• June 25, 2022

What is Chip Kelly Going To Do With Eagles Offense?

Chip Kelly doesn’t think you have to use a first round draft pick to get a franchise quarterback.  He mentioned the fact that San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick and Seattle’s Russell Wilson were acquired with a second-round draft pick and third-round draft pick respectively.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he had his eye on a specific quarterback, who can be had for less than a first-rounder.

The Eagles have shown an interest in most of the quarterbacks here at the Senior Bowl.   You’ve got Landry Jones of Oklahoma, Tyler Wilson of Arkansas, Mike Glennon of North Carolina State and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib.

The final guy I’m going to mention is Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel.  Kelly recruited him out of high school.  Remember that name because when coaches see something they like in a player, they usually always see it.

I’ve heard that new Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur will focus on the team’s passing game, while Kelly focuses on the team’s running game.  Kelly values having coaches with different ideas and different philosophies of offense.  I agree with him.

Shurmur is a proponent of the West Coast offense, while Kelly has run versions of the Pistol run offense and the read option run offense.

Kelly had used his pistol run offense to dominate 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, when he coached the Oregon Ducks versus the Stanford Cardinals, when both were college coaches.  This past weekend, Harbaugh utilized that same offense with Kaepernick running the show to beat Atlanta in the NFC Championship game.

I had a good laugh about a story concerning Andy Reid and the Eagles.  There’s s certain former Eagles assistant coach, who is now a very successful NFL head coach, who threw his hands up in disgust when Marty Mornhinweg was named offensive coordinator for Andy Reid about a decade ago.  He threw his hands up and said, “Oh no, we’ll never run the football again”.

He knew how much both Reid and Mornhinweg  loved to throw the football.  Childress on the other hand was a proponent of the running game and he would push Reid to run the ball all the time during games.  It made the Eagles offense better because it was a lot more balanced during those days.  Of course you know what happened to it when Reid and Mornhinweg got a hold of it.


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  • E.J. Manuel is the truth….height, strong arm, quick release, with serious mobility…..

    This is the guy the Eagles must target.

    • I totally agree with you on ej manuel.I think he would be perfect in the 3rd round maybe trade up into the late 2nd rd so yoyu dont miss him .I would also sign one of his past qbs[either dixon or darron jackson[ you can utube jackson to check him out hes in canada now ] and keep foles, and let the 3 battle it out .

  • yo….go to E.J. Manuel on youtube…with this guy you can cut Vick and give Foles the clipboard.

  • This will be an interesting conversation… I’m just waiting for one specific person to chime in. E.J. Manuel would be a good choice. I DO NOT want a statue at QB, Foles is a statue.

  • Ryan Nassib!!!

    Eagles interviewed him.

    Saw him play 3x live at the ‘Cuse!

    Ryan Nassib is the truth!!

    3 year starter. More yards and TDs than Manuel.

    All in on the Nassib train.

    • Not hard to figure out why you want Nassib over Manuel. Even though Manuel would be a better fit, everyone knows it

      • Dumbass.

        I have no freekin clue who Ryan Nassib is dimwit.

        Look who is so quick to judge. Vinnie must only like him because he’s white!!!!

        I had no idea what colour he was….but just did a google image after your pathetic little post. Dude has red hair! Better get on him poste haste!!!

        Redheads are the Truth!!!!

        If you can’t recognize I’m just dissing Songs, who immediatly jumped on Manuel’s crotch even though he knows nothing of him….well, I can’t help you.

        • oh…in other pictures it looks like he has blonde hair….so forget it.

          You must have red or brown hair to be successful in the NFL. Everyone knows that. The exception of course is long curly hair like Foles. That’s $$.

  • EJ reminds of Sam Bradford — one little injury and his entire game collapses

  • anyone have their GPA’s? I do not draft a QB under a 3.2 GPA, end of story.

  • Nassib will likely be gone during the second round. Like Paulman said, he gets reunited with Marrone in Buffalo. Not sold on Manuel, just like im not really sold on any QB in this draft. You see what you have in Foles, stack the D and provide depth for other positions.

    • Your a smart guy Frank!!!!

      That is how you don’t get caught up in the hype of whats new in the draft, so much, that you assume whats hot at the combine, and college all star games is an immediate solution to all the Eagles problems.

