would like to see mccoy as the head coach, and lovie smith as the D coordinator. Lovie is not the best head coach but being a DC. Hes knows what to do. Mccoy adapts to what his players need. I do like that. Get Morninegwheg or however you spell his damn name out of there. The year they signed him i was disgusted. He came from the lions team who had 2 wins the year before. I thought what could this guy possibly bring to the table. We saw that.

    • that little Atl. rb Rodgers ran over the ALL PRO safety Earl Thomas




    • Dawkplex, they were ranked 10th against the run; not sure where you came up with 23rd. Also, McCoy was hired by San Diego.

  • Come on Gus!! Defense drives this city and its football fans. All we need to look at are the Buddy Ryan and Jim Johnson eras. The Vet and Linc rocked with those defenses. High octane offense never brought the same energy.

  • Mike McCoy is not happening, he’s not mentally strong enough per many reports to handle the Philly Job and is not the kind of take charge personality that’s needed for the Eagles at this time.. Another passive persoinality is not what this Teams needs or wants in 2013 .. Mike McCoy will work for the Cardinals/Chargers or simply return to Coach Manning with the Broncos

    • LaCanfora tweeted – McCoy to Chargers as Paulman predicted many a post

  • It’s great to see Eagle fans excited again. No need for a retread

  • i heard they are looking at a kid from tulsa with the 4 pick who played out of position in college as a DE but really is going to be a highbreed LB– he has a high motor and high energy, really smart scored perfect on the SAT! Bradley assumes this is the eagles way!

  • If Bradley is hired, there is no doubt that DT Star Lotuleile will be their Pick at the #4 Spot if Star is still on the Board..

  • Exciting times.

    Young, vibrant coach coming in here. Enthusiastic. And you know what sold him? (other than a wad of ca$h).


    I think we have a nice young energetic coach coming in here and looking at a young core of players to build around. Full of hope/potential.

    Foles 23, Shady 24, Brown 21, Maclin 24, Cooper 25…none in their prime yet. Can build an offense around that easily.

    And on D. Cox 22, Graham 24, Curry 24, Kendricks 22….again, all younger than prime years and all with solid potential.

    Thjere are more needs on D right now (especially in secondary)….but a young coach coming in is going to be excited about a young core like that.

    (oh, btw – we’re going to see a massive vet purge when Bradley gets in here…he’ll be able to sell the new kids with his enthusiams/energy, “buy-in” message….the Vets will be dumped. Goodby Nnamdi, DRC (pleasepleaseplease dump), Cole, the former superstar, and hopefully Desean. anyone with questionable attitude or fading skillz hitting the high road.

    This will take a couple years….but by 2014 all the above players will be entering their primes. Positive times ahed. (I hope)

    • Except he hasn’t signed yet, other then that I’m all in.

  • I said a few weeks ago that Star Lotuleile would be my pick or Dee Milner

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