      A lot of these player hyped up, will either not make the teams, or ride the bench. EJ Manuel, is a perfect example; a guy who wasn’t that great in college is now one step from being an MVP of the league candidate……Yeah Right

  • Seen EJ play a lot. One play he throws a good ball – next play looks like McNabb drilling a ball into the ground in front of an open WR. Who knows which is the real EJ.

  • All hope is eternal but Manuel will not be selected by the birds, the rub is he’s amazingly athletic, but inconsistent, not only game to game but drive to drive, although good completion percentage, inaccurate thrower, you can’t look at highlight reals of him slicing up UL Monroe ,or any other college secondary, it’s how he projects in an NFL pocket and right now he’s a question mark

  • According to CBSSports.com, EJ Manuel is the 142nd ranked player overall. I’ve saw him play twice this year and was not impressed. Here’s an excerpt of the scouting report on him:

    Manuel made poor decisions throwing into coverage and failed to see the entire field on several downfield passes in FSU’s Nov. 24 loss to Florida, something that has plagued him throughout his career. He routinely held the ball too long in the pocket and seemed rattled by pressure, creating much concern among NFL teams about his ability to quickly read the defense, process and anticipate open windows.

    Seems like a certain QB already on our roster.

    • Bingo

    • I Agree BTC – He is nothing more than a Practice squad prospect, and some are talking about trading a 2nd Round Pick for him???????!!! Are you crazy

      There is no QB in the draft this year worthy of the Hype, to draft, or trade for, unless you need a 3rd string option, and don’t give GMCliff, Geno Smith,and Matt Barkley, both will be overdrafted.

      Whats sad is some wanted Barkley last year. You would be hating him more than Foles, and Foles has way more potential.

    • And Kelly said his QB would be one that could make good decisions……My choice would be Foles.

  • Foles has more upside than nassib, another bad selection

    • Yes he does…….Foles is much better

  • EJ Manuel reminds me alot of Josh Freeman of the Bucs when he was coming out of College.. HE stands up Tall in teh Pocket, has a Strong Arm, is mobile but looks to pass first.. He needs to quciken up his decision and throwing process and tends to lock in 1 Receiver as many Young QB’s do..
    He’s a 2 Year Project to get his Fundamentals,footwork and Decision making skills honed for the much quicker NFL Game.. He has Potential no doubt and a NFL Arm.. But he will need some time (2 years) to really make an impact at the NFL level.. He’s not a kid with the mental part of the game yet to come right in and lead an NFL Offense.. Just my opinion..

    I look down the road at the 2014 Senior QB Draft Class
    Taj Boyd – Clemson 6-1 225lbs
    Logan Thomas – Virginia Tech 6-5 255lbs
    AJ McCarron – Alabama 6-3 210lbs
    Aaron Murray – Georgia 6-1 210lbs
    Zac Mettenberger – LSU 6-5 230lbs
    Derek Carr – Fresno State 6-3 215lbs
    David Fales – San Jose State 6-3 220lbs

    Then you have potentials younger QB’s who may come out early like
    Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M 6-0 200lbs
    Kevin Hogan – Stanford 6-4 225lbs
    Brett Hundley – UCLA 6-3 225lbs
    Marcus Mariota – Oregon 6-4 215lbs
    Everett Gholston – NOtre Dame 6-1 195lbs

    With the Eagle Team needing a Defensive makeover and since the 2013 Draft real strengths are at the OL,DL,LB, Safety & TE Positions (all areas of need for the Eagles) I would concentrate on acquiring as much Defensive Talent and a OT and TE with this 2013 Draft and wait for 2014 to get a real NFL QB Prospect for the 2014 QB Class could be a very good and deep one

    But I do like 3 QB’s from 2013 Class (Mike Glennon,Taylor Bray, Ryan Nassib) though I do not think any of them are Franchise QB’s or worthy of a Top 1st/2nd Round Selection which is where they wil lgo for the Eagles have too many holes on Defense to fix…

    Looking at 2013 Roster (especially if DRC Walks and they release Asmo)
    They will need at least 2 new LB’s, 1 to 2 Safeties, 2 new CB’s and at least 1 DT and 1 DE .. which is potentially 7-8 new Players on Defense…
    (maybe they get a Free-agent CB and Safety, but I have to believe the lack of production they have had the last couple of Seasons with Free-Agents is that ROseman and Co may be a little gun shy on throwing a lot of $$ to big name Free-Agent Players from other Teams and probably will concentrate on the Draft and 2nd Tier Free-Agents

    • Paulman, being from VA, I can tell you that Logan Thomas is not a franchise NFL QB. Also, why do you think we need at least two LBs? Linebacker is not our biggest weakness anymore. Safety and CB are the biggest needs; provided Nnamdi and DRC are not on the roster. Of course this could all change after free agency.

      • I agree about Logan Thomas not being a Franchise QB, lets see what kind of Senior Season he has before writing him off, he has Talent but is way inconsistent in his game at this Stage
        I say Eagles need 2 LB’s because I believe that only Kendricks/Ryans are NFL CAliber LB’s… (Jordan a Back-up and Special Teamer at best and believe that Chaney/Matthews are not NFL CAliber Players at all)
        I also think that Ryans could be a casualty cut for he is due to make $6.5 Million in 2013 and is a nice player, but not a game chancger by any stretch and beleive that 2013 will be his final Season as an Eagle regardless of how he plays which is why I like Alabama’s LB Nico Johnson who could replace Ryans come 2014

        • Aslo there are some good Safeties and CB’s in Free-Agency this Year
          and some very good Safety Prospects in this Draft ..
          There are not many Free-Agent LB’s this Season that are under 30 Years of age so I would draft 2 LB’s in the this Draft
          Saign 1 Free agent Safety (Byrd,Moore,Gholston, Delmas and then Draft a Safety)
          I would release Asmo, let DRC Walk and sign 1 Free-Agent CB like
          (Marcus Trufant, or A Talib, or Cedric Griffin or Tracey Porter, A Cason, and then Draft a CB)

          Get 2 young LB’s in the Draft and let the new DC and LB Coach groom them in the whatever new system they will employ instead of picking up someone else from another Team who is a short-term answer ..

        • Fair points.

      • You still need depth, and youth…Linebackers are needed to be drafted this year…..We only have 2 that can actually play, and Akeem Jordan is a good special teams player, but he isn’t a starter. We still need Linebackers.

    • Thats right Paul, there are better prospects next year at QB.

      • If I am the Eagles, Role with Foles and Edwards for 2013
        and get 6-7 Drafts Picks on Defense, add 2 OL and a TE..
        Depending how Foles plays in 2013, then go after a QB in the 2014 Draft which could shape up as a good one for the QB Position..
        The 2013 Draft Class at QB is very marginal and mostly Back-up/Spot Starters in 2-3 Years Time at Best from what I’ve seen
        The Talen in this Draft is at DL/LB/OL/Safety/TE so you may as well stock up on Good Promising Players at these Postions since it’s a need anyways and hope that Foles can develop under SHurmur..

        • I am one that believes Foles, will be the Eagles franchise QB. My focus would be on finding potential impact in the draft, in preparation for the 3-4 defense like, Star Lotululei, DeMontre Moore, Ezekiel Ansah, Margus Hunt,…..Secondary help like Xavier Rhodes, and Tony Jefferson, and Offensive Line help, and depth like DJ Fluker, Larry Warford, Travis Fredricks, and Oday Aboushi

          • If Eagles can getv3-4 of the players you listed, it would be a very good Draft and a major step in rebuilding this Franchise
            Good stuff as usual GmCliff

  • I am anxious to see what happens with those 3 Pac 12 QBs (Hundley, Hogan and Mariota) in the next couple of years. Manzeil looks to be the prize, but all 3 of those guys have a lot of potential. Hogan is the best passer. Mariota is the better runner, but Hundley can do both pretty well.

    • All 3 of the QB’s have some bright futures ahead of them as well as
      the 2 QB from San Jose State and David Carr’s younger brother at Fresno State..
      It will be interesting to see how QB Hogan Progresses at Stanford with their QB/OC Coach Pep Hamilton leaving for the Colts OC Position and to reunite with Andrew Luck on how that impacts Hoagan at Standford… Remember that Hundley has former NFL HC Jim Mora Jr to Coach him with mostly a NFL Coaching Staff and System/Terminology at UCLA in place and who may end up being the most NFL Ready QB when he comes eligible.. I like Hundly’s upside a lot ..

      • Paulman guess what the QB class of 2014 is much better but Chip Kelly wants to win now he’s not throwing away a year trying to figure out if he can win with Foles or Vick for that matter.

        • Chip Kelly and the Eagles are not winning in 2013 with a new QB Biglion regardless.. All Coaches want to Win now and will say so publicly, but Kelly is smart enough to know where the weaknesses of this Eagles Team and has a 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year Plan.. Kelly is aware that the real Strength of this 2013 Draft is on the Defensive Side of the Ball and not at QB.. It’s the Defense, remember Kelly actually comes from a Defensive, Run first Physical style of Football that he first Coach and with a lot of Success at the University of NH..
          He also is aware that without a Franchise QB, that the Quickest way to success for him and the Eagles is rebuilding the Defense now in Year 1 and is the side of the Team with the most age (Asmo,Ryans,Jenkins,Cole,& Patterson)
          I believe Kelly will focus on Defense, Defense in this Draft

          • Yes I agree but this is a man who has never experienced losing so trust me he is looking for immediate improvement which means wins. In the NFL owners and fans want immediate success fanbases will not put up with losing. If this team goes 4-12 or worse next year all hell will break loose and you know it. Ask Mike Mullarky how his 5 year plan went in Jacksonville, Or better yet as Pat Shurmar how his 5 year plan went.

            • But which one of these guys is such a known commodity that they will immediately upgrade the offense? This is not saying that Vick/Foles are the best option, but I am not convinced that any of these guys coming out are truly that much better of an option that I would use a high pick on them instead of anywhere on defense or the O-line.

              • I agree bugsy you the draft picks elsewhere.

            • I agree Biggy, that Chip Kelly is not going to toss a year away but at the same time, the best chance he has to make a Statement for the FInal 53 Man Roster his Year is to have a Roster of 53 Players who are 100% committted to his PRogram and he had no real ties to any of the Current Players as far as how they became Eagles in the first place so if he doesn’t feel that players like Vick,Asmo,Herremans,Watkins,Cole,Jenkins,DRC,etc,etc are part of not only his 2013 Plan but for the longer term, then he will cut the chord and not bother having Veteran Players who either aren’t a fit with his System to begin with, or are not players who are 100% buying into the systems/schemes that he plans to implement
              Remember that this Eagle Team was so fundamentally poor in basic bloxking,tackling, Special Teams and Turnovers so if he is able to focus on these things, this Eagle Team can improve and double their win count to 8 games realtively easily.. but to get to a
              10-11-12 Win Team, it needs an overhaul on Defense and he knows this better than anyone else.. It’s not rocket Science here.
              the Key is having his 53 Players but into 100% of what he’s trying ti implement and any hinderance or lackadasical going thru the motions by any players will mean the end of their Eagle Career

      • I like Hundley a lot. UCLA has some nice WR recruits coming in this year too.

  • Eagles interviewed Tyler Wilson. Had the best practice yesterday of all QBs.

    Pocket passer baby! With a little mobility.

    I KNEW the Eagles were going in this direction!!

    All on the WIlson train!

    Tyler Wilson is the truth!!

  • Eagles are going to work with Michael Vick. If all goes well this year, he’ll get another year.

    They’ll be drafting their future this year tho.

  • So true Birdo. One more year. I’m sure THIS will be the one where he finally puts it all together.

    Bringing the the starship back would be sure to ignite the fanbase. Everyone will rally around a 33 yr old broken down mini-man with a rapidly declining skill-set.

    I’m all in!

    Mike Vick is the truth!

    • I actually would kinda like if Vick stayed because that would mean another top 5 pick next year which helps Chips 2 and 3 year plan

      • Actually hadn’t thought of that.

        Vick certainly does guarantee another top 5. The gift that keeps on giving. Lets roll with it!

  • Uh oh…
    From the senior bowl South practice….

    “It was clear from Tuesday that Wilson is the most efficient and polished quarterback on the South squad. His teammates, Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel and Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones, flash big arms and occasional nice throws at times, but neither was very consistent.

    Manuel’s day wasn’t great. For one, he telegraphed a dump-off throw that was batted down by Stanford linebacker Chase Thomas. It could have been easily intercepted. Manuel had another attempt in which Hamilton was running open on a corner post, but the signal-caller sailed the ball out of bounds. Manuel completed a lot of check downs, but he doesn’t seem to be a natural passer.”

    Wilson is the TRUTH!

  • I hope Chip’s Year 1 Plan is concentrating on rebuilding the Defense
    Add 6-7 Solid Draft PIcks at every level, and maybe add 1-2 Free-Agents and get the Eagles Defense back to being a Tough,Fundamentally Sound and Physical Squad that will compete for an entire 60 Minutes.. If he accomplished nothing else but this in 2013, I will be happy..
    Keep the Eagles Offense kind of basic for 2013 and allow the OL to either return back to solid play as a cohesive unit and lean on MCCoy,CLelek,D-Jax,MAclin to help young QB Foles in his development..
    The Key to the Ealges of getting back into a legitimate PLayoff Contention is fixing this horrible Defense and the 3rd Down Efficiency, the Red Zone Defense and Offense and Special Teams play and the Turnovers.. Chip Kelley emphasizes and focus’s in on these areas, the Eagles are back at .500 and at least have a chance to get to 9-10 Wins and compete for NFC East Crown which will still be wide open in my opinion

    • They will need more than 2 free agents Paul, if this team gets the overhaul that I expect it to this off-season. More like 5-6 free agents.

      • gm, I see Byrd, 1 of the OT’s, Anthony Spencer, Terrance Knighton, Trufant coming, after the enima. YOU?

        • You can probably throw Jay Ratliff in that group of possibilities. I don’t know how the Cowboys could bring him back. He was likely gone due to Cap reasons before his drunk driving. Talk about a complete fucking retard though. He may be one of the dumbest players in the league. But if it was a good contract I would take the risk. He could be a good stop gap for a year to help the transition if they go to 3-4. But again, this is if the NFL doesn’t suspend the guy for being a complete dumbass.

          • Rumors, they might franchise him, & he might get too much on the market! But the DWI, after your teammate just killed someone, is unforgivable & flat out, f^#@ing stupid! I don’t want him. Now his teammate Spencer, is another story!

          • Terrance Knighton is a cheaper, younger option than Jay Ratliff, and he is bigger 6-3 345lbs, but is stronger, and faster. He is from Temple and has some ties to the area.

        • I don’t want Spencer DCar he’s booty….

          • or Trufant

            • Trufant, as a depth/ veteran signing. We need quality depth in this secondary. Only Boykin should be brought back. Assomugha, & DRC are quitting mutts, & Marsh, Lindley, & Hughes are just bodies & non-factors! We should get Trufant on the cheap. He ain’t a starter anymore, but can still be good in the 5c & 10c.

              • I would sign Ladarius Webb, and Aqib Talib (if New England doesn’t re-sign him), or sign Webb, and trade for Darelle Revis.

                I would also try to re-sign DRC, to a reasonable contract, but he would not be my starter. If he doesn’t like that deal, I let him walk,and I sign Tracy Porter.

                Then I draft Xavier Rhodes, in Round 2, and Blidi Wreh- Wilson from Connecticut for my depth.

                We cut Trufant earlier in his career, He is not quality depth. I don’t know why so many want him back; Its no different than the genius of bringing back an overmatched Trevard Lindley after cutting him 3 times….Stupid

                My Cornerbacks of choice would be:
                1. Darelle Revis (if possible), or Aquib Talib (if no Revis)
                2. Ladarius Webb
                3. DRC (if possible), or Tracy Porter (at a discount)
                4. Xavier Rhodes
                5. Brandon Boykins
                6. Blidi Wreh- Wilson

                This is a stronger Secondary than we’ve had here since Eric Allen , Ben Smith era……I like my choices better.

          • Booty, that’s a good thing if you’re a pirate. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

            • DCar you are my boy!!! You are Supremely off the chain!! LOL!!

  • If Manuel is still there in the 4th, which is likely, I’d take a flyer on him. Shurmer is good with QB’s. But he ain’t worth the gamble any higher. We have WAAAAY too many other issues to rectify, like an entire secondary, NT, ROLB & O-line! IMHO, there are ZERO QB’s in this draft, that are high picks, & will start anytime soon.

    • I agree in regards to Manuel in the mid to later rounds. I actually agree with you whole post.

  • Man I have been talking about Tyler Wilson since the season ended half you dudes never even heard of him. Anyway for all you guys saying Foles is the guy, why are they targeting Nassib, and Manuel both mobile QB’s I guess Kelly is looking to run read option. On wait he’s doing due diligence right? LOL

    • Big, who said Kelly is targeting them. He talked to 3 rb’s & a punter, does that mean, he’s drafting them! Dude, it’s due diligence.

      • True Dcar I am tired of hearing that crap the new words of the month due diligence. He is going to run his read option and he will be looking for mobile QB’s. Tyler Wilson will be a better pro then Barkley and Smith. They need to draft him.

        • Not going to happen, too many needs, holes & changes in DF to be filled. Not happening til late rounds, bruh!

    • So are we looking at building on his JR stats, because I am not too impressed with what he did his Sr year.

      You were the one that told me that Foles 20td/10 Int Sr year wasn’t good enough. So Wilson’s 21TD/13INT Sr year is?

      Sell me on this guy then.

      • I like him bugsy he has an NFL arm, Arkansas was a disaster this year all around. Pocket presence he can move a little and right now can make every throw an NFL QB hs to make.

        • I haven’t really seen him at all, so I will check him out.

          Worth a #2 pick though if that is what it takes?

          • I am not sold on Russell Wilson though he did have a lot of issues to deal with last Season at Arkansas which were not his fault

            1) Lost HC/Play Caller Bobby Petrino in ascandal just before the Season
            2) Lost 2 WR’s to the NFL (Jarius Wright and Joe Adams)
            3) Was injured right out of the Gate, missing the early part of Season

            He has an NFL Arm, but I am not so sure about his Decision-Making and Leadership Qualities and Toughness to be honest with you
            I would stay away from him in the final analysis as I would MAtt Barkley of USC and Landry Jones of Oklahoma..
            In fact, I would probably stay away from Drafating any QB in this Years Draft Class and focus on Defense, Defense, Defense as well as OL & TE Positions

            • Make that QB Tyler Wilson from Arkansas
              (Russell Wilson is the real deal)

          • If your going to run a New England style offense yes, if he’s dead set on running the read option no.

  • GCobb,

    Chip Kelly never used the pistol offense, or “Shotgun I”, whatever you want to call it. The pistol is more a formation than a strategy, where the RB lines-up directly behind the QB in a shallow shotgun “I”. Kelly never used that anywhere.

    Kelly ran a zone-read offense with a inside zone-read formation, and an outside zone-read formation.

    Dude – you are giving out bad info… LOL

  • btc24…here’s another scouting report from the same guys last year……on Russell Wilson.

    WEAKNESSES Wilson’s height will be his biggest inhibitor at the next level and the largest reason for his late-round value. It remains to be seen if he can throw effectively from the pocket at the next level.

    E.J. Manuel have all the raw tools and skill set to be as good or even better than Russell Wilson.

    Target this guy now or keep bum ass Foles and dwell in the NFC cellar for the foreseeable future

    You think Russell Wilson can throw effectively from the pocket?

    So, these loser ass college journalists don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground.

    Here’s another.

    I need you to go check out the scouting reports on Heath Shuler projecting him to be the next Dan Marino, so don’t give me some bogus ass report on Manuel.

    The same guys trashed Burfict and claimed he wouldn’t be in the league and he turned out to be one of the best rookie linebackers drafted who played better than our undersized Kendricks.

    • You don’t need a scout to see the hitch in E.J. Manuel throwing motion. He looks like Tim Tebow. Whoever said he has a quick release is wrong. Go look on youtube.

      EJ Manuel is a very unpolished QB compared to Kapernick, RG3, or Russell Wilson. And he is slower than any of those guys. If he is the Eagles starting QB next year we will be in trouble.

    • There is no comparioson with juddging Russell Wilsons Smarts and Intangibles (Leadership,toughness, ability to rise to the occasion) than to
      Manuel,’s who has the Physical Tools but is lacking in the mental part of the Game at his current stage.. EJ Manuel is a 2 Year Project at Best
      just because he’s Black and athletic does not mean his a very mobile and running QB and if you watched him in College, Manuel is a a throw first and does not really rely on his feet to extend plays very often like WIlson has shown over his entire College Career at NC State and Wisconsin..

      I wait to 2014 to grab a young QB.. I believe that Taj Boyd from Clemson is the real deal at QB and could be a very good Pro in the right system..
      Talk about a great arm,leadership,toughness and the mobilty all in one package..

      • paulman please stop saying he is lacking the mental part he isn’t that is actually one of his selling points he is a very intelligent football player who really understands how offense should be played, his problems the last two years is he struggles in big games and gets tight I don’t know how that gets coached out of him but that’s why I wouldn’t draft him. There are other better options.

    • you love burfict.

    • Songs, polish up that grammar boy!!!! Like Paulman said, Russell Wilson is 10 times smarter than EJ Manuel. I’ve seen EJ Manuel play with my own eyes and I am not impressed at all. I said on this site last year at this time that Russell Wilson would be a great pick in the third round.

  • **Eagles News**

    Dave Fipp is Eagles new special teams coach. Was asst. ST coach w. Mia.

    • Does he have green eyes?

      Everyone knows only guys with green eyes make good special teams coaches.

      If he has brown eyes, or wears dockers pants we’re in buig trouble.

      • lol..

      • CLASSIC!

  • I have to check him out, not familiar with him at all.. Hopefully he can get this Eagle Special Teams back to where it used to be for they have been absolutely horrible the last couple of Seasons ..

  • Yes I know what happened when Reid and Morningwig got a hold of it.

    Reid is a bum. How does a 4-12 coach get a job so fast? Why’d you have to bring up his name. I was just about to go off my medication.

    Chip Kelly is right. There are always good football players in the later rounds at every position. Great GMs like Bobby Bethard and Gil Brandt specialized in finding gems in the later rounds.

    Our “Gold Standard” front office is once again, trying to rewrite football philosophy. Defense wins championships. The unstoppable Patriot offense was derailed by the Giants, Giants now Ravens.

    So hiring an offensive coach when a couple pretty good NFL experienced defensive coaches were available, is a great tasting bowl of soup with just a hint of salmanela.

    So I survive with the knowledge. Anything is better than the redheaded, drug dealing, eat the whole pizza, ignore the running game, FATMAN.

  • For some perspective:

    Last year at the Senior Bowl the Birds interviewed:
    NC LB Dwight Jones
    Vandy CB Casey Howard
    NC DE Quinton Coples
    Marshall DE Vinny Curry…..got that one.

    SO far the Eagles have interviewed 3 QBS

    Wilson…a pretty standard pocket passer
    2012 402 atts…41 rushes (for 7 yrds)
    2011 438 atts…60 rushes (for 3 yards)

    Nassib…sort of an in between guy….
    2011 269 atts….65 rushes
    2012 294 atts…84 rushes

    Manuel…much more of a “running QB”
    2011 200 atts…100 rushes
    2012 250 atts…100+ rushes

    A pocket guy, an in-between guy, and a read option guy.

    So to say Kelly prefers one over the other, or over the current young QB with NFL experience, at this point is pure blarney.

    • EJ Manuel is not a “running QB”.

      • Manuels Rushing attempts, yardage, TD’s (ESPN)… sacks are included.

        2012- 103 attempts for 310 yards, long of 28 yds and 4 Td’s.

        • Thank you Frank more mobile doesn’t mean running QB.

  • G, HELP! Why in the world are these guys hell bent on hiring coaches before coordinators????? That’s gotta be Howie… No???

    • yojoe,

      Speculation is that the defensive coordinator is hired but he cannot be announced until after the super bowl.

    • If they dont get some of these positional coaches hired, by the time they nab there DC it will be too late. Especialy if it is Donatel that they are hiring,

  • 38-35

    That’s the scores from the Divisional Round of the playoffs this year. If defense wins championships then there wouldn’t be a champion this year.

  • I am hopeful that both Ed Donatell and Brad Seely from the 49ers are Hired by Chip Kelly.. Donatell to run the Defense and Seely as Asst HC & Run the Special Teams.. (I think both of these Coaches are getting a little tired of
    Jim Harbaugh and want to branch out)

    • They already hired a special teams coach I think his name is Dave Fipp was assistant SP coach with Miami.

  • Pman.. I agree 100%. I think the Ed deal is a for sure. I think that he signed off on these other coaches… no way the birds would make the same mistake twice (ala… Washburn). If the new DC was from the falcons (something i thought could have happened), it would have been done by now. So…. Ed would seem to be the guy.

  • I head “Fipp-Fopp” is the new Special Team’s Coach’s Nickname..
    Apparently, he worked for the Mitt Romney Campaign in Southern Florida and got the Case of Romnyitis.. Time will Tell and WIsh him the Best for Eagles need big time help on ST.. .

  • Read up on David Fipp
    5 Years of NFL Experience
    3 Years – ( 2008-2010 with the 49ers Coaching Staff)
    The last 2 Seasons with the Dolphins who have become the 2nd Rated Overall Special Teams Units as measured by the Gosselin Rating Service for the NFL behind the NFL Leader (49ers)
    He’s from Arizona, and has 3 Children..

    • I like the hire paulman, I’m tired of seeing the same guys recycled over and over Sparano coaching the oline in Oakland. April coaching the SP teams in Oakland and while were at it Shurmer as the OC here why? Ed 4th and 26 Donatello in line for DC why? Bring in some young hungry coaches along with players. This is also why the NFL has a hard time bringing in minority hires because these guys who have failed at job after job keep getting them. Look at Spags down in NO he stunk it up as HC in St. Louis and got the DC job in NO and stunk it up. Look at Washburn a insobordinate asshole and he gets hired by the Lions.

      • Biglion, the NFL has a hard time hiring minority candidates because there just isn’t as big a population of them as compared to white coaches. I’m pretty sure all of us would like to have had Lovie Smith or Ray Horton as our DC but Lovie decided to take a year off and Horton found a job in a matter of minutes. Also, just because a coach fails one place, doesn’t mean he will fail again. Tom Coughlin failed in JAX, Bill Bellichek failed in Cleveland; just to name a couple.

        • I know that btc 24 but there has got to be more coaches like Fipp who is ready to take the next step forget about color for a minute. Guys like Geep Chryst in SF and Mcadoo in GB instead these same guys keep getting recycled.

          • I hear ya. It’s possible those guys might like their current role. I’m still surprised that Vic Fangio’s name was never even mentioned as a head coaching candidate for any team.

        • And don’t forget Andy Reid, who went on win 3 Super Bowls for the KC Chiefs after leaving Philadelphia ..

      • Big, I hear you but the eagles are looking for experience.. and this is why…. This comes from Philly.com today….

        “In fact, this will be the fifth consecutive season in which the Super Bowl-winning defensive coordinator was on at least his second NFL defensive coordinator job:


        2012 – Ravens, Dean Pees (2nd defensive coordinator job); 49ers, Vic Fangio (4th defensive coordinator)

        2011 – Giants, Perry Fewell (2nd defensive coordinator job)

        2010 – Packers, Dom Capers (3rd defensive coordinator job, 2 head coaching jobs)

        2009 – Saints, Gregg Williams (4rd defensive coordinator job, 1 head coaching job)

        2008 – Steelers, Dick LeBeau (4th defensive coordinator job, 1 head coaching job)

        And five is not just an arbitrary number. The defensive coordinator for the 2001-2006 Super Bowl champions were also on at least their second defensive coordinator stint.”

        So you see….. we need someone who has been there before. We need a true NFL D.C. and have needed one for roughly 5 years.

      • I know what you mean. Only thing is eagles need some NFL coaches on a coaching staff that doesn’t have much. I like hte Shurmur hiring.

    • Paul, is he a Virgo? What is his favorite food? Is he outgoing? WTF??? Are you Doctor Phil? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • Since Dr Phil is the Original Fraudman
        I am now changing my name to Dr Paul.. Ha ha

  • On a funnier note Jamarcus Russell is down to a svelte 308 lbs and wants to make a comeback. LOL

    • As what, a Rodeo Clown?

      • Nah Dcar the largest QB to ever attempt a pass in the NFL.

        • Good one! 8D

  • I just read that Stevo. I also know with Kelly never coaching at this level he needs experienced coaches around him but sometimes new is better.

  • It’s just like everything else in our Society.. the ‘Good Old-Boy Network” and is mostly about Relationships over competence many times..

    • So true paulman, I like what Stevo posted about the DC’s but it’s funny if you keep hiring these guys sooner or later they win. What’s the old saying even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  • Looks like Jason Babin will be at my friends super bowl. Can’t wait to ask him some questions about what happened with coaches and players this past season. Should be interesting..

    • Hahaha Oh boy not again…

    • They should have let him Run with the Bulls to put Babin out of his misery.

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